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The Librarian Succubus

A Magic Means Short

Damon Rain

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What is the Magic Means series about?

Magic Means is a series of occult adventure, romance erotica novels. The first book is due out near the end of June, simply titled: Magic Means Book 1. It sets the stage for a series of books about dark and light magic and everyone caught in between, where the wealthiest families in the modern landscape command vast resources, and it's starting to look like they're about to take the last section of their city not owned by dark forces; Old Town.

Old town is an incredible district where thousands of light magic practitioners and free thinkers live. There are no prophecies left to tell them about a hero who will come, or rise, and save them. There are no promises of a chosen one, or righteous order who will confront the encroaching darkness, only people who gather together, hoping a last confrontation never comes. These are the brave ones who stayed behind, several of whom still love people who were drawn into the darkness by the attraction of wealth and power.

No, there's no saviour on the horizon, just a young musician who is following a trail leading him to the middle of Old Town, where he plans on opening an occult shop that serves everyone but the practitioners of the dark arts. He has no idea how much danger he'll be in, but he's charming, and has a supernatural knack for finding what people need. It's up to the people of Old Town to save him from servants of the dark who want his shop shut down for good, because it offers too much hope, and way too many helpful things to their enemies.

Meanwhile, in the middle of Dark Enclave territory stands one of the Tate family's properties - the greatest library of magical knowledge in North America - and around it the Gardner University has grown up. This short is about the salacious escapades of a young succubus, her supervisor who happens to be a witch, and a young man who has no idea what he's in for.

This story takes place after chapter three of Magic Means Book 1, which is a far more serious story. To be honest, it didn’t fit the timeline of the book, so I had to snap it off and put it here, where you can read this fun little romp. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Nella noticed him weeks ago. A young man with charisma, and unlike so many of the young neophytes, he didn't show up in the library in a T-Shirt and jeans. He always came dressed in at least a fine shirt and slacks that were perfectly fitted. The Tate Estate Library had the largest collection of black magic knowledge in North America. It also had plenty of witches, warlocks and supernatural beings who took care of the collection. Even so, he stood out.

As a young succubus training on the other side of the compound and working in the library to pay for her classes, she wasn't allowed to sustain herself by drawing on just anyone's energy. She had to make her own by pleasuring herself in the privacy of the dorm, or a closet if she couldn't make it, or by making out with her roommate, or by finding a lover. The last one was best, because happy lovers cast off the loveliest sexual energy and it was a lot more fun.

After watching Patrick for a while, she started wearing her kilt higher, undoing a few buttons on her blouse, teasing people with glimpses of her sexiest lacy bras. Her friend and elder by a few years - she was only twenty-four, while Nella was nineteen - caught her while she was high up on a ladder. Nella's plan was to make sure she was in the Physical Magic section when Patrick was in the library to give him a generous view up her skirt. The G-string would leave just enough to the imagination.

Inez climbed up the ladder behind her and gave her buttock a pinch, making her squeak and half-turn. There was no space between them and Inez's hand was cupping one of her cheeks appreciatively. "I'm trying to get Patrick to look at me, and I'm not allowed to use my power to force him," Nella explained in an urgent whisper.

"I like what you're doing, but it's no way to get Patrick's attention," Inez's thumb grazed her sex, feeling the shape of her through the small triangle of white fabric. "I like you, and I'm bored, so I'll play with you whenever you're in the mood, but he's one of the finest men on campus, and he pretends to like a little more class. I catch him looking at me all the time." That thumb teased, slowly tracing the edges of her panties before slipping over the swell of tender lips the fabric covered. Nella stared at her for a moment, shocked.

Inez's other hand caressed her waist through her loose white shirt and slipped inside to trace the shape of her lacy bra. The woman's brown eyes stared into hers, as though she was watching for any sign of refusal, but Inez wasn't about to turn her attentions away. This was the hurried fondling of a woman who had been thinking, perhaps daydreaming about touching her for some time. The energy wafting off her was wonderfully erotic and playful.

The hand exploring her breast found her nipple and felt it through her bra. Those experienced fingers had it hard in only a few seconds. "You know you're gorgeous, right?" she asked as her fingers gently pinched and played with that nub. Her other hand cupped Nella's sex in her palm, holding it firmly for a moment before going back to gently tracing her intimate space through her panties. "I'm never so bold, but I don't have time to be bashful today, and I've wondered if we could play for a while, hoped for it," Inez whispered.

The sexual energy Inez radiated was well aged, it had been pent up. The older woman was giving in to a temptation she'd avoided for a while, and Nella absorbed the intoxicating aura fumes, her spirit and body growing more excited by the encounter as it continued. She took the sight of her superior in, looking at her as a potential lover for the first time.

Inez's makeup wasn't overstated, just enough to suit her olive complexion, bring out her eyes. There was a little soft colour and gloss on her lips. Her glasses and brown hair could have made her look mousy, but it only made her more intriguing. Even though she was well breasted, and no one would complain about her wearing the minimum uniform for the library - a white collared shirt and a skirt or kilt - she stepped it up with a dark grey vest that was fitted tight like her matching pencil skirt.

