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Standing up straight from leaning over the tractor hood, I look toward the house, not sure what sort of holler that was.

"Bo!" Wendy shouts again like she's in distress.

I drop the wrench, grabbing my cane and hightailing it to the house. I'm not nearly as quick as I used to be, but I'm much faster than I was a few years ago. I won't be able to keep up with my boy when he gets older, but for now, those little legs don't get him too far. So when he comes running in full-blown laughter, squealing like a little pig as Wendy chases after him with a wet wipe, I scoop him up.

"Where you goin', Junior?"  

"Bo!" Wendy snaps, panting for breath. "That boy is a hellion! I've been searching the house for ten minutes! I thought he was gone!" Her hand's pressed to her chest as she tries to calm her breathing. "Then he jumped out and scared the daylights out of me! And look at him! Look!"  

Carefully extending my left arm to get a good look at him, I start to laugh.

"He ate the whole damn cake!" she shrieks.

Bobby's covered in chocolate from head to toe.  

"Little shit." I laugh. "You're tickin' your aunt off, Bo." With a kiss to his forehead, I carefully set him down then lick the chocolate off my lips. "Now hold tight or I'll hogtie you. You're gettin' cleaned up."

"Daddy." That bottom lip juts out and quivers while he stares up at me with his mama's eyes.

"Oh, I don't think so!" Wendy moves fast to wipe him up.

"Ride?" Bobby asks, wanting me to take him on the four-wheeler, but the boy just ate the birthday cake Wendy made for Kinlee's birthday, he's not getting rewarded for it.  

"Son." I grab the table and drop to my knee so we're eye to eye. "You just ate your mama's birthday cake. You're headed to a timeout."

"Daddy," his little voice peeps. Hell, this boy knows how to break me.

"No way, mister!" Wendy swoops him up, marching to the stairs.

After running like I did from the barn, them stairs are pissing me off. When we had Bobby almost four years ago, Kinlee wouldn't even consider keeping his room on the first floor. He had to be close, and I agreed. But I knew it'd be hell for me on the stairs. Of course my girl takes care of the boy before I can even get out of a chair most days, but those stairs are a pain when carrying a fit throwin' three year old up them. Like right now as he tries to fight out of his aunt's arms to get to me. I'm not far behind but there's chocolate everywhere. I'd rather scold him than have Wendy do it, so I skip cleaning and hustle up the steps as fast as I can.

Now, I don't always handle things the way she's asked me to. He needs discipline, she tells me. She says if it takes a swift swipe on the butt, so be it. 'Let him know I'm in charge' is her motto. My little boy's got me wrapped worse than his mama does, so what I'll do is rock him in the chair I made Kinlee while she carried our son. I'll rock until he falls asleep in my arms and I'll watch him sleep until my wife gets home. Then I'll hustle my ass to get him in his crib and sneak out so he can finish his nap before everyone shows up for Kinlee's birthday dinner.   

"Daddy!" he wails when I walk through the door.

"Junior, you did it to yourself, boy."

"Now you're gonna get it, Bobby." Wendy huffs and steps away from the crib. "You got this, Bo?"

Keeping a stern glare on my boy, I nod. "Yeah. Thanks, Wendy."

"I'm gonna run into town and pick up a new cake. Hopefully before Kinlee gets back."

"Thanks. My wallet's on the table."

With an exhausted huff, she walks out and I watch the door shut.


"Yeah, yeah, daddy," I mutter and put out my left arm. He's learned which is my stronger arm so he latches on and starts crawling up until he can rest his little head on my shoulder. "I love you, Junior." I kiss his hair and carefully lower myself to the rocking chair.  

The minute the doctor let me hold him in the hospital, I knew my world would forever be changed. I owe everything I have to my girl. She's my entire world, Bobby's my entire life, and without them I would be nothing. We live a perfect life, surrounded by the best people we could ask for and a son I wouldn't change for the world. My baby boy will grow up to be a stronger man than his dad ever was, and he'll give me and his mama a million scares, but I wouldn't ask to do any of it differently. You can let your mistakes ruin you, or you can teach yourself not to make them again. I'm not sure what I would have done if Kinlee really gave up on me, but I can guarantee I won't give up on her again.  

When my phone starts to ring in my pocket, I silence it, then carefully stand to place Bobby in his bed before sliding out the door and downstairs to find my girl because it was her calling. Wendy didn't beat her back, but thankfully she cleaned up the chocolate mess before Kinlee could find it. Me, Bobby, and Wendy can keep that little debacle to ourselves.

"Hey, you," she says, dropping her purse on the counter and walking over to me. "You guys have fun while I was gone?" She smirks at the mess on my shirt and scrunches her eyebrows together. "Please tell me that's not shit."

I look down and chuckle. "Only one way to find out." I swipe my finger through the chocolate and lick while she stares at me horrified. "Chocolate, darlin'." I wink at her and move to pull her against me. "Your hair looks sexy." I kiss her nose. "Jo did a nice job."

"She's swamped today." She stares up at me, smiling. "I think we're all ready for a break. I hope Donna and Garrison will be okay with all the kids when we leave."  

"You know Donna hired help. And Bobby will be with my folks for a few hours until we fly in." I look away, worried about trusting my parents with our son, but we have a later flight back and the Kenshaws have something to do three hours before we get home.

"Yeah..." she mumbles, moving to her toes. "I love you, Bo."  

Pulling her tight against me, I hold her captive, kissing her soft before the tornado siren, also known as our son, starts to blare. Kinlee pulls back and eyeballs the steps.

"He napped for at least an hour. One more week before we head to Vegas, darlin'. Then it's a week without that little tyrant. You think you can handle that?"  

