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It was so hard to be with him. In my line of work this usually wasnt a problem. I never felt all that interested in my clients. They were just a paycheck and I was just providing a very needed service. But with him it was different. My body tingled at the mere thought of a visit from Michael.

Our first encounter had started just like any other appointment. As a high-end escort I was usually hired to accompany well-heeled men to some sort of fancy event after which we proceeded to journey to some hotel suite or even the family home where the money was really earned. The men generally treated me well until they got their pants off. It amazed me how even the most meek of men could turn into a testosterone fueled brut with only the shifting of blood flow from one head to the other.

Most of these men were successful and for that matter married. They hired me to be the woman they were too afraid to ask their wives to be. The sex was almost always rough and I had learned quickly that if I pretended to put up a bit of a fight they would stop their escalation. Every one of them got off on the control and the dominance.

Their was always a little choking and hair pulling involved. Some clients required more and lubrication quickly became my friend. I didnt enjoy the act but as they pushed themselves inside my tight hole I knew that my nightly rate had just doubled. The kinkier the client, the more likely it was that I was walking out the door with over ten thousand dollars in cash.

Over the past two years I had started to accumulate a decent savings from my sinful earnings. I had even been considering leaving the profession until that fateful Tuesday night. That night I received a call with the correct passphrase and a location in which to meet a new client. I am still not sure where he received my secret password but I am so glad he did.

That night I arrived at a private airstrip, boarded a jet, and lifted off to a day that I will never forget. Michael was rich, gorgeous, and knew how to push my erotic buttons in a way that no man ever had before. I was paid that evening to live a fairytale existence for just a night. In hindsight I felt almost guilty since I was sure that he provided me with just as much pleasure as I provided for him.

* * *

That Tuesday night had been almost six weeks ago and I had not heard from Michael again until tonight. The wait had been painful and I must admit that I had gone through several stages of grief wrestling with my emotions for this man, this client.

It was hard to think of him as a client but that is exactly what he was. As much as I might have wanted more from him it was important to keep things professional and not obsess over a relationship that didnt exist. I should really be grateful to have picked up a client that was so easy on the eyes and so skilled in the bed. It was not fair for me to want more. After all, in the end I was just a call girl.

Tonight Michael had invited me to attend a dinner with him. Well at least he said it was going to be a dinner. In truth, this event could best be described as a grand ball. I still wasnt sure whether the gigantic structure we were in was someones home or if it was a reception hall. The towering castle had all the typical rooms that you would expect in a home but surely nobody lived this extravagantly. I tried my best to fit in but felt woefully out of place.

Michael, the consummate gentlemen had introduced me to a friendly group of people before he left to go talk business, or what I assume was business, in private. This group of men and woman surrounding me had to be wearing several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of clothing and I marveled at how down to earth they seemed despite their immense wealth.

We had an enjoyable conversation and as I had learned before I stayed clear of politics or anything that might alienate the friends of my client. The job of a high-priced escort is to blend in to any social situation and represent that clients image well. In the past I had made a couple of mistakes forgetting this rule and spoke my own mind. This led to some very unhappy clients and some very small paychecks.

I had learned that for the most part people really just like to talk and have others validate their own opinions. It is a rare person that actually prefers to listen and engage in debate. Since entering my new profession I had really only met one person like that. The one man that I couldnt get out of my head no matter how much I tried, Michael.

* * *

Just as I was starting to reach the point of extroverted exhaustion, Michael emerged from his private meeting and strode in my direction.

Oh thank GodI thought to myself as I wasnt sure how much more chit chat I could handle.

Michael really wore a suit well and it was tough not to ogle him as he proceeded across the room. Although you would never guess by his personality, he was obviously a man who took pride in his appearance. His suit was well tailored and fit him perfectly. The body that lay underneath was also well sculpted as I had learned from our previous night of ecstasy.

As my mind drifted to our first rendezvous I could remember the way his chiseled abs felt against my lips as I worked my mouth down his body. Just touching his skin had turned me on and I was pretty fired up by the time my eyes met his very well endowed cock. This wealthy man had definitely not been compensating for a lack of penis size. In fact, during my professional time handling many a throbbing shaft this was by far the longest and thickest I had ever encountered. That night I proceeded to give Michael the best my mouth and tongue had to offer but what he would never know is just how much I enjoyed it.

Michael quickly closed the distance between us and before I knew it his arm was wrapping itself tightly around my waist.

Hey honey, do you have a minute?

Sure sweetieI replied in my best fake girlfriend voice.

He wrapped his large hand around mine and guided me to an empty room down the hall. As we entered the room I heard the sound of the lock clicking shut. I turned around just in time to see Michaels gently stubbled face approach mine. The warmth of his lips felt amazing as he kissed me and a tingle shot down my spine.

We were locked in a passionate embrace for several minutes before I felt his hand start pulling up my dress.

Oh, so that what he wantedI thought to myself.

With my dress now up around my waist I felt his fingers wrap themselves around the elastic that held up the sexy panties I had worn for him this evening. Finally this man was behaving like the rest of my clients. This was what I was used to. This was what I was prepared for.

