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Rx for Sex

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This short story appeared as part the Dr. Feelgood anthology by Dreamspinner Press. This second edition has been edited and has a new cover designed by Caraway Carter.

Rx for Sex

BARR WAS elbow-deep in soapy water when Charlie shuffled by, and Barr’s head snapped up from the mindless task when he registered that Charlie wasn’t wearing cologne. It was unusual for either of them to wear any scent, a habit that was a byproduct of working in hospitals and rehab centers, where strong smells could make patients ill. It was especially true for Charlie. He worked almost exclusively with people who were detoxing, which could wreak havoc with their senses. So Charlie not wearing cologne was the norm, and it usually wouldn’t have caught Barr’s attention. Twenty minutes ago, though, Charlie had been wearing cologne. He always dabbed on the scent he'd worn on their first date when the two of them were together and not on-call. It was one of the many tiny romantic gestures that made Barr feel cherished and loved. He'd never told Charlie that, but he didn't need to.

Barr took in Charlie’s wet hair with a frown.

“Going somewhere?”

Even with his back to him, Barr knew Charlie was grimacing. Hell, Barr was grimacing too at the whiny, put-upon tone of his voice. He didn’t want to act like a jealous fishwife, which made it all the worse he was doing exactly that. It added another layer of anger over the hurt and confusion about how often Charlie was spending nights at the hospital, and goddamn it, he didn’t want to feel those things.

“Candace called.”

Barr rolled his eyes. He was aware the gesture was immature, but he didn’t care. It wasn’t as though Charlie could see him, anyway. Charlie was already rifling through the hall closet for his coat.

“It’s the fourth time this week, Charlie,” he said, trying to keep his voice level. “And you skipped out on dinner with Joseph last week because of her, and he was only in town for one night. This is getting ridiculous.”

“Colleen quit, and Andrew is on medical leave. It’s wrecked the schedule, and Candace is doing what she can to get all the shifts covered.” The patience in Charlie’s voice was more offensive than scorn would have been, and it had Barr prickling. He was not some patient who needed to be handled.

Barr rarely lost his temper, which was part of what made him such a good psychiatrist. Patients who were struggling enough to be committed usually lashed out at the nearest available outlet, which was often him. He was accustomed to not batting an eye when abuse was hurled at him, but Charlie’s calm words had him bristling. He curled his fingers around the edge of the pot he was washing, pressing his fingertips into the slick metal surface to ground himself.

“The hospital has an entire department of therapists, Charlie. You’re not even the one on call tonight.”

Barr had checked. It was rare that their on-call and work schedules meshed, and when they did, the two of them always did something special. Tonight it had been a cozy dinner at home, which they had planned to follow up with marathoning a month’s worth of shows in the DVR and a lot of sex.

Charlie was silent at that, and his lack of response made Barr even angrier. Logically, he knew Charlie’s tempered response was the best one, since nothing Charlie could say at the moment would make Barr happy. But knowing Charlie was using therapy techniques against him somehow made Barr even more infuriated. Just once he wanted Charlie to yell and scream instead of maintain his eerie calm.

“We have a patient on the floor who refuses to work with a female therapist, so that rules out most of the staff. Greg is on his honeymoon, so I’m pretty much it right now,” Charlie said apologetically.

Barr pulled the pot out of the soapy water and rinsed it clean. He put it on the counter and plunged his hand back in to tug at the stopper, ignoring Charlie, who had come to lean in the kitchen doorway. Barr focused on the water draining, using the relaxation technique a professor taught him years ago when he’d first started medical school, envisioning the negative energy leaking out of him and running down the pipes.

“I’m being ridiculous. Go,” he said, pleased that his tone was level. When he could be sure his face was no longer pinched with anger and annoyance, he looked up and watched Charlie wind his scarf around his neck.

Barr managed to keep up the facade that everything was fine for two more weeks. Charlie had officially joined the night shift for the time being in addition to picking up extra hours, which meant Barr rarely saw him for more than an hour or two at a time. And when their schedules overlapped, one or the other of them was usually falling into bed in exhaustion. There was hardly time for conversation, let alone sex. It was making Barr cranky.

