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Chapter One

“Egypt was the place that Alexander the Great went

He was so shocked at the mountains with black faces.

We were kings and queens, it was empires in Africa”


Maybe the prince shows his affection in other ways.

Maa despaired as the blue silk cloth run through her fingers.

“It’s beautiful” She smiled at the silk merchant. Pleased, the silk merchant bowed and left.

Maa turned to her right and looked at the prince again. gods. He had not said more than three words to her yet he was in deep conversation with one of his chief warriors.

His one hand was on his thigh and the other idly rubbed his beard.

You married a prince Maa, is that not enough?

She sneezed. Pepper. Her nostrils always seemed to find ground pepper wherever it was.

“May happiness be the flavor of your marriage” The spice merchant said in a singing voice that was too loud.

It did not come as a surprise to anyone. She was the loudest in the market place.

She presented Maa and the prince with a basket filled with little sacks of spice.

“Thank you”

As she watched the spice merchant leave, Maa clutched her belly tight. That feeling was back again. She had felt uneasy since she opened her eyes in the morning. It felt very much like, like a bad omen.

“There is still time for you to change your mind my beauty. You don’t have to marry the prince. We could run away and live happy for all days…” Nebanga said.

“Ah in another lifetime warrior” Maa smiled.

The old warrior was Maa’s friend. Sometimes when she was going to the stream, she would pass by the oak tree and listen to Nebanga as he told his never-ending war stories.

Nebanga outstretched his hands and handed Maa a bow.

“You give me your bow?”

This was the very bow he talked about in his war stories. Especially the one about how he singlehandedly killed five hundred men in the battle at Napata.

Maa loved the story even though it was not true.

See, Nebanga had lost his mind at the battle. A Kemet sorcerer had attempted to place a spell on the king. Nebanga had jumped in front of the king and bore the curse instead. He carried the curse in his body to this day. What great sacrifice.

“I will treasure this bow my brave warrior and I will pass it down to my sons.” Maa vowed.

This was the greatest gift she had received today.

Chapter Two

A big bright moon lit the moon soon after the sun went back to his mother’s womb.

The marriage ceremony had been filled with nothing but good omen. Everything went well, there was no illness or misfortune and all the guests were in high spirits. The food and the wine were in surplus and Maa danced until her feet ached.

“Would you come with me?” The prince whispered as they sat down from another round of dancing.

He looked at her like he did three moons ago when he chose her as his wife in a lineup of hundreds of hopeful maidens.

The desire in his eyes looked like it would consume him if he did not get what he so wanted-her. Maa’s mouth formed a shy smile.

For weeks she had thought of this exact moment, when the prince would want more than a smile, a hand squeeze, an embrace, and soft whispers in the dark.

She was not sure she was ready for it. All her mother told her was, “Maa always ensure that his cup is empty”

To be quite honest she was not sure what that meant.

“Yes I would like to come with you” Maa whispered back.

The prince's eyes widened in wonder, it was as if he had expected Maa to reject his offer. He took her hand and they maneuvered their way through the crowd.

When his hand reached for the door, everyone in the feast room stopped what they were doing. Those who were eating put their food down, those who were talking stopped talking and the drummers stopped drumming.

They cheered and clapped urging the prince to make haste.

In a grand gesture, the prince swept Maa off the ground and placed her over his shoulder. The people cheered louder and Maa heard a couple of whistles from the men.

She felt her face and her ears grow hot. All of these people now knew that she was warming a man's bed tonight.

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