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We arrange to take the Desolink to Eastern Light City.

I got Myho to book a private lounge since my Palmer was removed. First class doesn’t require role call so Cro and Bo can also enter unchecked. Got the boys outfitted with the latest trends. Cro looks like a fucking arms dealer with his open buttoned tuxedo and chest hair curling out. Clean cut and moustache. Only trace of his roots is the rhodochrosite stone dangling around his neck. As we walk into our private lounge he heads straight to the waitresses and starts charming them.

“They’re bots!” I yell after him.

“Bots they’re perfect” he jokes.

Bo rolls his eyes. He fits right into the billionaire philanthropist look. Gold pin cuffs and my nude neck scarf to match his trousers. He looks disgusted when he spots the holograms of extinct aquatic life that are projected into the surrounding water column.

“On-board entertainment” he mutters, and touches the screen as a pod of whales pass and information about them is read aloud.

“The Orca or killer whale was a top predator in its time…”

“Free Willy” I say as I join him.

“Whales kinda look like willies” Cro laughs and the bots giggle on-queue.

Bo closes his eye and sighs. I laugh. The Trunks were right, Cro really does balance the tension between us.

The ride takes a few minutes. I laugh as I’m reminded of taking a fucking decade to build the connection, back when I was still an Aquabot Captain. That was about a month ago, but it feels like another lifetime all together. Strange feeling, yet easing.

We rock up at the harbor where the container ships import bulca from the black market. I watch a holographic projection of the live announcement of Colin’s promotion to General of the Harvest. Sky-Lo embraces him and the old general nods proudly. He gives his thank you speech, but I hardly recognize him.

“Taking over the throne” I mutter to myself as I play with my father’s ring on my index finger.

“You know him?” Bo asks as Cro gets directions to a captain we can bribe to cross over.

“Used to” I say and look away. He looks different somehow. Harder, concrete, fixed.

Cro calls us to board.

“What did you give him?” I ask impressed.

He ignores me and walks faster.

I turn to Bo.

“The access code to your condo” he says nonchalantly.

“What the fuck Cro!” my face drops.

“A bit sentimental about your bot bride?” Bo asks sarcastically.

I turn and punch him in the face. He blocks with his right cuff and swings at me with the left. I pull back, but the rail is in the way. I hear something crack and then I feel the blood run down my face. He broke my fucking nose! I grab Bo’s neck scarf as Cro pushes us apart. I wipe away the blood with the scarf and push it into Bo’s face as he pushes forward to try and get past Cro.

“Come now boys!” Cro mocks in a fatherly tone, just as the captain sounds the horn to depart. One of the deckhands directs us to the herd lodge where the bulca are kept. They are unloading the last of them. They are strange beasts. A hump like a camel and the body and face of a bull. They were genetically modified to survive on little water, but with enough flesh for good quality steaks. I stroke my short-fur jacket. I’ve never seen them alive. We usually get them packaged and ready to eat, labeled GMM (genetically modified meat) treated to ensure low EM (electromagnetic frequency) levels, safe for citizen consumption.

“What are these?” Cro frowns.

“They were bred to eat, but died in captivity because they need to keep moving” Bo explains, “they make high vibe milk” he adds.

“Yeah, that stuff is illegal in Light City because the EM levels spike Nigredo” I add.

“They live in the desert now” Bo nods and points to the horizon, where we are heading.

I watch a deckhand heat a metal triangle ∆ and brand the bulca as they are unloaded. The beast bucks in the containment structure and a sense of determination comes over me, like when Taurus bucked through me on the dance floor.

I walk up to the guy and grab his hand to stop him from branding the next animal. He pushes the rod down as I pull his hand away and burns an upside down triangle  through my clothes into my left peck.

“Fuuuck!” I scream and release his hand.

Bo pulls me away.

“This is not the time or place” he whispers into my face, standing in between me and the deckhand who is already heating the triangle for round two.

“So tell me, when is it the right time or the right place to do the right thing” I say firmly as I maintain eye-contact.


The black market is the closest to chaos I’ve been since the Spring Equinox Festival. There are vendors everywhere, they tried to align the stalls and section off shopping zones, but these vendors obviously don’t give a flying fuck, because they are almost stacked on top of each other, screaming, bribing, and auctioning, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation. All the dodgy goods are sold there, you know, the kind of stuff that could lead citizens to doubt the system, or are better off being governed by an authority figure. Strange herbs, stranger people, organic fresh goods, even extinct animal products.

Red objects keep attracting my attention as we shop for ‘desert accessories’. Reminding me of the red roots that are still fucking glowing down my legs! I get myself some baggy khaki pants that hang low at the groin for ventilation and high rise combat boots, no laces. A light shirt, compact backpack, and groovy gloves that can roll up to my shoulders, for protection from the desert Sun. I also grab some cool sand goggles and a balaclava neck scarf. Going for the whole post-apocalyptic look. Cro got himself a shoal because he thinks he is Jafar from Aladdin “Chicks dig sorcerers” he winks.

Bo grabs a baggy shirt and tights, and wraps his head with his bloody nude scarf.

Must admit we look pretty badass.

A guy calls me over as we pass through the chaos. There is a floating palm waving at us next to him. I recon he’s a palm reader. He grabs my hand as we pass.

“Ah, you’re in Saturn return” he says as he scans the lines on my right hand.

“Yeah, and?” I shrug at his bullshit.

“Limitation, contraction and loss” he says concerned.

“Any good news?” I laugh.

“Your soul, she is stuck in the dark” he says unsympathetically, obviously picked up on my vibe, “Ah, but she is good for you” he smiles. Pfft, what soul? This guy is on crack.

“You should check your heart health. You fear love, eat greens” he suggests. Fear of love and eating greens? Oh, this guys a keeper.

He is quiet for a while, frowns and looks up intently.

“What?” I frown.

“Do Yoo believe?” he asks seriously.