They both had a stretchy panel built in down the middle that featured the Tate tartan plaid. Black stockings and her thick, high heels completed the outfit. "I can help you draw Patrick to you," Inez said, her hand cupping Nella's sex gently. They were at the limit of flirtation allowed in the library, touching over the clothing and some kissing were allowed. Magic and sex were complimentary, and many encounters began in the Tate Library for that very reason. Inez's fingers lightly caressed her through the triangle of her panties before slipping away. "I can give you a few things to wear and we'll tone your makeup down a little so he notices you more. That's unless you don't want to change for him, which I understand." Inez started climbing down the ladder. "I like you the way you are, especially if that's how you want to look."

Still tingling from Inez's touch, Nella climbed down quickly. "I don't know how I want to look," she said. "I was taught to dress to catch what I want, who I want. I love the way you look, it's so sexy but it's classy enough to suit you. I'd love to have your confidence and style."

"Oh, I fake my confidence sometimes," Inez stepped up to her, they were almost nose to nose. "But my secret is knowing what I want, making a plan, then going after it with the belief that I'll have it. Or him, or her. Do you want my help? You can start exploring new looks with a little librarian number tomorrow."

"Yes," Nella replied, expecting that there was a condition she'd have to meet. This looked like a trade, maybe a fun one, and she was interested.

"I've never played with a succubus before, and I've been admiring you for a while."

Nella smiled nervously. "I didn't notice." It was unusual for a succubus to miss an opportunity to explore a new playmate, especially someone like Inez.

"I made sure," Inez said, fingering the silver pentacle dangling from her black choker. "I used a concealment spell. I'll help if we can play a little, but I don't have much time, so it'll have to be in the storage room."

"Okay," Nella replied, grinning, hungry for a large helping of her sexual energy.

Patrick was astonished by what he was seeing. He was on his way to pick up the next book in Practices of the Warden, a book on using physical magic to shield himself, when he saw Inez - the prettiest, classiest young librarian in the Tate Library - trap Nella at the top of a ladder and slip her hand up the younger woman's short skirt. He rushed to the other side of the shelf and looked between the books, removing a few so he could see up the ladder from a sort of side angle. He could just barely see Inez's hand up Nella's skirt, and he was in time to see the senior librarian slip a hand into her subordinate's blouse.

He couldn't make out what they were saying and he couldn't use a sound enhancement spell because he'd get busted. Most magic was forbidden in the library, something about keeping the books safe, so he strained to hear. At first Nella looked surprised, her pink, glossy lips frozen in a pretty O, dark eyes wide. Those pretty eyes closed as Inez spoke to her while she caressed the younger woman's sex and the surrounding tender skin around her tiny white panties.

Did they forget they were in the Library? He knew flirting, petting and kissing were allowed as long as it was quiet and not a distraction, but Inez was still a supervisor, Nella a neophyte trusted with only the basic tasks of re-shelving and cleaning. Patrick couldn't see exactly what Inez was doing, but her hand was up there, moving against Nella's panties. The younger woman's bottom was beautiful, her legs a dream, and her calm, but reserved arousal was simply beautiful.

He'd noticed her before, but thought she was a little too trashy looking for his father's approval. Any girl he fancied had to stand up to his scrutiny eventually, and Nella seemed too special for a short-term fling, so she'd eventually have to stand up to his father's tests. It wasn't fair, she was beautiful, especially while she was being teased or pleased - it was hard to tell which - by someone. He should be allowed to pursue anyone he liked, regardless of how they dressed, but he wouldn't chase after Nella only to ask her to change for his father. He wouldn't try to charm her into the back room for a quick encounter, either. Something about her made her seem so precious, even as her superior caressed her most intimate space with that little smile on her face.

Inez was a beauty as well, but she seemed so stuck up that he'd only consider her for a quick encounter or two. He scoffed at himself quietly, immediately disbelieving the very idea that he'd have a chance with Nella or a ghost of a chance with Inez. Even though he was admiring the bare shape of Nella's legs and bottom while Inez teased her intimately, he knew the idea of being with either woman was pure fantasy. Ladies like that were simply out of reach, mysterious creatures that chose their mates from teeming crowds of eager suitors using criteria that was maddeningly difficult to decipher. He might be the son of one of the most powerful dark magicians on the Estate, and a quarter demon, but not even magic would give him more than a fleeting chance with either one of those dark angels.

Inez withdrew her hands from beneath Nella's clothing and began her descent down the four rungs of the ladder. Patrick quietly straightened up, his manhood straining against his dress pants, and retreated. From a few shelves over, he caught a glimpse of the ladies beating their own quick retreat into a storage room.

Chapter 2

Inez was thrilled to finally have a chance to play with Nella. The young succubus was an eager sexual partner, like many of her kind, but her appetite was made legendary by her poor roommate.

Gwen absolutely enjoyed Nella's attention at first, she had a way of making her feel sexy and desirable which was something she needed badly when the semester started. As a lover, Gwen would have enjoyed Nella immensely. As a roommate, Nella had become a bit of a nightmare. At first her regular carnal attention was welcome, but it became hard to study or sleep.

Nothing kept you awake like a succubus creeping into your bed, kissing your neck, fondling you until you were awake, then treating you to a chain of orgasms. It was great until the tenth or eleventh night in a row of being kept up until four in the morning when you had to get up at six.

Gwen might have been in dire straits with Nella, but it sounded like heaven to Inez, who didn't want a relationship with men because she was waiting for the right one and liked women almost as much as men. Nella was also sweet, her disposition almost too sunny for the library. It would only be a matter of time before she flipped and left the Dark Enclave Library to join a circle of Light Magicians. That was unless someone enthralled her.

