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Untamed Pleasure

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

I look back over my life and wonder how I got here. If someone had told me I would have a boyfriend like Max, I would have placed my life savings as a bet or staked my limbs. How could I, Sheila be in a relationship where mental and physical abuse was the norm? I guess life has a way of opening up our eyes and challenging our beliefs, especially when we judge others or naively think that certain things can never happen to us. The lesson for me was never to say never. I remember bragging to some of my friends in high school that I’ll castrate the first man that ever tried to lay a hand on me. Carla’s boyfriend would beat her black and blue and she would come to the gang crying, saying she loved him and that he loved her too, only that he had anger issues. After every episode, she ended up going back to him, forgiving him and accepting him back wholeheartedly. It was so irritating to see, and I remember being the most vocal about it. Now that I was perhaps in a worse situation with Max, I remembered all that happened with Carla those years back. I remember perfectly well my disgust and how I thought of her as a dumb fool and a weakling for not being able to stand up to her boyfriend, the abuser.

Not that my life was perfect, for the most part of growing up I was naive and innocent. I only dated two guys in school and it was more or less a tag than any other thing. Every girl had a boyfriend, and I had one too. There was nothing extra with me. I took studies seriously and that happened to be one thing that I had going for me and has helped me forge a good career in marketing. Getting soaked in work was where I found respite, knowing what awaited me back in the house. Now I could say I more than understood what Carla was going through many years ago. It’s still a dream how sweet Max turned out to suddenly be a thorn in my flesh. The same man who treated me like a queen when we just started dating now treated me worse than a slave. How did I not see these traits?

“Hey Sheila,” Charles called from behind me, tickling me in my ribs. I jerked up and rolled my eyes at him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you dude. I’ve warned you about sneaking up on me, and don’t you ever touch me with those ugly hands of yours again!” I told him sternly. The look on his face told me I had gone overboard this time. Charles examined his hand in bewilderment.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t sneak up on you, I knocked on your door, and you didn’t answer, it’s alright though, I’ll leave,” Charles said and turned to leave. Charles was a great guy, and he had chased me tirelessly, long before I even ended up with Max, but I foolishly told him I couldn’t date him because we were in the same office. Because of me, he applied to get a job in a different company, and he was about to get the job when he saw Max and I kissing in his car at the office parking lot when he dropped me off. I had just said yes to Max. I had no idea Charles had taken it that serious or that far. I was touched when he showed me the offer he received at the other company, but seeing I had already elected to be with someone else, he rejected it, according to him to stay close to me.

“I’m sorry Charles, I’m having a rough day, and I shouldn’t lash out at you like that,” I said when Charles was almost at the door, “I’m sorry.”

Charles halted his movement, turned around and came back towards me. “It’s okay Sheila, hope all is well with you? What’s going on? You’ve honestly seemed out of it lately. That’s why I even came to check up on you, I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“I’m really fine, it’s just work stress,” I lied, flashing the fake smile at him.

“Work stress? Come on Sheila, don’t lie to me, you’re one of the best hands here, and you’ve been working here for 3 years, there’s nothing stressing you out here, and you know it. You love what you do and you do it with great finesse.”

“I’m not lying, it’s just been a lot, and I’m honestly thinking of what my next career move will be,” I said.

“Look, I’ll rather you tell me you don’t want to talk to me about it than lie to me like this, but it’s okay, I’m just looking out for you like I always do, that’s all.”

Now I was itching to tell Charles, but I just couldn’t, that will further complicate issues. It’ll be like opening a can of worms. Charles will confront Max, I know he would, and this would further mess things up, and it could also make me drawn towards Charles more.

“I’ll be okay, Charles, thanks for your concern,” I told him.

“Just know I’ll be here if you ever want to talk about it, “he said and walked away.

Chapter 2

I sit in the driveway, dreading to go into the house to see Max, he was going to pick a fight from the slightest issue and make trouble off it. I could already guess what we were going fight about tonight. I left a group meeting with my boss and saw 11 missed calls from him. I really needed to run away from him. I was burning up inside. I wondered who I could talk to about it. My phone started ringing and I looked at the screen, seeing that the caller ID was Max.

“Bitch, I see you in the driveway, what are you doing there? Are you giving one of your bosses a blowjob?” He taunted me.

“Oh god, Max stop it already! Can’t you see I’m simply dreading coming into the house to see you because of this. I can’t do this anymore. We need to stop this!” I said and ended the call. My head was hot. I approached the house, I needed to confront this situation head-on.

I got into the house and stormed right into the room, I saw Max was in the living area watching basketball. I dropped my bag on the bed and started to undress. I needed a shower to wash away the stress of the day and hopefully have a peaceful sleep. Thankfully and surprisingly, Max hadn’t followed me into the room, he chose to stay in the living room and watch his game. Within minutes I was in the bathroom under the shower, and my mind getting calmer. I knew I couldn’t continue this relationship, Max was either obsessed or just sick. But I loved him and it hurt that I loved him so much. Even if he hurt me, I always tried to find an excuse for him. I cleaned up myself and wrapped myself in my towel, as I got out of the bathroom, I saw Max seated on the bed with his face down. As soon as he saw I was out of the bath, he went down on his knees, “baby, I’m sorry I used those harsh and demeaning words on you earlier, please don’t leave me, I love you, I don’t know what came over me. I was just missing you so much I wanted to talk to you at the office today, but you didn’t take my call and I got paranoid. I see the error in my ways please forgive me. Don’t leave me, I love you,” he pleaded.

