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The Bet

Come on Bella, hurry up!

My three friends heckled me relentlessly as I finished putting on my makeup. The only reason I was taking so long is because they had tied up the bathroom for the last hour getting ready themselves. At this point though the mimosas had been flowing for a while and there would be no reasoning with them.

Just give me two minutesI yelled out the door trying to calm the savages.

Picking Las Vegas for this years get-together had been a great idea but I dont think any of us had behaved so badly since college. Something about Vegas just brought out the best or worst in us depending on how you looked at it. One thing that was not in doubt though is that our foursome was having more fun then we had in years.

As I looked in the mirror while finishing the last of my makeup I started to feel a little melancholy. We were still in our twenties and what I considered young however I had a feeling that this might be the last of our wild girls onlyweekends. Although Elle and I were still single Lisa and Mindy would be married soon. The more I looked at our group the more I started to see grown-up responsibilities taking over our lives. Soon there would be kids, promotions, and a million little other distractions that would drive a wedge between our group. Sure we would always be great friends but things would be different.

With that thought lingering on my mind I set my sights on making this the most epic and memorable trip I could. I put everything back into my makeup bag, pushed it to the corner of the bathroom counter, and turned towards the closed door.

I grabbed the handle and could feel the vibrations of bass thumping music which emanated from the other side. The girls were in rare form and surely our hotel neighbors would be calling to complain if they hadnt already. I smiled, turned the knob and pulled open the heavy solid wood door.

Alright bitches, wheres my drink?

A chorus of cheers rang out from the rowdy bunch and it was clear the our evening had begun.

* * *

As if we werent already drunk enough our group decided to start off the night with cocktails at Ghost Bar. Elle had been to it on a previous business trip and it lived up to the hype. After waiting in a short line we were escorted to the private elevator which allowed access to the rooftop bar. The scene was sleek with black leather furniture and well dressed beautiful peopleall holding various frosted martini glasses with different color hues emanating from their alcoholic libations.

The girls and I were rotating between some of our own favorite glasses of liquid happiness. From cosmos to sidecars everything was on the table. Eventually the party moved outside onto the deck which took up half of the bars floorspace. The view of the strip at night from our glass perch was nothing short of incredible. The four of us were leaning against the railing and gawking at the view when we received a tap on the shoulder from a good looking server named John. He was carrying a tray in his hand with four martini glasses filled with a light pink color drink.

Compliments of the gentlemen at the bar.

We looked over towards a group of young guys raising their glasses in our direction. They were cute but not hot enough for us to hitch our wagon to them so early in the night. Our group traded glances with each other and it was clear that we appreciated the drinks but that was as far as this transaction would be going. At least that was what I thought the consensus was until Elle spoke up.

Girls, I think we can do better tonight. However, it was nice of them to buy a round and I want to make sure they know how much we appreciate it.

Elle grabbed my hips and pulled me in tight against warm body.

“Let’s give those boys a reward shall weshe whispered in my ear.

Before I had a chance to realize her intentions Elle wrapped her soft red painted lips around mine.

Holy shitwas the only thought my mind could form.

My body reacted on instinct and my mouth moved with hers. Our tongues danced across each others and her hand wandered down my lower back and across my ass.

I was shocked at the sensation of a womans touch. It was so different than a mans. I had never lusted after a women but if I was honest with myselfI liked it.

Elles hands had now moved to the front of my body and I felt her fingers circle my hardening nipples. My mind told me to be embarrassed but my body seemed to be in control and only wanted more.

I could feel all the eyes in the bar focused on us but I didnt care. Elle and I were in our own little bubble and the only thing that mattered was the tingling sensations each touch sent racing through my body.

My breathing quickened as her hand left my breasts and traveled down my stomach.

Oh my god! Holy shit! Is sheis she?

Elles fingers worked their way into the waistband of my skirt. Then slowly and steadily she slid her soft palm against the area above my most intimate region.

My breathing had stopped involuntarily. My entire body was rigid as I waited for that longer finger to make contact with my now swollen clit.

Oh my godoh my godoh

Ha Ha HaElle laughed loudly as she quickly withdrew her hand from under my skirt. The other girls were laughing too as they looked back to the slack-jawed men at the bar. Elles show had completely rocked their world and the men now sat completely entranced by what they had just seen.

I joined in the laughter as best I could and tried to cover my now very flushed skin. Elle had been trying to fuck with the boys but little did she realize how much her intimate touch had flustered me.

* * *

The ending of our our little showseemed as good a time as any to move on to the rest of the night. We all tipped back our glasses and drained the rest of that sweet pink inhibition eliminator.

The next few hours were a blur of dancing, drinking, and flirting. All the girls were in rare form and we were having a great night. I could tell as the hours ticked by that Mindy and Lisa were beginning to fade. I didnt want the night to end and tried to buy some energy drink infused vodka cocktails for everyone but it wasnt enough. Half of our comrades had fallen and it was up to Elle and I to keep the night going.

Well see you guys back at the hotel. Be safe.

After watching the girls head off Elle and I debated our agenda for the rest of the evening.

So what do you want to do?

Elle tilted her head as she considered my question.