They rushed into the text book storage room, Inez locked it behind them and they kissed, her mouth taking Nella's urgently. There really wasn't much time, she had to attend a meeting where she'd be forced to listen to financial reports from the different arms of the Tate Dark Enclave for two hours or more. Most of the presenters were old men who couldn't add spice to the report if their pockets were filled with paprika. Her part of the report would take five minutes, she had the book store section of the library running perfectly.

Nella kissed back, pulling Inez to her so tightly that she almost couldn't undo the buttons holding her vest closed. Nella found the zipper at the back of her skirt and pulled it down, pushing the garment to the floor. "Do you like me, Nella?" Inez asked. "Honestly," she tasted, admired the young woman's full lips with her own before letting her answer. The encounter could end in a moment, she wanted one more taste of her in case it did.

"You're so pretty," Nella answered. "Classy, sexy. I thought I'd have to wait until I could use my powers before I could play with you. I thought I'd have to put a succubus hex on you."

That irked her. Nella would use her powers to take her if she could? Inez pushed Nella away and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a silk and lace black bra. "You'd force me to be with you? Bad little succubus." She pulled the cups of her bra down, tugged her nipples until they were tight, hard.

"I mean, I…"

"You realize I'd choose your punishment if I caught you," Inez said, reaching out and catching Nella's shirt collar. She drew her close with a jerk, taking her mouth, coaxing her tongue forward until they entangled. Inez stepped out of her skirt and slowly pulled away from their kiss, biting the succubus' lip, licking its smooth, soft surface before pulling a little and letting it go. "I could lie," she threatened. "Tell them you lured me in here, ask to have you enthralled to me."

"No, please," Nella plead.

Inez pushed her head down towards her breast, it didn't take much effort at all, and Nella drew her nipple into her hot mouth, toying with it, pinching with her lips. The tingles it sent through her body were wonderful, and it was made better by the steady rhythm the young succubus timed her attention to. "You'd be mine. I would strip you down, explore every inch of your body and do whatever I fancied. Perhaps I'd paddle your bottom, fill your pussy with a nice big dildo, or sit you on a sex machine and tell you not to come while I play with the rest of you, maybe force you…"

Inez pushed Nella's head down until she was kneeling between her thighs. Black satin panties separated the succubus from her sex, and Inez cooed as Nella planted her nose firmly against the triangle of cloth and inhaled. "…force you to eat my pussy for an entire afternoon."

"What else?" Nella asked, her voice trembling.

Her young succubus was getting excited by the prospect of being her slave. Inez moved her panties to the side, revealing her smooth sex. If it weren't for magic, she'd have a nice trimmed triangle there, but it was easy to stay hairless, so she did. Nella's tongue lapped at her once lightly, her dark eyes staring up at Inez.

"You may eat my pussy," Inez said, leaning back against boxes of books. Nella's hands ran up her thigh-high stockings, slipping behind her where she cupped her buttocks. "Hard. I don't have much time."

The most intimate, sensitive space on Inez's body was partially slurped into Nella's mouth, and her tongue explored. Her folds were released slowly, one hand moved into place to expose her intimate lips, and she remembered that she was supposed to tell Inez more about what she'd do if she was enthralled to her. It was a little harder while she was having her pussy explored by the succubus' mouth. "I'd tell Patrick all about you, make sure he was so eager to fuck you that he'd take you like a tropical storm. You'd be all dressed up, told that something special was about to happen. I'd buy you the nicest dress, make sure you loved it, and when you met him that night, he'd rip it off."

"I hear he's very well endowed," Inez continued. Her succubus found her secret pleasure bud hiding in her inner folds and held it with her soft lips. Nella's tongue brushed the tip and she gasped, it was almost too intense. Nella backed off a little and began to lap at the fold hiding her pink bud firmly, regularly, slipping a finger inside her to massage her passage. It was harder to concentrate, but she went on. "He's… a… brute… in… bed..." she said before a little peak of pleasure gave her a sweet release. Nella continued lapping, stroking her inside with her finger. "Patrick will be big, especially for you since you're only nineteen and little more than five feet tall. I'd make sure he knew you wanted him, that no matter what you said you didn't want him to hold back. You'd suck his cock, lick his balls, eat his ass before getting him off in your mouth. All so he could last longer when he pummels you with his huge cock." She was aware that her language was getting crasser as she felt a much bigger orgasm approaching.

Nella wasn't the best she'd had, but she was excellent. "He'd fuck you wide open," that brought a groan from her succubus as she kept lapping at her with a strict, regular pace. "I'd have my lover there, and as he finished, we'd begin. I would treat you - you'd have Patrick's lust to feed your spirit, then you'd have my lover and I to feed on as well - and you'd watch as he made me scream for all the right reasons. I'd show you how to please, taking my turn at making him groan and growl while I took him in my mouth. Then I'd let him fuck me in the ass for the first time. A treat for him, and for you until you realize that Patrick means to do the same to your poor tight behind." Inez was close, it was time to finish the story. "By the end of the night I'd make sure you had so much pleasure and sex to feed on that you'd never want to leave my…"

A bloom of hot ecstasy burst inside Inez, her legs were wobbly, and Nella steadied her as the wave of pleasure spread across her body, leaving her legs and arms tingling, her head fuzzy. "Gracious! Good gracious!" Inez breathed, her belly trembling with aftershocks. Nella watched from below, smiling, her dark eyes taking it all in. When it was finally over, Inez wished it wasn't, that she really could have the succubus stay down there all afternoon, but she stroked the lovely young woman's black hair. "That was very good."