This was a cycle with him, he always apologized passionately whenever he was in the wrong, and my love for him always got the better of me.

“Max you need to stop being sorry and become repentant, we can’t continue like this. You hurt me a great deal with your words and accusations. I have never and will never cheat on you as long as we’re in this, I love you, Max, but you really need to stop this, we need to get better.”

“Baby, I promise to get better, your love consumes my soul deeply it makes me do stupid things at times, but can’t you see that everything I do, however, dumb is out of love? I don’t want to lose you,” Max said and got up from his feet and came towards me, fiery passion in his eyes, and tears already gather in my eyes. Our love had always been topsy-turvy. We were likely going to make up like we most often did with a rumble in the sheets. We were both staring at each other now, raw passion boiling in me, and I see him looking at me too, mirroring what was going on in my head. But I could almost sense that this was a vicious cycle, and I wanted to fight it, but my willing spirit didn’t match my weak flesh. He crashed his mouth into mine in a deep kiss, thrashing his tongue into me instantly, weakening me even further. Soft moans escaped my mouth as our tongues engaged in our lovers’ dance.

Max broke the kiss, closed his eyes and pulled me close in a very tight embrace. I couldn’t fight back the tears now. Our lips found each other again, but this time his more forceful and hard, and I respond in kind. My mouth opened and the tip of my tongue moistened his dry lips. He opened his mouth and let his tongue free to tangle with mine. Our tongues wrestled and he took my lower lip between his teeth and tugged gently. His left hand on the small of my back held me tightly while his right hand gripped my left breast through the thick fabric of my towel. I let out a small muffled moan through our busy mouths.

I began to explore him as well, as one of my hands rubbed his back, and the other got entangled in his chest hair. Our kissing grew rougher and he found my tongue in his mouth and sucked at it while running his left hand down my back to grab my ass. My hand soon found its way into his boxers and was coaxing his already erect cock even harder. I broke the kiss and we were both breathing heavily and looking at each other then I dropped to my knees. Yanking his shorts down, I slowly wrapped his warm manhood in my hands. Then with my lips, I snatched it by the head and rammed my face towards his groin. I grabbed the shaft and pulled his engorged member out of my mouth kissing the head and swirling my tongue around the swollen helmet. Max moaned loudly as he pulled my hair enjoying the sensation.

Warm softness engulf him as he could feel my tongue on the underside of his shaft making his knees buckle.  I quickened my pace allowing him to pass quickly and easily between my submissive lips. With one hand pumping the base of his rigid erection and the other on his ass pulling him to myself, I was making loud slurping sounds. Max let out a loud shriek as I grabbed him by the ass with both hands and pulled him completely into my mouth until my nose was pressing against his pelvic bone. He unleashed a part of me I was never aware of, and I gave everything I had to love Max. I pulled out and was gasping for air when he pulled me up roughly by my hair and crushed his mouth against mine. My lips were hot and wet with saliva. In one swift motion, Max put away my towel, pulled me close and lifted me slightly so that he had his face to my breast. He sucked my nipples fiercely and pinched and rolled the other one, squeezing hard and causing me to moan loudly.

Releasing my tit, he found my mouth and squatted slowly and laid me on the carpet where we continued our assault on each other's mouths. His hands went from fondling my breasts to easing off my panties. He could see that I was cleanly shaven and my pussy was lavishly sopping. Max began kissing his way down my chin to my slender throat. His tongue teased its way down to my collar bone and he kissed and tenderly bit me. Adjusting himself, he again sucked my tits being impartial to neither. I arched my back moaning loudly and his mouth trailed further south giving my navel a wide birth. He then came upon my hips bones and gave them the same treatment as he did my collarbone, biting and kissing them both.

My exposed pudenda now opened wide as my wet snatch glistened and he sunk your face between my luscious thighs. My scent was intoxicating and the sticky strands that had begun to collect on my folds. He lapped at me and sucked my juices driving his nose against my clit as he devoured my insides. Max shoved his tongue as deep as he could into my recesses and I arched and groaned as he tried harder to go deeper. He quickly located my clit with his mouth and began flicking at it with his tongue. Max now shoved two fingers into me while he bit down on my clit causing me to buck against his face. He began to thrust his fingers in and out of me while toying with my swollen clit. Soon I was screaming that I was going to cum. This only spurred him on as he continued licking, sucking and digging his fingers deep into me. My body began to convulse and I was now yelling.

In a quick motion, Max repositioned himself and drove his throbbing manhood between my swollen lips, pinning my legs against my chest. Supporting his weight on his left arm, he reached up and shoved his fingers into my mouth. I stopped yelling and began sucking greedily at them cleaning my juices from his digits. He began hammering away, his balls bouncing off of my ass crack. My breathing became hoarse but I kept moaning and shrieking loudly.

Slamming in and out of my inviting pudenda, I didn’t know how much longer I could take the sweet pounding on my pussy. My insides were on fire as he was going at a relentless pace. Our bodies were sweaty and gliding off each other’s as he drove into me. I could tell he was getting close to busting his nuts as well because he was swearing and shrieking and his pace got even faster.

