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Odd Man In

Sensuous Scenes

Odd Man In

Derrick couldn't help himself. He was staring, staring at something so entrancing he couldn't avert his eyes; something that had always been a fond, vague hope of his to witness - something he'd imagined so often - but something he never expected to actually see.

Two beautiful girls, naked on a unfolded futon, doing the most incredibly sexy things to each other.

It wasn't their first time either. Derrick had discovered their mutual lust for each other only a week before, a Friday, but how long they'd been fooling around like this, he could only guess. Now it was seven whole days, always as soon as the parents left for work, the two of them doing these crazy-sexy things hour after hour, every day.

He reached down to push his growing boner down but stopped quickly; it was too sensitive to touch now, almost ready to spurt as he stood there staring, mouth agape.

He knew of course he'd have to stop watching in a moment or two. He'd told himself that fifteen minutes ago, had reminded himself five minutes later, and then every minute or so after that. Every day had been the same.

But it was always too luscious and sexy a thing to look away from. They were both nineteen years old; the same as he was. But they were so...well developed. Such beautiful, firm tits; such hard, suckable nipples. Their legs were gorgeous and round and soft-looking, but still firm and well-defined. They were hot chicks, both of them, curvaceous and round and wonderful and...doing things to each other he'd only ever seen online or read about.

Sixty-nine; blonde heads nodding anxiously between each other's splayed legs, each of them groaning and gasping and hardly coming up for air. But when they did lift their heads, their faces! Smeared and glossy with each other's pussy-juice as they always were after this part of things. How could it be happening? How could they be so beautiful and still lust after each other? What about someone like him? Would they reject him if he stopped staring and tried to join them?

Of course they would. He'd read things like that. Girls who were into sucking each other's pussies would laugh at someone like him. They'd laugh and kick him out and then go back to jabbing their pink wet tongues all the way to the hilt up each other's juicy, overflowing cunts.

He could do that though. He'd seen the videos, knew how it was done. He didn't have the equipment they had, obviously, but he could make up for it with...eagerness. Yes, that he could do. And they wouldn't even have to deal with his dick if they didn't want to. He could take care of that himself. He could simply eat them out, both in turn, just lapping up their sweet ooze and swallowing it and then going back for more. He could do that for hours.

And if his tongue muscles locked solid, he'd use his fingers on them - both at the same time. Just line them up, lay them one to each side of him, then simply reach down and use one hand for each one. Just finger each girl's tight hot pussy till they came and came and--

Derrick's eyes flickered for a moment. His thoughts flew and settled quickly. They were moving, both of them, getting into some other position. Or was it that they'd cummed each other out and were done for the day? He couldn't tell. It didn't matter because he now had enough memories to replay in his mind. Days of jerking off over what he'd seen. They'd had each other whenever they wanted, but he'd have them too; locked in his thoughts to view over and over again.

But no, it wasn't over. It had started at nine in the morning. There was nowhere either of these hot babes had to go because it was the weekend and they'd gone on till...eleven o'clock, Derrick saw, checking his watch. They'd kissed, taken turns sucking each other's nipples, kissed some more, then laid in opposite directions and started in on each other. Two hours.

But there was no place Derrick had to be either; nowhere he wanted to be more than standing here staring.

They'd moved now, were sitting up facing each other, their knees drawn up, their feet touching. They both had such kissable feet. Sleek, pretty, pale. On other days he'd seen them kissing each other's feet, sucking each other's toes like they were cocks, lips all pursed and wet and full, heads going back and forth, moaning through their noses because of how sexy it felt.

It should. Feet were sensitive; toes especially. And it was something Derrick would do to them both in turn. He'd sit there, sucking their beautiful sexy toes while they gasped and squirmed next to him. In fact there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to either of them. Whatever they wanted, he wanted.

But now, both of them leaning forward with their warms crossed over their knees. They seemed to be talking things over, smiling, nodding. He could see them both in profile from where he stood, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. Girl-talk. He didn't know if he could do that part of things, but he'd sit there, smiling at them both, listening politely while studying every curve of each of their bodies.

He was a mere twenty feet away, gazing at them through the slats of the window blinds, the glass of a half-open window all that separated these two beauties from his actual presence. But he would loved to have been closer; close enough to hear them, to see every crease and crinkle in each of their erect nipples - to smell them.

And now, as the soft breeze changed directions, he actually could smell them, all sweaty and musky and sweet like fresh flowers, the fragrance of their overworked saliva-covered pussies mixed with the scent of their body soap and shampoo.

He closed his eyes and inhaled the faint enticing aroma, and almost gushed in his pants.

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