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A Gentleman’s Indiscretion

The Tainted Series

By: T.L. Tate

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Welcome Back!

Her heart was soft, yet full of thorns.

His heart was hard, yet riddled with petals.

My heart was pounding in my chest. My hands were sweaty. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. Sarah held my hand while she confidently lead me towards her bedroom. I was nervous. I was crazily nervous. It reminded me of my very first time.

I wanted to man up and tell her no and that we should just remain as we are—friends. If we crossed this line then there was no telling what awaited us on the other side. But I didn’t speak up. I didn’t tell her of my concerns—my fears. How could I show her such a weak side when she has been so remarkable brave?

It wasn’t a question of being attracted to her. I was. She’s a beautiful woman, despite all the effort she puts into convincing the world otherwise. In the time that she’s worked under me, I have discovered that she is immeasurably strong, good, true, beautiful and intelligent. The fact that her ex-fiancé, Chris, didn’t see this was proof of his ineptitude.

It has been barely a week since Sarah came to stay with me after Chris beat her. It has been barely a week since this small, frightened woman bloomed and became everything she desperately tried to push down and hide. It has been barely a week since she shattered the shackles of her own self-doubt, which was perpetuated by a long-term abusive relationship. The woman that was leading me towards her bedroom was not the same woman that I had dinner with and who asked my opinion on whether or not she should get married. No, the woman leading me towards her bedroom was not that woman. This woman was focused and was purposefully taking steps to attain the things in life that she so desperately missed out on while she was with him.

Lately, my life has been a rollercoaster. After years of having marital problems…well, I guess that’s not entirely true. Rachel and I hardly fought. However, we hardly talked so I guess that’s saying something. Anyway, after suffering through the growing distance between my wife, Rachel and I, she started having an affair with one of her co-workers, Alex. I found out about it the day after I got a huge promotion at work and the day before my 30th birthday. I actually found out from a very unlikely source—Toni. She’s Rachel’s younger sister and she also happens to be one of my subordinates at work. After finding out that Rachel was having an affair, Toni approached me as I licked my wounds and told me that the reasons for Rachel’s distance was because of the affair. If she would’ve just told me then I wouldn’t have believed it. I couldn’t have believed it, to be honest. But she didn’t tell me. She let Rachel tell me herself.

Toni found out the day before I did and recorded Rachel’s confession on her phone. When she played it for me, I devolved. To say that I was a mess wouldn’t give it enough credit. I devoted everything to my marriage and when I found out, I was ripped apart. Fortunately for Rachel (because I don’t know what I would’ve done had she been there) she had already left to go on a weekend trip with her lover in Las Vegas. I was alone and despondent.

To get my mind off of things and to live one of her fantasies, Toni showed up at midnight on my birthday and offered herself to me. I took her offer and her innocence with both eyes open. Despite our carnal actions, Toni pushed me towards giving her sister a second chance. Because I crossed the line too, I felt like I had to at least give Rachel another chance.

When Rachel sent me a text and I responded in a way that let her know that she was busted, she practically tripped over herself to get back home to me. Since then, we’ve seen a marriage counselor, Dr. Amara Jeffries. She’s a wickedly sexy Black woman that may or may not have a thing for me. I honestly can’t tell.

It was tough going, and the healing is still happening, but I couldn’t completely eradicate the love that I felt for Rachel so we decided to try and make things work. Unfortunately, because I caught her going into a hotel room with Alex, I lost it and followed them. As it turned out she was only trying to end things so my belief that she was meeting up with him to continue their affair was erroneous. Still, upon finding out that he hit her, I completely lost it and attacked. The result of me nearly beating him to death was the traumatization of Rachel. Days went by and she decided that she needed to get away. That’s right. She cheated on me. I got in a fight to avenge her. Yet, she left me. Isn’t that a kick in the teeth?

Well, as it turned out, it was actually the best thing for her. Despite my reluctance and my desire for her to stay so that we could work on our marriage, she was too broken. She needed time and distance to heal. So she took a promotion out East with her employer and has been there for about 3 weeks. Since she left on our trial separation, we have spoken regularly and she honestly seems to be doing better.

Unfortunately, I’ve already gotten a taste for Toni and the terrible satisfaction that came from doing something so bad. While Rachel was gone doing God knows what, I decided that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to continue what I had with Toni. It was something that Toni referred to as my hall pass. While Rachel was away, Toni and I would play. She suggested that it was just sex, but it was getting harder and harder to believe that when I saw how affected she was when she thought I was sleeping with Sarah too. For my part, I was also developing feelings. Of course, neither of us acknowledged our feelings as I was still married to Rachel. So we continued our own illicit affair.

It was in part because of that affair that I am now heading into the unknown with Sarah. Now Sarah is an odd cookie. On the surface, she comes off as being a bit of a wimp and she acts very mousy. But she has her moments. Underneath that false exterior is a bombshell that would make most men’s mouth water. Also, she has this very interesting voyeuristic streak. The girl likes to watch. On one of the last days that Rachel was here, before she suggested the separation, she came to my office in the middle of the day and we proceeded to make my office our very own love-playground. During our romp, I noticed a solitary eye, watching us…me through my previously closed and locked door. I was suspicious of course but the eye never did anything other than watch as we ascended together and peaked. It was days later when my suspicions were confirmed and I knew that the eye watching me was my assistant, Sarah.

