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Seducing My Stepson

A Taboo Erotica

I woke up by the thought that my husband would be leaving for Canada for some business incentives. He wouldn’t be home for a week. I looked at his side of the bed, he was still asleep. I didn’t remember when he had last fucked me. He was always busy making his boss happy and in doing so, he had forgotten to please his wife. His loss of domination over me since our marriage had made my life miserable. I was his second wife. We met at a bar, at the time when he was having a hard time steering his marriage forward and in one meeting we easily clicked. They also had a son, living and studying in UK. They got divorce because of consummation problem, his wife didn’t want him to touch him anymore.

I stood up, smoothing my scarlet flailing robe and went to the bathroom. I tried to relax but it was hard to forgo my extensive lust at hand. I unclasped the sash of the robe, round my waist and ran a shower. When I came outside he was awake, naked above the waist, resting back against the headboard and again I tried to hurl away my horny intentions. But this time I didn’t win against them.

I loosened the belt as his gaze followed my actions. I dropped the robe around my ankles and went to start brushing my breast, cupping, squeezing. I thought he would find it intimidating but it was hard to read his reaction so I went on. I ran my hand below my belly button, rubbing my clit softly while my other hand worked up my breast, pinking it with lust.

“What have gotten into you, Rose?” Fred asked, frowning.

“Having second thoughts aren’t you, mister?” I said with a sly smile as he measured my curvaceous body with hungry eyes. He didn’t see me naked since his son, Luke went to UK for studies. I could sense him hardening just by listening to my moans.

By the time I walked over to him to serve his meaty cock and to relinquish my own filthy desires, he had managed to control his sexual vibe and sprang away from me, stood across the bed couldn’t look at me like I was some kind of sin he had done in his past and now he was in his period of repentant.

“Now is not the time, honey. I don’t want to miss my flight.” He said with bleak resentment. I didn’t say anything because I was certain what he would say. His reasonings and clarifications were nothing but a cue about his homo-sexuality or else he was seeing someone behind my back. I pushed every thought away as right now, the only thing whirling around my mind was sex and he had to give me that or I would take it. He shouldn’t have triggered my sexual aggression and now he would see the wrath of women domination.

I pushed him down on the bed, tried to resist for some moments but as soon as I dropped down on my knees and yanked his boxers down, grabbed his hard-on cock, glistening with precum at the slit, his juicy balls were sheltered underneath, it made him slow down a bit. “You have been hiding this from me for quite a while. Do you not want my juicy lips on your cock, huh?” I said as I balled my hand into fist around his cock, stroking gently, his low indistinct moans were suggesting that he now had pledged himself to me. Without wasting our precious little time, I leaned into his tower, parted my lips and took the tip of his cock inside of my mouth. I heard his wail of pleasure as I moved my tongue beneath the shaft, tasting his salty precum. He gripped the back of my head as my head bobbed up and down in rapid motion. Moving up and down, sucking and stroking his cock at once. I withdrew from his cock, still clamping on the shaft by one hand, his shaft was coated with my saliva, dripping down to my balling fist.

“Honey, it’s time for you to rule my mouth.” I winked as I leaned again and scooped some of his saliva from his cock with my tongue. He smiled for the first time, a lustful one. He stood up, fisted my back of the hair and guided my mouth to his cock. I grabbed his ass with my hands as he pumped his cock in my mouth, slowly he targeted the back of my throat, thrusting his way in. He took me to a rough ride then, thrusting hard, reaching the back of my throat, not giving me any way out.

“Oh yes, you wanted that huh, you, slutty whore.” He said as his ass made some twitching motions, his fingers dug into the back of my head as he thrust deep inside me, pinning me to his pelvis, forced me to smell his public hair. I didn’t mind that as it made me even more turn on. Then suddenly, I felt something shot in my mouth and after the first explosion, his shaft fired some more, filling my mouth with his juicy milk. He slipped his member out of my mouth, covered in my saliva and his own come. A stream of shining fluid dripped down to my chin from the corner of my lip, before it could drop on the floor I scooped it up with my tongue and slid it down to my throat. I was frustrated by his early release because I wanted him to fill my pussy with his cream. He stepped back, panting, looking away from me and I was still on the floor kneeling like a loyal whore, disappointment and rage could easily be seen in my eyes.