I’m usually quick with a comeback, but I hesitate a little. “Uh, I believe in energy.”

He keeps looking at me and drops my hand.

“Thanks for nothing, here’s a paperweight” I say as I throw the obsidian his way. He grabs it, throws it into a bowl of water and turns to Cro, “Ah, this is a good time for love!” he cheers.

“It’s always a good time for love” Bo laughs and pushes Cro aside playfully.

I step back and an old lady smiles and winks at me from across the walkway. She is missing her left front tooth. I am drawn to her for some reason and walk over to her stall. She points to the line of light surrounding her, and then at my feet. I take off my boots and she nods. I step in and the gemstones appear hanging from the roof. I look up amazed, she smiles and her teeth are bright and she is beautiful.

“Well, well, well, look at you shine Sun?” she cheers as she places a strange pendant necklace around my neck. It almost touches my navel.

I hold it and it transforms into a circle inside a rectangle.

“Wow, what is this?” I ask amazed.

“It’s an aaskouandy, an object that is out of place with its surroundings. Like you” she smiles and looks into my palm.

“Ah, Akhet, the New Sun rising over the sacred mountain” she says and closes her hand over mine.

“Jet, what the fuck are you doing?” I hear Bo yell.

I turn to where they were standing and look back to thank the lady, but she is gone. I watch a rat disappear into a gutter.


Obviously the guys got directions from the palmist, and obviously we are lost. In the fucking desert!

We’ve been walking for a few days and everything looks the same. We stopped quarreling when our lips started chapping. Now all you hear is panting.

I look to the horizon, the orange dunes stretch on for what looks like forever and the sunset lights up the blue sky with strokes of red and yellow light. Want to dive into the blue part, ah refreshing.

A black stream starts appearing up ahead. I scan the dunes and it looks like a giant grid. Dehydration and hallucinations. I shake it off.

A Full Moon between the horns of a bull floats towards us. I blink a few times, but it’s getting bigger.

“Uh, guys, up ahead” I point towards the horizon. “I think a bull fell from heaven?”

The bull head comes into focus.

“It’s a ship bro” Cro squints and Bo starts waving.

“A ship in the desert?” I frown, “I think we’re hallucinating.”

“Yeah sure, team Luci” Cro jokes.

Cro laughs at his own joke as usual, and Bo is smiling, which is unusual.

“Bo, use the bloody scarf like a matador” I joke. I get sharp when I’m parched.

“I did a better job on her” he smirks as he jumps up and down.

I take a moment to register that he was referring to Amphi. I tackle him mid-air and pin his chest down.

“Don’t you fucking learn?” I warn.

Bo laughs.

I get up and shake off the sand, no use wasting any more energy on this asshole.

“The face of the bull like the uterus, bru” Bo says as he presses on one knee to get up.

“And the horns symbolize the crescent Moon too” Cro adds chuffed.

“I guess we’re in the womb of the Mother Goddess?” I presume.

“We never left” Cro mumbles while looking into the distance at the ship.

“So, it’s a good omen?” I ask.

“Jip, giver of good fortune and fertility” he nods.

“It’s the Haara, the desert Gypsies” Bo says as he gets up and shakes the sand from his ass.

“Gypsies” Cro smiles slyly.

“Yeah, nomadic Egyptians” Bo starts waving again.

As the ship comes closer the bull skull contrasts the black ship. It’s the size of about a hundred bulca skulls. Fucking intimidating. If Bo wasn’t waving I’d be running. The ship throws a giant trident towards us.

“Bro, I think this is the part where we run” I step back hesitantly.

“Don’t move” Bo holds my shoulder.

The three prongs slam into the sand beside us and a bridge appears that connects to the ship.

“Nice anchor” I cough.

A woman walks down slowly. Her hips sway sensually, like Amphi, but more mature, I would say motherly, but I wouldn’t know.


“This is Jet, he’s an asshole, and that’s Cro, you should put him on a leash” Bo introduces us.

“I am Captain and Head Priestess of the Full Moon Coven. You boys doing alright?” she smiles.

She has a long blond messy plait resting on her shoulder, and an orange short sleeve latex-like jumpsuit on with the image of a black bull on her groin, with translucent openings that seem to move around, probably for ventilation. I reach into my pocket to touch the obsidian. Fuck, I gave it away, now I have nothing to ground my energy. I try to maintain eye-contact to not stare at her costume, but I feel compelled to bow down.

Cro kneels, “My Lady, just in time” he says, and kisses her hand.

“You need to be placed under pressure to crystallize, else you might have remained pathetic for the rest of your life” she says bluntly while looking at me intently.

“Oh, so you are taking it upon yourself to turn us into diamonds?” I hit back.

“At the moment, I’m just lecturing a boy I rescued from certain death. But, it sounds like he already knows everything so I rather not waste any more energy” she says with a straight face. Fucking sexy.

“My Lady, we bring you the Prophecy Prince” Bo says and bows his head.

“Welcome kings, you are just in time for the festival, now we have bigger cause to celebrate!” she says cheerfully, and gestures with her fingers for us to follow her on-board.

“You are a fucking idiot” Bo mumbles next to me as we board.

“Who is that?” I mumble back.

“Selene guides the Moon across the skies” Bo says totally infatuated by her.

The ship is huge and intricately detailed with silver images of the bull, the Moon phases, hieroglyphs and pyramids. On-board, everyone else has similar orange jumpsuits on with bright colored patterns and shapes. There is a giant crystal at the bow of the ship and a pendulum float above it. There are two wands attached to the belts around everyone’s waists. They look super sexy, even the dudes. The latex-like material emphasize their muscle tone, and fuck me, these ladies have some mighty fine bodies. I don’t know how they do it aboard a ship, but I agree. We need to put Cro on a leash, immediately!

“During sunrise and Sunset, the magical hours, when the serpent comes to play, we play and divine to promote inner exploration and creativity” she explains as she shows us the ship. There are different shades of orange silks spun above us that seem to act as hammocks and wigwam pyramids to chill under.

