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A Meaningful Dream

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The book closed on the page 338 and nearly fell out of my hands. By understanding, that I’m beginning to nod, I’ve decided that’s enough. I couldn’t read more for today for sure, occurred to me – I’m just dozing off. There’re such interesting books, I just can’t come off it!

I laid the volume on the table corner, stood up the stool and yawned. There was a common warm, even slightly hot night outside the window, which are in our latitudes in summer. From the open window leaf a cool wind was blowing, and that was soothing me, as always. Damn, I should go to sleep. I could read a lot tomorrow yet, the whole second half of the day, in theory, must be free.

I opened the refrigerator and found, that the milk pack is placed, tilting just critically. I don’t like to drink milk in the evening, but I don’t have a lot of choice. That’s okay thou it tastes good – the tap water’s so bad that it just sticks in my throat. And I shouldn’t drink before bedtime, generally speaking.

Washing the glass, I took the book from the table and carefully went through the corridor for put it back. Yes, really, that’s late yet. I looked at the clock – one hour twenty two minutes. That is, it’s the 29th of July here. Well, I’ll be going home very soon. It’s the morrow now, and this fact couldn’t cause anything but joy. Joy, that’s right. I put the book back with joy, same carefully sneaked back through the corridor, turned to the left, took my clothes off and lay down on the couch. Okay, now we’ll try to unite theory and practice. We’ll be getting slept by the progressive method, which I’ve just read about. The good is the method is simple – to lie on your back, close your eyes and relax.

Yes, and I must see her the day after tomorrow yet. How? That’s still elementary – with the simplest detective arrangements. That is, with the “getting a prisoner for interrogation” method. A “prisoner” represented by Pasha Bessonov is getting and is beginning to be interrogated with predilection. If an aforecited “prisoner” during the interrogation process doesn’t wish to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, that means we would apply the progressive methods to him, such as: promises, threats of the light beatings, self-respect insult and just a slight obscenity as well. But I have to do all of this with Vit’ka, or Pashka would say nothing, I know him, a partisan.

And I could be thinking about Katyukha endlessly now. As I understood, that works out especially well, when I’m singing some song, like then, a week and half ago. I was strongly lost in thought then, I was fall to thinking. Well, and the weather was fine – that’s no wind at all, warm, the sun’s setting, the summer evening again, in a word. I’d like to sit on that bench till now. Yeah, our prom. Well, not only it yet, we were calling up and were chatting quite nice, I must admit. That’s a pity we didn’t meet, but that’s corrigible. I would even say I should fix it urgently; strictly speaking, I should do it right then, right after I’ll arrive. The day will be busy, engage, the evening, rather. We’ll arrive in the evening, like.

It’s all lies. I can’t fall asleep lying on my back, in no way. I had lied, I guess, thirty minutes yet, and I’ve got only tired, without rolling over. I should turn to my left hip, that’s checked too. On my left hip I’ll flake out. Because these progressive methods don’t damn help, I’ve only done to lie. Okay, Im falling asleep. I’ll see Kat’ka the day after tomorrow. On the thirty-first of July.

The door ring rang absolutely distinctly. What the hell, I thought. Im sleeping yet. Let people sleep. No, I should go and open, it can’t be so.

I opened my eyes and realized, that there’s morning already, because the sun could be seen behind the blind. Okay, then I really should get up. The early bird gets the nerves, as the saying goes. Although that one, who’s ringing at the door, is the earlier bird than me, obviously.

Having pulled the clothes on quick, I ran up to the door and asked: “Who’s there?”.

That’s me, – a familiar voice responded.

And really, there was Edik behind the door. What was more, he had some strange look: dressed in a black, just blazing, lounge suit.

Hi, – he gave his hand to me. – You’ve just got up, yes?

Hi, come in, – said I, letting him go to the hall, – yes, and what’s up? Why are you in a jacket?

Okay, – said Edik, – here we go again? Go getting dressed, and let’s go, people are waiting for us.

I’ve noticed some strangeness here. Even the hall was alike aunt Nadya’s one, but it was not exactly like it. And, rather – it was not like it at all. I decided to confirm my nascent guess and rushed back to the room. The room was definitely not like that one, in which I’ve fallen asleep yesterday, rather, today night, indeed.

That’s right, jump to it, make your bed and get dressed, and quickly, – pronounced Edik from the hall.

And what about the breakfast? – blankly asked I.

There’s no time. You could drink some water in a car, in a pinch.

I did still understand nothing, but I was guessing about a lot of things. Yeah, here it is: we had a kind of deal, at last, with uncle Kolya to go somewhere either to the dacha, or just to the countryside, to his friends. But how does it concern Edik?

The suit was in the wardrobe. I put it on agilely and reported to Edik, who was looking at me:

That’s all, I’m ready.

Let’s go then. Just take the car keys.

While I was stunningly mastering that eye-opener, my hands reached out to the one of the lockers of this unknown room and took the bundle of keys with an alarm keychain out of it. Wow, thought I.

Okay, let’s roll. We’re getting late.

I don’t like to be late surely, I thought and closed the flat rapidly. Edik was already waiting for me in the cage.

Listen, but what the car is it? – eagerly asked I.

That’s just your car.

Why mine? – I didnt get. – I cant drive yet!

Well, if you can’t, fine, I’ll drive anyway. Give me the keys.

I gave the bundle to Edik obediently, and we went out of the elevator. The news, I should say. I’ve missed something for those three weeks, or what? I should ask him one more time yet…

Just opposite the entrance door there was a glistering miracle of miracles. A magnificent exemplar. A shining German artwork. An automotive industry apex of creation. I had not just went somewhere by such cars, I hadn’t almost seen them anywhere. It seemed to me, that black car body color is blinding me a lot more than the July morning sun. I just couldn’t believe that this car belongs to me.