His screams get louder and I know damn well that boy knows how to climb out of his crib, but he wants to be catered to. Kinlee sighs and pulls back, smiling with her eyebrows high.  

"One more week." She heads up the stairs and my eyes stay focused on her ass until she's out of sight.

One more week. It'll be hell without my little boy around. We've never been away from him, but we need this time alone. He'll be fine with the Kenshaws. It's their sanity I worry about...  

Kinlee raises her glass of beer while we stand with the happy couple. Never thought I'd see the day a woman trained Chase Haring not to be an asshole. Of course it was a Kenshaw that tamed the beast.

"To the happy couple!" Several glasses crash together for the toast. "Shit, it feels good to drink without kids here!" Kinlee says and I smile.

We've had the best time since we got here. I thought we'd both be too worried about Bobby to unwind, but the second my girl stepped off the plane she's had an energy I haven't seen in her for a while.  

Chase's best man clears his throat and I look up and across the huge table. My eyes have been on Kinlee in this dress all day because the second she got it on, I wanted it off again, but we'd have been late for the ceremony. I'm just now noticing Chase's friends.

"Hell, last time you were in Vegas it was a whole different story, am I right guys?" he says to Kinlee and laughs until Chase gives him a nonchalant shove.

I stare at the best man. I know him, not well, but he was a good friend of my sister's back in the day. I'm not sure I understand what was just said, and I'm not sure I want to. But I move closer to my girl then look toward another friend of Chase's who was staring at Kinlee. He quickly puts his attention on the woman by his side and I narrow my eyes because I know I've seen this guy somewhere. He looks too familiar.

Chase speaks up. "Thanks for being here, guys."

"Maybe next time don't do a shotgun wedding then tell all of us we need to be in Vegas in a month or we'll miss it," Kaydence's brother says and when he clanks his glass against something, I snap out of my stare down on Chase's friend.  

"There is no next time." Kaydence smiles up at Chase like she really loves the asshole.

I smirk.  

"There better not be. I'm starting to think the ranch is either cursed, or brings luck to love. We've all had some rocky starts. Or middles. But we're all happy." Jo looks at Brandt with the same look Kaydence has on Chase, and when I look at Kinlee, she's smiling up at me with love.

She moves closer, grabbing my hip. I lean down and quickly kiss her, wanting to get her back to the hotel.

"Guess the ranch is done with the epic, disastrous love stories, huh?" Kinlee says, pulling me closer.

I clear my throat and my sight drifts down the table to the twins. First Will. Then Wendy and her longtime boyfriend, Ryan. Lastly Tyler. These kids will be next. As far as I understand, it'll be Wendy and Ryan, but that's supposed to be a secret.

"I wouldn't be so sure." I bring my beer to my mouth when everyone looks at me. "But who's ready to do this right?" I smile and raise my good arm to round up the waitress that cleared a spot large enough for us. "Let's get the bride and groom a few shots."

"Here, here!" Chase's friend calls out and when I look over, we make eye contact so I nod.

"Hey, you're Affton's little brother, right?" He steps toward me and puts out his hand. "Tommy. I think we met at Chase's 'don't be a pussy-vention' thing. And I used to be best friends with your sister before she jumped ship on us."   

"Bo." I shake and chuckle. "Yeah, I was at the pussy-vention. Sorry, I don't remember you from when we were kids. Affton's a few years older than me, and all I really remember from being a kid was her bailing me out of trouble, or buyin' us beer." I smile and take a gulp of whiskey before furrowing my brows. "Haven't talked to my sister in a long time."

He leans on the table and brings his beer to his lips. "Same here. She doin' okay, though? Healthy and shit? Married?"  

I laugh. "Unless she had a secret wedding, she ain't married. And yeah. Second she got outta here, she never looked back."

"I hear that." He sounds disappointed but goes on, "She always wanted out. Deserved it too. She's working for a hotshot designer now. Or so social media tells me."

I sit across from him and we spend at least forty minutes talking about Affton until I hear Kinlee's laugh. I smile over at my beautiful wife, then look at Tommy again and stand.

"Well, it was good seein' ya, Bo. Maybe I'll see ya around town sometime. I think I'm gonna head out for the night. Flight home's early tomorrow and I gotta take care of the damn shop this week while this goon takes her on their honeymoon." He laughs. "Oh, hey!" Tommy grabs another guy by the arm and pulls him to the table. "You know this is Affton's little brother?" He looks from the guy to me and I smirk, nodding. "Kinlee's husband! Bo motherfucking Hart."  

"Oh man! Your wife's a riot!" The guy stretches his hand out to me. "Grant Matthews. Nice to meet ya. Again, I guess. I think you were there at that pussy—"

"Vention, yes." Tommy laughs. "Y'all enjoy. I'm beat." He knocks on the table before walking away.  

"So you're the Bo, huh?" Grant's eyes narrow and he takes Tommy's seat.  

"The Bo? Not sure what ya mean, man." I keep a smile on my face but these guys seem to know Kinlee better than I realized. Hell, I didn't know she knew them at all. Although, guess I shoulda figured. She'd been Haring's closest friend for years.

"Oh man, that wife of yours..." He chuckles. "I mean, she was lit last time we were here." He laughs again and finishes his drink, waving for the bartender to bring him another before nodding with wide eyes. "Fuckin' lit."

I clear my throat then drink the rest of my glass of whiskey. "Grant, right?"

"That's me." He smiles at me and grabs the glass of amber liquid from the bartender, taking a long drink. "Shit, that's strong!" He belts out a laugh.  