As my lacy underwear hit the floor and I stepped out of them and prepared my body for the inevitable penetration from my horny client. Usually my customers didnt even take the time to properly stimulate my lubricating mound and so I had become skilled at using my rather kinky fantasies to provide all the mental stimulation that was required.

However, I was caught off guard as Michael picked me up and carried me over to the desk in the room. He swiped the pictures and papers from its surface and laid me down with my legs hanging off of the edge. The position was initially uncomfortable but not for long as Michael lowered himself to his knees and through my legs over his shoulders. It appeared that once again this paying client was going to put my needs ahead of his own. It also appeared that once again I was falling for this man in a way that I desperately did not want to.

I felt the soft whiskers of his face glide along the inside of my thighs and it was only moments before I involuntarily moaned at the touch of his tongue on my clit.

Now Jenny, we cant have you making noise and attracting attention.

I bit my lip in response.

I want you to be absolutely silent. If I hear even a peep out of you I am going to stop. Do you understand?

I nodded forcefully as I continued to bit my lip. I knew the skill that this man possessed and realized that his request might just prove impossible.

Michael resumed his efforts as his miraculous tongue worked the excited nerves on my sensitive lips. My body trembled in response to his attention and I focused hard trying not to release the moans my mind was so vigorously commanding me to.

His hands explored all of the erogenous zones he had expertly located during our last tryst. My back arched pushing my breast into his hands as he touched my hardened nipples. My breathing quickened involuntarily as he probed my dripping wet hole. I knew that I was close and decided that I really wanted to finish on his hard cock while it was pushed deep inside me.

Oh fuck Michael. Im going to cum. Fuck me. Fuck me now.

Suddenly all of the sensations which had been so stimulating stopped and I gasped as Michael backed away from me.

Jenny, I told you not to make any sounds. Do you remember the consequences?

I nodded with pent up orgasmic enthusiasm. I so desperately didnt want him to stop and now I was terrified hie might leave me hanging in this precarious state.

Alright, I will give you one more chance. Now dont disappoint me.

He plunged back in and my body lit on fire. The momentary pause had only caused me to enter an even more heightened state and now my body rushed to take advantage of his attention.

Oh my God. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.I said inside my head, focusing hard not to let out a sound.

I knew that I was only moments away and my legs instinctively wrapped themselves around his head, blocking any escape.

The tingles started small and then built until a tidal wave of orgasmic endorphins uncontrollably flooded my nervous system. Pleasurable chemicals surged through my body until ever last cell was saturated with quenched satisfaction.

Michael slowly removed himself from underneath my legs and proceeded to lean over my orgasm ravaged body. His lips kissed mine softly and I looked up to find a man that seemed to be finished with his task.

What about you?

He looked back at me with a coy smile.

That one was just for you, although I did have a motive.

I looked back at him not sure weather to be concerned or excited.

I have to leave right now and I wondered if you would be willing to come with me.

I looked at him with some concern on my face as I tried to wrap my head around exactly what he was asking.

I cant tell you where we are going or how long we will be there. I can tell you that I promise your needs will be taken care of and that you will be well compensated for your time.

My mind was racing now as I struggled with the implications of what this man just said. My rational brain was screaming at me that I barely knew this man and that I should run as fast as I can. However my heart trusted him. Besides there was a thrill in the mystery and unknown that this man provided. I knew that it was not the safe or smart thing to do but my body just couldnt say no to him.

Yes. Yes, I will come with you.

A bright smile lit up on his face and he stared deeply into my eyes. In that moment I wondered if I was eye candy for him or just that good in bed. Was there something more? Did he wrestle with the same feelings that I had for him? It appeared that tonight would provide no relief to my burning curiosity as he finally opened his mouth and spoke.

Thank you.

* * *

After cleaning myself up a little in the en-suite bathroom Michael rushed us out of the party and had his driver head straight to the airport. I pointed out my lack of clothing, personal items, or quite frankly much of anything and he reassured me that it would be taken care of. It felt weird knowing that I was just abandoning my apartment with I am sure at least a couple of lights left on, but luckily no one would miss my absence.

When I entered the world of professionally meeting mens and some womens desires the rest of my life was pushed aside. It was just too hard to keep up a front for family and friends all the time while leading a double life. The only people that might realize I am gone would be bill collectors depending on the length of our trip.

I still couldnt believe that I had just agreed to leave like that. Who just picks up and gets on a jet for an unknown destination with no idea when they might return. There was just something about this man. I wasnt sure exactly what it was but I trusted him and I knew that I wanted to be with him, even if that was only possible through a nightly fee.

The drive to the airport didnt take long and soon we were boarding his Gulfstream G650. Most of my clients were pretty well funded to be able to afford me but Michael was definitely in a different class all together. I still wasnt sure exactly what he did but it was obvious that his net worth probably qualified him for some richest people list. Judging by the friends that he kept and the means by which he traveled, my guess was that this man had a net worth with at least nine zeros.

