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A Shadow, Inc. Novella

Book 1

By Cass Alexander


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A Shadow, Inc. Novella

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“If you keep on with your incessant chatter, I’ll stop.”

“Oh! No, please don’t stop. Please.”

Tarq rolled his eyes at Daisy’s irritatingly high-pitched voice. It grated on his nerves. When he hired her, he’d only been thinking with his dick, and how hard and far he was going to shove it up inside her.

Like he was now.

Six months ago, she’d shown up for an interview wearing a tiny top and even tinier skirt. She was as unprofessional as unprofessional could get.

She was also dressed in a way that let him know she was willing to be more than just his secretary.

She’d giggled and flirted and chomped on her gum the entire time. Who chewed gum when interviewing for the job of a lifetime? Okay, maybe it wasn’t the world’s best job, but it was the best one Daisy was ever going to get.

She was paid well, had a full benefit package, and she received a handful of orgasms from Tarq from time to time. Not that she remembered them.

He was careful to erase their sessions and he never, ever, initiated. Not with her. She worked for him, after all. Plus, his sister, Angelique, was head of HR. He knew better than to piss her off.

Tarq didn’t like feeling guilty about wiping Daisy’s memory. He never altered it before or during their hook-ups, but the more he pondered the whole situation, the worse he felt.

He had rationalized, the first time she grabbed his crotch, he’d let her get off, then let her get him off, and, since it was all consensual, pressing the brain’s metaphoric Delete key was no big deal.

Admittedly, she was also a damned good employee. It was the only reason he hadn’t fired her yet. He’d put up with some annoyance to have someone as efficient as she was. She was also a good lay, so there was that.


Daisy gasped and Tarq froze, giving his brother, Quin, the evil eye. The door had been locked. It should have clued the fucker in that Tarq was busy. Q’s extra power of telekinesis was inconvenient at times.

“I’m fucking busy, Q.”

“More like you’re busy fucking,” Quin frowned from the doorway. Why his brother continued to bang his assistant was beyond him. Daisy was annoying as shit—and what the hell kind of name was Daisy, anyway?

“Tarq? Should we …” Daisy left it hanging out there, unsure the protocol for getting caught being bent over her boss’s desk.

“Shit. Hey, look at me,” Tarq commanded, the magic in his voice forcing her to turn clumsily to meet his eyes.

Tarq held her stare, telepathically convincing her they were still alone. Once her brain accepted his will, she writhed against him.

Please!” she whined again.


He looked at Quin and quirked an eyebrow. Q took the hint and exited. Thank gods for small miracles.

Tarq started fucking her again, this time with less vigor. She whimpered and moaned, her body begging for release. Even though he wasn’t feeling it anymore, he ordered her to come. And she did.

His power of persuasion was awesome. It was handy. It was also getting old.

He waited until she finished, until he could smell all the wonderful endorphins flooding her system. If he was going to steal the memory away, she should at least get something out of her efforts to seduce him.

Once she came down from her high, he pulled out and walked into the bathroom to remove the condom he hadn’t filled. He cleaned up, washed his hands, and returned to his desk, the one Daisy was currently sitting on.

He looked her over to make sure she’d put her clothing back in order. Satisfied she was presentable to return to work, he cupped her face.

Her breath hitched. The poor girl thought he was going to kiss her, which was sad, really.

She had no memory of his kiss, not because he’d erased it, but because he hadn’t kissed her. Tarq rarely kissed on the mouth. It was too intimate. Sure, accidental grazes and touches happened at the height of passion, but he staunchly refused to do it to Daisy.

Even though he knew he’d swipe what she remembered, he’d never wanted it to seem more than it was, that it would lead anywhere. Guilt was a bitch.

So were the Fates.

The sisters loved messing with immortals. He needed to do a better job of staying off their radar.

“Daisy,” his deep voice caught her in its spell. “Stand up.”

She stood.

“You brought me a cup of coffee and reminded me of my meeting with Quin.”

He watched her glazed eyes, waiting for the magic to work. It was slower now with her because he’d done it too many times. He needed to stop. Hell, none of it should have happened in the first place.

“You have never made a sexual advance towards me. You’ve never wanted to because you know it would be unprofessional. Your position now has a clothing allowance. You’re going to take your corporate card and purchase an entirely new wardrobe, one my personal shopper picks out for you. You’re an amazing executive assistant. It’s time your dress reflects your actual abilities and self-worth.”

“Okay,” she sighed, still under his influence.

He released her and sat in his chair.

“Thank you, Daisy. That will be all.”

Daisy blinked several times, looking a little lost. Yes, this would be the last time. She might start growing suspicious something was wrong if it continued. It had nothing to do with his guilt. Absolutely nothing.

He held up the mug on his desk and took a sip. It was now cold, but she was none the wiser.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Marcellus. Anything else I can do?”

“No, Daisy. Why don’t you go ahead and make the appointment with Julie at Saks, like you’ve been meaning to all week?”

Her face lit up and Tarq was glad he’d suggested it.

“Yes, of course. Thank you,” she smiled and exited his office, gently closing the door behind her.

Tarq placed his elbows on his desk and rubbed his face, disturbed at the pleasant feeling he’d gotten from doing something nice for Daisy. His siblings would have a field day with this, which is why he’d never tell them.

Speaking of siblings, he needed to deal with Quin.


Tarq exited his office and headed towards Quin’s, which was on a different floor. Originally, all the executive offices had been close together. After a few short months, Tarq vacated his original office and took a large space on the top floor.

His brother Marques had joked Tarq just wanted to look down upon everyone. Tarq didn’t think it was funny.

He loved his siblings, who were all executives here at Shadow, Inc., but he didn’t like them being in his business constantly. Or knowing what he was doing to his secretary.

Not that Daisy was the only one he’d been bending over his desk. Far from it. She was just the most convenient.