“We have a definite purpose and direction, which is family first, and by incorporating the new, red energy, with the organizing qualities of yellow, we are the Haara, and we are orange like the desert sands. Welcome to the Sacral Chakra” she welcomes us.

They are fire like the Vanavasi, but less intense, like the warmth the Sun and fire provide.

“Yeah, I didn’t see any organizing qualities in the Vanavasi” I joke.

“Ah, you come from the Root Chakra” she smiles and looks at my legs, like she sees the roots glowing underneath my pants.

“This is my daughter Amé” she introduces us to a dark haired girl with a big smile. Cro immediately starts flirting with her.

“So, you’re like desert pirates that sail the sands?” I mock to get her attention.

“Argh” a gay guy mocks and winks.

“Get back in the mast Gypsand!” she laughs.

She walks to the pendulum. “Set sail back to the herd” Selene sets her intent and taps her wands above her head twice. Everyone draws their wands and yells “LUNA!”

They start using their wands like drumsticks and pound the deck guided by Selene’s movements. The deck starts vibrating as they dribble the deck simultaneously. The ship lifts slowly and starts moving forward. Selene smiles as colors start emanating from the deck and around the air space where they are jamming with their sticks.

“Cruise frequency” she nods and taps her sticks once.

Everyone does the same and settles down as the ship cruises over the dunes. I run to port and look down to check this shit out. Cro joins me.

“Bro, flying pirates? You’ve got to be kidding me?” I laugh in disbelief.

“Flying Gypsies” he grins slyly.

We both laugh and yell “Wooohooo!!!” simultaneously. Cliché, but worth it.

“You’re more playful already” Bo nods, but he can probably see from my frown that I don’t understand.

“Orange energy is about emotions, something new to you” he smirks.

“Relationships, sexuality and empathy” Cro smiles.

“Herd up ahead” the spotter in the mast yells.

“Fuck bro, check out all those bulca!” I point excitedly. There are thousands of them. They start running as the ship sails over them, kicking up dust that makes it look like we are really sailing the desert sands. They look majestic and powerful as they follow a line of light like I saw when they arrived.

“Each coven sails with a herd of bulca” Selene says as she rests her elbows next to us. “We have to trade some of them to keep Light City off our backs, seeing as they have some weird ownership over them, since they created them. Of course their milk supplies us with all our nutritional needs, so we get more than we give, which is the Great Mother’s way, give and receive. We ride with them and protect them from over-exploitation from the square consciousness’s insatiable appetite for power” she continues.

“Square consciousness?” I frown. Sounds a lot like the room I came from.

The Phallus, The One, became entrained with fear and turned into a square.

Square consciousness creates what it is, a cage.

It cages everything that is alive, wild and free and tries to make a profit from it.

So, when nobody has ownership on it they’ll l take it for themselves,

Cause, you know? If they don’t do it someone else will.

So grab as much as you can and sell it to a good man” Selene sort of sings it.

I guess that’s her thing. Singing. Fuck, I think I’m also sing thinking, if that’s even a thing?

“Yeah, bulca meat is part of a balanced Upper Light City diet, but most people go for a flavored synthetic protein supplement” I agree.

“I remember in the old world, we had so many flavors and textures of fresh foods, naturally packaged to stay fresh and strengthen the trine. The body, soul and mind. Food was shared and abundantly available, oh and communal feasting at festivals! Now we make treats with bulca milk and do what we can with what we have. But freedom tastes better than any bag of square treats ever will” she turns and leans with her back against the beam. I turn too.

“Yeah, meat is the only source of organic protein sold in Light City. It was also the most expensive resource, now it’s probably water, since their flow is running low” I add in.

“Can’t you just sail away?” I ask recalling the bulca-brander on the container ship.

“We are kind of trapped in the desert. On the one side, Ra built a wall because he fears anything he can’t control, and as you know, we are all about magic, sex and freedom, everything he is not. And, on the other side Light City is all about expanding their light, and scared of the Earth, love and anything wild.”

“So magic is stuck in between fear of love and fear of change” I ask.

“And greed and pride. All dangerous company to keep” she agrees.

“So, you lot are like the devils of hell, sensual, creative and unpredictable?” I laugh into my fist, because I can just imagine the citizen’s faces if these ladies were to fly over the Light City sky line.

“Hard to resist and impossible to control, don’t fit into the square mould very well” she shakes her head, “Can’t play the role of the white bride, like their beloved Sky-Lo, or dress up like a plastic doll” she laughs as well.

“Trust a group of dominating grandpas to make that up” I add.

“But hey, let’s be honest, we don’t want to be stuck in either one of their hells, so, we’d much rather chill in the desert with the bulca” she laughs.

“Uh, one more question?” I add.

“Sure hun, go ahead” she nods.

“What are these lines of light, running across the desert, like a grid” I point to the line that seems to be guiding the bulca herd.

“Ah, ley lines, the Earth’s electromagnetic energy grid” she smiles.

I frown.

“Lines with high frequency dragon energy” she holds her gaze to see if I grasp it. .

“Uh? Like the energy drinks in Light City?” I laugh.

“Nah, that doesn’t even come close. Temporary satisfaction followed by a downer is never a healthy choice. They’d like to recreate it, but it’s more like the stuff that makes Nigredo levels spike. All living things have a unique frequency, and a collective energy of the same frequency, is obviously a species. Living food affects your personal energy accordingly, shape and color being an obvious give away, it was called The Doctrine of Signatures, way back in the day” she explains.


“Features of plants and animals that are similar in appearance to a body part and is beneficial to the organ it resembles” she expands.

“If everything you eat affects you that could be scary” I say wide-eyed.

“Only if you have reason to be concerned” she says neutrally.

“As humanity’s vibrational frequency lowered towards a denser, duller state of being they lost the ability to see higher frequencies” she continues.