We have been in Vegas for more then twenty four hours and havent done any gambling yet. There is something not right about that.

It was settled. The rest of our night would consist of letting the casinos separate us from our money.

I havent played blackjack in forever. Mind if we hit the tables?

AbsolutelyI answered Elle immediately.

I really enjoyed blackjack and found that it was one of the few games that you could make a hundred dollars last more then five minutes.

We roamed the casino for a few minutes looking for some open chairs. Unfortunately the only open seats were at the tables with one hundred dollar minimum bets. Eventually Elle was able to find an open chair at a fifteen dollar table and took it.

I stood behind her for the first few hands cheering her on as the cards seem to fall her way. Eventually the guy sitting next to her lost his stack of chips and decided to call it a night. I quickly filled the vacated seat, exchanged five twenties for a stack of chips, and pushed forward the minimum bet.

For those of us low-rollers at the table our stacks consisted of red five dollar chips. Looking around the the others players though I saw people playing with a wide variety of colors. Some people were playing hands with green twenty five dollar chips while others were playing with purple fifty dollar chips.

Holy crapI thought to myself as I calculated the bets people were putting in at this fifteen dollar table. Apparently the minimum bet had little to do with how much people actually played.

Every hand I pushed in fifteen dollars and almost every hand the dealer seemed seemed to reward me with a winning hand. Soon I was sitting on a rather large stack of red chips when the dealer pointed in my direction.

Miss, would you like to exchange some of those for larger chips?

I hated to jinx the roll I was on but my ego got the best of me. I wanted to be one of the players with the different colored chips. I pushed forward my ample supply of five dollar chips and looked the dealer in the eyes.

Give me twenty fives please.

* * *

Fuck meI was saying to myself about an hour later as I stared at my rather large stack of twenty five dollar chips.

Oh what the hellI said aloud as I pushed my chips forward to the dealer.

Give me fifties please.

Elle who had long since run out of chips was losing her mind in excitement watching me transform into a high roller. Somehow through the course of a few good decisions and a whole lot of luck I had transformed my original one hundred dollar into thousands.

A constant internal battle raged as I debated walking away with my winnings. It was so hard not to be greedy when everything seemed to be going my way.

Elle, I think I might call it a night.

No waywas her immediate reply. You cant stop now!

It was hard to argue with her enthusiasm since half of me wanted to continue anyways.

“Let’s at least step over to the high dollar tables and give those chips a spin. Come onjust a couple hands?

Her pleading eyes made me laugh. It was always easier to play with someone elses money and the number of drinks we had consumed had long ago knocked down any common sense limitations.

Ok fine. Just a couple hands though.

I gathered together my stacks of larger denomination chips and we headed off in search of bigger game.

The casino is arranged by game type and dollar amount so it wasnt hard to find what we were looking for. Tonight there seemed to not be much of a crowd at the one hundred dollar minimum table. In fact, there was only one guy sitting there at the moment so we walked over and I took up residence two seats to the left of him.

Eveningthe man said with a nod of his head.

He had the look of skilled card player but his demeanor indicated that the night must not being going his way.

Good eveningI responded back with a smile. The man did not physically look much older then us but the way he carried himself gave an impression of confident maturity. He was wearing dark jeans with a crisp buttoned-down shirt. The top button was left open and the chiseled line of his solid chest muscles was just barely visible. I tried to casually lean over in my chair to catch a better glimpse when I was caught red-handed.

“Ma’am, would you like to place a bet?

I instantly went flush with embarrassment as it was obvious to the entire table why I had been so distracted. I pulled two fifty dollar chips from my stack and slid them into the betting circle.

The dealer was showing an eight and the man was first to go. Unfortunately he was sitting on the dreaded sixteen. With the dealers eight showing he had no choice but to hit and as his finger tapped the table a five of diamonds left the dealers hand and slapped down on the table.

Yesthe man blurted through his previously calm demeanor.

He smiled at us and we returned the favor. Then it was my turn. I had twelve showing which means I needed to hit as well. I tapped my fingers on the soft red felt and the dealer pulled a single card laying it down on top of my previous two.


I looked down to confirm the dealers words and sure enough there was a nine laying on top of my twelve. The first round at this expensive table had gone very well so I pushed in two more fifty dollar chips for round two. The man at our table did the same and the dealer began to deal.

When the action stopped I had two aces sitting in front of me, the man had fifteen, and the dealer was showing a five. The man to my right went first and tapped on the table. The dealer answered his subtle non verbal request by throwing down exactly the card he had been looking for.

Holy shit! Honey I think you are my lucky charm.

Twenty one the dealer called out as the new six card was added to his original fifteen.

“Nice” I added in response to the mans good luck.

Then it was my turn. Given the dealers five it only made sense for me to spit my aces and play two hands simultaneously. This move can reward you doubly or hasten your demise. Normally I had no problem with following the rules of the game but the size of these chips gave me pause.

I looked at the cards in front of me and did the only thing I could do.

Split themI said as I pushed forward a new stack of chips effectively doubling my bet.

The dealer quickly pulled one and then a second card from the deck.

“Nice” I said exhaling loudly in response to the seven and eight the dealer had given me.