He required variety and he got it. Often. Tarq never resorted to using his power over females to get them into bed. He didn’t need to.

His genetics had blessed him. His domineering behavior helped seal the deal. Women were suckers for being bossed around. Which was good, because he was bossy, powers or no powers.

The Marcellus family were direct descendants of Peitho, the Goddess of Persuasion. Humans had no idea offspring of the original gods walked the Earth, of course.

In modern times, it was getting more and more difficult to hide. At least, with the Marcellus’ family’s type of magic, they could head off some of the problems that go with immortality, such as someone noticing the lack of grey hair when you should be in your mid-fifties but look like you’re thirty.

It was a headache to disappear and reappear in different cities. This lifetime, they were in Charleston, SC. It had grown to be one of his favorite small metropolises, with its mixture of cultures and Southern hospitality.

Everyone was polite here—extremely polite. He thought he’d hate it, but it made life run a little smoother when you didn’t have to tell anyone to piss off.

Unfortunately, The Holy City, as they called it, had strict rules about how high buildings could be. There were no skyscrapers available from which they could rent big enough office space. Their corporation had outgrown its building and was considering breaking ground on another site or renovating the property next door.

Shadow, Inc. owned and operated a variety of businesses, some less reputable than others. First and foremost, it was a consulting firm for corporations and government entities. Beings with the ability to influence others could be quite successful, as well as dangerous.

This was why there were rules to being allowed to live on Earth.

Tarq and his brethren adhered to the rules. They had no intention of being extracted by the Originals and sent to some labor camp or, worse, moved to a realm that had yet to produce intelligent beings.

There weren’t many divine offspring left on Earth, thanks to the enforcement of rule numero uno: don’t fuck with free will. It was a tough rule for his family because their power totally fucked with free will.

However, there was one little caveat to this decree. Humans sometimes needed guidance, were too foolish to see the consequences of their actions before they acted. As long as they were guided into choices that were for their benefit, then no rules were broken.

Convincing Daisy he hadn’t taken her doggy-style over his desk was, technically, in her own best interest because sexual intercourse with co-workers was against company policy.

Luckily for Tarq, the Originals didn’t give two shits who he shagged. If they had, he’d been first in line for a one-way ticket out of paradise, which was what he thought of the Earth realm, especially now.

Human women were much freer with their bodies this century. Every immortal he’d attempted had wanted too much from him. Jewelry, pretty words, marriage. He was a no-strings kind of god. And Earth had an endless supply of no-strings kind of women.

He still had a semi from earlier. Hell, he was almost always half stiff, needing release constantly. Most immortals were sexual creatures, feeding off the positive energies created during coupling. Lately, his cravings had gotten more demanding. Hence the round with Daisy a few minutes ago.

As he approached Quin’s door, he heard a feminine laugh and his cock turned to granite. What. The. Fuck.

“Go right in, Mr. Marcellus. He’s expecting you.”

Tarq glanced at Q’s secretary, then at the door. He debated taking a short detour to the men’s room. He shouldn’t have denied himself earlier. Yes, that must be the problem—pent-up frustration in need of an outlet.

“Ah, Lilith,” he heard his brother say in his smooth, cultured accent. The one Tarq had worked so hard to get rid of. “You’ve brightened my day.”

“Please, call my Lily.”

“Lily, then.”

Tarq scowled. Lily. Of course, the floozy’s name was a flower. He couldn’t escape them.

His teeth clenched. He did not like how Q and Lily were interacting. It was supposed to be time for a business meeting with the architect firm, L.T. Designs. Not date night. Were the architects late?

The tinkling laugh slid against his ears again and he shivered. No way was Q getting more of that.

Without knocking, Tarq entered the office.


Quin and Lily jerked their heads towards the sound of the door hitting the wall. It wasn’t slammed, but the person who opened it had been forceful and uncareful.

Lily’s lungs forgot how to function, her mind too fixated on the sight of the Adonis striding towards her. Quin was extremely attractive, with sharp lines edging his beautiful face. Almost like a work of art.

The other man was sex on legs. Like Quin, he was tall and broad-shouldered. But where Quin was all smooth and refined, this man was rugged. Stubble covered his face. His dark hair was that perfect mix of messy and styled, just long enough to hold onto while he pounded into her.

She had no idea where the thought came from. Lily did not think or act like this. Not that she didn’t fantasize, but she certainly did not imagine having sex with total strangers during business meetings, no matter how hot they were.

His heated gaze met hers and she pressed her legs together. Her panties were getting wet. His baby blue eyes were so intense she started to lean towards him.

Lily quickly regained her composure, sitting up in her seat and clasping her hands on the small table. She looked at Quin who was observing the newcomer keenly.

“I thought the meeting was at 3:30?” the other asked, his voice a deep timber, fit for a man of his size.

Quin angled his head. “It is. This is—” he started, gesturing towards Lily.

“I could give a shit. Ditch the tart so we can talk before they get here.”

Wow. Nothing kills a lady boner like a man with no manners. She squinted at Quin, thinking he would say something, but his mouth was opening and closing like a fish.

“Excuse me?” she said in her most professional schoolmarm voice.

“No offense, babe,” he sneered. “We’re on a time crunch. You can fuck around with my brother later.”

Brother? This asshole was Tarquin Marcellus? The ultimate lady’s man? She’d heard stories.

Admittedly, his looks did live up to the tales, but his personality did not. Did females like being spoken down to like this?

“Uh, Tarq?” Quin tried to get his brother’s attention. He was staring so intently at Lily, Quin was afraid Tarq would do something stupid. Well, more stupid than he already had. Tarq was looking at Lily like he wanted to eat her alive.

“No, Quin,” she said, holding up her hand. “Let him finish.”

Tarq laughed. This time when he spoke, he let his power come out.

