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Tigress and Phoenix

C. E. Miller

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Awakening and Education

Chapter 1

By the time she had dried and put away their dinner plates and folded the small drainer to store in its place under the sink, Alan was gently snoring in front of the TV in the living room. She spread out the dishrag on the drying rod inside the cabinet door and refilled her coffee mug. She had been waiting all afternoon for this moment.

In the study she booted her laptop and slid in the CD she had received in today’s mail. When the software came up for installation, she used the key sent her by email to install it. Installation went quickly and she saw that there were several video segments in the menu. Choosing the first, she settled back to watch.

Three men were dragging a woman onto the screen. She was bound, blindfolded and gagged. They bent her over the back of a chair and one of the men took off his shorts before flipping her skirt up over her back. She wore no panties and Vicky watched him raping the woman as she writhed and tried to escape the assault. His hands on her hips allowed her motion, which seemed to excite him, while keeping the woman steady enough to do his business in her.

When he finished, the second man and then the third used her for their gratification before they untied her long enough to strip her and undressed themselves. Faces and tattoos were blurred, though from their muscular and hairy bodies Vicky decided the men were in their early to mid thirties yet were raping an older woman with saggy breasts and a fair amount of paunch, but who was not totally gone to flab.

They took the gag out of the woman’s mouth and when she started to say something or scream, someone slapped her across the face and told her to shut up. There was no sound on the video, but Vicky remembered that was what they told her before they pushed her to her knees and stuck a penis in her mouth. She remembered the feel of it, the taste of it covered in semen and her own juices, as it filled her mouth and she explored it with her tongue. It was slid down her throat, at first gagging her and then delighting her as she watched the man swaying in front of her on the video. She wished she could see his face, but it was blurred. The gentleness of his hands on her jaw told her the man was very happy and she felt gratified. The first segment ended.

If Vicky were still a smoker, this would have been the time to go take a break for a cigarette, but she gave that up decades ago. She did need a break so went to the kitchen to re-warm her coffee and check that Alan still slept. The program had changed on the TV, though nothing else was different. Alan was still gently snoring in his chair.

Before resuming the video Vicky undressed and put on her bathrobe. When she selected the second segment from the menu, the picture started with her being tied down to a beach towel covered picnic table. They were outside in full sun. She remembered someone had asked if she had had anal sex and she told him she had. He had run a finger into her and asked if it was something she wanted. She had told him that he was the boss.

The man with the wavy hair came on screen with a tube of lubricant. He lubed up her anus and the men took turns riding it. A fourth man joined them and took his turn sodomizing her while the man with wavy hair put the spray head on the garden hose and when they were done, sprayed her down with the hose before turning a gentle stream to rinse her anus and crotch. He then increased the pressure of the stream and teased her clitoris and vulva with it as she squirmed.

The segment ended. By this point in her abduction Vicky had felt she certainly had gotten her money’s worth. This had been her birthday present to herself for her 70th birthday. She had been sexually unfulfilled for too long and had wanted the video to masturbate to, but now the best still awaited her.

She went to pour herself a bourbon and this woke Alan, who shuffled off to bed after saying good night with a sweet peck to her cheek. She took her bourbon into the study and took off her bathrobe to sit naked in front of her laptop screen while she listened to Alan brush his teeth, flush the toilet and crawl into his bed. She gave him a few minutes to fall asleep as she remembered that after the sodomy they had gone into a screened area with a pool. She had been given a sandwich, a bourbon and a joint had been held to her lips several times with orders to take a deep drag and hold it as long as she could. It was certainly stronger than the weed of her youth and in only a few minutes she was feeling the lightness and sensuousness a little weed had always given her. She had been told that she must not speak, so dutifully listened to their chatter, which was totally unrelated to her but rather was the usual social chatter between guys about unreasonable supervisors, cars they liked and sports. While she was still blindfolded, she was no longer bound and she could smell and hear the pool so she had gotten out of her chair on her hands and knees to go to the pool edge before one of the guys yelled at her to be careful. She found the pool edge, reached over to touch the water and had turned to sit and slide into the pool feet first. She swam a few strokes and turned onto her back to float. The cold water had felt wondrous against her raw anus and her lightly sunburned shoulders and back. Almost immediately she had heard the men jump into the pool to rescue her because they didn’t know what she was up to.

The third segment picked up after she had been in the pool a little while. She was wrapped around a man with her arms around his neck, feet behind his back, impaled upon him as she nibbled his earlobe and blew in his ear. His hands were on her buttocks as with a visible franticness he pushed to completion in her. She couldn’t hear it from the CD because there was no sound, but she certainly remembered his yelling encouragement to her to give him everything she had. Another guy was in the water to catch her as the first man exploded and fell away. The last guy was the one with wavy hair, who gently had lifted her out of the pool and carried her to a padded platform where he had laid her out and buried his face in her crotch, which a soundtrack of would have confirmed delighted her. When he finally mounted her she opened her legs wide to him and crossed her feet at the ankles behind his back to sway with him in tender and delicious lovemaking. They egged each other on and held tight themselves until they climaxed together. “That one,” Vicky thought to herself, “was more than worth the total fee paid.”

