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Hooking Alexander

Book #1, Adoring Angels Chronicles

Sable Rose

Copyright 2018 Sable Rose


This book is a work of fiction by Sable Rose. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used solely for entertainment. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Introducing the Adoring Angels Chronicles

It has been many years since the Nephilim, beings who are part human and part angels, revealed themselves to humans. Now, the human and Nephilim races struggle to live side by side, both believing that all angels have left the earth forever.

But, unknown to many, a group of angels are trapped on earth, unable to return to heaven, hiding from their many enemies.

They hide in plain sight, in human form: male, six-foot-seven and taller, and extremely handsome.

For the select group of women who sleep with angels, sex is transcendental, life-changing. Angels are well-endowed, much more than human and Nephilim men, with wonderful tricks up their sleeves that transforms their lovers into lifetime groupies.

For these women, this saying is truth: when you go angel, you’re a groupie for life

Renate versus Alexander. Who wins?

Renate said, “I want to see your cock.”

Adam’s hands vaulted out of his pockets. He yelled, “Okay, Renate… that’s going too far.”

“Angels have the biggest cocks on the planet. I want to see if his measures up.”

“No, no…” Adam shook his head. “We’re leaving.”

She slanted her head and stared up at Alex. “Are you ashamed of your body?”

Alex stared into her honey-brown eyes and his lips drew into a thin line. “No.”

Adam protested. “Alex, let’s go.”

Still trading a furious look with Renate, Alex said, “It’s her party, her rules.” If that’s the game you want to play, let’s play it.

His hands reached for his belt.

Her pulse galloped.

Alex quickly dispatched of his belt, trousers and briefs. He stood in front of her, naked.

Renate’s gaze was riveted on his penis. It was partially erect, easily ten inches, fat, thick blood vessels twisting up and down its length. The root of his elephantine cock and his heavy balls were devoid of hair, as was his hard-planed belly. Typical of angels.

As she watched, the tip of his organ jerked upward.

Her mouth went dry. Her tongue ached to run over that pulsing tip and dip into the tiny hole there. Between her legs, her vagina moistened.

She was mesmerized.

“Are you satisfied?” Adam’s outraged voice woke her from her daze.

About Hooking Alexander

One encounter with her and this angel is hooked…

Despite being an erotica author, the owner of a trendy magazine and the hostess of several famous elite erotic parties, Renate Giwa is bored and in need of stimulation and inspiration.

And, right on time, a stranger walks into the venue of one of her parties. All it takes is one look at Alexander Nasser’s hot eyes and smoldering body and Renate knows this night will be a night to remember.

Used to silences and short conversations, smoldering-hot Angel Alexander is blown away after hooking up with enticing, free-spirited Renate. She breaks down his walls, turns his world upside down and shows him she’ll do anything for him, even if it means putting herself in danger.

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Chapter 1

Renate Giwa was in a rut. The sole of her right foot tapped the floor. She blew out a protracted, heavy sigh as her eyes scanned the blank Microsoft Word document open on the screen of her desktop computer.

Scratching the back of an ear with one hand, she muttered, “She walked into his room and… um, no… she stepped into… no… the first thing she saw was his manhood… what? Manhood? Really? Ugh… dammit!”

Her right hand grasped the mouse on the desk beside the computer keyboard but didn’t move it. She glowered at the screen. The page was as blank as it had been for the last three hours. Dammit!

For nine whole months, she hadn’t written a new novel and her fans had started to complain. Fuck them. No, not really. She loved them. She was grateful to them for their support. It wasn’t their fault that for the first time in her life she had run out of ideas. This wasn’t just writer’s block; it was a freaking writer’s iron curtain!

She rolled the mouse on the surface of the desk, watching the cursor move round and round. What was her freaking problem? She was living her dream life, for goodness sake. Author of several enormously successful erotica books and owner of a thriving magazine. She owned two houses, this one, and another one in Lagos State, Nigeria. Her wardrobe boasted more than a few designer label clothes. She’d just turned thirty two days ago and her birthday party had been attended by the crème de la crème of Ghanaian society.

She eyed her watch. Nine-thirty PM. Through the two windows in this room, her office, slate-grey tendrils of moonlight seeped in and then vanished, chased away by the bright fluorescent lights on the walls and on the ceiling.

Nine-thirty. Outside her door, the party was already in top gear. Her twenty-eighth—or was it twenty-ninth?—harem party. Dammit, she should be at the party. She was hosting it. She should be on her knees now, receiving a hot guy’s cock in her pussy, not here… staring at an empty page.

It had been a while. Eight weeks, to be exact. Her vagina was hungry for some loving… the problem wasn’t her body. Was it her mind? Was she too bored to satisfy her carnal needs? Dammit.

Beyond her doors, people were having sex. Lots of it. These harem parties had been her brainchild. Through these parties, she’d given men and women, both human and Nephilim, the opportunity they’d been craving, to have sex with angels and with each other. She’d designed them with an oriental theme in mind… gold couches, incense, soft music, golden bowls of fruits and flowers strategically positioned at corners of the rooms and satin drapes demarcating the private rooms from the main hall.

Of course, these parties were discreet, top-drawer affairs… for the few humans and Nephilim who knew that angels were still on earth and were able and willing to pay large sums of money to fuck them. The angels attended these parties for free. Everyone else paid.

Renate relaxed in her leather chair. Her lips twitched in a smile. That day, almost six years ago… she was still a stylist, working in a hair salon. That day, she’d been braiding her longtime client’s hair and her client, a woman in her forties, had whispered something to her. A secret. There were angels on earth and she’d met a couple of them.

Naturally, Renate didn’t believe her, at first. Come on… angels on earth? Give me a break! Yes, sure, they’d been here once before and conceived the first set of Nephilim. Everyone knew that! But, then, they’d disappeared. Some had returned to heaven. Some had died off.

But, then, she’d met friends of her client who had had stories to tell about their encounters with angels. She’d listened and then, gradually, started to believe. The stories were similar and the women who told her these tales were educated, intelligent and successful women. Maybe, it was all true.