“Oh my God, I am late.” He said and moved past me, his naked shaft swinging like a pendulum. I stood up and wiped my lips with the back of my palm.

“That was intentional, wasn’t it?” I asked with intense and authoritative tone. He clutched his boxer and turned to look at me.

“You tried to seduce me, make me a sinner. That’s going to be your punishment.” A nasty little smiled formed on his face as he pulled up his boxer. “You won’t get sex till my return. Do you understand, you cum slut.” He reached over my side, leaning and whispered in my ear. I tried hard to restrain my eagerness to hit him across his face. “And go take a shower, you smell of my cum. I know you admire my divine cum but seriously, you don’t need to use it as a face cream.” Before I could say something, he turned away, threw open the door and rushed downstairs.

I couldn’t believe he did it on purpose, just to make me more mad for sex. At least, he was right about the smell. I was smelling of his cum so, I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After shower, I came downstairs, looking for my husband but he wasn’t there as though he had vanished into thin air.

I had nothing to do that early morning so, I slouched down on the sofa and flipped open my laptop, browsed some porn sites, scrolling through different categories and just then when I found something attractive and new, I clicked on it. A girl was sucking on his boyfriend cock, caressing his balls with the other hand, his hand was resting on her head. Just after the quarter past of the scene, a woman entered and astounded to see that physical act of love. Soon she started to remove her clothes and sprang up the sofa, crouching a bit, giving the boy full access to her pussy. It wasn’t until her moans, I didn’t know that the boy who was licking the pussy of a woman was, in fact her stepmother. It made my pussy leaking, soft moans of pleasure slipping out my tongue as I trailed my hand under the robe, two fingers crawled inside my pussy lips. Stroking, circling my clit while keeping a steady eye on the laptop.

Now, both the females were on the bed, his mother on top of the girl, entwining their tongues, his son at the back, stroking his 10 inches long cock with one hand and squeezing his mother’s ass with the other. He spat his fluid on his hand and rubbed it around his shaft. Yes, he was going to nail her mother that’s the saucy thing I had been waiting to see. The sight made my hunger augmented and I sped up drilling my pussy as hard and deep as I could. I watched him tracing his cock against his mother’s opening; she widened her thighs apart and pulled her ass up a little for better access. Before he could prompt his first thrust; the doorbell rang, stifled my fingers inside my opening. I couldn’t believe my luck, again I had been pushed over the edge and dragged down flat.

I closed the laptop and stood up, straightening my robe, swept my dark-brown hair back and strode off towards the front door. I wondered, who could it be at this time of the day. When I pushed open the door, as startled as I could be; the man standing in front of me was Fred’s son Luke.

“Did my sudden presence surprise you?” He said, puffing out his chest but I didn’t reply as his appearance made me stupor. He had become a stud, a yummy one. I wondered, had he been working out? I couldn’t be able to enforce my eyes not to stare at his full flexed body. His white shirt was doing injustice by keeping his pecs hidden.

“Rose, are you okay?” He asked, frowning. As I heard his voice, I floated down back to the place where I was standing.

“Yeah, I am fine. How are you and why didn’t you tell us that you were coming?” I asked, smiling.

“Can I come in first?” He asked.

“Oh, I am sorry, come in dear.” I moved aside and he strolled in. “You want anything, honey?”

“No, I am good. Dad’s home?” He asked as he looked around the hall.

“You are little late. He’s gone for a week on account of some company errands.” I answered as I locked the door. He went over the sofa, where 10 minutes ago, I was watching porn on my personal laptop. My stomach made a horrible twitch and a wave of apprehension danced as he threw himself on the sofa. My dirty secret was just inches away from my stepson. I too got to the sofa, sat on the edge of it.

