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Mafia’s Liaison

By: Carly Davis

Alec Vitale

I haven’t had the best life.

I’ve been beaten down my whole life by my uncle and then it happened.

I was rescued by the Italian Mafia.

I was picked up by the Italian Mafia boss.

He trained and molded me into a killing machine making me the cold and ruthless man I am today.

I vowed never to love and let a woman into my dead heart.

So, what happens when I meet a feisty and mouthy waitress that has had a past just as bad as I have.

I was struggling with my own demons when I met her.

I was lost until I met her.

She made me feel things and I fucking hated that.

Courtney Rosetti

I’m the best friend of Caterina Lucchese.

Daughter of Giovanni Lucchese

They saved me the night I ran from him and right in the arms of another Mafia.

I’ve been keeping a secret about my past from everyone including my boss, which happens to be Caterina's father.

This secret could very well get me killed and start a war between the Italians and Russians.

So, what happens when her secret comes back to bite her in the ass, and she has no choice but to turn to her boss Giovanni Lucchese for protection?

I never expected to meet Alec Vitale who was ordered by his boss to protect me.

He is cocky, conceited, and likes to get under my skin to get a rise out of me.

I wanted to hate him, but then I realized something

He has had it just as bad as me.

He was just as broken as I was.

Will they both be able to fix each other, or will they be broken forever?  

Chapter 1


Six months ago

The moment I’ve waited has finally happened. He forgot to chain me back up because there was a problem he had to attend to. My body ached excruciatingly as I rose to my aching feet. I tiptoed to the door and look to my left and then to my right. Now’s the time to make a run for it and get out of his torture.

I ran down the corridor as fast as I could, fearing he could come back any minute. I ran out the door and I could hear one of his guards yelling for me to stop. My heart thumped against my chest as I climbed over the fence and tumbled to the ground. Quickly getting back on my feet, I ran into the woods. I ran until I had to stop to catch my breath. Leaning against the tree, I smiled to my new-found freedom.

I've finally escaped him after all those years.

Years of the abuse.

The beatings.

The sexual attacks.

I'm finally free from that monster. I began to run again making my way to the edge of the forest. My body aches all over. I'm sure it's not going to take him long to figure out I'm missing. I keep running till I can't run anymore. I stop at the edge and begin to run again when suddenly I'm on the pavement and all I see is two brightly blinding headlights. I scream in pain as I feel my body being thrown on the road then darkness.

What happened?

Where am I?

I flutter my eyes open to meet a guy with sandy blonde hair and a worried expression on his face. "Oh, thank god! I thought I killed you. Are you okay? Is there someone I can call?" Suddenly the memories come rushing in, as he bombards me with questions.

The monster I ran from.

The escape.

Then being hit by a car.

I’ve got get out of here before he finds me. "I'm sorry! I have to go!"

He forces me to lay back down. "It's okay, this is my bosses house. He has a private hospital here at his estate. Why were you running?" I can never let them know who I was running from. They might be working for him. He hands me a plate of food and water. "Can I call anyone for you? A friend? Relative?"

I shake my head. "It's only me...I have no job...nobody."

He thinks for a moment and tells me he'll be right back. He returns with an older man standing next to him, "Hello my name is Giovanni Lucchese, but you can call me Gio. I understand you need a job and somewhere to stay. I own a club in town and many properties. I can offer you an apartment and a waitressing or bartending job if you would like."

There's got to be a catch. Nobody has ever offered me anything like this. "What's the catch?"

He chuckles in amusement and shakes his head. "No catch. I just want to help you. This young man is Nate, he works at my club. If you want the help the apartment and job is yours. I have a daughter about your age, she'll bring you some fresh clothes."

This is my chance at a fresh start. "Ok. I'll take the apartment and job. Thank you so much for helping me."

He nods and leaves with the guy I learned whose name is Nate. A brunette girl about my age comes in with a fresh set of clothes in hands, "Hi. I'm Caterina, I brought you some clothes then later I'll take you to your apartment and let you rest. After you recover, Nate will train you at the club."

A week and a half later has passed, and I have recovered. I still have faint bruises from that night I escaped. Caterina and I have become great friends. She has chocolate colored hair that falls down her back. She’s got the same body build as me and has a best friend named Lucien. I have yet to meet him though. She said I would meet him the night I start working at her father’s club.

Nate has come by every day to check on me. He is constantly apologizing for hitting me with his car. I always keep telling him not to worry about it, but he always brings it up. Tonight, is the night I start work. I'll be starting out waitressing, then work my way up to bartending. We arrive at the job and Nate hands me my uniform. I frown at him.

I'm supposed to wear this?

Nate chuckles and shakes his head at my disappointment. "It's not as bad as it looks. Hey, look at it this way you'll get more tips." He smirks looking me up and down.

I go to the bathroom and change into my uniform. I step out of the bathroom when Caterina grins at me, "Courtney! You look so sexy in that. I'm sure you'll get tons of tips."

I roll my eyes at my new friend, "I look like a whore." She bounces in and grins deviously at me. "Make sure you come to my table tonight. Me and my best friends are dining here tonight. I'm sure they'll tip tremendously."

She winks at me and scurries off to her table sitting with two guys. One has brunette hair who holds authority and the other one is the one that peaks my interest. He has short ginger brown curls and striking blue eyes. I meet Nate at the bar and nod towards the table. "Who's that with Caterina?"