There had been some changes in the personnel. Two of the men she did not see again while two more that weren’t in the previous segments arrived. One was a man probably in his 50’s with slender hips, a somewhat pot belly and a chest full of white curly hair. He had a penis larger and thicker than she had ever seen except in porn and he had felt inside her to make sure she could accept him and was sloppy wet before he put her on her knees and used her body to satisfy himself. She remembered being disappointed when he came because as abraded and tired as she was, she wanted more of that. She chuckled that later she had found the man on the mat and taken him in her mouth to excite him and climbed aboard with her back to his face to selfishly use him for her own satisfaction. Vicky truly hoped that had been captured in the video.

Vicky had been rubbing her body and as the segment ended, took the laptop to her bedroom, got her vibrator and lay on her bed to masturbate with images from the video in her head and pleasured delight in her twat. When she was rubbing her hand over the stubble on her pubs she remembered what came next and wondered if it had been captured on the video.

The fourth segment indeed showed Vicky again tied spread eagled to the picnic table, but this time she was flat on the top of it. The sun was much lower and there were four guys around the table with shaving brushes in their hands. The fifth guy, the one with the dark wavy hair, was again manning the hose as she was lightly sprayed all over and the men began passing around a pad of shaving soap to work up a suds on the brushes. The wavy haired man first took scissors to her skimpily haired pubes before sudsing up what was left and sudsing on down into her crotch. The men began shaving her entire body except her head. Occasionally the wavy haired man would spray a mist of water to keep her moist or a stream to rinse down an area, but mostly he carefully worked his way gently with the razor to remove hair from any folds or flats. Her arms and legs were loose enough that they could be lifted to shave all around. Her armpits and legs she kept shaved herself, but that did not keep them from lathering her up and shaving them again. There wasn’t much for the guy working her torso to do, so once he had teased her with the brush and taken off the foam with a razor he had her rinsed and patted her dry with a towel to begin massaging lotion into her breasts, neck and the rest of her torso. As the others finished, they too rinsed and patted her dry and began applying lotion to her. She had not known it at the time, but while the shaving was not particularly erotic to her, it was for the men as by the time they were done there were five strong erections to be serviced and they were—all vaginally and in a posture of the man’s choosing.

The fifth and final segment they were all on blue tumbling mats. She was face to face atop a man on his back and when another wanted to enter her ass at the same time the wavy hair man waved him off. The man waved off pushed her to a sitting position on the man below her and straddled him for her to give him oral sex. She had been given more weed and remembered it felt as though the cock in her mouth met the cock in her cunt somewhere around her belly button. The video was done.

What was not shown was the loving and hungry stimulation of many hands on her body and that when the camera was turned off, the slow and lazy love made to her, driving her higher and higher until she collapsed and they would start the process once again. She had probably made up for the five years in which she had no sexual contact in that single afternoon and then finally she could take no more and had slept.

Vicky’s next memory was of awaking to find herself at home in her own bed in her nightgown. Her legs hurt, her back hurt, her cunt was sore and her anus was downright throbbing. She had been absolutely famished and had started gorging with cold leftovers from the fridge and several peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before even putting on the coffee pot. Her pubes itched and stung at the same time from the shave and the subsequent grindings of sex. She was relieved to discover that the men had left a tube of ointment on her night table, which calmed the itching and rashy look. To her surprise, Vicky had found herself horny and excited by the memories of the hands and penises that had been on and in her that day. It made her hungry for more and determined that the next time Alan was called out of town she would hire the service to repeat the experience.

She didn’t need a video and she didn’t need 6 hours as her aches and pains said it was just too much, but maybe half that length?

The morning after receiving and watching the video Alan went to play golf with his buddies. He would be gone most of the day between breakfast with the guys before golf, a round or two and lunch together, it would be late afternoon before he returned home.

Vicky watched some favorite parts of her new video while she masturbated and then sent an email to her contact indicating her approval of the materials and asking pricing for a 3-hour appointment if such was available. Within the hour she received a cryptic response: “Glad ok. Need 48 hrs min adv note to sched. 2 user min guar. 3-4 hr, no recording, $150 weekdays.”

Excited with anticipation, Vicky spent the next hour masturbating, reliving the past encounters and daydreaming of future sex. She knew now it could happen and the thought thrilled her to her core.

Alan came home from his golf outing to find Vicky in the kitchen preparing dinner. He gave her a loving hug and a deep kiss. That was all he was capable of now and to pursue sexual pleasures with him only left him frustrated and apologetic, so she took what he offered gratefully and with her whole heart. He was the love of her life and their life together had been so wonderful.

Over dinner Alan told her it has been a lovely day of golf. The guys had made a tee time for Wednesday of next week and had been playing with the idea of a golf outing for two or three days next month and driving over to Orlando or up to Georgia. Vicky played right into it and suggested it could be a lovely trip for the old friends. Alan smiled, saying that Vicky was so understanding and patting her hand.