Added to my ace which is worth eleven this gave me an eighteen and nineteen respectively. Hopefully that should be enough for me to beat him at least on one hand.

The dealer flipped over his down facing card revealing a ten. He would need to hit and hopefully bust. His hands where quick and smooth as they plucked the blue card and placed it face up in front of him.

Damn itI mumbled looking at the five he had magically swiped from the deck. It was one of only two cards he could have drawn to beat me and now I had lost two hundred dollars in one fell swoop.

Thats it Elle. I want to keep some of this money I made tonight.

Oh come onare you sure?

I smiled at Elles insistence but stayed resolute.

Sorry babe, your entertainment for the night is over.

Um…pardon me” the man sitting to my right said softly.

I turned to look at him and saw his pleading eyes staring back.

I know this might sound a little crazy but you seem to be acting as my lucky charm tonight and I would really like to win back some of the money I have lost. Would you be willing to accompany me into the private poker rooms?

I stared back without response. The request sounded so strange I wasnt sure how to respond.

I know it sounds a little weird but I am a professional player and whether it is real or not I have seen how well a lucky charm can work for a player. It is very comfortable back there and you can have any drinks or food you desire while I play.

He could see that I still wasnt convinced.

Tell you what, if you do this for me and I win I will double the chips you have sitting in front of you right now as a thank you.

I looked down at my stack of chips. Even after my loss I still had twenty four hundred dollars in chips. If he really doubled them I would have turned my initial one hundred dollars into almost five thousand dollars. I looked back at Elle and saw he beaming face staring back at me.

Hell yeah well goElle said a little too enthusiastically.

Oh…I’m sorry but I am only allowed to take one guest back with me.

I looked at Elle again expecting to see that the deal was off but her enthusiasm for me didn’t wane.

Thats alright, I am tired anyways. Bella, go double your money and see how the other half lives.

Butterflies fluttered furiously in my stomach as nerves took control of my body. It sounded exciting and scary all at the same time. I looked down at my chips one more time and then back at the man.

Hi, Im Bella.

* * *

Good to meet you Bella. My name is Charlie. Are you ready to go?

I nodded as the dealer took my chips and consolidated them into larger denominations for easier transport. Then it was time to go. Charlie threw a one hundred dollar tip to the dealer for the both of us and we departed towards the back side of the casino. Eventually we ended up at a nondescript doorway with a large well-dressed man guarding it.

Good evening Mr. Thompson, back to play some more?

Yes sir! I found my muse and it is time to get a little of that cash back I so kindly loaned to the casino a few hours agohe said with a wink.

The door was opened and we were escorted down a short hallway to another door. As the second door opened I saw a small room with five men playing around a card table. Entering the room a little further I saw that I was not the only guest in this room. It seemed that most of the players had brought their token woman to the game.

What had started out as a fun little adventure suddenly had me feeling very self conscious. The other women in this room were complete bombshells in glittering dresses. Every other woman I laid eyes on was easily a twelve on a scale from one to ten.

Unconsciously my body had frozen in place and I stood just inside the doorway blocking Charlies entrance. My trance was only broken when I felt a hand gently settle on my lower back.

Its ok Bella. Just go have a seat in the club chair over there and I will have a server bring you a drink. Just remember, whatever you want is on me.

I followed his instructions and strolled over to the plush white leather club chair behind seat at the poker table. A server quickly followed me and I ordered a sidecar asking her to please make it strong.

Looking away from the beautiful women that were starting to give me a complex, my eyes trained on the other men at this card game. There was a mixture of thin and heavy, tall and short. The one thing that the table seemed to have in spades was an air of confidence. I looked at the chips they were using and didnt recognize the colors on them. I could only imagine what the dollar value was that these seemingly powerful men were playing for.

As I looked over Charlies shoulder across the table, a pair of piercing blue eyes met my gaze. I looked down quickly, embarrassed for staring at the man. About five seconds passed before my curiosity got the better of me and I looked back up.

Those dazzling sapphire eyes hadnt moved. The face that surrounded them was tan and defined. Sandy brown hair that seemed to have just fallen into place highlighted his intensely good looks. I tried to look away but couldnt. I was completely memorized by this man and my body had relinquished control to his gaze.

Finally, I was offered some relief when it was his turn to play. I exhaled loudly now remembering I had forgotten to breathe. I could feel tingles in my body radiating literally from my head to my toes. The sensation made me feel light-headed and I grabbed the newly arrived cocktail to occupy my awkward hands.

The game continued on as I and all of the girls from the swimsuit issue sat back and watched. It was fascinating to see these guys play and Charlie seemed to be winning a lot more then he was losing. This might turn out to be a very profitable night. Five thousand dollars could cover the cost of the trip and then some.

Before I knew it I was looking down at my watch seeing the small hand cover the two. I couldnt believe that it was two in the morning already. I had been in this room watching for over an hour and I wondered just how long Charlie had planned to play. I guess that is something I should have asked before agreeing to this adventure.

So Charlie, it looks like you are having a pretty good nightthe man with the blue eyes said as he leaned back in his chair ever so slightly.