He coped by throwing himself into his own work. No one at the hospital blinked an eye when he traded with other doctors for back-to-back shifts so he could steal tiny pockets of time with Charlie when they could coordinate breaks. Besides, sleeping in the on-call room was vastly preferable to spending the night in bed alone at home. There were rules about how many hours a doctor could be on shift, though, so Barr had to go home eventually. He balanced that by taking extra rotations as the psych consult in the emergency room. It had been wreaking havoc with his internal clock and making sleep difficult, which was exactly what he wanted. He’d never thought he’d have a hard time sleeping alone, but after living with Charlie for months and getting used to falling asleep beside him most nights, Barr found their bed too empty when he was in it alone.

Barr reached his breaking point on an otherwise low-key Tuesday night. He'd worked through the weekend and was running on fumes, so he suggested takeout instead of the usual gourmet meal for their date night, and Charlie jumped at the chance to order a pizza. He pretended it was a rare treat even though Barr knew Charlie ate pizza and fast food all the time now since he worked crazy hours and the hospital cafeteria closed after the dinner rush at seven.

They spent the evening snuggled up together in front of the fireplace reading patient reports—it was far from romantic, but they weren't a typical couple. Barr found the set-up homey and comforting. It was easy to lean over and get a quick consult on a tricky chart or get distracted by a lazy make-out session between charts.

"How about we take a break?" Charlie asked, his voice breathy as Barr kissed his neck.

"What are we doing? Isn't this a break?" Barr moved on to mouthing against his jaw, chuckling when he felt Charlie smile.

Charlie shifted and rolled them clear of the pile of charts at the end of the couch. "I was thinking a more significant break," he murmured.

"I could go for that." Barr ran his fingers around the waistband of Charlie's jeans, his fingers dancing up over warm, pliant skin.

Charlie lifted up and let Barr take his shirt off. Barr threw it in the direction of the charts and struggled out of his own T-shirt. He almost sighed in relief at the sensation of skin-on-skin when Charlie lowered himself down and started kissing him. There hadn't been enough of this lately. Hell, there had hardly been any of this.

Barr gave himself over to the kiss, groaning when Charlie started rubbing against him, both of them hard in their jeans. Barr let his hands roam over the smooth expanse of Charlie's back, tracing the muscles and dipping delicately into the dimple at the base of his spine.

They'd just started wrestling their way out of their pants when a ringtone erupted, loud in the quiet room. Charlie growled in frustration but started to pull away. Barr tensed, molding his hands over Charlie's ass to hold him in place.

The phone kept going, and Barr recognized it as Charlie's. He'd silenced his when the make-out sessions had started, not wanting to let anything intrude on their time together. Neither of them were on-call and they needed this time together.

“Let it ring, Charlie.” The words were barely a whisper against Charlie’s mouth as Barr tried to restart the kiss, but Charlie turned away from him and wrenched himself out of Barr’s grip. He pawed through the charts in search of the ringing phone.

“It could be about a patient,” Charlie said, finding the phone just as the ringing stopped. He grimaced when he saw the number.


Charlie cut Barr off with a wave of his hand, the phone already pressed to his ear as he wandered out toward the kitchen to return the call. Barr could see him pacing and making absent gestures with his hands. It was something Charlie only did when he was agitated, and Barr sat up and pulled his shirt back on so he could focus on the psych evaluations he'd discarded in favor of rolling around with Charlie. It was clear from Charlie’s body language that there would be no sex tonight. Pouting wouldn't accomplish anything, so he might as well catch up on his paperwork.

He didn’t look up a few minutes later when Charlie placed a mug of tea by his hand on the table. Barr recognized it for the peace offering it was, but at the moment, he didn’t want an olive branch.

“Duty calls?” His voice sounded brittle even to his own ears, but Barr didn’t care.

Barr felt the sofa dip and glanced over, watching as Charlie tied his shoes. They were the battered white sneakers Charlie bought over a year ago when they'd started dating. The plan had been for Charlie to join Barr on his runs so they could spend more time together outside of their hectic hospital work schedules. It had lasted all of a week before Charlie begged off, preferring to spend his time in the tiny staff gym at the hospital lifting weights. It was one of many ways they were different, and at the time Barr had found it endearing. Now it was just one more activity they didn’t do together—one more block of time they spent apart.

