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"David, go help Richard get the damn cow," my father ordered. I was 21, horny as hell always, and working with my father's new ranch hand. We were out on the pasture under the baking heat in Montana. Luckily there was enough wind to keep us cool.

Richard was my father's new help. Holy hell, he was hot! Tanned skin, bulging muscles, he had the whole package, and speaking of package - I kept stealing looks at the bulge in his jeans. It should be against the law for a cowboy like him to carry around such a big dick, unless he wants to show it off...

"David?" My father looked at me sternly. "You heard me, I said go after him."

"Yes sir," I said with a smile. Go after the cowboy with a giant dick? No problem!

I rode my horse named Dusty to the edge of our property. I found part of our fence had been knocked down. "Uh oh." Beyond the property was a wooded area near a creek. That's where I found Richard fighting to rope a young bull.

"Richard, I'll help!" I jumped off my horse and charged into the muddy pool where Richard was.

"Take this!" He threw me the rope.

I grabbed it and held on as hard I could, but the little black bull was a fighter.

Richard roped the bull's other horn and together we fought him to exhaustion. Richard tethered the little guy to a tree, then he stroked the bull on the side of his face. "There you go, take it easy."

I was covered in mud now and exhausted. I stared at Richard. His shirt was torn off, so I saw his bare, chiseled torso that was dirty and muddy. His muscles were bulging and defined. Even his back had more muscles than all my body did. He was all alpha man, all alpha cowboy.

His jeans hung low on his butt and I had a perfect view of his crack while he crouched before the bull. My mouth opened and I started to drool.

Richard stood up and turned around, so I looked away fast. He smiled. "Looks like we both got a little dirty." His smile was sexy as hell with dimples that showed past his shadow of facial hair.

"Yeah," I said bashfully. "Looks like."

He nodded his head to the side. "There's a good-sized stream this way, David. Let's go wash off before heading back. A cold dip sounds pretty good doesn't it?"

"Sure does!"


I was nervous and excited when I followed Richard to a stream on the other side of the hill. It was waist deep. We stepped into the cold water and started rubbing the dirt and mud from our clothes.

"You're a pretty brave kid to go after a bull like that," he said as he splashed water on his chest and arms. His voice was deep and mature.

"Thanks, but I'm not a kid. I'm 21."

He laughed. "Alright, sorry."

I was aching to find out more about him. Richard had only been living with us for a week, so I had a lot of questions still. "How old are you, Richard?"

"27." He dipped under the water for a moment.

27, I thought. And he's fucking sexy. I wonder if he's into younger guys...

Richard came back up. He saw me staring at his hot body and he splashed me. "See something funny, David?"

"No, nothing!" I looked away, red in the face.

Richard sighed. "I think it's about time to really enjoy this water." He stood up where I could see the bottom of his stomach just above the water. He undid his jeans then pulled them down.

"You're getting naked?"

He laughed. "Hell yeah. That's the best way to enjoy a cold dip in a creek, man." He threw his jeans onto a rock, then he lay back on the surface of the water, and I saw his beautiful dick. It was thick, tanned and hairy. Just to hold it... Hell, just to cradle his full balls I would've done anything.

"Go ahead, man," he said. "Take everything off."

I shyly undid my jeans. When I slipped them down, my cock sprung out. I was fully hard. I just hoped that Richard wouldn't see.

"What's the big deal?" He laughed and grabbed my jeans from me. "It’s just us guys. Nothing to be embarrassed about." He threw my jeans to the rock. Then we were naked with each other.

He laughed. "Are you blushing, David? Your face is turning red. Don't tell me your shy about being naked with another man." He playfully grabbed me.

I pulled away, but my cock brushed against his leg and he noticed.

"Whoa," he said. He looked down. "Seems like you've got a hard situation, man."

"No I don't!" I jumped up and was about to walk out of the water. But when I stood up my aching, curved prick was in full view. It dripped and bounced as blood kept pumping into it. "Shit."

Richard stood up. "It's alright, man. I'm hard, too." His cock was standing out of the water. It was thick, a little veiny, and curved upward. The head was swollen and his cock twitched. "Been thinking about girls all day, right?" he asked with a smile.

I gulped. "Yeah, right."

"Me, too. A guy can't help it, David. It's in our nature to get horny all the time." He cupped his balls and gave them a good squeeze. "And there's no better place to rub one out than nature."

