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Fera Bond

A Fera Series Novel

By Amoi Kin

Copyright 2018 Amoi Kin


This book is dedicated to my good friend, Psi. She went out of her way to create a beautiful book cover and edit my atrocious grammar without complaint. Thank you for all the help. I love you very much.

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A tall man with rich brown skin and waist length, inky black braids stood approximately ten meters from the local favorite diner. He watched through the transparent windows a young woman of ochre brown skin tone, who barely reached his chest in height.

He longed to touch her.

As she moved back and forth between customers and the kitchen, her long ebony coils, caught up in a ponytail, swung gently with her movement. She smiled brightly at those around her with a certain twinkle in her eye.

The petite woman suddenly stopped and glanced his way.

With a simple thought, he willed the surrounding light to hide his body in what would appear to be a glare of light to humans. He continued to study her as she finally turned her attention away and moved to another customer.

Yes. This was her. She was an almost perfect miniature of the strikingly beautiful woman who still owned his heart. His search of nearly twenty-one years now came to end. At last, he had found her. Never again would he lose her.

Chapter One

Oceana had made a connection. In fact, upon first seeing him, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She followed his every movement, every hand gesture as if hypnotized by a magician. When he spoke, his voice made her heart flutter. Even though he was simply ordering a meal and not speaking to her in any suggestive way, her heart didn’t care for the minor details. And they were very, very minor.

It could be something as simple as lust. Her sister had concluded that. And Oceana could not deny that she felt that way, but there was more to it. But she wasn’t sure she could call it love. She just knew it wasn’t something as simple as lust.

Not that she didn’t think about being in bed with him all day. What she would give to fuck his brains out…

At the moment her fascination sat at his regular table, closest to the windows and front door, completely oblivious of how gorgeous he was.

Oceana couldn’t stop herself from sighing at the sight of him through the kitchen window. His hair was a rich charcoal with loose waves that went no further than the top his ears. Though his hair had a boyish appearance, it didn’t soften the sharp, masculine features of his face. He seemed like the serious type, having no apparent laugh lines around his mouth and eyes. Sexy muscles were covered by bronze skin that had no apparent blemishes.

His eyes… Don’t even get her started on those beauties. They just so happened to be her favorite color and held a mystery in them that had her curious.

And though Oceana hated tall people-after all, they made her feel like an utter midget- she had no problem with the fact that he towered over her. It was one of the things she liked about him.

Hell. She liked everything about him. Who wouldn’t like a guy with a muscular build, broad shoulders, and a deep, sexy voice? No one in their right minds, that’s who. Which was probably why every woman in the diner, and even a few men, looked at him with desire-filled gazes. And though Oceana wasn’t the jealous type, she didn’t approve of them stripping him with their eyes. After all, he was hers, even if it was only true in her little crazy world.

Wait. Had she cursed again? Oh well. At the moment she couldn’t care less.

“Stalker,” a voice murmured into her ear.

Oceana turned and glared sharply at her coworker. “Go away, bimbo.”

Chris released a gasp as fake as Oceana’s insult and touched a hand to her heart. “You mean skank! How dare you judge me by my perfectly bleached hair!” The more she spoke, the more prominent her southern accent became.

Oceana snorted-another thing she did that was not lady-like-but couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “Sorry. I’m fucking moody and horny. Definitely not a good combination,” she stated with a frustrated breath.

Wait, did she just think fu-

Dam- I mean dang it. Have to put another quarter in the jar when I get home.

She always had a problem with cursing and was currently trying to curb the bad habit. Even the cursing in her head she was trying to stop because that usually led to her cursing out loud. She often heard that her mouth was dirtier than a sailor’s, which was not a good thing for “ladies”. Supposedly.

Chris nodded with understanding. Chris never judged Oceana no matter how many weird things she said or did. Half the time Chris joined in with Oceana’s craziness, which was why Oceana loved her.

“By the way, your insults absolutely suck ass now that you stopped cursing,” Chris told her.

Oceana had nothing to say to that. It was almost like she lost a limb not being able to cuss every other sentence.

“So, are you going to wait on Mr. Fuckable today?” Chris asked as she fixed her short, bob-cut hair in the small mirror they had in the kitchen, before turning to grin at Oceana, “Or do I get to again?”

Mr. Fuckable had been Chris’s coin name for him since he first came into the diner almost a week ago and Oceana had given up trying to get Chris to stop calling him by that name after an hour. After all, how could she argue a fact that was very true? He was definitely fuckable.

Oceana sighed inwardly at her steady failure. Why did she have to promise Star to act like a lady? It was so much work.

She turned her attention back to the man who completely fascinated her before shaking her head. “I’m an utter klutz around him. As if I wasn’t already unattractive enough, every time I serve him, I make a fucking fool of myself.”

Oops. She cursed again. This was way harder than Star said it would be.

Chris rolled her eyes but still patted her friend’s shoulder with support. “How many times do I have to tell you’re beautiful inside and out before you believe me? I would kill to have your boobs.”

It’s not that Oceana thought of herself as ugly because she wasn’t. She was simply average. If it wasn’t for her overly-endowed breasts, she was pretty sure most guys who paid any attention to her wouldn’t notice her.

And Oceana did like features on her body. Like her hair. Her eyes. Her calves, weird as that might seem. And, yes, her breasts. Though her girls attracted the wrong kind of attention, from time to time even she had to admire them. But she still wasn’t a supermodel that could easily conquer the world of men and love.

Trying to purge herself of all negative thoughts, Oceana smiled at her bestie. “Easy for you to say. You’re drop-dead gorgeous and have no problem getting any freaking guy you want.”

Chris was all of five eight and slim. She had long legs, a small waist, and a flat stomach, much like Oceana’s younger sister. Her chest, though on the small side, was perky and full. She also had striking hazel eyes, high cheeks, and plump lips.