Directly after dinner Vicky went to her computer and sent a message. “Wednesday, 10/22, 9AM? 3 hr?” She then returned to the kitchen to wash dishes while humming to herself. She was just drying her hands when the phone rang and she picked it up.

“Vicky Long?” a distinctively male voice asked.

“Yes, who is calling?”

“There will be a black pickup with dark tinted windows backed into a space in aisle 1 of the same parking lot where we picked you up last time. Skirt, blouse and shoes only. Leave your key in your car so we can drive it to an inconspicuous place and return it to you later. Get in the truck’s passenger seat, put the money on the driver’s seat and lock the doors. You will have instructions in the truck. A pink piece of yarn will be on the passenger door handle to verify you have the correct vehicle.” He hung up.

Vicky was stunned. They knew her name and her phone number. She momentarily panicked but calmed herself enough to tell Alan when he asked who had called that it was a wrong number. Then she realized that they had to know where she lived because they had brought her home and put her in a nightgown in her own bed, leaving her car in the driveway and her keys and purse on the kitchen counter. She now had six whole days before her appointment.

In quiet times she felt some guilt about being physically unfaithful to her husband and came to the understanding that she was having needs met in a manner emotionally no different than hiring someone to cut and color her hair, give her a manicure or pedicure or the doctor who had replaced her hip. Her love and emotional closeness belonged to Alan and both could and would stay there. Her physical hunger had been satisfied and she was happy as she had not been in a very long time. This would reflect in her tenderness without demands towards the man she loved.

The weekend crawled by, as did Monday and by Tuesday Vicky could think of nothing but sex. Time and time again she crept off to masturbate. Tuesday evening she bathed carefully and shaved herself, carefully using moisturizers to produce the softest skin possible. She hardly slept Tuesday night and when she did, her dreams were fully erotic. Luckily she and Alan had not shared a bedroom for years out of mutual consideration.

As usual, Vicky was up early to start the coffee pot and fix herself breakfast. Alan would only have coffee before heading out for his day with the boys. They chatted about the usual household stuff as Alan had his coffee, with him asking what she planned for dinner. She pulled a package of pork chops out of the freezer and suggested chops, fresh broccoli and a baked potato. Alan made the appropriate approving noises and then went to dress. He left around a quarter to eight and Vicky went to shower again and reshave her pubes and give herself an enema. She was shaving her pubes daily now so no longer got as much razor burn.

By eight fifteen Vicky was dressed in her skirt, blouse and comfortable shoes. Taking $150 out of her hidden emergency cash jar she decided to take her driver’s license, and keys but leave the rest of her purse and her wedding ring behind. It was still too early to leave. It would only take her about five minutes to drive to the grocery store and she was concerned about arriving too soon. At eight forty-five she allowed herself to leave the house and slowly make her way to the store. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the truck backed up against the bushes in aisle 1 to conceal its license tag. As she drove by she saw the pink yarn on the passenger door and pulled into a convenient parking spot. The store was already open but the parking lot was pretty empty, so she nonchalantly strolled over and let herself into the truck, picking up the note on the passenger seat.

The truck was empty, but there was a blindfold and the note told her to put it on securely, and then lock the doors. She put the three $50 bills on the driver’s seat, put on the blindfold, locked the doors and put on her seat belt. The next few minutes seemed like an eternity, but then she heard the driver’s side door unlock with a remote and it opened. A man got into the driver’s seat, reached over to feel her bare breast under her blouse before running his hand up her leg to find no panties. Only then did he say anything and it was just a simple, “Good morning my little whore.”

When Vicky started to say something the man told her she was to be silent and as he started the truck and put it in motion, she heard the automatic door locks click into place. They left the lot and the man made a number of turns in traffic until Vicky had no idea which way they were going before he drove for a long stretch and pulled into a driveway. Vicky suspected she had been brought back to where she had been before and was not displeased when she was led inside and the scents were familiar. This had been a wonderful and exciting place for her. He guided her to the place where there were mats like tumbling mats underfoot.

The man ordered her to strip and asked if she would like to be bound this time or free. He warned her she must not remove the blindfold or she would not be allowed to play further. Evidently he was undressing as he said this because the next she knew, he was standing in front of her, their bodies rubbing as he flailed her gently with his swelling penis. Vicky reached out to grab it and knelt in front of him to take it into her mouth. She recognized the size and feel of it as one she had enjoyed before and when the man turned her to her knees, she was only too happy to have him mount and take her exuberantly. As she began moaning he encouraged her to, “Let it fly, bitch!!” With that he began slapping her ass with his hand, which drove her to squeals of excitement in pain mixed with pleasure. As he came thrusting deeply into her, a pair of hands steadied her and as he withdrew, those fresh hands laid her on her back to continue thrusting in her while another man’s mouth chewed down on her breast and alternated sucking and tonguing her nipple while a hand caressed her other breast. She smiled to herself. The games had begun.

