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FIVE STARS! "This book was a marvelous surprise. It was a nice read, not complicated, not demanding, just a lovely sit down, relax and read for the afternoon type of book." ~Reader in Denver, CO

Readers June’s Double Rainbow is a quick read; yet, an epic romance. If you’re a fan of Debbie Macomber, you’ll soon be a fan of Cheryl Holloway!



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Author’s Note

Dear Reader,

I’ve been writing for decades, but I started writing romantic stories around 2010, when I wanted to share a romantic event in my life with my readers. Yes, most of the stories are based on real-life events from my life or close friends and relatives. I have added a little of my imagination to make the stories more exciting (and fictional).

I am writing this book in English for an English-speaking audience. However, I also speak French, and I have included some French phases in the book. You can read the read the book with clarity without knowing the French language. I have always wanted to write one of my books with French phrases and words included. If you would like to know the exact meaning for the French phrases, you can go to for translation.

I hope you can enjoy a different literary landscape.

Some of my stories are super sexy with high drama and high emotion, while others are the love-me-tender with plenty of affection and romance. No matter what kind of romance you like—I think you will find an enjoyable story in my writing.

I hope you enjoy this captivating romance!

Thank you for your support.

P.S. Let me know what you think about this book.

Cheryl Holloway


Dedicated to my first grandchild

~Heather Nicholle King~


As always, I thank the Lord for blessing me with the ability to write and for always being by my side.

I was sustained every single day by the love and support of my friends and family.

A special thanks to all of the people who helped me with the edits, formatting, research, ideas, interviews, revisions and general information.

A special thanks to my betas readers—I couldn’t do it without you—Joyce Glover, Bennie F. Jones, and Esther Forbes.

A special thanks to all of the ladies in the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group, who helped with suggestions and comments.

Thank you to all of you who were not mentioned by name. I know who you are and that means the world to me.

Thanks to my readers and supporters—each one of you is very special and extremely important!

Also…a very special thanks to anyone who writes a review on Amazon or Goodreads.


The one who loves opens herself up for hurt and pain.


September 24th at 12:35pm

Life is about to come to a mind-blowing halt for June Renee Johnson.

June had a busy morning of meetings with important clients and was about to go purchase a new computer, when her cell phone buzzed. She was driving and had to pull into the parking lot to answer it, because she had forgotten her bluetooth.

“Hi, Sweetie. How’s your day at work going?”

“Hello. Ahh…Hi. I was just about to leave you a message. I thought you said you were busy until 1:00 o’clock.”

“I was, but I finished with my meetings a little early.”

“I have something I want to discuss with you.”

“OK, I am about to go into the store and look for a new PC. Can it wait or do you want to tell me quickly?”

“I can tell you right quick. I have been thinking about it for a long time now and I just want to get it off my mind.”

“OK, what is it?”

“I am not happy in the relationship and I think we should both just move on!” he said as nonchalantly, as if he were saying there are no clouds in the sky today.

“What do you mean? I know we have been having problems, but I didn’t think they were this serious. I think, we should talk about this in person…face-to-face at least, since we are engaged.”

“There is no need to talk in person. I have made up my mind and I want to end the relationship!”

The last four and a half years suddenly flashed before her eyes. She met this 6’4” tall, handsome man on one of those online dating services. She was almost thirty and he was thirty something. She had lucked out, Greg was a TV news anchorman working long hours with intermittent off days. She was an architect, which was a highly competitive field with long hours and weird off days. But the one thing, they could always do was make time for each other…quality time.

Two years ago, they had gotten engaged. He gave her a beautiful birth stone ring encircled in diamonds and they had not had time to set a wedding date or get a proper engagement ring.

“But we’re engaged…and we should discuss this,” June stammered.

“I told you that I have thought about this. The bottom line is that I don’t want to get married. YOU want to get married.”

“But…you asked me to marry you.”

“I know. I think that was a mistake. Anyway, I have to go back to work. Bye…” He abruptly declared.

Dial tone.

Despite reeling in the pain of rejection and being emotionally flattened by the hopelessness of it all, June was completely stunned!