“Freaking? Really? Are we still in the fifth grade?” Chris shook her head, obviously disappointed with Oceana's word choice. “Just say fuck. No one will sue you. Promise.”

Oceana playfully stuck her tongue out at her friend. “Leave me the fuck alone.” Someone asked her to say it this time, so it didn’t count.

Chris clapped, causing Oceana to stick her tongue out at her.

“Anyways,” Chris began, “not any guy. Your bae over there is not the least bit interested in me.”

“If he’s not interested in someone who could be a smexy model, why would he even notice me?” Oceana peered at her own reflection in the mirror and brushed aside the curls in her face that managed to escape her ponytail. “Let’s face it. My dream is only a dream.”

“Do I hear a pity party in here?” Scarlet, the owner of the restaurant, abruptly appeared in front of the kitchen window.

“Yes!” Jake, the cook, practically shouted. He pointed his spatula at Oceana and Chris. “Get these two out of my kitchen. They are distracting me from my amazing cooking.”

Oceana shared a look with Chris before they both rolled their eyes. Jake was overly dramatic and that had nothing to do with his sexual preference.

Scarlet smiled. “Come on ladies. There are hungry customers out here waiting to be filled with food and knowledge.”

Scarlet was the owner of the fine establishment. She had decided to combine her love for books and food into a bookstore/restaurant. While it seemed like a far-fetched idea, the shop was doing pretty well after being open for over two years with many regulars.

Oceana followed Chris out the kitchen only to find Scarlet waiting for them on the other side with her hands on her curvy hips. Scarlet was the complete opposite of Chris.

Scarlet was close to Oceana's height but that’s where the similarities ended. Scarlet had that much desired hourglass figure and had no problem showing it off. She also had auburn hair that brushed her shoulders and a doll-like baby face.

While Oceana didn’t hate herself, she couldn’t help but envy her two closest friends a little. Not that she blamed them. No. It was all God’s fault.

“Stupid shitty creator of all things.” She muttered to herself. Dammit, I cursed again. Dammit. She needed to learn to stop thinking. It clearly wasn’t helping her cause.

Sorry. Didn’t mean that. Love you, God. She corrected herself. After all, she couldn’t bad mouth the person she was praying to, to get her into medical school, now could she?

“This is the third time I’ve caught you hiding out in the kitchen this week.” Scarlet's eyes pinned Oceana in place.

“Ugh…” Oceana quickly tried to think of an excuse. “My head hurt?”


Chris wrapped an arm around Oceana’s waist. “Give her a break, Scar. She’s just flustered around her crush.”

Scarlet’s eyes lit up at the news, worrying Oceana a little. “Crush? Who? Shall I play cupid? I just finished reading another self-help dating book, so I’m your girl.”

Scarlet was a hopeless romantic, much like Oceana which was probably why in her world she and Mr. Fuckable would live happily ever after. She blamed romance novels for her hopeful wishes.

Oceana tried to avert any further attention from her love-crazed friend by saying, “Oh look, a hungry customer,” then swiftly made her escape from Scarlet’s good, but always catastrophic, intentions. Instead of going to her obsession’s table, she took the order of a nearby customer.

Chris passed by her, most likely to take his order. Oceana looked in his direction then inwardly gasped when her eyes clashed with his emeralds. Her heart did that thumping thing again and her palms started to feel clammy. It felt like she had stopped breathing. Had she? Biting her lip, she forced herself to break their brief connection. It took way more willpower than it should have.

Chapter Two

Dominic watched Oceana as she disappeared into the kitchen. On her way, she bumped into the counter and muttered a curse that brought a small smile to his lips.

Even though she wasn’t trying, he found her completely…charming? Yes. Charming described her perfectly.

He didn’t know how to explain his draw to her. Dominic was even too sure how he ended up in the diner the first time. One moment, he was walking by and the next second, he was in a booth, his gaze fixed on one thing. Her. The first time he met her was ever clear in his memory. Never he felt so calm yet so alert to every move she made. Never had his jaguar been so silent in his mind. And he didn’t have the smallest clue as to why he felt that draw.

“So, you have a friend. Shocker. For a second, I thought you were, like, the world’s biggest loner.”

Dominic looked up at the woman who had been his waitress for the past few days.

Oceana was the first one to serve him but after two days, she never came back to his table, much to his disappointment.

“He has tons more. They wait for him on his bed every day until he comes home from work.” His Beta grinned flirtatiously at their waitress. “I’m his best friend but don’t tell Mr. Bear that.” He cupped a hand over his mouth and loudly whispered, “He’ll get jealous.”

Chris giggled and asked for their orders. Dominic told her his then looked back at the kitchen door, waiting for Oceana to reappear. Shade’s whistle distracted him, causing Dominic to turn back his way.


“I have to admit, my friend. You have exquisite taste. I would dine here for the rest of my life if it meant being waited on by that goddess.”

Dominic followed Shade’s gaze until his eyes landed on Chris. “She’s all yours.’

Shade glanced at him as if surprised. “Really? But your sister said you’ve been coming here for the past week just to see her and you’re giving her up that easily?”

The younger Dominic would have released a frustrated sigh at his Beta and maybe even shared a laughed. The Dominic today did not afford such pleasures. He never let his emotions get the best of him. Not anymore. His job didn’t allow it. His personality had taken an abrupt U-turn after seeing how a person letting their emotions control them could get out of hand, especially feras.

Still, he couldn’t understand why his sister would tell his Beta what he told her to keep a secret. Then again, she didn’t fully seem to comprehend the word ‘secret’, just as she didn’t understand the meaning of ‘leave it alone’. Hence how she found out about his secret pleasure.