One after another men banged into Vicky. She thought there were perhaps six different men present playing on her from their voices. But then to her surprise, several of them left. She was led out to the pool area where she was given a gin and tonic and handed a joint. Once again she was encouraged to inhale deeply and drink up to most fully experience the moment.

The alcohol hit hard on a stomach of toast and coffee, but the high from the joint was truly uplifting. Vicky started reaching for the men around her to find a penis for her pleasure. Two of the guys led her to the pool, which was a cold shock this early in the day. They rinsed her out and evidently themselves as well because soon she had a hardening member in her mouth and a member being enlarged by whipping it across her buttocks.

Lifted out of the pool, Vicky was put kneeling over the prone figure of the man whom she had been sucking and as she resumed, she was taken solidly from behind.

As they were finishing in her, she heard three distinct splashes as guys jumped into the pool and they came out dripping wet to use her. One laid on his back and pulled her onto himself while a second lubed her anus and took her ass while a third tried to stay in her mouth with all the bouncing around. Vicky could hardly breathe in the crush of bodies and began giving golden showers to the guy beneath her. The sight and feel so stimulated the guys that they intensified their assaults and soon let go.

Vicky almost fell asleep on the mat by the side of the pool when the guys got off and out from under her. She overheard a conversation between the man who drove here and evidently someone on his phone that they needed to return her to her car around 1PM so if several others wanted to come ‘do her’ on their lunch hour, they needed to take an early lunch.

The hose was brought and Vicky was washed off on the mat where she lay. Gentle hands then put a little lotion on her back and began massaging her. Her masseuse turned her over and began massaging her breasts and belly. By the time he reached her pubes the weed kicked in again and Vicky was rising to fill his cupped hand. One of the guys moved atop her and gave her very gentle sex as she raised her legs to hook her ankles behind his back and join in pushing him as deeply inside her as possible. He gripped her breast as if to help pull them onto each other and soon he was spent. As he got off, Vicky was rolled off the mat and a man with a massive cock lay down and pulled her onto himself. When she felt the size of him in her, Vicky turned to sit astride him with her back to his face and rammed him deeply inside her, adjusting her posture for maximum friction on her already abraded insides. She recognized him as the slim hipped older gentleman with a pot belly she had enjoyed so much last time and she humped him like one possessed and soon they both were yelping loudly. This seemed to bring all the men out to the pool to watch, for as soon as her companion was spent she was whisked away to the next hungry stud. She hit orgasm after orgasm after orgasm as her partners kept her in motion quickly moving her from spent man to waiting man while hands were all over her body. Somehow she landed back on the slim hipped man again and this time he put her on her back and made love to her, teasing her to her limit before slowing or halting to prevent her losing control, talking to her softly to tell her how good she made him feel, telling her to try to hang on, forcing her higher and higher until they came together in a great, shattering moment. It was the first time Vicky had ever felt the force of ejaculate. She collapsed thinking, “Not bad for a septuagenarian.”

The weed began wearing off and Vicky was hungry and tired. Yet she could hear greetings and farewells in the house and there seemed to be an endless supply of hard members demanding admission to her body. She began regretting each new cock that penetrated her, but as soon as a guy started moving her tired body responded with fresh energy and hunger to respond to what his body signaled it needed.

Vicky was being sodomized when she heard a bell like a timer go off in the house and heard the by now familiar voice of her driver tell the guys to wrap it up because the woman needed to be returned in about fifteen minutes. The guys on her finished using her and one other guy did a fast doggie style rut before helping her get up. She was led into the pool and washed up by gentle hands and several guys towel dried her before she was handed her clothes to get dressed. She was led out to the truck and the driver saw to it that she was properly buckled in. As he drove her to her car he asked how she felt.

Vicky was surprised to hear herself telling the driver that she was sore but very, very happy. He pulled through a fast food drive through and ordered a pair of burgers, fries and sodas, telling Vicky to take off the blindfold before driving to the pickup window. He gave her a fries, burger and drink indicating that she must be starved. This simple act of kindness touched Vicky, who suddenly realized she was free to see the face of the man.

He was young, perhaps in his mid thirties, with a beautifully chiseled face and a full head of wavy hair. She assumed that he had been the organizer of her escapades. He drove the truck over to a parking space in the shade, indicating he wanted to talk while they ate.

The man introduced himself as Eric and said that Vicky had developed quite a fan club. The six men who he had brought in on her first encounter had been paid because they were on video, though their features had been blurred to protect their identities. Today, though, each of those six paid him $20 to come have sex with her and they had told their friends, each of whom paid $40 to come have sex. He told her that she had serviced eleven men during the morning so he was returning her $150 because he didn’t want to collect twice. Eric then asked if Vicky would be willing to repeat the day in the future and Vicky agreed with enthusiasm. Eric indicated that he would, of course, pay her one third of everything he collected and encouraged her to find as many opportunities as possible to come be his little whore.