The attendant greeted us as we passed through the open door and all of the memories from our first dateflooded my head. I had been a bit nervous that first night as Michael met me in the back of his plane. The evening had been filled with multiple flights and multiple orgasms interrupted only as we reached our exotic destinations for a dinner or walk down a moonlit beach.

By the time our first appointmenthad ended we had been gone almost twenty four hours and I had made enough surreal memories to last a lifetime. Now as I settled into the same seat I had taken the first night, my mind imagined what adventures we might be setting off for this time. Somehow I had a feeling that this trip was not going to be all pleasure. Michael appeared to have something on his mind. He looked as though he was a man on a mission.

As the engines roared to life and our jet rocketed towards the heavens I unclipped my belt and kneeled on the floor in front of my mystery man.

What are you doing?

Without saying a word I slowly undid his belt and pulled the button through its hole. The sound of his zipper releasing its clasps explained my intentions in no uncertain terms. I pulled his pants down around his ankles and took the quickly hardening shaft of his cock in my hand.

Now its my turn and I dont want to hear you make a sound. We would want to attract any attention from the cockpit would we? If I hear so much as a peep from you I am going to stop. Do you understand?

He smiled and nodded vigorously. It was my turn to torture him for a while and with that settled I slowly wrapped my warm mouth around his excitement and gave him the professional service that he paid for.

* * *

The rest of the flight went smoothly although it was longer than I expected. Eventually, after indulging in several alcoholic beverages I drifted off to sleep.

“Jenny. Hey, Jenny.”

I tried to force open my groggy eyes. The plane was silent which slowly led me to the realization that we were on the ground.

Time to wake up.

I tried my best to comply and just hoped I hadnt drooled on his shoulder in my exhausted slumber. There was a faint sound coming from outside the plane but I couldnt make out exactly what it was. Michael helped me to my feet and I tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I could see by the now open door in the front of the plane that it was bright outside which must mean that we flew through the night.

Finally a little more sure footed I followed Michael to the door. When I turned the corner to proceed down the stairs my vision was blinded by the sun reflecting off the flourishing tropical scenery that surrounded me. I took the few steps down to the ground and stood dumbfounded at the beauty that surrounded me.

Apparently wherever this secret mission was it including visiting the most pristine beach I had ever scene. At least that is what my vision was telling me as I looked through the trees at the end of the runway. This place was an oasis of tropical splendor and I was so thankful that I had said yes to Michaels cryptic request.

Follow memy man of mystery said with confidence as he took my hand.

Michael led me across the runway and past a nondescript building. This airport was unlike any I had ever seen. There was a runway and a few out-buildings but there appeared to be no terminal or other structures in place. I figured that where we had landed must be pretty remote.

On the other side of the brightly yellow painted shack was a topless jeep that also had the doors removed.

Hop inMichael insisted and I obeyed.

There was a loose cloth covering the seats which he removed.

Sorry about that, these are to keep the seats from getting too hot.

This simple solution seemed to work as we sat down and my backside was not seared by the summer heat. As he fired up the jeep and pulled away onto what looked to be a very makeshift rural road I started laughing. I couldnt help but think of how ridiculous we must look with Michael still in half his tuxedo with the sleeves rolled up and myself in a red sleeveless cocktail dress motoring down this bumpy dirt road in an old topless jeep. The whole scene must have looked pretty surreal.

About twenty minutes after the start of the drive we took a sharp turn and headed up a steep path on the side of a hill. It seemed that whatever our final destination was it sat at the top of this mountain. After about five minutes of near vertical climbing a structure started to come into view.

Wow! Michael, it is beautiful.

The car was now pulling towards a mountain top villa that had three hundred sixty degree views of the ocean. For the first time I could definitely verify that we were on an island. By the look of things, we may very well have been the only ones on this island.

“I’m glad you like it. We are going to be staying here a while so make yourself at home.

Careful what you say, I might just move in and never leaveI said in jest as I marveled at the beauty in front of me.

* * *

Michael guided me into the house and it was even more beautiful then the outside had been. Every decoration, piece of furniture, and trim was exactly what you would expect if visiting a five star beach resort. He gave me a quick tour of the house ending in the bedroom that we would share. Michael opened one of the two closets and I was surprised by a huge collection of tropical clothing.

These are yours.

I reached forward and grabbed the tag to a bright orange flowy top.

Thats my size.

I think you will find that everything in this closet is your size and if it isnt just let me know.

But how on earth…”

I couldnt for the life of me figure out how he not only knew my size but had the time to have a closet stocked with clothing before our plane arrived. Did he have a fetish for call-girls of a particular size? Were these always here waiting on the next conquest? Or worse, were these the outfits of another woman he had yet to tell me about? I had been with plenty of married men before in the course of my job but putting on their wives clothing was a line that I would not cross.

Somehow though, I knew that this was not the case. I knew that there was no wife. I knew that somehow Michael had gotten this clothing to the island just for me. I wasnt sure how he did it but then again this man was full of surprises. I decided to let go of my worries and doubts and just enjoy the incredible opportunity I had been given.

