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Paranormal Pleasure

JessicaEric whispered in my ear as we lay on the ground together.

You are like no other woman that I have ever been with. I love you more than I can possibly say.

This was hard to believe considering the three hundred and forty years that he had walked the earth however Eric had never been anything but honest and sincere with me. I felt his arm flex as he pulled me in close to him. Just yesterday this would have seemed like any other normal romantic rendezvous but now it was different. Now I knew who Eric was.

It was yesterday when it all happened. Eric and I had been dating ever since he helped me carry the groceries up to my apartment six months ago. I remember vividly how excited I was seeing such a handsome guy my age living just one floor away. Or at least I thought he was my age.

Eric was amazing. I had never met anyone so confident and yet so humble. He was an incredible listener and yet when he did speak his stories provided for endless fascination. It seemed like Eric had traveled everywhere and knew something about everything. This was more surprising of someone my age since we were usually broke and just getting started in our adult life.

As I laid there thinking about our story I could feel him getting excited again and my body responded to his enthusiasm.

After months of dating, yesterday is when his secret was finally revealed to me. I still couldnt believe how I handled it. When I saw those sharp teeth extend past his lips and his eyes changing color to a deep dark blackness, I just knew that their was something otherworldly about him. We had always enjoyed a kinky sex life and I particularly liked it a little rough, but I guess the endorphins were running a little too high this time. When I accidentally bit my lip just a little too hard and drew that small drop of blood our relationship changed forever.

From what I understand of it now, in any other circumstance he would have been able to control himself but the excitement that he derived from the scent of blood was very similar to the sexual desires he elicited in me. With all of his senses fully stimulated the smell of my blood was enough to push him over the edge and make him involuntarily show me his secrets.

Just the thought of that moment excited me and I rolled Eric over onto his back. I was not scared of him anymore, not that I ever really was. I was excited by the supernatural powers held beneath his pale skin. I kissed his lips, running my tongue over the sharp teeth that had looked so intimidating just a day ago.

Eric moaned and I continued my journey.

My lips moved down to his neck were I stopped briefly to pay him special attention. Using my much less lethal tech I provided a teasing bite to his neck and then continued down to where I knew he wanted me to go. Eric lay helpless on the forest floor as I controlled his body using the hands, mouth, and tongue. There was no doubt that he held many secrets which I was excited to explore but right now he was still a man and subject to the desires of his formerly human flesh.

* * *

The picnic in the woods had been my idea after what happened yesterday. I figured we needed time to talk and I picked our favorite spot deep in the local woods to show him that I still trusted him and was not afraid of being alone. What I knew about Eric now should have changed things between us but instead of driving us apart it had only brought me closer to him.

On the drive home I noticed that Eric was not his usually composed self.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your lunchI said mockingly to Eric as he still seemed to be recovering from the efforts of my tongue.

Um…yes….nice picnic you planned therehe said laughing.

I meant what I said back there Jessica. I really do love you.

I love you too Eric.

We rode the rest of the way home in silence except for the ambiance of the local radio station. When we finally arrived back at our apartment building Eric walked me up to the third floor.

I was going to come stay at your place tonightI said in a hopeful tone.

Not tonight. You have had your entire world upended in the past forty eight hours and I really want you to have some time to yourself to process everything and make sure you are ok with all of this.

I looked at him with apparent concern.

Dont worry babe. I am not going anywhere. I love you and want to be with you but before you commit to learning about my world I want to make sure that you are ready for it. Take tonight to yourself and go to work tomorrow. I will talk to you when you get home. Ok?

I guessI said in a jokingly unsatisfied tone. Thank you again for going on a picnic with me.

Eric laughed.

No, thank you. That was some picnic!

I pulled out my keys and entered my apartment. Eric was right, the last two days had been quite the bombshell. Now that I was back in my apartment by myself I felt tired.

Some relaxation was in order so I changed into this evenings comfy clothes and headed to the kitchen for my nightly glass of sanity. As I pulled the bottle of cabernet from the pantry I couldnt help but notice the dark red tone of this intoxicating liquid. I wondered if the feeling of happiness and relief I received from my evening glass of wine was anything like the pleasure Eric experienced when the blood touched his lips.

I ended up drinking the entire bottle of wine that night as I watched reality television and tried to wind down from the excitement of the last couple days. Watching the shows I couldnt help but think how these plots paled in comparison to the story that I was now a part of.

* * *

The next morning I became painfully aware that an entire bottle of wine in one night was probably not the right amount for me. My head was pounding and I was fighting a bad case of cotton-mouth but I pushed my way through the morning and not much later was pulling into the parking lot at work ready to begin the daily grind.

My life was not very exciting working in the sourcing department of a wholesale apparel company but I did mostly enjoy my job and I had a great boss which is more then many can say and made me feel lucky. I grabbed a cup of coffee on the way to my desk and tried to slide into my chair without too much notice.


My boss was calling for me with a volume that I could feel in my teeth.

Yes Dawn, coming.

I put the rest of my stuff down but decided to keep my coffee with me as I walked into her office and sat down in the chair across from her desk.