"Take it easy, man." I pat his shoulder, wanting to get the hell out of here. I've got no patience for Chase's friends tonight. Tommy was alright. He knew my sister well, which is surprising, but seems these guys know my sister and my wife better than I thought.

I lock eyes on the one guy I can't place, but I swear I know him. And I mean better than the 'pussy-vention' the other two talked about. I head toward him while he talks with the woman he's with. Brandt's not far from him so I'll use him as my intro. Before I make it, Kinlee shows up at my side and she wraps her arms around my waist.

"Goddamn, darlin', you're beautiful." I smile down at her, pulling her hair off her shoulders.

"I think you're drunk, Mr. Hart." She pushes her lips to mine and her body melts into me. "Dammit, whiskey tastes good on your lips," she hums.  

"I'd love to get you out of this dress. You look damn good, but I know it looks better on the floor. How much longer we gotta stick around, Mrs. Hart?" I pull her to a bench, sitting her on my leg then wrap my arms around her waist.

"The newlyweds just left, so we technically could go any minute." She grins and her hips swivel on my lap. "Or we could just go to the bathroom." She bites her lip and throws her head back, laughing at the look on my face.  

"Why would I settle for a quickie in a scummy Vegas bathroom when I can take you to our hotel room and fuck you slow." I nip her jaw. "Hard," I growl, nibbling her earlobe. "And all fuckin' night." I move for her mouth, kissing her in a way we should only do behind closed doors, but we've both had a few too many drinks tonight and I just want my girl.  

"Kin knows all about quickies in Vegas bathrooms, am I right?" Grant yells from right behind us, laughing it up at what I'm assuming is my expense. I hadn't seen anyone close when I sat us here so I didn't realize we don't have our own space.

Kinlee's eyebrows push together. "Grant, you're beyond drunk. Maybe you should head up to your room." She laughs it off and twists to glance back at the group. "Hey, Felder! You should walk him back. He needs to be cut off."  

"I specifically remember last time we were in this situation I disowned him. I take no responsibility for him. Vegas ain't for the weak stomached, Kin." This Felder guy that she apparently knows shakes his head. I know this guy.  

I drift my sight to Kinlee as she yells something and starts to laugh. Looking at Felder, he laughs right along with her and my heart drops with a twist of my gut. Grabbing her hips, I stand her up. She fumbles when I try to quickly get up, but I hold her so she doesn't fall.  

"What's wrong, babe?" Her hands grip my arms. "Bo, you know you can't move that fast."  

"Who the fuck are you?" I head toward this fuck. Liquor and beer has replaced my blood and the only thing on my mind is rearranging his face so he doesn't look like my fucking son.

"Whoa there, cowboy." Jo snatches my sleeve and Kinlee grabs my other arm.

"No, fuck this! Kinlee." I look down at her and my heart that's floating in my liquor logged stomach breaks. "Baby, who is this guy? Aw, fuck, Kinlee." A knot is starting to cramp my throat and emotions are starting to lock me up.

I don't know this guy. I've never met him. But Kinlee has. She said Bobby's biological father was some asshole she didn't know. A one-night-stand from Vegas that she swore we'd never see again. This asshole is almost the spitting image of my boy. The longer I stare at him, the more I feel the emotions shredding me up inside. I clamp my lip between my teeth.

"Come on, Bo." Jo tries to pull me back and I stumble. I reach for a table, but I'm drunk and in no condition to move quickly so I go down hard.  

"Fuck, Bo!" Kinlee shrieks, her hands grabbing at my arms to try and help me up. "Come on. Let's head up to the room."  

"Hey, man," Brandt says, offering me his hand to pull me to my feet. "Maybe you wanna take a walk?"  

Standing next to Brandt, I lock my eyes on Chase's friend. When Kinlee tugs my arm again, I scowl at her. "You said you didn't know the guy you slept with," I say quietly and full of anger, wondering how she could fucking lie to me like that.

"What?" she whispers. "Baby, I..." Her head's shaking and her panicked eyes flash from me to Jo, then back. "Bo, I don't," she hisses. "Can we please just go?" She tugs on my arm again but I yank out of her grip. "Bo!"  

"Kinlee!" I snap and turn her to face the asshole. "That's my boy's dimple! That's his fucking smile! Look at that man and tell me you didn't sleep with him!" I demand as she stares at Felder.

"Bo, I told you..." She grips my hand. "I..." Her head starts shaking back and forth. "No." Her hand trembles in mine. "I don't..." She blinks a few times, studying Felder and the woman he's with. Her face is bright red. "No," Kinlee whispers.

She wouldn't lie to me. She said she was drunk. She didn't remember much of the night. She woke up alone. This fucking asshole took advantage of my wife.

Moving faster than Brandt's ready for, I flip the table out of my way and grab Felder by the throat with my left hand before slamming him against the wall.

"You raped my fucking wife!" I bellow with no care to the scene because I'm going to kill him.

"Whoa, dude!" He shoves me back, his face bright red. "I didn't fuckin' rape anyone!"  

"Bo, stop." Brandt's hand wraps around my arm but I shove him back with more force than I mean to and he falls against a table.  

"She was barely conscious!" I scream, shoving Felder against the wall again.

"We were both trashed! I didn't rape no-one!"

The woman he's here with grabs his arm and is shrieking demands. That's when I notice her wedding ring. "Were you married when you had sex with Kinlee?" I look back and forth between the couple.

"We've been married seven years," she snaps, shoving Felder. "You fucked someone else!?"  Her hands slap at him. "You fucking cheated on me?"

Grant pulls her off him and when I have a clear shot, I swing. My left fist connects with the same dimple in his chin that I kiss on my son nightly.  

