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The Hottest Thing In Heels

Joe Brewster

Copyright 2018 Joe Brewster

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Thank you for reading this story.

James was a logical-minded guy. That’s probably why he loved computers. As an I.T. tech, his logical mind came in handy. Computers run on digital logic, so James had no problem figuring them out.

Women, on the other hand, seemed immune to logic. They let feelings undermine all rational thought. No amount of reasoning can fix the problems you encounter with women. That had been James’ personal experience, at least. At times, it felt like his logical mind was his own personal curse. He had the emotional IQ of a bricked iPhone™.

Needless to say, he was a flop with women.

So, despite being mildly handsome, James was socially remote. It was simply his fate, which he accepted calmly, he saw no reason to feel poorly about it.

The office where he worked included many attractive females about his same age (25). He made peace with his social limitations by gratefully admiring their physical attributes from a polite distance.

One typical workday, at the end of shift, Vera, a thin female coworker, came within view of James’s admiring eyes as he waited for the elevator. The slim mini-skirted colleague sauntered past him with a lilting cat-like grace, sporting a pair of stiletto platform pumps. Vera’s towering heels were so tall they ought to have carried a warning label--especially for women with a fear of heights--something like: “DANGER: May Cause Vertigo”.

Vera drew appreciative stares from the several assembled females also waiting there, standing far apart from James. She acknowledged their silent approval with a smug eat-your-heart-out grin. She noted James’s attentive eye and frowned.

“Stop leering at me, tech nerd,” Vera said, grimacing.

Those heels seemed to work magic on the otherwise skinny-legged Vera, turning her into an elegant vision of female sexuality, so much so that it made James stop and think. His weird sense of logic kicked in.

James apologized for staring, then spoke his unfiltered mind.

“You look so stunning in those heels,” he said, “that it got me wondering what they’d do for someone who actually had a nice pair of legs to begin with.”

The reaction was devastating. Hearing the first part of James’s statement Vera’s grimace brightened into a wide smile. Then the rest of his words came out and slapped that smile right off her face. The girls who witnessed this scene were all friends of hers, more or less, but the scene had FAIL stamped all over it. Vera’s superior air had been deflated too perfectly for them not to laugh at her. A few tried not to laugh but they couldn’t hold back. Which only made matters worse.

Vera was utterly humiliated.

For his part, James was oblivious. In his mind he paid her a compliment. He said she looked stunning, didn’t he? He really didn’t grasp the upshot.

At that moment the doors opened and everyone piled into the elevator trying to stifle their laughter. Vera had gotten on last. Waiting for the doors to close she realized there was no way she could endure travelling 10 floors down to street level, in an enclosed box, with her vile coworkers giggling behind her back. She stepped out just as the doors were closing; the entire elevator erupted in roars of laughter, all except for James, of course.

And that just played into the whole schadenfreude zeitgeist of the scene.

James’ lack of emotion was taken as a sign of his superior masculine cool, confirming his deft touch in delivering Vera her delectable smackdown.

The girls all peeked furtively toward James and randomly threw tiny gleeful nods his way as they rode down. One actually said, ‘Well played’ and bumped fists with him. Another high-fived him. As they exited the elevator and headed out of the building two of the girls, Lila and Mocha, said they were stopping off at the pub for drinks and invited him along. As there was no logical reason not to, James went.

The scene was quite boisterous as the bar’s Happy Hour included a DJ spinning great dance music. Fortunately for James, he knew how to dance. His Mother, in his younger years, had plied him with dance lessons, in an effort to draw him out. As he’d gotten older James continued with the dance instruction as a tenuous means of social interaction with the opposite sex.

All that ended when, infatuated with a warm and friendly female instructor, James fell for her sob story about needing money for her Mother’s operation, and lent her a boatload of cash. Said female promptly fled for parts unknown, never to be heard from again.

Oddly, James wasn’t too upset about the money, he was flummoxed because, in his mind, the instructor had been his girlfriend, though he’d never seen her outside of dance class, getting dumped that hard confused him badly.

That put an end to his dance lessons.