So, how did it go this weekend?


I looked at her in a panic. Why was she asking that? What did she know?

Didnt you have that big date with Eric planned this weekend?

Oh yeah, right. It went really well thanks. In fact, I hate to admit it but I am still a little hungover this morning. Sorry.

Thats ok. As long as you get the work done I wont bust your chops about an extended weekend with your incredibly hot boyfriend. Speaking of which, when is that boy going to propose to you. The two of you would be perfect together.

Dawn, weve only been together for about six months. Lets give the boy some time before we chase him off with our pyscho okI said as I waved my finger in half-joking disapproval.

Ok, Ok. Back to work then I guess.

I left her office and returned to my chair. I had a feeling I was going to be a little distracted today but I tried to jump in and get my orders done before the day got away from me.

* * *

As the work day wrapped up and I thought forward to my chance to see Eric again I knew that I had no doubts. I wanted him. I wanted to be with him. Whatever that might mean was something I was willing to accept. I had never been so happy and felt so complete as I did when I was with him and I knew that we belonged together.

At five I decided to promptly close my computer and shut down. There would be no overtime today. I was going home to see him. I was going home to tell Eric that I loved him and I wanted to be with him.

The traffic going home seemed to take forever but I finally managed to weave my way through. I called Eric on my cellphone to let him know that I had arrived. After two rings the phone picked up.


Hey its me. I just pulled up to the apartment complex. Where are you at?

I am upstairs at my place. Come on up when your ready.

I decided to go ahead and skip a stop by my apartment. I hadnt even brought home my computer since there was no way I would be working from home tonight. I hit the button for the elevator which seemed to be taking an incredibly long time to return to the main floor.

Screw thisI said aloud as I ran towards the stairwell.

Eric was four flights up but with the adrenaline flowing through my veins right now it could have been forty floors and I wouldnt have been deterred. I made it up the stairs in record time and closed the distance from the stairwell to his door in seconds. I soon found myself in front of the door of the man who had changed my life forever.

I knocked and took a deep breath, hoping that this would work, praying that we could be together. Behind the less than soundproof barrier I could hear Erics footsteps getting closer. My anticipation grew with each creak of the subfloor that lay beyond that door. Finally the doorknob turned and the door swung open.

I leaped forward unable to control my enthusiasm. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my lips around his lips. I pulled him in close, kissing Eric with all the pent up passion that had been brewing from a day of thinking only of him. When the soreness in my cheeks signaled a need to break the embrace I released my grasp and Eric, who had swept me off my feet, lowered me back to the floor.

I love you Eric. There is no doubt in my mind. I want to be with you. I want to know you. I want to learn everything about you. Just tell me what you need me to do and I will do it.

I could see the hesitation on his face. I worried that I had done something wrong or maybe there was something he was not telling me. But my concerns were brushed aside as he stepped towards me, closed the door, and locked it behind us.

* * *

Eric picked me up, cradling my body in his arms, and carried me into his bedroom. This was not the first time he had picked me up but somehow it seemed different this time. I felt lighter in his arms. Eric seemed stronger then I had ever know him to be.

He leaned in and kissed me with a lustful passion that I had been so desperately seeking all day. My body was his to control as he laid me down across the bed. Laying on my back, vulnerable, I watched him in anticipation, unsure of what he had planned next.

Eric began to slowly and sensually undress me, first removing my top. He was gentle and took care not to damage my clothing while tracing his fingers around my every curve. Eventually we both gave into temptation as we tore away at the remaining fabric on my wanton body. His uncontrollable desire for me was so exciting. The way that he lifted my body with ease, often with only a single hand, made me realize that his true strength had been hidden from me.

Eric the vampire was infinitely more strong and agile then his everyday appearance might indicate. I reached up to tear away his clothing and get to that body I had been thinking about ever since our last encounter. Eric was happy to help and soon his naked skin was lying against mine as he braced himself on top of me.

I caught a sly smile for on his face as I stared into his eyes. He pinned my arms to the bed forcefully and kissed my neck, grazing those sharp teeth again my skin. The danger and unknown of what that sharp enamel could do to me was exciting. I wondered what Eric felt and if he wanted to plunge those teeth deep inside me.

Instead, Erics lips took over and he slowly worked his way down my trembling body. The biochemicals of my fear and sexuality battled loudly through my body sparking every nerve in their path. My senses felt heightened and more aware. I could feel the texture of his tongue as it circled the sensitive skin on my nipples.

Oh my God. Holy shitI yelled as I worked to control the hyperventilation that seemed to be setting in.

Erics mouth continued down my abdomen, slowly approaching the wetness between my legs. As the distance closed my mind could already feel the pleasure of his tongue against my sensitive folds. But instead of feeling his tongue make the transition, Eric stopped just short of the pleasure I desired.

Oh please don’t stop. Don’t stopI pleaded as I reached down to try and encourage him to continue. Eric held firm making me wait painfully long seconds. I was left teetering on the brink of frustrated insanity until Eric finally answered my calls and I felt the firm pressure of his tongue against my overstimulated nerves.