"Alright!" Brandt blurts, yanking me off him. "You got your shot. Now get the fuck out of here before the cops come." He's holding tight and I'm fighting with everything I've got to get back at the guy.

Brandt pins me to the booth and is kneeling on my lap with his forearm across my throat while Grant pulls Felder out of the bar. I can't fight anymore. I'm too drunk and after standing most of the day, my strength was depleted with that single punch. When Brandt eases up, looking around to make sure Felder's gone, I hear Kinlee's sobs.

"Bo, I swear!" She cries harder. "Baby, I'm..." Her head's shaking and tears stream down her face.

I shove Brandt off and stand, gripping the back of the chair as I look at my wife. The mother of my child. My fucking child.

"Bo, say something," she whimpers.  

It takes a lot to get tears from me, but this is going to change our perfect life. My tears break and I grit my teeth.

"He's my son, Kinlee," I manage through tears, trying to choke them back, but I can't.

"I know!" She rushes over to me. "This doesn't change anything. I promise. He's yours, baby." Her arms try to wrap around me but I step back.  

"Hey, come on." Jo grabs my hand, then Kinlee's. "Let's go. Brandt, please, help him. I think he hurt himself," she says and nods to my leg, but I push Brandt back and grab my cane, walking myself out without assistance.

I'd fucking die for Kinlee, and my son, my fucking leg won't slow me down.

Jo and Brandt get us to our hotel room and I can't face her. I haven't stopped crying and I don't want her to see it. Locking myself in the bathroom, I pull up pictures of our son and I cry harder. He's going to take him from me. I'll kill him first. Fuck!

Haring fucking knew. Wiping away tears, I hit dial on his number.

"The fuck you callin' me on my wedding night for, Hart?" he answers, chuckling. "Can't get enough of me?"  

"Why'd you fuckin' do it?" There's no controlling the emotion in my voice. "You fuckin' knew. You never even told her." I pull the phone away, biting my fist at the thought of some other man with Kinlee.

"Fuck," he mumbles before the phone rustles. "Fuck, Bo...just..." He growls and I hear a door slam. "Where are you?" His mumbled tone comes across almost panicked.  

"Haring, if I see your face right now, I'll split it open like I did your piece of shit friend. Stay the fuck with your wife. Spend your night thinking about how you ruined my fucking life. I'll kill him, Chase. I'll fucking kill him if he tries to take my son. I'll fucking kill him!" I scream and Kinlee's fists bang on the door.

"Bo! Unlock the door!" She jiggles the handle.  

"He's not... Fuck, Bo. Sleep this shit off, okay? Can you do that? We'll... We'll figure this out tomorrow." Chase says. "He ain't gonna take your son. Won't even try."  

"You knew, you bastard," I mutter as exhaustion starts to kill my anger and emotions. "Fuck you, Haring." Hanging up, I look toward the door and wipe the tears from my face before pulling it open.

Her arms immediately wrap around me and she's shaking. "I'm so sorry," she mumbles, over and over again, hiccupping into my shirt through her tears. "I didn't know, Bo. I swear to god I didn't know."  

"Shit, Kinlee," I breathe and wrap my arms around her, dropping my head to the top of hers. "What're we goin' to do now? Huh? What the fuck are we goin' to do now? Jesus." I let her go and move away slowly, pulling off the tie she tried to perfect for an hour this morning. Once she had it how she liked, I removed it and used it to tie her to the bed. Fuck. Our life is ruined.

"Bo, look at me," she blurts, gripping my face in her hands. Her eyes search mine and tears fall from them. "Bobby's your child, Bo. You're his father. Nothing's ever going to change that. You hear me?" I try turning away from her when my eyes start to water again but she won't let me. "No. Look at me, dammit. This changes nothing, you got that?"

Looking into her face, I don't know how she can say those words. We were safe when his biological father was a man that only existed for one drunken night.  

"It changes everything!" I pull away from her and my fist meets the picture frame on the hotel wall, cracking it.

I push my forehead against the fractured glass next to the blood from my knuckles and listen to her quietly sob. When her shaking hand touches my back I pull away and head out the door. Moving for the elevator, I grab my phone and dial Brandt's number with my bloody hand.  

"You're not in jail, are you?"  

"I'm headed to the lobby. I'm either going to find Haring and split his nose, or I'm going to find his friend and bury him in the desert." Blood's rolling down my arm from my knuckles.

I never turn to violence but shot after shot of whiskey ain't good for me. Threatening my entire life ain't good for me! It wasn't a verbal threat, but this changes every fucking thing. Even if Kinlee says it doesn't.

"Meet me at the bar on the third floor. Don't fuckin' do anything stupid. I'll be there in five." He ends the call.  

When I walk out of the bathroom after washing away the blood, I find Brandt at the bar and sit on the stool next to him. I stare at my phone in my shaking hand, wanting to call Kinlee, but I need to drink enough to forget this night and she'll stop me from doing that.

"Can you have Jo go stay with Kinlee?" I don't bother to look at him and I nod to the bartender to get some service.

"She's already there." He shifts on his stool. "What'd you do to your hand?"  

"Just made our four hundred a night hotel room closer to a grand." I glance at him and he nods, sipping his beer.  

We sit in silence while we finish our first round of drinks.  

"So." Brandt turns toward me. "I'm gonna start looking for more permanent help around the ranch. Things are picking up and it's becoming too much work for what we've got."  

"You want me to come back to six days a week?" I can't handle that. Sometimes helping out four or five days a week over there is rough on me, but I'll never admit it.

"Nah. I think we've found someone. We need a crop duster and a vet for the animals."