“And now they’re stuck in the gut?” I joke.

“When you pass through the next gate you’ll see what people look like with a power trip stuck in their guts” she laughs.

“The dense state you see in Light City manifests as clones occupying sterile squares stacked one on top another, purposeless cells that take the nourishment from the healthy cells and infect the rest of Her Body.”

“Cancer” I mutter and we quiet down.

We watch the kids paint the deck with different colored light. It’s like their drawings come to life when they ride the ley lines.

“Children are born with limitless minds and can see pictures in the sky. But the adults had to cultivate their consciousness when they followed The Urge, the square they were stuck in made them lose the ability to see energies and beauty in the world. So, we cultivate fearless curiosity and creative expression amongst the Haara, so adults develop a different state of consciousness, circular consciousness.

“Limitless minds” I mutter. She nods.

“Games help strengthen the bonds between members, and teach them the power of teamwork and compassion in one of the harshest biomes on Her Body” she says and laughs at two boys arguing.

“Well, it helps” she shakes her head and smiles.

“Dragon energy enables them to experience their imaginations and share in each other’s creations” she laughs, and points towards two grown men who are introducing their imaginary friends. A hula hooping hippo and a giraffe-zebra cross. I also laugh.

“And the pendulum?” I point to the stone floating up front.

Ah, dowsing! We call it water witching! It’s how we find power spots and hidden water and minerals deep under the ground. It picks up on the black streams, or ley lines and guides the ship accordingly.

“Ah, like Jack Sparrow’s compass?” I ask excitedly.

“That will always find him a bottle of rum” she laughs along.

“Sister ships up ahead” the guy in the mast yells.

“We live forever remember? So, we sail the sands of time like, fuck it, whatever” she wink, and walks to the bow of the ship.

I turn and I am blown away. There are seven black ships with a fire burning at their masts, floating in a circle above a point where two ley lines connect to for a black cross glowing below. All of them have a huge bull head with a different phase of the Moon between its horns, with thousands upon thousands of bulca beneath them.

“BULLFIRE!” the covens call.

“Ignite the fire of the God of Light!” our coven calls out, and our mast is set alight.

“Fucking wow!” my jaw drops.

“This is Bullfire boys” she winks and draws her wands.

She taps them three times and everyone squats down and starts drumming the deck rapidly, probably to raise the energy. Selene draws a trident in the air and directs it to an opening in the sand. The anchor of the ship releases and slams into the dune, but there is no bridge, or chain attached to it, must be electromagnetic.

“Luna changes her size, like the Great Mother’s eye” Selene announces and the phases of the Moon light up between the horns of the bulls on each ship. I follow the phases as they illuminate one by one from new Moon to Full Moon and back again. The Moon cycle looks like a blinking fucking eye!


As the eye opens at Full Moon a surge of energy rises up my spine. It creates a rhythmic beat that everyone jives on, like the coming and going of the tides.

The beat becomes louder and the intensity makes me feel anticipation and excitement.

All the covens squat and lunge in sync and slam the deck with their wands and sing simultaneously. The deck lights up every time it is struck. Their united intent is empowering and intense. Their movements look mystical and sensuous.

“Full body drumming encourages the body to express its natural vitality through movement. As the energy of your body is allowed to flow, the chattering of your mind subsides and a state of childlike fun is experienced. The experience of being fully present in your body strengthens the power of your thoughts” Bo explains and sounds impressed by their moves.

“They seem to integrate intention, breath and movement to enhance their connection with their bodies and the Earth” he continues.

“It’s like martial arts drumming” I laugh.

I see fire in their bellies become narrow as they focus their fire on a collective goal. The fire becomes blue and then purple.

The Sun sets on the eve of the Midsummer solstice. The Full Moon is already shining and the decks of the ships are glowing.

“Transition point is at Sunset” I hear Amé tell Cro behind me.

“The time where two periods meet is very magical. It has both fertility and healing powers” Amé explains, but quiets down as the veil lifts and colours appear more vivid. The rays of sunlight dance on deck and I’m alone in the moment for a second.

“Osiris! God of Light, unites with his bride, Isis, the Goddess of Life, and returns love to the world. On this day we celebrate your unity!” all the covens call.

“Kindle the trident fires!” Selene yells in the distance, and the trident anchors set alight.

I’m in awe of it all, and everything is in slow mo. I watch the flames dance side by side, and the covens tap their wands twice, drop down and start air-drumming the deck. I’m there, but somewhere else simultaneously. How could life be anything less than this amazing? No chains, no enclosure, just raw, adventure.

Each coven has a unique beat that harmonizes to create an up-beat symphony. The bulca start running anti-clockwise in a circle below the ships. They kick up dust that rises up and encircles us.

The covens start singing “Purple Rain” and I can’t help but sing along.

All I want to see is you dancing in the purple rain,

Purple rain,

Purple rain!” I yell along.

And clouds form above. The beat picks up and the different vibrations set off different colors that light up the night like fireworks. The way they squat, lunge, jump and sing in-sync is mind blowing. Now I know where they get their bodies from. Tell me where you get that body from? I got it from my Momma, I got it from my Momma, I sing think again. Must be a sacral chakra thing.

I snap back as rain falls on my face. Yeah, purple rain all round.

“We commemorate the day of global enlightenment” she shouts over the song and everyone cheers as the orange silks are released and wave in the purple rain.

She walks to me smiling, probably seeing my amazement.

“You can count on a consciousness laced with fear to interpret black rains as nuclear fallout, instead of rains of enlightenment” she laughs.

“The eve of Bullfire, marks the beginning of summer. It used to be a special day where a crack formed through which primeval magic entered. But, we are in the crack now, so it’s magic all year round” she laughs, but I am still astounded.

A pool of water forms in the circle below.

“When sleeping beauty awakes from her heavy and drowsy sleep, and with an open heart, and bare feet, merrily and joyfully meets the new arising Sun” she says and directs it at me.