Oh fuck yesI cried out.

Erics tongue felt like magic. He grabbed my hips, as if bracing my body for something to come. Then everything changed. The sensation between my legs was like nothing I had ever felt from him before. Apparently Eric had other supernatural abilities he had been hiding from me as his tongue now worked at speeds and moved in ways that I didnt know were possible.

My body leaped to attention and I found myself unable to control what was rapidly taking over. The build-up lasted only seconds before my body was forced to release a cascade of hormones sending me into uncontrollable waves of orgasm. I grabbed desperately at the sheets trying to brace myself as the room spun around me. I waited and waited for the inevitable easing of the of pulsating waves of pleasure but none seemed to come. Eric just adapted his technique and did not allow my body the opportunity for rest.

A second orgasm rushed through me rapidly chasing the first. I could feel the sweat starting to bead on my skin as my body flexed every muscle in response to his touch. The series continued with one orgasm rolling right into the next. The sensations my body was now experiencing was unlike anything I had reference for. I never wanted it to end and yet I wasnt sure that my body could possibly take any more.

I attempted to lick my lips, trying to wet them after the drying from so much heavy breathing. It was difficult to talk and I was trying to tell Eric I could not take any more but as if he could read my mind the stimulation stopped before I could compose myself enough to ask. My entire body shook from the heavy surge of endorphins that now coursed through me. I thought that Eric had realized my plight and that he was being merciful on my pleasure ravaged body but I was more then a little mistaken.

* * *

Eric raised his body up to be level with mine. I could see the fangs had extended and his eyes had gone black. Eric was no longer in control, he was hungry. His supernatural desires were showing themselves and his primal urges fueled his body. I should have felt fear as I witnessed the powerful beast inside him take control but instead all I could feel was excitement. I wanted him to take me. I wanted him to take my body in any way that he desired.

Eric leaned forward and opened his mouth, resting the tips of his fangs against my neck. I held my breath waiting for him to to plunge those razor sharp teeth into my soft skin. I could feel the heat of his breath against my neck. But he never did. His teeth were lightly scraping the outside of my skin when I felt his true intentions slide between my legs.

The large round tip of his erection pressed against me, urging my body to let it inside. It didnt take long before I eagerly let him inside, feeling his long hard cock sliding against the sensitive walls inside me. Eric thrust forcefully into my hips pushing the weight of my body up against the sharpness of those teeth. I felt a pinch but knew that he had not drawn blood. Eric was teasing me. He was teasing me in a way that I never could have understood until now.

Eric wrapped his powerful arm around my small body and continued to thrust into me, always with the threat of those razor sharp teeth against my neck.

Oh my God Eric. I love you. Take me

His thrusts continued, harder, and harder.

The feeling of his thick shaft inside me combined with the thrill of his fangs trying to penetrate my neck fired up my orgasmic drive and we both started to moan uncontrollably. There was no stopping it at this point. We were both set to explode. The only question was whether we could do it before our out of control desires forced his teeth through skin and into my veins.

“Fuck me Eric. Harder.”

He did and I could feel his entire length twitching inside me. It was time, and I was ready.

With a final powerful thrust Eric howled with pleasure and I joined him using the little voice I had remaining. He held me in place and I felt his warmth inside me. His shaft continued to twitch and release its pent up desires. I squeezed myself around him, desperately trying to draw out this incredible amazing experience.

Finally spent, he collapsed beside me and we wrapped ourselves around each other. I knew in this moment that I had to be with Eric. I only hoped that he felt the same for me. We continued to lay in the dampness of our bed basking in what had just happened until Eric finally spoke.

* * *

Jessica, there is something I need to tell you.

What is it Eric?

There are certain rules in the vampire community that we are not allowed to brake.

Eric looked almost scared as he contemplated what to say next.

You are a human. If they catch me with you they will not only destroy me, but they will kill you as well to punish the crime and erase all trace of it.

I wasnt sure how to respond. I wanted to be with him and I was willing to do whatever it would take but I didnt want to do anything that might get him killed.

So what are you saying Eric?

There is only one way I know of that we can be together and keep you safe.

What is it? What do I have to do?

You need to make the transformation. You need to become a vampire.

I knew what I wanted but my mind was having difficulties forming the words. An eternal existence walking the earth was no small price to pay for immortality. I would need to remove myself from the world I knew as all of my friends and family grew older and died. I would need to exist by surviving on the life giving fluid of other animals.

To be honest, I knew so little about what lay ahead of me that I felt like it was impossible to weigh the decision with any sort of logic. But my heart knew what it wanted. I may not know what the future holds but I have never been as sure about anything as I am about this. I looked back at Eric and steeled myself for the decision that I was about to make.

Eric, I love you. I want to be with you. I understand that there is so much I dont know but what I do know is that I want this. Take me Eric. I am ready.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, waiting for the the pain that was sure to come. Slowly, softly, I felt Eric rest his teeth once more against my neck. I wrapped my arms around him and held on tight as I felt my skin give way and the transformation begin.