"Can't help ya there." I smirk and grab the waiting shot. Letting it burn all the way down, I look over at my oldest friend and grit my teeth because I'm getting choked up again. "What if he takes my little boy, Brandt?" I whisper and clear my throat before the tears start again.

He sighs heavily and takes his shot. "I highly doubt it. From the looks of it, that guy's known the truth this entire time. If he really wanted to be involved, don't you think he'd have tried to reach out before now?"

I nod, keeping my eyes on the empty shot glass. "Hey, can I get another?" I lift it for the bartender to see he's leaving me empty.

"You're gonna regret this in the morning, man." The shot glass is pulled out of my hand.

"I feel like..." I shake my head and grab the beer, taking a few gulps before Brandt tries to stop me. "I should do something." I look at him. "For her." Brandt don't know the story. No one does but me because Kinlee hasn't told anyone else, but now that there's a face and name attached to it, I want the asshole to hurt for using her. "She was too drunk. They both were, but I feel like I gotta do something." I finish off my second beer.

"Start with not going to jail in Vegas. Maybe you should go back to your wife, man." He glances at his phone. "She's hurting now, Bo, because you just walked out on her. You left right when she needed you most." He clears his throat. "Again."

I inhale quickly as a sickly feeling turns my stomach. "Fuckin' hell." Without even a look at Brandt, I get up, hoping he can cover my beers and shot.  

I wish I had my cane right now so I could move faster, but I'm limping as quickly as I can, starting to panic when the elevator doesn't move fast enough. The last thing I want is for her to think I'm trying to run like I did years ago. I just needed some time to think.

Reaching our room, I pat my pockets but don't have a key.
"Kinlee!" I pound on the door. "Baby, open the door! Kinlee!"

The door swings open and Jo trades places with me. Kinlee's red-rimmed eyes hit mine. She doesn't say anything, but she rushes to me and her arms hold tight.  

"Kinlee." I move her backward and kick the door closed. "Baby." Grabbing her face, I push her against the wall and tilt her head so she'll look at me. "I love you, darlin'. You're mine. Bobby's mine. We're a family, baby. Right? Me, you, Bobby. The twins. The Kenshaws." I start to chuckle as my eyes gloss over. "Chase and Kaydence Haring." Quickly swiping my fist over my eyes to get rid of tears, I laugh then push my lips to hers. "It's a big fuckin' family, baby. We don't have room for anyone else."

"I don't want anyone else, Bo." She kisses me. "No one. I promise you."  

"Fuck." I push my forehead to hers. "I love you." My lips need hers, so I move in and her arms wrap around my neck. "I love you, you hear me?" I say in between kissing her and moving us to the bed.

I shouldn't have walked out on her.

"Loud and clear, cowboy," she whispers. "You've always been it for me, Bo."

Standing up straight, I unbutton my shirt. "I'd die without you, darlin'," I assure, because I mean those words.

"You've said that a million times before." She giggles when I pull the zipper of her dress down slowly. Her hands rest on my chest and her eyes find mine just as the fabric of the dress hits the floor. "I love you, Bo. Always."

I kiss her hard, guiding her to the bed and leaving the dress on the floor.

"I need you, darlin'. So much it's painful." I groan, kissing her again as her hand slides down the front of my pants.

"You have me, cowboy." She sighs when my lips press against her neck, and her body arches under me. Her hand slides down my dick before trailing back out of my pants and she starts working my buckle. I push my lips to hers as she shoves my pants down, tangling our limbs together. "I love you, Bo."  

I moan into her mouth while she starts to stroke my dick. Kissing down her chin, her neck, her chest, I pay attention to her nipples before traveling the rest of her body. My fingers slowly spread her open and my tongue slides over the outside of her pussy lips, one side at a time.  

"Fuck," she hisses, her hands gripping my hair.

A whimper escapes her and she pushes her hips up to meet my mouth. I chuckle and hold her down, swiping my tongue in circles around her clit, feeling her body melt against the mattress with every stroke. I push two fingers inside her and she moans louder, her hips rocking up to meet me. My tongue dips inside her, tasting as much of her as I can because I'll never get enough. When my lips lock around her clit again, I start to flick my tongue and she lets out a loud gasp.

"Oh god," she breathes heavily. "Oh fuck, Bo." She moans loudly and when she comes I feel her pussy clenching around my fingers. She screams out, gripping my hair so tight it almost hurts while she shoves my face harder against her. This is where fucking heaven is.  

When she finally releases, her body arches and she moans, dropping her hand from my head while her chest heaves for a breath. "Shit," she huffs.  

I move for her mouth, loving when she licks herself from my lips; she doesn't disappoint me. She grabs my head and her tongue slides around my lips, not once, but twice. I groan, sliding inside her, loving the sound of how wet I've made her as I plunge deep. Her eyes go wide when I thrust again and I grab her face, pushing my thumb into her mouth. Her lips close around my finger and she sucks, holding eye contact while I pump, only making her wetter.  

"You're mine, Kinlee," I kiss her lips that still suck my thumb and her head nods. Harder thrusts make her whimper. "Say it." I bite her bottom lip, not pulling my thumb from her mouth, but I fully expect her to tell me she's mine and only mine. "Tell me, baby." I kiss the corner of her mouth.

"God, I'm yours," she manages around my thumb. "Fuck!" she shrieks when I thrust deeper, nudging her up the bed.

"Only mine. I don't care where you've been before me, you've always been mine," I promise her because it's the goddamned truth. It might have taken years for us to end up together but she's always been mine.

"Only yours, cowboy," she says, then closes her mouth around my thumb and sucks, letting her eyes flutter closed.  

