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Hazel's Midterm Distraction

Jessica Zanerose

Everything in this is fictional and for fun.

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Hazel pulled the covers over her face when her roommate, Jen, abruptly flicked on the room's light. She grumbled and rolled deeper under the covers. She hated that her classmate had 7 a.m. Classes interrupting her sleep.

In a flash, Hazel, sat up staring at her classmate. She was wrapping a blue towel around her long beautiful black hair. Her pajamas clung a still damp from the shower.

“What day is it?” Hazel mumbled.

“It's Monday, six p.m., you've slept all day.” Jen answered. There was no judgment in the way she said it. Hazel was relieved but surprised that she slept all day.

“Shit.” Hazel cursed, tossing her blankets to the side. “Do you think anyone would panic too much if I accidentally vanish until next week?”

“Haze, you cannot skip midterms. Plus, yeah, people would be concerned.” Jen said as an after thought. Her eyes were focused on the computer screen, “You would have to pay for the classes that you failed, too.”

Hazel laughed. She dropped her face into her hands rubbing her forehead. Fuck it. Her phone vibrated hard enough it fell off her night stand.

If you could tell that kid one way or other. I'd appreciate It.” Jen complained. She was talking about Jacob assuming it was him texting her all day. They weren't a thing officially so there wouldn't be any reason for him to obsessively call her. She finally accepted that she was awake and leaned over to grab the phone.

It's not Jacob, it's Megan.” Hazel replied. Jen just shrugged, tucking her feet under her as she continued to read the computer screen. God I wish I had that much drive. Hazel sighed.

'Haze – we're going to Block wanna go?' read the text message. She quickly replied she couldn't – she had papers due by Friday. She had to go through and do corrections. Which was a lie but Megan didn't press the issue. If you didn't count the seventy-five text she sent trying to get Hazel's attention.

An hour later, Hazel slammed her laptop shut. Jen was already asleep – the woman could sleep in any kind of situation. The lights, noise or much of anything didn't bother as they did Hazel. Lucky.

Hazel sent a text to Megan to see if they were still there. Of course, they were. She quietly rummaged through her small dresser of clothes. Didn't do laundry. So, she went to discover what things they had in the small closet. Both her and Jen had separate space in the closet. But Jen's wardrobe filled most of it.

She found a black backless flowy shift dress that was definitely Jen's. She looked over to confirm that Jen was definitely asleep still. She scurried over to her side of the room, tossing off her pajamas. It had a deep scoop neckline that made her blush but she was going to go through with this nonetheless. Sleeves had slits from the shoulder to the wrist that was not something she usually wore but it was cute enough.

She was naturally tan but not too tan so it was considered attractive to most people. The dress was shorter on her due to her being taller than Jen. It was something different from her usual. Her breast were large enough but in this dress they looked amazingly larger and she had no problem with that. She was considerably 'stick' weight wise but had enough ass to make the dress 'pop' in that way.

There is a lot more of me on display than usual. She wrapped her hands around her stomach but shook the jitters away. A mortifying barely there outfit to go out and party with her friends was far better than continuing with her midterm papers.

She was feeling adventurous and wanting to do things outside of her comfort zone. It wasn't unlike her to go to the extremes to avoid doing schoolwork.

I still have time. She combed and styled her red hair in a twisted crown braid keeping the strands out of her face. She applied a small amount of makeup – what she had that she could afford anyway. Slipped on her comfortable ballerina flats – she could not safely maneuver in heels.


Block was a pretty decent size 'club' that was mostly patronized by those who went to the university. It didn't spend a lot of time on decor – a decent size dance floor on both stories, mood lighting and a very stocked bar. Several questionable over-stuff chairs and couches thrown in for good measure. She didn't regularly sit on those because well..

She found Megan and Jax, at the far end of the club. Megan was wearing what looked like a very see through body suit with a barely there skirt.

Sluttier than usual.” Hazel teased Megan as she slid into the booth.

I could say the same. I can actually tell you have breasts.” Megan replied. She shook her glass to confirm that it was actually empty, “We'll be back, Haze, don't run home. This is our adventure!”

The words slurred, Jax rolled his eyes as he help his girlfriend out of the booth. Hazel sighed, but the drinks here were almost illegally cheap. She takes the time to go find someone to hold a conversation with. Megan could be awhile even drunk she never could decide on what she wanted to get drunk on.

She steps closer to the bar when a flash of green light takes her attention to an entryway. She's come to the Block to party since her freshmen year and she never noticed that entryway before. She hesitantly licks her plump lips, fuck it, she wanders to the entryway and walks through.

The hallway is cramp, but enough room to wander further through. At the end there is a small opening with a green lamp and a man standing there. He smiles when he sees her.

Welcome, Hazel! Nice that you were able to make it.”

Do I know you?” She couldn't make out his face. It was hidden under a mask. She didn't recognize any of the features around the mask. She gave up looking.

Not really. I think we had biology together last year. Anyway,go through that door.”

She didn't like that it sounded like a command but she went anyway. She stepped downward, lights began to flip on with the motion of her walking. The door at the end opened welcoming her through. This time a dark-skin woman with a shimmering gold mask. Hazel paused, the room had more lighting than the club itself. The woman who welcomed her disappeared and reappeared with a cloth domino mask.

It's more comfy. Mines for show.” The woman answered questions that Hazel couldn't ask fast enough. She wrapped the cloth mask over her eyes. It was a gray, with lace like pattern. Once it was on she felt the woman's hands gently run across her shoulders down to her hands. The woman's breath teased across her neck as she gently kissed Hazel along her left shoulder. The coolness of her lips made her gasp.

What is happening?” Hazel gasped. The woman pulled away.

Just revving your engines up before you go through the next door.” She said with a gentle push toward the next door.

Another room with 'mood' lighting, she made her way through. There was more sofas, this was definitely apart of Block still. She scanned the room there was hush talking, and some looking at her that made her feel like running.

She wandered closer to a wall when a man made his way towards her.

New?” He asked. He was definitely older than her possibly nearing her parents age. But she couldn't place his face or voice. He was dressed in nice slacks and a button up shirt as if he was just pulled away from the office. She nervously looked around before answering him. He invited her to his seat.

A young man came with wine. She wanted to decline but she was already way over her head with what was going on. After her third glass the man gently touches her forearm. His touch sent chills down her spine. How long has it been? She thought as her body responded to the touch.

Are you okay? You can leave.” He stated. There was nothing taunting about that sentence. He meant it and that gave her a confidence boost.

Yes, thank you. Is this a randomly selected people from the university?”

Sometimes. It's rumored that this has been around longer than the university. The university was built around the tradition.”

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