“Fuck baby, I fucking love you,” Max blurted out through clenched teeth.

He quickly pulled out of me and lifted me to position me on all fours. With my ass towards him, and he sweetly slapped my ass cheeks. I gulped just before he plunged into me from behind; He reached from behind to rub my clit with his hands as he drilled into me unreservedly. It was going to be a very powerful orgasm I could tell.

“I’m cumming baby” Max announced just as I was about to reach my sweet orgasm too. With a very loud and final thrust, his seed came pouring out into me and both our orgasms washed over us and rocked our bodies. I felt like my heartbeat had moved down to my pussy, all the pounding had left my pussy breathing.

This was the umpteenth time we were going to be like this. We both lay there catching our breaths as our orgasm subsided. I was drawn back to reality, the reality that this could very well happen again by the next day, it seemed like we only had sex to make up. But I was tired of the cycle, I thought it was a good time to talk to Max.

“Max... Baby,” I called in a low tone but got no response. I turned to see his face and he was already soundly sleeping.

I woke up with a start and heard Max yelling out and aggressively slapping my leg. He had my phone in his hand and through sleepy eyes, I could see it was a short message from Charles.

“Who’s this guy? Why’s he texting you so early in the morning? It’s weekend and he’s texting you, saying all sorts of rubbish. Bitch, you swore you weren’t cheating on me! I should have known you’re such a bloody lying bitch!”

I couldn’t believe we were here again and it was barely 6 hours after. I couldn’t hold back the tears and a dam broke in my eyes.

“Stop shedding those crocodile tears and answer the question! Answer me now!” he demanded, and pulled me by my hair roughly, I cried even louder from the pain.

“Stop! You’re hurting me, Max! Please stop. Charles is my colleague at work and nothing else,” I told him. He still wouldn’t release my hair.

“Then why’s he asking how you’re doing and hoping you’re doing better than yesterday. What happened between you guys yesterday? Are you screwing him?” he asked, pulling my hair harder as he spoke.

“GOD! NO” I shouted, “there’s nothing between us I swear! I was only a little sad yesterday and he asked how I was,” my head was hurting badly. “Please leave me alone Max, you’re hurting me, please I beg you.”

“You’re just a fucking liar,” he said and pushed my head back into the bed, then he stormed out of the room.

I cried the rest of the morning even in the shower and took some aspirins for the headache before I braced myself for work.

Chapter 3

Work was a drag for me all week long, but I loved it, I preferred it to being home with Max, I felt totally trapped. I was terrified of him yet scared to leave him. I snapped at Charles again at the office when he tried to talk to me, but I didn’t apologize this time. A few hours later, I received an email from him.

Hey, Sheila,

There’s an opening at Grey Merchandise PLC for the role of Marketing Consultant, I know we once talked and you said you that would be the next step for you in your career. I reckon you’d be a great fit for the job with the experience you’ve garnered here. I wish you all the best. Here’s a link to all the information you need.



This is what I wanted to talk to you about earlier.



I felt bad I had assumed he wanted to talk about my mood because even I was aware of my mood. It is true that I was looking to take a role as a Marketing Consultant as I believed it would be the next step for me and provide an opportunity to solidify my years in the field of Marketing Research and Analysis. Grey Merchandise was one of the largest companies in the state. I had seen their adverts on TV and lots of their billboards littered around the metropolis. I thought I’d respond to his mail but decided to go see him in his department instead

“Hello Charles, I’m sorry about earlier. Truth is I’ve had it a little rough these past days, but I don’t want to talk about it. I just came to apologize and to say thanks for the email, I’ll look up the details and maybe it’s something that could happen for me, we’ll see,” I told him.

“It’s okay Sheila, just take care of yourself, and I’ll be here should you ever want to talk,” Charles said then he paused for a second before he continued.

“As soon as I saw the vacancy, all I could think of is how much of a great fit you are for the job. I honestly think you’ll get it, you’re a perfect fit. Even with all the requirements for the job, you totally would rock at the job. You know it’s a large corporation, one of the biggest in the country.”

I wondered in my heart what manner of man Charles was, why was he doing all this? Caring about how I was, and even recommending a job to me after how things went down with us.

“Charles, I thank you very much, you truly are a great guy, but I don’t understand why you’re doing this for me. You already know I’m not going to date you or anything of the sort, yet you keep being so good to me,”

A smile lit up his face, I could almost tell he was proud of whatever he was about to say.

“Sheila, it’s you I should thank really. And just so you know, I’m not doing this because I want anything in return. The reason I thank you is because if you hadn’t rejected me I wouldn’t have met my fiancée. I will be getting married by Christmas, Sheila, and Jody is an amazing woman. I hold no animosity towards you whatsoever. But I do care for you as a person, and that’s it. That’s why I look out for you. But I’ve honestly moved on, so you have no reason to fear. I believe that everything happens for a reason. As humans, these things are hard for us to see and comprehend in the present. But after a while, we can look back and see why the things that happened had to happen.”

I was totally stunned by his reasoning, even if I secretly felt I lost out on a great person.

“Wow, Charles, congratulations to you. Jody is a lucky lady. Thanks again for the recommendation,” I told him.

Thanks, Sheila, but I feel like the lucky one,” he beamed, “and you’re welcome.”