“Uh, well the citizens think it’s the reaping” I laugh.

“Yeah, because they chose to stay behind” she yells over the music, and takes a silk.

“Heaven is a state of mind just like Peter Pan in Neverland. If you believe you can fly, then you can, but even a speck of doubt, and you’ll fall to the ground” she says, steps back to take a running start, and jumps off the side of the ship into the circle of light. She releases and hovers mid-air like a fairy, waving at me mockingly.

“Funny mommy” I stick out my tongue.

Other covens start swinging over to each other, some dive into the pool below, while bulca drink and others dance and celebrate.

“Give it a go” Gypsand passes me a silk.

“Ah, fuck, not again” I laugh.

“Where ley lines cross are power spots, around here anything can happen” he nudges me to jump.

Earth energy has no bounds it seems to me, but if this is what the life experience should be like I can totally see why slavery was so depressing. Also how a consciousness set on order and structure can be petrified of a state of being that’s this boundless and free.

It’s so much fun to live a life of adventure. I could never go back to the enclosure.

I jump.


We swing across to the New Moon crescent ship. I spot Bo floating horizontally while three ladies chant around him.

“At the New Moon the Sun and Moon rise and set together. Since the Sun and the Moon are on the same side of the Earth, they are in conjunction and in the same astrological sign, resulting in a surge of combined directed energy to give impetus to any new action” Selene explains still floating beside the ship inside the circle, glowing silver behind a curtain of purple, second degree magical shit happening right here.

“Ah yeah, I felt that at the Spring Equinox Festival” I nod.

“It’s good for wish magic” Gypsand adds, and I recall the seeds we planted, makes sense now.

“Each coven has unique gifts and forms of divination” Selene explains.

“Free will or fixed fate?” I ask interested.

“If the future is entirely predetermined, then any divinatory process becomes entirely passive and to know what cannot be changed is counterproductive. You are the sum of the choices you make, but you have a destiny if you strive towards your soul purpose and work to achieve your best potential” she explains.

“Come here boy” a lady with long black nails and dark patterns that change form on her hands, calls me over.

Oh, this one has a powerful aura. You have recently awoken, and are starting to tune into your soul, I see, I see” she nods approvingly and scans me from head to toe.

But, there is something stuck here” she points to my heart, “and here, “she points below my gut, and I feel a spark.

“Aura?” I step back uncomfortably.

“The aura is your personal energy. It’s like a transmitting and receiving station for emotions and thoughts, and reveals information about your physical, mental and spiritual well-being” Selene explains.

“I can absorb some of the pain if you allow me?” she walks closer holding her hand out to me.

“Uh, no thanks, I’ll keep my feet on deck for now” I cough, and spot Bo waking up from his trance.

“I’ll work with him later” Selene smiles, and the lady bows slightly.

“By developing your clairvoyant abilities you can bring out the essence of a thing. Energies take shape depending on how your state of consciousness interprets it” Selene continues, and I’m reminded of how Caiman embodied the croc, and looked like a superhero, probably because I admired him.

“Yeah, Amphi explained it’s like I’m seeing myself?” I nod.

“Correct, your state of being is reflected back to you, so if there is something that needs healing it will appear scary if you resist it” she says sympathetically.

“Like this journey?” I mutter.

“The dark night of the soul can be scary, but it’s necessary. If you locked away your creativity, feelings, sexuality or femininity, by labelling that part of yourself ‘bad,’ ‘weak’ or ‘evil,’ you live a meaningless, fragmented life, and if She comes up to heal you, and you resists change, the monsters you see are all you, hunny” she says compassionately.

“The spiritual aura of the Lord Gautama Buddha was said to extend 200 miles” Gypsand adds, and breaks the intensity.

“If we clear that blockage” she looks down to my lower body, “you’ll see more than just ley lines” she laughs and hovers to the next coven.

“What did she mean by that” I ask Gyspand, who passes me another silk.

“As you pass through the gates your energy will level up and let’s just say you’ll change significantly” he laughs too. Geez, they like keeping me in the dark.

I take a silk and swing past Selene who is already waiting at the Moon that looks like a silver eyelash.

“The waxing crescent does not appear on the day of the New Moon but 3 ½ days later” she explains, and I recall not seeing a Moon at the Vanavasi festival.

“Waxing Moon period begins 2 or 3 days after the New Moon and lasts for almost 2 weeks. The Moon is visible during the daytime for much of the waxing cycle” she explains.

A guy with a man-bun and hieroglyphs on his jumpsuit approaches me.

“Telling future and past with the roll of the dice” he smiles and spreads his hands across the ground, and a black layer forms. He draws an orange circle around it and places two glass dice in my hand.

“Ancient Egyptian relics” he winks.

I roll and one dice lands on top of the other.

“Oh, a deceitful lover” he warns.

“In the past” I shrug it off angrily, and throw the dice again.

Two ones = equal two.

“A road that forks two ways, but the longest is best” he advises.

“Yeah, I’m on it” I nod and roll again.

A six and a three.

“Ah, nine, joy in love, even a wedding” he says joyfully.

These people and their weddings, unions and brides. I smile and say nothing, but I recon he could see what I was thinking.

“Good luck on your journey” he winks, and Gypsand passes me another silk.

“Uh, just a quick question? How does the whole gay thing happen?” I ask Gypsand as the dice gay checks me out as I leave.

“An eon of suppressing the feminine lead to an imbalance between the universal energies. When men rule the world alone, the imbalance is brought to light through sexual imbalances that manifest as men becoming attracted to men and women becoming more masculine” he explains. Makes sense. I nod.

Selene calls us and we swing cross.

“The Moon starts to wane after the Full Moon. The Moon rises an hour later every night, and by the half-waning phase, sets at noon and is visible every morning. As the visible Moon grows smaller, so do the energies available to us. It wanes towards the state of stillness and letting go of what is redundant. The waning Moon is ruled by the crone aspect of Isis, also known as Hecate, Goddess of Night, Kali and Lilith.