She and Toni came over to help set up before a weekend bash that I was hosting. I was in the shower and noticed the very same eye watching me. I knew it was her immediately. She had hidden sides, which were both mental and physical. Her small body was extraordinary, as was her natural beauty. When I saw her early that morning, I was shocked by the transformation.

But nothing shocked me more than when she showed up on my doorstep. She was battered and bruised from the night Chris beat her. I took her in. I took her to the police. I provided her a safe place to stay while she figured out her next move. After cutting the jerk loose and finding a new place to stay, Sarah asked me over because she left some of her things at my house. As I relaxed on her new furniture, she appeared out of the bathroom wearing practically nothing. She nearly stopped my heart. I’ve had glimpses of her body but nothing like what I encountered. My wife, Rachel, is hot. So is Toni. But Sarah wouldn’t loose in that arena against anyone. I was dumbfounded.

As I tried to regain my ability to speak, Sarah approached me and handed me a video she recorded the night of the party.

The video was taken at my house when I thought everyone had already left. She caught Toni and I in the act of roughly exploring the heights of pleasure. I immediately became defensive. I believed that she was planning on using that video as leverage to blackmail me. To my obvious shock and relief, she had no such designs. She told me that she had taken that video because she liked to watch and that she only showed it to me because she wanted to try her hand at being a little brave and reckless.

As the shock wore off, a new one took its place. She climbed on my lap and after I asked what she was about, she said, “I’m being brave. You know, I’ve only been with Chris and he didn’t deserve me. I’m not going to force you. If you want to leave then you can leave. We’ll both go to work on Monday and it’ll be like it was before. Promise. But if you stay then know that I’m not looking for a fling but I’m also not looking for something permanent. Right now, I just want to try. I want to try to change. I want to try to go after what I want and what I want is you. I want to feel your kiss against my lips. I want to feel your tongue over my body. I want to feel your dick pushing inside me so deeply that I scream. When we’re finished I want you to still respect me and still call me friend. I want to be able to do this again and again. I want you in anyway that I can have you.”

After such a declaration, I couldn’t say no. Perhaps I should’ve. Perhaps I should’ve taken her offer to go back to how things were but I didn’t. I wanted this. I needed to see where things would go. Was I getting myself into an impossible situation? Yes, but I didn’t care…not as much as I should’ve. She has shown such bravery and strength that I was drawn to her in a way that went beyond friendship and beyond our working relationship. I found her intoxicatingly, distractingly and astoundingly attractive both inside and out. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to make love to her. I wanted her.

Now, as she held my hand and I walked behind her, I watched the way her body moved. Her thighs flexed ever so slightly causing her bottom to do the same. I watched her butt move in the lace material of her red tanga panties. It made my mouth water.

As we got closer to her bedroom, her hand squeezed harder. I could sense her excitement and it doubled my own excitement. I was panting as I felt my blood pressure increase. My teeth were practically chattering and we hadn’t even touched each other. I kept repeating in my mind, “Calm down. Calm down”, but it didn’t help. I was beyond all hope.

We made it to her room and she turned to me. There was such a warm and innocent smile on her face as she said “Welcome!” She pulled me close to her and I had the chance to really feast my eyes on her heavenly shape.

Her hazel eyes were wide. Her cheeks were rosy. Her chest heaved. Her lips were curved upwards in a sweetly seductive smile. I could see down into her cutoff t-shirt and her large breasts filled that shirt to the utmost. Her thighs were rubbing together and I could only imagine what her pussy looked like.

She had me revved up and ready for action. I tensed, ready to pounce on her, but stopped as she placed her hand on my chest.

“J-Jake?” Her voice was heavy with lust but there was an edge to it. I knew that tone. Was she having second thoughts?

“Yes, Sarah?”

“Umm…I’m a bit nervous.”

I smiled. I was happy that she wasn’t having second thoughts. I would’ve hated to leave without tasting her. “That’s understandable.”

She moved a wandering strand of her flaxen locks behind her ear as she placed her face on my chest. I could feel her breath through my shirt as she breathed heavily onto me. Her voice was slightly muffled, “Yeah. See, it’s been…a while. Umm and I’ve only ever been with Chris. So…umm…I-I…umm.”

I knew what she was trying to say. I placed my finger on her chin and forced her to look at me. “I get it. Don’t worry. We can go as slow as you need.”

I watched her swallow as more color came to her cheeks. I took a moment to appreciate her bedroom. A queen size bed on a wooden sleigh frame took up the middle of the room. She had an ornate dresser in the corner that was made of cherry wood. A small bench was seated at the foot of her bed while a comfortable looking chair proudly took up residence in the corner. I could just see the insides of her walk in closet and through the closet was her bathroom. She had decorated in light blues and subtle greens. Despite the smallness of the room, the room felt airy and open.

I felt her body against me as I saw two hazel eyes looking at me for guidance. “J-Jake?”


“Like…umm…how do we get started?”

I smiled. “You’ve thought about this before, right?” She nodded. “Okay, good. How about you just relax and do the first thing that you can think of.”

She sighed as her eyes closed. “Okay.” Without an ounce of awkwardness, she tilted her head back and pursed her lips.

Despite her brave step forward, she was shaking. She was just as nervous as I was. She was just as scared. I wasn’t the only one that was stepping into the unknown by pursuing this. But you know what they say…in for a penny, in for a pound. I tilted my head down and drank her in.