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Book 2 Preview

It was a long night. A long and painful night.

The transformation from mortal to immortal is not an easy one. Sometimes my insides felt like they were on fire and other times I shivered in a vain attempt to battle the icy feeling in my veins.

Eric was there by my side, guiding me as my body reconstructed itself from the inside out. Although he could tell me what symptoms to expect no one, not even the vampires, understood what exactly took place during this excruciating metamorphosis.

When night turned into day Eric pulled the blinds closed, hanging blankets over them to block out even the smallest slivers of light. Photo-sensitivity was one of the side effects and the smallest reflection of sunlight made my eyes feel like they were on fire.

Eric called into my office and explained to Dawn that I would be staying home sick today. That was the understatement of the year. The feelings I had right now were beyond any sickness I had ever encountered. Yet, despite all of the suffering I had never felt so alive. I knew that I had made the right decision. I was ready to join Eric in his world. I just wished that the transformation would end so that my new life could begin.

To continue the story read Supernatural Seduction (A Vampires Tale Vol. 2). You can also purchase the first three volumes in the series at a discount with Omnibus (A Vampire’s Tale Vol. 1-3).


His scent.

That was the thing I thought about the most. He smelled different then the rest of them. Yet, he was one. Why did he have such a powerful hold over me. I wished he didnt. I wished that I could refuse him but

He was sexy there was no doubt and if I were still a human I am sure that he would have been a potential mate for me but, I wasnt. I hadnt been for a very long time. In fact today was what I remember as my birthday.

We didnt normally celebrate such things back then but my father had always done something special for me ever time this date rolled around. Or at least I thought it was this date. Calendars had changed a lot in my lifetime and they had not always been so accurate. When you dont account for the correct number of days for the earth to travel its path around the fiery ball at the center of our solar system then the dates move into different parts of the seasons.

Over the centuries my birthday which started in the warmth of the summer had slowly drifted into the cool air of autumn. Eventually when most of the world came together and adopted the current calendar I picked May 1st as my birthday. It seemed important to the others around me that I have an exact date of birth that they could acknowledge. I didnt want to stand out among the humans. I had done it before and learned that fear will drive them to do unthinkable things.

I still did not know who the man was that turned me. He disappeared into the night and left me with no instructions for my new life. The first weeks had been terrifying as I painfully learned the limits of this curse he had brought upon me. Over time, as I traveled the world and came upon legends of the vampire I found texts to explain the unnatural hunger for blood and the searing pain of the sunlight. These texts were not entirely accurate but they did give me a basis for understanding who I had become.

I wondered if there were others like me out there but in the thousands of years I had walked the earth I had never found another of my own kind. It made more sense that somehow they had all died off or been destroyed but in a world as large as ours it was hard to ever know for sure if I was alone. I tried to suppress the hope but it was hard.

Over the years I had been burned, stabbed, shot, as well as much more horrible things that were to difficult to think about now. Unlike some of the legends I had read, I knew first hand that these things caused unimaginable pain just as they would in any human. The only difference was that I was never given the sweet relief of death. I was immortal and never died. Instead my body healed, quickly, just so that I could live through the pain over and over again.

This was enough to drive anyone mad and for a period of time I suppose that is exactly what I was. When my mind finally cleared and I came to terms with my affliction it became easier to avoid the others and to never stay in one place to long. I learned how to blend in. I even built a house as far away from civilization as I could find. Yet, the loneliness was crushing and I found myself needing to come back, to risk the pain and suffering for a taste of the humanity which I had lost so long ago.

It was during one of these journeys back into the world in which I found Adam. His smell had overwhelmed me the minute I walked into that book store. I had never experienced a scent like it before yet as far as I could tell he was just a normal human man. The smell was intoxicating but not in the way that I was used to. Unlike the heightened sense of smell I had when the blood lust grew inside me, Adams scent caused other lustful wants to grow.

* * *

I had swore long ago that there would be no more intimate relationships with humans. The last time I had allowed myself this luxury it ended with me having to take his life. I should have been honest with him from the start but when it was obvious that I did not age I had to reveal my secret. I thought that he loved me. I had thought that he would join me in this lonely eternal existence. Instead, he turned on me, just as many had before.

He blocked my escape as I tried to run away and swore that he would see me tortured for my unnatural existence. The man with whom I had thought I would spend the rest of eternity with instead left me no choice but to drain him of his life giving blood. I needed to protect my secret. There was no way that I would ever again let myself be the outlet of savageness caused by fear.

I cried the entire time that his red warmth pleasurably trickled down my throat. I hated myself for enjoying the taste and I hated the monster I had become. That was the day that everything changed.

After centuries of keeping that promise to myself, I was now set to break it all over again. The fear of repeating history seemed to be no match for the overwhelming attraction I felt to this man.