Paradoxically, though James was a skilled dancer, he never went out dancing. He lacked the merest social skill to even approach a girl in a public environment. Luckily tonight that wasn’t a problem. Lila and Mocha hauled him onto the dance floor without being asked. When they saw how good of a dancer he was they barely let him sit down.

Lila and Mocha were certified Dolls. Lila, blonde and lively. Mocha, dark and mysterious. Together, and separately, they both kept him busy on the dance floor. James, loving the attention, had imbibed just enough alcohol to loosen up and seem human.

Lila and Mocha were roommates and good friends who did everything together, including too much partying. So when one of them, tipsily, led James into a secluded corner, and started making out with him, the other buzzed roommate joined in.

James tried to be a gentleman but it was no use, the girls were intent in their mission, taking turns to see which of them could jam their tongue furthest down James throat.

James complied. He was a virgin. This was the most awesome sexual experience he’d ever taken part in. He told himself if the girls tried to go beyond kissing he’d have to sober them up first. He’d always promised his Mother to never take unfair advantage of women.

James and the girls had been at it for some time, deeply entwined in warm fondling caresses and wet twirling tongues, when, of all things, Vera showed up; stomping across the bar full bore, her heels clacking loudly on the hard floor.

She pried the girls off of James and bellowed, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you, tech guy.”

“You’ll have to wait,” James said, coolly. “I’m in the middle of something right now.” Then, without missing a beat, he pulled Lila and Mocha into his arms and continued their kiss-fest.

In his mind, James was only being polite. It would be rude to let Vera interrupt.

In reality, no one had ever dissed Vera like that and gotten away with it. James had now belittled Vera twice in one evening. Thus further elevating himself in the eyes of Lila and Mocha while further infuriating Vera.

Vera stalked off in a vile mood as James and the girls renewed their make-out party.

Eventually, the threesome took a bathroom break and Vera sprang into action.

She caught James coming out of the Mens room and promptly dragged him across the hall into the Ladies room to confront him.

Vera backed James into a stall and began French kissing him. Totally taking James by surprise. “You want me,” Vera said. “You know you do. I have to give you credit for negging me hard at work, that was smooth. Slumming with Lila and Mocha and ignoring me scored you more points. You’re acting hard to get, I get that. But we both know I’m the stunning, super attractive, hottie you’re really after. You want to fuck my pussy hard, right here, don’t you, babe?”

James was suitably excited with Vera’s sexual outburst. But he was a fairly straitlaced gentleman, aside from being a virgin, and he was finding it hard to cope. Panic mode was beginning to set in, he reflexively wanted to bolt.

“You’re not my type,” James said, wildly. It was his nice way of saying Vera was too much of a slut. James felt like a slut himself just from kissing two girls at once in public. When he took a moment away from the girls to use the restroom, taboo feelings vaguely rose in his mind. What would his Mother think of his behavior, if she somehow knew?

Having sex in a Ladies room stall, apart from the actual logistics of it, bent his sense of propriety way out of shape. He repeated his go-to excuse about being with Lila and Mocha.

“Right now, you’re alone with me,” Vera said, running her hands over his body, pinning him against the partition. She massaged his massive hardon through his pants. “James--how dare you tell me I’m not your type?” Vera unzipped his fly and stroked his hard cock. “That’s a fine hardon you’ve got--courtesy of me. That’s rock solid proof that I am your type. You want me bad, you know you do, don’t you, tech guy?”

James, overcome with arousal, was unable to speak.

“I rest my case,” stated Vera, as she dropped to a crouch and went down on James raging manhood.

Lila and Mocha had been at the mirror touching up their make-up when Vera barged in with James. Now Lila pushed the stall door open so Mocha could get an iPhone™ video of Vera sucking James’ cock.

“O my god,” Mocha squealed, “Vera looks so fucking gorgeous. Hold her hair back, Lila, I want to get a good close-up.” Lila gathered Vera’s hair in her hands and held it back like a ponytail.

“This is, like, our best party-vid ever!” Lila trilled.

Vera balanced on her amazing stilettos and sucked James’ cock like an up and cumming porn star. She looked awesome.

James kept his eyes closed and pretended he was having a bad dream. Vera’s oral skills were out of this world. Even the crass vulgarity of being sex-taped getting head in a public restroom, which he personally found disgusting, couldn’t deadened the sensational effect of Vera’s expert oral stimulation.