My hand was on the small of her back as she pressed herself against me. She moaned as our lips met. The moment was electric. Her soft lips were thinner than mine but that didn’t distract me for long. Soon, her mouth opened and her wet tongue was in my mouth. As our tongues danced, I felt and heard her excitement building and she wasn’t alone. Before, my pulse was racing because I was nervous. Now, my pulse was racing because of pure sexual thirst.

I knew that I could have my way with her. I knew that I could use her anyway that I liked. I could wreck her and move on. We were friends, colleagues and soon we’d be lovers. I didn’t love her. She wasn’t my wife. She wasn’t my girlfriend. Still, I felt that it was my duty to be more than just some dude trying to get his rocks off. She’s never been with a man that treated her right and while it is true that the two of us couldn’t be together in the traditional sense, at this moment we were and I had to make it my mission to show her what it was like when you were with someone that gave half a damn about your satisfaction.

Her hands were wrapped around my waist, but I soon felt them moving from behind my back, passed my hips until they finally dipped down to the front of my pants.

She felt my hardening cock and moaned, “Mmmm!” She’s seen me naked twice and having sex twice. She knew my equipment and what she would be working with. But imagining and seeing it was different from being face-to-face with it. She purred in excitement, as her tongue started moving erratically.

She was out of breath by the time she peeled her lips away from mine. Once again, her face was on my chest as she gasped for air. “Please. I need it. I have to have it. Please. Please!”

It wasn’t my intention to make her beg but I’d be lying if I said that the sight didn’t turn me on even more. My voice was dark and heavy as I kissed her neck up to her ear. “Help me get out of these clothes.”

She gasped excitedly. Her hands went to the hem of my shirt as she pulled up. I helped her by pulling it the rest of the way over my head. Soon I felt her shaking hands on my belt. She struggled and I could tell that she wasn’t lying about it being a while. Nevertheless, she finally removed the belt and started fumbling with my button. Her face turned red as she grew embarrassed by her clumsiness. I kissed her deeply. “You’re doing fine. Just relax.”

She nodded, “I’ll try.” Finally, she had my pants unbuttoned and I pulled them down along with my briefs. I stood before her completely naked. She took a step back and stared at me. I felt embarrassed by her gaze but I tried not to show it. Finally she spoke. Her voice was light with wonder, “My God! You’re beautiful!”

I smiled as I knelt down before her. As I stood back up I had her in my arms as her legs wrapped around my back. “Thank you. So are you.”

She looked away. “You don’t have to say that.” Her voice was uncharacteristically sour.

I gently sat her on the bed and this time I fell to my knees. I was sandwiched by her thighs and it was a wonderful place to be. “Sarah, I’m not saying it just to try to set the mood. You really are insanely beautiful. I know that you’ve been told otherwise but that was by a guy that couldn’t see the sun for all of his bullshit. You’re incredible. Let me show you what I mean.”

She nodded, “I-if it’s not that good, I’m sorry. I like to watch but I’m a coward when it comes to doing it myself. I don’t think Chris was lying when he said I wasn’t good in bed.”

I chuckled, “I bet you’re better than you think you are.” I tilted my head as I tried to read the sullen expression on her face. “Sarah?”

“Y-yeah?” She was avoiding eye contact. I knew she was thinking about him—about Chris.

“Sarah, I’m going to ask you to do something that is going to be hard for you.”

She looked nervous. “What are you going to ask me to do?”

“Trust me.”

“Trust you?”


“But I do trust you.”

“I know, but I’m going to ask that you trust me enough to relax and let yourself go. I’m not asking that you miraculously heal from all the years of abuse that you suffered. I’m only asking that while we’re together—at this time—right now, that you let all of those doubts fall away. Let me see you for who you really are. No more hiding. No shying away. Be Sarah Mills and only Sarah Mills. For the time being, just let all that crap go and have fun with me. It doesn’t have to be more than that. I’m not going to judge you no matter what you do or say. I want all of you and I promise that I’ll give you all of me. It’s just for right now. We’ll let the world fall away and we’re just going to be two people together. You’ve shown remarkable braveness just asking me to stay. Lets see this through to the end…together.”

As I spoke I saw a look of wonder come to her face. As if I had opened a door to an unknown yet marvelous place. She considered what I said and let the idea of freeing herself fill her completely. When she looked back at me, there wasn’t an ounce of fear in her eyes. Her hazel eyes seemed to look straight inside of me and they liked what they saw. She smiled and whispered, “Okay.”

The time for talk had concluded. I kissed her lips as I reached for the hem of her cutoff t-shirt. The material was so thin and light that taking it off presented no difficulty. Once freed, her breasts were even more amazing than I thought. I was right. Her breasts were deceptively large and shapely. Her breasts were heavier on the bottom but her upturned pink nipples were long. Her puffy areolae screamed to be kissed and licked.

Her chest heaved as her hand slipped into her panties and she started rubbing her clit. “Do you like what you see, baby?”

I nodded, “My God! You’re beautiful.”

She chuckled as I threw her own words back at her. “Thief.”

While she slowly rocked on the edge of her bed, I couldn’t wait any longer. Those breasts were calling my name and I had to taste them. I pressed my tongue on her erect nipple and she purred, “Yes!” Reaching forward, she pulled my head closer until my mouth was filled with her breast and my nose was pressed against her chest. “That’s it. Suck that fucking tit, baby. Suck it hard!”