So Jenny, why dont you go and change into something more comfortable and meet me on on the back patio. We can head down to the beach and take a dip in the ocean to wash off the travel fatigue.

Sounds great.

Michael grabbed some clothing and headed for another room in the house while I stood staring at the well stocked closet in front of me. I started sorting through the hangers and drawers looking for something to wear to the beach. Finally, I found a suit and lacy coverup that worked perfectly.

It felt good to get out of the tight dress that I had been wearing for who knows how many hours. The windows were open and I could feel the warm wet tropical breeze brush against my newly exposed legs. The sensation was amazing and quickly put my mind in vacation mode. I closed up the closet and headed for the back patio.

* * *

In the back of the house Michael was waiting for me with a reddish orange drink in his hand.

Thank you. Whats in it?

A little of everything. Just take a sip and trust me, you are going to love it.

I took that first sip and he was right. The elixir was just strong enough for me to know it was an adult beverage but sweet and refreshing enough to cool my body from the tropical heat.

Thats amazingI said as the sugar danced on my parched tongue.

Follow me.

Michael took my hand and led me a little farther around the house until we reached a small square box with plush seats inside of it. I could make out that this box appeared to be on a set of tracks and as my eyesight followed them it looked as though this was some sort of outdoor elevator to the beach.

Have a seat.

I did what I was told and Michael followed me in. He sat down next to me and then with the push of a button we began a slow descent towards the white sands beneath us.

Our view as we traveled down the side of the mountain was majestic. I had only ever seen such images on the internet or postcards. Somehow though this was even better. This was real.

I grabbed Michaels hand and squeezed it tightly. I was still very confused by exactly what my relationship was to this him. Either way, he had treated me better than any man had before and in the process was turning my life into a bit of a fantasy. I just hoped that somehow, some way, this would never end.

After a few minutes the cart came to a gentle rest next to the sugar-white sands on this private stretch of beach. Michael opened the door and my bare feet dug themselves into the surprisingly cools grains. We walked away from our mountainside chariot and headed for the clear turquoise waters that were beckoning our weary bodies. It didnt take long before we arrived at the only two lounge chairs set up on this beach. They were situated under a permanent thatched umbrella.

Michael took off his shirt and I couldnt help but stare at that sexy sweaty form. Every well developed muscle glistened in the sunlight and I remembered the touch of every curve. My mind was beginning to wander again when it was shocked into focus by the swimsuit sliding down his well developed legs and into the sand.

Fuck he has a beautiful bodyI thought to myself.

He looked up at my face and noticed that my mouth involuntarily hung open.

Hey, this is a private island. There is no need for modesty.

He smiled and turned back towards the water. I watched him walk his tanned naked silhouette deeper and deeper until his tight ass submerged out of my view.

What the fuck am I doingI yelled at myself.

As quickly I had put on my new suit came it now came flying off. I knew exactly where I wanted to be and it sure as hell wasnt on this beach.

* * *

I ran into the surf, diving into a crashing wave. We played around in the shallows for awhile and found more than a few occasions for our lips to meet. God, I did love those lips. Although if I were honest, there was little about his body that I didn’t like.

As the sun began to go down we decided to retreat back to the house. I hadnt made it more then a few steps from the water before Michael stepped in behind me and spun my body around to face the ocean. His lips met the back of my neck and his hands traversed my dripping wet skin. My nipples hardened with his touch as a tingle developed between my legs.

Seemingly knowing my body better then I did Michaels fingers quickly met my wet mound and probed for the most sensitive bit of skin. A surge of pleasure flooded my body as he found his target and began to work his fingers up and down. He knew just how I liked it and my body was now his to control.

After the initial rush I felt a gentle breeze cross my face and my eyes opened back up. I was standing on this quiet isolated stretch of beach looking out over the ocean at the setting sun. All the while my body roiled in pleasure as Michael took care of my aching desires. The scene was dreamlike and I tried not to close my eyes for fear that this could all be a dream.

The pleasure built quickly between my legs and I noticed my breathing involuntarily quickening again. I was about to cum and I hoped that I wouldnt fall over as the orgasm overtook me.

“Oh God.”

His fingers quickened against my clit.

“Oh fuck.”

The muscles of his other arm flexed as he wrapped it around my waist.

Oh Michael. Oh fuck. Oh my God. Im going to cum. I’m…..I’m….”

The release was explosive and my knees immediately buckled but my body did not fall. Michaels powerful arm held me up as my sensitive lips sent shockwaves through my body. We remained this way for several minutes as he slowed his stimulation and I gradually regained my composure.

I had never felt so exotic and sexy as I did in that moment. However, I also felt something else, something deeper. The fact was that in this moment I felt more loved than I ever had by any other man. I barely knew Michael and yet I felt as though I had known him my whole life. I wrestled to suppress these emotions but at this point they were bubbling out of me with little control.

I turned towards him and he wrapped my body in his powerful embrace. I looked up into his shimmering eyes and said the one thing that I couldnt suppress, the one thing that had been completely occupying my mind ever since I met him.