The conversation struck Vicky as very disturbing. She would indeed be a whore and indeed Eric would be her pimp. She took the envelope Eric handed her and there were her three $50 bills and a bunch of other money in fives, tens and a twenty. In a move that surprised herself, Vicky took Eric’s hand and put it under her skirt on her pubes. “It’s a deal,” she said. In response, Eric leaned over and kissed Vicky on the mouth, his tongue exploring its depths. It was the first time Vicky had kissed a man that way other than Alan in more than 50 years.

Eric started up the truck and drove Vicky to a nearby parking lot where her car had been moved. He handed her the car keys and told her keep in touch. As she got out to get into her car, he drove away.

At home Vicky showered and washed her hair, slipping into a pair of comfortable shorts and a halter-top. She was cutting up strawberries to macerate for strawberry shortcake when Alan got home from golf. He had a little sunburn but was elated because it had been an excellent two rounds of golf on a beautiful day.

He showered and changed before coming out to sit with Vicky at the kitchen counter, bringing a bottle of white wine from the fridge and a couple of glasses. He told her about his day and asked about hers. Vicky said that on a whim she had gotten a fast food lunch when she was out to the store. They laughed and talked for a while before Alan headed into the living room to listen to the news while she fixed dinner.

At dinner Alan mentioned that his golf buddies were talking about making their trip to Georgia a full week deal so he thought he would pass rather than leave her home alone that long. Vicky suggested that was nonsense, that he should go and she would check with a lady friend about going on a ‘girl’s trip’ while he was gone. Alan thought that was a fantastic idea. Dinner was finished with inconsequential chatter typical of those who have been together a long, long time. With coffee and dessert Alan asked if it would be okay with Vicky to play golf with the guys on Friday. They wanted to play a different course in the area and were talking about working with the pro there to try to improve their games. Vicky was almost too quick to give the outing her blessing.

After dinner but before dishes she emailed, “Fri? 8 or 9 for 3-4hr?”

When the last of the dishes were dried and put away Vicky found a response email. “8 same place and requirements”

That night, despite being sore all over, Vicky began an exercise routine. She decided that her routine needed to include weight loss as well as general body toning and flexibility. She didn’t want to be sore and she didn’t want to look like that pudgy old woman in the videos. When she went to the garage to use the old exercise bike Alan came out to see what she needed. Vicky mentioned that at least Alan was getting out on the golf course for exercise to help control his weight, but she needed to do something too. Alan smiled and told her she still looked great to him but he admired her desire to stay healthy. He then went back to his television.

Thursday Vicky exercised in the morning after breakfast, doing stretching and flexibility exercises, then showered and headed out for a haircut, manicure and pedicure. She stopped by the drugstore for a selection of skin creams and lotions before heading home. Alan was out mowing the lawn so Vicky parked in the driveway to let him get the mower back in the garage more easily. She went in and fixed them lunch. Alan was in soon thereafter for a large iced tea and his sandwich. He then headed for the shower and settled in front of the television to nap.

When Vicky opened her email there was a message from Eric just saying, “Hot.” She sent a quick reply, “Wet.” She then slipped into the shower where she used a depilatory on her pubes. It stung but left her smooth and soft. She slathered with skin creams after her shower and put on shorts and a halter to do a second round of exercise for the day. She threw a load of laundry in the washer before starting up on the exercise bike. When she was out of breath and tired, Vicky went inside to clean house. She took care of the bathrooms, threw the laundry in the dryer, mopped the kitchen and hung the laundry. She felt honestly tired so when Alan offered to take her out to dinner, she was only too happy to accept.

Friday started as a beautiful morning. Vicky made the coffee and had her toast while Alan just had his coffee and headed out early to meet his fellows at the distant course. Vicky quickly showered, dressed and taking her driver’s license and keys, headed out to the grocery store. The black truck was already there so she left her keys in her unlocked car and headed for the truck. She got in and locked the doors. There was no blindfold. She saw Eric pick up her keys and hand them to someone in the passenger side of a small white car. He then came over and unlocked his truck and got in. His hand checked under her skirt and his greeting was, “I can’t wait to bury myself in there.”

With that, Eric started the truck and drove out of the lot. There were no twists and turns this time, he took Vicky straight to his house and carried her inside in his arms, kissing her deeply and taking her to a bedroom where he laid her on the bed and buried his face in her crotch as she wriggled out of her blouse and skirt and started pulling at his clothes. He stood and stared at her naked body as he stripped and came into her with an urgency and lust that brought joy to Vicky’s heart. She twined her legs behind his back as he plunged and whispered to her, “Tighten up around me, baby. Squeeze it. Try to keep it from getting out.” As she began to try to do it he praised her, saying, “Oh, baby. So good. Hold me. Tighter baby, tighter. Soooo good.” And with that he plunged deeply and lost himself and his ejaculate deep inside her.

When they rolled apart, Eric told Vicky she needed to tighten up her vaginal muscles with exercise, practicing as many times a day as she could. He took her to the bathroom where he gave her an enema, telling her that she needed to do this for herself before coming to service his guests as many of them had a big preference for anal sex. He assured her that all of his guests were closely monitored for continuing freedom from venereal diseases including HIV and they came to him because he could assure them that the women he procured were clean. Vicky was not only going to be his whore but he was reserving the right to work on her performance and appearance. What he told her to do he expected her to do.