A pleasure he didn’t deserve

It was a thought that constantly passed through his mind, but it didn’t stick when he was here. And he liked coming here alone. There weren’t too many things that Dominic kept from his Beta, let alone his pack, but he liked having something that was only his.

She was only his. Even if he never claimed her.

He wasn’t the only one intrigued by Oceana. His jaguar was, too. Her scent, a heady mixture of lavender and vanilla, enthralled them both. And she wasn’t even his usual type; she was short and petite with a kind face. A perfect example of what an angel probably looked like. And yet she still managed to bewitch him.

The first time he saw her smile, his heart had stopped. He had decided he would do anything to see that smile again, which probably should have stopped him from coming back. Nonetheless, he couldn’t stop himself from coming any more than he could stop himself from dreaming about running his hands through her hair or over her seemingly soft skin.

And with every new day spent near her, his jaguar’s silence. His jaguar’s demand for her grew until he was fighting Dominic for control.

His jaguar purred in his head as if saying mine.

Not yours. He corrected, understanding his animal to the fullest.

A growl this time. Ours?

No. She could never be his.

His jaguar's pissed growl no longer surprised Dominic as it had at first.

His jaguar was similar to him and didn’t show much emotion unless his dominance was challenged. Only Oceana stirred him with so little effort.

“It’s not her.”

“Then who?” Shade asked. “The curvy redhead? Or possibly the hot brunette? It’s definitely not the guy…” He paused. “Or is it? Half the pack does think you’re gay.”

Someone was trying to be a smart-ass. It was honestly no one’s business who he dated or when he dated. But as someone who lived in a pack their whole life, Dominic knew packmates would always feel the need to be in business that didn’t concern them.

Abruptly, there was a loud clatter. Dominic turned to the noise in time to see Oceana bending down to pick up pieces of a shattered plate.

“I never took you for a damsel in distress kind of guy,” Shade said, glancing down at her.

Dominic ignored Shade and immediately went to Oceana’s side. Together, he helped her pick up the pieces until he scented blood and heard her sharp intake of breath.

Putting down the glass pieces he held, he took Oceana’s hand with the injured finger into his. A single droplet of blood had oozed out of the thin cut.

“Are you okay?”

Oceana’s brown eyes met his again for the second time today. For the first time, he noticed her eyes were so dark they appeared black, her pupil lost in the color. She nodded, as if not trusting herself to speak. She tried to pull away, but Dominic tightened his grip.

Her hand was softer than he imagined. Would the rest of her skin feel the same if he ran his hands over her naked body?

He chided himself for thinking such thoughts that would only cause him more trouble. But his mind ignored him as his jaguar did when it came to this woman.

By the fire in Oceana’s eyes, she felt the same attraction he did, but Dominic could not act on it. Not now. Probably not ever.

Forcing himself to focus on the situation at hand, he took his handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped it around her finger before gently pressing on her wound.

“Thanks.” Her lilted voice affected him more than it should have.

Dominic stood before helping Oceana to her feet. “Be more careful from now on.”

Oceana bit her lower lip as if embarrassed, but all Dominic could think about was how much he wished it was him doing the biting. Rolling her bottom lip between his teeth before…

Bad thoughts. It was hard enough to know he couldn’t have her. Why did he constantly torment his self by returning here every day?

Because he couldn’t stay away.

So many times, he told himself he wouldn’t come back. One more day and he would never see her again. And yet here he was. Every single day since walking in the door.

“Oceana, are you okay?” Chris asked stopping next to Oceana, on her way back from the kitchen. She took Oceana's hand into hers and kissed the wrapped finger. “I saw everything and was coming to help but my hands were full.” She looked up at Dominic.

“It’s only a cut,” Oceana mumbled and pulled her hand away from Chris.

“Thank you. My friend is kind of a ditz.” Though Chris was speaking to him, it was Oceana who held his attention. Oceana scowled at her friend but was ignored as she continued on. “What’s your name?”

Shade decided then to move from his spot at the table and stood beside Dominic. “His name is Dominic and I’m Shade.” Throwing another dazzling grin in Chris's direction, he held out a hand. “Nice to meet you, darling.”

Dominic couldn’t resist the urge to roll his eyes. Shade was the biggest flirt he knew. He still didn’t understand how women so easily fell under his spell and it seemed Chris was no exception. She shook his offered hand as a slight blush graced her cheeks.

Taking enough from his pocket to cover both meals and a tip, Dominic threw the cash down on the table before striding out of the establishment, ignoring Shade’s call. Sadly, Shade caught with him at the car. He had every thought to leave him behind.

He climbed into the driver’s seat as Shade got in on the passenger side.

“I thought we were going to have lunch. I’m hungry.”

Dominic started the car, continuing to ignore his whinny Beta.

“She’s cute, maybe I’ll make a move.”

Even he wanted to, Dominic couldn’t contain the growl that built up in his chest. The thought of Shade touching Oceana, of any man touching her… He really needed to stop these thoughts. If only his brain would listen to reason.

“Kidding. She's not exactly my type.” Shade kept speaking without encouragement.

“All women are your type.”

“Nah.” Shade strongly disagreed. “I like them tall. And curvy.”

And the dumber the better. Dominic thought to himself as he pulled onto the road.

“So why didn’t you talk to her?” Shade questioned.

Dominic didn’t understand why his Beta was bothering him so much. He thought taking him to the restaurant would shut him up. But obviously, that was a mistake. His Beta was probably more curious, which would result in him asking more unwanted questions.

“I did.”

“‘Be careful from now on’.” Shade mimicked his voice almost perfectly. “I would like to think my Alpha is not such a lame person. That was not what you should have said if you’re expecting to rail her in. You need something more charming, like ‘You are the sun in my galaxy that brightens my days’.”

“So, her getting hurt brightens my day?” Dominic asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No… That’s not what…” Shade sighed. “Forget it. You’re a hopeless cause. You’ll never learn how to pick up women.”