“So, when did you come to New York?” I asked him again, thought he would venture an explanation this time but something seemed off about him. He might have come to meet his father instead, he found his so-called-mother.

“Well, I wanted to tell my dad first__ whatever.” He sighed. “I am in a relationship with someone and__”

“That’s great, honey. Why did you hesitate to tell me?” I asked.

“Because I am in a homosexual relationship, rose. And I wasn’t hesitating to tell you. It’s dad I am afraid to tell. You don’t know how I gathered all my strength just to come here and face dad.” He said and gasped. I wasn’t expecting that even though, I remembered him as a gentle and kind boy. How he had overcome his shame to come here was beyond my understanding.

“Don’t stress yourself. Your dad will understand. I assure you he will.” Just a while ago, I was surveying his painful expression, now again, I couldn’t find a way to not stare at his biceps. Was I attracted to my stepson? No, I shouldn’t think like that. I needed to remedy my lust as soon as possible before I forgot who I was sitting beside.

“You really think that?” He asked.

“Yeah, he is your father, honey he has to.” I said, flattened my hand on his thigh. It was my first involuntary move to attract his cock but to my surprise he didn’t even flinch or shiver for a bit. I shouldn’t have done that, it’s against our moral values to fantasize your son’s cock.

“I hope you are right.” He said. After that he gave me a brief history about his love life, the man he was into, how he and him met and how they were fated to grow old together. He’s seriously in love with his man, no doubt about that.

“I think, you must be exhausted because of all the travelling, go and get some rest.” I said as I straightened my legs, deterring my inside horny animal. He too got on his feet.

“Thanks, I know I have always been rude to you but I promise I will try to become a better son this time.” His words extinguished every desire boiling inside me. I never thought he would ever say that to me. Finally, I felt good after all the disappointments I had been encountering since I woke up. I gave him a sweet smile, considering should I give him a hug or not. As weird as It had been for me, I should better not, I didn’t want my hands, sneaking around to grab on his cock, I couldn’t trust my body around him. So, I just stroked his elbow, still keeping my smile.

When I got back to my room, I finally masturbated, struggled to picturize my husband as his son’s appearance kept interrupting my thoughts. I was losing my nerves at his sight, that body he kept hidden inside that shirt and the cock I was dying to hold, giving me shivers. I wondered, how big his cock would be, would it fit inside me. No, fuck, you shouldn’t think about him that way. He was in the next room beside mine, probably dozed off.

In the evening, after I finished cleaning, I came upstairs to spend some time reading my unfinished book. I heard him talking to someone as his door was slightly ajar. I hid behind it, tried to eavesdrop. He was talking to his boyfriend.

“How are you doing without me, babe? And how’s your cock feeling, missing me or not?” He asked and then giggled. They were in a nasty relationship that’s for sure. “I know, babe. I wanna suck your cock too and I am dying to be nailed by you but I need to tell my dad about you first.” He said. Oh, their dirty conversation was wetting my pussy. As he finished explaining, why he had to live here for more than a week and what plans he had set to convince his dad, their conversation turned into a typical phone sex.

“Yeah, baby just put it right there, yeah now bang my ass you, sexy bastard.” I could hear him, gasping and moaning, must be stroking his cock. “Just like that, yeah. Oh fuck___ no don’t cum inside me I want it in my mouth. I want to rub it on my face.” Nothing made me that much horny, I had to restrain myself from touching. When I found my composure, I went back to my room, slid in my bed, spun around to lie on my stomach and buried my face into the pillow. How would I survive a whole week around him.

The incessant moaning of my son kept flowing in my ears, even though my door was locked. It must be in my head, I couldn’t say but it was building up the previous hunger I had tried to deter. I couldn’t control it anymore, I needed to find a way to make him fuck him. I didn’t have another choice, I was attracted to my stepson but in a sexual way. I spun around again and listed out some plans to make him go crazy for me. Then, finally, a solution came fleeting up to my head. It was so simple that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t come early with it. Now, I just had to wait for the dinner.