Since I’ve known her, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard her swear. Inwardly, I smiled. I guess she was finally letting the beast free. Great! This was going to be fun.

Taking my cue from her, I reached for her other breast as I tweaked her nipple. The harder I pulled and squeezed the more she moaned in pleasure and the faster her hand moved. Soon, I was moving between her breasts, unable to decide which one was the tastiest. I soon settled on the fact that while both breasts represented their own special vintage, they were both just as yummy.

Now that I’ve tasted her breasts, I needed to taste the rest of her. I reached around and scooped her into my arm. She yelped as I half carried/half pushed her up the bed. Once she was at the top of the bed, I climbed on top of her. I saw her pull her panties to the side and caught a glimpse of her beautiful pussy. She spread her legs as if she was expecting me to dive right in.

I clucked my tongue. “Oh no no no. I haven’t nearly had enough of you yet.”

“What?” She looked confused.

“You’ll see.” I leaned over. I kissed her sweet lips once more before slowly climbing down her body. I took the scenic route and visited with her breasts for a while longer before climbing down her stomach. I kissed the waist of her panties and could smell her sex. It smelled amazing. The pheromones were so strong that I thought I would go mad. The red material hardly hid anything from view. She’d trimmed her bush but it was still full. Her clit was prominently displayed, even through the material of the panties. As gently as I could, while still allowing her to feel it, I slid my lips and tongue over her clit as I climbed in between her legs.

I watched her body squirm. I could feel her excitement. She desperately wanted me to rip her panties off and have my way with her. But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was the first time that we would sleep together. A moment like this couldn’t be rushed. It had to be savored and prolonged until neither of us had the wits to stop. Instead of tasting her wickedly arousing pussy, I kissed the inside of her thighs and moved my lips and tongue down her leg. Once I was at her toes, I kissed and nibbled on each one. This seemed to push her even closer to the edge. I jotted that note in the back of my head for later. It may come in handy one day.

I descended the other leg until I was inside of her thighs. Only this time, I placed my lips over her pussy and kissed it long and hard over her panties.

“Fuck! Holy fuck! Yes!” She wrapped her legs around my neck as her body trembled in pleasure. I had to pull her legs apart before I was able to climb back up her body.

Once I was lying atop her, I kissed her lips deeply. Her juices and the scent of her were on my lips. I couldn’t wait to taste her without the covering. Because I could taste her juices, I knew that she could taste them on my tongue as I boldly plunged it into her mouth.

When I pulled back she looked like she had become intoxicated. It was sexy as hell.

“Do you taste that?”

She nodded. “Uh huh. It tastes amazing. What is it?”

I smirked, “It’s you.”

“W-what? That’s me?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Do you see how great you taste and that was only a little bit. I’m going to taste everything.”

She blinked in awe. “Everything?”

I nodded, “Everything.”

She paused for but a moment before she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. After kissing me harder than she has before, we pulled apart and were both panting. “Let me feel it. Let me feel it all. I want to do everything with you. Everything!”

She was glowing. She looked sexier in that moment than at any other time previously. I wanted to take a photo but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“My God! You don’t know what you do to me.”

Now she smirked, “How about you show me?”

“Hell yeah!”

She laughed as I brought my lips down on her neck but within half a second that laugh was replaced by a sweet and intoxicated moan. “Yes!”

I slipped my hands under the waist of her panties and pushed them down as far as I could. When they stopped moving, I (reluctantly) had to release her breasts from my mouth in order to pull them off of her body.

I took a moment to simply appreciate the complicated beauty that was lying before me. Her hair was freed and fanned around her like a halo. Her face was slightly pink as she smirked, likely embarrassed by my attention. Her hands were rubbing her breasts, holding them just the right way to make me want to jump on top of them and use them for my own pleasure. As she exhaled, I saw the taut muscles of her flat stomach. Her trimmed golden bush was delicate and sexy. She splayed her legs, allowing a better view of her slit. Her fat lips were moist and looked like they could use a bit of my attention. Her clit was engorged but still hidden beneath its hood. I couldn’t wait any longer. She looked like a priceless artifact and I just had to know her true worth.

“Do you like it, baby? Do you want to taste it? Go ahead. Put those fat lips on my pussy. Taste that sweet pussy, baby.”

Her filthy mouth was egging me on in its persistence and audacity. I loved it.

I leaned in, ready to enjoy the feast that awaited me. I didn’t need to look to know that Sarah’s eyes were on me. I could feel them just as I could feel my own hunger increasing as I approached this delicacy before me.

Her outer lips provided little to no resistance to my incessant assault. I rolled my tongue in a wide and slow circle, tasting and testing every surface of her pussy. I watched her closely and listened intently. I noticed that there were some areas that caused her to squeak a little louder and squirm a little more forcibly. I worked these areas a little more as she pulled at me and scratched at my head. Soon, she was moving her hips in a small circle as she panted my name over and over again.

“Jake! Jake!” Her voice grew husky and I knew she was getting close.

Before I lost too much time, I stuck the tip of my tongue in her entrance. It wasn’t deep. It was in just enough for her to feel my presence but most importantly, I wanted to tease one of her more sensitive areas. There would be time to taste her depths later, but I wanted to save that honor for my swollen cock.

“Oh my God!”

The urgency of her voice grabbed my attention. She was close. She was so close. It was obvious that years of sexual ignorance and selfishness had increased her sensitivity. She’s likely never had a man between her legs before. That thought made me even more excited. I decided to give her a little gift as she reached her peak.