Whywhy did he make me feel this way…”

My thought was interrupted as his scent filled my nose. I looked up to see him walking into the coffee shop. We had decided to meet up for coffee before I went on shift at the hospital. I had always been uncomfortable with the pleasure I received when killing my pray. Over the millennia it had been a necessity to avoid the horrific ravages of hunger. Eventually, I figured out that the best way to gain access to an endless blood supply that didnt involve killing was to become a doctor. The position worked out even better for me since I volunteered for the night-shift when the staffing was less and I didnt have to feel the pain from the searing sun.

It was true that as a vampire the sun caused quite a bit of discomfort, but unlike the elaborate tales that evolved to tell our story I would not burst into flames as I walked out the door in the morning. The scorching rays of the sun on my skin just caused a steady burning sensation that made it hard to focus on anything else. I had long ago become accustomed to dealing with it but life was always more pleasant when I could avoid the light of day.

I did not taste flavors quite like a human would anymore but I found that things like drinking coffee or dining out at restaurants were a necessary compromise to get the social interaction that I still craved. What I did taste in the coffee house was the scent of each persons blood. Everyones scent was a little different. My sense of smell grew more acute the hungrier I became and I had not fed since last nights shift.

But as the door closed behind him my senses were flooded with only one tastehis. Adam saw me and smiled. It was the same smile that had melted me the first day we met and had yet to cease having the same effect.

He closed the distance between us as I stared like a star-struck teenager.

I was thousands of years old and yet this man made me feel like it was all happening for the first time again. Suddenly, just as Adam walked past a table a woman behind him dropped her coffee. Her arms flailed widely trying to recapture the hot liquid container as it plummeted towards the ground. Before the sounds of a gasp could pass her lips I witnessed Adam stop, spin, and snatch the falling cup from the air as if it were standing still.

How the hell did he do thatI wondered to myself?

He had already passed the table when the woman lost her hold so how the hell did he even see it?

Here you go MissAdam said as the woman swooned at his chivalry.

He turned and continued his walk towards me while I tried to process what I had just saw. I tried to shake off my trance and refocus on the world at hand. Yet somehow, deep down inside, I felt as though I just witnessed a piece of the puzzle that was my mysterious infatuation.

How the hell did he do thatI asked myself again?

Adam closed the distance between us, snapping my mind back into reality. He was here, and I had a decision to make.

* * *

Good evening Alexa.

This wasnt my real namemy given name. Over the years I had changed identities several times but this name had stuck with me the longest. It was from ancient Greece and meant defender. I had picked it long ago when I thought that maybe my condition was so sort of gift and that I was meant for something greater. Those ambitions had long sense faded but I still liked the name.

So what time does your shift start tonight?

In about an hourI responded as I took another sip from my coffee.

We had been dancing around the elephant in the room for a while now and it was obvious that our quick friendship was leading to something more. The question that continued to torture me day in and day out was whether to let him in, whether to risk it all again.

As I sat there breathing in that intoxicating smell the answer seemed obvious, but the pain of stealing the life from the body of my last love was powerful enough to give me pause. I had sworn that I would never again put myself in that position, and yet, here I was.

I knew that he was going to ask me. We had run out of excuses and both of us knew that we would be perfect together. If only he knew the real me, the monster, the drinker of blood. Sometimes I forgot just how unusual my life was until something like this reminded me of my cursed existence.


Yes AdamI responded, my voice starting to shake.

Tomorrow you have the day off?

Umyes, yes I do.

There is something I want to show you. Could I take you out tomorrow evening?

I paused, terrified of where this might lead. He hadnt yet asked the question I had been anticipating, so I was caught off guard with how to answer.

We were good friends already and there was no reason for me to refuse him. I wasnt sure exactly what it was that he wanted to show me but I still felt as that the question was coming. If I accepted would I just end up in some remote romantic situation where it would be impossible for me to say no and walk away.

Adam sat across from me patiently, his ever-present smile never fading. He deserved an answer and I could not think of any reason to deny him.

Absolutely. That sounds great.

It was settled. Adam was going to pick me up at my apartment and we would head out on this mysterious adventure he had planned.

When Adam left the coffee shop his scent faded from nose. Instead, my senses were now filled with the sweet smell of life-sustaining blood pumping through the other customers veins.

I was hungry, too hungry. It was time for me to hurry to the hospital so that I could steal a moment in the back room with a pouch of O-negative to quench my thirst.

* * *

The shift had gotten off to a rip-roaring start that evening. After downing a couple packets of blood in my office to recharge I came out to cover the emergency room and was hit by a multi-car wreck. Seven different patients were wheeled in and we set to work triaging the wounded. I was so glad that I had taking my snack breakbefore coming to the floor because the smell of all that exposed red slippery liquid would have been more then I can handle.

Instead I was able to dive in and starting working on the worst cases. Just as I was attending to a pretty significant gash on a gentlemans forehead I heard the nurses yelling from across the hall.


I told the nurse to hold pressure as I ran across the hall. When I crossed the threshold of the open doors to trauma bay one I noticed that there was a paramedic already pumping away at the patients chest.

I ran to the head of the bed and looked over the body of our dying victim. The wounds were severe and a lot of blood had been lost. The nurses hooked up the monitor as we readied the other items from the crash cart.