Soon after, she began a blog and these women became anonymous story contributors. The blog was a complete success, almost from the start. In one year, she’d gathered about four hundred thousand subscribers. It seemed people wanted to read about angels fucking women. The blog spawned her magazine, Female and Proud, and the magazine launched her erotica novel-writing career. She’d given up her job as a stylist so she could concentrate full-time on her businesses.

A pop-up box appeared on her computer screen. New mail.

Renate sat up and peered at the screen. From Marcel. He was an old friend. One of those who’d been there from the very first harem party. Now he was a patron—a very generous one—and, an angel.

Quickly, she switched to her inbox and clicked on the mail.

Renate, be careful. Just this afternoon, I received word that the Soldiers for Unity know about your parties. They, most probably, have one of their members acting as a guest, or as one of your security people. Keep an eye out and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Renate’s brow wrinkled. Dammit! She didn’t need this. Why couldn’t the Soldiers for Unity mind their own freaking business? My goodness, these days if it’s not one fanatical group of mindless idiots, it’s another. On one hand, there was the League of Humans who hated Nephilim and wanted to eradicate them from the earth. On the other, these idiots, the Soldiers for Unity, who loved everyone.

Everyone, except angels.

How did they even find out about the existence of angels?


Chapter 2

Alexander Nasser watched, one eyebrow raised, as his best friend, Adam Kalu, wrestled with his gold-coloured tie, tugging it out from under his collar and yanking it off past his head.

“We can wait till we go back, you know. We’re returning to Lagos tomorrow.”

Adam tossed the tie into the backseat of the Neter Group company car, a black Cherokee Jeep. He threw a glance at Alexander. “I can’t wait. I’m horny now.”

“How many times have you attended these parties?” Alexander asked.

Adam shrugged and slammed the left passenger door shut. “I guess… two or three… don’t worry, Alex… you’ll enjoy it.”

“If you say so.” Alex pursed his lips. They’d flown into Accra from Lagos only this afternoon. Adam had come for a business meeting with the head of the Neter Group’s main ad agency. He’d chosen to accompany his friend. Even though he had his own work in Lagos waiting for him. He should probably have let Adam travel alone. But he was too used to worrying about him. Too used to acting as his protector.

Alex glanced at Adam. Six foot tall and fit-bodied, in a pinstriped suit and a white shirt. “And, what is the aim of these… what did you call them… harem parties?”

Adam’s big eyes, the black irises, edged with gold—Nephilim eyes—stared at Alex through the clear lenses of his horn-rimmed eyeglasses. “I’ve told you… it’s for humans, Nephilim and angels… you can be yourself here… you don’t have to wear your contacts or hide your tattoo…”

“I have that in Lagos…” Alex muttered, trotting in step with Adam as he moved away from the car. “At Augustine’s orgies.”

Adam sniffed and ambled forward, up the dark, shadow-strewn street. He asked his friend, “How often are those orgies? Not very often. You know that most of the time, you have to disguise your true nature from the women you sleep with.”

“Okay.” Alexander gave a short nod. “But this is my first time here… in this city, at this party… I only came here because of you. It’ll just be one night of being my true self and then, tomorrow, I’m back to pretending I’m a man.”

Adam rolled his eyes. “Well, at least, you’ll have this one night. Stop whining.”

They strolled side by side. All around them, the street was settling into shadows. Night was falling.

Alex said, “I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed you.”

Adam chuckled. “You sound like you haven’t seen me in years. You came over to London for a visit three months ago.”

Alex laughed. “Yes, okay. When will your two years away be up?”

“I still have a few months to go in the London office and then, I’ll come back to Lagos.” Adam flung a glance at Alex. “And I’ve missed you too.”

Alex’s eyes brushed the street. At the end was a wrought-iron fence and gate. Was this where the party was being held?

“Technically, I’m on vacation.” Adam said. “The head of the agency, Midas Magic, has been insisting on speaking only to me. His company does most of the Neter Group’s ads so I couldn’t just ignore him.”

“And yet, he wasn’t even in his office when you got there.”

“A sudden trip… according to his PA…”

“But he knew you were coming.”

Adam raised and lowered his shoulders. “His PA said he’ll be flying back into Accra tonight. But I couldn’t wait for him.”

“What’s his deal? Why does he need to see you?”

“Well, because I’m the Head of Publicity and Media in the Neter Group. His work with the Neter Group has put him and his company on the League of Humans’ radar.”

“So, he’s scared?” Alex scowled.

Adam glanced at Alex. “He has good reason to be. The League is getting stronger every day. Anyone involved in producing manna, in any way, for the Nephilim population is at risk.”

Alex muttered, “The members of the League of Humans are a bunch of crackpots.”

“Dangerous crackpots,” added Adam. He gazed straight ahead. They were almost there. He said, “The last time I was here, I came with Augustine. He was very popular at the party.”

Alex smiled. “Augustine is always popular with the ladies. Most of the stories in Female and Proud are about him.”

Adam grinned. “Don’t tell me you read the magazine…”

“Not really. I just skim through it…”

“Skim through… yeah, right.”

“Yes… well, ever since you told me that one of my favorite authors owns Female and Proud.”

“How many novels of hers do you have?”

Moonlight bounced off the diamond stud in one of Adam’s ears. Alex watched the stone twinkle. “About four.”

“I’m going to tell her you’re one of her biggest fans.”

“Please, don’t.” Alex’s eyes widened.

“What? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Does she join in the action at these parties?”

“I don’t know… not often is my guess…”

“What else do you know about her?”

Adam scratched his head. “Um… she’s, I think, thirty years old… a quarter Italian… she’s Nigerian but she’s been living in Ghana for years… ever since she graduated from the University of Ghana.”

The gate loomed in front of them. On the other side of the gate, stood a bungalow with cream walls and a triangular red roof, partially enclosed by a clump of trees.

Adam and Alex halted. “This is it,” said Adam.

Two burly men, wearing dark suits that strained over their bulky muscles and wraparound sunglasses over their face, despite the lack of sunlight, pulled open the gate and plodded outside.