Michael…….I’m in love with you.

Oh shitI screamed inside my own head. Did I just say that? How the hell could I have just said that. I was going to ruin everything. Michael was a job not a boyfriend and I had no right to throw that at him while he was stranded on a private island with me.

My mind raced as I tried to figure out how to fix what I had just said. What could I do to make it better? I could make a joke about it. I could run. I could get down on my knees and try to distract him with my skilled tongue.

As I debated every idea from realistic to ridiculous my mind realized that what was done was done. All I could do at this point was wait for the inevitable.

I wasnt able to look into his eyes anymore out of embarrassment and I stared at his shoulder while I waited for a response.

Slowly a hand came up and rested against my cheek. With gentle pressure he guided my eyesight back up to him and I stared at his beautiful face. Without saying a word Michael smiled, leaned in, and gave me a long, soft, caring kiss.

When he finally released me from his embrace Michael spoke.

There is something I have to tell you. Come up to the house with me.

I accepted his outstretched hand and he pulled me towards the mountainside elevator. I wondered what the hell he had to tell me. I wondered why he needed to take me back upstairs. I imagined the worst and my brain prepared me for was lay at the top of that hill.

* * *

When we arrived at the top of the lift Michael sat me down in a chair on the outside patio.

Wait here just a minute and I will be right back.

He proceeded to walk back in the house and I took slow deep breaths trying my best to calm down. Suddenly my surroundings were less relaxing as I contemplated my actions.

Why the hell did I say that?

It was only a few minutes before Michael returned with two drinks in his hands.

Here you go. Now what I am going to tell you is going to sound a bit crazy so please bear with me. In fact, technically I am committing a felony by telling you this.

Telling me what? Michael, what the hell is going on?

It is true that first and foremost I am a businessman. I have successfully bought and sold several companies which put me in the position to bring you here. However, I currently have a second job.

What second job?I asked hesitantly.

Jenny, I work for a secret government agency. To be blunt, I am a spy.

I burst out laughing as all of the tension that had been building was released from my body. Michael said it with such a straight face that the delivery was flawless. I must admit that he had me going. That was about the funniest thing anyone had ever done to me.

But as I caught my breath and regained my composure I noticed that I was the only one laughing. Michael still had a very serious look on his face and it slowly occurred to me that this was not a joke.

What? A spy?

Yes Jenny. After I sold my last business I was contacted by some men that were interested in my services. One of the best ways to gain intelligence or infiltrate hostile areas is through the guise of business. They asked me if I would be willing to serve my country by building a business to use as a front so that I could spy for them.

Butbutwhy? Your not a spy, your a billionaire entrepreneur. What on earth do you know about spying?

Well before I entered business I was in the military. During my time in service I was recruited for a special unit that conducted unofficialoperations.

My eyes were now wide with surprise.

They knew that I had been trained with a certain skill set that could be useful in a pinch.

So what do you do for them? Is this like eavesdropping or something?

“”Well to be honest I am called on to do many things. Sometimes it is just getting a copy of an elusive document. Other times I am called upon to take more direct actions.

Direct action? Holy shit. I….um….holy shit!

I know it is a lot to take in right now but I needed to tell you.

Why Michael? Why are you telling me all this?

Because I am falling in love with you too. I know it is crazy and we barely know each other but I want to be with you.

My eyes began to water and I could feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

But if you are going to be with me there is something you need to know. I came to this island because there is someone after me, a Russian. I am in danger and if you decide you want to stay with me then your life will be in danger too.

I thought about what he was saying to me. I thought about the unknown, the adventure, and the danger that seemed to come along with this man. I thought about how I felt and how he made me feel.

In that moment it was clear. I knew what I wanted. I knew what I had to do.

You can continue the story with Danger (The Billionaire Affair Vol. 2) or purchase the first three volumes at a discount with Omnibus (The Billionaire Affair Vol. 1-3).

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Book 2 Preview

The following days flew by in a blur of passion, exploration, intrigue, and sex. Lots of sex! Michael was constantly on secret phone calls which were interrupted by naked romps on the beach or sweaty throws of passion all around the island estate.

I had never felt as alive as I did in this moment. Everything was exciting and dangerous. Michael had filled me in on a few more details but not many. All I knew at this point was that some actions he had taken while operating in the shadows of his covert life had led to the destruction of a mans life. An evil man to be sure, but his world had been taken away from him which left nothing but the time and pain to seek revenge on his enemy. In this case that was Michael, and as he had learned just before whisking me away to this private island, the Russian now knew who he was.

The government was not a lot of help since Michael did not work for them in any official capacity. Everything he did was off-the-books cloak-and-dagger type stuff. They could provide him with intelligence, missions, and equipment but when and if things went south, they had plausible deniability and would protect themselves first and foremost.

Michael was lucky that he had an amazing amount of resources at his disposal. However, as he told me If someone wants to kill you there is not much that can stop him short of killing him first.

You can continue the story with Danger (The Billionaire Affair Vol. 2) or purchase the first three volumes at a discount with Omnibus (The Billionaire Affair Vol. 1-3).