The monitor screen came to life showing the one thing that we had hoped it would not. There was no rhythm to convert with a jolt of electricity. Instead, the straight horizontal line indicated asystole. The heart was stopped and there was not enough fluid left in her body to pump even if we could have gotten it working again.

I took a step back and watched the paramedic continue to work. Everyone in the room was staring at me, waiting for direction. However, I could not help but watch and wonder. This girl who was a few pounds and a haircut away from looking exactly like me, had just left her body for somewhere that would never be known to me. In that moment I didnt feel sorry for her, I felt envious.


Bonnie, my favorite nurse snapped me out of it and looked at me for the words she knew was coming.

Alright guys, lets call it.

There was a sadness that filled the bay as another young person was taken before their time but everyone quickly got to work tending to the other six patients that needed our care. After everyone left the room I covered the girl with a sheet and wished her well on her journey.

Stepping back into the hall I decided to head towards trauma bay three to check on the team in there. Just as I rounded the corner something stopped me in my tracks. A smell.

I knew that smell anywhere, it was Adam.

What the hell was he doing hereI wondered to myself?

When I looked up to confirm the source of my nasal stimulation, Adam was nowhere in sight. I looked left and right but there was no Adam. Using my heightened senses I focused in on the source of that sweet scent. There was a man, walking down the hall towards me with purpose.

There was something about this man that unsettled me. I couldnt quite figure out what it was, but there was something that told me it was time to run.

It was then that I saw the man reach up behind his head and grab at something on his back. When his hand returned in front of him all of my intuitions were confirmed. This manthis man that smelled like Adam was here with a singular purpose in mind.

* * *

The hospital lights reflected off the highly polished surface of the sword. I froze, not moving an inch, trying to process what I was seeing.

A sword?

It seemed too insane. The highly ornate blade was like nothing I had seen in centuries. The man handled it well, just like the knights I had seen do so long ago. His eyes were locked on mine and there was no doubt who he had come for.

I had not feared for my life in a long time once I realized how resilient my immortality was. But there was something about this man, something that made me believe he knew the secret to end my suffering.

I couldnt move, even though my bodys impulse was to run. The man closed the distance quickly from thirty feet to twenty to ten. Thenhe was upon me. He never spoke a word as he raised the golden handle of his sword.

My arm went up in a futile attempt to shield me from the blow. A nurse screamed in the background as she saw the scene that was unfolding in front of her. Just as his arm began to swing the razor sharp blade towards my neck a burst of brilliant light erupted in front of me. The flash was blinding and I turned away, covering my eyes.

The ball of lightning that had just filled the hall disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. When I uncovered my eyes and turned back to face my attacker he was gone. Standing in his place was the one thing that I never in a million years would have expected. It was Adam, holding a sword of his own.

“Adam…whatwhat the hell?

Alexa, come with me now! There is no time to explain.

I looked at him, terrified and confused.

Alexatrust meplease!

I did trust him, and although I was unsure of what had just happened I took his hand. We ran out of the hospital to his waiting car. He barely gave time for me to fasten my seatbelt before slamming on the accelerator whisking us away into the blackness of the night.

* * *

A few quiet minutes passed before I was able to summon the presence of mind to speak.

“Adam…what the hell just happened?

He took a deep breath and while keeping his eyes on the road gave me a response in an eerily steady voice.

Alexa, I know who you are. I know more about you than you know about yourself. I am also an immortal, and I am here to help you.

I was stunned! I had roamed this earth for thousands of years since my initial bite. Never during my existence had I seen a shred of evidence to indicate that I was anything other than alone. Now this

Youre an immortalso you are a vampire too?

Wellnot exactly. You see Alexa, there are two different types of immortals in this realm. There are those that you call vampires and then there are those like me which I guess you would call an angel.

You’re…youre an…angel?”

Yes, I guess you could call me that. It is a little more complicated then what you have read in books but yes, yes I am.

So why was that man trying to kill me back at the hospital and why did he explode into a big ball of light.

Well, that is a long story.

Try me…” I said forcefully as I demanded an explanation for what the hell just happened.

Ok, I will try to explain it.

He took a quick scan to his left and right, also checking the rearview mirror. Satisfied that he didnt see whatever he was looking for Adam continued.

A long time ago there was a group of angels that decided they were tired of serving the humans and developed a plan to destroy all of humanity. Their plan was ill conceived and when they were found out the entire group was cast out from our realm to hide in the shadows of the planet they had hoped to conquer.

He stopped to take a quick look in the rearview mirror again.

As punishment, this group was forced to keep alive the very race they had hoped to eradicate. Bloodhuman blood, was their only means to survive and stave off the pain of hunger. They would never again be able to step into the light without feeling a painful reminder of the betrayal which had cast them out.

I sat their thinking about the story which had just been told. Even after a lifetime which span thousands of years I still found myself in disbelief at what I was hearing.

So, why was that Angel trying to kill me then? I didnt hatch any plans. Hell, I WAS human and would have stayed that way if given a choice. What the hell did I do wrong?