"Did your on-call schedule change?" he asked, trying to keep his tone even.

"No," Charlie admitted.

Barr clenched his teeth and nodded. Charlie could have ignored the call. He'd just chosen not to.


He waved Charlie off and fell back into the overstuffed sofa that had been the one stick of furniture he’d agreed to let Charlie to bring with him when they moved into the town house six months ago. Barr never lived with anyone before, and he hadn’t realized how hard it would be.

Barr pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to will away the growing pressure behind his eyes. This was exactly why he avoided serious relationships throughout college and his residency. In his line of work, the hours alone were enough to cause horrific fights, but he had avoided that with Charlie because Charlie worked those same hours. He never needed to explain a sudden absence to Charlie, never had to worry that Charlie would need anything other than a hastily scribbled note or a quick text to let him know Barr had been called in to the hospital.

The irony of his current situation wasn't lost on him.

Barr wasn’t used to being the needy one in a relationship. He wasn’t used to being the one who blathered on about feeling abandoned or having needs that weren’t being met—fuck, he didn’t want to have needs.

“I understand,” Barr said, trying not to sound miserable but failing, if the way Charlie’s face fell was any sign.

It was an expression Barr was sure he’d made himself when he’d had similar fights with ex-partners. You’re never available. You never confide in me. I never feel like I can count on you. I never feel like I matter most. He’d heard them all, and if Charlie didn’t leave right that second, Barr was desperately afraid some of them would spew out of his own mouth.

“This isn’t how it will be forever, you know.”

Barr looked up as Charlie spoke, the sliver of light shining in from the lamppost outside blocked by Charlie’s body as he bent over him and pressed a kiss against his temple. His voice was quiet, unsteady. “We’re understaffed. I’m sorry, Barr. I’ll go back on days when they fill the open spots.”

“I know,” Barr muttered, hating Charlie in that moment for being so reasonable. Hating the hospital for being short-staffed. Most of all, hating himself for being so ridiculous. "You showering there?"

“It'll be quickest," Charlie said. He was right. Barr would probably give in to temptation to slide in after him if he showered here.

"Just go," Barr said, exhaustion settling into his bones. "Don't keep your patient waiting. It must have been important if they skipped over whoever was on-call and went straight to you."

"Don’t wait up for me, all right?” Charlie was at the door, wallet and keys in hand. “I’ll take the guest room when I get back so I don’t disturb you. You need the sleep. I’ll stop in and see you after your shift tomorrow, okay? Maybe we can grab a quick dinner before I go on.”

Barr closed his eyes, not wanting the visual of Charlie leaving to play on a loop in his head all night. He let the silence stretch on until he heard the door shut. He gave himself a good twenty minutes to sulk and then hurried through a shower. There was no way he would sleep tonight, so he might as well relieve whoever was on call for the night.

Unfortunately for Barr, it was a quiet night on the psych floor. There hadn’t even been any ER consults, and he could usually count on at least a few of those. The doctor he sent home had been grateful, but Barr wasn’t sure how much bother he actually saved the guy, since he’d been asleep in the on-call room when Barr got there. As quiet as the night had been, the other doctor could have slept the night through if he’d stayed at the hospital.

Barr used the time to catch up on paperwork and draw up treatment plans he'd had with him at home. He saw Charlie around, but there were three new admissions in the rehab department, and Charlie had been swamped and unable to do more than glare in Barr’s general direction every time they’d crossed paths.

Barr was on for his regular shift at six, so when his eyes drooped around three in the morning he gave up and took an on-call room. It was small, and the bed was far from comfortable, but it hardly mattered. He’d sleep better here than he would have at home without Charlie. He curled up on the too-hard mattress with no regard for his scrubs and let sleep take him.