Vicky admitted that she was out of shape and mentioned her new exercise routine and that she was dieting to try to get off some weight. Eric approved and had her promise to exercise her rectal and vaginal wall muscles as well. He took her to the pool to rinse her of his cum and brought her the blindfold.

Eric brought Vicky a thick joint and suggested she smoke it to help her responsiveness with what was to come. While they waited for the men to begin arriving he had her practice squeezing on his fingers in her vagina. Vicky was very high when they heard the first car in the driveway. Eric stuck his penis in her mouth as the men began coming in and stripping down. Some of them reeked of pot already and all were ready to have a woman.

The day was splendid. Vicky allowed herself to be fucked, sucked, teased and taunted. The men had a great time and she could hear them coming and going until finally the timer went off in the kitchen telling one and all that it was time to wrap it up. One man whispered in her ear, asking for her phone number and Vicky just told him to talk to Eric. Vicky was a little sad that she felt what were likely to be wedding bands on the hands of some men and indentations in the fingers of others where likely a wedding band was normally worn. Truly enough, Eric was providing a safe hooker to a clientele with all the reasons in the world to stay safe. And she realized Eric was doing the same for her—her wedding ring was on his bathroom counter.

As Eric drove her back to her car they again stopped in the fast food drive through for burgers and fries. Eric handed her an envelope which she didn’t even open. Vicky asked him if she could ask him about his business.

“Not yet, my little whore. You are still on probation so to speak. You are showing great promise but I don’t plan to share trade secrets yet.”

Vicky was a little frustrated because she foolishly thought they were partners already, but she let it pass. She could not possibly know how many little whores he had or had hired before that just didn’t work out. He had mentioned that he had been at this almost a decade.

Eric reminded her that he wanted her to work on her vaginal muscles. He wanted her to learn to squeeze but he also wanted her to be able to relax to allow him to fist her. When she looked confused he showed her his fist and said, “I want to be able to slid this up into you and fuck you with my fist closed.” He then held up his little finger and said, “And I want you to be able to grab my finger with your muscles. You have a lot of work to do.”

Vicky stared at his fist in shock. It had never occurred to her that a man might want to put his hand inside her. She had heard the term ‘fisting’ before but did not know what it meant before now. His fist looked monstrously large but she felt a thrill at the idea of taking it inside her that she couldn’t quite understand.

Vicky turned to him and said simply, “You are going to have to teach me.”

Eric suggested that she wash up some of her husband’s golf balls and start carrying them inside her. She should practice popping them out with her muscles and holding them in with her muscles while she was up and working around the house. He suggested that the next time she could get free they would have an unpaid practice session without other johns around but that she should do all of her prep as if she were going to spend the day being done by johns.

With that Eric drove her back to her car and she headed home.

Chapter 2

Vicky stepped up her exercises. While she was being Suzy housewife she carried golf balls inside. She spent time trying to hold the balls in while standing with her legs spread and she spent time on her knees and flat on her back trying to pop the balls out. While she was at it she began putting well-lubricated larger and larger objects in her rectum.

She kept a small timer in her pocket set for 15 minutes and when it went off would spend a minute just trying to squeeze with her vaginal walls before restarting the timer for another 15 minutes.

It was expected to rain on Wednesday so the guys didn’t go play golf. It’s not supposed to rain in South Florida in October. She was hungry for sex but a prisoner at home due to the possibility of rain keeping Alan at the house.

Sunday night Alan got a call to fill in on a foursome on Monday. He asked Vicky if she had any plans and she encouraged him to go. As soon as possible she got to her computer to email Eric, “Tomorrow 9?” He must have been on line because he promptly emailed back, “Come. U know how.”

Monday morning Alan kissed Vicky as he headed out for his day of golf. A few minutes later she left for Eric’s. She had seen the route since last trip he did not require the blindfold. When she arrived he came out and opened the door for her. The neighborhood was quiet but aside from his hand up her blouse when he kissed her, Eric got her inside before going any further.

Eric tore off Vicky’s clothes as frantically as she tore at his. He reached behind and locked the door before carrying her to the bed and ravishing her. They bucked and heaved together with equal fervor until they came together and collapsed together giggling like children.

“My God,” Eric whispered in Vicky’s ear. “What spell have you cast me under, witch?”

When they separated Eric said, “Ok, lets see how a couple of days of exercise is doing for you!”

He slid his pinkie finger into Vicky and told her to squeeze. “Harder, honey, I can’t feel a thing.” He had her do twenty squeezes against his finger and complimented her on at least understanding what he was trying to get her to do. He slid in two fingers and had her squeeze, this time feeling the moderate pressure she was giving.

