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Life is Just Smile


Haidar Al-kashri

It seems that the calamities are following me, how sad I am! I feel as if my head will explode. I cannot stand any more, my eyes were filled with tears, I will close them and put my head on the headrest in the train chair. The voice of the train fills my head with thoughts one by one. I will wipe my tears so that no one will see them. Tomorrow is my first working day in that city which is far away from my home.

My father gave me up. He threw me out of the house yesterday after I refused to pay for his alcoholic drinks. He hit me hard, I took my stuff and went out of the house that had nothing to stay in except the smell of my dead mother.

Who come to sit next to me?

She is an old lady. She is pushing wheelchair person. I wiped my tears to see him. He is the most handsome young man I have ever seen. All the surrounding world have been stopped in my mind because of the charm of his beauty. His charming smile, his blue eyes and his black hair which almost cover his right eyes are breath taken. He was looking at me and smiling. The thoughts stopped in my head for a moment and I left the life for seconds. His face is like a child which attract me to him without knowing why.

Excuse me. the old lady said

I let her sit down beside me.

“The young man is still looking at me, he must had an accident because he is in a wheelchair.” I said to myself

The old lady interrupted me saying:

sorry my daughter, this boy is completely helpless, does not see, does not hear or speak, but he is smiling all the time. I hope this will not bather you.

“I thought he was looking at me, how stupid I am, he is dead, totally helpless. “speaking to myself

The train suddenly stopped, and the chair moved to hit my legs.

I said: Oh, you hurt me!

I looked to the old lady and said:

What is the benefit of such a life?! If I am in your place, I will get rid of him

Then, the old lady became angry and said:

Who are you to take the life of a person that you have not been given to him in the first place?

I answered her: You are losing your life by paying attention to this helpless man, who no one can get benefit from him.

The old lady did not look at me and lifted the young man's hand and put it on her face then he closed his eyes and smile.

I put my head on the back of the chair and slept.

The train stopped at my station and we got out of it. The old lady in front of me was pushing the wheelchair, and the young man was smiling.

I went out of the station to go to my new residential address. I arrived there and immediately went to sleep. The arrival time was late, and I was very tired. The next morning, I went to work, and it was a very long day. I returned by bus. I was very exhausted. The bus stopped, and I got down to surprise by the old lady sitting on the waiting chairs at bus station and the wheelchair man besides her, what a coincidence. I approached them to just say hello and apologize about my attitude yesterday. I came near to them and I got surprised.

The old lady was dead, holding the young man's hand. He was wiping her hand and smiling. He did not know that she was dead. I could not even remove his mother's hand from his hand. I did not want him to know that he lost the only person who cared for him in this world. I called the ambulance and sat away crying and I remember my missing mother. The young man kept smiling and wiping his mother's hand on his face.

The first aiders came and removed her hands from his face. I saw his face change, he did not hear or see and could not ask them what happened. They carried the old lady to the hospital and I went with them. Later in the hospital, they announced her death.

The situation was painful. But, I have no relation with this, so I was willing to leave when the doctor called me, saying:

girl, we looked for relatives of this young man, but it seems that the old lady was all what he has. We found that he was in the orphanage and he is totally incapable of speech, hearing and vision. That old lady took him and looked after him for all those years and now he is losing her forever. Now, we do not know where to send him. Shall we return him to the orphanage or will you take him?

I replied: No, I cannot, I cannot take the responsibility for myself, how can I take the responsibility for this helpless.

I apologized and walked steps and then stopped. I turned to see the young man's face. I could not bear to leave this young man and he had lost everything he had, and he is completely helpless.

I told the doctor, I'll take him

I took him, and I said to myself what I did, why do I care about this helpless? but his face, my God, how he is innocent!

We arrived in my home. I feed and water him, and he smiled at me as if he thought that I was the old lady. I was struck by his innocence. When I looked at him, I felt that all the problems of people are worth nothing comparing to him, but he smiles, if only I was like him.

I cried and cried that night, now I know the answer to the question I asked that old lady, what is the benefit of his life?! The answer is, so that the healthy people know what value of life they have been given

Next day I lifted his hand and put it on my face. He must know that I was not that old lady. His smile changed as if he understood that she had gone. His beautiful eyes cried and then came back and smiled!

Omg, this man has nothing left in the world and still smiling.

Days passed, and I was still taking care about him, until I decided to marry him despite all his inability. This man has taught me how I love life again.

I become happier in life despite my new responsibility towards my husband. When I feel sad, I lifted his hand and put it on my face and saw him smiling at me and I forget all my problems. Thanks God to taught me that life is just a smile.


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