“I’ve heard about Lilith” I laugh.

“To the Babylonian people she was the “Beautiful Maiden” who gave birth to the Moon” Selene smiles.

“Like Isis?” I ask.

“Yes, one and the same. Lilith’s legendary beauty and sexual charms were later distorted. This was done in order to subvert goddess worship. And so it was that the beautiful Lilith was transformed from the free-spirited and winged “Bird Goddess” into a female demon who’s evil beauty and powerful eroticism drove men inevitably to total madness” she mocks.

“And Kali?” I frown.

“Kali, is the goddess of chaos. The Black Mother of the Dark Moon. She became golden inside, shed her skin like a snake and formed the avenging, destroying persona of Kali. Kali danced on Shiva whose body she trampled on, destroyed and then danced on once more to restore him to life. Transforming Shava, corpse, into Shiva, the living one.”

“The New Sun” I mutter.

“You catch on quickly” she smiles approvingly.

“And Hecate?” I ask.

“Same shit different place. Hecate, the Moon goddess, was the wise woman of the Waning Moon. She is the Great Mother figure who wears Nature itself as her mantle. Versed in the black arts, Hecate is a shape-shifter, with power to alter both her age and form at will. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve met her already” she winks, and looks at my aaskouandy.

“Ah, Prophecy Prince!” a lady interrupts us, “you take the royal way” she says impressed.

“Uh” I hesitate.

“Come, let me give you guidance from the Mother” she shuffles some cards by moving her fingers up and down, and they fly around me like a tornado and stack up in her palm.

“Tarot is a means through which your soul can communicate with you. Soul and creation are interconnected. The world is a living organism and the Moon, stars and planets radiate their various energies that affect those attached to the Tree” she explains and flicks a few cards and they fly around me.

“Earth provides humankind with the playground for the ultimate soul adventure, but you need to plug in to play, else the dragon energy won’t work on you” she continues.

“Freedom to be, on or off the tree” I mutter.

“Exactly” she nods excitedly.

“Draw three cards child” she looks at me intently.

I draw one by one, and they float upright with the pictures facing me. There is a picture of a queen sitting on a throne, a joker and a chalice. She smiles without seeing the cards.

“You see? You are on the Quest for the Holy Grail” she nods.

“What’s that?” I frown.

“Coming into communion with the eternal, boundless and immutable principle, the soul of the Universe that itself emanates from Earth. The Divine Serpent.”

“Uh, I’m following my gut” I choke.

“That is a good start” she smiles.

“The Chalice of Immortality awaits if you walk with courage and pure intent. Good luck young Prince” she bows, and walks off.

“At that point in Luna’s journey, when She lies directly between the Earth and the Sun, She doesn’t reflect any light back to Earth. This renders Her invisible from our point of view and is called the dark Moon” Selene continues.

“During the dark of the Moon, no magic is practiced. It is a time for resting, for developing the inner world of dreams. Then the cycle begins again as the dark of the Moon gives way to the new Moon and new energies emerge once more. Lilith, Kali and Hecate, are feared for their powers of destruction, but they possess great wisdom and maturity, and bring with them the promise of rebirth and regeneration, if we but allow them to heal us” she nods.

“In the natural cycle, everything is in constant flux, with each stage yielding inevitably to the next. The cycles of the Moon also mirror the female menstrual cycle” she continues.

“Why do I want to know this?” I interrupt.

“Because you love your opposite enough to see the beauty of every part of her being” she says firmly.

“Fuck, okay sorry mommy” I say mockingly.

“We withdraw to Moon Lodge during this time to rest and contemplate. The Moon acts like a clock that regulates the menstrual cycle and its light at Full Moon triggers ovulation. Naturally governed by the lunar phases, but in a solar governed world a more rational approach was taken, medication. Artificial lighting and confusion of roles in the old world created imbalances and confused biological rhythms” she explains, and I recall the convo with Gypsand.

“A woman is at the peak of her fertility at that time of the month when the Moon is in the same phase as it was at the time of her birth” Selene continues.

“Thanks for the heads up” I joke, “I’ll be sure to check her birth Moon before we get jiggy with it” I laugh.

“Astrological signs tend to be either masculine or feminine” she ignores me, “Every month the Moon travels through all of the signs, spending about two and quarter days in each one. The sex of the child tends to be determined by whichever gender of sign the Moon is when conception takes place” she continues.

“So, I was conceived when Luna was in a masculine sign?” I ask.

“Correct, and your bride had the scales of justice” she says and lowers the high rise glove to reveal my tattoo.

The girl with the head of a bull, balancing the Moon.

Wow, it’s like I always knew…

“Obviously, the Full Moon is the most potent in the lunar cycle” she interrupts my trail of thought, and floats back to her ship. I swing back to the Full Moon Coven.

“Suites you” I yell as I swing.

“The Full Moon rises at sunset as the Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth and in opposite astrological signs” she explains, and I recall seeing the Full Moon as the sun was setting this evening.

“From what you’ve told me I presume that when the solar and lunar energies are pulling in opposite directions, there is more shaky shit happening?” I check if I get this luni-business.

“Yes, it is a time of instability, but also a catalyst for a surge of power. When women menstruated by the Moon cycles, this was the time of conception. The average pregnancy lasts 9 lunar months, and birth takes place at the same lunar phase of the month when conception took place. It corresponds to the very day! And it’s also the time of the month when sexual activity hits a peak. Smallest number of births occurs in the three day period of the New Moon.”

“Reduced libido?” I presume.

“Fuck, you’re good” she grins.

“I heard” I grin arrogantly.

“So, seeing as I’m all about love, passion and sex” she laughs at herself, “I’ll sort out your sexual blockage” she says as she floats out of the circle of light, and lands on deck.

“Uh, Selene” I cough, “You are like a mother to me” I say uncomfortably.