Yes Adam, yes I amCharlie said with poorly concealed enthusiasm.

Well Charlie, here is the problem I am having. Despite your good luck tonight your stack of chips is still too small to match the bet that I would like to place on this hand.

I could see Charlie sit up a little straighter putting himself in a defensive posture.

Adam continued I think I have a solution to the problem though. If you are agreeable I will go all in with every chip I have on this table and in return I only ask that you put up your date as collateral.

The room went silent as everyone considered what was just said.

If you win you get all of these chips and I walk out of her with nothing but if I win, your date becomes my date for the rest of the evening.

My mind raced as I tried to consider what this man was saying. I tried to remind myself to breathe but all I could focus on was the man across the table with the powerful stare.

But…I…I meanshe…”

Charlie stuttered through a series of unintelligible words as he tried to come to terms with Adams proposal. Charlie knew that I was not his date or his property. Hell, he didnt even know me. But the terms were too enticing and he had been on fire all night. He truly believed I was his lucky charm and looking at the stack of chips in front of Adam, Charlie stood to increase his money by a multiple I could only imagine.

Who the hell is this guywas the thought that echoed through my head loudly. Who would treat that much money so casually and all for a date with me. What exactly did he expect from me for a price like that? The entire thing was terrifying and yet as I looked at Adam a growing part of me secretly hoped to find out.

Charlie turned around and looked at me with pleading eyes.

Um..soBella. What do you think? I meanwould you be willing to…”

Yesthe word slipped from my mouth before I could even consider an answer. It was an automatic and almost animalistic response. Maybe it was the steady stream of drinks the server had been delivering but there was something about this man that made me want to surrender to him, to submit to whatever desires he had in mind.

* * *

Charlie returned his attention to the table and the game played out. The other men had folded already watching this most unusual wager play out. The excitement was palpable and the air was thick with tension.

Straight flushCharlie said confidently as he laid out one of the highest possible hands in poker.

It looked like I wouldnt be leaving with the mysterious blue eyed man.

Straight flushace high

It took me a moment to process what Adam had laid down. The two men had the same winning hand but with an ace as his high card Adams hand beat Charlies.

Holy shitI whispered as the weight of what just happened settled on my shoulders.

Adam kept a straight face the entire time and no one else in the room said a word.

Would you put these towards my house accountAdam said to the dealer as he stood up from his chair.

With a confident stroll he walked in my direction. I could feel my breathing quicken and a shiver ran up my back. My idle hands fidgeted profusely as he closed the distance and then he stopped directly in front of me. Without ever breaking his gaze he offered his hand.

Shall we?

I reached up timidly, putting my small porcelain-like hand into his large powerful grip. He helped me to my feet and then we were off through the door and down the hall which I had just traversed not too long ago. We quickly reached the end of the hall and he led me back out into the casino. Walking across the casino floor I was oblivious to the lights that flashed and buzzed all around me. It was amazing just how different the world felt as I walked through the frenzied activity of the low-rollers. If only they knew what was going on behind that nondescript door.

When we finally stopped I saw that Adam had taken us to a quiet bar located just outside the casino floor. The bartender saw us and immediate dropped what he was doing to attend to our order.

Yes sir, what can I get for you?

I will take a scotch on the rocks and a sidecar for the lady. That was what you were drinking right?


The fidgeting was getting worse now as I awkwardly tried to figure out what I was supposed to do.

Well I dont think we were formally introduced. My name is Adam

My name is Bella.

Well its very nice to meet you Bella. Dont worry there is no need to be nervous. I am not going to make you go with me tonight. I just wanted to stick it to Charlie in there. I figured I could buy you a drink for your trouble and then you are free to go.

My body instantly relaxed and I let out a long held breath. Relief flooded through me and yet there was a nagging feeling of disappointment that I couldnt seem to shake. The bartender delivered our drinks and Adam raised his glass in toast.

To the best bet I have ever made.

We clinked our glasses and I sipped on one of the strongest and tastiest martinis I had ever consumed. The nerve endings on my tongue seemed to be magnified as I tasted every sweet and sour note sliding down my throat.

Well Bella, it has been a pleasure meeting you. Youre free to gothat isunless you would like to continue our date and come upstairs with me?

* * *

This time my body did not tense up. I knew what I wanted and I was no longer at a loss for words. Sure of my decision I looked back into his penetrating gaze and answered.


Adam smiled. It was the first time I had seen him smile the entire night. He seemed to have an eternal poker face but the thought of going upstairs with me broke his facade, even if only a little. His response made me feel good, it made me feel sexy.

He guided me towards the elevators and once inside he pulled out a solid black keycard. After inserting it into reader and getting a green light Adam selected the top floor and our elevator quickly whisked us away. We didnt say anything on the ride up. I still wasnt sure exactly what this was. What did he expect? What did I expect?

The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open to reveal a short hallway with a grand doorway at the end. Adam grabbed my hand and led me towards the end of the hall. Once there he slid his card into the reader and opened the tall heavy door.

Opulence does not begin to describe the sight that was now in front of me. I had obviously heard about high-roller suites in Vegas but I just had no idea how amazing they could be until now.

