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Riding Little Red by Joel Bowers

It was a long week. By the time they got to bed each night, they were stressed and exhausted from living in a modern world of making dinners, kids, working, shopping and bills. They hadn’t made love all week, not out of lack of desire, but out of lack of time and energy. Friday slowly came to an end as they both, from separate offices across town, stared out their collective office windows, both thinking the same thing: they were headed deep into the woods that afternoon for a long anticipated weekend at an isolated cabin. No TV, no smartphones, no kids, no distractions. It would be a couple of days of just the sounds of nature, a roaring fire and wrapping their bodies around each other, again and again.

He packed up after work, quickly and darted off to pick her up. It was a long summer evening in the Northwest and they would still have plenty of daylight when they arrived a couple hours from now. He has made sure the cabin was truly isolated. The nearest town was more than 10 miles away and the road to the cabin, which contained nothing else, was a long five-mile trek over bumpy terrain. He had packed all the supplies in the trunk saving a picnic basket, which he laid on the back seat.

As he pulled in her drive, she darted out the door within a few seconds of seeing him. Her red backpack was flung over her shoulder and she was holding a duffle full of surprises for later. The white tank top that clung tightly to her chest was nearly, but not quite see through. Her shorts left a little more to the imagination, he thought, until she opened the door and plopped her little round bottom on the seat next to him. He opened his mouth, taking a breath to say hello but before he could speak, he found her tongue swirling around his mouth in batted anticipation. “Well,” he said, “I guess we should get going then.” She giggled.

He turned up the radio as they took off for their 100-mile drive. She slipped her hand onto his thigh and gave him a firm squeeze. He smiled and inserted a couple of fingers just inside her shorts. Ripe with anticipation, she felt a slight warmth well up inside as her pussy dampened thinking about watching his big cock disappear inside her. She shifted her thoughts as best she could knowing they had a long way to go still.

“What’s in the basket?” she asked noticing it to be the only thing on the back seat.

“Some surprises for later,” he grinned.

“Mmmm,” she muttered almost inaudibly.

The thoughts of him thrusting inside her took over her thinking once again. She reached for a backpack she had placed on the floor. She sifted through it a bit and then took out what looked to be a car charger. Upon further inspection, he noticed it was attached to some little bunny ears. She plugged the device into the car charger and unzipped her shorts and slid them down a few inches from her crotch.

“Do you mind?” she asked coquettishly.

“Not at all. What’s the little box?”

“Oh that’s the remote. You can change the setting and the speed.”

“Really? Give it to me.”

She willingly put it into his hand. She lowered the bunny ears onto her clit and handed him the remote. Steering with his left hand, he clicked the first button on the remove. She gasped a little and said, “That’s nice and slow…and thorough.”


He let in run for a minute or so looking over to see her pussy getting wetter. She slid down in the seat a little gently thrusting with her hips slowly. She gasped softly again and he clicked the next button. He could hear the device increase the intensity and she moaned out loud. “How’s that?”

She bit her lower lip thrusting a little harder. “Mmmm hmmm. Good.” She could barely get the words out. She slipped her hand under her shirt and started rubbing her right breast. Her pussy was now gushing. He put the remote down on the center console and ran his hand under her shirt and began flicking her other breast with the tip of his finger.

She was writhing in ecstasy. “You are going to fuck me good, right?” she managed to squeak out.

“Probably. I mean, if I’m not too tired,” he joked.

His jest barely registered and she came closer and closer to climax. He slid his hand out of her shirt and pressed the last button on the remote. She jerked in her seat, panting heavily. Within a few seconds, she blurted out, “I’m going to cum.”

“That’s right Baby. Cum hard for me,” he said and he reached back in her shirt. The moment his finger ran across her nipple, she thrusted one last time, and almost screaming climaxed as her body trembled in the seat. He turned the remote back to slow and she relaxed from her orgasm, slowly running his hand over her breast.

She looked over to his huge bulge nearly bursting from his pants. She slipped the bunny out of her cunt, unplugged it and slipped in back into her pack. She reached over and pressed on his hardness. “My, my, you’re a big boy aren’t you?”

He felt more blood rushing to his cock and he became harder and harder and she pressed and squeezed the outside of is pants.

“Take off your seatbelt.”

It took him about three seconds to comply. She immediately tugged at his pants and unzipped him. She fumbled into his underwear and got a good grip on his naked shaft. Now he was gently thrusting in his seat trying to hold his concentration on driving. She licked her lips and pulled his cock out from his pants, stoking him slow and hard. It had been many days since he had orgasmed and he felt the cum rushing up his balls and welling up inside his cock. She continued to stroke him and sucked on his ear. Then she whispered, “Shall I put your fat cock in my little mouth?” He nodded. She leaned over and held her mouth open just above his shaft. “My what a mouthful this will be…” As she trailed off, she licked the top of him slowly, flicking her tongue gently. She then put his head inside her mouth and swirled her tongue in circles. It was driving him mad. She then begin slowly going down on him until she had five or six inches of him deep in her throat. She stayed down on him sucking and feeling his shaft deep inside. His eyes crossed for a second and he began breathing heavily. She came up and looked up at him as he looked down and their eyes met. “You love it when I suck you don’t you?” He nodded again. She then went down on him again, this time slowly bobbing up and down and taking almost his whole cock into her mouth. She slowly increased until he was moaning. “Fuck!” he barked. She continued to speed up until the cum built up to an explosion. His load was huge and she couldn’t quite get it all in her mouth. Cum slipped from her mouth and ran down his cock as she swallowed some of it. As she caught her breath, she ran her tongue down his shaft and licked the cum from his member, swallowing each drop. She slowly rose up from his cock, smiling. “How was that?” she asked, wiping her mouth.