Dominic shook his head, slightly amused with his Beta. Though Shade could be the most bloodthirsty fera on the battlefield and even more ruthless when it came to winning bids for their company, he never failed to amaze Dominic with how silly he could get when relaxed.

“You should have at least asked for her number. Or on a date.”

The amusement faded. “Like I told my sister, leave it alone.”

“Isaac hasn’t bothered us in almost a year. The last battle probably scared him off officially, so I say it’s safe to start dating.” Shade stated. “Unless it’s because she’s human.”

Dominic didn’t believe for one second that Isaac had given up. Ten years is too long a time for someone to give up their grudge without achievement. And Dominic didn’t mind humans as most of the feras did, not for a long time. He had three mated into his pack, but the fact that he was an Alpha made a dangerous difference if he was ever to start a relationship with one. There were too many extremist groups like Isaac out there. People who would hurt her just to get at Dominic and she would have no defense against shifters like him. Feras. Being who could not only take on the form of an animal but were also infinitely stronger than humans in every possible sense.

Dominic decided the conversation was over and turned up the radio.

“Not cool, man.” Shade shook his head but didn’t pester Dominic any further.

Chapter Three

A woman with silver-blonde hair and striking features continued to watch Oceana as she worked her shift. So, this was the woman the Affinity Pack’s Alpha was interested in. A mere human. This was very useful information. Something her mate would kill to find out.

“Do you need anything else, ma’am?” Chris asked, stopping by her table.

The woman smiled and put on her shades. “No.” Taking out a generous amount of money from her wallet, she placed it in the other woman’s hand. “I’ve got everything I need.” She bid the girl farewell before leaving the diner.

Chapter Four

Dominic. His name is Dominic.

Oceana loved it. It fit him perfectly. She couldn’t stop thinking it. She decided it was strong and sexy. Very sexy. She wouldn’t be surprised if she was now attracted to other guys simply because their name was Dominic.

It was official. She was coo-coo for coco puffs over him. She couldn’t even concentrate on the paper that was due on Monday and could affect the chance of her acceptance medical school as failing the class would seriously hurt her GPA, and the paper was worth more than half her grade.

Oceana majored in psychology at Western Washington University. She chose the school since it was only an hour away from Seattle, the city her and Star had loved the most during all the moving they did as children. The medical school she received acceptance to was actually in Seattle and was the main campus of the university she currently attended.

Sighing, she rolled over in her bed so that she was lying on her back and closed her eyes. She could still feel his touch on her hand. It was another thing that was continuously plaguing her mind. And she wasn’t ashamed even if it made her seem like a lovesick teenage girl. It was her little secret anyway. It’s not like anyone would care that she was daydreaming about her delicious customer.

Except, of course, her literary arts professor, who would fail her for the semester without this paper. Sighing again, she kissed the handkerchief that was still wrapped around her finger before trying to finish her assignment.

“Oceana! Oceana!”

Oceana barely had time to react before her little sister jumped on top of her.

“Ow!” Oceana rolled, trying to dislodge her sister from her back, but her sister held on tight and the two ended up falling off the bed. But did that discourage her sister from trying to straddle her? No.

Oceana wrestled her until she ended up on top. They always did this. Star would always attack Oceana, most times unexpected. They would wrestle for control and Oceana would always end up the victor. Even though Star was taller, Oceana was the stronger of the two. She didn’t understand why Star didn’t just stop trying. Their struggles were pretty pointless.

In the process, their necklaces got tangled. After pinning her sister to the ground, Oceana unraveled her moon pendant from her sister’s star very gently.

The necklace was the only thing Oceana had received from her mother. While she hated the woman, she still loved her and cherished the necklace. The moon pendant that changed shape, as the actual moon did, based on the lighting. It was the most enchanting piece of jewelry Oceana had ever encountered.

“Why did you jump me this time?” Oceana questioned.

Star didn’t even seem to mind the fact, at least for the moment. “I got it. I got the part!”

“The part? Wait, in the TV show you auditioned for?”

Star nodded feverously. “It’s happening, big sis. I’m going to be a movie star.”

Oceana pulled Star up so she could give her a hug. “I’m so fu—freaking happy for you, lil’ sis. When do you start filming?”

“Nice save.” Star smiled. “Production starts next week but I’m not needed until the week after since my character joins the show in the third episode.” Star’s tangent would have likely continued if she didn’t notice Oceana’s injured hand. “What’s this?”

Star took a hold of Oceana’s hand, examining the wrapped finger.


Star’s eyes flared. “Who hurt you? And don’t you dare try to defend them.”

Oceana couldn’t help but crack a smile at her sister’s reaction. Their over protectiveness for each other was the only thing they had in common besides their nearly identical faces and black curly hair.

As young kids, they often got mistaken for each other. But as they got older, Star grew taller and maintained her small frame. On the other hand, Oceana stopped growing vertically after she turned thirteen and put on a few pounds, especially in the chest area.

But if that wasn’t the case, all you had to do was talk to one of the sisters and you would have discovered which one she was due to their huge personality differences. Star was more outgoing, carefree and a complete fashionista.

Oceana was the complete opposite of her. She enjoyed her own company, followed the rules (except when it came to cursing, of course) and bought whatever wouldn’t hurt the bank.

Not to mention, Star was crazy talented whereas Oceana couldn’t act if her life depended on it. Not that she was complaining. She could care less that people often said that Star was the more likable sister because she adored her above everyone else.

“No one hurt me.” Oceana's lips spread into a grin “But you’ll never guess who wrapped my finger.”



Star pursed her lips. “I would say Scarlet-


“Mr. Fuckable?”

Oceana rolled her eyes. Thanks to Chris, Star called him by the ridiculous name as well. She didn’t complain too much because they didn’t know his name but now that they did, they should… Oh.

