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Odd Man In

Sensuous Scenes

Odd Man In

Derrick couldn't help himself. He was staring, staring at something so entrancing he couldn't avert his eyes; something that had always been a fond, vague hope of his to witness - something he'd imagined so often - but something he never expected to actually see.

Two beautiful girls, naked on a unfolded futon, doing the most incredibly sexy things to each other.

It wasn't their first time either. Derrick had discovered their mutual lust for each other only a week before, a Friday, but how long they'd been fooling around like this, he could only guess. Now it was seven whole days, always as soon as the parents left for work, the two of them doing these crazy-sexy things hour after hour, every day.

He reached down to push his growing boner down but stopped quickly; it was too sensitive to touch now, almost ready to spurt as he stood there staring, mouth agape.

He knew of course he'd have to stop watching in a moment or two. He'd told himself that fifteen minutes ago, had reminded himself five minutes later, and then every minute or so after that. Every day had been the same.

But it was always too luscious and sexy a thing to look away from. They were both nineteen years old; the same as he was. But they were so...well developed. Such beautiful, firm tits; such hard, suckable nipples. Their legs were gorgeous and round and soft-looking, but still firm and well-defined. They were hot chicks, both of them, curvaceous and round and wonderful and...doing things to each other he'd only ever seen online or read about.

Sixty-nine; blonde heads nodding anxiously between each other's splayed legs, each of them groaning and gasping and hardly coming up for air. But when they did lift their heads, their faces! Smeared and glossy with each other's pussy-juice as they always were after this part of things. How could it be happening? How could they be so beautiful and still lust after each other? What about someone like him? Would they reject him if he stopped staring and tried to join them?

Of course they would. He'd read things like that. Girls who were into sucking each other's pussies would laugh at someone like him. They'd laugh and kick him out and then go back to jabbing their pink wet tongues all the way to the hilt up each other's juicy, overflowing cunts.

He could do that though. He'd seen the videos, knew how it was done. He didn't have the equipment they had, obviously, but he could make up for it with...eagerness. Yes, that he could do. And they wouldn't even have to deal with his dick if they didn't want to. He could take care of that himself. He could simply eat them out, both in turn, just lapping up their sweet ooze and swallowing it and then going back for more. He could do that for hours.

And if his tongue muscles locked solid, he'd use his fingers on them - both at the same time. Just line them up, lay them one to each side of him, then simply reach down and use one hand for each one. Just finger each girl's tight hot pussy till they came and came and--

Derrick's eyes flickered for a moment. His thoughts flew and settled quickly. They were moving, both of them, getting into some other position. Or was it that they'd cummed each other out and were done for the day? He couldn't tell. It didn't matter because he now had enough memories to replay in his mind. Days of jerking off over what he'd seen. They'd had each other whenever they wanted, but he'd have them too; locked in his thoughts to view over and over again.

But no, it wasn't over. It had started at nine in the morning. There was nowhere either of these hot babes had to go because it was the weekend and they'd gone on till...eleven o'clock, Derrick saw, checking his watch. They'd kissed, taken turns sucking each other's nipples, kissed some more, then laid in opposite directions and started in on each other. Two hours.

But there was no place Derrick had to be either; nowhere he wanted to be more than standing here staring.

They'd moved now, were sitting up facing each other, their knees drawn up, their feet touching. They both had such kissable feet. Sleek, pretty, pale. On other days he'd seen them kissing each other's feet, sucking each other's toes like they were cocks, lips all pursed and wet and full, heads going back and forth, moaning through their noses because of how sexy it felt.

It should. Feet were sensitive; toes especially. And it was something Derrick would do to them both in turn. He'd sit there, sucking their beautiful sexy toes while they gasped and squirmed next to him. In fact there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to either of them. Whatever they wanted, he wanted.

But now, both of them leaning forward with their warms crossed over their knees. They seemed to be talking things over, smiling, nodding. He could see them both in profile from where he stood, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. Girl-talk. He didn't know if he could do that part of things, but he'd sit there, smiling at them both, listening politely while studying every curve of each of their bodies.

He was a mere twenty feet away, gazing at them through the slats of the window blinds, the glass of a half-open window all that separated these two beauties from his actual presence. But he would loved to have been closer; close enough to hear them, to see every crease and crinkle in each of their erect nipples - to smell them.

And now, as the soft breeze changed directions, he actually could smell them, all sweaty and musky and sweet like fresh flowers, the fragrance of their overworked saliva-covered pussies mixed with the scent of their body soap and shampoo.

He closed his eyes and inhaled the faint enticing aroma, and almost gushed in his pants.