“Finish? Doll face, I haven’t even started with you. Now get your fine ass out of here so I can concentrate on my 3:30 appointment.”

“I am your 3:30. Asshole.”

Tarq jerked his head, clearly taken aback.

While she glared at him, he took her in. Thick, long, dark brunette hair, the kind a man wants to run his hands through—then pull. Bright green eyes. Pouty pink lips just made to wrap around a cock.

This hot-as-sin female was an architect? There was no fucking way. She couldn’t have been a day over twenty-one.

Sure, her suit was expensive, and the hemline of her pencil skirt was to her knees. Her heels were sensible, not sexy. And now that he was really looking at her, he wasn’t sure if she even had on an ounce of make-up. She was gorgeous. And his damned cock took notice—had hardened at the sound of her voice alone.

Well, well, well. It seemed as though he was going to get his rocks off today, after all. She was so naturally stunning, he might fuck her twice. But being the consummate professional, he would finish the meeting before dragging her to his office. He couldn’t wait.

“Tarq,” Quin cut in, hoping he could salvage the situation, “this is Lilith. Of L.T. Designs.”

Tarq held out his hand. “Lily, it is a pleasure.”

Lily hesitated before reaching for him. “You may call me Lilith. Or Miss Travelle.”

He smirked at her cheekiness.

When their hands met, a tingle shot up her arm, like he’d zapped her with static electricity. If he’d felt it, he gave no indication.

Tarq barked out a laugh. “Oh, Q. She’s precious. Can I keep her?”

That was it. Lily started packing up her things, closed her laptop way to hard, and wrinkled papers as she stuffed them into her tote. She wanted them to know she was good and pissed.

“Thank you for your time. Quin, if you’d like to reschedule, call my assistant.”

She lifted her bag and started towards the door.

“Do not leave.”

Tarq’s voice, velvety smooth, caressed her skin like a lover. She’d never felt a physical reaction to a voice before. It was as if it was trying to burrow inside her, slowly, sensually. It was … not normal.

Lily was losing her goddamned mind. She needed to get away from him. Her pride, however, wouldn’t let Tarq have the last word. She rounded on him and put her finger in his face.

“I prefer to work with grown-ups. Like Quin. When your gonads drop, give me a call.”

Stupid, stupid broken filter. Lily could not believe she was stooping to name-calling. In under thirty seconds he’d made her a total nut job.

Tarq laughed again and it did things to her insides. Dirty, naughty things. Damn him and the sexy horse he rode in on. She should not be turned on by a douchebag.

“Lily, listen to me,” he told her in a voice an adult would use with a child. It was how he usually got hysterical humans to calm down. He let his power out again, this time he used an extra dose because she’d easily snapped out of his last thrall.

“You will return to the table and forget what I said to upset you. I entered the room shortly after you and we shook hands. It was all very cordial. You’ll retrieve your materials and present as planned. Understood?”

Lily’s eyes bugged.

“Yes, see? It’s all okay now. Here, I’ll even escort you to your seat for being such a good girl.”

Tarq reached for her elbow. His focus was on her left arm, which is why he didn’t see her right arm as it flew towards his face. He did, however, feel the impact once her palm came in contact with his cheek and smacked the ever-loving-shit out of him.

Ohmygod-ohmygod-ohmygod. She’d struck him. Lily had never hit anyone in her entire life. But something about his patronizing tone and the imaginary stroking she felt on her skin when he spoke, well, it broke something inside her.

She wanted to scratch and bite, to hurt him. Then she wanted to rip off his clothes and take him on the floor. It was official. She’d lost it.

She stood there, shaking, not knowing if she should run away or apologize profusely. He was well within his right to call the cops. Though, Lily couldn’t imagine this was the first time he’d been hit if this was how he treated women.

Tarq raised his hand to rub the sting on the side of his face, in total shock. He’d never been slapped before.

Brawls with his own gender had occurred in his past, but never had he tussled with a woman in anger.

He wanted to throw her across his knee and spank her voluptuous ass. It was no less than she deserved. She’d probably like it, angry little kitten that she was. But he had a much bigger problem on his hands. His persuasion didn’t work on her.

It wasn’t possible. No human in the history of humankind had resisted any of Peitho’s progenies. He swiveled his head towards Quin, hoping he had some explanation.

“Oh, shit,” was Q’s response.

Mother. Fucker. This was bad.


Persuasion didn’t work on Lily. He couldn’t erase the epic ass he’d been from her memory. Something akin to panic spread through his chest. If he couldn’t erase it, how was he going to get a redo? A start-over?

He’d always been able to in the past. It was why he rarely tempered his words. It seemed like no big deal, swiping his little faux pas. Lily would be better off not remembering this. It was the only reason he’d used his magic to try to get her to sit.

He’d effectively ruined the meeting with the most sought-after architect on the eastern seaboard. His siblings would kill him. He needed to rectify this.

Once he did, he was going to have this little minx underneath him. He’d take her in every way she could imagine. And then some. Tarq could not recall ever wanting someone as much as he wanted her.

Yes, he’d fix it, and then he would show her what a real grown-up could do. She’d be saying please and thank you to his rod in no time.

“You should apologize. Immediately.” Quin said, breaking the silence, allowing his power out to show Tarq he was pissed.

Persuasion didn’t work on other immortals, but it could be manipulated in anger and feel as though one was being scratched when there was enough force behind it. He hoped he’d chafed the shit out of him.

“I am sorry I hit you. I can’t believe I did that. I was angry, but there is no excuse for hitting,” Lily stated.

Tarq and Quin looked at one another. Her voice was weirdly devoid of emotion.

“Lily, I was speaking to Tarq. He was completely out of line and deserves anything you throw his way. Why don’t you sit and we’ll all calm down?”