Barr had never been a morning person, but one thing skill doctors acquired early on was the ability to wake up fast. There were no muddy moments to blink sleep out of your eyes when a patient was in crisis, so Barr had perfected going from dead asleep to functional in a minimal amount of time. He was fully aware that he’d fallen asleep in the on-call room earlier, so waking up with Charlie's hands in his hair was a surprise.

“Hmm?” he asked, sitting up.

Charlie just grinned at him. He had turned on the lamp on the bedside table, but it was still dim in the room. “When I told you to get some sleep, I meant at home.”

Barr rubbed his hands over his face, grimacing when they caught on stubble. He should shave before rounds. “I don’t like sleeping there without you,” he blurted.

Barr wasn’t sure if it was their earlier spat, the lack of sleep, the early morning wake-up, or a combination mix of all three that loosened his tongue, but he couldn’t seem to stop. He’d never said anything that needy to Charlie before, and the sudden word vomit was more than a little mortifying.

Charlie clucked softly and massaged Barr’s scalp. “You should have said something. Everyone’s talking about how we’re about to break up, you know. You’re working insane hours, and I’m on nights. The consensus at the nurse’s station on the fourth floor is that I’ve already moved out.”

Barr couldn’t help but make a displeased noise in his throat at that.

“Can’t blame them. You look like shit,” Charlie said, but he took the sting out of his words by running his thumb over Barr’s cheekbone. “You have darker bags under your eyes than the residents.”

Barr shrugged.

“Candace has approval to start interviews to fill the open slots, so the end is in sight,” Charlie said. He let his thumb move down over the planes of Barr’s face until it caught on Barr’s lower lip. Without conscious thought, Barr parted his lips and nipped at it, drawing a throaty chuckle out of Charlie.

Barr groaned when Charlie freed his hand and lowered it to massage the base of Barr’s neck. “You’ll do yourself permanent damage sleeping on these beds too often.”

“Is that your medical opinion, Dr. Winters? I thought your specialty was psychology, not ortho.”

The jab was lighthearted, but Charlie’s expression turned serious. “We could get you a sleep aid if you need it.”

“I don’t. I just need you to be home more than one night a week.” Barr wrenched the covers off his legs and stood up. He stretched his neck and shoulders, wincing at the tightness.

Charlie rolled his eyes and plucked the prescription pad out of Barr’s chest pocket. He grabbed a pen from the bedside table, and Barr finally registered that Charlie was in street clothes, not scrubs. Charlie must be coming off shift, which meant it was later than Barr realized.

He fumbled for his watch, taking a step back when Charlie tore a page off the pad and slapped it against his chest.

“I think the pharmacy might have a problem with me signing off on a prescription for myself,” he snarked before he looked at it. “Does Dr. Jameson let you write up prescriptions for him on the floor?”

“He does for non-controlled substances if they’re called for in the treatment plan, and don’t give me that look, because I know you do that with your psychologists too.”

“I sign off on everything in the charts,” Barr muttered, but his throat went dry when he saw what Charlie had written.

It wasn’t a scrip for Ambien or Lunesta or any of the other common sleep aids. Instead, Charlie had recommended a good hard fuck to be taken several times a week, once a day if possible.

Barr snorted. “Setting up your patients for noncompliance is bad practice.” His tone was more bitter than playful, but he couldn’t help it. Not that he didn't want to have sex with Charlie; they just haven’t had time.

“The best therapies are the ones we can start immediately,” Charlie said, a smile spreading across his face.

“I have rounds—”

“In a little less than an hour. It’s been more than three weeks since I’ve had you all to myself when we weren’t sleeping or eating, Barr. I’m not exactly in the mood to take things slow. Trust me, we’ll be done in plenty of time.”

Barr looked at his watch, confirming it was just past five in the morning. He wasn’t expected on the floor until six. They’d never had sex in an on-call room before—or anywhere on hospital property. It wasn’t like others didn’t indulge in it often, but the risk of getting caught and terminally embarrassed was high. That didn’t stop Barr’s cock from twitching in his scrubs, though.

“I thought I looked tired.” Barr knew he should protest more, since he could see exactly where this was going. Just because other people have sex in the on-call rooms doesn’t mean he and Charlie should. Still, he couldn’t help but go along with it when Charlie grabbed his hand and dragged him the few feet over to the full-length mirror that hung on the back of the door.