He throws a towel over his shoulder. "That's Lucien Genovese and Alec Vitale. Her two best friends."

I walk up to their table nervously with my notepad and pen in hand. "What can I get you?"

Caterina leaned her head on the brunette’s shoulder making him stiffen. "Courtney, I'd like you to meet Lucien and Alec. Just bring us a bottle of whiskey and three shot glasses."

I nod and head back to the bar. "I need a bottle of whiskey and three shot glasses."

Nate looks at me and puts the bottle and glasses on my tray. "Yea that's normal. They come in and order that all the time. It looks like you got an admirer."

I glare at him. "I most certainly do not."

He places the bottle and three shot glasses on my platter. Looking past me to their table, he motions to their table. "Alec can't seem to take his eyes off you."

I roll my eyes and carrying the tray to their table. "Here you go, later Caterina. Nice to meet you guys." The guy I learned is Alec can't seem to take his eyes off me. His intense stare is making me nervous.

He licks his lips and looks my body up and down, "It's nice to meet you too, Courtney."

That night I wound up taking $400 in tips home and that's the last time I seen him in there. Of course, I see Caterina and Lucien in everyday. I see the way Lucien looks at her, but she doesn't notice. She's completely oblivious to his intense stares on her ass and protectiveness. Three months have gone by, and I finally have enough money to buy me a car. I decided on a simple Honda Accord, nothing too flashy. I don’t want to raise suspicion to anyone. I hang out with Caterina and Lucien all the time and tonight I'm supposed to have dinner at her house with her family. I'm nervous as hell. I really hope her family isn't associated with who I think it is.

The devil I'm hiding from.

The reason I ran.

I ring the doorbell and Gio greets me. "I'm so glad you could make it. I assume you are doing well."

I hug him and kiss his cheek. "Yes, I'm great and starving. Could use a drink too. It's been a long week."

I follow him to the dining room and take a seat at the table. "Everyone this is Courtney. She is friends with my Caterina and works at the club."

I sit down and feel an intense stare on me. Alec is the only one staring at me and its making me nervous again. He looks like he's studying me as if I'm a threat. The way he acts reminds me of Sergei. I need to be careful of him and make sure to keep my distance from him.

"Excuse me, where's the bathroom?"

Gio point down the hall and I rush off to calm myself down. When a knocking on the door startles me, I crack it open only to find Alec pushing me to the wall trapping me inside. "What are you doing here?” His finger digs in my ribs pressing his body to mine. “Are you looking to get a good fuck? Well, Lucien's off limits to you."

I push him off me and taunt him pushing his limits," Oh I get it, you're hard for him."

He slams me back to the wall and hissed. "Careful with your words bitch."

I run my hand down his arm to taunt him. "Then prove it."

He slams my back to the wall again and does the one thing I never expected him to. He kisses me! I shove him off and run out of the bathroom. Let’s just say the rest of the night was completely awkward between us.

It’s been three weeks since that dinner and not a day goes by where I don't think about that kiss. No matter what, I can't let my walls down.



I'm sitting in my apartment waiting for the pizza to arrive when I hear a knock. I know it’s too early for it to be the pizza. I look through the peep hole and frown, it's Alec.

Why the fuck is he here?

I open the door and he push his way in. "What do you want?"

He smirks as he makes sure to rub against my body chills running down my spine. "I've come to bring your paycheck. Gio sent me." I roll my eyes and snatch the envelope from him, but he pulls it back,"Ah, ah, ah. Where's my kiss?"

I've had enough of this egotistical asshole and rip the envelope from his hand. "Get the hell out."

He does the complete opposite and lays on my couch. "I think I like it here better."

Just then my doorbell rings, alerting my pizza has arrived. The young boy shakes his head no. "No need to pay. It's been taken care of."

Of course, Giovanni.

He always does stuff like this.

Alec gets up and leaves in silence avoiding eye contact. Finally, that cocky jerk left. Who did he think he was coming here? I was beginning to think he was never going to leave.

The next day, I meet Caterina for lunch at the diner and she asks me. "So, what's the deal between you and Alec?"

I wrinkle my nose up in disgust and remember what a jerk he has been to me. "There is no me and Alec. I hate him, and he hates me."

She wiggles her eyebrows and laughs. "Well he did pay for your pizza last night and volunteered to take your check to you."

I nearly choke on my food.

He did what!?


She shakes her head and laughs. "No, I heard him talking on the phone running his credit card."

That can't be.

Why would he pay for it and not stay to eat any of it?

I'm about halfway through my shift when a drunken customer sneaks up behind me and drags me one of the private rooms clamping a hand over my mouth.

"If your quiet I'll make this quick." He starts pulling up me skirt when I hear a gun cocking and a familiar voice.

"Get your fucking hands off her!" The customer is yanked away, and I open my eyes to come face to face with Alec raging mad. I thank him, and he shrugs his shoulders like it’s no big deal and leaves me stunned and confused at his actions.

Why does he keep helping me if he hates me?

What the hell was he doing with a gun?

The most important question is why the did he kiss me that night at Gio's house if he hates me? I hate these feelings that's started stirring with me.

The week flies by and its now Saturday night. The club is packed with horny men and sluts looking to get free drinks and laid. Tonight, I'm working the bar. Nate was nice enough to train me here. I wipe down the counter and look up to see Lucien standing in front of me. "A bottle of whiskey and three shots glasses right?"

