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Untamed Pleasure

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Chapter 1

I look back over my life and wonder how I got here. If someone had told me I would have a boyfriend like Max, I would have placed my life savings as a bet or staked my limbs. How could I, Sheila be in a relationship where mental and physical abuse was the norm? I guess life has a way of opening up our eyes and challenging our beliefs, especially when we judge others or naively think that certain things can never happen to us. The lesson for me was never to say never. I remember bragging to some of my friends in high school that I’ll castrate the first man that ever tried to lay a hand on me. Carla’s boyfriend would beat her black and blue and she would come to the gang crying, saying she loved him and that he loved her too, only that he had anger issues. After every episode, she ended up going back to him, forgiving him and accepting him back wholeheartedly. It was so irritating to see, and I remember being the most vocal about it. Now that I was perhaps in a worse situation with Max, I remembered all that happened with Carla those years back. I remember perfectly well my disgust and how I thought of her as a dumb fool and a weakling for not being able to stand up to her boyfriend, the abuser.

Not that my life was perfect, for the most part of growing up I was naive and innocent. I only dated two guys in school and it was more or less a tag than any other thing. Every girl had a boyfriend, and I had one too. There was nothing extra with me. I took studies seriously and that happened to be one thing that I had going for me and has helped me forge a good career in marketing. Getting soaked in work was where I found respite, knowing what awaited me back in the house. Now I could say I more than understood what Carla was going through many years ago. It’s still a dream how sweet Max turned out to suddenly be a thorn in my flesh. The same man who treated me like a queen when we just started dating now treated me worse than a slave. How did I not see these traits?

“Hey Sheila,” Charles called from behind me, tickling me in my ribs. I jerked up and rolled my eyes at him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you dude. I’ve warned you about sneaking up on me, and don’t you ever touch me with those ugly hands of yours again!” I told him sternly. The look on his face told me I had gone overboard this time. Charles examined his hand in bewilderment.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t sneak up on you, I knocked on your door, and you didn’t answer, it’s alright though, I’ll leave,” Charles said and turned to leave. Charles was a great guy, and he had chased me tirelessly, long before I even ended up with Max, but I foolishly told him I couldn’t date him because we were in the same office. Because of me, he applied to get a job in a different company, and he was about to get the job when he saw Max and I kissing in his car at the office parking lot when he dropped me off. I had just said yes to Max. I had no idea Charles had taken it that serious or that far. I was touched when he showed me the offer he received at the other company, but seeing I had already elected to be with someone else, he rejected it, according to him to stay close to me.

“I’m sorry Charles, I’m having a rough day, and I shouldn’t lash out at you like that,” I said when Charles was almost at the door, “I’m sorry.”

Charles halted his movement, turned around and came back towards me. “It’s okay Sheila, hope all is well with you? What’s going on? You’ve honestly seemed out of it lately. That’s why I even came to check up on you, I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“I’m really fine, it’s just work stress,” I lied, flashing the fake smile at him.

“Work stress? Come on Sheila, don’t lie to me, you’re one of the best hands here, and you’ve been working here for 3 years, there’s nothing stressing you out here, and you know it. You love what you do and you do it with great finesse.”

“I’m not lying, it’s just been a lot, and I’m honestly thinking of what my next career move will be,” I said.

“Look, I’ll rather you tell me you don’t want to talk to me about it than lie to me like this, but it’s okay, I’m just looking out for you like I always do, that’s all.”

Now I was itching to tell Charles, but I just couldn’t, that will further complicate issues. It’ll be like opening a can of worms. Charles will confront Max, I know he would, and this would further mess things up, and it could also make me drawn towards Charles more.

“I’ll be okay, Charles, thanks for your concern,” I told him.

“Just know I’ll be here if you ever want to talk about it, “he said and walked away.