A peek at her watch told her she had to be at the meeting in seven minutes. "You have to go?" Nella asked quietly.

"Yes, I'm sorry."

Nella retrieved Inez's skirt from the floor and shook it out before holding it for her to step into. To her surprise and titillation, Nella dressed her with care. "You would be a good master," she said as she buttoned Inez's blouse. "I know you wouldn't be mean, and you'd make sure I stayed fed, happy enough, and wouldn't be bored. I'm not the brightest girl, but I know I'll get into trouble eventually, and I hope someone like you puts the collar on me. Maybe it could actually be you."

Inez knew she'd be late, but she took a moment to kiss Nella softly. She could taste her own juices on her lips, in her mouth and she regretted that they had to stop. "I would be good to you, you're right." Sadly, she knew she would be leaving soon. The opportunity was approaching for her to join her sister with the Light Magicians. Before she left, she'd at least make sure that Nella could properly entice Patrick.

Chapter 3

Inez took care of Nella's wardrobe that night, dropping two black bags off instead of staying to give advice. On some of the articles were sticky-tabs saying; 'Return this when you're finished,' but the rest, especially the three sets of panties that were included, were marked as; 'Keep it if you like it.'

After over three hours of trying different combinations on, Nella settled on a dark short suit jacket, a white silk blouse - leaving a few buttons undone, of course - and a black silk mini-skirt that was just short enough so she could flash her pink thong if she bent over. The fishnet stockings were her own, as were the high heeled black shoes.

"You look like you just came from a porn set," her roommate said when she walked in, a stack of books in her arms. Her backpack was full too.

"I'm luring someone without using magic," she replied.

"Oh, cool," her roommate said with a sigh of relief as she dumped her books onto her bed. "I have a paper to work on."

"Don't worry, I'll leave you alone tonight," Nella said with a little chuckle.

"Who is this lucky lure-ee, anyway?" Gwen asked, looking happier than Nella had seen her in a while.

"Patrick, he comes to the library every day now."

"Andis? Patrick Andis? You're going to have an easy time. His father has three succubi in thrall. Bound in the old-fashioned way and everything with enchanted collars. His wife has four incubi. I bet my tuition those two barely see each other, let alone sleep together anymore, even though Ms. Andis is so pretty."

"Why would Patrick's father keep Succubi if his wife is beautiful? We're not exactly known for our deep relationships."

"That's probably why, and for power. If you have a small harem of succubi or incubi collared, you have the power to pull almost anyone's relationships apart. Everyone knows Ms. Andis has used her Incubi to spy on people, sending them out to seduce and steal secrets. My uncle said it's known that she has four incubi, but since she binds them to her using brands and not collars, only two of them are known to be hers. The other two are just part of her household, or somewhere on one of the Estates."

"You know a lot about my people," Nella said. She had no idea the Andis family were so involved with succubi, and it made her second guess her mission to seduce Patrick.

"My uncle does, he's in the Second Circle, it's very political up there. One misstep and you could get bumped back down to neophyte or worse. There's another reason why they might have so many succubi though. They could have a weakness for them. If they have seven between them, then they're spending an awful lot of money to keep them happy. You probably know more about that than I do."

"I was raised by the Tate Estate with a few other young succubi, so I don't know much."

"Oh, sorry," Gwen said. "Well, amongst magicians, succubi are prized because they channel power naturally - I hope you already knew that - mostly inward, but that can be adapted. They're also beautiful and considerate to their masters. The problem is, if you don't make them very comfortable, they'll start hungering more than usual, and if they're not sated they could break through their enthrallment. So, seven succubi probably cost over a million to keep a year, if not a lot a lot more with private cars, wardrobe allowances, the latest gadgets, and a lot of other stuff, I'm sure. To someone who has money and a weakness for succubi or incubi, it's worth it. For someone who doesn't have money, but a weakness for succubi, then they can only offer their sexual energy and its more work. I don't mind though, I was so happy when I found out you were a succubus because I already had a crush on you." Gwen said sheepishly. "You wear me out sometimes, but I wouldn't really change roommates. I just need a break to catch up on homework and sleep."

Nella crossed the room and gave her a light kiss on the lips. "I'm sorry, I can be demanding." She caressed Gwen's cheek. "I'll change and hang out in the common room for a while, then I'll go to bed and leave you alone."

"Okay," Gwen said. "Maybe cuddles tonight?"

"I'll look forward to it. But first, how do I really look?" Nella asked, straightening her skirt and jacket.

"If you're out to attract someone whose parents might have a weakness for succubi, you will probably trigger his addiction for life. Maybe put your hair up in a bun, though."

Nella used a pen and a pencil to tie her hair up in a bun and turned for Gwen. "Better?"

"Patrick doesn't have a chance. You might attract some other eyes too. If there's a photographer from Penthouse or Hustler in the room, you'll probably land a contract," she said, giggling. "I've never seen a real librarian dress like that."

"Good thing I'm only a shelving monkey," Nella said.

"I'm surprised you don't know more about your people, though," Gwen said.

"They don't teach us much, just the rules. Don't use your powers of attraction on the grounds, or against another student or member of the faculty no matter where they are. Channel energy only by instinct, not intentionally. The biggest one is to not gather. They don't want succubi to get together for some reason."

"I'll do some digging for you," Gwen said.