“His name is Dominic.”

Star’s jaw dropped.

“Close your mouth, lil’ sis, you’ll catch flies.”

“Yay!” Star tackled her once again.

“Ow!” Should have seen that coming.

“What exactly happened?”

“Long story short, I dropped a plate and cut my finger, then he wrapped it and said in his deep, sexy voice, ‘Be more careful from now on’. I thought my heart was going to explode.” Oceana smiled at the memory.

“Ana, Ana, Ana.” Star tsked. “Breaking plates to get people’s attention is very, very bad. And a complete waste of money.”

Oceana frowned and pushed her sister off her. “It’s not my fault. It’s his! Whenever he’s around I turn into a babbling klutz except without the babble because I’m too fucking scared to say something and embarrass myself.”

“Language, Ana!”

Oceana felt a little sheepish about her little sister reprimanding her but said nothing in response.

“Anyways, no need to be scared.” Star patted her shoulder. “You already did embarrass yourself.”

Oceana glared at her. “You’re just as mean as Chris. You’re my sister, the one who’s supposed to say the nice things.”

Star laughed, and Oceana called her a very mean name under her breath then promised to put two quarters in the jar later.

Star’s eyes widened. “Ooo… Greatest idea ever!”

Uh oh. Not a good sign. Star’s ideas were always borderline crazy or annoying or just something Oceana didn’t like.

“Star, I have to-"

“Forget about it. Let’s go to the club to celebrate both our successes. You for finally making contact with Mr. Fuckable—


—and for me for getting the part.” Star's smile widened even more if that was possible. The look she was giving Oceana scared her. “You have to let me dress you up.”

Double uh oh. That’s why she was scared. Last time Star gave her a makeover, Oceana ended up twisting her ankle in the too high heels her sister made her wear, and that happened while they were still inside the house. Also, makeovers hurt. Everywhere.

“No. Absolutely not. I have a paper due in three days and…and…” Oceana trailed off as her sister did her puppy dog face. Damn if it wasn’t the cutest expression ever.


And she fell for it every time.

Oceana gave a frustrated sigh but couldn’t help smiling. She could never say no to her sister. “Fine.”

If her sister's begging didn’t kill her one day, Star’s ear-piercing squeals would.

Oceana pulled the edge of her dress down for the billionth time that night. Star’s dress was way too racy for her, she decided once again. It didn’t help that Star was a whole size smaller than Oceana. She told her sister this before she had her put it on but did her sister listen? Nope.

“Relax, Ana. You look super sexy.” Star gave her a thumbs-up.

She didn’t refute her statement because she believed her for once. Star had spent at least an hour on Oceana’s hair, straightening out her unruly curls, and makeup, contorting her face like a professional, before picking out her outfit and a pair of heels. While she wasn’t too comfortable in the dress, she knew it looked good on her. It fit her body snuggly and, get this, it made her look like she had hips. And she had always wanted hips. Star's reaction to this was that Oceana always had hips, she just wore the wrong clothes.

There had been a price, though. Oceana’s eyebrows were a little sore from the plucking, her scalp had been burnt by the steam multiple times and her feet were already killing her. This was why she stuck to her natural hair and to wearing jeans and a t-shirt, which meant flat shoes and no makeup.

They had reached the club only a few minutes ago and were currently at the bar. Her sister had ordered them both martinis, but Oceana already knew she wouldn’t even take a sip of hers. After growing up with an alcoholic mother, who was also a drug abuser, she never wanted to even try the stuff. The way her mother acted when she was fucked up scared Oceana so shitless she never wanted to use anything that impaired her judgment.

“Hey, cutie. Wanna dance?”

Oceana looked up at Star, surprised she wasn’t immediately responding. While Oceana didn’t go to the club often, she had been out to a few with her sister and Star never refused an offer for a dance.

“Don’t look at me. He’s talking to you.” Star grinned.

Shocked, Oceana looked over at the man. He was unquestionably good looking and, by the expression on his face, he knew it too. But Oceana was not interested. Though she loved dancing, she preferred to do it alone or with her sister and Chris. Also, the way people danced in clubs like this was off putting to her. She much preferred to sit at the bar all night nursing a cup of alcohol-free cranberry juice.

“No thanks. You should dance with my sister, instead. She’s much better at it.”

“But I want you, cutie.” He stepped into Oceana’s personal space, getting a little too personal for Oceana’s liking. “I promise I don’t bite.”

Despite his words, the wicked grin on his face seemed to say the opposite. And why couldn’t the guy just take no for an answer? Why did women have to go through this shit when they clearly were firm about what they wanted?

Oceana glanced over at Star, hoping she would help get the guy to back off but her sister just shrugged. “I’m going to dance. See you later.” With a twirl of her fingers, Star was gone.

The man wrapped an arm around Oceana’s shoulders, pulling her from the bar stool. “Come dance with me. You’ll enjoy it I promise.”

“I'd really rather not…” Oceana tried to push his arm away, but the man only tightened his hold on her.

She was beginning to get nervous when someone said, “Just leave the poor girl alone. She obviously isn’t interested in you.”

Oceana whipped her head around to the husky voice. A beautiful woman with fire red hair wearing a sparkling sapphire corset that stopped just above her navel and black skirt too short to even be called mini stood by her side with a menacing look on her face.

“Why don’t you just mind your own business, lady?” The guy glared at her, clearly not happy with the interruption.

A smile that could only be described as threatening spread across the woman lips. There was a bone chilling pop before the man fell to the floor holding his knee.

Oceana looked at the woman, shocked.

“I had promised myself not to cause trouble. So much for that.” The woman sighed before turning to Oceana, “You okay, love?”

Oceana nodded. “Thanks.”