Their furrowed brows smoothened as their glances fell on Adam. Big teeth flashed from their large mouths.

“Adam!” One of the men said. “Long time.”

“Hi, Dede.” Adam nodded at the one who’d spoken.

His companion stuck out a hand. “It’s nice to see you again, Adam.”

“Kwame, right?” Adam asked, a smile on his lips. He shook the proffered hand.

“Yes, yes… you remembered…” the man beamed with joy.

“Let us in.” Adam’s glance swept from one man to the other.

Dede angled his head at Alex. “Who’s this?”

“He’s my friend, Alexander.”

“We’ve never seen him before,” Kwame said.

“Yeah, this is his first time…” Adam stared at the men. “What’s the issue?”

“We can’t let him in—”


Dede spread out his hands in a supplicating gesture. “It’s not our fault. The boss said we shouldn’t let anyone new in.”

“He’s an angel.” Adam snapped, planting his hands on his waist.

Alex cringed as two sets of eyes, concealed behind two pairs of sunglasses, swung in his direction. Hiding his identity had been his reality for close to three hundred years. Now, hearing Adam say it out loud, so casually, to these two goons, pushed drops of sweat out of his armpits. Breathe, Alex.

Dede tore his glasses off his face and inspected Alex from head to feet. “He looks like an angel.”

“Would I lie to you guys?” Adam asked, lips twisted.

“The thing is… we’re under orders. The Boss said no one new,” Kwame mumbled. “We know you, Adam. We know your father is a high-ranking angel but orders are orders…”

Dede explained, “a lot of things have been happening recently… we’ve had tall men wearing golden contact lenses, claiming to be angels… our boss was nearly mobbed at a Female and Proud event by the League of Humans…”

“Why would they attack her?” Adam frowned. “She’s human.”

“The magazine has Nephilim on staff. So you see, we have to be more careful these days.”

At his sides, Alex’s hands fisted. He’d heard enough. Coming here had been Adam’s idea, not his. “Adam, let’s go.”

“No, Alex…” Adam’s black eyes shone. “They can’t turn us away.”

“We’re not turning you away,” Dede murmured, sighing.

“I won’t go in without him.” Adam glowered at Dede. “Call your boss. I want to speak to her.”

Sighing once again, Dede rooted in his jacket pocket for his phone and stamped away, out of earshot.

Wishing he was anywhere else but here, Alex’s eyes surveyed the dark street. Couldn’t they just leave?

Dede returned. “She says she’ll be with you in a minute.”

Adam muttered, “She better be.”

“Adam, it’s not our fault…” Kwame said.

“We’re just doing our jobs,” said Dede.

A minute later, the gates opened and someone walked out.

Alex’s gaze switched from the street to this newcomer. His eyes expanded as he looked at her and, out of nowhere, his heart began to pound, faster than usual.

Chapter 3

The hair on her small head had been plaited, six rows ending in colorless glass beads. The plaits crowned a pretty, heart-shaped face and descended to an elegant neck. She was fair, very fair. Her eyes were big and so were her plump, Angelina Jolie lips. She stood at a height of five feet nine inches. The cropped top she had on exposed her smooth belly and the tiny belly-button knob sitting in the center.

Alex’s gaze focused on that small bump floating in a sea of mocha-latte silkiness.

“Adam!” she greeted, sauntering over to him and hurling her arms around his neck. “Welcome.”

Adam kissed her cheeks one after the other. “Renate, it’s good to see you.”

Renate stepped away from him, smiling. “Why has it taken you so long to come back, hmm?”

“I’ve been working in the Neter Group’s London office for the past year and a half.”

Alex dragged his eyes away from her and stared at the ground. So this was Renate Giwa, the author of the Burn with Lust series. He’d finished the fourth book, the last in the series, only last week. Memories of the steamy sex scenes she’d explicitly described in her books swirled in his head. Unease assaulted his nerves. Why did she make him feel this uncomfortable? No, this wasn’t right. She was a mere human being, after all.

“What’s all this, eh? Why can’t we come in?” Adam asked, eyebrows high.

“Yes, Dede told me you came with a friend…” Renate glanced away from Adam to the six-foot-eight, slim, nearly thin man lingering at his side. His head was down, giving her a view of his hair, chocolate-brown springy curls. His dark-blue jacket, round-necked white tee-shirt and black trousers were not too loose, not too tight. Just the right size for his spare frame.

“Adam says you’re an angel,” she addressed him, suddenly eager to see his face.

The head rose and the eyes, almond-shaped and champagne-colored, crashed into hers.

Her breathing slowed, and then, quickened. There was something in them. Discomfort, irritation and a hint of superiority…

“If he says so, then, that’s what I am…”

His voice was low, stiff. Someone unused to long and deep conversations.

Renate eyed him, willing her pulse to settle down. He looked like an angel. He was tall. He was gorgeous. With the requisite arrogant expression in his eyes… Unlike, Adam who wore a short black stubble on his jaw, this one was clean-shaven. His cheekbones were high mountains in the stark landscape of his face. He looked to be in his early thirties, but if he was really an angel, that would definitely not be his real age.

Adam said, “His name is Alexander Nasser and he’s an angel.”

She’d known Adam for a while. He was a good customer and his father was a well-known angel. She could take him at his word.

Alex tossed his head at Adam. “Adam, I’m just going to go. You can stay.”

“No, Alex.”

“This is bullshit.”

Renate’s eyes thinned. She cocked her head. “Is that what you think, Alex?”

“Yes.” He stared at her, ignoring the thumping of his temples. “Yes, it is. If he says I’m an angel, then you should take his word for it.”

“Are you an angel?” She glared at him.

“I’m not going to answer that.”

Adam glanced at Alex. “Alex, come on. I really want to attend the party.”

Alex shot a glance at his friend and then shrugged. “Fine.”

Wanting to erase that supercilious expression from his face, Renate snapped, “Are you an angel, Alexander Nasser?”

His thin lips tightened but he muttered, “Yes, I am.”

She sniffed and turned to Adam. “I’ll have to check him.”

Adam’s mouth opened and then closed. “Renate, that’s not necessary!”