Chapter 2

I sit in the driveway, dreading to go into the house to see Max, he was going to pick a fight from the slightest issue and make trouble off it. I could already guess what we were going fight about tonight. I left a group meeting with my boss and saw 11 missed calls from him. I really needed to run away from him. I was burning up inside. I wondered who I could talk to about it. My phone started ringing and I looked at the screen, seeing that the caller ID was Max.

“Bitch, I see you in the driveway, what are you doing there? Are you giving one of your bosses a blowjob?” He taunted me.

“Oh god, Max stop it already! Can’t you see I’m simply dreading coming into the house to see you because of this. I can’t do this anymore. We need to stop this!” I said and ended the call. My head was hot. I approached the house, I needed to confront this situation head-on.

I got into the house and stormed right into the room, I saw Max was in the living area watching basketball. I dropped my bag on the bed and started to undress. I needed a shower to wash away the stress of the day and hopefully have a peaceful sleep. Thankfully and surprisingly, Max hadn’t followed me into the room, he chose to stay in the living room and watch his game. Within minutes I was in the bathroom under the shower, and my mind getting calmer. I knew I couldn’t continue this relationship, Max was either obsessed or just sick. But I loved him and it hurt that I loved him so much. Even if he hurt me, I always tried to find an excuse for him. I cleaned up myself and wrapped myself in my towel, as I got out of the bathroom, I saw Max seated on the bed with his face down. As soon as he saw I was out of the bath, he went down on his knees, “baby, I’m sorry I used those harsh and demeaning words on you earlier, please don’t leave me, I love you, I don’t know what came over me. I was just missing you so much I wanted to talk to you at the office today, but you didn’t take my call and I got paranoid. I see the error in my ways please forgive me. Don’t leave me, I love you,” he pleaded.

This was a cycle with him, he always apologized passionately whenever he was in the wrong, and my love for him always got the better of me.

“Max you need to stop being sorry and become repentant, we can’t continue like this. You hurt me a great deal with your words and accusations. I have never and will never cheat on you as long as we’re in this, I love you, Max, but you really need to stop this, we need to get better.”

“Baby, I promise to get better, your love consumes my soul deeply it makes me do stupid things at times, but can’t you see that everything I do, however, dumb is out of love? I don’t want to lose you,” Max said and got up from his feet and came towards me, fiery passion in his eyes, and tears already gather in my eyes. Our love had always been topsy-turvy. We were likely going to make up like we most often did with a rumble in the sheets. We were both staring at each other now, raw passion boiling in me, and I see him looking at me too, mirroring what was going on in my head. But I could almost sense that this was a vicious cycle, and I wanted to fight it, but my willing spirit didn’t match my weak flesh. He crashed his mouth into mine in a deep kiss, thrashing his tongue into me instantly, weakening me even further. Soft moans escaped my mouth as our tongues engaged in our lovers’ dance.

Max broke the kiss, closed his eyes and pulled me close in a very tight embrace. I couldn’t fight back the tears now. Our lips found each other again, but this time his more forceful and hard, and I respond in kind. My mouth opened and the tip of my tongue moistened his dry lips. He opened his mouth and let his tongue free to tangle with mine. Our tongues wrestled and he took my lower lip between his teeth and tugged gently. His left hand on the small of my back held me tightly while his right hand gripped my left breast through the thick fabric of my towel. I let out a small muffled moan through our busy mouths.

I began to explore him as well, as one of my hands rubbed his back, and the other got entangled in his chest hair. Our kissing grew rougher and he found my tongue in his mouth and sucked at it while running his left hand down my back to grab my ass. My hand soon found its way into his boxers and was coaxing his already erect cock even harder. I broke the kiss and we were both breathing heavily and looking at each other then I dropped to my knees. Yanking his shorts down, I slowly wrapped his warm manhood in my hands. Then with my lips, I snatched it by the head and rammed my face towards his groin. I grabbed the shaft and pulled his engorged member out of my mouth kissing the head and swirling my tongue around the swollen helmet. Max moaned loudly as he pulled my hair enjoying the sensation.

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