Crave Part One

Holy shitthe words echoed through my mind as I contemplated the situation I was now in.

I cant believe that I let her talk me into this.

Marci had been rather insistent and as usual I caved to her persistence. She was always a little more adventurous than I was which had led to some rather crazy nights well outside my comfort zone. Although I had to admit, this was different. I was curious.

It had been quite some time since I had felt the touch of a man and my body ached for a little attention. The last string of boysI had been with were much more into themselves and paid little attention to my wants. There was that one guyEricbut that was so long ago now.

The building I had entered only ten minutes ago was nondescript and could have housed just about any business. But this was not just any business. Thisservicecatered to a very specific clientele. Their customers had a very specific need and for the right price they were more then willing to fill it.

The idea of paying for sex felt icky and I tried not to think about it too much. Somehow, in my own head I had justified this assomething different. I wasnt hiring a male prostitute, I was paying for a needed servicean experience.

Well technically I wasnt paying for it, Marci was. It had been quite the fight when she first told me about the gift. There was no way that I was going to use it. But like usual, Marci wore me down and I eventually, reluctantly agreed. I wasnt sure if it was the glow that she had after trying it herself, the enthusiasm of her sales pitch, or my own sex-starved libido that finally won out but I was committed now and more then a little curious.

* * *

The interior of the building was filled with earth-tones and soft colors. It very much felt like entering a spa rather than a corporate office building. My shyness was quickly overtaken by the incredibly kind staff that whisked me away to a changing room. I slipped out of the ridiculously conservative clothes I was wearing and into the soft plush robe that had been provided.

I had subconsciously been afraid that everyone would take one look at me and know what deviant act I was up to so I had literally worn the most concealing outfit I owned. I had pulled my hair up in an attempt to look professional which seemed silly now. No one had looked at me twice during my travels to this appointment. I was just another typical woman heading off on another typical errand. What they didnt know was that my errand was anything but typical

Hello Ms. Johnson, my name is Erin and I will be your personal attendant today. Would you like to use the sauna or steam-room while you wait for your appointment?

The experience was getting a bit surreal now. Was I here for a spa appointment? Was I really set to be ravaged by some professional lover thirty minutes from now? I could feel the butterflies building in my stomach.

Um…yes…surea steam sounds nice. Oh and you can call me Dawn.

Well ok then Dawn, follow me.

Erin guided me out of the changing room and down a short hallway. As we rounded the last corner a beautiful ornate room filled with soft music, plunge pools, and my steam-room came into view. This really was feeling more and more like a trip to the spa.

The steam room is right over thereErin said as she pointed to the glass door with beads of water dripping down its interior.

You can hang your robe on this hook right here and I will come back to get you when its time. This is your private retreat and no one else will come in here until I return so please relax and enjoy. Is there anything I can get for you before I leave?

I sat silent taking in my luxurious surroundings until finally muttering a timid response.

Um…no…no, Im good. Thank you.

Erin smiled, turned, and walked away briskly back down the hall. It took me a moment to get my bearings but then a thought snapped me back into reality.

FuckI wonder how much Marci paid for this?

I felt bad instantly. This must have cost her a fortune. I wasnt sure how I was going to return the favor but my head was starting to spin and I though it best to go sit down. Heading directly towards the steam-room I sat on the bench just outside the door and tried to collect myself.

When I felt sufficiently grounded again I took off the slippers and robe and now stood naked in the middle of what looked like a Roman Emperors chamber. It felt naughty to be walking around so openly with every bit of my skin showing but Erin had told me the room was mine alone so the risk was modest.

When I opened the door to the steam-room my skin was greeted by a hot moist wonderfully scented blast of air. It had the scent of lavender andeucalyptus I think? Whatever it wasit was heavenly.

I stepped into the fog and shut the door behind me. I could see there were dials to control the heat, steam, and scent but I decided not to adjust a thing. Everything was just perfect and I settled onto the bench and closed my eyes.

* * *

The next half hour slowed down and I almost forgot the reason I had come. It wasnt until some beads of sweat gathered into a large hot ball of water and rolled over my exposed nipple that the reality of my situation returned to my mind.

It was exciting and yet it was completely terrifying. I still wasnt sure if this was something I wanted or if it was just something I was doing to appease Marci.

My nipple hardened as the sensation of the sweat stimulated the nerve endings.

Whether my mind wanted this or not there was no doubt about what my body craved.

Dawn, it is time for your appointment.

I had been so lost in my own dreamland that I hadnt heard Erin open the door. Instinctually my arms wrapped around my body trying to hide the excitement that was now so visibly showing. Erin just smiled and held open my robe.

I pushed my arms through the sleeves and she wrapped it softness around my moist skin.

Do you want to rinse off first or are you ready to begin?

I thought about it for a moment. Showering off my sweaty body was probably the right thing to do but I was afraid that if I did I would never have the nerve to come out. A fear was rising inside me and my mind started screaming to run away. If I didnt go now I might not go at all.