As I continued to tease her entrance, my hand found her clit. As I circled her clit and loosened her entrance with my tongue, she pulled at her nipples. Her eyes were glassed over and she watched in shock as something powerful continued to build inside of her.

“W-what’s happening? Oh no! I-I-I’m scared. I’m scared! Help me Jake…help!”

As she reached her peak and her orgasm hit, she threw her hands to the bed and lifted her body off the bed. She bucked and kicked like a beautiful and wild horse.

Her high-pitched voice ringed across the apartment. “Oooooooooo! Ugh! Ugh! Oh! Oooooooooo!”

Her orgasm was long, loud, rough and beautiful. I stuck around for the ride and I loved every second of it.

When she finally fell back down, her hands pushed the top of my head and I released her. Once I was no longer between her legs, she rolled on her side and held herself. She was giggling. “Oh my heavens. Oh my God. What the hell was that?”

I crawled up behind her and kissed her shoulder, “That was an orgasm.”

She looked at me. “No, that was something else. I’ve touched myself before. I’ve had an orgasm before. That was categorically different.”

I just shrugged.

“W-we’re not finished are we?”

I kissed her again. “Can you go on?”

She didn’t hesitate. She quickly nodded, “Yes! Please!”

I bit her shoulder and she gasped, pressing her butt into my crotch. “Then we’re not done.”

I pushed her shoulder and she rolled over to her stomach. Kissing down her back, I pulled at her hips and she sat up on all fours. Her round ass was in my face. I sat back and just appreciated what was before me. That was an ass that was built by the Iron Goddess and a ton of squats. It was glorious.

I took a large bite out of her ass and she gasped again. “Mmmm. I liked that!”

“Good! Then you’re going to love this.”

Without waiting for her reply, I splayed her cheeks and dove right in. My tongue was on her rim for less than two seconds before her chest collapsed.

“H-holy hell! Holy fuck!”

I was licking her rim and she loved it. I didn’t mind being a little nasty. Hell, you wouldn’t have minded either if you could’ve seen just how sexy Sarah looked and sounded.

“Oh my God! I can’t…no! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m cumming again.”

I kept assaulting her body and was rewarded moments later.

“Ooohhhhh man! Oh man! I’m there! Holy fuck! Holy fuck!”

The sounds of her moans and curses were the symphony of my heartbeat. They made me feel invincible. I felt alive and was simply buzzing with energy.

She slid on her stomach and as she caught her breath. I pulled at my hard cock.

She turned over, her eyes looking more alive than ever. “I can’t believe you did that to me. Fuck! That felt so good.” She licked her lips when she saw me pulling on my cock. Pushing herself up, she crawled towards the end of the bed, “Mind if I give this a taste?” Before I could answer, she shot her tongue out and licked the tip. I could just barely see a devilish smile on her lips as she did so.

“Mmmm! No. Not at all.”

“Heh! All right then.” She lied on her stomach as she opened her mouth wide. Her eyes met mine and I knew what she wanted me to do. Standing with my legs wide apart, I guided my swollen rod into her mouth. I moved ever so slowly. I watched her intently and her eyes never left mine. I was prepared to stop the moment she looked pained. That moment never came. To my shock—amazement—and deep deep satisfaction, my movement didn’t stop until my hips were pressed against her face. When I felt the back of her mouth, I saw her eyes squint for the briefest of moments before her throat opened up and she accepted all of me.

Her tears flowed down her pretty cheeks. Her breathing was halted. Her throat rhythmically moved around my cock, desperate for more oxygen. However, despite this, her eyes were as calm as the still sea. She wasn’t afraid of me. She wasn’t afraid of what we were doing. She had let the fear roll off of her like raindrops on a waxed car.

As I pulled out of her, I was so struck by her strength and her beauty that I fell to my knees. I needed her. I needed her right then, in that moment, more than I needed anything else in the entire world. So…I kissed her. In that kiss I felt release and liberty. I have experienced love. I’ve experienced a love so deep that I would’ve gladly given my physical heart to make her happy. I’ve experienced lust. I’ve experienced a lust so pure that I’ve felt out of my mind and would’ve gone crazy if not for the touch of another. But this…this was something all together different. It wasn’t lust. It wasn’t love. It was…serene but all consuming. It was calm and simply right. I knew that this was just a moment and when I left her home that my life would revert to what it was before I appeared and before she seduced me. But I didn’t care. It was a temporary kismet (if there is such a thing) and that was just fine.

For the first time since she brought me into her room, my heartbeat slowed. I could feel the steady pounding fall away until it was running at a nondescript pace. I released her lips…or maybe she released mine. I don’t really know. When I looked into her eyes she was smiling.

“How’d I do?”

“Do? What do you mean?”

“How’d I do with taking all of you inside of me?”

“O-oh.” I could feel the heat rushing to my eyes. I was embarrassed. What a silly thing to be feeling in that moment.

Fortunately, she saved me by continuing to speak. “Yeah. Since I saw you, I’ve been practicing. I’d fantasized about you being here…umm…about us being here and I just wanted it to be perfect.”

I kissed her again. “I think this is perfect. You were wonderful.”

“T-thanks.” Her smile was sweet and innocent. It made me hunger even more deeply for her and I didn’t feel an ounce of shame or guilt.