“Oh, I assure you, it is. If you want him at the party with you, that is.”

Adam groaned.

Alex flicked an angry look at her. “I don’t mind. Do what you must.”

“I will.”

They scowled at each other.


Alex’s feet stamped on the floor laid with mosaic tiles as he filed behind Renate and Adam into a capacious living-room. So, she wanted to check him, did she? That probably meant his eyes and his tattoo. Fine. He was agreeing to this only for Adam’s sake. But tonight would be his first and last visit to this so-called harem party.

Although… his gaze snagged the sway of her generous buttocks in her low-rise maxi skirt. He could see the curve of each ass cheek through the material. Was she wearing panties? He couldn’t see a panty line. Maybe, it was one of those g-strings or boy shorts…

A string of colorless beads on a thin gold thread hung on her waist, moving up and down in concert with the shifting of her large ass.

Alex forced air into his lungs. Between his thighs, his penis was already semi-erect. He tore his eyes away from the enticing view and glanced around. The warm, golden lights in the room were dimmed. A slow, stirring tune drifted from unseen speakers. Couches took up positions at various corners of the room.

On one couch, three men worked on a woman; one had his cock in her ass, the other was thrusting into her vagina and the third shoved his cock into her mouth. Next to the threesome, a woman on her knees serviced a bronze-skinned giant, who was, most likely, an angel. On a sofa by the bar, two women in string bikinis stuck their tongues in each other’s mouths. A heavyset man loitered by the bar, ogling the woman beside him. One of his hands cupped her left buttock. Then, the man glanced up at them. His glance concentrated on Adam.

Deserting the woman at the bar, he hustled forward, an ingratiating grin on his lips. “Hi, it’s Adam Kalu, isn’t it?” he asked, smiling at Adam.

Adam paused and so did Renate and Alex. He shook his head at the stranger. “I’m sorry, I don’t know you…”

“Yes, of course. But I know you. You’re the Neter Group’s Head of Publicity and Media. I work for the Neter Group… actually… I’m an analyst in the IT department of Neteru Communications here in Accra. My name is Stanley Ovia.”

“Stanley Ovia…” Adam shook the man’s hand. “Good to meet you. Have you been coming here a lot?”

“No…” a boom of laughter, “I was transferred from Lagos to Accra six months ago but I only uncovered this gem of a party in the last two months.” He chucked a glance at Alex. “Hi…”

“Hello.” Alex responded, stretching his lips in a faint smile.

Adam said, “That’s my friend, Alexander.”

Stanley grinned. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Alexander. Well, I’ll leave you three to it.” He bounded away, back to his willing companion.

Renate moved to the left and stopped in front of a pair of white-paneled doors. She seized the two golden doorknobs, twisted them and the doors into her suite came ajar.

“Welcome, gentlemen,” she said.

Chapter 4

Alex stepped into the room. At one glance, he could tell. This was her private room. It was like her… bold and unfettered. Red silk bed sheets, plush carpet, gold-trimmed lamp shades, velvet chairs, mirrored dressing table. To the left of the two chairs, a table rested. An average-sized refrigerator hummed in a corner.

She shut the door, her teeth biting down on her bottom lip. The hairs on her skin rose. She’d tested a few would-be angels before. Although, this time, she was about ninety percent certain Alexander was an angel. But why was she going through with this? Risking Adam boycotting her parties? Dammit. But there was just something so infuriatingly standoffish about Alexander. She couldn’t resist taking him down a notch.

Adam shoved his hands in his trouser pockets. “Alright, Renate. How do you want to do this? His eyes, then—”

Renate stared at Alex. “Show me your tattoo.”

Gritting his teeth, Alex slipped off his jacket and placed it on one of the chairs. From an inner pocket, the gold handle of his dagger he carried everywhere with him glinted in the light from a nearby lamp. His fingers plucked at the collar of his tee-shirt.

Her eyes roamed over his lithe torso in the white material. Take it off. I want to see more.

Alex tugged off the tee.

Renate appraised his slender, muscle-packed chest, taking no notice of the mutinous expression on his face. Not even an ounce of spare flesh.

She circled him, halting at his back. There they were. The tattoos. Every angel had them. It was from these tattoos that their wings sprouted. Alex’s were the same as the others she’d seen. Wings in black ink extending from his shoulders to his waist. Completely covering his back.

Without thinking, she reached out a hand to the ink-covered skin. Her finger pads touched the warm skin and, instinctively, her clit swelled.

Alex felt her hands sketching his skin. He swallowed spit as his balls contracted. Get your hands off me!

Renate said, “I want to see your cock.”

Adam’s hands vaulted out of his pockets. He yelled, “Okay, Renate… that’s going too far.”

“Angels have the biggest cocks on the planet. I want to see if his measures up.”

“No, no…” Adam shook his head. “We’re leaving.”

She slanted her head and stared up at Alex. “Are you ashamed of your body?”

Alex stared into her honey-brown eyes and his lips drew into a thin line. “No.”

Adam protested. “Alex, let’s go.”

Still trading a furious look with Renate, Alex said, “It’s her party, her rules.” If that’s the game you want to play, let’s play it.

His hands reached for his belt.

Her pulse galloped.

Alex quickly dispatched of his belt, trousers and briefs. He stood in front of her, naked.

Renate’s gaze was riveted on his penis. It was partially erect, easily ten inches, fat, thick blood vessels twisting up and down its length. The root of his elephantine cock and his heavy balls were devoid of hair, as was his hard-planed belly. Typical of angels.

As she watched, the tip of his organ jerked upward.

Her mouth went dry. Her tongue ached to run over that pulsing tip and dip into the tiny hole there. Between her legs, her vagina moistened.

She was mesmerized.

“Are you satisfied?” Adam’s outraged voice woke her from her daze.

Alex pulled in a deep breath. His balls throbbed painfully. His penis was growing to full length. He was losing it. He snarled at Renate. “Get me a glass of water.”

“What are you doing?” Adam asked.

“I want to finish this.”

Renate went over to the fridge, extracted a glass and a bottle of water. She poured some of the water into the glass, replaced the bottle and walked back to him.