“You’re gorgeous,” Charlie said, and Barr didn’t actually have time to look at himself in the mirror before Charlie’s hands were on his shoulders, spinning him around.

“Do you have any idea how hard it was to leave you tonight, Barr?” Charlie growled against the shell of his ear and pushed until Barr’s back was flush with the mirror from shoulder to hip.

Barr couldn’t help but moan out loud at the way Charlie nipped at his neck, but he tried to keep it as low as he could, mindful of the fact they were in the on-call room. He nudged Charlie with his knee, trying to get him to back up.

“Haven’t you missed me?” Charlie murmured in his ear, lowering his voice until it was barely a whisper. “Missed having me inside you? Don’t you want to feel me there now, my cock holding you open, making you writhe and squirm from the stretch of it?”

Barr bit down on his lip and let his eyes slide closed. He fought the urge to nod, because God help him, he wanted exactly what Charlie was describing. What was worse, Barr knew Charlie was fully aware of how his words were affecting him. He’d never been shy about the fact he got off on Charlie talking during sex.

“I can feel your cock pulse at the thought of it, Barr. You want me, right here up against this mirror where anyone can walk in on us, don’t you?”

Charlie worked his thigh up and pressed it against the bulge in Barr’s scrub pants. Barr whimpered and canted his hips forward to press against Charlie’s hardening cock, and Barr moaned softly at the realization that Charlie was just as into it as he was. The inappropriateness of the location only added to his arousal, as did the press of Charlie’s hospital ID badge against his hip, reminding Barr that they were in a public place with zero privacy. It didn’t deter him in the slightest.

“Will you let me take these scrubs off you and fuck you here in this little room, Barr?” Charlie’s lips moved against Barr’s throat, and his tongue flicked out to lick at the thin skin there. Between his words and the wicked things Charlie was doing with his tongue, Barr had to struggle to regulate his harsh breathing. The sound was loud in the on-call room, and prickles of anxiety ran down his spine. What if someone noticed? The hospital wasn’t exactly a hotbed of activity at five in the morning, but it was also far from empty. It didn't make him push Charlie away though. “Will you wrap your legs around my waist and let me fuck into you, splitting you open with my cock while you try to stay as quiet as you can, knowing any sound you make might bring someone running in here?”

Barr choked as he felt Charlie’s fingers wrestle with the tie on his scrub pants. He gritted his teeth when Charlie succeeded and shoved his hand down the front, curling it around Barr’s cock through his boxers. He let Charlie guide both the pants and the boxers down his hips, kicking out his feet so Charlie could free him of the clothing. He was past the point of even pretending he didn’t want this.

He bit his lip hard enough to leave dents in the skin when Charlie dropped into a crouch and smiled up at him. A playful wink was the only warning Barr got before Charlie nuzzled his stubbled cheek against Barr’s naked thigh. Barr’s hands balled into fists at his side, smacking against the surface of the mirror as he jolted when Charlie licked a stripe up his cock before swirling his tongue over the soft head and swallowing him down in a motion so swift and obscene that Barr cried out before he could help himself.

A clatter in the hallway just outside the door made Barr go stock-still, his hands tightening in Charlie’s hair as a warning a beat before someone rapped on the door.

“Dr. Campbell?”

Barr swallowed past his dry throat and prayed his voice wouldn't tremble when he answered.

“Yes?” he croaked, pulling on Charlie’s hair when he chuckled softly. Barr’s cock rested heavily against Charlie’s tongue, and the vibrations of the laugh made Barr’s knees go weak as they rumbled through his aching cock.

“You wanted to be woken before rounds. It’s a little more than half an hour till.”

Barr didn’t recognize the person’s voice, but it was probably a nurse just about to come off shift herself. He hoped he never had to meet her face-to-face.

“Thanks,” he said, and held his breath until he heard her walk away.

“You’re a bastard,” he told Charlie as he thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock farther into the tight wet heat of Charlie’s mouth. He groaned softly when he felt Charlie’s teeth graze softly against Barr’s shaft in response.