Eric had Vicky lie back, relax and spread her legs wide. He slid a pillow and several thicknesses of towel under her hips and took a vibrator and some toys out of the drawer of the bedside table. He turned on the vibrator and began working it gently inside her to relax her while talking almost hypnotically telling her she was relaxing and to just let the vibrator massage her. When her body went slack he covered his right hand with KY jelly and began sliding his fingers inside her. When he had four fingers inside her he felt her tense and ordered her to relax. He began wiggling his fingers in her and pushing them a little harder and harder into her until he was also able to slide in his thumb. He began slowly fucking her with his hand, each time trying to push in just a little further while encouraging her to relax and just let it happen. He layered a little more KY jelly on his hand and after a half dozen or so gentle thrusts, his hand slid in to the wrist. He stopped thrusting and told Vicky to relax and just feel the warm mass in her. After a few minutes he began wiggling his fingers and she began moaning. He hand fucked her for a long time as she released over and over, screaming and urinating on his hand. When he closed his fist inside her she began shaking uncontrollably and making incoherent yells. He began gently turning his fist inside her and she spread her legs wide, holding them shaking in the air as she lost all semblance of control in orgasms.

Eric gently opened his fist and slowly pulled his hand out of Vicky. He moved to lie beside her and gently nuzzled her breast and then began kissing her passionately.

Vicky whispered, “That was amazing! I want you to do that to me again!”

“Not today my love. You will be sore from what I have done already. I need to treat you gently the rest of today.”

They lay in each other’s arms for a while before Eric picked her up and carried her out to the pool and carried her into the water while kissing her. Ever so gently he washed her sticky sex that was red and irritated from his abuse of it. The cool of the water was soothing and soon she was on her feet in the pool, wanting him to sit on the pool edge so she could please him with oral sex.

They played in the pool for a while before Eric dried the woman carefully and brought her inside for lunch. Together they made up some hefty sandwiches and settled on the pool deck with their sandwiches and coffee. Vicky expressed surprise that Eric had not gotten her high and he simply stated he needed to see what she was capable of with nothing to interfere with her inhibitions and had found her nothing short of amazing. He offered her some weed if she wanted it and she declined.

Vicky got nosey and asked him how many little whores he had and Eric indicated that at the moment she was the only one. She had predecessors, but they usually lasted for about six months at most before they got themselves married off to one of his johns who wouldn’t allowed her to screw around any more or he fired them for pissing off the johns or they were caught playing off the reservation by the blood tests. He mentioned she was the first married woman he had enlisted and certainly by far the oldest, but his johns were happy so he was happy. One source of their happiness he knew was that she was old enough they did not need to trust her for birth control and with the careful disease control, they could happily ride her bareback worry free. He mentioned understanding that it was tricky for her to go so frequently for disease testing so she could let his own tests be the monitor of her and asked that she add no new partners other than those she encountered here in his playpen or he otherwise could vouch for.

Eric thanked her for telling the john who wanted her phone number to talk to him. He did not know this john well enough to know if she would be safe alone with him in private. There were some of the johns that he knew she would be safe with inside or outside of the playpen, but in the open environment of the playpen he and the other johns would protect her from harm. The johns knew they were to not put her in an awkward position of needing to say no and the john who asked for her number now had been warned. Even if they sat down next to her in a bar or at Church the johns were not to acknowledge knowing her. It was for her own protection and keeping her safe was the responsibility of all of them. What she did on her own time was her own responsibility, but should she get other partners, he would appreciate if she would resume frequent testing.

Vicky was relieved to hear that this channel for her sexual gratification was not about to be cut off now that she had found it. Her sexuality was being reawakened after more than half a decade of celibacy and it made her feel alive again. She mentioned to Eric that Alan might be going on a golf trip for a week in mid December. That really caught his attention. What floored him, though, was when she suggested she whore for him each day while Alan was gone until about 1PM and then they go to her house for the night to return the following morning to whoring. He had no experience with a woman this hungry for sex. Prior girls put up with sex for the money.

Eric thought for a moment and said, “I won’t let you whore for me more than every other day. But this is the time when I can help you in the arts of sex to make you a true sexual specialist.”

The kitchen timer went off and Eric offered Vicky a hand to go over to the lounge for a final coupling before sending her home. It was truly tender and touching lovemaking, delicious and bonding and without great urgency. When they separated, Vicky went to dress and Eric walked her to the car where he kissed her with real tenderness before she was gone on her way home.

During the week that Alan was away with his golf pals, Eric spent a few days at Vicky’s house, mercilessly acting as her trainer. Every morning he woke her at sunrise with some sort of vigorous copulation that left her wide awake and excited but exhausted. He sent her off to the garage gym equipment and kept the door open from the kitchen so he could shout encouragement and demands to increase the pace while he made her a high protein breakfast to go with her coffee. After breakfast they did yoga together on the living room floor as he pushed her to increase her flexibility. Then she was off to the shower, where he typically scrubbed her vigorously with a loofa. He would carefully shave her and with her final rinse would poke his finger in her rectum to see if she had cleared it or needed to be cleaned out. He was actively working on teaching her to clear her bowels right after breakfast to have a rectum ready for sex.