I helped her sit up but before I could move her towards the top of the bed, she reached forward, taking hold of my solid cock. She moaned as she ran her hands up and down it. I moaned as I felt her shear excitement. When her mouth finally moved around it, I felt like I was floating. I couldn’t stop my body from shaking or my eyelids from fluttering. There was something about the way that she touched me that just felt so right!

I wouldn’t have surprised me if I came right then and there. I was feeling things that I’ve never felt before and I never wanted her to stop. But it wasn’t just about me. She took the first brave step forward, now I had to do something to reciprocate and being selfish in bed wasn’t going to be the right form of compensation.

I touched her shoulder slightly and she whined. “Ohhhh! I really wanted to taste you on my tongue.” She batted her eyelashes as she pouted. It was adorable.

I kissed her lips as we moved up the bed in sync. Once she was on her back and I was between her legs, I pulled back. “Don’t worry. There will definitely be time for that.”

She kissed me swiftly and smiled, “I sure hope so.”

The heat between us was intense. This was the moment. This was our moment. For the briefest of moments, a terrible thought came to mind. I realized that I didn’t have protection. I couldn’t break the mood by asking her for a condom but I sort of had to. I was worried that if I did, I would break the spell between us. I shouldn’t have worried. She must’ve read the expression on my face.

Her eyes were gentle as her hands touched my face. “I have condoms in my nightstand. If you’re more comfortable then we can use them. I know that its reckless but if I’m being honest I really want to feel you…all of you. If you’re okay with me then please, don’t stop. Please.”

I couldn’t breathe. She was so beautiful and open that it stopped my breath. I glanced towards the nightstand and as I did, her hands squeezed down ever so softly but I understood. We’ve come too far to stop and I guess we were both willing to be a bit reckless.

With my mind made up, I stared into her eyes. I felt her relax even further when she saw the look of determination in my eyes.

Her voice was soft but it echoed in my mind. “Come to me”, she said and that was the last thing I heard before my mind and body became lost in a pleasure that was insurmountable.

Her entrance was tight, and she raked her nails across my back. I knew she drew blood but I didn’t care.

She breathed, “Oh God.” It was a quiet whisper, which propelled me forward.

I was just inside of her, touching an enveloping warmth that penetrated my body.

She gasped, “Don’t stop”, as her legs wrapped around my waist.

The pressure was intense, but so was the pleasure.

She cried, “Go deep”, as she pulled me tighter against her body.

I pressed deeper inside of her as the nectar continued to flow making my assault easier to bear.

She moaned, “More please”, as her face was pressed into my neck, her teeth piercing my skin just as I was piercing her.

I felt her walls close around me in an attempt to stop my progress.

She screamed, “Fuck me”, as she slammed her lips against mine.

I was buried inside of her and felt extreme bliss knowing that I was right where I wanted to be.

Nothing was rushed. Honestly, we couldn’t rush. The sensations were too extreme. I moved over her slowly, tasting every corner of her depths and committing the flavors to memory like a connoisseur. Her body moved beneath me as she continued to mumble in my ear.

“I knew it! I knew it would be incredible.”

It was like I was living another life, or maybe like I was on a different world. It wasn’t just sex. Hell, it wasn’t even just great sex! If I were forced to describe it, it would be omnifarious. It was everything. It was up and down. It was left and right. It was creation and destruction. It was love and hate. It was life and death. It was the sun and the moon. It was night and day. It was freedom and captivity. It simply was!

She pushed me back and her face was twisted in pleasure. “Harder! Do me like you did her. Fuck me like you really want to!”

I wasn’t going to ask her if she was sure. She cried out to me her desires so it was up to me to fulfill them.

Pushing myself up to my knees, I grabbed her legs and held them in my arms. Her butt was halfway in the air before I started pounding her. Her bed was shaking from the abuse and soon, so was she.

I placed her legs on the bed and grabbed her waist. “Is this what you wanted?” I grunted.

She was speechless and could only nodded in open-mouthed consent.

“Are you going to cum?” She nodded frantically. “Tell me you want to cum!”

“P-please! Please! Make me cum. Please make me cum!”

“Who’s going to make you cum, huh? Who are you cumming for?”

“Y-you! Jake…Jacob! I’m cumming for you! Oh…oh God! I ca-can’t…Ooooooooo!”

Her shaking stopped and the convulsions took control. Wrapping her hands over her stomach, like she was holding herself, she scrunched into a little ball and then extended. Over and over again this happened. Of course, I was forced out of her but that was fine. The show was well worth the price of admission.

“O-oh my God! Oh my God! It won’t stop. I-I-I can’t stop cumming!”

The sight of her cumming nonstop was mindboggling. I’ve seen multiple orgasms but this was nothing like that. She looked like she was ascending to the highest peak and then crashing down to earth only to be lifted to that height again and again. It was intoxicatingly arousing.

I watched as she convulsed and moaned, my name on her lips over and over again and I wanted more. I had to have more.

When her orgasms finally ended, she covered her face with her arm and chuckled. “Holy Hell. That was more than I expected. How did you do that?”

I just shrugged, “I don’t think I can take all the credit for that. It was incredible.”

She glanced at my throbbing cock and smiled. “Come here and let me taste myself on you.”

I was dumbfounded…not enough to sit still, mind you. But enough to do a double take. Never has a girl ever asked to suck me off right after I’ve been inside of her. I thought that stuff only happened in porn. Hell, if I was living in a porn like this then I never want to leave!