The living room was massive and seemed to go on forever only to lead into other enormous rooms. The entire back wall of was made from glass and looked out over the strip. The neon lights of Vegas were mesmerizing from our luxurious perch. I stood there taking it all in. Taking in the beauty and absurdity of my situation. But that is when I was interrupted.

Take your clothes offa calm but confident voice called from the other side of the room.

I turned to see Adam sitting in a black leather chair in the far corner of the room. He had his legs crossed and his right hand brushed the late night stubble which had accumulated on his face.

I said take your clothes off Bella.

I stared back at him not quite sure how to respond. A request like this from any other man would be met with a slap in the face but with him it wasdifferent. I could feel my most intimate parts starting to swell in response to his directions. I wanted to listen. I wanted to be told what to do.

I took a deep breath and then reached down to the bottom seam of my blouse. My eyes darted back and forth from Adam to the floor as I nervously tried to undress myself in as sexy a way as I could manage.

The blouse dropped to the floor and then the skirt. I was now standing in the middle of the glass walled room in nothing but my underwear and jewelry. I went to take off my neckless when Adam spoke.

Just the clothes. The jewelry stays.

I followed his command without question and instead unfastened my bra pausing only briefly before letting it fall to the floor. I felt so exposed as the city of Las Vegas looked upon my naked breasts. My nipples, already hard, seemed to swell even more as I contemplated the voyeurism.

Last was my underwear. I was so thankful that I had decided on the sexy red lace underwear for tonight. Slowly, I pushed the waist band down my trembling legs until finally they hit the floor and I stepped out. I could feel the slight breeze of air conditioning brushing against my exposed naughty bits and it sent a taboo thrill tingling between my legs.

Now Bella, show me how to pleasure you.

It took me a moment to realize what he was asking. Adam, who was now leaning back slightly in his chair was asking me to masturbate for him.

I had never done anything like this before and I was terrified at doing it wrong or looking stupid. Adam could obviously sense my hesitation because he spoke again.

Just close your eyes and think of me. Show me how you would like me to touch you.

I did as he said and closed my eyes. The darkness made the fear subside and I reached for my hardened nipple now softly taking them into my fingers. I worked the sensitive skin in just the way I liked and my internal temperature began to rise. Slowly my mind began to fantasize and I forgot that I was being watched.

My left hand continue to pull and circle my hardened tips as my right hand now worked its way down my stomach. There was no need to worry about lubrication as Adams instructions had already made my pussy plenty wet.

My fingers meet the soft folds between my legs and a bolt of electricity shot through my clit.

Oh fuckI said reflexively. Apparently I was much farther along then I had thought.

I began to work my hot swollen clit which quickly stoked the erotic fire burning inside of me. A clear image of Adam now began to form behind my closed eyes and and my hand became his. I wasnt sure how long I would last as a lustful rage took control of my mind.

I had never masturbated standing up and as I neared my climax I wondered if my knees would buckle. Either way, I would find out soon as I was well past the point of no return.

Oh my godoh fuckohoh

I was so close and I tried to brace myself for the floodgate of endorphins that was about to spill through my body when I felt a thick hard cock press up against my ass. Adams hand pushed mine aside and vigorously took its place. Adam pushed me up towards the glass wall of the living room and I leaned against it with my hands.

His other arm wrapped around my waist taking the weight off my legs and giving me permission to collapse into my orgasm.

Oh shitfuckoh…Adam”

My now open eyes looked out over the city as Adams talented fingers stroked my pussy into involuntary spasm. The release was enormous and my legs buckled instantly. Adam held me up and kept his fingers working to draw out every last drop of pleasure from my trembling body.

When the pulsing finally stopped, Adam pulled his hand away from my intimate regions and instead wrapped them around the back side of my legs, scooping me up and cradling me inside his powerful arms. No words were spoken, only a look exchanged. A look that said we were by no means done yet.

* * *

Adam carried me in his arms across the living room floor and down a short hallway to another open door, the bedroom door. This room was just as opulent as the others and my spent body felt of a surge of renewed excitement. The bed had been made up with silky black sheets and soon I found my skin sinking into their softness.

My mystery man walked into a small hallway off the main bedroom and I waited anxiously for his return. Soon my wishes were granted as Adam came back with something in his hands.

I squinted, trying to make out what he was holding. Whatever it was it appeared to be red and silky. He closed the distance further and now the object came into focus. He was carrying a tie. A solid red silky neck tie.

Adam approached the bed quickly, confidently, and very naked. Even in the dim lighting of the bedroom I could make out his tight chiseled muscular body. This was a man that obviously paid attention to the unbelievably sexy tool he had been given. He crawled into bed with me and before I could reach out to touch him, Adam grabbed my hands pinning them above my head.

I looked him in the eyes and for only the second time in the evening I saw him crack a slight smile. He let the red silk tie unfurl from the hand not holding me down, its end landing on my flexed abdomen. Methodically he dragged its tip up my body as goosebumps of anticipation rose on my skin. After sliding softly against my flushed cheeks the tie finally ended its journey dropping over my pinned wrists.