Wrapping my arm under her, I hold her steady over my cock. I push in as far as I can and keep pushing, making her whimper louder and her teeth clamp to my thumb. I want her to feel this tomorrow.

My balls start to tighten and I'm going to fucking come if I don't stop, but I can't come before her. Grabbing her hip, I shift us so she's on top and I shove her down over me, grinning when I feel her wetness spread over my balls.

"Yes," she hisses.

I start to feel like I'm about to lose it again and when she bends down, slamming her lips to mine, her hips pivot taking me as far as she can.

"Oh my god, Bo," she whimpers.  

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard until you come." I slide my finger down her pussy, trying to fit it inside her with my dick but she's too tight and I'm too hard.

When she feels my fingers, she starts to whimper louder and her head nods yes so I try again. We don't have much time for adventurous sex anymore, we're lucky to get fifteen minutes, and when we're at home, we don't waste it. If I didn't want to come so bad, I'd make this last all night. I'll just wake her early and do it again. Slipping my finger inside, it's a tight fit but the way her hips move, she's grinding her swollen clit on my palm. Fucking my dick and finger, she's moaning loud enough everyone on this floor will hear.

"Oh yes!" she blurts, speeding up her thrusts. "Oh fuck, Bo. Oh my god!" She comes unraveled on top of me and when I hear the sound of how wet she is, then feel it, it's the sexiest fucking thing.

Her screams are loud but I don't give a fuck. This is my girl. Those are my screams. Her body trembles on top of mine for me.

My balls unload and I hold tight while I empty myself in her. She lifts her head to say something, but I don't want to talk. We kiss hard and roll so I'm on top, gradually going soft even though I don't want this to end.

"You're mine, darlin'." With a soft kiss, I stare her in the eyes while she nods.

"Always, cowboy." She lets out a heavy sigh, holding me tight. "Always."  

Gripping her hand in mine, I stare at her profile while she watches out the plane window. I kiss the back of her hand then hold it against my lips.

"Kinlee." Her eyes drift to mine and I stare into them, hoping she fully understands nothing will tear us apart. "I love you."

"I love you, Bo." She smiles softly. "I love us. Our entire family. Nothing's gonna change that, cowboy. You know that, right?" Her hand gives mine a squeeze and I know she's noticed how many times I've muttered those words to her since two days ago, but everything changed this weekend.  

I nod and let my eyes drift out the window. "I'm scared," I admit in a whisper and lock my eyes on hers again.

"I'm not." She shrugs. "Nothing's breaking us, Bo. And nothing's taking our baby from us, so you can wipe that thought from that sexy head of yours."  

I lean forward and plant my lips on hers. Her nails slide through the back of my hair and the way she kisses me is reassuring.

"What about..." I clear my throat. "You. Are you okay? Now that you know? He used you."

"Bo," she sighs. "We used each other. We were entirely too drunk. We were both in the wrong."

I nod and look out the window. It's a quiet flight, but I got too much on my mind to hold small talk like she keeps trying for.

I park the truck at my parents' and let Kinlee go to Bobby first. Seeing the love of my life with my son gets me choked up after the weekend we had.

When she sets him down and his eyes land on me, he grins. "Daddy!"

"Come on, boy." I squat with a laugh, opening my arms. I can't help but see that man's face on my little boy, but it doesn't make my smile fall. Scooping him into my arms, I slowly stand and feel heat prick my eyes so I walk into the den to be alone.

He tells me about any detail he can remember of the last week we've been gone. Mainly horseback ridin' with the Kenshaws and swimmin' at the lake. But we spend thirty minutes talking over our time apart.

"Ready to head home?" Kinlee's hand lands on my shoulder and there's a smile across her face as she watches the two of us. "I'm starving."  

"Yeah." I stand, taking my boy with me and I watch Kinlee bite her lip in worry, afraid I might drop him. If I ever fell holding my son, I'd go down with him and make sure I took the brunt. I'd never hurt him.

When we step into Bobby's room and Kinlee lays him in the crib, she looks over at me. Looking up from him fast asleep, I stare at her. This is when we walk out. He's peaceful. He's sleeping. This is when we spend time together in our evening with silence...

"I'll be right there," I whisper, my feet not letting me move.

Her eyebrows push together and her hand rests on my arm. "I love you, Bo," she whispers, reaching up on her toes to press her lips to my cheek before leaving the room.  

When the door clicks closed, I reach down and pick up my son, carefully moving to the rocking chair. I don't know what this world would be like without him. He's not biologically mine, but he's rightfully mine. Everything this boy does is a spitting image of either me or Kinlee. He's our son. I've been molding this little boy to be a noble man and I want to grow old watching him mature. I want to be here for every minute of the happiness and hell, and if that's taken away from me, I don't know where that'll leave me. I can't be a part-time dad. I didn't sign up for that. We were safe when the second half of Bobby's creator was unknown. Now everything I've sculpted out of my boy is being threatened by another man that has the potential to ruin my perfect family.

When a hand touches my arm, I quickly look behind me at Kinlee who's staring at me with worry all over that pretty face.

"Did you hear me?" Her eyes are locked on mine. "Where were you just now?"  

I force a chuckle and look at the pan of eggs. "Right here, darlin'." I quickly kiss the top of her head. "I'm listenin'."

"He's in his own world," Brandt says from the table. "Been like that at work lately too."  

I huff with annoyance and shake my head.

"You want me to finish breakfast?" Kinlee's hand rests on my arm and the concern is written all over her face.  

When Bobby barrels his way into the kitchen, I smile. It's been a week since we've been home. Since I've learned my son's father is no more than thirty miles away from here. Every day's been a struggle of worry.  