"Richard, what are you talking about?"

He flashed me a cocky grin. "I don't know about you, man, but I wanna take care of my cock before we head back." He spit into his palm and began stroking his thick shaft.

My eyes went to his cock and I stared. I couldn't believe it. This sexy hunk was masturbating right in front of me! I bit my lip, and I was so turned on my cock began to drip precome just by watching him.

Richard saw the string of precome oozing from my tip. "Looks like you need to work one out, too, man. Go ahead. Stroke it. It's just us out here."

I slowly wrapped my palm around my shaft. I was pulsing and already wanting to blow. "You won't tell my dad will you?"

He shook his head. "Of course not. This is our secret."

I slowly stroked my shaft. When I reached the head I swiveled my palm around it and moaned because it felt amazing. My precome oozed over my palm and I used it as lube for the rest of my cock. My nipples hardened and my skin felt warmer.

Richard looked down. He enjoyed watching his own cock, and I couldn't blame him. It seemed to get thicker with every stroke. Pretty soon he was dripping, too. He stroked himself and played with his balls. He leaned his head back and shut his eyes. I couldn't tell if it was water drops or sweat on his skin now, but either way I wanted to lick it off. His muscles flexed as he stroked. His arms moved, and the movement of his biceps and shoulder muscles was hypnotic. Fuck, I just wanted to touch him.

If my father could see me right now he would whip me for sure.

Richard opened his eyes. I looked away fast. My heart pounded. I wanted to see more. I ached to see him come. No, I ached to taste his come. I had never sucked on another man's cock, but I had always wanted to. And man oh man did I want to suck on Richard's thick dick.

Richard grunted. "Shit, man. I wish I had a hot woman right now."

I saw my opportunity. "Me, too. What would you do with her?"

Richard watched his cock as he stroked. "I would lick her pussy until she came. Treat her clit like it was the most precious thing in the world."

I watched him with a hungry stare. Maybe if I got him horny enough he would want to fuck anything, even me. "Would you make her suck your cock?"

"Fuck yeah," he groaned. "Man, I wish I had a woman with pretty lips to wrap her sweet mouth around my shaft."

"Just close your eyes and think about it, man." I waited with a throbbing hard dick for him to shut his eyes.

Richard took a deep breath and did it. He groaned. He rubbed his pec and then his stomach. He needed a warm mouth on his manhood, someone to swallow all his juices for him.

"Think about a hot woman," I said, "with a great set of tits and a nice mouth. And she's giving your hard cock everything it needs." I got closer to him, then I lowered into the water.

"Oh yeah," he moaned. He stopped stroking himself to touch the rest of his body. "Fuck, that's just what I need."

I knew it was now or never. If I wanted his beautiful cock in my mouth I would have to take it now. I parted my lips and placed them on the head of his cock, and fuck, the release of finally getting dick in my mouth was a damn rush.

Richard groaned deep, from his gut. "Fuck."

I slid my mouth down his shaft. He was warm. He was thick and made me stretch my jaw open. His precome was gooey and salty and delicious. I wiggled my tongue underneath him. I whimpered. I wanted more. I shut my eyes and was about to take his cock as far as I could.

But he threw me away from him. "What the hell are you doing?"

I landed in the water. When I came back up I saw his reddened and angry face looking right at me.

"You were trying to suck my cock, David?"

I stood up and hung my head. "Yes."

"I'm not gay, David! And I didn't think you were either."

"No one knows," I muttered. "Richard, I'm sorry. I just wanted it so bad I couldn't help myself."

"You couldn't help yourself?" His expression changed from anger, to horny. "You wanted my dick that badly? You just had to have it?"

I knew instantly that he was interested. His eyes didn't lie, and neither did his cock. He was still raging hard, and he wanted more. I would have to be the one to initiate it, and I knew just how he wanted me to.

"Yes," I said. My voice raised a little, and I spoke a little more feminine. I figured a rugged, straight cowboy like this would be drawn to it. "I'm sorry. I just really needed your cock in my mouth." I got closer to him, and he didn't back away. "Please, let me suck it? I won't tell anyone. I promise."

His shoulders raised. He flexed. He seemed like he might hit me or fight me. But he kept still. His chest rose and fell with heavy breaths. He stared at my mouth. "Your lips are really soft. And your mouth is pretty wet..."