I wore my short-sleeve black fringe dress, throwing my unruly dark-brown hair in a messy low-bun, swept lip gloss around my lips and licked my bottom lip, giving it a wet shine. I gazed at my reflection, I was so ready to strike but still nervous. I ran downstairs, stilettos clicking against the wooden steps. By the time, he arrived at the table, the table was embellished with dishes and many refreshments.

“So, what do you think?” Luke looked all around the table and sighed with amazement. I knew some of his favorite dishes so, I assumed that the game was on.

“You all cooked that just for the two of us.” He asked.

“Yes, I am really happy that you are here, dear and as your father is not here, we have got time to know each other.” I said, looking straight into his eyes. He smiled and we both sat down at each end of the table.

“Did you talk to your lover?” I said, thought. it’s better to start a conversation first.

“Yeah, I told him that I won’t come until I meet my dad.” He said, taking a bite of Bologna Sandwich. I grabbed the bottle of wine, poured two glasses with it and pushed one forward towards Luke. He hesitated at first, but a moment later he recalled that I wasn’t his actual mother.

“Did you tell your, mom?” I asked. My eyes kept deceiving my concentration and steering constantly at his puffed-out chest. I tried to stay calm and give a neutral expression.

“No, I didn’t and It will be better, if she never finds out.” He said with a severe disappointment in his tone. Just what I had expected.

“But, why? She’s your mother. She should know, who are you gonna spend your life with.” I said with mild concern to set the ticking bomb.

He gave himself a pause then, sighed and said “I don’t know. She has become to religious and I am quite sure that it will break her heart if I tell her that I, her only son is more into man than woman.” He gulped down the rest of the wine in one go. I could sense his voice distorting with sudden fear. I finished my drink, scooted out of my chair and went to sit next to my stepson.

I placed my arm on his back, rubbing it lightly. “Just calm yourself down, Luke. Everything will be alright. It’s you and me, I will support you in every possible way.” He took and kissed the back of my other hand. Then, he looked back in my eyes as though he desired the very thing I had been craving.

“I have to ask. What made you realize that you are more into man? Have you ever date a girl?” The moment I said that he released my hand from his grip and lined his elbows on the table.

“I dated a girl once, one I knew from college but it was for a very brief period. And when I moved abroad I met Sam and my whole life changed after that.” He said, studying his own hands.

“So, you never had sex with a girl?” It just slipped out of my tongue and he glanced back at me. There wasn’t any sign of surprised in his face, though still my face flamed up with regret.

“No, never. I just told you that when the first and the last time I dated a girl, it was for a very short period.” He said with a cute grin as though he was still just a 10 years old boy.

I grasped his hand and caved it inside the palms of my hands. Then, said. “Then, you must venture how it feels to be inside of female sex.” I led his hand to my knees, guided him inside the hem of my dress, wandered for a bit because of his hesitation but soon found the entrance. He tried to set his hand free and he could have easily, if it wasn’t for the strength I had already mustered for just this moment.

“I can’t do this. This is wrong you’re my father’s wife.” He said as he liberated his hand from my grip and let out a loathing grunt.

“And I am your mother. So, do as I command.” I said and leaned forward to clip my lips against his but he easily managed to dodge it. “You are playing with my nerves, Luke. You are a bad boy. Do you know that?”

He sprang out of the chair, his face still denying to cooperate. “I am sorry but I can’t. It will deceive my love life with Sam and I don’t want to rack it.” My sudden initiative scared him away, tormented my relationship with him and the only way I could mend this, was to treat his cock really good.

I, too came down from my chair, walked over to him and stretched my arms around his shoulders. Then, said. “Your father has turned into just as freak as your mother is, now. He doesn’t love me and doesn’t even care to touch me.” I said around his neck. It was laborious and quite lame to trick him with feigned sobbing sounds. “They won’t understand you. Your father is more of a reflection of your mother, now..”

“What are you saying?”

I disconnected myself from him and stepped back. Then, said. “That, your father may be following the path of your mother. He too, has become religious just like your mother. So, what hopes you have been keeping that brought you here, are nothing but just false expectations.”