Unfortunately, that is where things get a little complicated.

Thats where things get complicatedI yelled, exasperated!

You see Alexa, unlike what you have read in books, there is no way to turn a human into a vampire.

He looked at me to gauge my reaction.

What the hell do you mean there is no way. How the hell do you explain me then?

As hard as this might be to believeyou are descended from an angel.

Bullshitthe word slipped out involuntarily.

Its true. Sometimes angels take physical form and walk the earth just as humans do. We are not allowed to interfere but…”

But whatI asked

Well, there was one time that Angel fell in love with a human woman and a child was born from their union.

What? How is that even possible?

To be honest, we dont knowAdam said bluntly.

Something like that was thought impossible until you…”

There was silence in the car as I processed his words and he searched for more.

So youre telling me that some Angel came and knocked up my mother and then later in my life a vampire came along and bit me causing some sort of crazy immortal chemical reaction? Do you know how insane that sounds?

I doAdam said very matter of factly.

We drove on in silence for a while longer until I remembered my original question.

So you never answered me Adam. If you guys know that I am not one of them, then why are you trying to kill me?

For the first time I saw Adams expression change and he became noticeably tense.

Well, there are some that see you as an abomination and thought that you should have been destroyed long ago. We have recently uncovered plans showing that the vampires are going to try and take over the Earth, enslaving the human population. They believe that they can have dominion over the Earth while still maintaining their food supply in slavery.

I imagined what a world like that might look like.

But I have been around for thousands of years and never once found evidence of another vampire, and believe me I looked. How many of them are there?

Manywas the cryptic answer I received to my question.

“…and who knows how long they have been planning this. We know they have moved people into positions of power all around the world and we believe that they have something in store that the human race is just not be equipped to defend against.

It suddenly felt heavy as the gravity of the situation built on my shoulders.

Anyways, we have decided that this is not the humans fight it is ours. These fallen angels are our people and our problem. We have been sent to eliminate the threat before they can take action against the humans. Apparently, some of our members who still resent your existence have taken this opportunity to eliminate you along with all of the other vampires.

Holy shitI said as the thought of other immortals hunting me sunk in.

What do I doI meanhow the hell do I fight angels?

Adam turned to me and smiled.

You dont have to. That is why I am here. I have been watching you for a long time. You may look like a vampire and have a thirst for blood but I have seen the light in you. You are more angel then vampire and I will never let the others touch you. I will show them your true self.

* * *

The drive was long but eventually we ended up at an empty house several hours outside the city. Our fortress of refuge was a log cabin located in a beautiful wooded area.

Is this your’s?”

“No” Adam responded but I assure you the owners wont be coming by anytime soon.

I wasnt sure exactly what he meant but I didnt care. Today had been one surreal experience after another and I just wanted to find a place to sit down and rest.

We walked into the quaint cabin and Adam began to set a fire in the fireplace.

Wont they be able to find us hereI mean they are angelsright?

Adam chuckled a little as the flame started to flicker under the logs.

Alexa, there is a lot that I have to explain to you but for now I am going to just ask you to trust me. You are under my protection and I am not going to let anything happen to you.

His words did provide me comfort and despite having no reason to believe himI did. His unwavering confidence let me relax and again focus on that intoxicating scent that now filled the cabin.

Adam, I need to ask you something.

Sure, what is it?

The smell. Every time I am around you my senses are overwhelmed with a sweet thick luxurious smell that I cannot even describe.

Huh, thats interesting. I actually dont know. Maybe that is something that happened during your transformation. Soyou are saying that you can smell us?

Oh yes. It is like nothing I have ever smelled before.

Adam thought for a moment.

How about vampires? Can you smell them too?

I have no idea. As I said earlier, I have looked all over this earth and never met anyone else like me. At least, I dont think I have.

Adam finished stoking the fire and came over to sit beside me. It felt good to have him close. As my body began to relax I found myself involuntarily laughing.

What are you laughing atAdam asked me with a bewildered look on his face.

Oh its nothing…it’s just that II thought you wanted to tell me something else.

Like whatAdam asked?

Its sounds so stupid now but I thought that maybe you wanted to talk about us. I know it sounds dumb but I thought that maybe there was something more there. Something you wanted to explore. Now I find out that you are trying to prevent my assassination by other immortal beings. I just cant believe that I was actually nervous about the other thing.

Adam looked at me with a serious expression on his face. The logs crackled in front of us as the intensity of the heat continued to grow. Without saying a word Adam reached up and put his hand on my cheek.

His touch set off a cascade of reactions in my skin that warmed my entire body. The sensation was unlike any I had felt in a long time. Adams other hand reached up and he now held my face in his warm hands. I could feel something radiating from his body through my skin. It felt just like the ambient heat from the fireplace, hot and powerful.

Adam leaned forward, still holding my face in his gentle grip, and placed his lips against mine. My body felt as though it was being awakened from a thousand year slumber. Every sensation was so intense.

We continued the kiss, pushing deeper and deeper into each other as our bodys came together in an embrace.