He knew they'd each smell the same. They looked the same, the same face on both. Same legs and asses and boobs. Twins. Lesbionic twins who were sex exemplified. Totally hot in every way.

But they were still talking, letting their sexy feet play together in front of them. It was an absent-minded thing, casual and unthinking. But Derrick wouldn't be so mindless. He'd kiss those feet, kiss those identical legs and ankles and calves. They were so fit and trim and beautiful.

Twin beauties, naked and barefoot, making love to each other on a nice, cool, sunlit day.

Amy and Claudia.

He waited breathlessly, their scent trapped in his lungs, his mind filled with the sight of them, his memories fresh and enticing from what they'd already done, but wishing they'd continue.

But still, just that playful, idle touching of their toes together; those tantalizingly beautiful, sexy toes! He wanted to shout at them to continue, to do some of the other things they always did together when the parents weren't home. Fingering, maybe even using those delicate long toes of theirs to fuck each other.

They'd done that plenty of times, so why not now? What were they waiting for! He screamed at the top of his thoughts, wishing he could actually yell. But then they'd know he'd been watching. Watching and drooling at what he saw.

Now they were laughing, giggling amongst themselves. It was pure torture.

Please, please, please do something you two! God, make love again. Do anything. Just kiss each other for god's sake!

Then the one on the left - Amy, by the slight highlights in her beautiful hair - leaned back on her hands, her feet still playing with her sister's, raised her chin, and opened her mouth. She took a breath.

'Derrick? Where the hell are you, idiot!'

'Yah, hurry up you jackass!' Claudia laughed at the top of her lungs. It didn't matter. The parent's - Derrick's and their parents - weren't home. And with their home so far from any neighbors, no one else would have heard.

Derrick caught his breath and stepped back from the window. He looked down at himself, at his appearance. He'd spaced out on what they'd been doing, had totally forgotten what had happened the previous day and now had to hurry to get ready.

He loved the playful banter the two girl always shared, and yesterday afternoon they'd suddenly included him in it. He'd spent the morning spying on them just as he'd done so often, watched them making love right there across the U-shaped wing of the house - right where they were right then - and after masturbating twice in half an hour, had gone to watch TV in the sitting room on the other side of the house.

When they came padding a little while later, he was happy to note they at least had the decency to put on robes. Sometimes he thought they were secretly teasing him with their flagrant display of affection, but they simply came in and sank into the deep couch around him. He'd ignored them as much as it was possible. They did have robes on but the robes didn't go all the way down to the floor; most of their legs were plainly in view.

'What you so grumpy about grumpy-brother-pants?' Claudia asked him. They both always kidded him like that, but there was way less mockery in her tone. So much so that he'd actually looked over at him. She was sitting there, looking back at him actually looking concerned.

'Yah, you just been hanging around and...lookin' all beat-up and lonesome, Derrick.' Amy said from the other end of the couch. Derrick turned to look at her. He fought the instinct to glance down at her bare feet, crossed on the carpet.

'Sometimes I wish you'd been born female,' Claudia whispered, almost to herself. 'That way we'd all have things in common and...well, it'd be more fun.'

'I bet not.' Derrick finally had to say.

'I bet so.' Amy said.


'So!' Claudia giggled. '

'Prove it.' Derrick said, and then he realized it might've been the wrong thing to say. In a way it was, but after Claudia grabbed the remote control from him, switched off the TV, and both girls grabbed Derrick's arms and yanked him up from the couch, he figured that it might not be a bad thing to look into.

He sat in Claudia's agonizingly pink bedroom, on a chair, while the girls fit a blonde wig on his head and then fluttered about doing his makeup. At least he knew what it was like to be a Barbie doll, being fussed over. They had him take his shirt off and he hesitatted. It was like being naked - at least half - and he...he finally convinced himself it wasn't like a girl going topless.

'Next time we do this,' Amy had said, doing his brows, 'You might want to shave around your nipples and shave your armpits. Thank god you're not hairy like some guys are.'

'Maybe his legs too.' Claudia put in.

'Yah,' Amy said, nodding across him as she stood stooping over. '...get the whole...' she waved a hand in the air, trying for the right word. 'The whole...girl-thing going on.'

Derrick just nodded.

Twenty minutes later he was standing, looking at himself in the mirror, the two girls leaning in around him. He was really surprised. He wondered if he'd be able to the makeup himself. The girls hadn't rushed, and had patiently explained every single step in the process to him. He finally got the feeling that they weren't just putting him on to make him look stupid; it was like they were coaching a friend.

A girlfriend.