“And you are like a son to me” she laughs. “Take of your shirt and lay down silly Sun” she insists, and I do as instructed.

“Every month when we menstruate we give all our unfulfilled wishes, discarded hopes, unwanted memories and disappointments to Her, She knows what to do with them and frees us from the burden of carrying them. You don’t have the same release we have, therefore you need to consciously release things that no longer benefit your growth” she explains, and passes her hands over me.

She places a stone with tiny thorns in between my navel and my groin.

“Spinel is used for detoxification and cleansing energy blocks. The sacral chakra is the centre of creating relationships of all kind. It is where you develop an inward sense of self and an outward awareness of others, ego, sexuality and family. In excess it can lead to manipulative, controlling, lustful and addictive behavior” she explains and walks around me.

She places another stone on the same spot.

“Zircon will warm your subtle bodies and prevent stagnant conditions of listlessness, melancholy and depression. It also grounds and clarifies spiritual experiences by easing tension. It will help you through your karmic release by easing discomfort and accelerating the healing process” she continues.

“The Moon just like the sacral chakra, represents the fundamental inner you. How you express your feelings and deal with your emotions. It reveals how you interact with people, the sort of relationships you are likely to form and how you come across to others emotionally” she explains and draws a circle of orange light around me.

If you suppress your deepest longings and needs, secret wishes and desires, you create a block in your sacral chakra” she takes her wands and taps them three times.

“Close your eyes and envision your aura” she says calmly, “What do you see?”

“I can’t see shit” I laugh.

She taps twice and mutters something and a sense of relaxation comes over me.

“Suppressing your sexual desires prior to Amphi has created a blockage that is preventing you from maturing sexually” she says firmly, to get me to focus.

“How do you feel?” she asks.

“I don’t feel comfortable discussing my feelings” I scoff.

“Repression of feelings, fear of sensuality, sex, pleasure and enjoyment, and guilt over feelings and desires leads to frustration and bitterness” she says firmly.

“Uh, I feel tension in my lower abdomen, but it’s been like that since I was a kid, always had trouble keeping my Nigredo levels stable” I mutter in a trance state.

“Not receiving affection as a child can deeply affect your ability to express yourself and how you show affection to others” she says and walks clockwise. I start to rise off the ground.

“Oh, fuck” I mutter to myself, and open my eyes. She taps twice and mutters something again. It chills me out, but I’m still awake, want to check this shit out.

“Your relationship with your mother, creative and artistic inclinations, subconscious memories, early conditioning and unconscious programming are now allowed to come to light” she directs her intent and a dark light penetrates my sacral chakra. I become a bit panicky, but she smiles compassionately and I feel at ease.

“Close your eyes and let it come up” she says calmly.

I see my mother warning me that sex before marriage will send me to hell. Wow, I hardly remember anything from before her death. I feel the fear I harbored subconsciously every time I felt aroused.

“Stay with it” I faintly hear Selene in the background.

“It’s dirty and shameful, and you should control yourself at all costs” Mom says and points to the cross. I feel the tension in my lower abdomen build up. Mom was a dominatrix?

“Sex is sin” I hear her voice again, and a tear rolls down my cheek. I open my eyes and look at Selene.

“Send it to Luna” I read her lips from outside the circle.

I feel the pain completely, tears rolling down my cheeks, then the tension releases and I feel the equilibrium be restored. I open my eyes surprised, and watch the dark light below my navel dissipate and become orange again.

“Once we are free from our pride or self-doubt, we can take a step back and truly observe our positive and negative qualities” she says, and walks anti-clockwise around the circle.

“Okay, I was an arrogant asshole, because I had sexual insecurities, hence the alcohol to suppress it, and an over-inflated ego with little to no attraction to the clones in Light City, hence the coke to feed my need to feel good as soon as possible without giving them too much affection” I confess in a trance state.

“Wow, we have matured spiritually” she says impressed.

“You and Amphi had to learn to love yourselves. There is no right or wrong choice, just like there is no right or wrong wave. Pain passes if we release it, and turns to suffering if we suppress it. Pain has the potential to awaken a single soul, but love can liberate the whole world” she pauses for a moment, like that was important, but I’m just floating ya’ know?

“You come from a place where love is conditional, so you developed conditional love for yourself too” she continues.

“Good grades get you love” I mutter to myself.

“You have been hard on yourself since you were a kid” she continues.

“I wanted my father’s approval, but I didn’t fit into the square mould” I interrupt her.

“Your love for Amphi was therefore also conditional. If she behaved accordingly, you would love her accordingly” she says sympathetically.

“But, she slept with Boarian!” I yell.

“I’m not saying what she did was right, but we are healing you now, you don’t have to carry her mistakes too” Selene says firmly.

“In a world where everything has a price tag, it’s hard to love unconditionally” I try to justify my loving ability.

“I understand, but the Sun illuminates the Moon sweety. You are supposed to give love, that’s why the feminine is stuck in the desert. The entire cosmos is set on love and harmony. It’s the cosmic song that Isis dances on, and any imbalance attracts a healing situation to return to that state. It’s not punishment, its guidance. You left the Vanavasi filled with resentment and hate, and your lowered state drew you back to Light City, but you are stepping into your soul’s purpose now” she says firmly.

“I started feeling depressed when I left without Bo and Cro. It was like the vibe around me was affecting my ‘high’” I sigh.

“Bo and Cro acted as a bioelectrical shield to protect you against entrainment by the lower frequency within Light City” she says neutrally, and the vision of Bo with the light shield around him flashes into my mind.

“Your roots are deeper now, soon they will be deep like the World Tree, and you will not be affected by other energies” she explains, and I recall the big tree illuminating through me.

“Can I show you something?” I ask hesitantly.

“Yeah, sure” she nods.

“But I need to take my p-pants off…” I stutter.

She just looks at me neutrally like a mother waiting for her son.

“Well, go on hun!” she urges me on.