He smiles and nods. "Yea, Alec seems to be on edge tonight. More than usual tonight, so I will most likely be back for more."

I look at him deciding to tell him about that night of the dinner. "Alec is something else. You know, that night at Giovanni's dinner he warned me to stay away from you. At first, I thought he was gay for you. Then he kissed me."

He winked at me and looked back to Alec then back to me. "I think he has a thing for you."

Him, have a thing for me?

"Whatever Lucien. Enjoy your evening."

I was on break outside when a body pushes me to the wall. There's only one person who does this shit. I can smell the mixture of his cologne and alcohol on his breath. Alec. I try to push him away, but he pushed me into the wall even harder. "You know, asshole I'm really tired of you shoving me against walls."

He tightens his hold on my wrists and hisses out in anger. "Did you have fun being a whore with Lucien? I warned you bitch. Do I need to fuck you to show you who's in charge here?"

I try to break free but he's too strong for me to shove him away. "Stop it, you’re hurting me. Please," He's so close to me I can smell the whiskey off his breath as he bites on my neck. "Go back inside, you’re drunk."

I know I'm angering him even more, but I've had enough of this. I do the only thing I can think of and raise my knee as hard as I could. He falls to the ground holding onto his balls.

"Damn bitch!" He screamed in anger and pain.

Lucien and Gio rush outside with guns drawn. "What the hell is going on?"

I hold onto my wrist rubbing them and look down at Alec holding onto his balls. "Ask Alec, he's the one who can't handle his liquor and decided to attack me."

They look at each other and Gio tells Lucien. "Get him out of here!"

Lucien drags off an unconscious Alec and my boss looks at me, "Why don't you take the rest of the night off? I'm sorry about him. He’s not usually like that."

My mind wonders back to them having guns. "Why do you guys have guns? Is this an illegal establishment?"

His face pales and he whisper what I feared the most. "I'm the Italian Mafia Boss." Suddenly, my vision goes blurry and everything is spinning before everything goes dark.

As I start to come to, I remember everything that went down moments ago.

Alec attacking me.

Gio's confession.

He's mafia boss.

All my fears are coming to a reality. I think Gio senses my fear too because his face instantly softens as he pulls me into a hug. "Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you."

I feel the tears threatening to fall as my body falls into his embrace. This time it's not tears of fear it's because someone cares about me. He's not going to hurt me. For the first time in my life I feel safe.

Chapter 2


A pounding in my head wakes me up. I open my eyes to a very angry Caterina and a glaring Lucien and Giovanni.

What the is their problem with me?

Giovanni yanks me up by the collar and growls out in rage. "What were you thinking, huh? You attacked my new waitress!"

What the hell is he going on about?

I never did that. I can't remember a thing about last night past seeing her in that damned uniform that kept my dick hard as a rock the entire night. I winded up taking one of the women and made her suck my cock. I thought of Courtney the entire time. The more I drank, the more I hated her. She flirted with men the entire night. She’s just like the rest of the whores here.

Caterina shoves me to the wall punching me in the jaw. "You put bruises on Courtney last night. I don't know what your problem is with her, but you better stop it!" Gio and Caterina leaves me with my best friend.

His glare transforms into amusement and chuckles at my confused state of mind. "What the was that about last night?"

I sit down and gesture with my hands. "I don't know what you mean. Honestly, I don't remember a damn thing after I seen her flirting with men left and right. I don't know why she gets under my skin, but she does."

He cocks an eyebrow at me. "You like her."

I suck a breath through my teeth and hiss out. "I most certainly do not. She disgusts me."

He just laughs at me mocking me. "Whatever you say brother. Listen, I want you to do some research on this girl. Her names Courtney Rosetti. Something just doesn't seem right."

I nod and assure him. "Don't worry, if she's hiding something I'll find out.”

He leaves me to my thoughts and I wonder what she is hiding from us. She just appears out of nowhere and boom she's suddenly friends with Caterina and working for Giovanni. Something isn’t right.

I open my laptop and pull up my software typing in her name. I hit search and wait impatiently for the results.

Just a few more seconds.

What the hell!

There's no record of her.

I call Lucien and he answers. "There's no record of a Courtney Rosetti."

He hangs up and is storming in the room in anger. “What do you mean there's no record of her?"

I suck in a breath. "Just what I said."

He looks around to make sure nobody is lurking around. "I want you to follow her. See where she goes, who she talks to, what her routine is."

"Do we tell anyone, Gio, Caterina?"

He hisses out angrily. "No, this is just between us."

It's been a week since I've been following her and still nothing suspicious so far. We were wrong about her. I just don't know. She goes to work then back home. It's her everyday routine. She doesn't make any phone calls or talk to anyone but Caterina, Giovanni, and Nate. It just doesn't add up unless she's hiding from someone. She did appear out of nowhere. I’m in my vehicle when a tapping sound at the window alerts me. It's Courtney and she's pissed.

I roll my window down grinning at her with my pearly whites. "Why are you stalking me?"

For some reason, I'm speechless. I try to talk but no words come to me as she glares at me. What am I supposed to say? "I said why the hell are you following me and watching me?"

I roll my eyes gripping the steering wheel. "Sorry to break it to you love, but I'm not watching nor stalking you. You’re not my type anyways."

She huffs at me and walks away. Truth be told, she's sexy as hell and that's why I'm wound up tight. I'm not about to tell anyone that though. Back to my theory on her, I think she's hiding a big secret. She seems like the runner type and that night I kissed her she proved just that. She ran like her life depended on it. I did notice some scars on her. They were barely there, but I did see them.