Chapter 4

Two months after I passed the aptitude test and had two Interviews with the HR department I received an offer from Grey Merchandise and I was scheduled to meet top management staff of the company the next day. I was my usual nervous self, I wondered what it was going to be like. Was it the last stage in the recruitment process? Or perhaps it was just a formality since I had been made an offer already.

I kept looking through the offer and I was wondering if the figures I was seeing were real, It was about 3 times my current net earnings. I was totally mind blown. I immediately called Max when I received the offer. I knew he was going to be happy, a pleasant surprise for him, as I hadn’t even told him I applied for the job or even went for interviews.

“Hey baby, guess what!” I said excitedly.

“Errrrmmmm, what?” Max asked nonchalantly.

“Come on babe, just take a guess, and don’t spoil the fun,”

“I would have said you won the lottery, but I know you don’t play.”

“No baby, you have one more guess,” I giggled.

“Errrmmm, you got a promotion at work?” He said.

“No baby, but that was a very good and close guess, so let me tell you,” I said and paused for effect, I could almost see his patient wearing out.

“Baby, so I’m finally going to be a Marketing Consultant. I just got an offer that’s 3 times my current earnings, minus amazing benefits that come with the job. So I’m going to be a staff of Grey merchandise PLC! How cool is that?”

I heard nothing but silence for the next 10 seconds.

“Hello, are you there Max?” I called out seeing that the call was still on. After a couple more seconds he answered.

“So you applied for a job without informing me? How could you? And now you are just telling me for my information that you have a new job. You’re so fucking disrespectful. Fuck off!” he said and ended the call.

I just couldn’t believe what was happening. How impossible can one person be? Instead of celebrating this news with me, he’s upset I didn’t tell him when I applied for it. What sort of man was he? What sort of relationship was I in? I already anticipated war whenever I got home.

I needed to be in the best frame of mind possible for the meeting at Grey Merchandise the next day. But I didn’t know how to do that with Max being the way he was, so I decided to apologize to Max, I didn’t want to get home and get into another fight with him. I could end up with a bad face in the morning. I totally didn’t want that. I first sent him a series of texts admitting I was wrong and inconsiderate to have taken such a decision without him in the know. I begged him to forgive me and after a few hours, I got no response from him, so I decided to call him.

“Baby, please forgive me, I’m sorry, I was wrong,” I said in the saddest voice I could feign.

“It’s alright, next time you do something like this, I wouldn’t be so kind or forgiving. You have to respect me, I’m the man here,” he said.

“Thank you, baby, I swear it won’t happen again, I love you, Max,”

“That’s alright baby, I love you too. See you later tonight, wear my favorite lingerie, we celebrate in the sheets tonight,” he chuckled.

“Okay baby, see you then,” I said and dropped the call. I just played foolish in order to avoid another confrontation with him. It worked quite alright, but it was troubling because now I had started something dangerous, now he’ll most likely expect me to be a doormat he can trample on and control at will. I needed help and I wondered where to get it from.

Chapter 5

I was a nervous wreck when I was told the meeting will proceed in just 10 minutes. My palms were sweaty and my throat was dry. It was important I did well in this final phase. I needed the job so I could plan to escape from Max. Grey Merchandise have operations in a number of locations outside the state. I hoped to be impressive in my first couple of months and perhaps I’ll get transferred to another location or even request the transfer myself. My earnings for 3 months were going to be just enough for me to be able to start life afresh in a new place.

“Miss Sheila, please come with me, the CEO will meet with you now,” the secretary said and I immediately got up and followed her. My heart was beating so fast I could almost hear it, and I had the funniest rumble in my stomach. We entered the office and it was by far the most magnificent office I had ever seen. The furniture, lightning and enormous size of the room were intimidating. The view was also amazing, it was most likely tinted glass that made up the entire walls of his office. The CEO was backing us when we walked in. But as soon as he could tell we entered his office, he turned around to face us.

“Sir..” the secretary curtseyed and left us. My mind was reeling. How was this possible? I was standing face to face with Lance Roberts. I couldn’t even look too much at him so I looked down before my knees gave way. My heels were suddenly uncomfortable as my legs were shaky in them.

“Sheila Thompson?” Lance asked, “Is this really you?”

Lance was a classmate from High School, the toast of all the girls in the year. He was captain of the School team and had always been confident and attractive. Even now standing right there, I could see he had the same air around him. But how could he possibly know my name? In fact, he knew both my name and surname, and it was well over a decade after School. I knew his full names because I crushed on him all those years back, and he was also very popular. I couldn’t say same for myself.

“Yes sir, that’s my name,” I said, trying to pretend I didn’t know him.

“Please take a seat, I’m Lance Roberts,” he said, “didn’t you go to Montgomery Community College?”

I squinted my eyes and tilted my head to the side, “You’re Lance Roberts, as in the Lance Roberts that was captain of the team? The one every girl wanted to date back then?” I asked

He laughed and I joined in, “I know I was a rebel in my younger days. But it’s good to see you, Sheila. It’s been what? 12 years?”

“I actually think its 13,” I corrected him.

“Wow, you look amazing Sheila, it’s awesome to see you again, and this meeting was supposed to be a mere formality, you already have the job, I’m sure you already received an offer from us. I just insist on having a one on one with every member of staff we hire. These meetings never span beyond 5 minutes in most cases. But this one will surely do, coz right now we’re leaving here. For old times’ sake, let me buy you lunch. It’s been 6 years since I met anyone from my alma mater. The demands of my job hinder me.” He said.