Trembling with excitement he came in Vera’s mouth.

“Now for the cum-shot!” Mocha called out. Vera turned her face to the iPhone™ camera and opened her mouth: revealing James’ copious load in the hollow of her tongue. She swallowed it down and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, like a sperm-burping badass.

She stood and looked straight into the camera, saying, “I guess I showed that Tech bitch! Don’t tell me I’m not the hottest thing in heels!”

James was now totally confused. Vera just sucked his dick in a public restroom, like a lowdown street whore, and she’s acting like she humiliated him. He actually did feel humiliated, but not in the way Vera intended. She acted like she somehow bested him in a competition and came out the winner.

Lila, Mocha, and Vera, huddled together replaying the video. “Girl you so worked that bitch’s cock,” Lila said. “Kim K. would be so jealous. You look like a real live porn star!”

The girls were ecstatic with the video result.

“I’m sorry I laughed at you earlier,” Mocha told Vera. “You are totally hot and gorgeous. That I.T. dude is clueless. I’m glad you fucking punk’d™ that dumb hack. You owned him bad. You’re the greatest! Forgive me?”

“Sure,” Vera hugged Mocha.

“And me, too,” Lila gave her a hug.

“I think Mocha should do this professionally,” Vera gushed. “Of all the iPhone™ bathroom videos I’ve done, this one is way the best.”

Mocha gave credit to Lila for holding Vera’s hair, they kept complimenting each other on a job well done. The three of them forgot all about James.

They were just about to upload the video to Vera’s Tumblr™ party-porn blog when a voice called out, “Let me see that first.”

It was Audra, the new girl at their office. She’d been at the elevator when James dissed Vera. The girls were eager to share their raunchy masterpiece so they let her watch it.

When it ended Audra hit the delete button and the girls freaked out. Audra claimed she meant to send a copy to her cell phone and hit the wrong button by mistake, "Sorry" was all she said.

She took James by the hand and walked out.

Audra led James to a small park across from the pub and, still holding his hand, sat him down on a bench beside her.

“You’re a tech guy, right?” Audra asked, rhetorically. “So you know that video is not really gone, right? They can retrieve it if they know how, and if they want it bad enough.”

“That’s what worries me,” James said.

Audra snuggled his arm and put her head on James’ shoulder to comfort him, and said, “There’s no worries. Those three have no clue how to get it back but, if they do, you’re still in the clear.”

“How so?”

“They’re narcissists, through and through,” Audra said. “That video isn’t about you. It’s about them. Specifically, Vera. Lila and Mocha are just her frenemy enablers. They boost each other’s ego promoting Vera’s Diva-Trip on social media.”

“I don’t get it,” James said.

“Well, I do,” Audra told him. “I know all about narcissistic behavior. My stepmom was a textbook case. You took Vera down with your earlier comment about her. That gave Lila and Mocha a chance to go rogue. They forced Vera to save face. But they ultimately still rely on Vera’s Diva personality for social media validation.”

James was at a loss. His social media cultural literacy was nonexistent.

“What I’m trying to say is this,” Audra said, “that entire video only shows Vera. It also shows your cock, of course, but your face is nowhere on it. You’re in the clear.”

“Cool,” James said, visibly relieved. “Why’d you delete it, then?”

“To annoy Vera, and her enabling duo,” Audra said. “I couldn’t let them think I was on board with what they did. That would just feed all their petty egos. By the way, if your face had been on it, I’d have dropped the iPhone™ down the toilet. You can count on that.”

“Thanks,” said James.

Audra snuggled up to James warmly. “You remind me of my stepbrother,” she said, endearingly. “He’s an Aspey, too.”

“Aspey’s not a real thing, you know,” James told her, without taking offence.

“Yeah, I know,” Audra said. “The term Asperger’s has been deprecated but my stepmom used it for so long I have it stuck in my head. ‘My little aspey’ that’s what she called him. But you are somewhere on the spectrum, right? I could see it right away.”

James admitted he was a high functioning autistic but he never publicly labeled himself.