She sucked me into her mouth and moaned in pleasure. I could see her swallowing down her juices as she licked me clean. It was insanely sexy.

Soon she had me clean and wanting more. “Lie down.” Her voice was soft and sweet but still so commanding. I found myself powerless to resist.

As soon as I was on my back, she was on top of me. Her freshly fucked pussy was resting on my stomach as she pulled at my hands while grabbing for something off of her nightstand. She came back with a long red cloth.

I turned my head to the side. “And…what do you plan on doing with that?”

She smiled, “Do you trust me?”

I didn’t even need to think about it, “Yeah.”

“Great!” Within moments, she had my hands tied down in a knot that even I couldn’t escape from. In the middle of the knot there was enough space for her to place her hand, which she did. She had one hand on my chest while the other one was firmly holding the knot, pressing it on the bed just above my head. My hands and arms were trapped. She looked like she was really enjoying herself and to be honest, so was I.

I’ve only every been tied up a couple of times and that was the super rare occasion when Rachel wanted to be a little more kinky. If kink was on the menu then I was all for it. She reach towards her nightstand and I heard the sound of a lighter flick. She didn’t come back with anything in her hand so I just disregarded it.

“Are you ready?” Her attention was back on me and I loved it.

I nodded, “Do your worst.”

She slowly lowered herself until her pussy was touching my cock.

Before she put me inside of her, I asked, “Where did you learn to tie a knot?”

She smirked, “Hey! I’m from Kentucky. We know what we’re doing down there.”

I just laughed as she slowly inserted my cock back inside of her.

“Ahhhhh!” I couldn’t help but moan. It felt so damn good.

Her lips pulled back in a smug smirk, “You like that pussy, baby?”

I moaned in assent.

“Good boy. That’s a good boy.”

With her hand above my head, her right breast was right above my mouth. I took liberties and happily sucked, licked and nibbled on her exposed flesh.

“Yes! Yes!” Her hair had grown wild from her countless orgasms and now it covered her face in a sort of wild lion’s mane. Her hazel eyes glowed. Her cheeks were flushed. She was breathing heavily. Her hand went from my chest to my face as she held herself up. I could see our bodies connected as she rode me like doing so was going to save her life.

“Do you like that? Huh? Do you like it when I fuck you back?” She sounded mad and joyous all at the same time.

“Yes! I love it! I love it!”

“Good! Take that pussy, you motherfucker! Take all of it!” The ‘good girl’ I knew wasn’t in the room. I was dealing with a woman who was used to suppressing her desires and who constantly controlled her actions. Now that the dam had been open, Sarah was enjoying her newfound freedom and I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along for the ride.

She was breathing heavily, “Ha! Ha!” She continued to call out to me, “I’m fucking you! I’m fucking you! This dick is mine! Whose dick is it?”

I would respond, “It’s yours! It’s your dick!”

“That’s right! My dick! Mine! All mine!” She was fucking me so hard that I thought we would both end up on the floor. I could see her abs flexing as her hips moved faster and faster. Suddenly she released both my hands and my face. She reached for something and before I could wonder what it was, there was a blue candle in her hand.

She sat back to her full height and screamed as I bottomed out inside of her. “Fuck yes!”

She arched her back as she looked at me with a wicked grin. The light of the flickering candle gave her eyes a preternatural glow. She whispered, “I’m going to cum soon. I want you to cum with me.”

I could do nothing more than nod. I was well past my limit. It was only by the graces of the gods that I was able to hold on as long as I did.

“That’s my man.” She pushed out her chest, blew out the candle and raised it high in the air. She looked back down at me, her eyes exuding passion. “This is it. Watch me. Please watch all of me.”

Nodding, I braced myself for what was about to happen.

With my cock jammed deep inside of her and her breasts bare, her nipples erect and ready—she slowly tilted the candle. I watched as blue wax dripped on the center of her chest and continued onward. I felt her pussy squeezing as the wax moved closer and closer to her exposed nipple. The sight was so erotic. Making a half arch, the wax fell perfectly.

Three drops left.

She was crying out in pleasure as her pussy started contracting.

Two drops left.

My body tensed as I held my breath, trying to control my orgasm.

One drop left.

Our eyes met, both knew that this would be the end or perhaps the beginning of the most powerful orgasms of our lives.


When the wax fell on her nipple she screamed, “Ah!” I was certain that the sound could be heard from the street, of course I don’t know which of us was louder.

I bellowed, “Sarah!” As I exhaled, releasing what felt like a lifetime of suppressed feelings.

My eyes remained opened, so I saw when she threw the candle across the room, blue wax arching in the air like a final goodbye. Her hands fell to my stomach as her entire body glowed. I felt the multiple waves of convulsions gripping and massaging my cock only in passing. I was too distracted by what was happening to me. At the edges of my vision, I saw colors that I don’t think any human has ever witnessed. I felt like my soul was pulled from my body, showered in heavenly light and then forced back in. I was flying and the only thing anchoring me down to earth was the weight of this blonde bombshell seated atop me. My entire body went numb and then caught fire and then went numb again. I felt my heels tremor…my heels! I mean, how is that possible? I never thought that in a million years I would ever experience an orgasm as deep and powerful as this one but I did and it exhausted me beyond belief.