I didn’t know what to say, my 13-year-old crush who will now be my boss just asked me to lunch for old times’ sake, heck yeah, was what my heart was screaming.

“That will be nice, I guess,” I said, trying to sound like it was nothing.

“Hey, it’s funny but I don’t think we ever spoke back in school, I don’t remember ever talking to you,” Lance said.

“I think the most we ever said was hello, hi, and bye,” I chuckled, “you had a ton of girls flocking around you and drooling over you. How could you see a shy girl like me?”

“You’re wrong you know, I remember you vividly well with your heavy-looking backpack and a few more textbooks clutched to your chest. I wonder why your bag was always that heavy yet still not enough to contain all your books,” he said and we both laughed.

“Well, I loved to read; I was fascinated by books, so I collected them in large numbers and spent a lot of time borrowing books from the library. The books I have clutched to my chest are the library ones I didn’t want to forget to return. Who would have thought you were looking, hmm” I said.

“Well, I was always watching. I remember seeing you at games too, you had a corner you liked to sit in with your other geeky friend. What’s her name now?”

“Haha, that will be Bernadette, she’s moved to London now, she’s married to a British man,” I told him.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” he said then quickly glanced at his watch, “wow, this is a record-breaking interview we’ve just had. The best and the longest yet, 30 full minutes and we’re still at it. To think we haven’t even said a thing about work. Give me a minute will you, I have to instruct my secretary to reschedule my next 2 appointments. We’re going for lunch in a bit. He grabbed his desk phone and dialed. I was just beyond excited. Here I was talking to my crush for the first time in my life.

“Lucia, please reschedule my next two meetings, I’ll be heading for lunch, not sure how long I’ll be.” He told her.

“Okay sir,” she answered.

“Well, let’s head out already, this has been the highpoint of my week, Sheila.”

Chapter 6

Lunch with Lance was wonderful; we were at it for a little over 2 hours. He told of the humble beginnings he had starting out the company. According to him, he worked hard, worked smart and was lucky. He said it was his recipe for success. We talked a lot about old times, schoolmates, and teachers. I wasn’t surprised because Lance had always been a leader from his younger days, and to see what he had achieved was simply incredible. I was curious to know if he had a woman in his life because I had observed he had no ring on his finger. How would a charming wealthy young person like him be possibly single? I asked myself.

“You’ve come a long way Lance, what you’ve done is highly commendable, I mean creating a platform for not just yourself to succeed but thousands of others as well. You’ve literally transformed the e-commerce industry in the country. But I wonder how you’re able to balance work and your personal life,” I smartly asked him.

“Hmm, that’s a very interesting question, Sheila. I’ll make my answer in two parts. First is that the curse that comes with building what I’ve built in the last 9 years is a life of solitude. I spend most of my time working and attending meetings. Sometimes I even sleep in my office, I have a secret bedroom somewhere in my office. The opportunity cost of my success is my personal life. Secondly, it’s really hard to find someone who loves you for you when you’re really wealthy. I try to stay anonymous; not very many people know what I look like. But even that doesn’t help, as most ladies are only attracted because of my success. But I try to visit my Mom every Christmas and that’s really it. Boring huh?” He chuckled.

“Wow, it’s almost unbelievable that you’re single. I mean, we’re talking about Lance Roberts here,” I giggled. Right then my eyes met his, and I saw he fixed his gaze on me. My stomach turned as his eyes seemed to stare into my soul.

“Perhaps all that is about to change, Sheila,” he answered and smiled flirtily at me. “But tell me though, are you married, divorced or seeing someone right now?”

I wondered if I should just lie and say I didn’t, if I said I did, will he stop his interest in me? He seemed to genuinely like me. I went for the safest option.

“Well, let’s just say I’m in a complicated relationship,” I told him. It wasn’t a lie because truth be told I was really thinking about leaving Max, in fact running away from Max. Lance could be my escape route. But time will tell.

“Interesting answer Sheila, I guess that means you’re open to at least go out with me a few times. I promise to be respectful. I would love love love to do this again, this is the most fun I’ve had in a while.”

“And me as well Lance, funny that we never talked back in school, but trust me I did have eyes for you, you were my crush,” I blushed and buried my face in my hands, “there you go, I said it,”

“Hahaha I won’t lie to you Sheila, I’d say that makes us both. I’ve always had a thing for you from school days, but my pride made me hold my tongue, but more because I perceived you as a snub.” Lance said, then paused for effect before he continued. “Perhaps your relationship will become uncomplicated soon.”

“Wheew! We just both unearthed feelings from 13 years ago! The universe has a way of doing things in its own time” I said.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Lance nodded.

We talked some more about the company, my experience, my job description, expectations, structure and every other thing I needed to know. He asked if I was comfortable with the pay, I told him it was an awesome package. Then we talked about how soon I could start. He hoped I could start as soon as the next Monday. I told him I couldn’t as I was supposed to give my current company at least 2 weeks’ notice after I turn in my resignation.