Audra worked in HR. She was also in school studying social work. She took extensive Psychology training. She felt protective of James and very affectionate toward him. She admired the way he handled Vera right up until Vera went too far. Audra couldn't stand by and do nothing, so she stepped in to help James. She was glad she did.

James was, too.

Audra was solidly built at 5’ 10” tall. A serious-minded woman, she wore gender neutral clothing at work. With her hair pulled back into a ponytail, austere black framed eyeglasses, and little or no makeup, she was strictly business all the way. This day she’d worn a baggy mens Stacy Adams suit with lace up Oxford flats. That was about par for the course. Her clothes had style, of a sort, but didn’t exactly flatter her body.

James thought of her as a nice girl.

The night was still young, and Audra lived nearby, so they walked to her small apartment. She put soft music on her sound system, brought James a soft drink, poured herself a glass of wine, and they sat on the front room sofa to chat.

“I’m glad Vera got you out of her system,” Audra said. “She had to do something to convince Lila and Mocha her Diva status was still intact. If that meant making you cum in her mouth that’s fine with her. That’s a narcissist for you. You’re not actually traumatized, I hope?”

“No,” James confided. “It was my fault I let things go too far but, thanks to you, I’m fine. Aside from deleting the video, just the fact that you’ve so patiently explained the motivation behind everything that happened tonight eases my mind. You’re unbelievable.”

“I’m happy I could help,” Audra said, giving James a peck on the cheek. “I’ve been meaning to introduce myself to you since the first time I saw you. The timing never seemed right.”

James couldn’t believe his ears. This nice caring girl actually seemed to like him. The most amazing thing was he felt comfortable being with her. He wasn’t nervous at all. Far from it. Audra made him feel at home. Even as she looked deeply into his eyes, holding him in a soothing embrace, gently putting her lips on his, and kissing him with warmly romantic implications, he’d never before felt more securely wanted than this.

All the previous lustful goings-on at the raucous pub had been chaotic. A crazy whirlwind of sexual stimulation brought on by the throbbing beat of dance music, his slutty coworkers flinging themselves on him, stirring his loins, and generally working him into a dizzy state of sexual arousal.

He hadn’t had a minute’s peace to take stock of the situation until it was too late.

Now, for the first time in his adult life, he sat calmly with a willing female, one on one, in a romantic setting, and they were quietly behaving like mature adults slowly beginning to be more intimate with each other.

Audra stirred something in James beyond mere lust. He related to her on an emotional level. This was a wonderful new experience for James.

Audra excused herself to change out of her baggy work clothes.

You can imagine James’ surprise when she reappeared wearing her hair down, without her glasses, in nothing but a tasteful black Teddy, black thigh high stockings, and sky-high platform pumps that put Vera’s to shame.

“I hope this answers your question favorably enough,” Audra inquired, with a sultry lilt, and a quirk of her brow. James practically fell on his hands and knees, in awe of the sight before him. He no longer wondered what Vera’s heels would do for a woman with a great pair of legs, he knew, because Audra had a great pair of legs. She had the most amazing legs he’d ever seen.

Audra sat beside James and placed her hands in his and looked him straight in the eye.

“I have a confession to make,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to get you alone like this for quite a while. You remind me so much of my stepbrother…”

She went on to say how close the two of them had been, even though they hadn’t met until they were both 16. He’d turned 18 without so much as ever being kissed. It was the summer before they both went away to different colleges. He sweetly asked Audra to teach him how to kiss so he wouldn’t be completely inept with girls at college. She did. Then he begged to go down on her…

“The look in his eyes when he asked melted my heart,” she said. “I couldn’t think rationally. I let him do as he desired. I let him go down on me. Thank god I did. His tongue was a Magic Wand™.

“I’ve come to believe,” Audra told James, “certain guys are born with the gift for eating pussy, and some just aren't. They don’t have the temperament for it. When I walked out here just now, wearing these heels, I saw the look in your eyes.

“It was that same look my stepbrother gave me, and you have that same temperament, too,” Audra said, with gleaming eyes. “And that same inborn gift for eating pussy… I hope.”

She gave James a long soulful kiss before settling back in the sofa, thighs wide apart, while James lovingly went down on her: the hottest thing in heels.

The End

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