She held out the glass.

Alex dunked the tip of an index finger into one eye, pulled out a contact lens. He dumped it in the glass of water. Then, repeated the action on his other eye. Now, the two lenses floated in the water.

Renate dumped the glass on the table that was to hand and gazed up into eyes that had become wells of gold. Golden circles sitting in the midst of white corneas. Pupils indistinguishable from irises. Shiny. Unforgiving. Raw. Inside them, she caught her reflection staring back at her.

“You wanted an angel,” said Alex.

Great wings fired from his back, white with golden tips, and folded down, beyond his waist.

“Beautiful…” Renate breathed as she edged around him, to his back. She’d seen angel’s wings before. Yes. But his were freaking special. She fingered the soft, white feathers. Beautiful.

Alex’s cock thickened.

She murmured to Adam, “You both can stay. Take your pick of the ladies out there.”

Adam sighed. “At long last…”

Retracting his wings with a shrug of his shoulders, Alex fixed her with a golden glower. “Are you on the menu?”

“What?” She gaped at him.

“Alex…” Adam said, “I thought the plan was for us to share a woman… as usual.”

Renate’s heart hammered. Alex was giving her the chance to end eight weeks of drought. And that cock was just too tempting.

“Or are you scared to be with me?” Alex faced her, his voice taunting.

Chapter 5

Scared? Her eyes drifted from Alex to Adam. “You can share me.”

Alex’s golden eyes enlarged. Share her? No…

Adam blinked. “Renate, are you sure?”


Alex pursed his lips.

Deliberately, she tugged off her top, exposing her breasts partly concealed by her demi-cup bra. Followed by her skirt. She kicked off her ballet flats. Her feet submerged into the carpet. She started to wrench her grey thongs down her hips.

Adam grunted.

Renate glanced up at him, logging the bulge in his trousers. Her glance slithered to Alex. His cock was huge now, a ravenous monster.

Alex’s breath hitched in his throat as her thong, and then, her bra were cast aside. His gaze adored her round breasts with light-brown prominent nipples, those big buttocks, the tantalizing thin gold thread around her waist showing the way to the brown triangle of hair on her pubis.

He was agonizingly hard.

Renate glided to the bed and perched on it. Aware that she was the center of attention.

Adam yanked off his clothes and his glasses, in seconds, he was nude. He advanced, gold-circled black eyes glowing.

Her glance swept over him. He had a good body, but unlike Alex, his dark skin was carpeted with curly hair stretching from his chest, down to his groin. His penis was stiff and gnarled, the head a thick knob.

She opened her thighs, telegraphing what she wanted. Adam dropped to his knees and buried his face in her crotch.

His wet tongue flicked over her engorged clit. Renate’s thighs trembled. She moaned, her glance skipping to Alex.

He was still in the same spot, his eyes focused on Adam’s bobbing head.

Alex, get over here! She clutched Adam’s head, shoving his mouth deeper into her pliant pussy. His tongue dived into her slippery slit.

Alex stayed in place.

Renate patted Adam’s head. He lifted his head and stared up at her.

“Now…” she whispered.

Adam straightened and turned to look at Alex. “Don’t you want to join us?”

Renate stared at Alex, her heart banging in her chest. Had she overplayed her hand? Would he leave?

Alex lifted and lowered one shoulder.

“Will you take the front or back?” Adam asked his friend.

Alex finally answered, “You choose.”

Adam nodded. “I’ll take the back.” He glanced at Renate. “Lube? Vaseline?”

She tipped her head at the dresser by the side of the bed. “Both.”

Adam asked, “Do you need manna?”

Ah. Manna. Food of angels and Nephilim. For humans, manna was both an opiate and a painkiller. Used by human angel groupies. Most women found it difficult to accept an angel’s cock without it. But she wasn’t most women.

“No, I’m fine,” said Renate.

Adam rushed to the dresser, opened a drawer and found a bottle of lube and a jar of Vaseline.

Renate returned her eyes to Alex. So, he’d decided to participate. Good.

Adam came back to her, his penis glistening with Vaseline. He sat on the bed and then reached for Renate. His hands seized her waist, raised her and brought her down, on his laps. He stuck the tip of his well-oiled organ into the hole between her ass cheeks.

Renate felt his cock push into her asshole. She groaned. Wow. When last had she been fucked in the ass? She couldn’t remember.

She began to move back and forth on Adam’s penis, her ass clenching against it.

“Shit, your ass is grabbing onto my dick,” Adam said in a roughened voice.

Renate moaned, enjoying the fullness of his cock expanding her anus. She grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed the pebbly nipple. Her vagina tightened in reply. Her other hand lunged in between the thick lips of her pussy, fingers capturing the slick, wet muscle there. She stroked her clit, feeling her juices rise. Renate spread her thighs apart, her fingers working feverishly, her buttocks bouncing up and down on Adam’s dick.

Alex’s ears picked up the sound of wet flesh as her fingers strummed her gash. He watched her nipples harden and the areola darken.

Suddenly, his feet unstuck and in a second, he was standing above the couple.

Adam grasped her by the waist and swung her onto the bed. Now, she was lying on top of him.

Alex climbed on the bed and straddled them. She opened up to him.

His massive cock pushed into her sopping-wet vagina. Regina’s mouth made a silent ‘o’ as it thundered into her, the slightly curved tip caressing the walls of her canal.

Her hungry sex clamped on his dick, sheathing him with her juices. She thrust her hips at him, moans spilling from her throat. Yes, Alexander. Fuck me, Alexander.

Alex ploughed into her burning-hot and impossibly tight pussy. Wow.

Renate launched into an orgasm, bucking between the Nephilim in her ass and the angel in her pussy. She could feel the tip of Adam’s cock in her belly.

“Shit, I’m coming…” Adam moaned, pounding harder and harder.

She drenched Alex’s dick with her fluids as Adam held her tight and poured his cum into her bowels.

But Alex was still pumping, his gaze on his cock moving in and out, covered with her sticky cream.