I pull down my pants and it dangles at my ankles as I float around in the circle. I point towards the roots glowing down my legs.

“Holy fucking shit!” she laughs astounded by the sight.

“You are definitely Her Python!” she laughs and chokes simultaneously. I think she’s referring to the size of my dick, not so motherly.

I look to see what all the fuss is about a faint black bull glows below my navel.

“Wow, that wasn’t there before” I say shocked.

“The face of the bull like Her uterus, the face of the Great Mother, Cerridwen’s cauldron, where spirit and matter merge through the power of love to give birth to life, love and magic. Your bride is the Bull my boy” she smiles impressed.

“What is it with you lot and my bride? I don’t have a wife!” I shrug and lean back.

“Your inability to forgive due to resentment and jealousy causes suffering of the heart. Healing your heart is your personal responsibility, but I can pick up that you are blocking the release of a build-up of feelings by trying to hide it to protect your ego. This disconnects you from your soul and attracts situations into your reality to help you heal. Things will come to you when you are ready to be healed. Not sooner. Deal with whatever comes up with courage and you will move through the issues rapidly” she says calmly.

“Feel good, do good, stay in harmony with yourself and the environment. Trust your emotions to guide you to what feels good. Your intuition will pick up on things the universe is trying to tell you through others and the environment. What you are here to recreate and how your sexual nature fits into that is part of the puzzle you must solve. You are transforming into a better version of yourself and even though it will feel uncomfortable and even a bit overwhelming at times you will adapt and continue to grow. Uncertainty and being in a constant state of transition will become your new normal. You will no longer put up resistance to your full potential. You will observe yourself and enjoy every moment. There are no mistakes. You are perfect if you allow yourself to be.”

“What was the black stuff that entered my sacral?” I ask relieved.

“Life-force, chi, dragon energy” she smiles at my relief.

“As you know by now, red is for fiery emotions like anger and passion, and white is solid and dense, like a cancer mass. Black engulfs suppressed feelings for healing, as black is the absorption of all colours, like the receptive feminine womb, and white is the reflection of all colours, the created universe, matter” she holds her gaze again. I nod, yeah, I get it.

“I thought black meant bad?” I frown.

“That belief is what made the world go mad.”


Selene floats to the center of the circle again.

“Join me!” she yells over the empowering sounds.

“Not a fuck” I mutter and turn around.

“Jump, I will catch you” she laughs.

I look down the side of the ship and it’s just black water and bulca below.

I shake my head, and step back nervously.

“Do Yoo believe?” she asks me, and gives me the same look the palmist gave me.

I shake my head. I don’t know what to believe, honestly.

“Is the Universe a nice place?” she asks sympathetically.

“That’s the most important question you can ask. Einstein said that” I mutter to myself, and hold onto the silk.

“You can fly, if you believe you can” she waves for me to jump.

“Peter Pan said that” I mutter, and tighten my grip.

I close my eyes and run to the side. There is nothing solid beneath me but I’m still running mid-air with closed eyes. I feel the raindrops as I pass the curtain of purple rain and hear Selene yell, “Let go!”

Fuck me, here it goes. I release, and I feel her grab me by the waist.

I open my eyes and I’m floating, even though Selene is holding me, I recon Pan would be proud.

I look down and my stomach starts sinking.

“Oh, no hunny, look up,” Selene squeezes my waist to make me feel safe.

“Luna is constantly blinking as She travels around the Earth” she says into my ear.

“The first four stages are the waxing Moons” she says and turns with the increasing Moons.

“The next four are the waning Moons” she turns full circle, with the ninth stage bringing the cycle back to the beginning again” and we stop at where we began.

“Each stage lasts approximately three and a half days. So, it takes just over 27 days for the Moon to complete its orbit round the Earth, and cycle from new Moon to new Moon lasts 29.5 days” she continues.

“And the Moon is lit by the Sun’s rays” I says something basic, to not look like a complete idiot.

“That’s it, you’ve got it” she cheers.

“How do I know if it’s growing or shrinking?” I ask out of curiosity.

“The waxing Moon takes the shape of a D, and the waning Moon a C.

D for developing,” she explains, and makes a crescent shape with her right hand, and “C for Contracting” she does the same with her left hand. I get nervous every time she release her grip on me.

“The ever-changing rhythms of the Moon affect our moods and emotions, our very deepest impulses and our behavior. Her power makes things unstable as she draws out your inner sorrows to bring them to light for healing” she continues.

“I can totally see how in an over-controlling world, anything that fuels change is feared” I nod.

“Yes, because it is seen as unstable and unpredictable” she agrees.

“Like Earth energy and creativity” I nod.

“Like the entire cosmos, that creates and expands in all directions simultaneously” she smiles, “She can be intimidating if you are set on dominating, yet empowering if you are compassionate. But, either way, She is always here, just as every light has a shadow side. How you respond to Luna’s beat depends on your personal energy. By tuning in you can capitalize on the energy, rather than fight against it, so you can…”

“Go with the flow” I interrupt.

“Exactly” she nods.

“The three main phases, waxing, full and waning, echo human existence of birth, maturity and death and the Trinity of the Moon Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone.”

“Luna disappears from the sky for three days at the end of every cycle and is reborn again as a visible crescent.”

“Rebirth” I nod.

“Correct. We believe that the soul, the spark of life that animates the body, and the psyche return to Luna after death. There the soul retains memories and dreams of its former life and merges with the World soul or Universe. The mind is absorbed by the Sun and reborn as a new mind. Travelling once more to the Moon where the waiting soul re-joins the regenerated mind and adopts a new Earthly body, to continue its growth with new challenges and gifts, depending on the soul’s previous journey.”

“Sounds groovy” I smile.

“That’s what the life experience is supposed to be” she says sympathetically. Next to me!

I’m floating on my own, fuck me!!

She starts laughing.

“So, why don’t more people have superpowers?” I gasp.

“Because, the consciousness that can run the software is still developing” she smiles.

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