I took a deep breath, grabbing the lapels of my robe to steady myself, and then answered.

“I’m ready.

There was just a brief moment of silence and then Erin took charge.

Ok thenfollow me.

Erin led me out of the spa area and down a silent hallway. The lighting was dim and soft, setting a very specific mood. The walls were adorned with beautiful erotic artwork, like the kind you would find in the home of art appreciating millionaires.

I could now see the door where Erin was leading me. It was just a normal nondescript wooden door. I dont know why but I was surprised. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting but knowing what goes on behind this door I expected something more dramatic.

A few moments later we had arrived.

Ok Dawn. It looks like you ordered the sensory depravation experience. That is a very popular choice for our first timers. I think you are really going to enjoy it.

I let out a small gasp as my body finally remembered to take a breath.

There will be blindfold mask and a set of wireless earbuds on the bed inside. When you are ready just slip off you robe, get into bed, and put them on. Once you are lying down and ready your experience will begin. The most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy it.

My heart was now beating out of my chest.

If at any time you are uncomfortable with what is happening or want to stop just say the word “red”. Have fun and I will be there to get you when you are done.

I tried desperately to steel my resolve as I grabbed the bronze doorknob. I did want thisI needed this.

After a deep breath in and a slow exhale I turned the knob, pushed open the door, and proceeded across the threshold.

* * *

The room was softly lit just like the hallway had been. I closed the door behind me and scanned the room to take in my surroundings. There was a large king size bed pushed up against the far wall. I was a bit surprised by just how plush and luxurious the linens appeared. A thick fluffy comforter covered the bed and at least ten pillows made for an inviting lounge.

The walls were not the sterile white I had expected and instead were a rich mocha color with more exotic artwork complimenting the colors of the room. I felt more like I was in someones home rather than a brothel chamber.

There was an off white leather chair in the corner where I assumed I should lay my clothing. I had come here with a purpose and it was now or never.

Come on Dawnyou can do this…”

I untied the white fabric belt from my robe and let it drape toward s the ground. The front of my robe slid open and my skin met the warm air of the room. Despite the warmth I could see goose-bumps forming on my arm. Adrenaline was surging through me and it took a concerted effort to keep my body under control.

After sliding the robe from my shoulders I laid it across the leather chair. My soft spa sandals followed and I proceeded to the bed as instructed.

On top of the comforter was the blackout mask and a pair of wireless earbuds unlike anything I had seen before. I grabbed them off the comforter and moved them to the table beside the bed.

When I pulled back the comforter I noticed the sheets had a slight sheen to them. My fingers caressed its surface and the smoothness felt amazing.

Those must be silk or something…” I said as I tried to identify the soft buttery fabric.

The decorative pillows were tossed aside as I slid my trembling naked body between the sheets. This was it, the thing I had been thinking about nonstop ever since Marci had talked me into it.

I began to worry that it wouldnt be good or that I would be too nervous to enjoy it. What about my body? I could definitely stand to lose some weight. What if he is disgusted by me?

My nerves were getting the better of me and my mind was now louder then ever telling me to run.

I reached over to the table beside the bed grabbing the mask and earbuds. I quickly slid the dark fabric over my head until my vision was nothing but blackness. I then moved to put in the wireless earbuds they had provided. The first slid in easily and I heard a faint static sound. As I pressed the second bud into place The sounds of the room went silent and the crackle of static was gone.

I couldnt hear anything. The hum of the lights, the ruffling of the sheets, the sounds of my own breaththey all disappeared.

* * *

Laying down between the sheets, I explored my new world, a world without sight and sound. It was fascinating, the longer I laid in my oblivion the more my other senses came to life. The nerve endings of my skin explored the intricacies of each and every linen fiber while my mouth tasted the lavender scented air.

My mind was lost in a world of exploration as I probed the darkness. It was strange just how much the removal of ambient noise affected me. My own respirations were not something that I had ever actively listened to before but now that they were gone their absence was profoundly noticed.

The air moved across my exposed faceor I think it did. Was he in the room with me now? I had forgotten why I was here but feeling of a breeze on my cheek snapped my mind back into focus.

I felt a surge of adrenaline rush through my body and I fought against the compulsion to pull back the mask. It felt strange and scary to be watchedif I was being watched. Although I wasnt positive he was in the room I swore that I could feel his eyes penetrating my cloak of darkness.

My instinct was to grab the sheets and hold them tightly over me but my wanton body and neglected sex drive forcibly kept my hands at my side. I was frightened and yet my body was becoming more stimulated by the minute. I could feel my cheeks flushing and my nipples harden. Although I could not hear them there was no doubt that my breaths was quickening.

What was he waiting for? Had I really felt that breeze? Oh my god I think I am losing my mind. Maybe it was just

A finger… then two, gently settled against the skin of my cheek and brushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear. My body jolted in response to his unexpected touch.

I could smell him now. A distinctly manly smell. I wasnt sure how to respond. Was I supposed to touch him back? Should I moan to express my approval of his arrival? I felt so awkward and paralyzed with indecision. With no idea what to do I just lay there with my arms at my side, waiting for the instructive touch of the mysterious man in the room.