When Sarah collapsed on top of me, neither of us was able to move. We lied in place while the world outside revolved around us, uncaring of what was happening beyond these walls. Her breathing was raspy, mine was worse. Her body was sweaty, mine was sweatier. I closed my eyes and quickly drifted to sleep. The last thing that I remember was the smell of freshly fallen rain. The window was open and I heard the tap tap tapping of rain outside. It was the perfect lullaby to our lovemaking. It was all so perfect.

Hours went by and I was woken by the smell of cheese and pepperoni. I opened my eyes and noticed that while I was no longer tied up, I was still quite naked. Sarah looked down at me with a pizza in one hand and a couple of beers in the other. She was wearing my t-shirt and from this vantage, I could see that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

She must’ve read the look on my face because she chuckled. “How about dinner and a drink before we go another round?”

I sat up and stretched, my muscles were tight. “Sounds good. Could we also add a shower to that list?”

She kissed my check and giggled, “Whatever you say, boss.”

She winked at me as she twirled. There was something insanely attractive about her and I knew right then that whether I wanted it or not, I was already addicted to this woman named Sarah.

After a romp in the shower and another on her living room couch, I needed to head home.

She walked me to the door in nothing but the cutoff t-shirt she was wearing earlier. I was tempted to take her again and I knew that was what she was going for but even I have my limits. If I didn’t leave at that moment then I knew that I would have sex with her until neither of us could move. I hated to run but it was the only way, besides, I had a chance to look at my phone and while I had 3 missed calls from Rachel, there were 6 missed calls from Toni along with 10 unanswered texts from Toni. The last of which she made mention that Sarah was also not answering her texts and that Toni was suspicious. I knew that despite her plans with her friends, if she really got worried then she would head over to my house and upon not finding me there, she would come here. If she came here then things would quickly spin out of hand.

I kissed Sarah, “Thank you for today. I had a wonderful time.”

She kissed me back, “I should be thanking you. This was the most incredible day of my life. I’m so happy that you and I…umm…well you know.”

Her awkwardness somehow amused me. “You mean when you ‘fucked’ me?”

Her face turned bright red and I laughed. She swatted at me as her country accent came out. “Bully!”

I caught her hand and held her close. “Today really was amazing.” I held her stare as I saw her eyes soften.

“Y-yeah.” She averted her eyes and refused to look back at me. I kissed her cheek and then I headed home.

Once I made it home the very first thing I did was jump in the shower. It was a good thing to because after coming out of the shower and placing a quick call to Rachel, Toni showed up with two of her girlfriends. All three were hammered.


She sloshed into my house with two of her friends, both attractive and all three were half dressed.

She introduced them as Tonya and Sofi. Tonya was apparently a model originally from Chechnya. Sofi was Venezuelan by way of Brooklyn and is a pastry chef in one of the upscale restaurants downtown.

“What are you doing here?”

Toni waved her hand in the air like she was accusing me of something. “What’s your problem, huh? A sister can’t come stay with her bro?” She turned to her friends and laughed. Pointing her thumb at me, she drunkenly quipped, “See what I did? I’m his sister-in-law and I said sister. You know like a sista. Heh!”

I don’t know if they got her joke or if they were just hammered but they all started laughing.

After the moment of unjustified merriment, I asked again. “Why are you here Toni?”

She waddled over towards me, using the wall to keep her balance. “Shh! Shh! Hey, listen. Can you like pay the taxi guy? We don’t have any cash.”

I rolled my eyes but nodded. I guess it is better that she took a taxi considering how wasted she was. If I had to pay the bill to keep her safe then I guess it’s worth it. I nodded and she patted my cheek.

“You’re such a good guy!” Turning to her friends she waved, “Come on girls! Lets see what’s in the fridge.”

Still rolling my eyes, I grabbed my wallet and headed out the front door. After settling up with the taxi driver, I went to go see what became of my drunken houseguests. I found them on the patio in the backyard, Sofi was showing them how she could do a handstand, much to the delight of her friends.

When I stepped out on the patio, Toni rushed towards me, her face touching mine.

I stepped back, “T-Toni? What are you doing?”

She crossed her arms. “I’m mad at you!”

“Me? Why?”

“Get him Toni!” That was Tonya, her accent emphasizing the “I” in Toni.

Toni took this encouragement and ran with it. “I called you over and over and texted you but you just ignored me. That’s a dick move!”

Now Sofi joined in, “Yeah, a dick move!”

They all giggled.

“I’m sorry, Toni. I just had a busy day and I left my phone here.”

She squinted her eyes at me. “Were you with another woman?”

“No. I was just out and about. I don’t get a lot of time to get things done, even less this past week with everything that happened, so I had to make a day out of it.”

“Hmm. Well, you don’t smell like another woman, but…” She looked over her shoulder as Sofi and Tonya stood up and nodded. “…There’s only one way to know for certain.”

Suddenly, Toni, Sofi and Tonya launched themselves towards me, knocking me back against the sliding door. All I could smell was booze, hairspray and perfume as all three of them pulled at my clothes.

“S-stop! Stop it!” But no one was listening. Toni grabbed my belt while Tonya and Sofi held my arms. I could’ve broken free but not without hurting them. Soon my pants were on the ground, which was quickly followed up by my underwear. Standing there, the only light provided by my kitchen behind me and the full moon in the sky, my cock was out for the world to see.

“The only way to know for sure is to smell this!” Toni’s hand went to my cock as she fell to her knees. Despite my embarrassment, my cock did what my cock does. It grew hard. Toni gasped, “Well someone is happy to see me!”

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