Adam’s gaze intensified as I felt his grip tighten. Quickly, he used both of his skilled hands to tie an elaborate knot around my wrist and then secured them to the headboard. He pulled hard at both ends of the tie making sure that I was securely fastened and then his lips met mine, burying themselves passionately into my wanting kiss.

I pulled against the tie forgetting that it was there. I so badly wanted to wrap my arms around him and run my nails down his back. The frustration of my restraint only intensified as his lips left mine and started to travel down my neck and chest.

I wanted so badly to grab onto him but his knots held true. I wrapped my legs around his torso and pulled him into me, begging for relief.

His lips pulled and swirled around my sensitive nipples before proceeding down the curves of my stomach and hips. Just as his mouth approached the wanting wet lips between my legs, he stopped. I could feel his warm breath against my sensitive folds. The wait was painful and I thrust my hips forward to meet his mouth but Adam just backed away slightly, keeping his tongue just out of reach from my throbbing swollen clit.

Oh fuck AdampleasepleaseI pleaded with him desperately. My libido was again at full throttle and I didnt have the patience to wait anymore.

Oh shit…PLEASE…”

Adam finally relented and slid his tongue against the nerve endings that had been crying out for his attention. He wasted no time and the skill of his mouth was beyond my expectations.

The wait had driven me into a frenzied horny madness and the stimulation that his fast flicking tongue now provided was more then I could handle.

Oh yeahoh fuck…Adam…oh.oh

Just as I was about to cum all over his eager mouth Adam stopped, slid up the bed meeting my gaze, and pushed his thick harden cock deep inside my slippery passage.

OH FUCKI yelled as the sensation overwhelmed my body. Pleasurable chemicals flooded every nerve ending and electricity danced across my skin. I could feel the power of his tightly toned body as the girth of his excited cock thrust deeply in and out of me.

“Oh Adam…fuckthat feels so good.

Now I was a woman on a mission and looking up at Adams flexed jaw I could tell we were of the same mind.

Fuck me Adam. Fuck me hard.

Adam increased his intensity, now letting out moans of his own.

“Harder” I commanded as he braced himself and shoved that huge dick deeper.

Oh fuckI gonna cum” I moaned.

This signal let Adam know that there was no reason to hold back any longer. His cool composure had been reduced to an animalistic madness. He was pounding away at my tightening pussy and I could tell that he was mine.

I pulled against my restraints one more time to no avail when I felt his body go rigid. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in deeply.

Adam screamed in a guttural beastly way and I felt his hot cum explode inside me. The sensation was enough to push me over the edge. I kept my legs wrapped tightly around him and squeezed myself around his twitching shaft until my body let loose in a torrent of orgasmic waves.

Oh fuckOH SHIT!

Both of our bodies shook from the earth shattering orgasms until Adam finally collapsed into me. We lay together with our sweaty bodies intertwined. I could feel Adams body drifting into unconsciousness and asked to be untied.

We laid there for several minutes until I felt Adams body release and go limp. He had entered the wonderland of his dreams and I wondered just what they might entail. Very soon I felt my eyes getting heavy. I wanted so badly to stay awake. I wanted to savor ever minute of holding him in my arms and looking at his perfectly sculpted body. I didnt want this evening to end.

Finally, the sandman overcame my objections and I drifted off into a dreamworld that could never live up to the fantasy I had just experienced.

Continue the story - Seduction (Billionaires Bed Vol. 2) or you can purchase the rest of the series at a discount with Omnibus (Billionaire’s Bed Vol. 1-3).

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Book 2 Preview

Damn I’m sore!”

This was the first conscious thought that formed in my head as the dream-world slipped away and the light of day took control. My eyelids were heavy and I struggled to open them but then my lustful excitement took hold. My eyes opened, but instead of being greeted by the sinful sight of my naked unknown lover all I saw was an empty bed.

Must be up alreadyI thought to myself as I stretched out my aching muscles from the night debauchery. The silky sheets felt just as good on my naked curves as they had last night when Adam pressed my body into them.

The soreness was still there and focused mainly between my legs. I wasnt sure if it was his impressive size or the power with which he used it that caused my vagina to ache. Either way I was more then happy to carry the burden as I hobbled out of bed and located a robe that had been laid out for me on the edge of the bed. The robe was thick and luxurious. In fact, everything in this room was several steps above amazing. I had been so distracted last night in the dark that I had not been able to truly take in the magnificence of my surroundings.

I put on a pair of plush slippers that were on the floor under the robe and set off for the kitchen where I had assumed that Adam must be having some coffee. The smell of hazelnut permeated the air and I closed my eyes looking forward the the hot creamy wakefulness that would soon be sliding down my throat. It was very quiet as I walked down the hall, surprisingly quiet. The hallway opened up into the living room and I was greeted by that incredible floor to ceiling view of the Las Vegas strip. The same view I watched the night before as my clit quivered and my body collapsed into his arms.

Speaking of Adam

I turned and proceeded quickly towards the kitchen and my lover who I longed to see. When I arrived though my hopes were quickly dashed. In the hazelnut scented room a single red rose was laid on the counter. Under the rose was a note.