"You mind?" I ask Kinlee, holding out the spatula, and when she takes it, I slowly bend down, opening my arms for the little bull.

Kinlee stops me after I scoop up Bobby and she smiles at the both of us. "You two are my world," she whispers, pushing her lips to his forehead. "Go, shoo. I'll call when breakfast is ready." She kisses me gently.  

Setting him down, I start to tickle him. "Run, boy." I laugh, following him into the living room as quickly as I can.

We get out his plastic farm toys and start building our fortress, but when I hear my name being whispered from the kitchen, I look up, straining to hear.

"Bo been like this every day?" Brandt's whispered tone reaches me.  

"Yeah," Kinlee answers, so quietly I almost miss it. "I don't know what to do. He won't talk about it. Acts like everything's fine."

"He's worried. I would be too, Kin."

"He's got nothin' to be worried about. I've told him a hundred times there's nothin' to worry about." I hear the chair scrape across the floor and she lets out a sigh. "I don't know how to get it through that thick skull that just because we know, doesn't mean it changes us."

"He's so out of it on the ranch he almost let the horses free the other day. Completely forgot to lock the pens for the night."  

"It'll be fine. It's gotta be, right?" Her footsteps cross the kitchen and it ends their conversation. Shortly after she calls out, "Food's ready, boys!"

"Food's ready, baby boy." I pick him up, and the six figures he won't let go of.

Normally I don't carry him around, because he can walk. I don't call him a baby, because he's not. The past few days haven't been normal. In my head, I got the worries of a world sittin' on my shoulders and that world can come crashing down any minute. I've got reason to worry.

Kissing Bobby's forehead before we get into the kitchen, I remind myself he's my boy. But that don't make it true.

"Kenshaw." I set Bobby in a chair and look at Brandt. "Ain't your family missin' you right about now?" I sit across from him.

His eyebrows shoot up as he's mid drink of coffee. "You kickin' me out right as we're sitting down to eat?" He finishes his mug and sets it down.

I chuckle. "You know you're always welcome, but why you're here at nine a.m. on a Saturday mornin' has got me wonderin' if Jo kicked you out." I smirk. "Or if you're just here to be meddlesome."

Brandt's eyes flash to Kinlee then down to his mug. "Just worried about an old friend. Not meddling. Just...checkin' in on you. Not to get all sappy, but you don't have the best track record. So you can't blame me for wanting to make sure you're okay."  

"Aw hell." I huff. "Here we go." I look at Kinlee. "This how you feelin' too? I've got a screw loose?"

"No, baby," she blurts, reaching over to take my hand. She glances at Brandt then back to me. "This week's been rough for all of us. But you especially." Her eyebrows crease together.

"Let's go out tonight, Bo. Just like we used to," Brandt suggests when Kinlee falls silent.  

My eyes find his and he's got that look on his face. It's the Kenshaw smirk that challenges a person to reply incorrectly. He don't believe I'm sound in the head and if I tell him no, he'll drag this out. I drift my gaze to Bobby who's in his own world with his food.  

"You mind, darlin'?" I ask Kinlee and Brandt snorts a chuckle. I'll slap the smirk off his face if he acts like he don't get Jo's permission to breathe air.

"Not at all!" Kinlee's smile brightens the entire damn room. "I think it's a great idea."  

"Then it's settled. I gotta head out and grab some peanut butter on the way home or Jo may not let me back in the front door." He chuckles. "Pick you up at nine. Kinlee, thanks for the breakfast, it was way better than my wife makes." He winks at her and she laughs.  

"I'm telling her you said that." She smiles at me and gives my hand a squeeze. "Yay boys night!"  

I laugh with a shake of my head before giving Brandt a nod after he grabs a muffin in one hand and a pancake in the other while he tries to hold my favorite coffee mug at the same time. I sigh and wait for him to drop it, but he maneuvers his way out the door with our food and coffee and I look at Kinlee, pushing a smile on my face.

"I love you," I tell her. I haven't told her in a few days. She's said it a few times but I've been in a different world. I didn't stop loving her suddenly, I'm just worried my love won't be enough. Women get ideas in their pretty heads, like being with their kid's biological father might be better.

The minute the words fall from my mouth her smile shines brighter and she reaches out to caress my cheek.  

"I love you more, cowboy. Now," she says, standing and marching to the sink. "Chug. Boys night means hangover tomorrow, and you've got a little boy here that doesn't know how to sleep in." She shoves a glass of water at me with a shit-eatin' grin on her face. "I'm so excited for you!"

"Kinlee." I laugh and grab her hips, pulling her to straddle my lap. My hands roam to her ass, but I keep it PG for our son's sake. "Quiet down, darlin'. I'll be home by eleven." I kiss her chin.

"Doubtful. But if you are, I'll be waiting." She smirks and grinds her hips briefly before standing and scooping Bobby out of his chair.  

With a smile on my face, I watch them walk out of the kitchen then drop my head and frown. What will I do if someone threatens to take my life away? I'd kill a man.

We read Bobby an extra book tonight because he's restless. Like he knows I'm fixin' to go out for the night and leave Kinlee to fend for herself.

"I think I'll cancel with Brandt," I tell Kinlee while rubbing the back of Bobby's head.

"Oh no you won't." She chuckles like I'm ignorant. "Let go of the child and back away. You need this tonight, Bo." She's got her hands on her hips and is daring me to cancel. "It's a few hours. It'll be good for you."  

"Why you actin' so strange over this, Kinlee? We were just in Vegas for a week. I leave the damn house every day. Goin' to the bar isn't somethin' I need. I need to be home for you. Helping care for Bobby."