“So, you are seducing me to get revenge from my father. Is that it?” He asked with a voice filled with rage.

“No. Why would I do that? I want to help you, dear. I am worried that your both parents may not understand your feelings for your boyfriend but I do.” He waited for some more reassurances. “I have already told you. How your father has been treating me, dismissing my needs as they are worth nothing. How a person could remain sane, when you don’t get what at least you deserve.” This time, it was my heart who spoke. I looked up into his eyes and scanned genuine pity for me. I restrained my urge to warn him that I didn’t need your pity. Give me your cock, if you really feel for me.

“And in return, you want me to have sex with you.” He stated, calmly.

“Not in return, I am not trying to get you into a deal with me. I am just____ I just want you to give the pleasure that your father has restrained me from. Only for one night, that’s all I am asking.” He heaved a deep sigh and looked away from me.

“I don’t know. It still feels like a wrong thing to do.” I was sick of his whining now, couldn’t seem to control my famished lust. I grabbed at his shoulder blades, making him stroll backwards till his back was against the wall. Before he could say something, I cupped his cheeks with my hands and pressed my lips against his. Soft at first, still unwilling to cope then, when he regained his rhythm, his tongue danced along with mine freely in rapid motions.

His one hand, slid out of our crammed bodies and snaked down to my bottom cheeks which were protruding out beneath the hem of my dress. He squeezed one tightly, teasing me gently with his soft pressure. He bunched up the hem of my dress around my waist as I hold him tight against my lips, licking his juices he had hidden there. I stepped back, licked my lower lip and started to unbutton his shirt while he kept my butt cheek enclosed in his hand. He dropped off his shirt as I knelt down to dig under his pants. My face flushed with frustration as I lowered down his pants after unfastening it and found out that he had boxers on too.

His erect was protruding from his boxer. He seemed distinctively uncomfortable as I brushed my hand over his bulging length. I looked up at him, scanning his response as I leaned forward, slipping out my tongue and ran it over his cloth covered cock. When I ground my cheeks onto his bulging erection, he jerked his head back in arousal. Neither of us said anything, we both knew it would conjure up some taboo complications. A wet spot on his boxer down the end of slit stimulated my hunger and I interest my tongue to suck on it.

I could still feel his hardness growing, only his boxer shorts were separating us. Without taking more time teasing his cock, I ripped him off of his boxer. The sight of his length and shining precum at the slit made me still at the spot as though, the smell of his cock had intoxicated my body. I was literally high on his cock, even though I hadn’t tasted it yet.

A series of shivering ran through my body, staring insanely at his cock. It was 9 inches long and not to mention, what enticed me more was its thickness. Took a deep breath and again leaning into him, looked up to catch his expression.

He wasn’t backing away, in fact, he was unimaginably calm.

Slowly, I parted my lips as I guided his cock with my hand to my mouth. He gasped as I moved back and forth, flicking my tongue beneath his rock ¬-solid shaft. He moaned softly as my cheeks puffed in and out around his cock. Gently, I grabbed his hand and directed it to my head, kept jerking his cock with my other hand, hoping that he would take the charge and burst into my throat. But apparently, the scheme seemed to fail miserably.

The failure didn’t persuade me to stop, I just kept going down as much as I could go. Sucking up, all his precum while balling at his balls, which seemed to make him hard more. It did put a smile on my face and I resumed to suck him hard.

Slightly, I twisted my head to the side and popped his cock out from the corner of my mouth. “Baby, I am going deep down on your cock. Don’t make me stop till I gag on it, Okay.” He nodded and jerked his head back as I swirled my tongue over the slit while balling my hand up and down over the shaft. Again, I parted my lips with a muster of strength as I slid down right to the end of his length. His cock was perfectly, hitting the back of my throat, tears forming in the corner of my eyes, before I could withdraw from him, he jammed his hand on my head, pinned me against his pelvis for more interminable moments. Saliva dribbling down from the corner of my mouth as he still pushed hard in me, letting me savor the smell of his public hair and when at last he allowed me space and a limited amount of time to breathe, I looked up at him and grinned, my saliva smudged around my lips, streak of juice had made a pool on the floor. He groaned in reply, gasping wildly, his cock slanting with pride, glistening with juices.