I take my phone out and dial his number. "Hey, she caught me watching her, but she just thinks I'm just stalking her."

He just laughs into the phone. "So, she doesn't know I put you up to it. Keep doing what you’re doing, just try to be careful."

I chuckle at him in amusement. "But you know I like a rise out of a feisty woman."

I hang up and my mind wonders back to that night at the club and I can remember bits and pieces.

How I was watching her flirt with Lucien and every other male in that club.

How I followed her outside and pinned her body to the wall.

The only thing I didn't remember is everything after that.

I need to talk to that friend of hers. Nate. He has to know something about her. I drive away from her house and go to the club. I spot Nate at the bar and approach him. "I need to ask you something. "How did you find Courtney that night?"

He wipes down the counter and shrugs his shoulders. "I don't really know. I mean, I was driving home from work and boom next thing I know she appears out of nowhere. I hit her with my car, but the look on her face. She was running from something, something that spooked her. Maybe I just imagining it."

He pours me a shot and I down it feeling confused more than ever. "Ok man thanks, let me know if you find anything out."

My suspicions are right. She was running from something and hiding a big secret. I'll find out what it is you’re hiding Courtney. I just need to figure out what.

A finger traces down my bicep and it’s a blonde whore I usually use. "You seem tense. You need to work some of that out Alec?"

I shove her hand off me. "Sorry sweetheart, I'm working right now."

She pouts as she places a hand on my cock. "I can give you a quick blowjob. You haven't used me for days, you get a girl or something?"

I look her in the eyes and push her hand away. "No, just not feeling it. I'm working. See ya later, maybe."

Don't get me wrong she's hot, but she's just the wrong blonde. I better get out of here before I see her.

I arrive at Lucien's and walk in the dining room for dinner and I freeze. Her. She's here and everyone's glaring at me except for Lucien. "What?"

Giovanni's glaring at me letting me know he's still angry with me for what I did last night. I need to get out of here and quick, but my boss stops me from leaving. "Sit Alec, I want you to apologize to Courtney."


I knew this was coming.

I sit down and raise my glass of wine. "I'm sorry for my behavior Courtney."

There, I said it.

They should be happy now, but Caterina is still glaring at me. "I got to go take a shower and then I'm going to bed. Goodnight everyone."

I strip down and start the shower stepping under the hot water.


Why did she have to show up here?

At least nobody will bother me now. My mind wanders back to the day Lucien and Caterina's father took me in. How Luca rescued me and Gio took me in. The day he took me from my own personal hell. The beatings from my uncle. Those are my demons I've been fighting every day and night. Even though it's been years, I can still remember like it was yesterday.

I whimpered as my uncle punched me in the ribs for the millionth time. "Stop. Please. I'll be good." I can hear him taking his belt off and ripping my shirt off. No. Not again. I'm shoved down on the concrete floor belly first.

Crack! "AGHH!!" I'm waiting for the next one and it never comes. I hear a crash and a cocking of a gun. Oh god he's going to kill me.

I look back and there's a man pointing the gun at my uncle. "Touch the boy again and I'll put a bullet between your eyes. Now do you have my money?"

The man still has the gun pointed at him. "I take that as a no."

He doesn't hesitate and shoots him in the shoulder, then the leg, then the forehead. I am cowered down in the corner when he kneels level with me. "I'm not going to hurt you, not like he did. would you like to come with me? I have a son your age. I think you would like him. I can take you away from this hell. My name is Luca."

I hold my hand out to him and try to get up but am too weak and fall back down and pass out from the blood loss.

The next time I woke up, I was in a luxurious room dressed in clean clothes and a boy my age sitting in a chair, "Hi I'm Lucien."


The cold water brings me out of my thoughts. Turning the water off, I step out wrapping a towel around my waist. I step out of the shower and open the door to see her sitting on my bed. I freeze on the spot as I see her on the bed makes dirty thoughts come to mind. All I want to do is bend her over and fuck the shit out of her. "What the do you want?"

Courtney stands up her face blushing, "I'm sorry. Lucien told me you wanted to talk to me."

He did this on purpose. I'm sure of it. I might as well have some fun with this.

I walk up to her making her freeze. "Do I make you nervous?"

She stumbles back falling on the bed. "N-no."

I lean down brushing my lips to her ear. "Are you sure sweetheart? I can feel you shaking, bet you taste delicious."

She shoves me back and runs out of the room and Lucien comes in after she runs out smirking. "You’re welcome. You might want to take care of that before you come back downstairs."

I wave him off. "Yeah, yeah. I'm going to go to bed now night."

That night sleep was hard to come by all because of her. I could still smell the coconut coming off her when I was so close to her. I finally did sleep but my nightmares never came that night. All I dreamt about was a certain feisty and sexy blonde that has consumed my thoughts ever since I met her. Why did I feel so drawn to her?

I wake up the next morning and sat down to breakfast to a pissed off Caterina. I internally sighed. "What now?"

She shoved her finger in my chest. "What did you do to her last night? She ran out of here like a bat out of hell!"

I knew this was coming so I calmly replied. "She freaked out because I was coming out of the shower and it was Lucien that told her I wanted to talk to her."


Serves him right.

He's glaring at me while she was waiting on his answer. "Look, I figured he was already out of the shower and dressed. I just want them to get along since she's your best friend and Alec is mine."