Oceana silently cursed herself for not being strong enough to break the man’s hold. When it came to the physical, she was so freaking useless. She was truly glad for the save and highly enjoyed watching the man cowering in pain. Oceana thought she should feel bad for enjoying his discomfort, but she couldn’t bring herself to after how uncomfortable he had made her. If that made her a bad person, so be it.

The woman took a hold of her hand and started pulling her away from the writhing man who no one seemed to be paying any mind to. “I’m Lala but you can call me Lala for short.”

Ocean blinked trying to comprehend what the woman just said but then decided to ignore it. If the woman ended up being crazy, she could always turn tail and run. Though, honestly, she didn’t know how far she would get in these heels.

“I’m Oceana.”

Soon they were at the bar again and Lala took a seat on one of the stools. It was only when Lala crossed her legs that Oceana noticed she was wearing black thigh-high boots.

“I love your boots.”

Lala glanced down at them. “I do, too, but I’ll give them to you if you give me those fabtastic earrings.”

Oceana touched one of the metal feather earrings that hung from her earlobe. Earrings were the only thing she collected. They were like treasure to her and every time she achieved a goal of hers, she would purchase a pair. Though she always wanted a pair of thigh-high boots and was very tempted.

“You would trade with someone who you’re not friends with?” she asked Lala.

Lala giggled. “Of course not, silly. Good thing we’re BFFs.”

That was fast. It reminded her of kindergarten and how you literally made friends within minutes of meeting. But life wasn’t as simple as back then, so Oceana didn’t know if the woman was being honest. Though, she now could deduce she was slightly crazy.

Oceana looked around for her sister, but she was nowhere to be found. Probably dancing with some random guy, which, unlike Oceana, she didn’t seem to mind.

“Have a seat.” Lala patted the stool beside her then turned to the bartender. “One piña-colada, please.” She then glanced back at Oceana. “What are you having?”

“I’ll have some cranberry juice. No alcohol. I’m not much of a drinker.” Oceana stated, sitting by her.

Lala tilted her head to the side, peering at Oceana as the bartender left to fulfill their order. “For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me. You seem very much like an innocent lamb who has yet to experience life.”

Oceana didn’t know if she should smile or feel offended. This lady seemed a little off but Oceana took an instant liking to her. Weirdos attracted each other like magnets, she guessed. Maybe they could become friends after all.

After taking a sip of her drink, Lala turned to her with a serious expression. “Listen, love. Never, ever let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, especially boys. If a boy tries anything you don’t like, kick him in the balls or punch him in the throat. Either works for the simple things.”

Being violent wasn’t exactly Oceana’s forte. And what if the guy retaliated. She didn’t know a thing about self-defense. Maybe it was time for her to take some classes. Her sister probably needed some as well. But where would she get the money for something as expensive as that?

She could ask Scarlet for more hours and just sign Star up for now. After Star was proficient then Oceana could worry about herself.

“Don’t worry, love.” Lala's smile this time was full of kindness. “I’ll take care of you from now on. Since we’re BFFs and all.”

It was Oceana's turn to smile.

“Hey, babe.” A tall guy with blonde hair appeared next to Lala, placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Current boy-toy,” she stated, answering Oceana’s unasked question. “Let’s have some fun. And this time I won’t let any unwanted man, or woman, touch you.”

Why the hell not.

Chapter Five

Oceana stood in the middle of the dance floor watching two men fight over Lala. It was a little nerve-wracking. She tried to convince Lala to just leave the two to whatever they wanted to do but Lala resisted, clearly irritated over the men’s actions and ready to give them a piece of her mind.

“Listen, punk. She was my girlfriend before you even knew her so back away before I get serious.” The brunet man growled at Lala’s “boytoy”.

Lala’s “boytoy” tried to grab a hold of Lala but she fended him off without sweat. “Get lost, doggy boy. Lucinda likes real men, don’t you baby?” He reached for her again.

She moved out of his reach and glared at him. Lucinda? Was that Lala’s actual name? It was pretty. Oceana wondered why she didn’t like using it. Though, the chances of her finding out were slim to none since Oceana doubted she would ever meet Lala again.

Star stood next to her, having met up on the dance floor several songs ago. Oceana tugged on Lala’s arm, trying to pull her away from the confrontation. “Come on, Lala,” she murmured only loud enough for Lala to hear her.

“Don’t touch her.”

Oceana didn’t know who threw the first punch but soon the two men were on the floor attacking each other. One of the other dancers got shoved and decided to join the fight. Soon there was a big brawl in the middle of the dance floor. It all was quite startling to Oceana. Nothing like this had ever happened when she went to clubs before. She really hoped this didn’t happen when her sister went alone.

Lala was suddenly pulled away from the fighting and Oceana quickly lost sight of her. She turned to where Star had been standing next to her, but her sister was also gone. The fighting around her was growing worse and Oceana wasn’t sure she would be able to get out of the circle that had formed around her. She gazed over the wall of fighting bodies, getting nudged a few times as well as nearly knocked down as she tried to escape.

Suddenly a hand grabbed hers. Oceana looked to find Lala’s smiling face. “Sorry I let you get away from me.” With strength that Oceana never witnessed a woman have before, Lala knocked away people, leading Oceana out of the fighting.

The brawl had grown to take up most of the dance floor now, and it looked like even a few women were involved in it. Well, she could now check “star a bar fight” off her bucket list. Oceana was sure Lala could have joined as well, with how strong she was, but Lala stayed by her side instead.

“I lost Star,” Oceana told her. She had introduced the two on the dance floor earlier.

Lala frowned and looked around before turning back to Oceana. “Go wait for me behind the bar. I’ll find your sister.”

“Behind the bar?”

Unfortunately, Lala took off before she could respond to Oceana’s question. Oceana headed to the bar as Lala instructed. She didn’t go behind it, too nervous to do so. Oceana was surprised when hands were suddenly around her waist, lifting her effortlessly over the bar. She gasped and turned to find the bartender next her.