June stared out her window while driving home—not looking at people, or the traffic or the scenery—not really looking at anything, just thinking about the most devastating conversation of her life. Then, she sat almost in a trance in her driveway and could not tell anyone how she got home or when she got home. Tears streamed down her face and she could hardly see. Surely, this had to be a nightmare and she would wake up any moment.

But she didn’t wake up and somehow she knew she was not dreaming. So, she mustered up enough strength to get out of her BMW and walk inside her condo and lock the door behind her.

June’s mind was racing faster than any winning car in the Indy 500. She was continually replaying situations out in her mind—her thinking machine. She repeatedly thought about situations that went on in their life in the last six months. She was trying to rationally figure out what triggered this loving, kind man of her dreams to say these mean, hurtful and painful words…I am not happy in the relationship and I think we should both just move on!

Her boyfriend of four and a half years was floating in a pool of complacency. She thought about what Pastor Rivers had said on Sunday. “…and the complacency of fools shall destroy them.”

June’s mind began to explore all of the recent arguments—real and made up. She had noticed over the last six months or so.

She thought, Greg was constantly trying to pick arguments with me. Like when she looked in his phone and saw the nude pictures of another woman. The first picture was of boobs, but the second picture was something else and she kept turning the phone around trying to figure out what it was. When she realized what part of the body it was, she was so shocked and hurt that she immediately deleted it. When she approached him about it, he was more concerned with her looking at his phone and a breach of privacy, than the fact that some woman had sent him naked pictures of her private parts.

Then there was the time a woman from work had called him three times in one day, while they were enjoying a rare moment of quality time together. On her fourth call, June just went berserk!

She remembered shouting, “Unless it is a family emergency, I would appreciate it if you would not answer your cell phone—period!”

His excuse was that he had to answer his phone to keep in contact with work, in case some great news story broke and he had to go to the television station.

The latest argument was over an old girl friend, who would text, email and send pictures all day, like he was her man! June remembered him blowing that off saying that she was having problems with her teenage son and needed a man’s advice on steering the young man in the “right” direction.

But then June’s thoughts turned to the good memories in the beginning of the relationship. The time they went to Hawaii and they spent time in only two places—on the beach or in the bedroom.

She thought, I can see us now, walking along the beach holding hands, eating brunch or dinner in restaurants on the beachfront, or just sitting on the beach talking and listening to the waves crashing. We always enjoyed making love instead of eating dinner…yum…yum. And then, waking up to start the process all over again—only this time for breakfast.

She closed her eyes for just a moment to see him smile down at her and she remembered just barely smelling the scent of love making mixed with the ocean fragrance.

Oh, new love can be so wonderful.

Like walking in the rain—the time he had to emcee the show for “Sweet Honey in the Rock.” It was fun, but especially, memorable, when they walked down the street in the mist of rain to the parking lot…singing and holding hands.

Greg can be very loving at special moments.

So, where did things go so wrong that he didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore? When did he become complacent?

Complacent. What does it mean?

She jumped up and ran to get her iPhone, so she could look up the meaning online to make sure her mind had not deceived her on the meaning of complacent. She must have read it at least a dozen times.

I know, I just read it—over and over—but it’s not sinking in. I think it said that it was a feeling of quiet pleasure, while unconcerned with unpleasant realities. Is marriage the unpleasant reality? Is his complacency destroying our relationship…our marriage…our future together?

She started crying…again. It seemed as though that’s all she did lately was cry! It was time for June to do something, instead of crying. So, she got mad.

Oh, hell no, Satan is a liar!

I am a very intelligent woman; yet, I seem so naïve when it comes to men and relationships. I can handle million dollar projects, but I can’t handle one man. What is wrong with Me?” she yelled through her tears, as if actually talking to someone, when in all reality she was home alone.

She continued talking to no one in particular, “I once read, I don’t know where though. Oh, well, whatever. I think it said that if there is not something specific that directs us concerning a decision or outcome we must make or want, we often look for a sign from God.”