But then they all heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway. More time had gone by than any of them had realized and there was a sudden panic, trying to get the makeup off Derrick's face, get the wig off and get things looking normal again. The girls only had to slip into jeans and tee-shirts, but Derrick's transformation would take a little longer. It was quickly decided he should just go have a shower while they went out and lounged around the living room to greet their parents.

Derrick had dashed down the hall to his own room, flung his clothes off and jumped in the shower. He discovered he had yet another erection - just from seeing the pretty girl smiling back at him from his sisters' mirror - but he got to work washing the makeup off, getting rid of the eyeliner - neither of which came off very well - and then, standing there looking down at himself and remembering his sisters' words, leaned out to grab his shaving razor and soaped himself up.

He came out twenty minutes later in long pants and a tee-shirt, smiled and greeted his parents as if nothing had happened. But in the intervening twenty minutes he felt he'd become a different person, having shaved his entire body - including his cock and balls - and experiencing a sensuous intensity under the spray of the water that he'd never felt.

He jerked off, but now it was while gazing down at his hairless legs and feet and chest and underarms. He'd cum so hard and so deeply it surprised him.

Then next morning, after squirming under the blankets all night long because of how his newly hairless places tingled against the sheet, he'd gone out to breakfast with everyone and then, when the parents had gone off, and his sisters remained in the sitting room watching the news, he'd stolen off to the pink room of horror and borrowed a few things. Then he went back to his room and went right to work.

Now he gazed at the two bare-skinned beauties across the way, calling out to him.

At least he'd put his wig on and done everything he remembered about how to do makeup properly before getting mesmerized by their activities. His body and legs and face were already shaved, he'd taken a quick morning shower, and had even put on some of the girly body-splash he found in the pink room. He knew he was their triplet, the extra boy, the third in their triple birth, but only wished he looked more like them - the twins.

But they were so beautiful. He wanted them so much he'd agreed to be a sister for them, with them, but he knew he didn't match them in any way, except maybe his rather slender figure.

Still...they'd helped him, coached him, even coaxed him, and...was he ready?

He had no idea.

He heard them both call to him again and Derrick, taking a breath, left his room and walked across the little garden separating the main house from the sun room where Amy and Claudia were.

And then he was there, stopping in the entrance and smiling down at them both. At least he was trying his best to smile. He didn't know what his face was actually doing, but it felt like a smile.

'Oh my god...!' Claudia said, actually quite amazed at Derrick's transformation. He hadn't bothered to put anything on and stood there in bare feet, and as exposed as his sisters were. Troublingly, he found himself frozen in place.

But it didn't matter. The two girls got up and pulled him to where they'd been making love for the last couple of hours or so; that soft, thick, foldout futon pad. He knelt with them when they went to their knees to each side of him, and then...and then Derrick felt faint. He thought maybe it was because his thudding heart had sunk down to fill his cock - which was throbbing just as fast - but then he was being caressed and pulled closer, and the next moment he was surrounded by his siblings, being kissed on the neck and shoulders and being touched with gently exploring hands.

A moment went by, then two, then the time seemed to be counted in ages - or at least months. He was being touched in places no one beside himself had ever touched, as well as some places even he had never explored. He was eased back and lay there squirming and twitching as lips touched his underarms - just shaved that very morning - his thighs, his hips.

This is what it was like. He'd always wondered, always imagined this very thing, and now it was happening. Gasping, feeling kisses traveling down his abdomen, he held his breath.

'Sissy - wait now!' was all he was able to say and then the hours - the weeks and months - of interest and awakening and arousal all came out at once. He felt warmth gushing upward through his twitching dick and couldn't do anything about it. 'Oh my god - oh my god!'

But lips were suddenly there, sucking, slurping up his essence as it came out of him in uneven, forceful jets. Then the lips went away and other lips were on him, sucking and tasting. He heard the nasal moans he'd heard when these very same babes sucked each other's toes, but now they were sucking - him.

'Ah gaaad!'

'Shush now, girl,' one of the twins, Derrick didn't know which, whispered. 'Just...let it happen....'

And it did.

For longer than Derrick was familiar with. His ejaculation seemed to peak, fade, then start up again. And all the while his sisters shared the sucking duties, quietly and efficiently. Though the three of them had always had a fun and playful relationship, jibing and joking with each other, there was not the slightest hint of playfulness now. Both girls, rather boisterous - way more sassy and tomboyish than even Derrick - were totally silent as their focus was directed at this new thing.

Breathing hard, Derrick felt the last of his cum being consumed, felt his hours-long erection finally start to droop, and opened his eyes.