“Fantastic. We’re lucky I didn’t drive off the road.”

They leaned back and relaxed and within a few moments they passed a road sign indicating they were now just a half hour away.

“So when are you going to tell me what’s in that basket? Is it a romantic picnic for two?”

“Sort of. Right before we get to the cabin, I’ll show you and give you your instructions.”

“Oh my. What big surprises you have for me!”

He laughed loudly. Little did she know she just fell into the narrative perfectly without even knowing what he had planned.

They continued on listening and signing to the music. The endless rows of pines and lack of humans cleared their minds and relaxed their bodies. They passed a long, narrow lake as the sun started fading, the western glint skimming off the water as a pinkish glow off the water flickered. At the far end of the lake they saw a large black bear with her two cubs splashing around the shoreline. Everything was right in the world.

Before long, the sunset stretched out even more faintly as they entered the road to the cabin as the canopy of trees blocked out much of the remaining sun. The road was rough and bumpy with long sections of washboard. The vibration began exciting her again as her thoughts returned to hot sex with her man. He, too, was thinking about bending her over the bed and entering her with hard thrusts.

Before long they were almost at the cabin, maybe a couple hundred yards away, and he pulled off to the side of the road. “Ok, hand me the basket.” She reached into the back seat and put it on his lap. He lifted the lid and pulled out a tiny little red skirt and handed it to her. He then presented a garter belt and white fishnet stocking. Finally he grabbed red-checkered bra and a red-hooded cape. “Put these on and then carry the basket to the cabin.”

“You mean walk there alone?”

“Yes. I will be waiting for you when you get there.”

“There’s no underwear. What if someone sees me?”

“We haven’t seen a car much less a human for an hour.”

“Hmmm. OK.” She pulled out the stockings and slid them up her legs after pulling off her shorts. They were still wet from when she came all over herself earlier.

She then slipped on the rest of the outfit and bounced out of the car. She looked amazing. He felt his cock hardening again as he drove off quickly. He looked in the rear view mirror and saw her skipping with the basket, her tits bouncing to and fro in the dimming light. He slowed down and he could see her smile as her tiny skirt flapped in the slight breeze revealing her little crotch for a fleeting second. His cock went from slightly aroused to fully hard as he imagined her gobbling him down in her carefully selected outfit.

He drove off further and quickly approached the cabin. At the pace she was skipping, he had a few minutes to get ready. He pulled in the drive and hurried out of the car. He entered the keypad code to get in the cabin. 6969. Well, that was appropriate. He entered with his pack and took a look around. The bed was enormous. Over the oak headboard was a mirror that went all the way to the ceiling. Next to the bed there was a chaise longue. He pulled some apple-flavored oral cream out of his bag and put it on the nightstand. He stripped down to nothing, got into to bed and wrapped himself tightly in the sheet. He then took a large hooded hat that wrapped his whole face except his eyes and waited for her.

About a minute later came a wrapping on the door. “Grandma, are you in there.”

“Come in sweetie,” he said in a raspy voice. She slowly opened the front door as if she expected something or someone to jump out at her.

“Grandma, you don’t look so well.”

“I am sick Little Red.”

“My what a deep voice you have!”

“The better the greet you with.”

“And my oh my what big eyes you have!”

“The better to see every little part of you with, my dear.”

“What big hands you have!”

“The better to paw you with, Little Red.”

“And my what a big mouth you have!”

“The better to eat you with!” Standing at the foot of the bed, knowing what was to come and to cum, she slid her hand under her skirt. As she did, his fat cock started to stand fully erect raising the sheet up, as it grew harder and harder. She climbed into the bottom of the bed and slowly lifting the sheet crawling under it. Her little bottom was sticking out the end of the bed, her skirt barely covering the top as he got a good luck at her garter and stockings.

“And oh my goodness what a huge cock you have!”

She took his member into her hand and started slowly stroking him up and down and squeezing. He felt himself well up with passion. She continued, slowly teasing him until he was so hard, it felt like stone. He whipped the sheet off the bed and threw his hood hat on the floor, and reclined back watching her. “I am going to eat you first!” she exclaimed.

She opened her mouth just above the tip of his cock, teasing him more. “Do you want me to suck it?”

