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By Sunday Eyitayo Michael

Copyright 2018 Sunday Eyitayo Michael

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I called her Ene because of my penchant for Idoma girls. She was the prettiest girl I knew. I come from work, frustrated from my boss’ bully, the annoying Kasuwa traffic, a big bag of broken dreams but her warm arms are wide open to receive me, and I soon forget all those. She is never bored of my complaints, she listens courteously to each word as though I’ve not told her a thousand times already and as her ever succulent, fluffy body is pressed tight against mine, I find solace and sleep like an elderly toad, snoring so loud that my neighbor’s child couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop, either. After all, Ene wasn’t complaining and that was all that mattered. Her ears were closest to my mouth, yet she smiles to the rhythm, as if it was some Kiss Daniel’s song. There I find peace. And I would dream she was a real girl. Ebony, with brown pupils that are shy of the sun, a classic Britain nose and soft lips that tasted like honey but thirsts for mine. We would run around the beach, throwing beach sands and water at each other until our legs fail us and our hearts beats faster than the village’s drum. I would then sit back and watch her walk out of the water, mesmerized by her charms. Sometimes, I wake up to find out I’ve thrown her far away. And my sorry self would pick her up, clean her and dress her. And she would smile again, holding no grudge.

Then Michael came around to spend a night in my house, I made sure I didn’t introduce him to her. He was a legendary womanizer. So I hid her in my wardrobe, though I begged her it was just for the night and that tomorrow I will make up for it. It was for our good after all. She smiled, like she always does. I showed Michael to the room, the leaky roof, the tattered mattress we were going to share. I saw him smirk. I wouldn’t blame him though, if we both lay on the mattress, it would be just half of each of us it would contain. We had to sleep that way anyway. It was my longest night as each minute I longed for her touch, her warmth and my dream became vague. When morning came, I woke up, glad that the night was finally over just to find Ene beneath Michael, rumpled, barely clad, dirty and she smiled uncontrollably. I knew I cried, the way I did for Mercy, for Praise, and Jemimah.

‘Why?’ I asked Michael, feeling betrayed with tears all over my eyes.

‘It’s just a damn pillow dude’ he said and looked at me like I was insane. I wasn’t. I knew I wasn’t. As soon as he left, I threw Ene through the window, she was a bloody infidel, just like Mercy, Praise and Jemimah, just that they were real girls and she wasn’t, but cheated still.

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