They were at it again, kissing. They knelt there, having shared his entire load, kissing. He felt left out again, ignored. They'd gotten what they'd wanted and now, now they would--

Amy stopped, turned to Derrick and leaned over him, her mouth an inch above his. He knew she wanted a kiss, knew he wanted it perhaps more than her - had dreamed of it more often - and so raised his head slightly, still expecting some joke to come out of it.

Instead, cum came out of it - out of his sister's warm, sticky mouth. He tasted his own cum, but it was mixed with Amy's saliva; her own ingredient to this wet exchange. He sucked her tongue when it pushed between his lips, and prepared himself to spend the rest of his life like this, his hands gently touching her shoulders as they went on kissing. But then - an interruption.

'...oh god, Derrick....' Claudia whispered breathlessly, and then she was shouldering her sister rudely aside and taking her place, her mouth smearing down over Derrick's, letting her share of his goo dribble down into his open, gasping mouth.

And then, just to make sure there were no hard feelings, Claudia grabbed her sister by the shoulders and dragged her in close; a moment later they were all having a wet, sticky three-way kiss, the air filled with the scent of Derrick's recent contribution.

When the kiss ended, Derrick lay there as contented as he'd ever been, thinking to himself that if he died on the spot, he'd die happily. It was over. They'd done it. They'd let him do it, let him join in.

And since he knew that girls could go on a million percent longer than any guy, he figured the twins would let their triplet rest while they got back to serious lesbiatric things.

And he could watch. He could see everything up close and personal now. Real close. He was getting used to the scent of his cum now and could detect the scent of his sisters' hair again. So sweet. It matched them. But the best part was that they hadn't laughed or made fun that he was a guy in drag; a pathetic voyeur who'd they'd finally agreed to let join in.

But then, totally destroying his assumptions about his sisters, their intent and attitude about how they thought of him - as well as crumbling his comfortable self-deprecating attitude towards himself - both Amy and Claudia came and settled themselves against him, one to each side.

'...it's sorta...sexy making love to someone who doesn't remind me of myself.' Claudia whispered against his ear.

'...yah,' Amy whispered against his other ear, 'It's like we both have this new girlfriend and - oh my god, is it too soon to suck on you again?'

'God, sissy, give the poor girl a break, why don't you?' Claudia grumbled across at her duplicate. 'She just gushed her brains out; let her rest.' Then she pulled her head back and smiled down at Derrick. 'So, actually...how long? I'm serious.'

But Derrick had spent way too many hours watching the twins making out, doing all these crazy-sexy things to each other. Weeks? More like months. He'd thought too many things, imagined more, and now he was right there, the sexual scent from his sisters hanging about him in the now-still air.

Feeling that warm pressure starting to build again, he sat up, made the girls lay on their backs around him, and did the first of many things he'd envisioned.

Slipping one hand between each of the girls' parted legs, he gently slid a finger into each of them and began to fuck them that way.

They were a little surprised at first, but soon neither had any reservations. They came that first time almost simultaneously, but Derrick carried on, far from being satisfied. His cock was still just a sticky curl in his lap as he rested there on his heels like some pretty, flat-chested geisha, but it didn't matter. He didn't care if it ever got hard again. This was all he wanted to do right then, and in moments, feeling himself drifting into some trance-like dream, he continued, giving each of his sisters what they needed, and what he needed to give them.

It was a happy time. He was glad it lasted so long - nearly and hour without stoop - because he was able to completely immerse himself in the feelings and thoughts of it all. It was a meditation on the warm, wet, fluttery squeezing of each girl's cunt walls around his probing, plunging fingers. He paused just long enough to tuck his soft dick down between his thighs, giving himself the appearance of a real girl - which he admired for a moment - but then he focused on where his fingers were and remembered how to curl them to rub the roof of his sister's insides; that one particular spot that would make their pelvis roll up and shudder.

Eventually neither responded to further stimulation and that was fine with him. He sat there, smiling dreamily down at them, left and right, happy that he'd been able to reduce them both to wilted, gasping, sweaty lumps on the mat.

Claudia was first to open her eyes several minutes later. She looked up at him, her eyes wide and filled with wonder. He wiggled his finger in her and she gasped and instantly pulled herself away from him, shivering. She drew her legs up and hugged her knees, still panting for air.

'Damn it Derrick, I--wow....'

Her eyes lost focus for a second. He had no way of knowing, but it seemed his sister had just had another orgasm just sitting there.

Now Amy woke out of her reverie and sat back from him, like her sister, hugging her knees to her chest. Both looked ridden hard and put away wet, but now Derrick calmly brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them dry. The flavor inflamed his lust like a breath on embers. He felt a dull, stiff presence trying to escape from between his thighs, but kept his knees clamped tightly together.