The next day Nella had all morning to get comfortable in her new work outfit. A few of the people who frequented the library in the early hours shook their heads or stared in shock, especially when she forgot how short her skirt was and bent down to pick up a thick visual encyclopedia that she spotted under a table. "Virgil!" an older woman said in an outraged whisper behind her.

Nella turned around in time to see an old couple. The greying lady was outraged, but her husband looked guilty, but not unhappy as he turned all his attention to his wife. "Sorry, my dear. I haven't seen a hienie like that in twenty years. Maybe if you wore a little less I'd look at you a little more."

"You're in the guest room tonight," his wife said indignantly as she walked away.

They grey-haired gentleman winked at Nella, who suppressed a giggle and watched him as he started following behind her. "When am I not sleeping in the guest room? Surrounded by all those creepy dolls of yours, and the sewing machine that you haven't used since Pamela went to college. I should move that crap out and move a flat screen in. Maybe a mini-fridge and a microwave too."

"You should change," said a student her age as she shook her head. She was nondescript in a t-shirt and jeans. "If your skirt's causing trouble, it's too short."

"It's not against the dress code," Nella replied, tugging it straight a little.

"That's not the point. You make us all look bad when you wear something like that. It invites objectification."

"What if I want a little attention? I go to the gym four times a week to stay in this kind of shape, to stay healthy too, but I like the way I look. I can't show off a little?"

"You're not just representing yourself, though," the student said, getting a little loud. "When a woman takes her clothes off for a camera, or wears a slutty outfit out in public, she's telling men that they can objectify all of us."

"Please quiet down," Nella said. "This isn't worth disturbing everyone for."

"Why not? You're disturbing everyone already."

Nella glanced around the study tables surrounding her and saw a couple people looking at both of them, but there were around twenty students who were quietly working on their own. Most of them were listening to music, their noses in books that defeated photography, so they couldn't be found on the Internet or checked out. "I don't see whatever you're seeing. That couple already had problems. If she didn't catch him staring at me, it would have been someone else eventually. I'm not happy they're having trouble, but I didn't cause it."

"You're missing the point," the young woman said, rising to her feet.

"You represent yourself, and I'll represent myself, okay? I just want to be free to do what I like within the rules," Nella said, spotting Inez approaching, her expression stormy. "Now, please keep it quiet."

"You represent women everywhere, whether you like it or not, it's just the way it is," she replied loudly. A few people looked up from their work, irritated.

"Keep it down, please," Inez said firmly and quietly. "Is everything all right, Nella?"

"It's okay, she just got a little worked up," Nella replied, trying to keep what was going to happen next from taking place.

"I'm not just a little worked up. I shouldn't be forced to watch you strut around in a slutty outfit, making people uncomfortable and causing problems."

"Okay, this isn't the place for debate at that decibel level," Inez said flatly.

"What? At a university?" the young woman protested. "I can't have a debate at a university? Where I'm supposed to learn and explore ideas?"

"It's the Tate Estate Library, a private establishment. Loud things do happen here, but behind closed doors so other patrons aren't disturbed. I invite you to leave so you can calm down."

"What? You can't kick me out, I pay tuition!"

"Leave. Now," Inez said, drawing an arrow in the air in front of her with two fingers. The enchantments in the library guided the student through the actions of picking her notepad and backpack up, turning and walking towards the quadruple door entrance.

"I'm filing a complaint!" she shouted over her shoulder.

Several students clapped lightly at her removal, and Inez silenced them with a glance over her shoulder. "Your outfit's fine," she said, looking back to Nella. "Still, I would have gone with a slightly longer skirt because there are a few nosy bitches like that running around. Even still, what you wear is no one's business as long as you're following the rules and it's not interfering with your job."

"Thank you, Inez," Nella said, noticing the shade of a bruise on the back of her hand. "What happened?"

"A little disagreement with a Guardian of the Light last night. I had to crack his shins to get away, but he'll live. He won't be walking for a while, but he'll live. Might not try to sneak into the library again though."

"Sometimes I can't believe they think we're the bad guys."

"Some people believe the weak should get power and wealth for free. That goes for beauty too. I like showing them the error in their thinking whenever I find the opportunity," Inez said, walking away.

Chapter 4

After lunch, Nella emerged from the break room refreshed. Then, she spotted Patrick. He wasn't as dressed up as usual. Instead he was in a workout shirt that fit tightly to his heavily muscled shoulders and chest. Nella knew he was in shape - he was studying physical magic and at least one eastern fighting discipline, after all - but she never imagined that he was actually muscular.

There was another guy in workout gear with him, but he may as well have been invisible, especially when Nella noticed the shape of Patrick's stomach muscles under the tight grey shirt. His shorts clung to him, and she bit her lip at what they revealed, wondered at what they concealed. Butterflies burst into a whirling dance inside her stomach as she realized she'd been caught. He smiled at her uncertainly, and instead of turning away, she smiled shyly, still biting her bottom lip.

"Oh, damn, you weren't kidding, Inez is stupid hot," Jeremy whispered excitedly.

"That's Nella," he replied in a whisper, his heart pounding in his chest so hard that it felt like it was trying to escape. She was staring right at him, smiling coyly after being caught staring. The suit jacket she wore was open just enough so he could see the swell of her breast, his gaze running a gauntlet between folds of silk and buttons to catch a glimpse of a full pink silk half-cup.