“You like that honey, don’t you?” I asked as I scrubbed my mouth with the back of my hand. He was still grinning, I could see madness in his eyes, an animal, who hadn’t been sucked good for a long time. The way he deep throated me, it was hard to imagine him as a man lover. He totally nailed my throat with his cock. Immediately, I whirred all the thoughts away and got up, gripping the back of his head and kissed him with passionate intensity. “Let’s go upstairs before your delicious cock turns to mush again.” I said and winked.

He nodded shyly.

I clutched at his cock and escorted him upstairs to my room. As we entered, I drove a light thrust at his chest and he landed on his back on the bed. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to give him lead, it would make him nervous again or worse, it would distort our chemistry. He was more into this game, when I was leading. I unzipped my dress and dropped it down on the floor. I closely followed his gaze as he analyzed my curvaceous flesh, protruding thighs and ungodly breasts. I wasn’t wearing any panties that must have turned him on more. I slid two fingers in my mouth then, ran it down to my pussy, moisturizing the surface for better access while, my other hand strode up to my breast, squeezing my already pink nipple. “Son, are you ready for a rough ride?” I asked, giving him a sly smile.

“On one condition, mother.” He said. I could sense him giving me a lustful vibe. If he tried to manipulate me, he would be getting some serious pounding.

“What’s the condition?” I asked

“Talk dirty to me when you fuck my cock.” He said and I would like to admit that I admired that vicious grin through which he conveyed me his intentions.

“Anything for my little boy.” I said and winked.

Luke dragged his body up to the head board as I sprang up on the bed like a cat on a mission. Slowly, crouching down, bending my legs as to mount on his cock, jolt of electricity shot through my body as I eased my pussy down to the head of his cock. He was big, I had to struggle but not for long.

“Ahh, you’re fucking hard as a rock, son.” I said as I slowly pushed my ass down deep.

“I can’t believe we are actually doing this, Rose.” He said. I had to agree with him. I never had imagined that it would turn out like this. But now as this was happening I would relish the moment for all it was worth.

God, I missed this feeling, I was dying to have someone invading my privacy and who else could have imagined that It would be my stepson. When I was in my dreamy palace, I felt Luke’s hands, sliding up my thighs to my large dangling breasts, cupping them with great care, summoned me back to the earth. I leaned down to kiss him, slowly, bumping up and down on his hard shaft. Not long after, his hand reached down, flicking across my clit, making me gasp and jerk all the while.

His cock was drilling deep in my pussy. I continued to devour every bit of it as he kept thrusting in me gently. Such an obedient boy he was. With each thrust he plunged into me, my body underwent some sort of vibrating episode.

“Fuck. Yes, just like that.” I moaned out.

He pushed me down to bite my neck, a moan escaped out from my mouth and the pleasure he gave me through his cock made me orgasm. The mixture of pain and pleasure was clearly signifying that I was having the time of my life. I straightened up, placing my palms on his chest.

Rocking my hips up and down, sliding up to the crown then down to his balls. Each slam causing him to moan and quicken his breath. I slammed a bit harder this time, causing him to groan, my walls clasping around his cock, reaching to my second orgasm. I reached down again, interlocked my lips against his.

“Do you like your mother pounding her hips onto your cock. Huh, tell me sweetie?” I asked, leaning back up and sped up grounding my hips onto him.

“Yeah, fuck me mother just like that.”

I shifted out and rolled over on my back beside him. It’s time for him to take matters into his own cock. “Now, it’s your turn to show me what you’ve got.” I said, smiling.

He crawled down between my legs, spreading them more apart, studying my pussy coated with his precum. He set his cock at my soft entrance, pressing my swollen clit and teasing me through rubbing his shaft over my pussy, leading me into a series of moaning and shivers.