Well played Lucien.

Well played.

She gives him a tight-lipped smile and shifts her eyes over to me. That morning was the most awkward breakfast we have ever had together. We ate our food in complete silence. I leave my plate and follow him out of the house. As he pulls in the parking lot, he studies my face. I know he’s itching to know what went down between me and Courtney. Just before I walk through the door, he stops me from going any further. "What really happened?"

I knew he wouldn't leave it alone.

"Nothing. She freaked out that I was in a towel and ran out of there." I kept my cold persona and lied.

He pauses for a minute. "We got to stick around here tonight. Giovanni informed me there's been a new guy hanging out here and he seems like he's looking for someone."

We walk in the club and he nods to this dark headed guy covered in tattoos. His hair is slicked back and he’s wearing a black three-piece suit. There’s something about him that just doesn’t set right. He seems sketchy. "That's him. Keep an eye on him."

I walk up to the bar and ask for a whiskey when suddenly a picture of a Courtney in nothing, but a bra and panties is thrust in my face. My blood boils, but I keep my cool. I can’t let him know that I suspect anything. "Have you seen her? Little whore ran out on me."

What the hell?

That's Courtney in that picture all right. So, I play it off. "No, never seen her."

Then he gets up and heads back to where the strippers are dancing. I sighed as I swiveled my stool and whispered to Nate. "Is Courtney working tonight?"

He shakes his head as he pours someone else a shot. "No, she took the week off for some personal shit."

I look him right in the eye and warn him. If this guy does find her, I know Caterina would blame it on me. I’m going to get some answers from this woman. "If anyone comes in here looking for her, you never seen her."

He looks at me confused scoffing. "Why are you suddenly concerned about her, because if I remember you forced yourself on her that night you were in here drunk."

I grabbed his collar and twisted his collar. "Don't concern with caution, I'm just looking out for Caterina."

I've got to find her and find out what's going on. He may already know where she is whoever this guy is.

Chapter 3


I had been getting threatening notes all week and a feeling like someone was watching me for the past two weeks. I know it’s not Alec. If it were him, he would let himself be known. He always does.


I hate that bastard.

I really do.

In my gut, I know who it is. It's the sick fuck that beat me. I had to ask for some time off because I'm afraid he's going to walk in the club and see me. He's too close and I hate the fact I can't tell anyone. I knew it was just a matter of time till he found me. I’ll never be truly free of him.

There's a pounding at the front door causing me to shake in fear. I shakily look through the peep hole and it’s the last person I need to deal with. Alec, the cocky dickhead. I hate him. I really do. Why does he hate me so much? I've never done anything to him. I open the door and instantly shrink back. He's advancing toward me like I'm his prey and he looks angry. His intense glare is intimidating me.


I hope he's not going to choke me again or drunk. He shoves me back and slams the door cornering me. "Guess what I found out tonight?"

I am not going to let him push me around. The last thing I need is another abusive person after me. I push my way past him only to get my face shoved into the wall. "Someone was looking for you in the club. What the are you hiding from me?"

My past is coming back to bite me in the ass.


He has found me.

"Please, I can’t.” I try pleading with him, but he's not having it.

He pushes me harder into the wall and hisses angrily. "You better tell me why I had to lie to a stranger about knowing you."

I try to fight him off but he's too strong for me. "Please don't make me, I can't. You don't understand…"

He turns me around and his gaze is still intense. "You have five seconds to start talking before I call Lucien and then he tells his and Caterina's father."

I squeeze my eyes shut shaking my head. "I'm sorry, I can’t."

He clenches his fists and he raises his hand making me flinch. squeezing my eyes shut, I wait for the blow, but it never comes. When I open my eyes, his anger is gone, and he frowns. "You need to tell someone. This guy isn't just going go away. I need to know who he is.” He paused. “Please, give me something."

Can I really trust him?

This is a guy that hates my guts and he just expects me to spill my secrets. "Please just go. I'll tell you but not tonight."

He lingers for a minute before speaking. "Alright, but tomorrow you better tell me."

He walks out the door leaving me to my thoughts. This is exactly what I've been trying to avoid every day and now he knows I'm hiding something. Something big. I know I’ll tell him eventually, but for right now I'm going I'm just going to shut out reality.

The next morning, I wake up to a banging on the door. I'm sure its Alec demanding an explanation. I look through the peep hole and it’s my boss. Shit!

Alec told him.

I'm sure of it.

I invite him inside and offer him a drink. "Sweetie, you know you can tell me anything right. If you’re in trouble I can help you. You’re the best waitress I've got right now, not mention my daughter's best friend."

I look up to him with pleading eyes begging him not to make me tell him the truth. "Gio, I don't want you to get mixed up with this. He’s dangerous."

He caresses my cheek. "Courtney, you’re forgetting I'm a boss. I'm dangerous too. Let me help you."

Can he really protect me from this monster?

I am so tired of running and hiding. I look at him defeated. "I'll tell you. I trust you."

He holds me by my shoulders softening his gaze. "If you’re going to stay here, you’re going to need someone here all the time to protect you. I'll send someone over to stay with you."