Eric threw out her depilatory as unsafe around her genitals and tossed about half of the skin creams and lotions that Vicky had bought. Over the years she had managed to avoid age spots with lots of Vitamin E lotions and her skin had stayed moist and supple. But there were newer, more effective products on the market now. He brought in a sack full of lotions and creams that he felt were more effective. He would work the products into her skin as he massaged every part of her body. He gave her a daily facial, working her neck and upper chest at the same time and just in the week Alan was away Vicky’s skin improved by at least a decade. He then did hair and makeup for her and if they were going to his house for her to whore the day away, they would dress and go.

If the day was a work at home day, he would have Vicky start working with weights in front of her full-length mirror so that she could watch the muscles pull and strengthen. He was collecting photos of her skin, body, nails and everything else to share with her the improvements the work was making, and the improvements were visible even between the first day he accepted Vicky as a partner and started teaching her and this week of high intensity training.

Every day Eric added a few minutes or increased the intensity of each session and there were six sessions a day—morning and afternoon endurance on the bicycle and the treadmill which he had dug out of the back of her garage where it was buried under boxes; two sessions of yoga for flexibility and two sessions of weight training. He seemed like a hard taskmaster but Vicky loved the attention and was happy to do it for his praise and the sex. Every twenty or thirty minutes Eric would tell her to squeeze, which meant trying to continue what you were doing while tightening the vaginal muscles twenty times with a five second hold on each squeeze before releasing it. It became an almost automatic reflex for her.

A small box came in the mail and it was Kegel weights he had ordered for her to practice holding inside. They came in a variety of weights and were harder to hang onto than the golf balls.

The morning routine was ended with a vigorous romp in bed and then Vicky was allowed to rest while Eric fixed them some lunch. Almost every day she would promptly fall asleep, but only if she had really pushed through the morning would Eric let her nap once lunch was ready.

Before eating lunch Eric would weigh and measure Vicky. Her waist was trimming down nicely, her excess weight was coming off quickly and the loose skin on her upper arms was dwindling while the muscle mass was increasing. Vicky was concerned that her bust was decreasing and Eric showed her that it was mostly the fat on her back was decreasing. Showing her one of the early pictures of her breasts when standing and her breasts now amazed her because they already were doing less hanging and more perking.

After lunch they would gently make love and Eric would then give her a joint to smoke to relax her and increase her sensitivity. He would begin manipulating her with touch, temperature variations, mild electric shocks, sex toys and various gadgets. She began to have orgasms from simply clitoral stimulation, she learned to control allowing golden showers on her climax or withholding them, she learned to manipulate and squeeze out one at a time peeled hardboiled eggs that were inserted into her. Eric filled her head with sex feats of the whores of Thailand and she so wanted to learn. Every day, once she was sloppy wet, Eric would insert into her a short rod with a balloon type knob on the end. He would fill the balloon with a calibrated amount of water and command Vicky to hold it with her vaginal muscles to keep it from getting out. Each day he would note how large the balloon needed to be for Vicky to retain it. Each day he repeated the test three or four times, in both her vagina and anus, charting her improvement as to how small a bubble she could hold. He showed her new sexual positions and ran commentary as they copulated or she fellated him, telling what was good, excellent or how she could add to the pleasure of her partner.

It all was very intense, but Vicky quickly learned that when she was stoned her only purpose was maximizing the pleasure of her partner and that in turn it added to her own gratification.

The training sessions ended with a round of yoga, where Eric had her assume positions amenable to the body configurations in the Karma Sutra. At the end of that session he would put her in a suspension swing specifically designed to allow a partner easy access to any orifice of his female partner to gratify himself. It was quickly obvious she did not have the abdominal strength to fully succeed in the swing without a great deal of exercise so this became an additional focus of her training.

Vicky tired as the weed wore off and Eric would fix some snacks and let her nap for a little while. When he woke her, it was to do sit-ups and push-ups before working on her endurance training in the garage. He would call to have Chinese or pizza delivery for dinner and after dinner he would take her to the darker size of sex with bondage and S&M. This was not behavior that appealed to Vicky, but Eric pointed out to her that as a whore she needed to satisfy the desires and fantasies of her johns.

Days they went to Eric’s house to service the johns, they had the afternoon for her exercises or little shopping trips.

Chapter 3

After a Wednesday of johns, Eric drove her to a back alley on their way home. He told Vicky to say nothing but let him make the arrangements. Docilely she followed him through the back door and down steps into the basement. The place smelled like the tack room of the horse barn where Vicky went for riding lessons as a child.

The proprietor greeted Eric with familiarity and just glanced at Vicky.

Eric sat on a stool by the counter and the proprietor pulled several large books from under the counter that looked to Vicky like the old dress pattern books from the fabric store. As Eric started to open them the proprietor said, “These for her?”

Eric nodded and said, “I’m looking for a half dozen or so. I want a variety that would appeal to the connoisseur and I need them adjustable since her body is changing as she gets toned for it.”

The proprietor put his tape measure around his neck like a tailor in an old movie, picked up his pad and pencil and came out from behind the counter. He turned the sign on his door from ‘Open’ to ‘Come back later’, closed the door and locked it.

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