As a vampire I had not felt the warmth of the sun or of my own body in thousands of years, but with him, it was different. There was warmthheat everywhere. My body felt alive again and I savored the sensation.

Adam’s hands left my face and began to travel down the length of my pale skin. The feeling of a mans hands on my body felt so foreign, so forbidden. As his fingers grazed my nipples through the fabric of my shirt they hardened against his touch and my defenses were broken. I wasnt sure of anything anymore, except for this. I was sure in this moment that I wanted himI wanted to be with him.

My body language must have been telling because Adams hands continued their journey, touching and probing my most sensitive areas. He lips moved from my lips to the side of my neck. A lustful fire inside of me grew from embers to a roaring flame.

Adam, I want you…”

Without saying a word his hands moved to the fastenings of my clothes. One by one he began to free me from the confines of my cotton shroud. My skin tingled, a sensation that was unknown to me since become an immortal.

He pulled the unbuttoned blouse from my body and slid the unbuttoned pants to the floor. I felt so exposed, so vulnerable. Adams smile calmed my nerves and then he quickly disposed of his clothing leaving the two of us standing naked about twelve inches apart, in front of that roaring fire.

An arm reached around my waist, pulling me in close. His body felt so warm against mine and the feeling of his hardened manhood pressing into me was exhilarating. I hadnt been sure what to expect exactly as to the sexual functions of an angel, but looking at him now I could tell that we both still functioned in all the right ways. In fact his body, from that chiseled face to the well endowed cock standing at attention, looked like they had been sculpted from a statue. Everything about him was just…perfect.

Adam pressed harder into me knocking my body off balance and forcing my weight to rest in his flexed arms. He then gently lowered my wanton body to the floor. His arms flexed as he hovered over me and our lips exchanged a few more velvety slow kisses. That magical mouth of his left my pouty lips as they began their long, slow, attentive journey down my neck, my breast, my abdomen, until finally I could feel the heat of his breath against the wetness between my legs.

My back arched instinctively as his tongue met my sensitive clit. A pleasurable shock of electricity cascaded through my body in response to his skillful flicks and swirls. I hadnt been touched like this in so long and I could feel tears welling up in the corners of my eyes. I was so happy, so fulfilled.

I squeezed my naked thighs against Adam, letting him know how much I much I appreciated the attention and encouraging him not to stop. His efforts did not relent and the wetness continued to increase on my sensitive lips. There was something building inside me, something I had not felt in a very, very long time.

Oh my god…Adam.”

His hands reached up, circling and pulling at my sensitive nipples.

Oh fuck…”

I was now almost crying as I felt the orgasm build. It felt so amazing. It had been so long

“Oh Adam…oh my godplease don’t stop.”

He did not, but instead changed his rhythm and pressure in just the right way to push me over the top.


My entire body spasmed as I felt the orgasm pour over his warm tongue. He eagerly took it in as he pulled more and more lustful contractions from my sensitive lips.

Finally, with nothing left to give, my body stopped pulsing into Adams mouth and he slid his body up mine. His movements stopped only when that perfectly sculpted cock pressed against the soaking wet entrance between my legs. He looked me in the eyes with a passion unlike any I had seen before. His lips opened and a simple question was whispered into the thick sexually charged air between us.

Do you want me?

I could feel his thick hardened tip push forward against the entrance between my legs.

Yesplease yeswas my response.

Adam again wrapped my body inside his safe muscular embrace as his hips pushed forward. There was no resistance as I felt his penetration fill me inch by inch.

Ohfuck…” I said involuntarily as the feeling of his thickness caused my exhausted erotic nerve endings to reawaken.

Adam thrust into me, slowly at first, but the pace quickened as he continued.

His manhood rubbed against me in all the right places and I knew that a second orgasm was well on its way.

Oh my god Adamyou feel so amazing…”

He kissed me in response and our bodies pulled more tightly together moving as one.

The feeling of him inside me was just too much and I couldnt hold back any longer.

Oh…I’m going to cum again…”

Adam picked up his pace, thrusting into me as deeply as my body would allow.

Oh…” it was Adam who was moaning this time.


I wasnt sure if it was Adam or I who was moaning the loudest as both of our orgasms built towards their climax.


Almost simultaneously Adams cock spasmed inside of me as the wet walls of my passage tightened around the girth of his shaft. The feeling of him exploding inside me just as my own orgasmic wave pulsated through my body was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced in all the centuries I had roamed this planet. His cum, or whatever came out of his immortal body, set mine on fire. It felt as though there was a sun burning inside me that radiated warmth to everything around me.

My body trembled as it tried to recover from the release. Adam pulled out of my body and laid down beside me. I put my head on his chest and draped my arm over him.

I love you Alexa…”

The words took my breath away.

I have been watching over you for a very long time. I was supposed to remain away, to not get involved but…”

He trailed off as if trying to think of the right words to say.

I just had to be with you Alexa. You are special and there is a goodness in you that burns more brightly then anything I have ever seen. I promise that no matter what tomorrow brings, I will protect you.

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