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First Edition, Version 2.0

6 June 2018

It had been almost a decade since Arjun and Niyati had seen each other. They studied together in the coaching class for medical entrance exams. Niyati belonged to a wealthy family and was a much guarded and pampered daughter of her parents. Being the single child of a successful doctor couple, the goals of her life had been predefined much earlier in her life. Whereas, Arjun belonged to a lower middle-class family, which always struggled to make its ends meet. All hopes and dreams of his family solely rested on the success level of his career.

Both Arjun and Niyati were good students and desired to excel. Though they were hailing from contrasting backgrounds, somewhere a void was budding within both of them due to similar reasons. The over expectations of their parents were pressuring their minds up to an unbelievable extent. With each passing day, they both were losing self-confidence. The constant pestering in Arjun’s home and the over expectations in Niyati’s home were driving both of them mad respectively. Their performance had started degrading, and they continuously struggled to keep up with the pace of their studies.

With every assessment, their grades were lowering down. But in the class of eighty students, they both were unaware of each other. Both didn’t know that there was someone like them struggling with the same pressure. One such day, Niyati decided to stay back after the class in the canteen area. She didn’t want to face the disappointed faces of her parents because of her performance once again.

As soon as she took a seat and scanned the canteen, she could see a similar face. Arjun was sitting at the corner table with his nose buried in a book. Though she had never had a word with him, today she needed the company of someone who would not be judgmental of her, and what could be more comfortable than a stranger who was also a safe and familiar face. She approached him with little steps and caught him looking at her through the corner of his eyes.

On the pretext of discussing a question in the book that Arjun was reading, Niyati took a chair opposite to him. Soon enough, the discussion that started for finding the perfect solution to the question turned into a lengthy discussion of how difficult the preparation was and how their grades were falling. They both got along like a house on fire. The sentences that were started by Arjun were finished by Niyati and vice versa. It was as if they understood each other so well that words were not even needed for their conversation.

The first conversation soon turned into countless discussions and love made its presence felt crossing all the boundaries of class between them. But they both knew that they were two ends of a river that could never meet. The tenure of their preparation classes came to an end, and they both promised each other to meet at the same institution after the final results to decide their future together.

With the renewed energy and the dream of uniting with her love, Niyati excelled in her exams and was selected in the most reputed institute of India. She was filled with happiness, new hopes and dreams to share her joy and discuss future plans with Arjun. Soon, the day arrived when they both had decided to meet. Niyati reached before time and waited eagerly for Arjun. But minutes turned into long hours, and Arjun didn’t come.

Niyati tried all her contacts in the institute to gather his details but all in vain. The phone number was invalid, and the address was incomplete in the institute’s records. She couldn’t understand why Arjun had just vanished. There were numerous questions, which were unanswered and continuously pinch her in the heart every now and then. She wondered if Arjun ever loved her or he was merely killing his time with her. Disheartened, Niyati left for her college and with her busy course and new life, she moved on.

Though she grew up to be a successful oncologist in the most reputed hospital in India, yet she could never grow out of the love-hate relationship with Arjun. At the back of her mind, she always wondered why Arjun didn’t keep his promise. She cursed herself for not gathering his whereabouts details beforehand. She had planned so much in a short span of their deep love that she couldn’t believe that Arjun dumped her without even hinting that he intended to do so. She had a burning desire to meet him once and ask him why he did so.

And today after more than ten years she saw Arjun as one of her patients lying in the ICU. Dressed in the patient clothes, he looked almost unrecognisable to Niyati until she checked his name on the patient information notepad. For a moment, Niyati was shocked. She couldn’t believe that Arjun was lying in front of her in this severe condition. But Arjun appeared calm, although physically he looked drained out entirely with various machines surrounding him for supporting his body organs.

The earlier stage of cancer had been detected in him when he had first met Niyati while they studied together and fell in love. He knew he was dying back then. But he also knew that Niyati needed some support to hold on to or else she would be buried under her parents’ expectations. Arjun knew he couldn’t help himself, but he could help Niyati to grow, and he did the same. He motivated, loved and supported her when she needed these things the most. And then he quietly moved out of her life.