I sit down and start telling him about the monster. How he beat me till I passed out. How he tied me up and raped me repeatedly. How he let his men use me. How I escaped this man and the night Nate hit me with his car I had just escaped the man known as Sergei Ibrahimov. The man that haunted my dreams at night. He left a little over an hour ago and there's knocking at the door. It must be whoever is going to protect me. I look through the peep hole to see the one I really hoped he doesn’t send Alec. He already hates me enough as it is, this would only make him hate me even more. I don’t know why he hates me so much

I open the door and he just walks in like he owns the place. Arrogant asshole. He then comes up behind me brushing his lips to my ear. "Gio filled me in. Don't worry darling, I'll protect you."

His words sent shivers down my spine. I shouldn't be feeling this way. I hate him, right? Yes, I hate this prick. He turns me around and grits his teeth. "I don't like this anymore than you do. I really, really hate you. You're revolting."

I blink back my tears threatening to fall. "Why do you have to do this? I've done nothing to you. Nothing!"

He grips me by my throat cutting off the circulation. "I met you. that's enough to hate you."

He releases me and storms out. I run to the bathroom and fall to the floor letting my tears fall.

Sergei's voice rings through my head. "You’re nothing but a little bitch! You’re revolting."

I cry and cry for god knows how long till a soft knock sounds on the door. "Courtney, are you okay? I heard crying."

Its Caterina, my best friend. I wash my face and get ready to face her. I just don't understand why her father wants to help me. Nobody's ever helped me till I came here. I walk out, and she hugs me comforting me.

"I'll be ok. I just don't understand why Alec hates me so much."

She cocks her head to the side thinking for a minute tapping her chin. "Oh, he doesn't hate you. He hates the idea that he doesn't hate you. He wants you. Let’s go downstairs and have a drink."

He doesn't want me, does he?

He told me he hates me.

My best friend and were on our eighth shot, or is it number ten? I feel my body buzzing and suddenly I get a boost of confidence. "I'm going to confront Alec right now and get to the bottom of it."

She's in her own little world and doesn't even hear what I just said. I stumble towards the bathroom and bust down the door and see Alec with a towel wrapped around his waist. If he wants to play games with me, then so be it. Game on Alec. He looks at me horrified like he just got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. I take my hand tracing up and down his chest. "What's the matter Alec?"

He looks at me with lust in his eyes before grabbing my wrists. "What are you doing in here?"

I know he's gripping my wrists hard, but I don't feel it. There's too much alcohol running in my blood right now. I push my lower region into his and hear him groan. "Stop, you’re drunk."

I press my body against him resting my hand at the knot of his towel. "That didn't stop you from attacking me that night, did it?"

Is that regret I see in his eyes?

He lets go of my wrists and I take the chance to place my hand over his visible bulge and squeeze. "If I revolt you so much, why do you have this?"

Then I turn and leave him breathless for the first time. Good, that's a point for me you prick. That night, I sleep for the first time with no nightmares. The next morning, the first faces I see is Caterina and Lucien. By the look on their faces, they know something went down between me and Alec. Lucien looks at me in amusement. "What did you do to my boy last night? He called me ranting about someone pushing his buttons."

I smile back and coolly say. "Hey, it’s not my fault he can't seem to quit getting hard when he's frustrated at me."

We all bust out laughing at my confession and go to have breakfast. Alec walks in and he seems tenser than he was last night. I was only playing with him like he does with me. I mean it’s only fair, he does that to me all the time. Lucien speaks up. "Giovanni has extra security at the club. If the guy shows up again, we'll know. He wants to move you to his estate that way your safer."

I internally groan knowing I’ll have deal with the cocky jerk. If this means I'll be safe from Sergei, then I'll do it. I stand up and head to pack up my things. When I turn around Alec is leaning in the doorway watching me. "You know, you left me hanging last night. I had to take care of my problem myself."

I roll my eyes and keep packing my things when I feel his touch. "You know ignoring me is very rude baby." I am not his baby and he is not going to get under my skin. Not this time.

I push him away. "No, I am not your baby. I'm not your anything."

He pushes me down on the bed. "I hate you, but that doesn't mean I won't fuck you on this bed right now. A man has needs."

I most certainly will not do that with him. I won't give him the satisfaction. If he wants a quick fuck, he can go to one of the club whores. "Go to one of them whores if you have needs."

The door busts open to a smirking Lucien. "We’re ready when you two get done working all that sexual tension out."

I push Alec off me and he falls. I stand up and collect my belongings. "Let’s go."

We leave a stunned and a very sexually frustrated Alec to himself. A few days have gone by since my heated discussion with Alec. I've barely seen him. He hides himself in the booze and whores.

I don't mind.

At least it keeps him from messing with me. I hate him, and he hates me. So, why do I feel a pang of jealousy stab through my heart when he flaunts them in front of me.

I shake away my thoughts when I see Gio coming in, "Courtney, Alec is a good guy. I don't know what happened between you two, but all I can say is when he does finally come to his senses please don't push him away."

Giovanni has been so great. He's become like a father to me. I never knew mine. He left right after I was born. He looks at me in concern running his hand over his face. "We spotted Sergei hanging out at the club. I promise I'll get him. He won't hurt you again."

He won't hurt me again.

I can finally be free of him.

Finally sleep with both eyes closed.

I embraced Gio and kiss his cheek, "Thank you, nobody has ever shown me this much kindness as you have."

My mind wonders back to Alec.

Is he with one of his whores right now?

I walk downstairs to get some water when I hear moaning coming from the kitchen. Its Alec. He is pushing the blonde to her knees and undoes his pants. I let out an involuntary scream when he meets my gaze he's smirking. He then forces her head towards his dick still holding his smirk. "Hey, you can join us, the more the merrier."