Bobby slides off my lap. "Bye, Daddy." He takes off toward his toy room and Kinlee sighs then walks over to me.  

"I love you, Bo," she says, resting her hands on my chest. "But ever since we've been home from that trip you've not been yourself. this for me tonight, okay? Trust me."  

"What'll you do for me?" I smirk and pull her against me and when I lean for her lips the thought of her in that asshole's arms has got my mind straying from where it just was. I loosen my grip on her, only giving her a peck.  

"See, there you go again." She lifts an eyebrow and taps my head. "Somethin's goin' on in there. And if you won't talk to me about it, maybe you'll be able to vent to Brandt." She sighs and steps back. "Don't you worry about me. I've got plans for when you get home." With a wink she walks out of the room, there's a little extra shake to her ass.  

We haven't had sex since Vegas, and that ain't like us, but I got that war in my head. Goin' out tonight won't make it go away though, and there's nothin' I need to get off my chest and vent about either.  

Rounding up my boy, I get him to sleep then sit on the porch waiting for Brandt. This is feeling more like a chore, but I make sure to keep a smile on my face for Kinlee's sake. Taking her in my arms as Brandt pulls down the drive, I kiss her. "I'll see you in an hour or two." I wink. "Sober as a whistle."

"Let's go!" Brandt yells out his window. "Bad choices await! I'm a free man for the night!"

Kinlee laughs and shakes her head then presses her lips to mine. "Go make bad choices. Then come home to me, cowboy." With one more chaste kiss she heads for the front door, waving at Brandt. "Get him home safe, or I'll have your ass!"  

"Yeah, yeah," he mumbles. "Jo would kill me if I hurt her boyfriend." He smirks at Kinlee and she lets out a loud laugh. "You ready?" he asks when I get in and shut the door.  

"As I'll ever be." I huff and grab my phone from my pocket.

BO: Call or text if you need me home sooner.  

Kinlee replies with a selfie of her cleavage in some lace getup and I shake my head. I should be stayin' home to rekindle with my wife. I need to be inside her to get through this war in my head, not going out with Kenshaw to drink ourselves stupid.  

"Who's the hottie with the tits?" Brandt asks, leaning over and staring at my phone screen.  

"Man!" I punch his arm. "Was Jo." I wink at him and roll down my window.

"Damn, she don't even send me shit like that anymore." He chuckles and I laugh at him.  

"Quit puttin' babies in that woman." My head leans back. I'm tryin' to get in the mindset that I'm out with my oldest friend tonight to let loose. Let go of all the bullshit I've been sufferin' from the past week.

We walk into Willies and Chase's stupid ass is grinning from behind the bar. Maybe I'll have a few and settle this beef with him with fists. Good ole fight never hurt anyone...except maybe Chase tonight.  

"Look what the cat dragged in," he says. He eyes Brandt before glancing at me. "What'll it be tonight, boys?"  

"Hit me with somethin' strong 'cause I plan on taking you out front within the next few hours and if you land a hit, I don't want to feel it till tomorrow." I sit at a stool, staring him eye to eye.

"Wow, alright." With a shrug, he grabs two shot glasses, then pauses and adds a third. "Here's to bad decisions." He fills them up then shoves two over to me, and one to Brandt. "Not sure why you want me to hit you, but I'm always down for a fight."

"Bo's not fighting anyone tonight. Ignore him." Brandt shoves my shoulder. "Lighten up, asshole. Haring did nothing wrong."  

My eyebrows sit high on my forehead and I look from Brandt to Chase. "You did nothin' wrong? Haring's always doin' somethin' wrong. How's that redhead put up with you?"  

"No clue," he says, laughing. "But she does and I count my blessings every day she's still in my bed when I wake in the morning." He wipes the bar off and leans back against the counter, crossing his arms in front of him. "How's Kinlee doin'?"  

"Fuck you askin' me for?" I snap, my jaw setting. I'm on edge, and I don't think I'll make it through this night. Only option is to drink or leave, and Brandt won't let me leave. "Call her. Text her. Ask her 'cause I'll tell you she's just fine. Right where she belongs."

"I got to see her tits tonight," Brandt mumbles, laughing next to me.  

Chase laughs. "Why the fuck is your wife topless around Kenshaw?"  

My fist tenses and I turn toward Brandt. I don't want to coldcock my best friend, but damn, it'd feel good right now.

"It was a picture, and he was sadly mistaken. Jo sent me a picture of herself and Brandt thought it was Kinlee 'cause Jo was askin' me over tonight."

If these women knew the conversations we have, none of us would have balls anymore.

I take another shot and when someone walks up to my left, I look over at a dead man walking. Moving quick, I gulp the extra shot Chase had waiting then slam the glass down and get off the stool, ready to go rounds with this fuck. Felder.

"Better late than never," Brandt grumbles and lets out a heavy sigh stepping between us, blocking my way from beating this fucker. "Sit down, we got business to talk."  

"No one's goin' to jail tonight, boys. Sheriff's right over there." Chase nods to a booth in the corner.  

My palms are sweating. I feel the beads forming on my forehead and I adjust my ball-cap. I don't know what this fuck is doing here but I think jail is the least of my worries. I'm going to have a long prison sentence because I'm about to murder him, and my two closest friends, because apparently they brought him here.

With nothing to say, I stare at Felder, waiting to find out his purpose in this bar. When a glass gets tapped on the bar, I look over and Chase is offering me another shot, so I take it.

"Think maybe we should head out, Kenshaw." My hand's starting to shake and I don't know if I can hold back.

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