Renate felt it. Sensory overload. Alexander. If only he would freaking look her in the face. Fingers digging into the sheets, she climaxed again.

He was about to come. She could sense it. But, dammit, he was too freaking quiet. Was he enjoying himself? There were no moans, no grunts. Only ragged breathing. Come inside me, Alexander.

Alex yanked his cock out of her, his mouth opening in a hushed scream, his golden eyes flashing, and shot his cum all over her belly.

She watched his face contort and the seemingly unending flood of milky-white semen coat her belly. He was still spurting cum, the warm liquid pooling on her heated skin.

Goodness, that was wonderful. Alex eyed the thick cream of his cum trailing down that appealing stomach, over that eye-catching navel. He bent his head and his tongue darted out, like a snake.

Licking the cum off her skin.

Renate gasped. And, just like that, her vagina was aching all over again. Aching for more of his sweet cock.

Chapter 6

Adam got to his feet to stand beside his friend. “She’s sweet, isn’t she?”

Alex’s brow creased. He shoved the words out of his mouth. “Yes.”

Adam clocked Alex’s expression. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” Alex muttered.

From the comfort of the bed, Renate said, “he didn’t want to share me with you.”

Alex huffed. “I don’t know where you got that idea.”

“I’m not wrong, am I?” she said, with a giggle.

Adam moved closer to his friend. “Is that true? You should have told me. I wouldn’t have…”

Alex shook his head. “It’s not true.”


“—Adam, forget about it.”

A rap beat erupted. “Shit, that’s my phone,” Adam said. He scampered to his clothes, rifled in his trousers and located the ringing phone. “Hello…”

Alex glanced at Adam, talking on the phone. Who was on the other end?

Adam ended the call quickly. Alex approached him.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s the head of Midas Magic. He’s back from his trip and he wants to speak with me tonight.”

“What?” Alex frowned. “I’m sure it’s nearly eleven PM now. Why the hell can’t he wait till tomorrow?”

Adam heaved a sigh. “He says he has another business trip scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I have to meet with him.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I do… it’s my job.” He started to redress.

Alex ruffled his curls with one hand. “Then I’ll come with you.”

In the act of buttoning his shirt, Adam paused. “Don’t. Stay. Enjoy.”

“I can’t let you go alone.”

“You have to stop following me everywhere, Alex. I can take care of myself. You forget I know taekwondo and kung-fu.”

“Still, I’ll feel better—”

“Nothing will happen. Who’s going to attack me?”

Alex’s golden eyes expanded. “Humans… they kill for no reason. And you’re Nephilim… someone from the League of Humans might decide to harm you. What of the Soldiers for Unity? What if they know your father is our prime minister? They might kidnap you to flush him out.”

Adam rolled his eyes. “You see danger everywhere.”

“I’m an angel, living on earth. That’s my reality. Let me come with you.”

Adam threw on his jacket and planted his eyeglasses on his face. “Stay.” He inclined forward to whisper, “She prefers you, anyway. I can tell.”

“She’s an angel groupie.” Alex snorted, climbing into his trousers.

“Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t be so damn serious all the time. Relax.”

“You’re taking the car, don’t forget. How will I get to our hotel?”

Adam scratched his head. “Um. I’ll call a taxi for you from the office. Or, you can wait here and then, I’ll come back to pick you up.”

“I can arrange for a car to take you to your hotel.” Renate interjected.

“You see…”Adam whispered in Alex’s ear. “She likes you.”

“Are you sure I can’t come with you?”

“Yes!” Adam shook his head. “I’ll see you in a bit.” He glanced at Renate. “Sorry, I have to leave. It was fun.”

“Yes, it was,” she said, smiling. “Bye, Adam.”

“Bye.” He strode out of the room.


Alex looped his hands around his neck and stared up at the ceiling. He should have gone with Adam. What was he still doing here?

“Hey…” Renate moved to his side. She extended a tentative hand to his firm, tattooed back. “There’s something you need to do before you leave.”

What? Eyebrows cocked, he glared down at her. “What are you talking about?”

She slipped two fingers of her right hand into her vagina and then removed them. The fingers with their blunt, unpainted fingernails, dripping with her juices, jumped up, to his lips. “Taste this.”

His arms fell down. His blood thudded in his ears. Renate Giwa, you’re a witch.

Renate smeared his lips with her fluid, watching his golden eyes grow two times larger. His lips shook.

She pushed her fingers in the crack between his lips. He caved.

Her fingers disappeared in his mouth.

Just a little bit salty. And creamy, definitely. His tongue laved her fingers. Sucked on them. His cheekbones shifted back and forth. In his trousers, his penis stirred.

She felt heat between her legs. Her sex was burning up. With one hand, she jerked at the waistband of his trousers. Alex’s hands plunged down, helping her. He took off his trousers.

Renate ogled the gargantuan thing jumping out of his groin. Custard-coloured head exposed, oozing fluid. She couldn’t wait to have that freaking dick jammed into her core.

Alex’s mouth released her fingers. She steered him toward the bed, breathing hard. They collapsed on top of it. He prodded her thighs apart, his eyes on the treasure ripe for his plundering. The lips were tan, distended; the clit quivered and pleaded for his mouth.

Don’t you worry, I’m about to eat you up. He shoved his tongue into her.

Renate let out a whimper. His mouth arrested the inflamed clit and rolled it over his lips. Then, she felt his tongue go deep into her sex, exploring every corner. Licking avidly every drop of her water.

She groaned as every muscle in her body went limp. Then, he was turning her to the side, straddling her and lifting one of her legs up to rest on his shoulder.

Alex impaled her with his cock.

Goodness, she was deliciously wet. His penis divided the lips of her pussy and rammed into her slit.

Renate moaned. Dammit. His cock was only halfway in, but already, he was stretching her to the fullest. He started slamming into her, slamming her to the hilt with his elephant-trunk-sized dick. Her breasts crashed against her chin as he thrust into her.

Her whimpers transformed into harsh groans. Her back arched. Her hips leaped upward to merge with his. Another orgasm was coming.

Alex hauled her off the bed and stood up. His hands positioned her hips, jammed her back on his cock. Lifting her up. Bringing her down. Over and over again.