'We--We shouldn't call you Derrick, anymore.' Amy whispered, her voice shivery and unevenly raspy.

'Do you have a name for yourself?' Claudia asked. '...a name for this...wonderful girl you've become? I mean, no disrespect, but Derrick is too uh, boy, if you know what I mean.'

Derrick blinked. He had no idea what they might be getting at for a moment, but when he did, he had a thought; though...it sounded lame.

'I like the name Donna,' he suggested, and from that moment on, that was what the two girls called him.

But only when Derrick wasn't there.

And Derrick wasn't present during the next few hours; just Donna. He tried to prevent his playful siblings from discovering his renewed excitement as much as he could, but when they'd both recovered from what he'd put them through, they were on him like two bees on honey. Kissing his shoulders and arms, sucking his fingers and tasting their own essence, they pushed him back and straightened out his legs. The angle was too much and his cock finally sprang out fully erect.

And then it was all over.

They took turns sucking him, but though there was the spirit of sharing in the beginning, the sisters quickly let their enthusiasm get out of hand. They actually started shouldering each other out of the way to get at Derrick's dick. But as they lay curled on their sides arguing, they left their legs within Derrick's reach.

He'd thought of it often enough, more often than not. His sisters had hot looking feet, with toes that screamed to be kissed. And they were right there, all four of them, unguarded, unattended. They'd rubbed them together earlier, toes intermingling, squeezing.

He sat up, trying to decide: Claudia's left, which was closer; or Amy's right, which was pointing down towards him, toes clenched. Glancing at the twins slurping on him eagerly, feeling their lips gliding down and up his length, watching them trying to push the other out of the way to have a turn, he decided not to decide. After all, how could a decision be made, seeing that the girl's were identical?

At least he was able to divert their attention as he grabbed one foot from each girl and dragged them up to his face. The next moment he was sucking toes randomly, enjoying the fulfilment of this part of his fantasy almost as much as having his dick sucked.

--Except the dick-sucking had suddenly stopped; two surprised faces were now turned towards him. He knew they liked it, they'd done it so many times to each other, and as he continued sucking toes and nibbling on the balls of their feet, their eyes seemed to glaze over a bit.

He had them; they were frozen in place, staring, unable to move because he had them by the feet. They had no leverage. It was perfect, the perfect coup, but he'd miscalculated somewhat. A moment later both girls had their other feet, the ones Derrick hadn't planned on, lifted and reaching up to rub his boner.


Things went on like that, just as Derrick always imagined they might. The toe-sucking and cock-rubbing thing only went on until the girls had been aroused to the point of wanting more, and then they were back to tussling over his cock again; Amy finally winning out by shoving her sister aside and mounting Derrick. It was obviously a little more difficult to deal with a mounted rider - ask any cavalryman - but the orgasms Amy endured made her wilt sufficiently for her sister to eventually force a dismount.

Derrick lay there smiling at them, how beautiful they both were, and how tight their cunts fit around him. At first he was afraid he'd cum in them, maybe get them pregnant or something, but that fear was allayed when Claudia - or Amy perhaps, by the streaks in her hair - had gasped at one point, 'You can come in me Donna, I'm on the pill.'

'Yes, we both are,' the other sister said. She was kneeling at his side, leaning over and kissing his nipples at the time, but then she got a look in her eyes and left to go push her sister off and took her place atop Derrick's slowly undulating hips once more.

Unprotected, they might have gotten knocked up, but it wasn't from Derrick gushing into them. It was the slow ooze that kept leaking from his overworked shaft. In fact he didn't cum in either of them that first day, because his first orgasm had been so intense, his second one was almost numb.

Stiff but numb.

After another hour, the three of them relaxed into a comforting ring, each enjoying what the other had between her legs. And Derrick loved how they referred to him as her, all during these precious, erotic moments. Her...this, and she...that. As in 'Oh god her legs are so cuuuuuuuute.' and 'Oh god, she's so smooth all over....'

Derrick-Donna didn't mind giving up his manly ways because in fact he hadn't had that much of a chance to be manly. This was his first time with anyone in real waking life, and so manly had the same weight as womanly, as far as he was concerned.

Plus he liked being just one of the girls.

Then, around five, they stopped and got ready for their parents to start coming home. They were three perfect siblings, well-dressed and groomed when arrival time neared; just three kids on their summer break before starting college.


But what was better, was that they'd all be leaving home soon, all three going to the same university, and sharing dorm rooms.

Derrick thought he might just make a changeover to his Donna side for the entirety of his college years.


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