But now at the last stage of his life, they were once again face-to-face. The reason might have been the undying love of Arjun and constant love-hate emotions of Niyati that united them again.

Niyati did everything to make the last days of Arjun’s life as comfortable as she could. Everyone at the hospital came to know their story and took great care of Arjun in Niyati’s absence. Both Niyati and Arjun were aware of Arjun's nearing end, but they both were at peace with life and found solace in each other.

Arjun took his last breath with the love of his life, Niyati by his side. But her eyes didn’t turn moist as she could see the peaceful face of Arjun resting in peace. She felt so lucky to be loved by such a loving soul as him. And she always wanted to remember him as her unbeatable support system.

Today she could understand what Arjun had told her once when they used to spend time together, and she kept busy in making numerous plans for their future. He always said that life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown, and question papers are not set. And Niyati always laughed at him back then. But now she could understand Arjun more than ever.

All this time she always kept wondering why she had to suffer so much and why couldn’t she win a peaceful life with the love of her life. She questioned herself why life was so unfair to her when she had planned it exceptionally well in advance! But she forgot that life couldn’t be planned. Life just happens! Niyati would never have realised what true love actually meant if she had not undergone such pain. She would have got lost in tremendous pressure if Arjun had not come as her saviour. She would have never been successful if she had known the truth about Arjun back then.

At some point in our lifetime, every one of us has been in a phase when things do not happen as per our planning, and this makes us feel angry at our life. Yes, it is true that we always want everything to fall in the same place as we had initially planned it to be but that rarely happens. We curse the time, situations, people, ourselves, just anything and everything! We start believing that life is not fair enough to us and we are being targeted. We keep on wishing that these different things might turn out as per our wish. But is it the only way in which we can interpret the mishap of our planning?

There is nothing so-called accidental in life. Life is not a string of mismatched meaningless beads. The things that happen, whether or not as per our plan, are bound to happen anyways. The first meeting of Niyati and Arjun was bound to happen as Niyati was in need of help and Arjun was present there to rescue her. And the favour was returned when Arjun met Niyati again as her patient.

In this era, love has become more of a ‘hashtag’ rather than being a real feeling. And in such times, people like Arjun teach us that the real meaning of love is aiming good for your loved ones even if you can’t experience it yourself.

It's just that sometimes things fall apart only to fall in the right place at the right time. At any moment, a slight change of your decision can change the path of your life forever. Initially, it may seem favourable or unfavourable, but they may be falling in the right place in reality. Just try to rewind a few moments in your life. You will find how unknowingly you make the smallest changes that result in unexpected results. It can be a person standing behind you or sitting next to you, or any phone call you receive or make, any book you read or the next movie you see could be the one single thing that causes the barriers to open, and changes every wrong thing in your life to a right one!

When you are in a tough phase of your life, and you think that life is unfair, try to consider a possibility that maybe life did so on purpose. Maybe the things are falling apart not to punish you or terrorise you but to make you realise that something better suits your personality and to remind you of your purpose. Just giving a patient thought that maybe life is falling apart to make something better for us, really prompts us to see the positive side of any situation.

Life is said to be unpredictable for the reason that there is no set pattern of things that happen or an easy way out. Things happen at their own pace at the right time and transform into something better than we had planned. We just have to work hard, believe in ourselves, have faith in our abilities, and the rest will fall into place. Live in the present and believe that there is a reason behind everything that happens. People change to make you learn to ‘let go’, things go wrong so that ‘right things can be appreciated’, you are betrayed so that you can ‘learn to trust yourself’, expectations fail so you can start ‘believing in yourself’, you feel helpless at times so you can have ‘faith in God’ and good things fall apart so that ‘better things can replace them’.

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Rashi Dubey is a software engineer by qualification, but her heart lies in reading and writing. She was brought up in India, in the city of Uttar Pradesh known as Aligarh. Currently, she is residing in Gurgaon with her husband and a five-year-old son.

Apart from being a passionate reader and writer, she also enjoys travelling to new places, enjoys solitude, and loves trying different cuisines. She loves listening to fast beats and grooving on them.

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