Her legs were shapely, she was must have been a runner like him, the fishnet stockings accentuated the curves of her calves and thighs. That short silk skirt was stretched a little as she shifted to turn to him, and when she started to walk in his direction, his heart skipped a beat. There was something special about this one, something captivating.

He met her beside the card catalog. "Hi, Nella?"

"Yeah," she said quietly. "Patrick, right?" She fidgeted, her fingers intertwining with each other, coming apart, then pushing together again slowly. Nella must have realized she was doing it, because she put her hands behind her back after a moment. The suit jacket opened, the silk blouse beneath spread enough for him to see the inner edges of that pink silk and lace half-cup bra again, and he struggled to keep his eyes focused on hers.

"I know this is incredibly forward, but I'd like to invite you to my townhouse." He rolled his eyes. "That does sound extremely forward. What I mean is, I can have my chef prepare something for us, then maybe we can go for a walk, or watch something. There are nature paths and a theatre nearby."

"Tonight?" Nella asked.

"If you're free, I can wait for a better time, there's no urgency. I mean, there is, but I can be patient too. I have a driver who can pick you up whenever you like. Today, tomorrow, perhaps on the weekend?"

"It sounds fun, so tonight?" she replied, blushing.

"Okay, I look forward to it," he said, realizing then that he was offering her his hand, as if he wanted to shake hers.

Offering his hand? Nella laughed inwardly. He was as awkward as she was nervous, so she accepted it - there was strength and callouses there, but he was gentle - and used it to gently pull herself towards him. She kissed him on the cheek. "Should I take time to change?" she asked in his ear before retreating. "Or should I come as I am?"

"A-as you are," he replied, blushing furiously. "Is fine. That would be fine. I'll send the car at six?"

"The East Women's Dorms," she told him, nodding.

That night, at exactly six o'clock, a pristine black town car stopped in front of Nella's dorm, and when she got in she was surprised to find Patrick in a suit, waiting for her in the back seat. "I realized that I didn't offer to take you out to dinner when we met," he said.

"Oh, there's no need for that," she said. "I usually live on raw food and chicken."

"Like broccoli and lettuce?" he asked with a smile. He was teasing.

Nella slipped her hand along the seat until her fingers were under his palm. He took her hand, and then she decided to tease back. "Mostly fruit when I can afford it. A lot of yogurt, strawberries, peach, apple and granola. It makes my pussy taste nice." Watching him blush and stare in shock was an incredible reward. "But I like sushi sometimes, especially if they have a vegetarian menu."

"We're going to Kiyokawa, Jake," Patrick announced to the driver.

Nella slipped her fingers between his, they felt thick and strong. "Is that a nice place? I don't go to town much."

"It's on the border of Old Town and the West End, the best place for any sushi or sashimi," he said. "What's your major in school?"

"I'm studying the Channeler's Path, with a minor in Information and Library Science."

"That's a heavy program," he said. "I don't have the talent to be a good channeler, so I'm in the Physical Arts program."

"I could tell," she looked at his chest and bit her lip, then looked back up. Nella was being obvious, even cheesy, but there was nothing corny about sex. It had been months since she'd been with a man, and her last boyfriend could barely be called that. While Patrick didn't seem to have a lot of experience with women, he was definitely a man. "Do you know a lot of tricks, like backflips, or magically enhanced leaps?"

"I have a nine-metre vertical," he said. "I've never been defeated when I'm holding a sword, either."

"I'd love to see you sword fight sometime. It must be exciting."

"We're here, Master Patrick," the driver said.

The restaurant was beautiful. All the surfaces looked new, with a black and white decor. They sat at the main counter so they could see the sushi being made fresh, right in front of them, and the quick action with the knives were mesmerizing. There was a split flame emblem behind them, painted above their heads. It meant that people who knew about magic, perhaps even practiced magic worked there. It was a safe place to discuss any topic.

Over the next hour, Nella was treated to small tray after tray of delicious vegetarian sushi. Her favourites were the cucumber and sweet potato rolls. Patrick laughed and shook his head at the fact that she'd chosen two of the least expensive pieces on the menu. "Most girls have the lobster, so to speak."

"Oh?" Nella asked. "They have good lobster here?"

"No, well, yes, but what I mean is they find the most expensive thing on the menu and order it. Two, if they can. You're refreshing, Nella."

"Thank you, no one's ever told me that before," she replied with a smile.

Putting him at ease was simple. She had plenty of time to nod and eat while he talked about his rugby team, or the obstacle run, jogging or weightlifting, things he was very much interested in. Nella used a piece of advice her aunt Lilith gave her; if you want someone to keep communicating with you, even to like you when you can't use your charms or powers, just listen to what they say and ask simple questions about it. Some of the jogging stuff interested her, but the rest wasn't for her.

The weightlifting she did was for toning only, and he concentrated on building. Nella loved the results but she didn't want to know how every lift and press was done. As for jogging, she did most of hers on a treadmill while she watched old episodes of Sex in The City or Friends. Some of his tips on stamina were good, but she was happier when they were finished eating.

She noticed that he didn't have to pay as soon as they passed the waiter stand. "Um, are you forgetting something?"

"Oh, they have me on file here, and they know to tip fifty percent."

"Okay," she said, allowing him to take her hand.

The car was still waiting for him. "Where do you want to go? We're a little early for the Mind Shape Theatre, but they have an illusionist from India on stage tonight."

Nella watched his lips and slipped to the middle of the back seat. "I hope you don't think I'm too forward, but I think I'd like you to take me home."