I can't move.

I'm frozen in shock.

I'm so frozen I don't realize I'm crying. "You’re such an insufferable asshole!"

I do the only thing I can think of. I run. I run upstairs to the guest room and collapse to the floor. I do the only thing that takes the pain away. I take the cocaine from my purse and pour the contents on the vanity table. Taking a dollar bill, I roll it up and inhale through my nose. The feeling I get is euphoric. No more worrying about Sergei. No more pain about the abuse. No more feeling anything. My door busts open, but I don't know who it is, nor do I care.

I feel nothing.

Chapter 4


Taking my hands placing them on the blonde’s head, I force her head down on my cock. I know what I'm doing. I'm not fucked up at all. I like to push her buttons. Bringing the cigarette to my lips, I lean my head back and then look back to Courtney. I know I have pulled her into my game. Smirking at her, I take in her hurt and anger. Yes, feel the emotions I feel everyday bitch. Your just like the other whores I know, "Hey, you can join us, the more the merrier."

She looks at me frozen in shock. "You're such an insufferable asshole!" As soon as she turns and runs upstairs, I feel something turn in my stomach.

Is this guilt I'm feeling?


It’s not guilt.

It can't be.

Why would I feel guilty about hurting her feelings? A whore just like the one on her knees in front of me. Anger courses through my veins, so I grip the blonde’s hair tighter. I know I'm hurting her by her whimpers, but she doesn't complain. I take her head and shove her down off my dick. "Leave. Get the out of here slut!"

She scurries out of the house in fear leaving me alone. Should I go check on her? It is my job to watch her. That's not why you want to check on her my inner voice taunts me. I argue back yes, it is. I zip up my pants and buckle my belt. Pouring a drink, I bring the glass up to my chapped lips. The burn feels good going down my throat. I guess I need to go upstairs and check on that woman.

I head upstairs and knock on her door.

No response.

I turn the knob.


She locked it.

How the hell am I supposed to protect her and do my job if the doors locked? Banging on the door, I demand for her to open the door. I kick the door open and the sight in front of me makes me freeze.

There's a baggy on the table with white substance on a mirror and a rolled-up dollar bill.


I hope she didn't overdose. If she did, it’s going to be my ass. I lightly slap her face and she moans making me hard. Alec get a grip on yourself. You can't be thinking these thoughts about a girl you hate. I slap her face a couple more times and her blues green eyes open showing no emotion. She's too far gone. There's no telling how much she took. "Courtney, why would you do this to yourself?"

She looks at me with no emotion in her eyes, "Why would it matter to you? I revolt you. You're just like him."


Who is she talking about?

Is it the guy that I was ordered to protect her from?

Did he call her what I called her?

I try to pick her up, but she slaps me. Immediately, my anger rises, and I grit my teeth. How dare she fucking slap me! I yank her up off the bed and shove her in the in the chair. Circling around her, I lean down behind her and breathe in her ear. "If you’re going to die, it’s not going to be on my watch."

Taking my phone out, I call Lucien and I tell him what happened leaving out the part of what I did to her. I know he'll find out eventually, but I really don't care right now. Lucien walks in with Caterina. Shit, I'm so screwed. "Courtney's high...she locked the door."

Caterina has her arms crossed and has that murderous look. "What the hell did you do this time?"

I try to speak but I can't form any words. Before I know it, I'm tackled to the floor and she's attacking me with her fists. "You were supposed to be watching her. What the hell is your problem?"

Thankfully, Lucien pulls her off me. Courtney staggers as she stands and leans on the wall for support "Caterina, why don't you take Courtney down to your father and see if he can do anything to sober her up."

I'm still down on the floor and I look up to my best friend is glaring down at me. There's blood running down my nose past my lips and dripping from my chin. He's glaring at me. I know he's pissed. I can't believe Caterina hit me.


She hits like a man.

When Lucien finally admits his feelings to her, he going to have his hands full. He finally speaks up. "What happened for her to do drugs?"

I run my hand through my hair and tell him how I was downstairs getting a blowjob from the whore from the club and Courtney got pissed and just left. I told him how I provoked her and then I went to check on her. How she had the door locked and that's when I called him. Pouring me a drink, he hands the glass to me and asks me. "Why do you hate her so much?"

I wonder myself why I hate her so much. My inner voice taunts me. Because you like her. You hate the idea you like her. I internally growl at that voice in my head. I don't like her. I hate the bitch. Lucien is slapping my face trying to get my attention. I hate myself right now. I hate these feelings she makes me feel. "I-I don't know if I hate her or like her. She's got my mind all fucked up. One minute I like her, and then I see her at the club that night flirting with every guy, being a whore."

Lucien looks at me wide eyed and then bursts out laughing at my confession. Laugh it up Lucien. One day it will be me teasing you when you admit to me your feelings about Caterina to me. I've had enough of this and go to leave when he says "Shit man, I'm just teasing you. It sounds like to me your jealous of other men. Let’s get drunk."

We sit there, and we are both feeling pretty good after that bottle. My thoughts go back to that certain blonde in the other room. Should I go apologize or just leave it alone tonight? She would scream bloody murder. I stand up to leave when he tells me "Where are you going?"

I down the rest of my last glass of whiskey stumbling to the door. "I'm going to sleep."