Charlie gave him several more languorous strokes before he released Barr’s cock and moved his hands to Barr’s hips to turn him around. Barr squeezed his eyes shut, so he didn’t have to look at his reflection as he braced his forearms against the mirror. His forehead was chilled where it rested against the glass, a contrast to the stark heat of Charlie's hands as he slid them over the globes of Barr's ass to part his cheeks. Charlie's breath was hot against his hole, and he didn’t have to look to know what Charlie was doing. He always took a moment to appreciate the sight of Barr spread out in front of him before he dove in. Barr knew the feeling. He often did the same, wondering how he'd gotten so lucky.

Barr couldn’t help but shiver in anticipation after a few seconds of the scrutiny. It must have been the sign Charlie had been waiting for, because without further hesitation he swiped his tongue over Barr’s entrance and traced the furled skin with the tip. Barr stiffened, his muscles going tense after the first contact, until Charlie brought a hand up to rub soothing circles against his lower back.

It was easy to relax after that, with Charlie teasing him open with broad flicks of his tongue and getting him wet enough to work in several fingers. Barr gasped softly when he felt Charlie’s tongue work itself in next, the thick muscle stretching him until his skin was burning with it. He pushed back against the intrusion, impatient, trying to force Charlie’s tongue in deeper.

“You’re desperate for my cock, aren’t you?” Charlie whispered, and Barr flushed, knowing the words were true. “You can’t wait to have me inside you. You don’t even want to wait long enough to move over to the bed, do you? You want it right here, with me slamming you into that mirror as I thrust into you, don’t you?”

Barr took a stuttered breath and gritted his teeth to hold back his gasp when Charlie’s fingers slipped out of him, his hole twitching at the loss. A shudder ran through him at the unmistakable sound of foil tearing.

“I raided the walk-in clinic downstairs for a condom and some lube,” Charlie admitted, and Barr grinned into the cage of his arms. He should have known Charlie would have planned this out. A sudden rush of affection burst through him, warming his chest and curling his toes, amping up the intensity of his arousal.

Charlie snaked his arm around Barr’s waist to hold him steady as he eased inside. True to his promise, Charlie wasn’t attempting to steer Barr toward the bed, which was just a few feet away. Still, he was gentle despite his earlier taunting about fucking Barr into the mirror. Barr's thighs and calves burned with the strain of keeping himself upright and still as Charlie moved against him, which only added to the overall sensation of having Charlie inside him. It was enough to take the sharp edge off his desperation, and Barr blew out a breath and forced himself to relax as Charlie slowly pushed himself deeper.

Barr sighed softly in relief when Charlie’s belly nudged against his back. It hurt—it always did, even when Charlie spent what felt like hours preparing him with teasing touches and licks until Barr was almost screaming for him to fuck him—but he didn’t mind the sting. He knew it would fade as soon as Charlie moved, so he pushed back against him, urging him to hurry.

“Open your eyes. I want you to see me fucking you.” Charlie's hoarse whisper tickled against his ear and made Barr shudder.

Barr clenched his eyes tighter and shook his head, but Charlie tightened his grip on him and rotated his hips in teasing half thrusts that made it clear he wouldn't move until Barr complied.

Barr growled softly and raised his head from his arms to blink at the mirror. At first he only saw himself, with his hair mussed and his cheeks flushed, but then his vision cleared enough so he could see Charlie behind him. He was still fully clothed, which somehow made the situation even hotter, and Barr bit his lip to hold back his groan as Charlie thrust into him, slowly at first and then harder, until Barr had to rest his head against his arm again to keep from hitting the mirror.

“No,” Charlie said, jerking on Barr’s hips until Barr met his eyes in the mirror again. “Watch.”

Barr swallowed and shifted his arms so he could brace himself better as Charlie fucked into him. Charlie was gorgeous like this, the color high in his face from the arousal and exertion, his lips bitten to a cherry red from holding back his own groans. In the dim light It was hard to see Charlie’s eyes, but Barr knew what they must look like, pupils blown and glassy. Charlie had a very expressive face, but of all his expressions, his look of careful concentration while he was fucking into Barr was Barr’s favorite. In that moment Charlie always looked like he was doing something that required the utmost attention to detail, and Barr found it beyond arousing. God, how he’d missed that look.