"Oh, you have to turn in early? I'll take you back to the dorm."

Nella giggled. "Your place. To your place," she whispered, slipping her hand under his.

"We'd like to go back to the townhouse, Jake," Patrick said with a smile.

Nella turned his head with one finger and kissed him - just her lips, offering, teasing for a long moment - and moved his hand to her thigh. It was so brazen, her aunt Lilith would be proud, but she wanted to take him like a succubus, and most of the men they played with didn't become permanent lovers. It was her first time doing it that way with a man. It happened many times with women, and she never got complaints when she skipped the small talk.

It was only a ten-minute ride, but before long they were kissing open-mouthed, excitement mounting as they explored each other. Patrick didn't realize how badly he was teasing her when his hand slipped up the inside of her thigh, to find the satin triangle guarding her sweet spot. His hardened fingers caressed the fabric like he'd found a patch of precious silk, the most desired object he'd ever known beneath it. Normally, that would be a negative, skipping a whole category or two of foreplay to caress her most tender place, but his thumb traced the shape of that little cloth triangle, staying away from the sensitive centre for most of the ride. A minute before the car stopped, when they were kissing as though they could be torn from each other at any moment, he began massaging her tender lips through the satin, and she couldn't help but moan against his mouth.

His energy was delicious, purely wanton and healthy. It wasn't coming as quickly as it did with most of her partners, though. It didn't matter, she was going to have him, it was almost certain, and Nella was enjoying herself in other ways.

They rushed through the front door when they arrived. In the small foyer, they resumed their make out session, his arms wrapping around her. Nella loved the feeling of his strength, his need and her head spun as he kissed her much harder. Their mouths were open wide, locked together, and his hands travelled down her back to cup her bottom through the silk of her miniskirt.

To her surprise, he squeezed both her cheeks - she liked the feeling and moaned a little - then let her go entirely. "Bedroom or living room?" he asked.

"I want you. Bedroom," she replied. He led her up the stairs quickly, taking them two at a time and she was astonished to find that he had a grand king-sized bed and an beautifully decorated bedroom. It was all blacks, greys and blues, but it looked like the kind of place she saw in magazines. "I need to freshen up," she said.

He directed her to a bathroom that looked new, perfectly styled with a shower that had a dozen nozzles. The prospect of sleeping with him made her tingle, and she quickly checked that her makeup was holding, used a portable toothbrush from her bag for a quick sweep of her teeth and washed her mouth out after a few spritzes of peppermint breath spray. He was in his shirt and trousers on the bed when she emerged, unbuttoning her jacket.

By the time she reached him, Patrick was on his feet. He kissed her less urgently as she ran her hands over his hard stomach, up his thick chest, feeling the muscle beneath the fine fabric. "Rip it open," he breathed.

Nella's fingers found their way between his buttons, got a grip and tried once. None of the buttons popped, and he kissed her briefly. "As hard as you can."

Her second attempt was exactly that, a hard jerk with both her hands using all her strength, and the buttons came free, bouncing off her jacket, flying over her shoulder and she giggled.

"I've always wanted someone to do that," he smiled, pushing her jacket off her shoulders with much more care. His fingers started slipping between her buttons and she grabbed his hand.

"It's not my blouse," she said.

Nella helped him undo her buttons hurriedly, revealing the pink silk half-cup bra beneath. She wanted a moment to run her hands over his chest, to kiss his muscular stomach, but he had other ideas. Before her blouse was on the floor, he unclasped the front of her bra and sucked a breast into his mouth, stroking her nipple with his tongue.

Chapter 5

Nella was increasingly beautiful as pieces of clothing were removed. He loved the feeling of her breast filling his mouth, the nipple iron-stiff, and her gasps as he manipulated it with his tongue, drew on it. The sound of a fine-toothed zipper told him that she was about to slip her skirt off, and he hooked his thumbs under the waist, pushing down so it fell around her knees.

Patrick released her breast and watched as she pushed her fishnet stockings and her dress down, smiling at him, wiggling her hips as she stepped away and presented him with a fantastic view of her pert bottom. He wanted to fill his hands with her cheeks. Fully at the ready, he undid his belt and unzipped before she turned around, pushing his loafers and socks off in time to take her into his arms. His excitement drove his hands as he ran them down her smooth back, felt her narrow waist and took her bottom. He picked her up, his manhood caught between them, feeling the silk of her G-string along its length. Patrick turned and withdrew from their kiss before dropping her on the bed.

With one hand he pulled her panties down, the other moved to draw her against him as he laid down beside her, but to his shock she slipped down and took the head of his manhood into her mouth. It was the first time a woman did that without any coaxing. Her teeth grazed it, tongue licked the bottom as she slowly pulled back until it emerged from her mouth with a pop. Nella didn't say anything, only looked up at him with his member in her hand, smiling like the cat who caught the canary.

"You don't have to do that; beautiful girls don't have to…" he said.

He shuddered as she abruptly popped his head into his mouth, drew on it and beyond sucking on him hard, he didn't know what exactly her mouth was doing but it was better than any head he'd had, enough for him to grip the sheets and stare as that beautiful woman made his manhood disappear little by little. Her glistening lips withdrew again, slowly, tantalizingly, as she sucked harder than he'd ever experienced. When it was all the way out of her mouth she looked up at him, kissed the tip. "Tell me I'm beautiful again," Nella said, her tongue lazily licking his throbbing head.