Lily robotically moved to the chair and sat. The brothers continued staring. She was acting like she’d been under Quin’s compulsion, but maybe this was how she freaked out after emotional encounters.

A few seconds passed, and Lily shook herself out of her stupor. She was in the chair again. She didn’t even remember moving. She really was out of sorts today. All thanks to the fuckwad over there, looking at her like she was about to detonate.

“I need to go,” she said, standing and adjusting her tote.

“No, please sit,” Tarq insisted, throwing his power out.

“Absolutely not. I’ve been insulted enough today, don’t you think?”

Use your power and tell her to sit again, he communicated with Quin telepathically.

What? No. It didn’t work when you tried.

Yes, but when you used your power and told me to apologize, she complied. And she sat when you told her to sit. Maybe it’s just me she’s immune to, which Tarq really did not like admitting.

Quin sighed. Fine.

“Lily, will you please sit and finish the meeting?” he blasted extra power. Not because he wanted to overpower her, but because he wanted to lash out at Tarq for being a dumbass.

Her eyes glassed over and she, once again, took her seat at the small meeting table in his office. Well, shit. Q smiled, knowing it would mess with Tarq that Lily reacted to his power but not to Tarq’s.

Wanting to be sure, Quin told Tarq, “Tell her to raise her right hand. Use your influence.”

Tarq doubted it would work, but he, too, wanted to be sure.

“Lily, raise your right hand.”

She blinked and scowled at him, coming out of the thrall. Damnit. Did his power have the opposite effect from Q’s?

“Calm, Lily, be calm,” Quin cooed.

Lily relaxed and Quin, whose attention was on Tarq, started laughing. Of all the immortals, Tarq relied on his ability the most. He was out of his depth with this one. He’d have to watch his mouth. He’d also have to keep his dick in his pants.

“Fuck you, Q,” Tarq muttered.

“Hey, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t do this. In fact, if you hadn’t been such an ass, we’d be well into the presentation by now.”

Tarq knew his brother was right.

“Yes, well, neither of us could have anticipated her resistance to me.”

Quin laughed again. “Yes. I find it rather amusing.”

“You should find it worrisome. You ever heard of any human having resistance to our persuasion?”

“No, no one outside fellow immortals. But she’s not a goddess or even a demigod. She smells human to me.”

“Me, too.”

Tarq ran one hand over his stubble, thinking about her slap. He’d be taking it out on her ass soon enough. The anticipation was enough to mollify his need to dominate her. For now.

He’d need to the hit the club after this meeting and work off some tension. The sooner they finished the meeting, the sooner he could bury himself in one of the club’s professional submissives.

“Tell her to forget what happened. Wipe me out completely, but don’t make her forget getting here or coming to your office.”

“This is not the first time I’ve used my power, dickhead. I do know I’m doing.”

Tarq couldn’t help himself. He wanted this fiasco gone. He’d never needed to be careful around women, with what he said.

Honestly, though, he’d never spoken quite so callously to a woman before. Most females adored him. He didn’t know why he had such a visceral reaction to Lily, or why he’d hated hearing her speak to Quin.

“I’ll go out and come back in. We’ll start over.”

“I have a feeling this is going to be fun to watch,” Quin mused.

“Just do it. I’ll knock in 30 seconds.”

Tarq left, slamming the door behind him. Q’s secretary jumped, but said nothing. She knew better. He wondered if he could teach Lily to muzzle her mouth, as well.

He licked his lips and knocked.


“What in the hell did you do to her?” Tarq barked at Quin. He’d waited until Lily had enough time to be out of earshot.

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean. She was nothing but polite and professional. She didn’t react to me. Not once did she flirt back. And I was bringing my A game.”

Quin leaned back in his chair, thinking. Tarq was acting awfully interested in Lily, for only having known her a couple of hours.

“What does it matter?”

“It matters because I want to know what you said to make her that way.”

“Maybe she’s just not into you.”


Quin rolled his eyes. “I didn’t say anything or instruct her to act in any specific manner towards you. I know you won’t listen, but I recommend you back off. Let this one go, Tarq.”

He should. But he couldn’t. He needed to get away from the office and let off some steam. The damned architect had done a number on him.

“You should ask Angelique about this, Q. See if she knows anything. There’s no way Lily is just a human.”

Angelique was the one who had recommended the firm. She knew Lily socially and might know something of her parentage. He needed to figure her out.

If he didn’t strip her bare soon he’d die from want. Gods, he should have his head examined. He shouldn’t care anything about her. But he did. He cared too much.

He’d find a worthy substitute. Or three. He texted his driver.

“I’m out of here. I’ll see you on Monday.”

With that, Tarq left the building. He didn’t even give his driver time to get out and open the door for him.

“I’m in a hurry, David.”

“Where to, Sir?”

“Club Shadow.”

The club was just outside the city. A sprawling manor catering to the wealthy. It was a social club, on the surface. Really, it was a high-end sex club. Immortals, who loved and fed off sex, were drawn to it.

The club was more than happy to help any fantasy come true—for a price.

It was one of Shadow, Inc.’s more lucrative businesses. Sex was always profitable. It was also illegal, so they were very careful with whom they let join.

All of the employees were immortal, and most were of a breed who thrived on heavy doses of sex. Some, such as succubi, needed it to live.

Club Shadow provided a mutually beneficial relationship for immortals not interested in relationships. There were a few human members, but they were closely monitored and, occasionally, had to have memories altered.

Tarq texted Amelia to have his room ready. She was a siren, and men, especially human men, flocked to her. She had to reign in her melodic tones constantly.

Her powers were almost identical to his. The exception was the siren’s call could be permanent.

When a Marcellus used persuasion, it did its job and then faded. The wiping of a memory was permanent, but the trance went away, and the subject could go about his or her life, wouldn’t need someone to tell him or her every little thing to do.