I don't know why but I find myself thinking about how I want her so bad right now. I barely make it down the hallway when I change my mind turning back around.

Screw it.

I know I'm about to mess up even more, but I'm too drunk to care. I find myself walking in her bedroom and she’s sprawled out on the bed. I find myself sitting next to her touching her soft skin and damn it is soft. I hear her whimper in her sleep.

Is she having a nightmare?

She looks so beautiful, so innocent when she's sleeping. I remind myself to quit thinking like that. She's gripping her sheets and I trace my finger her cheek to her neck. Her body tenses and she's got tears running down her face. I know that feeling all too well. I have nightmares every night. She's whimpering quietly in her sleep. "Please don't do this Sergei...I'm sorry. Stop you’re hurting me."

My body instantly freezes and now I know I have misjudged this woman. The guilt rushes in. I'm just as bad as him. I put my hands on her bringing her to my body. My heart aches for her. I rub my hand on her arm trying to comfort her. Finally, I calm her down after an hour. She's sleeping peacefully now, and my mind goes to that name she whimpered in her sleep. Sergei. I'm going to kill that bastard for touching her. I'll make him suffer slowly. I place a kiss on her forehead and whisper. "I’m sorry."

I got to try to sneak out of here before Caterina finds me in here and thinks I'm being a dick to her. I crack the door open and peak down the hallway. Nobody’s up. I turn the knob on my door quietly and see Lucien smirking at me. Shit. He knows. "You know Alec, I came here to tell you something only to find you not here. I peaked in the guest room to find you two snuggled up like lovers. Care to explain?"

Still smirking at me, he crosses his arms and patiently waits for my response. I can't lie to him. Sitting on my bed, I run a hand over my face, "I don't know. I was going to check on her? Then she started having a nightmare. I guess it reminded of how I have them too. I just held her to calm her down. nothing’s going on."

He's just looking at me like I grew two heads and then his eyes widened. "You want to fuck her."

Do I want to? Hell yea, but Caterina will kick my ass. The demon inside my head taunts me.

Go ahead and fuck her.

Make her yours.

Pulling my hair, I scream out, "Stop, shut up."

My best friend backs away raising his hands in surrender, "Hey man, get a grip on yourself. She sure does mess with your head, doesn’t she?"

He left over thirty minutes ago. I contemplate whether I should check on her one more time. I walk down to her room and walk in only to find the bed empty. She walks out of the bathroom and she back away from me.

The voice taunts me.

Claim her.

Take her now.


I can't not yet.

Looming over her small frame I look into her eyes. She's afraid of me. Taking a strand of her hair, I tuck it behind her ear. Her body is shaking. I really look at her and freeze when I realize what she was really doing in there. She's high again. "Please tell me you didn' didn't get high again."

She pushes me away and I shove her to the wall gripping her wrists. Her body pressed against mine feels so good, so right. I grip her chin forcing her to look at me. Barely above a whisper, she whimpers in pain. "I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me."

She has nothing to be sorry for. This is all my fault. The guilt rushes in and I do the only thing I can think of. I kiss her. I collide my lips on hers forcing my tongue in her mouth. She's at my mercy. I love the way she tastes and feels. Suddenly I feel a stinging on my face. She slapped me. Oh no you don't. I have to have you right now. I force my lips back to hers forcing my tongue back in and she knees me in the balls. I crumble to the floor holding on to my balls in pain. "What the hell!"

At that moment, everybody comes running in and takes in the scene in front of them. My boss looks at me and laughs. "You have a problem Alec?"

I glare at my boss and Lucien steps in and takes me away from the scene. I pour me a drink and down the glass. Lucien is my best friend, but I swear sometimes he gets on my nerves.

He's still laughing at me. "What did you do to her to make her knee you in the balls?" Pouring another glass, I glare at him. My mind goes back to the way her body felt against mine and the way she tasted. I can feel my dick straining against my pants.

I shake the thoughts away and look at him. "I kissed her."

It’s his turn to pour himself a drink, "That's why she got you in the balls?" I nod at him and he laughs at me again then goes serious. "Why don't you two just have sex and get it over with? All this sexual tension is killing all of us."

“I could say the same about you and Caterina.”

Chapter 5


It's been a week since that dreadful night and I've been spending my time getting drunk and high ever since. All because of Alec fucking Vitale. I hate that man. The nerve of him to degrade me and then just show up and try to kiss me. How dare he! My inner voice has been taunting me since his lips touched mine. You know you loved how he felt against your body.


Stop this.

I feel nothing for him.

He's just like Sergei. An arrogant, controlling bastard. I've been off work a week and they still haven't found him. I know he's just waiting for me to come out of hiding so he can lock me up and punish me for running away. I need something to take edge off, so I don't feel anything. Leaning down to the vanity table, I bring the straw to my nose and sniff the white substance. Yes. That's just what I needed. Putting the stuff away, I look in the mirror to make sure there's no evidence of what I just did on my face, there isn't. Good, I don't need Alec breathing down my fucking neck again. He's like a damn fly that won't go away. I make my way downstairs and pour me a glass of juice.

I turn around and who do I fucking come face to face with. Alec. He is glaring at me like he wants to kill me. I roll my eyes at him and as I'm walking away he jerks me backwards forcing me to face him again. His intense glare reminds me of how Sergei used to look at me. Bringing my free arm to try to punch him, he catches my wrist forcefully, "Don't even fucking try it junkie."

Did he just call me a junkie?!

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