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The Final Assignment

By Kaydee Field

rev 5.22.18

Copyright Kaydee Field 2018

Kayla shut the door to her car, adjusted her glasses, and placed the keys in her bag as she looked at the building in front of her.

“Hey mom,” she talked in the phone. “I am here at work now. I will be on my way tomorrow just as soon as this assignment is done and my boss gives me the okay.”

Kayla hung up the phone and slid it in her bag. This was just one more nonsense undercover assignment her annoying prick of a boss sent her on and she wanted to get it done quickly so she could head home to enjoy her next couple of days off. She knew her boss, Rob, was upset she was going to be gone and gave her this assignment to make a point.

Her dreams of becoming a hardcore investigative journalist were on hold while she attended to the whims of a self-absorbed tabloid publisher that thought capitalizing on the sexual exploits of famous people was his higher calling. While Kayla enjoyed seeing powerful men punished for abusing their power and influence, her boss took it to a whole new level. Not only did he profit monetarily, his "rescue" missions often led to him being able to fuck every blonde, firm ass, big breasted woman that he encountered along the way. It made Kayla want to puke.

Shaking her head, she let out the breath she was holding in, and walked through the building's entrance into the lobby of a soon to be scandalized hotel. It was a lot classier inside than expected from the plain brick exterior.

Tugging down the black pencil skirt and squaring her shoulders she went to the front desk to introduce herself as one of the candidates for the assistant to hotel manager position. Her undercover assignment was to see if this hotel was aiding rich and powerful men in their affairs.

After checking in at the front desk, Kayla was led into the manager's office but instead of stopping there she was taken through a backdoor into another office behind it. This one was much warmer and more comfortable. Three large television screens hung on the wall facing the large desk. Kayla sat on one of the cushioned chairs between the screens and the desk. She was told by the staff member to wait.

While anxiously waiting and fumbling through her bag to make sure everything was ready to record her interactions, Kayla shifted in the chair and her hand brushed a button which caused one of the screens to turn on.

The image on the screen captivated Kayla so she could not look away. A man was splayed out on his back across a bed with legs positioned at the edge while four naked women were positioned around him. One woman was kneeling on the floor and had her head between his legs while two more were draped across his front. The fourth woman looked to be grinding her crotch against his face while her own hands tugged her breasts and pinched her nipples.

The woman between his legs bobbed her head up and down as she ground hard against the edge of the bed. Not seeming to get any relief, another woman faced her and leaned over with her hand disappearing between the kneeling woman's legs. Her movements became more frantic but her head never lifted from the task she was set to.

The man seemed to multitask well as he pumped his cock in one's mouth, ate out the woman grinding in his face, and had his hands busy with the other two women's pussies. Heads were thrown back, hands touching bodies, and Kayla immediately felt herself getting damp watching the scene. They seemed more coordinated than any of the fumbling experiences she had in recent years that made her frustrated with sex overall.

Rubbing her legs together she moved closer to the screen to see if she could turn it off. Finding no button she stood watching more as the man pushed all the women off of him just to ram his cock in one while the other three gathered to the side watching. Not wanting to be left out they huddled together. Mouths fused, hands going to each others' breasts and Kayla was sure if there was sound she would hear grunting mixed with exclamations as one by one they all stilled.

Realizing that her hand was very close to reaching down her own skirt to relieve some the tension there, Kayla tore her eyes away from the screen and suddenly gasped as she backed into a solid warm wall she didn't remember being there before. The wall moved grasping her waist holding her hand in place at the edge of her waistband. A moment of panic set in.

"Don't stop," the low voice, unbelievably familiar voice, growled in her ear. "Do you like what you see?"

Trying to turn around to see the person behind the voice, Kayla felt his hands linger before he took a step back. Her eyes met his and in shock saw that it was her tabloid boss standing right there.

His usual powerful stance was even more pronounced in this office that she suddenly felt was very familiar to the office he had at the tabloid. She now had an inkling of how he got the inside scoops of his stories before. Videotaping the sexual encounters of his hotel guests would provide him with tons of material to go after those he decided he could benefit from.

"Why I am here? What on earth is this assignment?" Kayla asked standing firm as if they weren't touching just moments ago. She was used to going head to head with him and even these strange circumstances would not prevent her from doing just that.

"This 'assignment' provides the answer you've been looking for. I know you started investigating our sources and where we’ve been getting the more intimate details. Now you know. I had the opportunity to purchase this place a year ago through a third party and it has benefited me well."

"And you're not afraid of what I am going to do with this information?"

"Kayla, I'm never afraid. Plus, I know you like how we take down the deviant and corrupt. The men cheating on their families, destroying others’ lives - just to get off on their own pleasure. You may not agree with my methods but it gets the job done."

His words sent tingles down her spine and that was emphasized more as he moved closer to her with each phrase to the point that her head laid back to meet his eyes. He hands came back to her waist as he lowered his mouth to her ear.

"Plus, I think you want to see more of what you just did. Maybe experience it yourself? See what they are giving it all up for?"

She bit the inside of her lip as he turned her around to face the screen again. The women had switched places and were in the center of the bed while the man was propped up against the pillows. One woman had a sizable dildo out and was sliding it through the crease of another woman's bottom while the two other women were in a 69 position. The man rubbed his cock as he watched.

Kayla could feel Rob's hand behind her and heard his zipper slide down.

"Watch and enjoy." He growled once more.

She could tell she was leaning back and suddenly turned around to grasp his hardened cock firmly with her hand. Never one to back down from a challenge, Kayla pushed him up backwards and towards the chairs she sat in earlier. She knew he could overpower her but the tilt of his head showed he wanted to see just how far she would go.

Thinking about what she just watched the women in the room do, she fell to her knees and brought her mouth closer to the base of his cock. The slight twitch of his leg made her look up so her eyes met his. She saw his eyes widen as her tongue slipped between her own lips and ran along the tip. Little by little she moved until she was in position to take it all. All of his hardened length in her mouth.

She didn't expect the hand to tangle in her hair, pulling her towards him and before she knew it she was on her back, knees pushed up to her stomach, skirt twisted around her waist while his hands shoved under her ass. His face went right to her core as he took her clit between his lips and sucked - just as she first sucked his cock. Her hips shot from the bed and he pressed her down again - holding her there with one hand while the other pressed right below his mouth. The heel of his hand grinding and causing friction that she never imagined needing.

"More. Fuck - just give me more." Kayla heard herself chant.

With that one finger and then two fingers plunged in her pussy. His face came up to avoid the bucking she was doing. He was rougher than she had ever experienced but it felt so good. So good that her legs pulled, while she rode his hand until she felt the burst of something she hadn't felt in quite a long time.

Needing a moment to breathe but not getting it, Rob rolled her to her front and pulled her ass up in the air, forcing her head down to the floor, arms reaching above to either side. Arm around her waist he positioned himself and rammed his cock into her still throbbing pussy.

"Fuck! That is tight but you can take more, can't you? You want more of me, don't you"

Kayla answered by pushing back towards Rob more and he was seated in as far as he could go.

One of her hands reached for her clit brushing his cock as she rubbed. She felt him withdraw to suddenly push all the way back in again. Over and over they fought to get more, do more, push more until with a loud curse he pulled out splattering his cum all along her back side.

He rolled over and glanced at her lying spent on the floor next to him. Her hand was still between her legs and ass bouncing as she finished off what she could.

For a moment they laid there catching their breaths. Then Kayla got up and straightened her skirt. Rob propped himself up and called after Kayla as she grabbed her stuff to go out the door, “I’ll see you when you get back from vacation.”

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