With Amelia, she could hypnotize a person and leave them in their dream-like state forever if she so wished. They were the only immortals allowed to go completely against the whole free-will thing. Something about being enslaved millennia ago and being owed recompense for unspeakable crimes.

It was all very sordid, and no one spoke of it. Whatever happened had reduced their numbers to near-extinction.

The Originals, in their totally misguided and inappropriate effort to help the sirens up their numbers, pronounced the sirens could unduly wield their powers.

The rationale had been two-fold. First, the sirens demanded it and the Originals owed them. Big time. Second, the Originals hoped the sirens would use their power to convince males to impregnate them.

It was messed up. It wasn’t like anyone would turn down a free fuck from such beautiful women.

The ruling had never been lifted. Probably because their numbers were still so low. But he’d never heard of any siren using her power to get a male to dip his wick.

It was more like they wanted the option to enthrall anyone they chose as a defense strategy. If he’d been enslaved and set free, he’d want some insurance, too.

The car pulled in front of the manor and, too impatient to wait for his driver, Tarq jumped out. He strode with purpose up the stairs and through the front doors. His shaft was still painfully hard. He might need to stay here the entire weekend.

“Hello, handsome,” Amelia greeted him in the foyer.

“Amelia. Forgive me, but I’m in a hurry.”

Amelia looked at the bulge in his pants and smiled. “I’d say so. Tough day at the office?”

“You have no idea.”

“Everything you requested is ready. Call if you need anything else. Or if you need any … help.”

He was already climbing the grand stair case when Amelia’s words gave him pause. She had never offered before. She never serviced the male members of the club, but she did partake in pleasures with the females.

Picturing it made his cock twitch.

“Give me an hour, then come up.”

“Gladly,” she replied.

If he didn’t take care of himself now, his dick was going to explode. And not in a good way.

Tarq jogged up the stairs, undoing his belt and pants as he moved. He was like a damned teenager knowing he was about to get his nut off for the first time.

He opened the door to his personal suite, not even bothering to close it. The brunette was secured in the swing as he’d requested. A small vibrator was attached to her clit, held by a thin belt. She was glistening for him.

Her brown eyes locked with his, pleading. She knew better than to speak without permission. And he knew exactly what that ready pussy needed. But he didn’t want to look at her, not when he wanted green eyes staring back at him.

Tarq grabbed the harness and flipped her over. He palmed his throbbing flesh, lowering it towards the opening of her weeping hole. His patience shot, he plunged inside her pussy and she pulsed around him.

He sometimes didn’t bother with a condom when at the club, but he never came inside anyone while bare.

It helped that immortals couldn’t get or spread diseases and the female employees were all on special birth control. It was a welcome convenience.

He grabbed her hips and moved her back and forth on his cock, hard and fast. Neither of them would last long, which was fine. One fuck wasn’t going to be enough, anyway.

“Come,” he commanded.

She came almost silently, air stuck in her throat, struggling to get out. He was fond of the sound. It meant he was doing his job and she was getting off.

He pulled out, grabbed his length and spewed all over her ass. Perfect. He hadn’t even planned it, but it was the ideal lubrication for what he intended to do next.


An hour later, Amelia came to the suite, covered in nothing but a silk robe. The door was still open from his hurried entrance. The brunette, Ava, had passed out twenty minutes ago, and was on the bed.

Tarq was currently naked, sitting on the loveseat in front of the window. A cute blonde named Jessica was straddling him, easing herself up and down his shaft while he squeezed each globe of her ass.

After he’d finished with Ava he’d called down and asked for someone with lighter hair. Ava was good, but her hair started to annoy him every time she turned around and he saw the wrong face.

He was only torturing himself by trying to pretend she was Lily. There was no substitute for his little flower.

How he knew she would be the best he’d ever had, he had no clue. He could just tell. Maybe it was her innocent appearance.

He’d learned in the meeting she was twenty-four, had her masters, and had started her own firm before she’d even graduated. She was one of those studious-types, finishing high school early and overloading during undergrad to get ahead of the game.

He admired her ambition, but wondered what she did to unwind, to treat herself. She didn’t seem the type to allow it. However, she was friends with Angelique, so there must be some part of her that let loose. His sister could be rather wild.

Amelia closed the door and walked slowly, untying and dropping the robe as she did. She didn’t stop until she was between his legs, her front pressed against Jessica’s back.

She reached over Jessica’s shoulders and rubbed her hands up and down the blonde’s breasts.

“Widen your legs a little, Amelia,” Tarq instructed.

She did, allowing him to rub his knuckles up and down her slit. She was getting wet. Amelia would probably not let him fuck her, but she would allow his touch as payment for access to his playtime.

She sighed and swayed gently. At the same time, she pinched and pulled Jessica’s hardened nipples. Tarq really liked this little game they’d started. But he wanted to watch Amelia taste Jessica’s sweet honey.

“Jessica, hop up and turn around.”

She whined a little in protest, but did as he said.

Once she was standing between his legs, Amelia pressed up against Jessica’s front. Amelia bent around to look at Tarq.

“May I?” she requested.

“Not yet. Jessica, sit.”

Jessica sat on his lap. He adjusted himself, so his dick was in between them, not inside her. He pulled each of her legs to align atop his and then spread them wide.

“You now have permission, Amelia.”

Amelia knelt between their legs, inching closer until her breasts were flattened against Jessica. She grabbed her face and kissed her, driving her tongue deep, showing her what it would soon be doing elsewhere.

Tarq played with Jessica’s clit with one hand and fondled a breast with the other. Her hips swirled, demanding more, but every time she moved, he stopped.

“Tsk, tsk, Jessica. You know the rules. You don’t get off until I say. Hold still and we’ll make you come hard.”

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed.

Amelia nipped and licked her way down to where Tarq’s fingers were playing with Jessica’s clit. He moved his hand up to knead the opposite breast and Amelia licked the brunette’s crease.