“You are a naughty boy with an ungodly cock, teasing your mother isn’t right.” I said and grasped his cock from his hand and maneuvered it inside my clitoris. He leaned in, grinning at me with apparent sensuality, moving into me slowly, his one hand directed towards my milk cannon.

“For God’s sake sweetie, you need to fuck me faster. A fifteen-year could fuck a woman nice and hard.” My words prompted him to charge into me with a better pace. His eyes were following the swings of my breast, I gripped his dark hair and pressed him down on my lips. When he reached down to suck on my breasts, I brought my hand down to his back and squeezed his ass then slapped it with great sensation.

“Don’t you dare think of stop sucking my breast, keep sucking like a good boy.” My pussy started to clench around his cock as my mouth left a throaty moan. Each thrust was getting me closer to climax and making me moan louder. If the street wasn’t secluded, people could easily hear my screams.

“Yeah, just like that fuck your mother with that passion. Oh my god, fuck yes.” Strands of hair flopping over my face as my head jerked with each thrust he shot into me. When the momentum of his thrusting slowed down, it occurred to me that he might be on the verge of release but I wasn’t quite ready for it yet.

“No, not yet. You are not allowed to cum until I said so.” I commanded, Luke and he looked at me with balked expression while his ass continued to move with an adequate speed.

“But I think I am close.” He said in a bare whisper against my neck as he leaned down to my shoulder.

“Okay, if you really want to cum then fuck me faster. Otherwise the obligation will still be in position.” It was just the matter of finishing my sentence, he arched his ass up and slammed in me real hard then, he did that again. He slowly began to rock his ass in a more satisfying rhythm, his fingers moved up to mine and tangled in a tight knot. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he drilled my pussy. After three more hard thrust, Luke’s face intensified, veins protruding around his neck, groaning with pure pleasure, making me orgasm for the last time, digging my nails into his back. I could feel him twitching inside of me, spurt after spurt shooting in various spots. I couldn’t believe the amount he had built up from all the sex. He must have been saving for his boyfriend, I supposed.

We both remained quiet and stayed connected for few more minutes. I could easily feel his juice pooled up inside me. I wished I could push it out and drink it. “You rocked my pussy, son. I am really proud of you.” It would be awkward for him to talk to me as he had just cum in his stepmother’s vagina so, instead, augmented his shame, I initiated the conversation myself.

He looked at me and smiled, shifted down for a soft kiss. “Do you like it what we did?”

“Of course. And son don’t feel shame you haven’t done anything wrong. You just helped me escape from a very depressing period.” I said and kissed him again. “Now break it off so, I can lick off the remaining fluid from your cock.” He instantly, withdrew away, his cock still stood attention, leaking a streak of cum. I dropped down to my knees and followed the streak with my tongue out before it touched the floor. Reaching to his cock to suck him clean, stocked him fully in while he griped the back of my head and slowly worked his shaft inside my mouth. When I was busy in sucking his length, he seemed to have become bore or something might be bothering him inside his mind.

I looked up and asked. “What’s the matter, sweetie?” He glanced down, baffled expression was filed upon his face.

“I think, I know. Why’s dad has been acting so weird.” He said and I stood back up. I had barely regained my stability after that hot sex and yet his expression was making me fall into more intricate possibilities.


“I think. He might have been going out with my mother again. The reason he’s not fulfilling your desires is, may be, he’s trying to get back with her.” He said.

“Or may be, it could be your mother instruction to not fuck me.” I gave him a revolting expression and settled down on the bed. He examined me for a moment while the thought of my husband getting back with her ex-wife whirled around in mind. He sat down beside me, placed his comforting and icy cold arm around my shoulder.

“It’s just a hypothesis. We don’t know yet.” He was right but it did make me think of the possibility. So, I nodded curtly. At my rude response, he moved his other hand down to my belly and slid two fingers inside my pussy, circling slowly, making me moan while he lowered his head to suck on my breast. He definitely, knew what could make me cheer up. That night he fucked me again and I forgot that I ever had a husband.

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