“It’s safer for you back here.”

Had he heard what Lala said? That wasn’t possible as they were a good distance away and the noise in the club was loud enough to block conversations unless the people were next to each other.

Lala suddenly returned and climbed up onto the bar. She began to look around, clearly searching for her sister. Hopefully, Lala would find Star before she got hurt. After this Oceana never wanted to go to another club.

Without warning, all the noise died down in the club. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The fighting stopped, as well, the people breaking apart. They separated enough to create a path down the middle of the dance floor. One man walked forward who looked very similar to Lala despite having shaggy brown hair instead of Lala’s fire red.

“Get down.”

Lala looked down at the man and pursued her lips as if in thought. “I don’t think I will.”

“Lala…” He growled her name.

She sidestepped him as he reached for her and hopped off the bar next to Oceana. “Oh, dear brother of mine, we need to work on the temper of yours.”

“I’m going to look for my sister,” Oceana told her, leaving from behind the bar.

Dominic couldn’t place it, but something wasn’t right in the club. Besides the fact that one of his captain’s sisters started yet another fight, he felt unfocused, as though something besides the irresponsible feras, at least fifteen looking to be young adults from his pack, was trying to grab his attention.

That scent.

Dominic scanned the crowd until he found its owner. The club had regained life after his captains helped take care of the rest of the troublemakers, but she was still easy to find.

His heart almost stopped at the sight of her. She wore a tight, little dress that hugged delicate curves that were previously hidden from his gaze. In that dress, she looked even more edible than before. Her hair lacked it usual curls and spilled over her shoulders like a shimmering black wave framing her face, drawing attention to her catlike eyes and small yet plump lips. He felt a surge of possession flood him. No man should be allowed to see her like this except him. His jaguar growled in agreement. Several words playing over and over in his mind.

Mine. Must Have. Now.

That was always his jaguar's response upon seeing her, the ever-persistent beast. Every. Single. Time.

Dominic couldn’t have her for multiple reasons. He didn’t understand why his jaguar couldn’t get that through his thick skull. He understood logic. Unless it applied to Oceana, apparently.

Dominic tried to shake off the urge to throw her over his shoulder and cart her away like a sack of potatoes. It was then he noticed that she seemed to be looking frantically for something. Before he realized it, he was by her side.

“Are you okay?”

Now close up, he realized she was wearing makeup. He felt the urge to wipe it off her face. He never minded makeup on other women but on her, he didn’t like how different it made her look. Why it mattered, he didn’t exactly understand.

She gasped as if caught off guard and looked up at him. Her face was like an open book. Her eyes contracting with the same desire he felt.

“Dominic? What are you doing here?”

“Are you missing something?”

Not seeming to care that he didn’t answer her question, she nodded. “My sister.”

That explained why she looked so worried and almost hysterical. Dominic breathed in her mouthwatering scent once more but felt a growl rising in his throat instead of the calm he usually experienced. Some male’s scent was all over her.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend for help?” He was unable to stop the anger from spilling into his words despite his effort to remain calm.

Oceana didn’t seem to notice his tone. She blinked up at him. “My what? I don’t have a boyfriend.”

That statement shouldn’t have eased his mind, but it did. Though he decided that if that male who had touched her made an appearance, he would breathe his last breath. His jaguar agreed with the sentiment.

Dominic followed her as she made her way over to the bouncer stationed at the door.

“Have you seen a girl who looks like me, but she’s 5’8” and wearing a white floral dress?” she asked him.

The falcon-fera shook his head.


Dominic looked up wondering who was calling out for Oceana. It was only Lala. A packmate who would be ten times worse than Shade when it came to Dominic’s love life if she had any clue to what went on in Dominic’s head about the woman standing next to her.

“Did you manage to find Star?”

Oceana shook her head. “She’s still missing…” Oceana looked on the verge of tears, but she held them back. Dominic wanted nothing more than to wrap her up in his arms and comfort her.

Comfort that involved touching. And kissing. While she laid in his bed…

Damn his thoughts. Every time he was around Oceana, he seemed to turn into another Shade, wanting—no, craving to have her in his bed. Under him. On top of him.

The only way his torment would end was if he distanced himself.

His jaguar objected in his head.

Yeah, he didn’t think he could do it either. Even though he already acknowledged that he didn’t deserve her.

Dominic’s phone began vibrating in his pocket. He looked at the screen to find out if it was important or if he could ignore it, but the caller was unknown. Not having a good feeling, he answered the phone.

“I think I have something you might be interested in. Or should I say, someone?”

Dominic's blood ran cold as he heard Isaac’s voice come through the line. Instantly he felt hatred surge through his veins, remembering all the wrongs the alpha had done to his pack.

The other alpha had been a friend of Dominic and a packmate. They had shared similar views up until Dominic’s father’s death. Isaac and several other extreme feras had separated from the pack to form another afterward. Ever since they had been at war. Killing the man had been Dominic’s obsession for the last ten years but every time Dominic had Isaac in his sights the bastard would somehow slip away.

“And who would that be?” he managed to get out through gritted teeth.

Thankfully Lala was taking care of Oceana but that didn’t fully relax him after hearing Isaac’s voice.

“Might I say, she is a beauty. I think I might have some fun with her, this waitress of yours. All you have to do is give me what I want, and I just might return her untouched, but no promises there. She’s quick a looker. But you already know that.”

Dominic's stomach dropped as his eyes fell back on Oceana. Her sister.

“Touch her and I’ll kill you.”

“Hmm... I’ll think about it. I'll call you again shortly. Oh, and Dominic,” Dominic could almost see Isaac’s grin, “be sure to answer my next call if you don’t want any problems.”


Chapter Six

“Oceana, you must come with me.”