* * *

After stroking my face softly for several minutes his hand cupped my cheek and I felt him lean in for a kiss. My lips instinctually puckered and were met with a moist minty softness that sent tingles down my spine. His lips were were full and very pleasurable to the touch.

He pressed into my mouth softly, pulling away after only a few seconds. I gasp. He then began to wrap his mouth around each of my lips individually, playfully biting them as he worked his way around my open panting mouth.

Oh fuckthe words rang out inside my head as I reveled in the amazing sensation of his attention.

His hand journeyed from my cheek down to my neck and he let his fingers dance along the hem of my pulled up sheets. I wasnt nervous anymore. I desperately hoped and waited for him to grab the silky linens and pull them free. Every square inch of my body was now competing, screaming out for his attention.

My man of mystery ignored my silent pleas but instead removed his lips from mine and used them to slowly travel my skin down to the sides of my neck, skillfully teasing me, knowing that I wanted more.

Being touched without being able to see or hear was a completely foreign sensation. It felt strange to moan and have no feedback, to lick my lips and not be able to see the reaction in my lovers eyes. The touch was like nothing I had every experienced before. I could feel the grooves of his fingerprints and I could the sense the firing of individual nerve bundles beneath my skin with every new area that he touched.

Oh my god…yes” I knew the words had escaped from my lips but I could not hear them.

It was an involuntary response as he finally grabbed the hem of my top sheet and began to pull it down towards the end of the bed.

His lips traveled with the sheet and soon my breast were exposed to the warm lavender scented air. He stopped, not moving the sheet any further. The hem now rested on my abdomen as my chest heaved upwards, hoping to find his touch.

I did not have to wait long as I felt the warmth of his lips make contact with the underside of my left chest. I felt his tongue swirl against my skin, just painfully out of reach of my harden nipple which was now crying for attention.

He continued to swirl and tease, moving his mouth around the perimeter of where he knew I wanted it to be. His hand moved up and made contact with my other breast, working it in the same playful manner as his mouth, making sure never to give me what I wanted.

I pushed up into him, goading, pleading with him to make me wait no longer. Forgetting my awkwardness I now moved my hands from the bed and reached for the area of the darkness where I assumed his body would be. My fingers made contact. It felt likehis backhis very muscular, flexed back.

With some reference my mind now raced to paint a picture in my head of what my mysterious lover looked like. Just from the little bit that I could feel he was obviously well built and took care of his body. His hair brushed against my arms and I could feel that it was not too short but not too long. I pulled every image of hot men that I keep stored in the recesses of my mind, creating a composite of what I hoped he might look like.


I dug my nails into his back as his lips and fingers finally wrapped around the rock hard bulges in the center of my chest. He tugged, bit, and swirled my body into a frenzy. I knew that I was moaning and panting heavily but with no sensation of sound, all I could focus on was the sensations of his touch.

Oh my god that feels so goodI tried to verbalize, rewarding the behavior I hoped would continue.

I had no idea how hard it was to talk when you cant hear the sound of your own voice. I started worrying that I might sound stupid, that I might

Oh my god.

His hand traveled underneath the sheets, down my abdomen, and over my pulsing wet mound. All of my insecurities were forgotten as his fingers slid down the inside of my thigh my muscles tighten and I forgot to breathe. However, just as quickly as he had probed beneath the sheets his hand was gone and settled back on my chest.

My toes curled hard against the bed, reeling from the sudden stimulation. As much as I was enjoying his attention up top I now could think of nothing else but my wanting his attention down below. Luckily I didnt have to wait long as his lips continued their journey and I braced for his skillful tongue to arrive at my now dripping wet pussy.

* * *

The sheets were removed slowly from my abdomen and then my hips. His lips traveled closer and closer until I could almost feel his hot breath against my wet lips.

Thenhe stopped.

“No…no…no” I desperately pleaded inside my own head.

Why was he stopping? Was it over?

But my worries were soon laid to rest. My mysterious suitor rose from the bed and continued pulling my covers down until finally even my toes were free and I lay completely naked and exposed. My self-conscious mind again started to panic about the extra pounds I carried and what this man might think of me but the heat between my legs was more powerful and pushed down these less erotic thoughts.

His hands wrapped around my feet and began to massage the sensitive muscles that had walked me into this room only minutes before. My body began to fight against itself wanting to both relax into his grip and wrap itself tightly around chiseled form.

Soon a new sensation joined his fingers as I felt the warm moist pressure of his lips against the inside of my leg.

Oh hell yesI thought as I made the assumption on where those lips might be heading.

Slowly and steadily his attentive mouth traveled up the inside of my legs as his hands helped him explore the newly exposed flesh. I could feel my hips involuntarily grinding against the bed as I impatiently awaited his tongue.


His breath now gathered against the moisture of my swollen clit. His tongue danced around, only briefly flicking against my sensitive lips.


The frustration was almost unbearable.

Teasingflickinghovering just out of reach.

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