We finished our meals, exchanged numbers and I headed back to my office. It all still seemed surreal to me. My crush had also always crushed on me, I just got the job I had dreamed of for a while, the pay was fantastic. The Universe seemed to be smiling down on me. I called Charles to tell him the news.

“Hey Charles, guess what?...I got the job!” I said excitedly.

“Hey, you didn’t even give me a chance to guess!” he laughed, “Congratulations Sheila, I’m proud of you, I knew you could, I knew you would.”

“Thank you, Charles, I owe this all to you, I would never have found that job ad if it wasn’t for you, and your encouragement and belief in me was very inspiring. Thank you so much, I appreciate you.”

“Oh, don’t mention it, Sheila, it’s really the least I could do. You deserve this and more. I’m sure you’ll do great over there. Grey Merchandise PLC is lucky to have you.”

“Aww, thanks Charles, you’re just too much. I’ll see you at the office soon.”

Now that my life was falling together, I only had one part I needed to fix, my relationship. Seeing Lance reminded me of what it felt like to really feel something for someone. It doesn’t matter how much I try to figure out how I got here with max, I always draw a blank. When I first got to the city and got the job, I felt alone a whole lot and had a yearning for companionship. Max was available at the time, he liked me, I never even really felt anything for him, we had sex and it just seemed to stick, soon we were living together. I really should have known he was no good from the day he slapped me, but I foolishly believed it was a mistake, that he didn’t mean to do it, a slip of his hand. Fast-forward to today, he’s made the mistake countless times. I decided to endure, get consumed with work, try to act better, be better for him, but nothing was enough. Now I was totally terrified of him. Bruises and scars were the only gifts he’d ever given me.

Chapter 7


It took me about 2 months to fully settle into the position. Now I was making it mine and enjoying every moment of it. Lance traveled out of town and so I didn’t see much of him, but he did call me every day. I felt like I was in High School again. He was the sweetest thing ever. I went to use the ladies one faithful day when I heard two ladies talking.

“You know Mr. Roberts is the hottest man in this company. I swear I’ll give anything to have him. Just look at those strong arms and tight muscles of his, I wonder what he looks like underneath,” one of the ladies gushed.

The next voice I heard was a familiar one, “He won’t even look your way, Mr. Roberts doesn’t believe in the idea of love and relationships. He believes all women are only about his money, but he does enjoy himself with random women. And you should know he won’t even touch anyone in this office.”

This was definitely Lance’s secretary’s voice.

“And who says I want a relationship with him, I just want to get down with him. He’s so freaking hot!” she gushed further.

“You’re such a perv, let’s go for lunch, and put off these silly thoughts of my boss from your head.”

“Holy Mary, you keep acting like you don’t look at him too, you’re lucky you get to see him more than anyone else.”

“Do you want my job?” the secretary laughed, as both women exited the ladies.

That was pretty revealing, I thought to myself. She surely would know him better than most people, having worked with him for a couple of years. So Lance only used random women for sex. But I wondered if he saw me differently. Not once had he even hinted at sex between us. He had been everything a woman could ask for in a potential partner. But I was really getting ahead of myself. I had Max to deal with. He had recently taken absolute delight in treating me like a doormat. This was since I begged him and apologized for not telling him about the job. He will wake up around midnight and order me to make him some food. Trough sleepy eyes, I’ll do it, only for him to thrash it and say it was too salty or spicy. He was just torturing me and making my life hell. Just last night, he woke me up around 3 am and demanded sex. I begged him to wait until the morning, but he smacked me across the face saying how dare I challenge him. I just lay there as he plunged into me. I cried all through as he satisfied himself. His abuse had graduated to a point I wonder what my breaking point will be. I decided to stick to my plan of running away from him after I save up enough money.

Jack came back into town and asked me to dinner on the very same day. “I’ve missed you thoroughly,” he claimed. What I didn’t know was that dinner was planned at his place. I drove behind him until we got to his parking lot and we both stepped out of our cars.

“I didn’t know you had a restaurant in your house,” I said sarcastically.

“I asked you to dinner, not to a restaurant,” he fired back and we both laughed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” he winked at me.

I felt a rush of blood through my veins immediately. His comment and expression was filled with sexual innuendo. We walked into his house and it was totally massive. The ceilings were so high up I questioned if they planned it to touch the heavens.

“You like what you see?” he asked me, spreading his arms wide.

“Oh yeah, this is really beautiful, you have a really exquisite house,” I answered him looking around.

“I wasn’t talking about my house, I’m referring to this,” he said still stretching his arms out and then I figured he was talking about himself. I turned bright red instantly.

“I’ll rather not comment on that,” I said and tried to wave him aside and continue looking around the house.

“Dinner is served, let’s go eat, I’m ravenous.”

After food, we went to the living room to see a movie, and it was clear that Lance had the evening all planned out. The lights went off and it felt like we were in a private cinema hall. He sat so close to me, I could feel his body heat make my skin tingle. Just then, I was snapped out of my thoughts when my phone started to ring. I had dropped my phone on the dining table, so Lance offered to go get it for me. As he went, my heart sank, it could only be one person. I didn’t need this now. Lance showed up with the phone and handed it to me. I saw the caller ID and just stared at it, I really couldn’t answer it, it would spell trouble. Actually, there was going to be trouble if I did or didn’t answer. I just might as well decide not to answer it and enjoy the evening. I silenced my phone and tossed it away on the couch. I looked up at Lance and he had his gaze fixed on me.