Her legs wound around his waist, her arms ringed around his neck. She felt his fingers squeeze her ass cheeks. Renate’s groan was ripped from her lungs. She came, hard.

But, he was still battering her core with his thick, long penis.

Alex increased his speed. The muscles in her vagina were grabbing him, kneading him. This woman was something else.

Alex stalked to the table, withdrew her off him and then, spun her around. He pushed her forward so that her buttocks rose to meet his gaze and her hands rested on the table surface. His eyes worshipped the glittering pea-shaped beads on the gold chain dangling from her waist, the round, yellow-skinned mounds of her ass and the engorged lips of her pussy.

He thrust back into her, his pulse sprinting. Fucking her with everything in him, his balls slapping her clit.

Shouts escaped from Renate’s mouth as the sweat streamed from her face and down between her breasts. Saliva dripped from her open mouth. Alexander. Oh god, Alexander. I’m coming again.

From the table, Alex conveyed her back to the bed. He pushed her to her knees and poked his cock back into her.

Leaning on her elbows, his penis pummeling her pussy, she felt the wave of her orgasm flow over her entire body.

But, he was still so freaking huge. Her vagina was starting to feel the strain. Pain began to creep in, rolling alongside the tremendous pleasure.

Renate’s elbows gave out. She fell forward, her face burrowed in the bed sheet. Tears mixed with sweat and saliva wet the bed. Alexander, please!

The next thrust of his dick clobbered her cervix. She cried out, into the silk sheet. But, he wasn’t stopping. Her cervix received another hit. And then another. The muscles in her vagina were stretched to their limit. Would he tear her apart?

Renate sobbed. He’s going to rip my vagina to shreds and it’ll be my fault for having sex with an angel without manna.

Chapter 7

Alex’s penis was steaming, about to explode. This was it. His fingers pierced the soft skin of her thighs as he yanked her toward him, crushing her pussy onto his organ.

Alex’s eyes blazed with the light that accompanied an angel’s orgasm as he fired his steaming-hot cum into her womb. The roar that sprang from his mouth took him by surprise.

Alex emptied into her, sucking lungfulls of air. Emptying and emptying and emptying… Eventually, he pulled out of her. His gaze caught his cum leaking out of her pussy. Goodness, he’d filled her up.

He sat up on the bed, his chest rising and falling. His entire body was cased in perspiration. Renate twisted to her back, drawing her knees to her chest.

That was when he noticed the tears on her face.

His forehead wrinkled. What had he done? “I’m sorry…” the words petered from his lips.

She glanced away from him, her tongue bathing her lips. “What are you apologizing for?”

“I hurt you, didn’t I?”

“You had to prove to me you’re an angel and I’m only human.”

His jaw worked. “What are you trying to say? That I punished you?”

Renate gave a curt laugh. Her sex throbbed with pain. And the remembrance of the multiple, electrifying orgasms she’d experienced. “Interesting choice of words… punished… do you think I did something to deserve your punishment?”

Alex wiped his face with one hand. “I’m sorry, okay?”

“Do you hate me, Alexander?” her honey-brown gaze shone on his face.

He squirmed. What did this woman want from him? “No. Why would you ask me that?”

“Because, apart from Adam, you don’t like humans or Nephilim.”

“That’s not true.”

“It is, isn’t it? You hate me, especially, because you’re attracted to me and you don’t want to be.”

“Stop talking about what you don’t know.”

She raised her body to lean on one elbow. “Do you hate me, Alexander?”

He scowled at the plaits on her head. “No.”

“Are you attracted to me?”

He gulped saliva. “You make me feel uncomfortable.” He managed.


Goodness! Alex pushed one hand through his curls. “I don’t know.”

Renate licked her lips. “Alexander, see… I’ve been with angels before. But, I’m not ashamed to say you’re different. I knew it from the first moment I saw you.”

His stomach roiled. He didn’t need this.

“I’m not ashamed to say I like you, Alexander. But, there’s no pressure… you don’t even have to like me. Let’s enjoy this time together and, if you want, you can go back to your hotel later.”

Alex resumed breathing. No pressure. Did she mean it? He was fed up of women he fucked wanting more from him, begging to be his groupie after the act.

“Is that fine with you?” she asked.

He shut his eyes and then opened them. “Yes, yes…”

Renate crawled forward, to him. She halted a few inches away, giving him his space.

“Tell me what it’s like to be an angel,” said Renate.


“Imagine what it’s like to be almost invincible.” Alex tipped forward, his legs spread out on the bed. “How it feels to be nearly at the top of the food chain.”

“Nearly? Almost? Angels are more powerful than humans and Nephilim.”

“But…” his thin lips firmed. “Amongst the angels, there are hierarchies… levels… in other words; some angels are stronger than others. I’m a lower order angel, the lowest rank. But, there are some that are more powerful than me and my brothers… angels of the Second Heaven or middle order angels, otherwise known as the Pure Ones. Years ago, they declared war on us. Almost wiped us out. But now, there is a treaty in effect between us, the lower order angels, and the Pure Ones.”

“So, you’re safe from them.”

“For now.”

“Then, aside from the Pure Ones, you and your kind are the strongest beings on the planet.”

Alex grinned. “Imagine that bullets and blades can’t kill you… Imagine that one, or maybe two, of your five physical senses is sharper and more sensitive than those of other people around you. You have an edge over your competition. Achieving your goals is easier. Not much scares you.”

Renate laughed at the gleam in his eyes. He was loosening up. You’re a smart girl, Renate. She chipped in, “and don’t forget the wings.”

Alex chuckled. “Yes, the ability to fly. It’s what an angel values the most. It’s freeing, exhilarating… Goodness, how do I describe it? It’s calming and invigorating, at the same time. Whenever I feel tense or angry, I like to fly. When I’m horny and there’s no woman to hand, I fly.”

“That must happen very rarely.”

He peered at her. “What?”

Renate smiled. “Not having a woman to have sex with.”