“Yes.” She waited for what seemed like minutes, her mouth open and willing. She extended her tongue and gently flicked the top of his head. He writhed with desire. She then took her tongue and ran it from the top of his shaft slowly down to the bottom and licked him at the base. She took his balls in her hand as she flicked his cock with her tongue. He wanted her to swallow him so badly. She continue licking up and down his cock until he got even harder, which didn’t seem possible. Her breast slid in and out of her shirt teasing him visually. She then pulled his shaft towards her face and went down on him. She slowly slid him deep into her throat until she had gobbled down half or more of his eight inches. She stayed down on him swirling her tongue around while sucking him deeply. Slowly she rose up popping his cock like a lollipop only to go back down on him, this time more vigorously. She bobbed up and down on him, gradually increasing her speed as he felt the cum well up inside as she began moaning and panting in between thrusts down his cock. After another minute, he spun her around so her so she was sitting with her legs spread right over his face. As she continued to suck on him, he spread her pussy apart revealing her hardened nub. He gently flicked her clit with his tongue until her moaning became almost a scream.

“Oh yeah!” she cried in between cock bobs. “Eat my little pussy.”

He began eating her more deeply, running his tongue up and down her whole opening. She rolled her hips side to side and around so that with each movement his tongue smashed up against her clit. She couldn’t stand it much longer. She was going to cum for the second time today. “Fuck my pussy with your mouth. I’m going to cum all over your face.”

The dirty talk was overwhelming and he began fully eating every part of her snatch. She thrusted harder onto his face until she came hard. His cock was bursting. As she came, she swallowed him one more time keeping him deep in her mouth as the intense moans of cumming burst through her nostrils. She came up for air and continued to cum longer. It was the most intense orgasm she ever remembered having.

“Fuck me now!” she demanded.

He flung her bottom away from his face, pushing her forward and she crouched on all fours with her legs spread apart waiting for him to enter her from behind. Her garter belt stretched seductively down her legs and her little shirt covered the top of her bottom. He had never seen a more glorious sight. Before he entered her, he took his hand a rubbed in along her cheeks. Teasing, he slid down her crack until he reached her pussy and slid his finger over her clit. He then slipped inside of her with two fingers as he gently rubbed her ass. He took his thumb and slightly brushed the opening of her anus. She wanted him to fuck her so bad. But instead of entering her, he raised his other hand and smacked her bottom while he continued to rub her openings. “Oh, yes please,” she announced.

He raised his hand again and smacked her again at what he construed to be a medium swatting. “Make it hurt a little,” she requested.

He raised his hand again, this time striking her with a full impact. She screamed with delight and he repeated it again and again. Sensing that she could stand it no more, he slid his cock into her opening slowly. Inch by inch he crept into her, taking his time, until his entire length was consumed by her pussy. She felt her tightening around him as she soaked him with her juices. He pulled all the way out and waited. She turned her head and looked into his eyes. Begging, she said, “Fuck me so hard now Baby.”

His teasing strategies were now fleeting and he just wanted to pound her little ass. He thrust into her again, this time quickly, until he felt her cervix poking the top of his head. In and out he thrusted, harder and faster. He felt he would not last much longer but he continued to fuck her deeply until she was screaming with every pump. Just before he was ready to cum, he thrusted hard one last time, barely falling short of orgasm. He pulled out and grabbed her hips and flipped her over. She turned and laid spread eagle on the bed waiting for him to enter. But instead of lowering himself down on her, he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the cream. He opened the tube and squeezed out the sweet apple treat all over his bulging cock. He turned sideways so he had a view of the mirror. It only took her seconds to comply as she climbed onto her knees to suck him yet again. She licked around his whole cock up and down swallowing the sweet apple cream. “We taste good together,” she said proudly as she went all the way down on him. There was no slow ramp up this time. She began sucking him furiously at breakneck speed. He looked in the mirror as she sucked him bobbing with vigor. He knew he wouldn’t last long like this.

“Should I cum in her mouth?” he thought to himself. “No, she wants me to fuck her more.”

He pulled out of her and threw her down again entering her from on top immediately. His cock felt even bigger than before and he pumped her good. It was only a matter of ten or fifteen thrusts and he could contain himself no longer. As the cum rose up in him, he pulled out and shot his load over her mid-section with some cum flying on her tits. She screamed with delight and grabbed her breasts rubbing the cum all over them, flicking her hard nipples with her fingertips, his stickiness soaking her. She then collapsed in place, deflated and satisfied. He rolled over and then lay next to one another. It took them several minutes to catch their breath.

“Wow!” she said still panting a little. “You know, I really like this cabin.”

He laughed. They cleaned up and took a shower together, slowly cleaning each other. It was now fully dark outside and the nighttime sounds of the forest filled the open windows. They had some dinner and remained mostly quiet, overwhelmed a bit by the loving. Sleepy, even though it was early still, they slipped into bed. They had had quite the workout and as he closed his eyes, he could feel a good sleep coming quickly. She slipped her hand under the covers and stroked his thigh. Impossibly, he felt himself becoming slightly aroused again. She, too, was mostly exhausted but as she brushed against his underwear, she opened her eyes and put her hand gently on his face and said, “Fuck me one more time, Baby.”

He willingly complied.

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