June immediately fell on her knees and began praying:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help me to understand what is happening and most assuredly why this is happening to me? God, let me hear your voice. Please in Jesus’ name give me wisdom! Amen.

June stopped crying and began listening for the Lord’s answer. The room was quiet…all she could hear was the clock ticking.

“God, I talk to you everyday and all day long. I have heard you before. Why can’t I hear you, now?”

Once again June was quiet as a mouse, as she strained to try to hear something…anything from God. And this is what she heard…silence.

The more she thought about their relationship, the more she realized that it was dysfunctional. Maybe, that’s what God wanted her to hear.

Once again, she cried. This time, she got so angry that she wanted to kick Greg’s ass. She could not shut him out of her thoughts and she could not break free from the pain.

Then, her emotions became overloaded. She could not cope anymore and the next thing she knew, she had shut down—completely.

June went to bed and stayed there for over 24 hours. She couldn’t answer the phone or the door. She could not move. She could not eat. She could not cry. June was shocked into an emotional coma.


Once she felt better, Phyllis was the only person she had discussed her thoughts and feelings with in the last few days. She had decided that it was time for her to make a change. She had made up her mind. Now, she wanted to call Phyllis and let her know of her decision.

“Hi, Phyllis. I have made up my mind. I am going to Paris!”

“Wait a minute, back up, girlfriend. Where did that come from? A few days ago you were crying because lover boy broke up with you on the phone. Personally, I think that was better than him sending you a text. But, hey, who am I to judge?”

“I thought about it and I thought about it. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it way too much. I have tried so hard to make this relationship work. Greg’s a great guy, but not the most romantic, except in his mind. At times he’s insensitive and forgets some important things. Sometimes, he’s too wrapped up in himself and his job to think about me or my friends. And on occasion, he does take me for granted. The sex is good, but what I have to go through to get it is ridiculous. Greg craves ‘visual sex’ and he wants me to wear all of those exotic costumes and lingerie to get him aroused. That alone is costing me a fortune. Me…I just crave relationship attention—just give me a little quality time and I’m happy. He used to make time for me, but, now, he is always so busy with his job. Neither of us is getting what we want, so I guess that’s why he’s not happy with the relationship. What do you think?”

“Well, I, ah…”

June cut Phyllis off with, “Well, that’s it. There just isn’t much to say about the relationship. Period. I’m trying to push my pain and disappointment aside, I need to just walk away from people who hurt me or make me suffer. And Greg has done just that. I need to be happy and I think Paris can make me happy. My job is having a conference in Paris and I am going! Anyway, I am so excited. It’s a last minute decision, but let me tell you about the trip to Paris!”

“OK. Go ahead, but I think going to Paris is always a good idea.”

“The American Institute of Architects is having their conference in Paris, next week. Paris is such a beautiful city with so much to do and see and with absolutely delicious food to eat. I think, if I go there for a week, I can get Greg out of my mind. What do you think?”

“Yes, I think you can. Isn’t it the city of love?”

“I think, it’s the city of lights.”

“Whatever. So, can I be a stowaway in your luggage. LOL”

“Phyllis, you are crazy. But that’s why I love you, girl! Let me go, so I can pack. I will call you tomorrow.”

“Okay, sistergirl. Bye.”

June thought, Look out Paris, here I come! Now, where is my passport?


As June looks out the airplane window, as they are about to land, she says a quick prayer.

Dear God

I am about to land at the Orly Airport in Paris, France. Please let my life take a new direction. And please let me forget Greg and the last 4 ½ years. Give me love in Jesus name. Amen.

The plane landed and June immediately knew that she had better things awaiting her.

It was late on Wednesday evening; it had been a nine hour flight. June and her co-workers took the shuttle to the Mercure Paris Porte de Versailles Vaugirard Hotel and checked-in. Tomorrow was a jet lag/free day and the conference would start on Friday at the Exhibition Center across the street from the hotel. June and her co-workers—Joseph and his wife, Patricia, architects; and Rebecca, the office administrative assistant—had agreed to meet for a light breakfast and see if they could do some sightseeing.