Bella, last night was amazing. The room is yours for as long as you want it today. I believe you had an agreement with Charlie that he would double your money if he won. I think it is only fair to honor that bet since I am the lucky one that got to go home with you. - Adam

Underneath the note I saw a single poker chip. I picked it up to read the numbers on its face.


Holy shit!

The words flew out of my mouth involuntarily. I couldnt believe that I was holding a ten thousand dollar chip in my hand. I had started off the night with a couple hundred dollars and this morning I stood in some crazy large penthouse suite, having been ravaged by an incredibly good looking man, and holding a ten thousand dollar chip in my hand.

The whole thing seemed completely surreal and my head was spinning. The spinning only stopped when the quiet of the room caught my attention again.

But waitwhere did he go?

I read the note again looking for clues but there were none to be found. Adam, my mystery man, had disappeared from my life as quickly as he came into it. The note did not leave a way to contact him or any reference to getting together again. Just like that, my fantasy had flashed into existence for one brief night only to disappear into the ether the next morning.

I tried to fight it but disappointment flooded my body. I am not sure exactly what I had expected, but the night had been so perfect I never wanted it to end.

There was a large assortment of pastries and other breakfast treats spread out on the table for me as well as that strong seductive odor of hazelnut coffee that was summoning me toward the pot. It was time for me to let go. I had experienced something amazing, something I would remember for the rest of my life. I may as well pour my coffee, make a plate of treats, and enjoy my luxurious accommodations.

After making a delectable looking plate of breakfast style tapas I located my phone, sat down at the kitchen table, and hit send.

Elleyou are never going to believe what happened last night.

Continue the story - Seduction (Billionaires Bed Vol. 2) or you can purchase the rest of the series at a discount with Omnibus (Billionaire’s Bed Vol. 1-3).


As I sat in the plush leather chair looking around at the office foyer I couldnt help but feel like I was in the lobby of a five star hotel. The walls were accented with a dark rich mahogany wood trim adorned with beautiful artwork which looked like it would fit better for a museum. Who knows, with the history of this company and the man that runs it that may be exactly where the art came from.

I still couldnt believe I had received the call for this interview. The most successful entrepreneur and investor of our time was looking for a apprentice and after multiple phone interviews, medical exams, and psychological batteries here I was. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and I had to remind myself to keep breathing. My entire body tingled with anticipation and I started to feel dizzy.

Keep it together MindyI kept pleading with myself. It didnt help that this incredibly handsome titan of industry had, on more then one occasion, been the focus of my fantasy while pleasuring myself before drifting off to sleep.

At the dawn of my college tenure I never would have dreamed the field of finance would be my ultimate destination. The early years of my education had been spent learning just how much alcohol it would take for me to remove my clothes. This almost always led to a very unsatisfactory night with an equally intoxicated frat boy and a walk of shame back to my dorm.

That had all changed my sophomore year when I was fulfilling my core curriculum requirements with an ECON 101 class and was introduced to Professor Moore. He was funny, inspiring, and most of all encouraging when I showed some promise with the subject matter. Three years later I had graduated at the top of my class only to enter one of the worst economies the country had ever seen. After the daily grind of living with my parents for over eighteen months I was giving up hope and starting to go stir crazy.

Then Mr. Moore had called with that offer. I just couldnt believe how lucky I was that he had a connection to this visionary icon and thought to recommended me. Now I just needed to make sure I dont blow it. Suddenly a sound startled me and I looked up.

Ms. Laskin, Mr. Keselman will see you now.

* * *

I took a deep breath, stood up, and with all the pseudo-confidence I could muster followed the receptionist through the door. She led me down a long hallway lined with heavy solid wood doors that again reminded me of the glitzy hotels I had seen in movies. As we approached an apparent dead-end the reception guided me to the right. This section of the hallway was different having no doors except for a huge entryway that towered over us and suddenly made me feel very small. The walls in this section were lined with the seemingly endless awards and accolades collected by this brilliant man.

Once we arrived at the imposing gates of his castle the receptionist opened the door and motioned for me to enter. I slowly crossed the threshold and with the sound of a door clicking behind me I peered around the room in awe. Two of the walls were constructed of floor to ceiling windows looking out over the Chicago Skyline. There were unique and beautiful art pieces strategically occupying the vast expanses of open space in the suite.

Just as my vision moved past an elegant painting of probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen my eyes locked onto his. I froze and after a few seconds realized I was holding my breath. Mr. Keselman was movie star gorgeous with air of power that was intimidating. As he approached I tried to ready myself but found my vision uncontrollably drawn down his well tailored shirt which hugged the chiseled chest beneath. With the bottom of his sleeves rolled up I could just make out the sinewy bulge created by his incredibly strong forearms. If I wasnt mistaken there was another bulge that was making its presence known as well. Could his cock really be that huge that I could see it through the drape of his dress pants?

MindyThe sound stunned me and I soon realized I had been staring directly at the object of my desire in so many fantasies. I snapped up to look him in the eye and extended my hand to shake his. My fingers were met with nothing but air. Keselman had stopped just out of reach and was staring intensely at me with his deep blue eyes. Unsure of what to do I began to walk towards him hand outstretched for introductions.