“Is everything okay, Sheila?” he asked me

“Yeah,” I answered coldly.

“Is this what it feels like to be in a complicated relationship?”

“Well, you would be right about that Lance. Only this is a tiny matter. It gets worse with complications. Can we just drop this matter and enjoy this movie?” I told him.

“Alrighty then, let’s do this...” He said reluctantly. I could tell he still wanted to talk about it, and I really didn’t mind talking to him about it, but I didn’t want to ruin the evening with such sad tales. I’ll deal with Max afterward.

He resumed beside me and I could immediately feel my skin get pale from the feel of his. This was a feeling that was foreign to me. I felt like a girl who had never been in the presence of a man. Lance put his arm around my shoulder, and I subconsciously placed my head on his chest in response. It felt so comfortable and surreal. I couldn’t remember the last time Max and I cuddled.

25 minutes into the movie, and my head is all over the place. The room was so sexually charged I could feel it as his free hand caressed the side of my face.

“Sheila, I think I’m...” midsentence, he lifted my chin up and our mouths met. First, there was a soft brush across my lips and spontaneously my lips parted and gave way for his.

My head was spinning. No, it was the room spinning. He kissed me and all my cognitive thoughts went out the big glass windows that bordered his apartment. He grabbed onto the bottom of my t-shirt and slowly lifted it up, but didn’t go past my breasts. He stopped as if asking for permission. I touched his hands and helped him to pull it off. My mind was still reeling from all that was happening. I could almost feel my entire body tremble.

I couldn’t even focus because his hands were on my jeans and he was unbuttoning them. My mind then went into overdrive. I slipped my hands into his shirt and felt his chest, every muscle was tingling at my fingertips. I slowly began unbuttoning his shirt, while my lips freely kissed him. His tongue darted into my mouth and thrashed hard against mine. I pulled his shirt off of him and tossed it to the side. When the shirt landed on the floor, I pulled back from the kiss so I could briefly admire his muscles. My hands fanned out as I ran them over his chest, surveying him like I was taking notes. He just stood there, letting me touch wherever I was led. I then ran my hands down arms, squeezing his biceps as I reached them. I remembered the conversation I heard his secretary having the other day. I couldn’t believe I was going to see what’s underneath. I couldn’t believe everything that was happening. If this was a dream, I hoped never to wake. I ran my fingers over the markings and looked up at him. He was grinning at me, giving me allotted time to explore. While I held onto his right bicep, I reached up with my left hand and stroked his stubble. I needed this and I wanted this and nothing could stop that ache. I leaned up and kissed him again, moving against him with my body, slipping my tongue into his slightly open mouth.

While we kissed, I moved my hands to his pants and started to unbutton them. He moaned against my lips, which only caused me to want to move faster. I yanked them down and he discarded them with ease. The only time our lips left one another’s, was when we had to shimmy out of our clothes. He reached his hands behind my back and with a flick of his wrist he had my bra off. I tugged at my panties, desperate to get them off. My pussy was wetter than they had ever been. All the sensations I was feeling was foreign but they were amazing.

I grabbed his boxers and pulled them down, freeing his erection that my fingers couldn’t wait to touch. While we kissed, thrusting our tongue faster in and out of each other’s mouth, I stroked his cock for a moment. It was long and fully erect, stretching out at least nine inches long. I bit back a groan and he collided his tongue once more with mine. He then lifted me into his arms and that’s when I took a breath. I looked at him with every bit of desire I could latch onto. His breathing was raspy, “Gosh you’re beautiful Sheila,” He muttered and buried his face in the valley of my melons, while his hands firmly held my ass and squeezed. Oh my, it felt good. I keened softly, as the sensation was incredible.

He held me up and started to suck on my boobs as he pushed me against a wall. He masterfully ministered to each nipple, sending shivers down my spine. My entire body was aching, wanting, ready for him. My nipples were taut with desire, and each flick and suck made my pussy even wetter.

He released me from the wall, and pushed me on the couch nearby, he took off my panties slowly, and opened my leg, he took a whiff of my scent and looked pleasured, He then started eating the sides around my pussy, torturing me, I wanted him to stick his tongue inside, but Lance had his ways, he was bent on heightening my pleasure before he gave me what I craved. Call it delayed gratification. I was almost begging him with my sobs.

“Relax darling, we’ll get there,” he said proudly, enjoying my frustration. He kissed the insides of my thighs, and the hairs above my pudenda, avoiding my labia like a plague. I could feel my wetness oozing out. I was wet and I needed his mouth to dry me up. I was moaning as the pleasure was killing me, I tapped the couch with my hand, and he knew I was ripe with desire. “Please Lance,” I begged him

Tactfully, his tongue worked its magic, dividing my lips with it, tasting my insides, my wetness. He circled my clitoris with his tongue and slipped a finger inside me. My soft keens had turned to grunts. I could feel my climax was close. His hands vigorously rubbed my G-spot, while his tongue stuck to my clit. I held his head, guiding him and moving my hip to let his finger get deeper. With a loud shriek, I climaxed and my juices came flowing out. He lapped it up and came to kiss me, now I could feel his dick at the tip of my pussy. As he kissed me, I guided his dick into me. He let out a sigh of pleasure and started slamming into me. I could feel the entire stretch of his manhood inside me, devouring me. He got up and helped me up then bent me over as I touched my toes. He entered me slowly, and before long, he was drilling into me hard and fine, I couldn’t hold on to my toes for long, so I held a nearby stool. He was going so hard and fast I felt I might pass out from the imminent orgasm.