June woke up well-rested and was looking forward to some delicious French food. She was not disappointed at breakfast. She had a chausson aux pommes—a puff pastry crust filled with a chunky apple filling—and tea.

Yum, yum.

The Concierge had suggested to the small group to try the Big Bus Sight-Seeing Tour. It was a hop-on and hop-off bus to explore the sights. And the hotel was already close to the Champs Elysées, Place de Concorde, luxury shops and the Eiffel Tower, and Trocadéro, so they could venture on to see additional cultural attractions, as well as, the cultural richness of the Palais de Chaillot, the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine and the Musée de la Marine—an architects dream. They all agreed that they were in the best area of Paris and the planning committee had made a wonderful decision on staying at this hotel.

After about four hours of sight-seeing, they were ready for lunch at an outdoor café. The bus driver suggested one within walking distance of the hotel, just before it started raining. He even had des parapluie—that is umbrellas for a price. But they came in handy for the downpour. It was concurred to eat at Angelina’s Restaurant, the brochure named it “The Best in Paris,” where Coco Chanel had patronized years ago. Most of the group ordered a Paris lunch—an omelet, salad and a variety of pastries to sample, which melted in their mouths. June also ordered the famous hot chocolate, which was simply the most delicious hot chocolate she had ever tasted! After a substantially satisfying meal, they decided to walk back to the hotel and if it was too long a walk, they would catch a taxi for the rest of the way. When they walked outside, there was a beautiful double rainbow in the sky. June was the only one standing in the middle of the sidewalk starring at the rainbow, the others had moved aside.

A well-dressed, handsome Frenchman, stopped and said to June, “Mademoiselle, si vous prendre une photo, il durera plus longstemps.”

She turned and said to the stranger, “Je ne parle pas Français. Je suis Américain.”

As she looked into his ocean blue eyes, they formed an instant connection.

“Then perhaps, I can take you to lunch and explain to you what a double rainbow symbolizes.”

“Sorry, we just had lunch.”

The Frenchman determined to win over this lovely American turned and quickly took a picture of the rainbow and added, “So, can I send this picture to your phone or your email?”

“Maybe. Let me think about it.”

“Mademoiselle, my name is Guillaume and yours?”

“My name is June, like the month.”

With that her friends joined them and suggested that they walk back to the hotel. June and the French gentleman said their goodbyes and walked in opposite directions.

June regretted that she didn’t give the handsome Frenchman her number, email or at least tell him where she was staying.

Oh, well, opportunity lost, she thought.

While she was dressing for dinner, the concierge knocked on her door. He handed her a bouquet of flowers and a small picture. She smiled, because she knew exactly who had sent them.

The Concierge said, “The gentleman who dropped these off said that he did not know your last name, but that you were probably the only American guest named June…And you are the only one, Mademoiselle. He also left this envelope.”

He handed her an exquisite envelope made of fine linen stationary and she opened it.

It read, “Mademoiselle June, if you are free for dinner this evening, please call me at my mobile phone number 06 78 90 12 34 and I would be delighted to discuss the double rainbow. If not, please feel free to call me any time. Guillaume or William, whichever is your preference. Until we meet, again.”

June told the Concierge thank you and handed him a tip.

June called Guillaume and told him that the Concierge had arranged for their group to have dinner and a show at the sold out Moulin Rouge this evening and she would have to take a raincheck for perhaps tomorrow.

He agreed and said, “Tomorrow, dinner it is, Mademoiselle June.”

They each hung up. Each one’s smile, enveloped in happiness, was bigger than the other one.

June dressed in a simple, but stunning elegant black dress accessorized with jewelry and her long hair was in an updo style. After one last look in the mirror, she was ready to meet her colleagues in the lobby.

The Concierge had arranged for a limo to pick them up and return for them after the show. They were all excited and there was plenty of chitter chatter on the limo ride there. After reaching the Moulin Rouge with the world-famous windmill atop, they waited in line for about an hour before they were seated at the best table in the house—center stage. There were five chairs at their table and they figured a single tourist would join them.