“Stop.” His command startled me and the butterflies in my stomach now fluttered with anticipation.

Sir, I don’t…”

Just stand there and let me have a look at you.I could feel my heart pounding as he looked me up and down.

Joe Moore thinks pretty highly of you.My knees were starting to feel as if they could buckle at any moment. What was he doing? Was this some sort of test. As he stared at me I could feel my skin beginning to flush.

Now turn around slowly.I did as he commanded. I felt completely powerless to voice. I slowly turned in place being careful to keep my balance. Was I dreaming this whole scene. The entire experience felt too surreal.

“Stop.” he ordered me softly. I had turned exactly one hundred eighty degrees and was facing away from him. Silence consumed the room and I began to shift uncomfortably waiting for his next instruction.

So Mindy, I am looking for looking for somebody to fill a position. This position will require complete commitment. I would require you to completely submit to my needs and my demands. Is this something that you feel you can do?

I think soI said breathlessly as I still stood facing away from him staring out the wall of windows.

Well that is just not going to cut it Mindy. This is an all or nothing position. I need to know that I can rely on you completely. So I ask you again, can you submit to me?

What was he asking? Was I misreading his intentions? Was this all some sort of psychological test to be able to join his world of power brokers or did he want something more? Did the influence of my fantasies cloud my judgement? Either way I wanted to submit to this man. Whatever sacrifices he needed me to make I wanted to be with him. I wanted to stare at his beautifully chiseled body. I wanted to feel his power.

Yes Mr. Keselman I can submit to you

* * *

Good. I think Moore was right about you. I believe you are going to fit in well here. The job is yours for now. Just remember your commitment to me. When I ask something from you I expect your absolute compliance. Now go home and rest. Tomorrow I want you here at midnight to begin your training.


Thats right I want you here at twelve oclock sharp. Is that going to be a problem?

No Mr. Keselman that will be fine.

We will be entertaining some clients so dress nicely.

Yes sir, I will see you tomorrow

I turned towards the door and retreated from the office still feeling dizzy and confused. What had just happened and what kind of submissionwas he expecting from me. As I walked down the hallway towards the exit I noticed for the first time that my nipples were hard and my underwear was wet. Oh God, had he noticed. Flustered I did the best I could to adjust my top so that no one would see my excitement.

Upon arriving at home I was greeted with probing questions from my parents. How did it go?” “Did you get the job?I gave them a quick highly edited synopsis of our meeting. I told them that I had been offered the job but was very tired and really needed to get some sleep. Darting upstairs to my room I was welcomed with the thought that hopefully this would not be my room for too much longer. I think my parents were as excited to get rid of me as I was for my freedom.

As I collapsed onto my bed my eyes gazed at the ceiling and I replayed the events of the day. I still could not wrap my head around what exactly had happened. Maybe I was reading too much into his comments. Perhaps he was just some weird guy on a power trip. As much as I tried to rationalize it in my head my intuition told me otherwise. There had been a tension in that office. I was sure he was looking for more then just an apprentice.

With thoughts of Keselman flooding my head I could feel myself again getting wet. I slowly slid my hand down to my clit and pressed down. Oh how I wish that was him. With small circles I moved the sensitive folds of skin against each other as I imagined how his tongue would feel. Closing my eyes I moved my finger down lower and a tingle shot through me. My body was responding in a way it never had before. The sensations were heightened as I recalled that blue eyed stare.

The circles of my fingers tighten as I began to increase speed. Oh god how I wanted it to be true. I wanted to submit to this man. I wanted him to take me and do all the things I had been dreaming of. The image of his powerful arms holding me in place. Then the slow, full penetration of his huge cock filling me up. My fingers were now moving frantically over my slit as I desperately craved for the release. Then biting my lip I felt a deep surge well up inside of me until I absolutely could take no more. Huge orgasmic waves surged through me causing me to bit my lip and tear at the sheets in quieted ecstasy.

I laid there drinking in the heightened sensation of it all. Then slowly and without knowing I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

In only one hour I would be starting my first day working for one of the most powerful men in the world by entertaining clients of his at a midnight cocktail party.. What the hell was I supposed to do at this gathering I wondered. Was he having me come to act as a server and fetch anything he might need. Did he expect me to actually take part and interact with a room full of millionaires and billionaires? If this was his expectation what on earth was I supposed to add to the conversation.

I had not grown up around wealth and power and had absolutely no idea what was expected of me. The more I considered the possible scenarios for the evening the more my nerves were getting the better of me. Driving down the road to his office I just turned up the music and tried to tune out my worries. Considering who I was going to work for I had better get used to situations like this. I just needed to follow Keselmans lead, listen, and do as I am told and I am sure everything will work out fine.

When I arrived at the office building I noticed that it was mostly dark. Lights always remained on in the lower lobby and you could see a couple of windows lit up occupied by workers burning the candle at both ends in a dire attempt to stay relevant and keep their jobs in a desperate economy. I headed to the elevator and punched the button for the 60th floor. Keselmans company owned the entire top three floors of the building and had their name boldly lit on all four sides. As the numbers counted up I felt the nerves begin to build. Just focus on breathingI mumbled to myself.

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