A powerful orgasm raked over my body and I started to shake uncontrollably, unable to hold in my moans. I pulled out of him as we came together, exerting all our energy. We both just lay there exhausted. This was a feeling I had not known before. I had tears in my eyes from the joy in my heart. In that moment, nothing else seemed to matter as we cuddled up on his plush couch. But everything changed in an instant when I remembered Max, I tried to suppress it, but I couldn’t and I totally broke down crying.

“What’s wrong Sheila, did I hurt you? I’m sorry if you didn’t want to do this,” Lance said.

He pulled me to himself as I cried for a while. When my crying dropped to sobs, he spoke to me again, “It’s about the complicated relationship, isn’t it? Please tell me all about it.”

I spent the next hour and a half narrating my story to Lance, and he was reduced to tears too. He couldn’t believe what I had put up with. He cried, got angry, got sad, throughout the course of my narration. He barely spoke but encouraged me to bare it all out. There was a long silence that seemed to last forever before he decided to talk.

“First of all Sheila, you are not going back to him, I...” I raised a brow and frowned my face about to argue with him when he put his finger on my lip, “Shhhh, we’re not debating this matter. No circumstance in a relationship justifies abuse of any kind. If you recognize yourself as being either emotionally, mentally or physically abused in your relationship, you need to take action and take action now. I swear I won’t let you suffer another day with that man. I don’t care what the excuse might be, but one thing I know for sure is that abusive behavior should never be accepted or tolerated. Everyone deserves to be respected, valued and above all else, loved. If you don't feel safe with a spouse in a relationship, then something has to change. I can almost see how terrified of him you are. His plan is simply to maintain control over your life and then end up ruining it.

Sheila, the first step to solving any problem is first identifying that there’s a problem. If you don’t think you’re being abused, then you’re not. Please don’t misconstrue abuse for love. That guy deserves to be behind bars.”

“Please Lance, let me just call him to tell him I won’t be coming home tonight,” I pleaded.

“If you want to call him, that’s fine, but you’re not going to stay in that house with him tonight,” Lance said.

I quickly picked up my phone and saw I had 30 missed calls and 10 messages from Max. I didn’t bother opening the messages because I could already guess the content. I rang him immediately.

“Where the fuck have you been bitch! You prostitute!”

“Max, calm down, I just called to tell you that I won’t be coming home tonight.”

“Where the fuck are you? Better get your ass down here or else...” he threatened me and I lost it.

“Or else what Max? Or else what? You’re gonna rape or beat me up like you always do? I’m done with this shit!” I shouted back at him, and I could see give an encouraging nod from the corner of my eye.

“I’m coming to your office right now, how dare you speak to me like that? You lying prostituting bitch,”

“I’m done with your ass Max, and if you try to lay your filthy hands on me again, I’ll make sure you rot in jail, goodnight!” I said and ended the call.

Lance came to me and held me tight in an embrace as my body was now shaking.

“You did well, that’s the first step, you’ve confronted him, now we’ll file a police report, you need a restraining order from him. I swear he won’t harm one more hair on your head darling,” Lance whispered in my ear and kissed my forehead.

“Lance I don’t want to hurt him, I actually planned on making enough money to run away from him,” I confessed to Lance.

“That wouldn’t solve your problem, Sheila. It would only be a temporary measure. You need to nick this in the bud. A tree is best uprooted from its root, not the stem. You need to confront this head on. I’ll be with you through this. You’ve been so deflated and downtrodden you have no idea how amazing you are and how much better you deserve.” Lance said.

Max didn’t give up calling, so I turned off my phone. Lance carried me in his arms to his bedroom, and we cuddled till I slept and it was by far the best night rest I had had in like ever. I even had a sweet dream I couldn’t recall when I woke up. It felt so good to be loved and cared for so much, even better by a man whom I had crushed on since I was young. The universe surely had its way. Lance wasn’t in bed when I woke, so I stepped out of the bedroom to look for him, a strong aroma welcomed me as I headed towards the kitchen.

“There you are, good morning, Lance,” I greeted him s I walked in.

“Oh shucks, you’re awake! You just ruined my breakfast in bed plan,” he said

“Aww, aren’t you just the sweetest thing?”

“Breakfast is ready anyway, let’s eat before we get ready for work. And I have some news, so I think your boyfriend was arrested yesterday on the office grounds. He was trying to break into the building insisting his wife was inside.”

I laughed at the news, “I told you Max doesn’t give up, and he’ll keep doing crazy things.

“Well, he’s been released on bail, but we’ll be going to the Police to report the abuse and file a restraining order. I’m influential and I’ll make sure all that happens today.”

Chapter 8

10 days after, Max got kicked out of my house, and just like that, I was free from him on my own terms. Lance made sure I had some security even with the restraining order in place. He said Max could get mad and try to break into the house to hurt me still. But then the most impossible and unexpected of things happened. I was feeling a tad sick and I went to the hospital for a routine check. The Doctor congratulated me and told me I was pregnant.

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