They were served their champagne and just before dinner was served Guillaume slipped into the seat next to June. June was indeed surprised.

The waiter started serving the Soiree Toulouse-Lautrec—Breast of Roasted Chicken from the Landes Region, Shellfish Bisque, Fricassee of Seasonal Vegetables, and the Opera pastry, a homemade Bourbon Vanilla Custard for desert. The food was “magnifique!”

In between bites, she managed to ask Guillaume how he got a ticket to the sold-out show. He said that he had his special way of getting what he wanted, when it involved a beautiful woman that he was interested in seeing. June smiled just as the theatre lights switched off, the curtain was raised and the entire troupe appeared on stage in extravagant costumes, which included lots of feathers, rhinestones, and sequins.

The performance was a sight to see and hear with so many colors, bright lights and so much harmonious music. It was a spectacular 2-hour show.

When the show was over Guillaume kissed June on both cheeks, told her that he would pick her up at her hotel promptly at 7:00 tomorrow evening for their rendez-vous, and disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.

June didn’t quite know what to think about this mysterious Frenchman. She thought about him every waking moment for the rest of the evening, until she closed her eyes.

Then she dreamed of him…Guillaume.


It was the opening day of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the brochure read, “A provocative lineup of celebrity speakers with an awe-inspiring array of tours, exhibitors, seminars, and must-see architecture. All happening in the legendary ‘City of Lights,’ known as a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Enjoy three days packed with opportunities.”

June’s first day was loaded with buzz-worthy speakers and workshops, where she learned and even earned continuing education credits, and discovered the latest products and trends. It was a long, but well-accomplished day of events. June walked into her hotel room at 5:30 and the phone was ringing. She answered it, while taking her shoes off.

It was Guillaume and he was checking to make sure they were still on for tonight’s rendez-vous. He had a surprise planned for June. She told him that they were still on, but she needed some time to rest before joining him. Someone at the convention told June that Frenchmen were often rather pushy, almost to the point of being annoying. So, she wasn’t surprised at his call.

Guillaume picked June up and the surprise was a dinner cruise on the Seine River aboard the Bateau Le Calife. The boat itself was characteristic, while the glass roof-top offered fantastic views and overall, had the perfect romantic ambiance. There were two eating areas for about 30 people, all of the tables were window seats, and it was ideal for a romantic dinner. The boat was a lovely intimate size and the food was excellent. Le Calife was family-owned sophistication and luxury all the way.

Guillaume had made the perfect choice. There were breath-taking views of Paris at night, and it was truly a “city of lights.”

“June, after dinner, I think you will see a beautiful sight.”

“And what would that be?”

“I don’t want to give away the surprise. Just let me say, where else can you do a dinner cruise at night that’s as beautiful as Paris? Now, let’s enjoy this delicious food.”

June smiled as she ate another scrumptious meal.

He was absolutely right. The best part of the evening was when they stopped just beneath the Eifel Tower at 10 pm to catch it in all of its glory with the fantastic 'twinkling lights.' The Eiffel Tower illuminates and flashes lights, while you enjoy the show. It provided a stunning backdrop and a romantic memory of Paris.

When the cruise was over, they headed back to the hotel for a quiet conversation in the wine room to talk and get to know each other a little better.

Guillaume broke the ice, “So, June, let me tell you a little about myself and then you can follow me.”

“That would be great.”

“Well, I am a third-generation Parisian born and bred. I have a Master of Tourism Administration degree from George Washington University in Washington, DC.”

“So, that’s how you got the ticket to the Moulin Rouge.”

“Yes, I called in a favor. And of course, I know the best places for tourist to sight-see. My parent’s business administers events for various tourist businesses. I am 35 years old, single and unattached, which annoys my mother to no end. How about you?”

“I am an architect. Most women graduates do not stay long in the occupation or they marry another architect and start a firm. I’ve been in the business for nine years, now, and my goal is to be a celebrity female architect.”

“How is that working for you?”

“I’m fine.”

“I can see that.” They both laughed.