Gosh, why are you slowpoking again? – Edik shouted, sticking out the driver’s seat.

I’m coming, coming, – murmured I, going to the “five hundred twenty” (or “five hundred twenty-five”?) and opening the door.

You’re really worried about something. Don’t worry, everything’s fine! – Edik laughed.

Well, no, just this car’s so cool, I don’t know…

You were choosing it, so it is.

Look, and where are we going yet? – as it seemed to me, slowly and deliberately asked I.

Well, what do you mean “where” – to the price.

What price?

Well, what do you mean “what” – to price the bride, Katya.

Come on, are you nuts?

Yes, sure. Calm down. There, in the box, drink it.

I opened the glove compartment and saw a small bottle with soda there. I was really dying thirsty.

Okay, so, – I put the bottle back. – But do you know where we’re going?

Of course, I do. We’re almost there, don’t worry.

Damn him, thought I. He doesn’t talk very well. That could happen with him, I remember. Where are we going yet? Even if to Kat’ka’s home, I still don’t know, where she lives. How does Edik know that yet? Therere some miracles. He thought up some bride else. I fidgeted on a superb seat. It’s not comfortable being in a suit yet, even though in such a cool car. Where are we, after all? I turned my head and recognized the Library already without any surprise. That’s okay, goddamn jokers, I’ll make you squirm yet. I’ll sit silently better now and see, what will happen.

We were going about five minutes else, and then we turned to some yards. Edik stopped near a common panel nine-storey building and then killed the engine.

Okay, – said he, – so, listen to me. We do all as we agreed. You don’t have a lot of time. The locks are opened at all the doors, they’re just osculant. The stair’s well, I checked it. When you’ll be going back, close the hatches. The most important thing, that nobody could see you, except Katya. Well, like that’s all. C’mon, go for it.

That’s strange, but this time I didn’t want to ask any questions and to argue in general. I left the comfortable front seat docilely and went to the entrance. It seemed to me, that I’ve got Eduard absolutely, because I successively got up the ninth floor by the elevator, approached the attic door, took the unclosed padlock, being on it and swarmed up to the roof through a small ladder. A marvelous view opened from the roof. On the left side, like Edik said, was a strong pompier, which was extended to the next house’s roof. Well, I don’t have an acrophobia, even the contrary, so let’s go. The more the pompier was attached to the parapet very fine seemingly.

I overpassed the distance between the houses with pleasure, looking down from time to time. During all the transition the stairs hadn’t even moved. Maybe because there was no wind. Coming to the hatch, I imagined the Katya’s flat door distinctively. Trying to step very quietly, I went down the ladder and only stretched my hand to push the ring button, but the door opened softly.

That was Katya. She was incredibly beautiful, as always. I was about to say “hello”, but she seized my arm, clasped me to her, same softly shut the door with her second hand, and then dug into me with her lips. What the hell, thought I, but split second later I replied to the kiss.

Hi! – whispered I.

Hi, quietly said Katya.

Are you ready? Let’s go then.

We stepped to the roof with a great care. Positively, I was beginning to like all this game. Through the way back all the hatches were closed, like that was stipulated. Finally, Katya, Edik and I found ourselves in the already familiar “five”.

Is everything fine? – asked Edik.

Normal, – answered Katya, smiling and looking at me. I smiled her in response and inquired:

Where will we go now?

Now, – Edik looked at his watch, – we’ll go for a ride somewhere, will be riding for a couple of hours, and then we’ll go to the registry office.

Guys, what are talking about? – I pricked my ears up.

I must tell you, by the way, he’s some a little haywire today, – Edik informed Katya. – That’s the shock state.

That doesn’t surprise me, – Katya stroked my cheek, – cause that’s the day.

The following things were moving very vaguely. I was like expelling Edik from the driver’s seat and had expelled him yet. Then Katya and I were flying somewhere on a black sparkling car. Then I was telling her, that we can’t marry, because we don’t know each other well enough, whereat Katya only broke out laughing loud. As a result, about the dinner time we were in the registry office anyway, near the door of which a huge crowd was waiting for us – there were, perhaps, about two or three hundred of people. And the most part of them was absolutely unknown to me. I had recognized: mom and dad, Len’ka, Andryukha, Vit’ka Petrov, Kolyan, Zhen’ka and a lot of friends and relatives else. That was fully incomprehensible to me, what some particular phizes did there. Then that became comprehensible, because I had somehow recalled that I invited all of my classmates generally.

All of us entered a spacious hall, and the guests surrounded Katya and me. I guess, I felt bad again there, because I had saved the only one memory of all the following ones – about how I wanted to slip out of the registry office chamber by means of some storeroom window opening, but I was caught and installed to my position by a watchful best man Edik. My memory did save that fact: Katya and I are staying in an incredibly fantastic, from the movies about the twenty-third century, transparent elevator, which is lifting us up, to the main hall. We’re going out of the elevator, smiling, and the guests going out after us for hours and hours. Finally, taking each other’s hands, in a dazzling sun, we’re staying near a giant window, from which a panorama of the whole city opens, and a solemn voice is uttering loudly…

I understood that I woke up. The sun was lighting the opposite house wall, and it was clearly visible through the balcony glazing. The aunt Nadya’s flat, thought I with the mixed feelings of the great disappointment and the great relief. Having distinctly imagined the recent dream once more, I shook my head. I should get up. I’m going home tomorrow, and that was not a dream for sure.

May 14, 2009 – April 2, 2010.

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