"You're so fucking beautiful!" he offered. Nella took him in again, going down slowly and not stopping with his head this time. More and more of him disappeared between those full, pink glossy lips until he bumped the back of her throat and was a little more than half taken. "You're so hot, I was afraid my friends would find out about you and try to pick you up first. Pretty girls like you don't stay single! You're movie star-gorgeous!" by then, her head started moving, she moved so she was straddling his legs.

Nella's hand reached up and her nails clawed their way down his stomach, coming back to feel his six-pack. She moaned, her other hand tickled his sack, and she started moving up and down, letting him almost leave her mouth then coming back down so deep that his manhood grazed and bumped the back of her throat. It was sloppy, her slurping and moaning filling the room with the sound. Her saliva and traces of him dripped down as she took him in her mouth with great zeal. "Oh, fuck, Nella!" she looked up at him, he twitched inside her mouth - a warning of what was about to happen - and he shouted; "I'm gonna come!"

Her eyes stared up at him as she kept the furious pace up, cupping and caressing his tender sack at the same time. It was as if that's what she was really going for school for, and she'd already become a master. He grunted and twitched as he exploded in her mouth, a pressure wave of pleasure and release rolling across his body as he emptied into the back of her throat.

Her lips were still sealed around him as she slowly slurped her way up, making him twitch with sharp sensations before releasing his head. Her pink panties were still around her knees. She sat back, sighed and smiled. "Was that nice?"

Patrick was still recovering, but he managed to get the energy to sit up and reach for her. Nella shrieked playfully and hopped away. Staring eyes followed her every movement as she shook her panties the rest of the way down to her ankles. Her sex was bare except for a narrow, short trail of hair pointing to her nether lips. When they were off, she sprinted to the bathroom, where he heard her rinse her mouth and spray something before sauntering back to the bed completely naked. Her breasts bobbed and shifted, hips moved as though she was mid-victory dance, and her smiling face was enough to make him wish he could capture that moment. "Unbelievable," he breathed.

Her hands ran up his legs, across his still flaccid member, over his stomach and chest, exploring, obviously enjoying his hard work in the gym, before she leaned down and kissed him. Nella tasted like peppermint again, and her firm kiss was a surprise. He enjoyed feeling her against his body as she laid down on his chest, her leg slipping between his. Never had he wanted anyone more than in that moment, and he broke their kiss to flip her onto her back. He knelt, guiding one of her legs over his head so he could get between them, and seeing his intention she looked at him with surprise, opened her legs wider.

Chapter 6

Patrick didn't know subtlety, and had very little concept of foreplay, but Nella was already sated, filled with lovely salacious energy. Everything after that was simply for her to absorb as reserve sustenance, and for fun, of course. His mouth took her sex whole, and he drew on it, spreading her tender lips with his tongue. It wiggled, it stroked, and it finally settled into licking her pink passage.

His efforts felt nice, but he needed a little help, so she rocked her hips down a little. His tongue wouldn't leave the opening to her vagina, so she caressed his face to get his attention.

"Is this okay?" he asked, releasing her lips with a slurp.

Nella thanked her hours of yoga as she drew her legs back and up until her ankles were beside her on the bed. "You're amazing, but can I show you a trick?"

"Okay," he said, eager.

"All you have to do to make me scream is lick this, but you can lead up to it if you want. I like a little warm-up." She took her pubic triangle of fur in her fingers and pulled up a little, then pointed at her hooded pink nub.

To her delight, Patrick actually smiled, then licked it with a long, firm stroke of his tongue. Nella shuddered and nodded. It was definitely good enough. Her advice about warming her up with a little teasing was completely ignored, but after five licks, she sighed and settled back. "Just like that, you're gonna make me come," she breathed.

As obediently as she was with Inez the previous day, Patrick watched her face and licked her pink lips over and over, extending his strokes so he started at the back of her lips and licked all the way to the top. It was starting to feel like heaven when he added his hands, which stroked her flat stomach, caressed her sides, and finally kneaded her breasts. "Yeeeeeeesss," she breathed, closing her eyes and concentrating on the lovely heat building right under the space of his most intimate attentions. "Just like thaaat."

He pinched and pulled her nipples a little, and she began to breathe faster, feeling her climb to release accelerate. A glance down rewarded her with a view of his eyes. He was watching her, enjoying the sight of her, and Nella smiled a little before closing her lids and concentrating on the fine feeling between her legs. She breathed deeply, and faster, faster until she reached her peak, crying out at the powerful bloom of pleasure. Her legs and shoulders twitched, nearly drawing her head up off the bed.

Before she had a chance to cool down, she felt the head of his manhood on her delicate lips and gasped as he stroked inside. The position she was in was definitely not the best choice for her when taking someone of his size, and she watched as he withdrew a little, slipped in more, then again, and again, until she felt absolutely full and he had a little length left. "Oh, God, you're big," Nella said. He was just above average, if she was being honest, but it had been a long time.

He stared down at her, lowered his head for a brief but full kiss, then leaned back, kneading her breasts for a moment before pinning her ankles down against the bed. She was flexible enough, that wasn't the problem. It's what she'd seen a man about his size do to her friend at her first orgy that made her brace herself. Sammy was thoroughly pounded, her bottom bouncing between the mattress and his hilt deep thrusts. As though remembering it was the same as conjuring it, Patrick began to thrust firmly, stretching her depths every time she was impaled on him. It wasn't as painful as she expected, and after a minute, probably less, he was fully inside her at the end of each thrust.

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