“I mean, it’s going well. I have had several successes. And I’m glad to be in Paris to learn even more.”

“I never ask a woman her age, I am assuming you are younger than me.”

“Yes, I graduated high school at sixteen and by the time I was 21, I had my Master’s degree.”

“Interesting. A very intelligent American woman.”

They both smiled.

“So, what about your love life? A beautiful, intelligent woman like you must have a man somewhere in the background.”

“I did, but my fiancé broke off the engagement a few weeks ago. I was dating…engaged to a TV newscaster.”

“His loss is my gain. Are you basically over him? Ah…I don’t want to be the rebound guy. I am willing to wait. LOL”

“I think so. At first, I was so hurt that I cried constantly, and then, I fell into an emotional coma. But every time, I thought about what happened on the day he broke up with me, I lived the bad situation over and over again. I did at some point think about the good things that had transpired in the 4 ½ years we had been together. But that is over now, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Okay. Let’s talk about the ‘Double Rainbow.’ I think it was a sign that things are changing in your life. The double rainbow symbolizes a transformation in life. The first rainbow represents the material. The second rainbow represents the spiritual. So, why do we stop to admire its’ beauty? It’s meant to help us align both our outer world and our inner spirit. So, when you are unsure about life, look at the picture of the double rainbow and remember what I just said.”

“Wow. That makes a lot of sense. I hadn’t really thought about it that way before.”

“Yes. Hey, it is getting late and you have to get up early for your conference. Let’s call it a night, but if you need to talk, just call me.”

“Okay. Good night, Guillaume.”

“Good night, June”

He kissed June on both cheeks and walked her to the elevator. They both hated to see the door close with each on opposite sides of the door.


We do not need to go out and find love; rather,

we need to be still and let love discover us.

John O’Donohue

The next few days were a whirlwind of business by day and romance by night. June was enjoying her trip to Paris and had forgotten about her life back home. After all, a stroll through Paris hand-in-hand with a handsome French gentleman was certainly more romantic than thinking about anything else. Yes, Paris streets were ideal for walking, talking and blossoming a love affair.

Then, suddenly the conference had ended and she had one more day in Paris to sight-see…and to spend with her new love. Guillaume had hired a 10-passenger bus to take the small group on a trip to see all of the sights that real Parisians knew about. It was a special treat for June and her co-workers.

Guillaume reminded the group that there’s always something beautiful to see around the next corner and of course, it was true.

They enjoyed the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, Sacre-Coeur Basilica de Montmartre and other sights.

Then, they had dinner at Le Sixieme Sens, which only seats about 20 people. The chef welcomes all of the guests, takes the orders, serves the meals and finds time to have a little chat with guests. He does it all to perfection. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. Guillaume out did himself in putting together a day to remember.

Everyone went back to the hotel to pack their luggage for tomorrow’s departure. It was a bitter-sweet end to a lovely trip.

Once again, Guillaume was a perfect gentleman with kisses on each cheek and he promised that he would call June after she returned home.

Once June was on the flight back home, she reminisced about the trip and realized that Guillaume was everything she ever wanted…but she wanted more.

How can your soulmate/your romantic partner—the man with an unbreakable bond—be on another continent…so far away?

As promised, he called June when she arrived home from her trip. They sent texts and used skype or tango to connect on a daily basis.

Then, one day, she hadn’t heard from him in about twelve hours. She was on the phone crying and talking to Phyllis.

“He didn’t call me this morning. He calls every morning. He must have gotten his phone bill and decided to cut the long-distance relationship off. What should I do?” June said sobbing into the phone.

“Wait until you find out what is going on. June, I read somewhere that it doesn’t matter who hurt you or broke you down. What matters is who made you smile again. And he certainly made you smile again.”

“Phyllis, you are always the voice of reason. That’s why I love you, girl.”

Just then, her doorbell rang. She was still holding the phone in her hand when she answered the door.

She screamed, “It’s Guillaume.” She dropped the phone.

He showered her with kisses and carried June across the threshold to a new future.