Unlike usual, the sight of him earlier had not broken her train of thought. He looked as delectable as ever in his black t-shirt and blue jeans, but Oceana was too concerned about her missing sister to really appreciate how good he looked at the moment. If she hadn’t been, she probably would have been happy that her sister forced her to dress up since Dominic had made an appearance.

If Dominic had ever said those words to her at another time, she would have been tempted to obey his command, but she was too worried to act out any slave-master fantasies she may have had previously.

“I’m not going anywhere without my sister.”

“Your sister is in danger and you will be, too, unless you come with me.” Dominic’s eyes roamed her body before meeting her gaze again.

Oceana involuntarily shivered as a shot of heat rolled through her. Did he desire her the way she did him? She truly wanted to know.

“Why is she in danger?”

Dominic narrowed his eyes at her. Apparently, he wasn’t used to being questioned. Too bad for him because Oceana was too stubborn for her own good. You didn’t grow up the way she did without learning how to stand your ground.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me.”

Though they were no longer in the club, Oceana thinking she would get better reception outside, they stood near the entrance. Oceana also hoped that if her sister was looking for her as well they would be able to meet there.

“Your sister isn’t here anymore. It’s pointless waiting.”

Oceana returned his glare, suddenly not caring that he fascinated her. “How do you know that? Did you take her?” His silence only made her more nervous. “Are you a kidnapper? Or a murderer? Oh my god, I’m attracted to a serial rapist murderer and let my sister be taken by him.”

Okay, so maybe her imagination was getting a little carried away but, she wasn’t in the right mind to think straight. Her sister was missing. And it could be true. No decent man looked as hot as he did without having some problems. At least, that’s what her mother would have said.

Oceana backed away from him, putting more distance between them. “I’m calling the police so don’t come anywhere near me.”

Before Oceana could even dial the nine, Dominic was next to her and her phone was suddenly in his hand. All in a blink.

Oceana looked up at him for the first time with fear in her eyes. She was about to scream when he covered her mouth with a hand.

The fact that he was touching her for the second time today sent her nerve-endings crazy. Seemed like the thought of him being a killer didn’t matter much when it came to her body’s response to him.

She could already see tomorrow’s news. Two sisters adducted by handsome stranger found dead in a ditch on the side of the road. And it would be her fault. Oceana was the one who wanted his attention. Now she had it and there was no telling how it would end.

“Don’t. It won’t end well for either of us,” he stated then proceeded to remove his hand from her mouth, clearing know her intentions.

As soon as his hand was gone, Oceana let loose her scream, hoping someone would come and aid her. She didn’t know what happened after that because everything went black.

Dominic covered in chocolate for her to lick clean was what she had wished for but instead it was Oceana who was covered in chocolate and Dominic was licking her. Not that she minded. His licks were very, very good. And he didn’t leave a piece of her body untouched. The only thing she couldn’t understand was why the chocolate kept coming back as if Dominic hadn’t already licked it off.

Magic. She thought. Ridiculous was the word that crossed her mind next. But how… Unless this was a dream. If so, please never let this dream end.

“Oceana, wake up.”

No one in their right mind would wake up from this amazing dream. Dominic trailed his tongue along the under curve of her breast before sucking the nipple into his mouth, eliciting more moans from her.

“Oceana, wake up. Now.”

Dammit. Her sexy dream was fading. Whoever interrupted it was in for a rude awakening as soon as she opened her eyes.

Oceana's eyelids finally began to peel back only to shut again. Ugh. Star opened the freaking curtains, letting the stupid freaking sunlight in. She was going to kill her. Not only had she woken her up from her sexy dream but now she was trying to blind her.


That did not sound like her sister. No. That smexy, panty dropping baritone voice belonged to her one and only Dominic. But how did he get into her apartment? Was she still dreaming?

“I know you are awake.”

Finally, Oceana managed to get her eyes to open again despite the sun rays trying to burn them to ash. And what she saw was not what she expected. A wide window was above her head which explained why the sun was in her face. Last time she checked, her room did not have a skylight. She sat up and looked around.

The bed she laid upon was much bigger than her own, probably king size. The walls were red, when her bedroom walls were white, and the room was larger than her own. Way larger. In front of her was a stone fireplace with a rug in front of it that partially covered the wooden floor. On each side of the fireplace were two windows that revealed trees. Lots and lots of trees. To her left was a desk with a few items she couldn’t exactly make out. She probably rubbed her contacts out of her eyes while she was sleeping. Behind the desk was another window that revealed more trees.

The room held only a few more items of furniture. There was two nightstands on either side of the bed, each holding a lamp and one carrying an alarm clock. To the right was a chest which stood next to a door. From her vantage point, it seemed to be the only door in the room.

Also to her right was Dominic, who was currently sitting beside her on the huge bed. He was looking at her with those emerald eyes that gave nothing away. He looked so beautiful in the morning light. And delicious. If only they had chocolate… Then her dream could become reality.

That was when the night suddenly came back to her.

She went to the club with her sister after much—okay, only a little begging. She and her sister, who had reunited on the dance floor, were separated during the confusion and after the fight in the club, Oceana couldn’t find her. That’s when Oceana met Dominic for the second time that day and ended up accusing him of being involved in her sister’s disappearance. And then… And then… She was almost positive he knocked her out. What the fuck?

Her fear from the previous night returned to her and she scooted away from him even while her body yearned for her to move closer until there was no space between them.

“Don’t be afraid. I will not hurt you.”

Ha. Like she would believe that after he knocked her out and apparently kidnapped her. Her mother was at least right about one thing. Looks were deceiving. Why did he have to be too good to be true?

Glaring at him, she asked, “Where is my sister?”

“We haven’t found her yet, but we are still looking.”

Who was 'we'? “So, you didn’t take her?”

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