Tarq could feel Jessica’s legs tense. She was trying so hard not to move. He decided not to make her wait. The sooner she got off, the sooner he did, too.

“Amelia, suck on her clit. Don’t stop until I say.”

Amelia pulled the nub into her mouth, licking at it furiously. Tarq inserted two fingers into Jessica’s center and she inhaled sharply. He picked up speed, feeling that she was close.

When her walls contracted, he pulled on her nipple. Hard. Jessica cried out, riding the wave of her climax. Unable to hold still, her lower body jolted forward, pressing into both his hand and Amelia’s tongue.

When her muscles finally relaxed, Tarq told Amelia to stop.

“Jessica, do be a dear and put my cock in your mouth.”

Jessica turned and got on her knees. She licked up and down his length before sucking on the head. She was good at this, but he felt it was lacking something.

“Amelia, reach around and grab my balls.”

Amelia grabbed them, none too gently.

“Ah, yes,” he groaned, but he still needed more.

“Pull on them,” he commanded, as he grabbed Jessica’s head and forced her further down.

“Swallow, Jessica.”

She did, and her throat closed around him. Good. This would get him to come faster. Already he was bored, but he wouldn’t send them away until he was finished. He should also allow Jessica to tend to Amelia.

“That’s it. I’m close.”

Right before he came, he pulled Jessica’s mouth away, choosing to come all over her tits. Jet after jet landed on her skin. He liked seeing it there.

Once he was spent, he nodded towards the bed.

“Thank you, Jessica. Now I want you to get up on the bed with Amelia and eat her until she comes.”

Amelia’s eyes sparkled. “Will you be joining us?”

He was still at half-mast, but it just wasn’t as intriguing as it used to be.

“I’ll watch from here.”

Amelia shrugged and Tarq watched with disinterest as the two moved to the bed. It was going to be a long weekend.


“Have I told you how hot you look tonight?”

Lily eyed her friend carefully. Something was up. Yes, she’d gone a little bit out of her way when she’d gotten ready tonight on the off chance she’d see her new obsession out and about, but it wasn’t like she’d transformed into something unrecognizable.

Her hair was in a high pony-tail hanging down her back. She had on a black strapless dress and bright red heels. She’d even put on a little eye make-up and lip gloss.

“Twice,” Lily replied.

Angelique put her perfectly-manicured hands up in defense.

“Don’t get upset. I just think you need to be told these things. Preferably by someone with the male anatomy.”

Lily laughed, but she was in total agreement. She was inexperienced, to say the least. School had been her life and now it was work. She’d tried dating, and she’d hated it.

None of the guys she’d gone out with had done anything to spark her libido. She’d never been interested in anyone. Until yesterday.

She couldn’t get the tall, dark, sexy man out of her mind. She’d been wet the entire meeting. Nothing got her wet. Not even when she touched herself—not that she was good at it. She’d yet to get herself off. She thought something might be wrong with her honeypot.

Lily had caught herself fantasizing about Tarq so many times in the past twenty-four hours, she’d thought she would go crazy.

Did Angelique know how hot her brother was? Quin was attractive, too, but he didn’t give her a case of wet-panties.

“I want to suggest something, but I’m afraid of how you’ll take it,” Angelique said, suddenly very serious.

Lily pivoted on the stool to face her friend. They were at a posh bar in downtown Charleston, having drinks and catching up.

“Okay. You know I’m not easily offended by your craziness, Ange, so just say it.”

“You need to get laid.”

“Wow, just put it out there,” Lily laughed nervously.

“It’s time. You’re twenty-four. How long are you going to hold on to your v-card?”

“It’s not like I intended it to go on this long.”

And she hadn’t. She just wasn’t going to force herself to do it with someone who didn’t turn her on. Tarq’s face entered her head again.

“I think you need to get acclimated to sex, to all the yummy activities leading up to it. Then you’ll want it. You can’t just hop straight to it. You need an orgasm or six first.”

“Shhh!” Lily reached up, trying to cover Angelique’s mouth.

Ange was laughing at Lily’s reaction. She wasn’t a prude. She was fun and could throw down a lot of alcohol for a human. She just needed a push.

After speaking with Quin about Tarq’s behavior, Angelique felt bad. She wanted to do something for her friend. She deserved to enjoy her life.

She also wanted to get to the bottom of why Lily was immune to Tarq. It was fascinating.

Lily blushed. Angelique was gorgeous. Her long chestnut locks were always in a perfect wave. Her chocolate eyes made her look approachable. The first time they’d met, Lily felt drawn to Angelique, felt she could trust her.

It didn’t make sense because she was rarely trusting. But her gut told her this woman could be a good friend, so she went with it. It was sometimes hard to be out with her, though.

Angelique’s chest could draw a crowd. And she flaunted it, always in something tight, letting the world know she was there. But she also looked classy and Lily wanted it to rub off on her. She wanted to live life a little freer, like her friend.

“What do you suggest I do?” Lily asked.

“Oh, I know exactly what we’re going to do. You need to promise to keep an open mind, okay?”

Lily frowned, a little concerned with what the wild-child was planning.

“Okay?” Angelique asked again.

“Fine,” Lily huffed.

“Awesome, let’s go.”

They paid their tab and Angelique’s driver picked them up. She told him to take them to Club Shadow.

“What’s Club Shadow?” Lily asked her friend.

“It’s a club,” she deadpanned. “A very exclusive club.”

Angelique released her power. She was doing this for Lily’s own good. Someone had to intervene in the girl’s pathetic sex life.

Lily just needed to get past her own inhibitions. The club was a safe place to do that. All the employees were professional and would stop at once if told to.

“Lily, you will be open-minded to this experience. It is a sex club, but many people go there and do not have sex. They socialize and drink. Only fully-approved members, who have been vetted, have rooms in the manor.”