Two Years Later

June and Guillaume had just returned from their Paris home and were back in the U. S., because they had exciting news to tell her parents and they were going to meet them for an early dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, her dad’s favorite restaurant.

For this special occasion, June had chosen a designer dress and she looked amazing in the white lace dress. Her face had a special peachy glow and her long hair was flowing in the slight breeze. She bared a bit of her shoulders in the subtly sexy dress. Guillaume smiled at the beauty and elegance of his lady, as they entered the restaurant and heads turned in June’s direction.

June’s parents were there when they arrived. Greetings were exchanged. Her mom was excited and eager to hear the news.

“Dear, I can hardly wait for you to tell us. I hope it’s what I think it is.” Her mom smiled as she relayed her happiness.

June boasted, “Well, it’s probably not what you’re thinking.”

“Oh, really?” her dad replied.

“I will let Guillaume tell you. He’s so delighted and glad to tell anyone the good news.”

“Drum roll…as you know, we’ve been married for almost a year and a half, now. And…”

“Oh, please, just tell us,” her mom begged.

“Okay. Okay. We’re pregnant.”

“That’s wonderful. I’m finally going to be a grandmother!”

“That’s not all…we’re pregnant with twins.”

“Oh, my, I will have two grandkids to play with,” her dad opined.

“That’s not all…it’s a boy and a girl!”

Everyone was so excited about the news that they almost forgot about eating dinner.

The waiter chimed in, “Are you ready to order or do you need a little more time?”

They all laughed and began looking at the menus. They finally ordered dinner. The excitement and conversations rambled on with joy and happiness.

After an enjoyable meal, the couples left the restaurant in an ecstatic mood. As they were leaving the restaurant, a man passed them in a wheelchair.

He said, “June, is that you?”

June turned around, because she didn’t recognize the older man.

She said, “Sir, do I know you?”

“Yes, it’s me, Greg. I know that I look different, because I was recently in a car accident.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you recover soon.”

June took a good look at the man, as he rambled on about the accident and how he had awakened with his leg amputated.

As he spoke, June thought, Oh, my goodness, It is the same Greg, who had ended our relationship, so abruptly—two years ago to the day.

She introduced her husband to Greg.

Guillaume exuberantly added, “My wife and I are celebrating that we’re pregnant with twins—a boy and a girl.”

Greg looked sad, but offered congratulations.

They quickly said their good-byes.

It had rained while they were in the restaurant and June smiled as she noticed a double rainbow. She thought about what Guillaume had told her about the meaning of a double rainbow, when they first met.

June thought, a double rainbow symbolizes a transformation in life—in my life.

When in the car, June told Guillaume that Greg was the one who had broken her heart two years earlier.

Guillaume said, “Life goes on. I’m so glad that you found love and happiness with me. June, I will love you and our babies for the rest of my life.”

Guillaume kissed June with a deep passion and gently rubbed her tummy.

June knew in her heart of hearts that he meant every word.

She whispered, “I love you, mon mari chéri.”

The End

* * *

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CHERYL HOLLOWAY is an award-winning writer, talk show host, journalist and retired writer-editor for the Federal Government. She has been the Editor of numerous Military magazines and newsletters; and was an intern at the Smithsonian Institution Press.

Cheryl is a dedicated writer, avid reader and amazing blogger. She won her first writing contest at 15-years old with a State Crime Prevention Essay in Indiana. She began writing feature articles and later became a sportswriter and Editor. This author and book lover also enjoys traveling to anyplace with a beach.

Cheryl is currently making her dream come true as an author. She lives in southern Maryland and northern California with her family, where she is hard at work on three other book projects that are works in progress. You can email her at or Check her website for news, tours, book signings, awards or a book club in your area or visit her blog for writing tips and great book suggestions.


1. *So, what makes June’s Double Rainbow special?

This is an exciting story taken from the life of an ordinary woman. This story is honest and heartfelt, while also jam packed with deceit, betrayal and revenge, as well as new found love and happiness. It is an engaging story with beautiful images of Paris. It is based on real-life events and I hope the readers will enjoy it and find it entertaining.