Watching himself in the mirror was uncomfortable, but being able to see Charlie was a definite bonus. He could see from the way the muscles in Charlie’s cheek twitched that he was close. He wasn’t surprised when Charlie slid his hand down from his hip, cupping it around Barr’s erection. He thrust forward into it, fucking Charlie’s fist as Charlie emptied himself inside him, his head falling heavily against Barr’s back to muffle his moan.

Unable to help himself, Barr watched himself in the mirror as he fucked forward, fascinated by the way his cock disappeared into Charlie’s fist. Charlie groaned and shifted, angling his neck so he could meet Barr's gaze in the mirror. Knowing Charlie was watching him watch himself made his heart race, and that was all it took for Barr to crest over the edge. He pressed his lips together into a bloodless line as he came, painting Charlie’s fist and the mirror with streaks of white.

They stood propped against each other and the mirror for several long seconds. Harsh breathing rang through the small room, loud as thunder in Barr’s ears. As his heart calmed, other sounds filtered into his consciousness—the blare of the hospital paging system, the sound of heels clicking on the linoleum floor just outside the door. He let his head fall forward in mortification as he realized there was no way they hadn’t been overheard.

His cheeks burned like fire as he pushed Charlie off him, ignoring the way Charlie laughed as he pulled off the condom and tucked himself into his jeans. There was a trash can in the corner, but Barr panicked when Charlie tied the condom off and moved to toss it into it. Charlie understood immediately, and even though he rolled his eyes as he did it, he stuffed the used condom into his pocket. He also nabbed a Kleenex and wiped down the mirror, much to Barr's horror; he’d forgotten streaking it with come.

Barr avoided looking at the now-clean mirror as he gathered up his discarded scrubs and tugged on his boxers. The enormity of what they'd just done pressed on him, exhilaration and mortification at war in his gut. The on-call door had a lock, but they hadn’t even bothered to use it. Hell, there was a key at the nursing station, so it wouldn’t have kept anyone out, anyway.

Barr’s blush receded by the time he’d dressed, and Charlie watched him with barely veiled amusement. Barr wanted to stay in the room forever and avoid his colleagues, but he had rounds in just a few minutes. He gave Charlie a sharp look to stop his chuckle and steeled himself for confrontation as he opened the on-call room door. The corridor was empty, and for a second Barr let himself think perhaps they weren’t overheard. But then he saw the small knot of nurses at the desk, and it was obvious from the way they were all huddled together whispering they must have known what he and Charlie had gotten up to in the on-call room. His blush returned full force as Charlie pulled him along straight over to the desk. Against all odds, Charlie kept his head held high. An impressive feat, since Barr was dying of embarrassment inside.

“Do you still have Room 405’s chart, Dr. Winters?”

Charlie grinned at the nurse and handed over the metal chart Barr hadn’t noticed him carrying. “Sorry, I was called in on another case before I could get it back to you.”

The nurse snickered but didn't reply, busy with entering something from the chart into the computer.

“Make sure you set aside some time every day to follow your doctor’s orders,” Charlie whispered, his breath hot against the shell of Barr’s ear. He patted the front pocket of Barr’s scrubs, and when Barr looked down, he realized Charlie had stuffed his prescription pad and the stolen page into it.

Charlie trailed a hand down Barr’s back, cupping his ass briefly before stepping away to sign something the nurse held out to him. Barr's spent cock twitched, a thrill running up his spine.

“If I didn’t have rounds in twenty minutes, I’d be open to another treatment.”

Charlie’s grin sent shivers through Barr’s body. “I’m on at six tonight, so we can revisit that later.”

Barr didn't have it in him to blush again even though the nurses shot them knowing looks. Even through his haze of embarrassment he couldn't deny he was much happier than he'd been when he walked into the hospital a few hours earlier. He would definitely continue his prescribed “treatments” in the on-call room—maybe even after Charlie was back on days.

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Island House

Finding Home

Playing House

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