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A Short Story


Copyright © Ram Sai Nag, 2018

All characters in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental. The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.


It was a cold night. Rishi stopped his car on seeing a girl.

‘Can I drop you?’ asked Rishi.

The girl didn’t reply.

‘Waiting for your boyfriend?’


‘ You are a girl and this area is not safe. I can drop you.’

‘No, thanks. I will catch an auto.’

‘Okay,’ said Rishi and drove off his car. After a minute, he shifted his gaze towards the rear view mirror. The girl was running towards his car. He stopped the car. The girl knocked on the window.

‘Can I....?’ the girl asked.


The girl boarded his car. She sat next to him.

‘Please wear the seat belt.’


‘Feeling comfortable?’


‘Where should I drop you?’

‘RK beach.’


‘No. Airport.’

‘Why did you change your destination?’

‘Paradox of choices. I always change my decisions.’


Rishi looked at her neck. She didn’t have Mangalya. Being single, Rishi felt happy. His gaze shifted towards her hands. They were milky white and filled with Mehandi. The girl was busy in watching the stars.

‘May I know your good name please?’ he asked.

‘Chitra,’ the girl said.

‘Nice name.’

‘Thank you.’

The girl was shivering due to cold weather. Rishi stopped the car and stepped out of it.

‘What happened?’ the girl asked.

‘I will get some coffee for you. It helps you to keep warm.’

The girl smiled. Rishi went to a local coffee stall and brought some two cups of coffee. He offered one of the cups to the girl.

‘Thank you,’ said the girl. The girl was trying to cool the coffee by blowing the air from her lips.

The girl took a sip from her coffee cup. Rishi was busy in observing her hot lips. Traveling with a girl is always a fantasy for singles. Rishi’s mind was filled erotic fantasies. Rishi has very limited time to seduce her. He finished his coffee. The girl was sipping the coffee and thinking about something.

Rishi threw his cup from the window and started his car. The girl was still thinking about something.

‘What are you thinking about?’


‘Nothing? Is this some sort of meditation?



The car reached the airport. Rishi thought of proposing her. But, very soon she stepped out of the car.

‘Thanks for the help.’

‘It’s Okay.’



Rishi started his car and he was on the way to his home. He shifted his gaze from the road to his car dashboard. There was a mobile. She forgot her mobile in his car. Rishi smiled with happiness. He took the mobile into his hand. He tried to unlock the screen, but the phone turned off automatically after 10 seconds due to low battery.

Let me have some fun with this girl,’ he thought.

He reached his home. He finished his dinner. He took the newspaper into his hand. Being a fresher to stock market trader he has to rely on the experts’ advice column. He was leafing through the newspaper. Suddenly, he has seen Chitra’s pic in the newspaper. He rubbed his eyes. Yes, it was Chitra. The headline reads NEWLY WED BRIDE KILLS THE GROOM. Rishi wiped the sweat beads on his forehead. He ran to his refrigerator and took out water bottle from it. He poured water over his head. He settled in a sofa. He took her mobile into his hand. He connected it to the charger and took the newspaper. He began to read about Chitra.

Newly wed bride killed her husband brutally and escaped from the house. ‘ The girl suffered with mental illness in her past,’ said the girl’s mom. Cops began to search for her.

I travelled with a murderer and mentally ill girl. Thank god, I didn’t propose her,’ he thought.

His mind was numb. He couldn’t believe that he travelled with a murderer. Although Rishi was a man with a good physical strength, he was a coward. He had sleepless nights when he watched the horror movies like Exorcist. His legs were still shivering.

He switched on her mobile. There were missed calls from an unknown number. He opened the gallery. There were her marriage pics. She smiled in none of the pics. Her husband was dark in complexion. There were her pre wedding pics and engagement pics.

He opened another album named as Ram. There were intimate pics with her boyfriend. She even captured the pic of her lip lock with her boyfriend. There were lot of intimate pics with her boyfriend which Rishi can’t see.

He lost his hope. He kept the phone on his table. Chitra’s phone began to ring. He was clueless. He answered the call.

‘Hello, who is this?’ asked Rishi.

‘Chitra, the girl in your car.’

‘You forgot your phone in my car.’

‘Yeah. Tell me your address. I will come there and get my phone.’

‘I can come there.’

‘Sorry for causing the trouble. I am waiting at the airport entrance.’

‘It’s Okay.’

Rishi reached the airport. Chitra was at the airport gate. She waved her hand. Rishi stepped out and walked towards her. He returned her mobile. ‘Thank you so much,’ said Chitra. Rishi gave her the newspaper. ‘I didn’t ask the newspaper,’ said Chitra. ‘Please open,’ said Rishi. Chitra opened the newspaper. She was shocked to see her pic in the newspaper. She began to cry. ‘Don’t cry. You are mentally ill. Let me admit you in a mental hospital,’ said Rishi.

‘I am not a mentally ill girl.’

‘No one accepts the truth.’

Chitra took out a pen from her hand bag. She filled the crossword puzzle and gave it to Rishi.

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