2. Is this story from your life?

As you know, all of my stories are all based on real-life events. My experiences throughout life have provided materials for a plethora of stories. However, some of the stories are from friends and people that I know and I embellish on the real-life event to create fictional stories.

3. So, some of the characters are actually modeled from people you know?

Yes, bits and pieces of people that I know. I borrowed trivial details from various people and formed my fictional characters.

4. So, why should readers give this book a try?

This story is for devoted romantics. It is real and relevant; yet, so true about the ups and downs of real-life love. Most of the stories/books I write are a quick and easy read for today’s busy women. And…she can boast about reading a book in one sitting. LOL.

5. Do you enjoy writing romantic stories?

I have always enjoyed a good love story—especially, if I’m writing it.  Seriously, whether the love story is in a book, such as Like Water for Chocolate, or The Notebook; or the love story is in a movie, such as Doctor Zhivago, Les Parapluie de Cherbourg, The Graduate, or The Best of Me. Or whether the love story is in real life—my grandparents, who were married 53 years before my grandfather died; or my parents, who were married 46 years before my father died.

6. How long did it take you to write this book?

It took about a month to write and edit this book. There wasn’t much research that I had to do. It took a little longer to finish the book, because of the feedback from the beta readers and the editor; and the formatting.

7. June visits Paris and falls in love. Was this to make the book universal?

Yes, I wanted women all over the world to be able to enjoy an English book with sights, sounds and tastes of Paris and to relate to someone like themselves. They say that Paris is the City of Love and most people think of romance when they think of Paris. So, I wanted to bring the two together in one of my books.

8. Did you know how the story would end when you started writing it?

No, because my characters seem to have a mind of their own once the story gets started and they take over the writing.

9. Do you have any series coming out soon?

Yes, at the moment, I have started writing at least two other short series. The Struggle Series with Love’s Ride (Book 1) and Love’s Challenge (Book 2), which will be released later this year. The Age Gap Series with Stranded at Christmas (Book 1) and Married By Valentines (Book 2), which is about a woman loving, dating and marrying a man 10 years her junior. (These are working titles.)

10. How did you start writing?

You know the old cliché, “I’ve been writing all of my life.” Actually, I have—almost. Since I was about three years old, I used to write my own stories to add to my Golden Books library. I continued well into my teenage years, when I won a statewide essay writing contest on crime prevention at 15 years old. After majoring in Journalism at Indiana University (Bloomington), I became a technical writer for the Federal Government and later a writer-editor for several newsletters and military magazines; and the Social Security Administration, Headquarters. Now, I’m a retired writer/author. So, I guess you can say that I’ve been a writer most of my life and I did fulfill my dream of becoming a writer.

11. Do you have any other plans for June’s Double Rainbow?

As a matter of fact, I do. I have a blog at

On my blog, I had a Character Interview with Joi, from the Cougar Tales series, which was interesting and fun. Joi took over the interview and gave me her very lively opinions. Please check out the interview at So, I was thinking about doing a character interview with June from this book.

12. Is the book expensive?

No, actually, it is temporarily free. Although, most of my books can be purchased either in eBook, paperback or both on Or my fans and supportive readers can actually email me for an autographed copy of any of my books. I’m trying to do the digital autograph copy, too.

13. Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Yes, I read every single review to see if I can learn from something the readers have to tell me. As far as bad reviews are concerned, I know that everyone is not going to like my books. So, I keep that in mind, when reading the reviews. I have had only 1 or 2 bad reviews, and one lady didn’t like the ending. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. So, I take a bad review with a grain of salt.

14. Do you Google yourself?

Yes, doesn’t everyone? LOL.

15. What projects are you working on now?

I am currently working on a couple of projects that aren’t part of a series. One is a new romantic book with a dark side; however, I’m not quite ready to make the details public. All I can say is that once again, I am immersed in writing about characters, places, and situations that are unique. I’m also writing a couple of other books that I will make public real soon. And I have a Christian book that I’ve been working on for years that I really need to finish and publish. You can visit my author page on Amazon to see all of my available books at

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