Angelique paused, considering her next words carefully.

“We are going to mingle in the bar area. If you find someone while we’re there, and you want to … explore some physical activities with him, you will not get in your own way. You are free to choose to do or not do whatever you want. However, if you get into a situation and you want it to stop, you will give a firm ‘no’ and it will. If it doesn’t, you will break his fucking nose and scream bloody murder.”

There. Lily had an out if she got scared.

Angelique hoped there’d at least be some kissing and heavy petting. Her friend was striking, and it was a place people went to hook up. She’d have to fight them off with a stick.

When the driver let them out, Angelique locked arms with Lily and escorted her up the stairs. Amelia, the lady of the manor who knew everything about everyone, greeted them as they entered. Angelique entered first, hugging the siren affectionately.

“Angelique, how lovely to see you,” Amelia said, kissing her on each cheek.

Angelique stepped aside and pulled Lily closer. “This is my very good friend, Lily. Lily, this is Amelia. She runs the club.”

Amelia’s smile grew big, also kissing Lily on both cheeks. “Welcome, sister! I had no idea another seductress, like me, was in the area.”

Angelique did a double-take.

Lily grinned, appreciating the complement. She did feel sexy tonight, and open to possibilities. She was also uber curious about the club. It wasn’t at all what she’d pictured.

The foyer was well-lit and decorated in earth tones. She’d expected dark decor and bodies writhing in every corner to the beat of pulsating music. This looked like a family estate. Of course, the house was huge and more seedier things could be happening elsewhere.

“Amelia, I’m going to take my friend into the bar. I’ll be right back.”

“Of course. Enjoy yourself, Lily. I do hope you consider becoming a member. The perks for those like us are immense.”

Lily wasn’t sure what Amelia meant by “those like us,” but she went with it. It wasn’t like she wanted to walk around with a sign around her neck declaring her sexual status.

“Thank you. Nice to meet you,” she replied hurriedly because Ange was pulling her towards a side door.

Angelique opened the door and entered the room, with Lily close behind. She had to stay close since Ange had a death-grip on her forearm.

“Is everything okay?” Lily asked.

“What? Oh, yes. Fine, everything’s fine. Listen, when will you turn twenty-five?”

Uh-oh, was there a weird rule about the age of consent in the club? That was fine. She was happy to just mingle.

“September 21st. Why?”

“Uh, no reason. I thought it was close, so I asked. Didn’t want to miss it, you know? Only a few more days. Wow,” Angelique rambled.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yep. Keith?” Angelique got the bartender’s attention.

It wasn’t until he walked over that Lily noticed he was not only missing a shirt, but his pants were practically painted on and left nothing to the imagination.

He had a good body, but she wasn’t sure she wanted a half-naked person cutting up her limes back there.

“Miss Marcellus. What can I get for you this evening?”

“Nothing yet. This is Lily. Give her whatever she wants, charge it to my tab. I’ll be right back, Lily.”

Lily watched her friend high-tail it out of there. Was she uncomfortable with Lily being here? Surely not. Angelique didn’t have many hang-ups. She wouldn’t have brought Lily if she didn’t want her here.

Oh god, what if she was all … needy now because she was in the sex club? Lily did not want to know anything about Ange’s needs.

Keith’s eyes roamed over Lily’s body and her skin flushed. “I would love to give you whatever you require this evening, Lily. Do you know how to order what you want?”

“Um, like a cocktail?”

His grin grew mischievous and Lily wanted to die. She’d said “cock” in front of the bartender at a sex club.

“I mean, how about a gin and tonic?” she asked.

“Right away, beautiful.”

Keith mixed her drink and sat in front of her. He leaned closer and lowered his voice. “Let me know when you’re ready to order what you really want.”

Lily pressed her lips together, totally understanding the double-entendre. She should have replied, but a warm hand on her hip and a growly voice from behind prevented her from speaking.

“Back off, Keith. This one’s taken.”


She knew that voice. It hadn’t left her brain since yesterday. She turned her face to his and was met with Tarq’s ice-blue stare. He looked angry.

Tarq had been over by the window, talking to a business acquaintance. He’d stepped towards his sister when she entered and halted in his tracks when he saw who was with her.

What the fuck was she thinking bringing Lily here? And after he’d finally gotten his favorite organ to chill for a minute?

Lily spoke aloud to Angelique and, boom! He had another raging hard-on. This time, he didn’t intend to settle for less than what he wanted. And what he wanted was standing right in front of him in a tiny black dress and fuck-me red heels.

He reached for Lily when he heard Keith speak to her, disliking the bartender’s attentions zeroing in on her. Tarq decided he was claiming Lily for the night.

The rumble of his voice, the feel of his hand, and the possessiveness of his words sucked all the air right out of Lily’s lungs. Her nipples pebbled under her dress.

She wasn’t wearing a bra and the bar was well-lit. So, she shouldn’t have been surprised when his eyes drifted down to her chest. Normally, this sort of thing would offend her. With Tarq, she was thinking she’d like to show him what was under the material.

The corner of Tarq’s mouth twitched. She was timid, but curious. He could work with it. He would resist hiking up her dress and fucking her against the wall, which was totally permitted and sometimes encouraged. He just didn’t think she was ready for it.

He looked at Keith and a foreign feeling struck him hard. Jealousy.

Tarq didn’t want anyone else to touch her. She was his. If she’d ordered Keith off the “menu,” Tarq might have done something to get himself kicked out of the club, or worse, like putting Keith six feet under.

He didn’t know what was happening to him, but he wasn’t going to fight it. He was a man of pleasure, and he knew this female might be able to give him more pleasure than he’d ever known.

Now, how to proceed. She was at Club Shadow and, thus, had to know what it was. Did she come here to get fucked? If so, he was more than willing to help her achieve her goal.