"It's really wet," I said. "It's because you're making me drool for your cock." I reached out my hand and put it around his shaft. He pulsed in my palm. I began to stroke and squeeze him gently. Precome dripped out of him again. He needed to come, bad. "I promise I won't tell anyone."

He hesitated a moment longer. Then, he grabbed the back of my neck. "Just this once, David. And only because I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it!" He pushed me down.

I went down gladly and opened my mouth. Richard wasn't fucking around. He pushed me onto his cock and made me bob up and down on his cock.

I loved every suck and motion of it. His cock felt amazing in my mouth. It made me rock-hard, and I was aching for more. I drooled for his cock. I was starving for it.

"Yes," he groaned. "Your mouth feels so good, David. Hot and wet."

You should feel my ass, I thought.

I whimpered and sucked on him more. I took him further back to the edge of my throat. My mouth was coated in his precome. I loved the taste of it. I loved the texture and the way it made him more slippery in my mouth. I gagged and pulled back for air.

"Do you like that?" Richard rubbed the back of my neck. "Is my cock giving you what you need?"

"Yes." I got back on his dick and sucked him harder. He groaned and started bucking upward into my mouth. The creek water splashed as he thrusted. I grabbed onto his legs and used them for balance. My butt was up and out of the water. He leaned over and grabbed my left butt cheek and squeezed.

"Damn it," he groaned. "You have a nice ass, too. You're a sexy farm boy, David. I just might have to try out both holes."

The way he talked was making me want to come without even touching myself. I nodded with his dick in my mouth. Suddenly my hole was hungry for him. I arched my back and showed a little more of my ass, hoping he would take the hint.

"Let me feel your ass," he said. He licked his middle finger. He leaned over me, kept my mouth on his cock, and he circled the tip of his wet finger around my rim.

I whimpered.

"Do you like that, David?"

I nodded. It felt so good I couldn't focus on sucking his throbbing cock. My little hole puckered when he slipped the tip of his finger inside. I had never had another man play with my ass, and I was instantly addicted.

"Fuck yes," he groaned. He did circles inside my rim. "That's a nice ass, David. Better than a woman's."

I whimpered and sucked on him. I wanted his come so badly I started to feel it in my stomach. It was a craving to get him inside me. When he slipped two fingers into my wanting hole, I wanted him to fuck me. Hard. Deep. Until he shot and throbbed inside me.

"Damn it, you're gonna make me come," he groaned. He rubbed the back of my neck. He jammed three fingers in my ass. He fucked my mouth, and I took it as deep as he could. Being his object of pleasure made me start to throb. His fingers inside me made me squirm. I needed to come. I needed him to come. I had never needed it so bad.

"Yes," he groaned. He got louder. "Yes!" The first spurts of come flooded into my mouth. I could taste the salt. It was hot, straight out of his balls. He thrust into my mouth two more times and began to come hard. He grabbed the back of my neck, forced me to hold still. He throbbed and pulsed. "Fuck!" He flooded my mouth with his man juices. I started to swallow, but it was so much I gagged. I pulled off, and his hot white come dripped off my lips.

"Damn it," he sighed. He pulled me up. He was still hard as he turned me around and brought my back to him. "Your mouth is too damn hot for your own good, David. Now, I wanna make you come." He jammed his fingers back into my ass and drilled me. "Jerk yourself."

I stroked my cock. My eyes shut. My face scrunched. "Yes. Richard, yes!" It didn't take more than ten seconds of his plowing my ass with his fingers and my stroking to make myself shake into a powerful orgasm. I shot come into the spring, again and again, and then it dripped over his hand. It was hot and sticky. He rubbed my chest and stomach and fingered me gently as I came down from orgasm.

"That was fucking hot," he said into my ear.

Our dicks finally softened after another ten minutes. Richard got out of the water and put back on his jeans. "We gotta get this young bull back your dad's ranch, David. Remember, if you tell anyone I'll have to bury you down here in the creek, got it?"

I froze. I knew he was kidding, but when a man his size makes jokes like that it's always frightening.

He laughed and hit my shoulder playfully. "Relax. I won't do anything to you, David. But don't say a word."

"I won't." I left the creek with him and we took the bull back to my dad's ranch. I already wanted more. As we got sweaty riding back, and as my butt swayed while I rode my horse, I thought about Richard's cock and how good it would feel inside me.

That's when I decided, I was going to fuck this straight cowboy.

It happened the next day in the barn.

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