His cheekbones flexed in his slim face. “Yes, you’re right. There’s always some woman to have sex with.” He sighed. “But, it’s also extremely lonely. Any relationship you have with a woman has an expiry date. Some angels have wives and children. But what happens? Your woman and your children grow old and die. You, on the other hand, barely age. You outlive your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You outlive your friends…”

She whispered, “I’ve been lonely too. My mother and I can’t freaking stand each other. I’m not close with my elder brother. My father is dead. There’s no one who loves me…”

Alex shook his head. “I doubt that. You’re very attractive.”

“It’s true. I’m alone. I’ve been alone for over ten years.”

“But you have friends, don’t you?”

“I do, I do… but I want someone I can be myself with… someone who accepts me the way I am…” Renate shrugged. “Don’t mind me. I know my experience and yours are vastly different. I know that. That’s why you hold back your emotions, am I correct? You won’t allow yourself to love.”

Alex hooked his fingers together, staring down at his hands. “The first time I felt love for a non-angel was when I carried Adam in my arms, just after his birth. I looked down at him and… that was it.”

“You’re close to his father, Titus Kalu?”

“Yes, he’s my brother. He and I were in the same batch of angels that came down to earth almost three hundred years ago. I love Titus and all his family. But Adam is special. I will do anything for him.”

“He loves you too.”

Alex smiled. “I guess he does. We live in the same building in Lagos. Different flats, same compound. We do a lot of things together.”

“Like sharing women…”

“Yes.” The golden eyes latched onto her face. “But, in the end, as always… I’ll outlive him.”

She inched closer. “Do you also work with the Neter Group?”

“No, I work with the government. The angel government, that is. I’m an agent of the CSA.”

“The Celestial Security Agency… I’ve heard about them. Do you like your job?”

“Yes, very much.” Alex sloped his head to the left. “I also edit Wing Mode.

No…” She gawked at him. “That’s a freaking popular angel magazine. Otherwise known as GQ for angels. Wow, that’s interesting.”

Alex chuckled. “You say freaking a lot.”

“Do I?” Renate laughed.

He threw her a look from the side of his eyes. “I’ve read your books. I just finished the fourth book in the Burn with Lust series.”

“You did? Wow.” She glanced down at the silk bed sheet. “Did you enjoy them?”

“Oh yes. Definitely.”

Renate’s head whipped upward. “Really? What did you like about them?”

“The characters… they’re complex and simple, at the same time. The stories are authentic and engaging… I read the first book from cover to cover and then I ordered the next three the day after. And the sex scenes…” Alex whistled.

She giggled. “They’re not much different from what you and I just did.”

“True. I like the main theme of the books. The love triangle between the female lead and her two angel lovers. You always write about angels?”

“No, I’ve written about humans, or humans and Nephilim. Everything goes.” Renate moved nearer. She could reach her hand out now and touch his marbled skin. “It’s freaking amazing. You’re a writer too. Wow.”

“I don’t write novels.”

“A writer is a writer.” Renate tossed him a glance. Just hours ago, she’d been staring helplessly at her computer screen, unable to write even one sentence of her new novel. But now, the ideas were surging into her brain, fast and furious. And it was because of him. Alexander. This freaking hot angel.

She cleared her throat and then said, “I have an idea for a new book.”

“Tell me about it.”

“It’s about a woman who’s bored with her life. Nothing thrills her anymore. She needs a pick-me-up. She’s a writer, too. Like me. Like you. One night, she meets someone new. An angel with champagne-colored eyes…”

Alex’s eyebrows shot to his hair.

“From the very first, she’s drawn to him. To his sexy good looks and his quiet manner. They have explosive, table-thumping sex…”

A laugh burst from his throat. This woman was really something else.

“She discovers that they have something in common.” Renate crept into his arms and pressed her face against his.

His jaw shifted. Fingers clenched and then, slowly, unclenched. Unable to halt the words coming out of his mouth, Alex asked, “then, what happened?”

She claimed his lips with her mouth, her tongue brushing over them.

He opened his mouth.

Raising her head, she breathed over his open mouth. “Then, she kissed him.”

Chapter 8

She planted kisses on his eyelids, his carved cheeks and the sides of his jaw. Her mouth sucked on each finger of each long, slender hand. Her lips skated over the palms of his hands.

Alex’s breath blasted out of his mouth. His skin tingled, increasing in sensitivity with each kiss.

Her hands pressed him down, onto the sheets. Now, he was sprawled on his back. Renate clambered over him. She whispered, “…she kissed every inch of his smooth skin.” Her tongue orbited his nipples, tracing fiery circles all around the hard nubs, drawing out the suspense.

Alex groaned, his eyelids fluttering.

Finally, her mouth detained, first one nipple and, then, the other. Swirling her tongue over them, tugging them lightly into her wet mouth.

His torso jerked upward. His balls throbbed.

Renate turned him on his side. Her tongue drifted over his shoulder blades, down his back, trailing each line of his tattoo. She slithered downward to the compact slabs of his buttocks. Every freaking part of his pineapple-colored skin was delectable.

Renate continued her tale. “…next, she ate his ass…”

She stuck her tongue into the little custard-colored mouth of his anus, savoring the sour, salty taste. A gasp surged out of his mouth. Renate pushed her face into his ass, eating him with gusto.

Alex squirmed, feeling his cock harden. Her tongue was a warm, wet muscle stabbing into his asshole. And, then her hands were sneaking between his thighs, kneading his heavy balls and stroking his rock-hard penis. Her hands were like velvet. Goodness. She worked expertly, cupping his balls, massaging his cock, bringing him to the brink.

He was about to pop.

Renate’s hands registered the tremor in his dick. She pushed him back down on his back, whispering, “After that, she sucked his beautiful angel cock…”

Her mouth gripped his gigantic organ, starting from the mushroom-headed tip, down to the veined shaft. When she’d checked him out earlier, her eyes had clocked his length at ten inches. But he’d been only semi-erect then. Now, he was a hundred percent engorged, more like over eleven inches. She slackened her jaw, opening her mouth wider.

Her tongue flicked against the vee at the edge of his tip. The head of his cock pulsated against the roof of her mouth.

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