Lily, feeling brave, leaned into him, allowing herself to feel his strong body pressed against hers.

Tarq rotated his hips forward so there was no question what he wanted.

“Careful, Petal. You have quite an effect on me. I’ll not be teased.”

Lily’s respiration increased. He’d given her a nickname. It only made her want him more.

Something about being around him turned her into a quivering mess. He was the only one who had ever made her consider doing the deed. She suddenly wanted to know, very badly, what an orgasm felt like.

Be brave, she thought to herself.

Lily turned further in his arms, until they were face-to-face. His hands rested on her hips.

“Can we … go somewhere? Private?” she whispered.

Tarq nearly came in his pants at the sound of her voice.


He clasped her hand and led her out the door closest to the elevator. He’d avoid Angelique, if he could. She knew about Lily’s resistance to his persuasion and would probably try to cockblock.

Having him unable to erase memories put his siblings on edge. They were afraid he’d do something to ruin Shadow, Inc.’s expansion. With his hands touching Lily right now, he would risk it.

Once he got her in the elevator, he pinned her against the wall, almost afraid to let her move. He didn’t want her to change her mind, so he’d give her a reminder of why she should stay.

Tarq grabbed her hand and lowered it to his groin. He pressed her palm into the hardness and groaned.

“See what you do to me, Lily? I’ve been hard since I walked into that meeting and saw your sexy little body hiding behind a designer suit.”

Lily squeezed, causing him to groan again. A thrill shot through her at making a man like Tarq Marcellus hard as steel.

The door opened, and he grabbed her hand again to pull her to his suite. He was breathing hard and they hadn’t even done anything. Gods he couldn’t wait to come inside her.

It was an act he seldom allowed to happen outside of the club. He wasn’t interested in any little Tarqs running around. Immortals could and did produce offspring with humans.

Despite the risk, he fully intended to fill her up with his come. Some primal urge deep inside compelled him to do it. He’d fuck her so thoroughly she’d never get him out from under her skin.

An image of Lily’s belly, round with child, had him growling. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. He was off the rails and he had no intention of getting back on track.

He tugged her into his suite, kicking the door shut. He tried to grab her, but she side-stepped him.

“H-hang on,” she put a hand up.

Damnit. He was losing her. She likely needed to feel some sense of control. He’d bet money she’d never dreamt of stepping foot in a place like this. Or giving it up to a practical stranger.

“What do you need, Petal? Tell me and I’ll let you have it,” he promised, ignoring the impulse to dominate her, to tell her what to do and how to please him. This was a far cry from his usual practices in this place.

“I need,” she cleared her throat, drumming up the courage to ask for what she wanted.

“I need—I would very much like to have an orgasm.”

There. She’d said it.

Tarq’s face blanked. Oh, she was too much. She was the most adorable thing he’d ever seen. He was going to eat her up, like the Big Bad Wolf he was.

“You would very much like to have an orgasm?” he asked.

“Yes,” she nodded, over exaggerating the movement as if to drive it home.

He smirked. “Just one?”

“Um, is that, uh, possible? For someone like me?”

“Someone like you?”

“Yes, someone who has never, you know.”

“Come? No one has ever made you come?”

She shook her head and Tarq wanted to beat his chest. He would give Lily her first orgasm. He’d give her as many as he could, so many she’d have to beg him to stop.

She deserved no less. How had no man ever taken the time to bring her to climax? Selfish bastards. Every last one of them.

Tarq couldn’t resist her pull. Her godsdamned voice was like an aphrodisiac, dragging him under its spell. They were magnets, physically drawn to one another.

“Give me permission and I’ll give you as many as you’d like.”

Her eyes grew large. Could he do that? Could she? There was only one way to find out.


“Okay,” she breathed, feeling like her skin was too tight, like her entire body was swelling from the heat generated by her core.

Tarq decided the first one would be fast. She shouldn’t have to wait another minute to experience what he’d been experiencing for millennia.

He twirled her around and walked them to the window. The evening had grown chilly, so the glass would be cool to the touch.

From behind, he slid his arms under hers and grabbed the top of her dress, yanking it down. Unable to resist, he looked over her shoulder and down at her chest to her erect, perfectly pink nipples. He was going to come all over them. Later.

He inched her forward until her body was flush with the glass. He slid his hands down her hips to the bottom of her dress and inched it up.

The window cooled Lily’s heated skin, causing goosebumps to appear across her flesh. The heat from his body behind was scorching compared to the cold at her front.

She was burning for him to do something. Once he’d gotten her dress over her hips, he slid one hand down and around to cup her mound.

She moaned as he pressed the palm of his hand into the apex of her thighs. She ground her ass into his erection.

“Ah, does my Petal like that?”

“Yes. Yes, please.”

“I like it when you beg so sweetly.”

He slipped his hand inside her lace panties.

“Oh, Lily. You’re soaked. Is this all for me?”

She nodded.

“I want to hear it. Tell me it’s all for me.”

“It’s all—all for you,” she panted.

Gently, so gently, Tarq swirled her juices, spreading them around her lips and her clit, making sure his fingers could glide easily. Then he increased the pressure and rubbed a little faster, testing how she would react.

Lily panted, frantically moving her pelvis against his hand. Her insides tightened. An unfamiliar feeling started at the base of her spine. She could feel her lady bits contract, and she knew she was close.

“Come for me, Petal,” Tarq commanded, unleashing his power. He knew it wouldn’t compel her, but it would still skate over her skin, heightening the experience. He wanted it to be spectacular.

He bit the tender flesh where her shoulder met her neck and she came immediately, shouting his name as wave after wave of pure bliss coursed through her system. Tarq continued stroking her while still rocking his hips against her perfect ass.

Once she came back down to earth, her head lolled back on his chest. She felt loose and limber, more relaxed than she had ever been.

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