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Swing Island Excerpts

The juicy bits from the Swing Island series

1. George's Surprise

by Charlie Wish


This story contains explicit details of sexual acts between consenting adults. If explicit details of sexual activity including rimming are likely to offend you in any way then please do not read any further.

Bath time

George settles into the lush leather chair as Ellie disappears off to prepare his bath and rather than just enjoy the view out the window Georges own mind starts an argument with himself.

Ask her to join you in the bath. No stupid. You're just going to stuff it up for yourself. She is the only one that can get you through this and you making some stupid move on a bird that is no way going to be interested in you. She works for you and makes a lot of money. No, for fuck sake don't fuck this up for yourself.

This in countless variations goes around and around at speed in his head until from directly behind him.

"All ready for you".

George nearly jumps out of his skin but hides it rather well, he thought, and politely says thank you and rises up out of the chair and goes towards the bathroom. Ellie suddenly steps sideways and blocks his path and begins to unbutton his shirt. George freezes like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

She slowly undoes each button and slips it off his shoulders and lays it carefully over the back of the chair then starts to undo his belt and his trousers. Whilst George's mind has completely stalled his cock, which always had its own ideas, became very hard very very quickly and Ellie could not help but notice, that under his boxers, he was very aroused.

Gathering his senses and suddenly feeling embarrassed as he remembers his small size, George says "It's OK you don't need to undress me or or or sorry".

Smiling up at him and then purposely looking at the lump pointing straight out at her she says "It's fine, I would like too if that's OK?"

George just slowly nods with an enormous grin on his face that was so wide it almost hurt.

Ellie then kneels down and begins to slowly pull his boxers down until his exceptionally hard cock springs into view. "Sorry," George says sheepishly "I have never been undressed by such a beautiful woman before. Ellie just smiles up at him and very gently starts to kiss the tip of his cock which makes it pulse and jump in excitement. After several of these kisses to his cock, she opens her mouth and engulfs the head and starts to suck it. Almost immediately George shoots his load right into her mouth which she continues to suck and swallows his hot spunk.

"I am so sorry" George pleads, desperately ashamed that he came so quickly and didn't warn her he was going to.

Ellie stands up and with her hand gently holding his still hard but spent cock says "It's fine. I love the taste of you and hope to get a lot more in the future". Georges mind goes completely into shock and refuses to accept that she said that. She leads George by the cock to the bathroom and helps him into the bath. Then, while he watches, she removes her dress to reveal her perfect naked body. Her breasts are George estimates, a bit larger than a handful or maybe two and gently sways as she bends down to retrieve her dress from the floor and turns around to place it on a chair. Her arse is perfectly rounded and very soft looking and turning around George can now see she does not have a single hair on her pussy and is just a perfectly looking thin line between her legs.

"May I join you?" she asks

"Oh, god, yes please" George chokes out.

With a smile on her face, Ellie steps into the bath and settles down facing him. She picks up the shower head from the side of the bath and having adjusted the temperature of the water, wets George's hair. She continues to wash his hair and rinse it off, all the while gently smiling at George as he ogles her perfect bared breasts. She then grabs the soap and begins to wash his shoulders and arms before working down over his chest. Oh, my god, she has such a gentle soft touch he thinks.

"Stand up" she whispers.

George stands up and stands in front of her with his hard cock pointing directly at her face.

"Mmmmmm your cock is beautiful" and she begins to gently wash it paying special attention to under his helmet. Once satisfied she has it clean she starts to soap his balls. As she does so she asks "Do you mind if I shave you down here so you're as smooth as I am?".

"You can do anything you like to me. My body is yours to do with as you please."

"And I will take perfect care of it and worship it" Ellie responds "Turn around and sit down again so I can wash your back".

Having satisfied herself his back was clean she tells him to stand up. When he does she begins to wash his buttocks and lets her fingers linger on his crack ever so softly at first but slowly getting more and more daring. Each time she touches the bit directly adjacent to his anus George cannot help but give a little moan and try as he might not to pushes back a little as if trying to get her to push between his buttocks onto his anus. Ellie smiles to herself and says "bend over for me and part your legs".

Trembling with excitement George does as he is bid and Ellie watches as his arse cheeks part displaying his tight sphincter and his hanging balls come into view. She cups his balls in her hand and gently squeezes.

Having soaped her fingers she begins to very gently brush his bum hole as George begins to moan in intense pleasure. Very slowly she begins to insert one finger up inside his arse which makes George moan even more. Having pushed it all the way inside his body she gently starts to withdraw until it is nearly out and the begins to push back inside until its all the way in. She repeats this slow fucking of his arse for several minutes then starts to insert a second finger slowly stretching his arse open until she has both fingers buried right up inside George. Withdrawing her fingers, much to George's disappointed, she then leans forward and pushes her tongue in as far it would go and begins to move it around inside him. Sensing that George is getting very close to shooting his load a second time she withdraws, pats his arse and says "let's get dried and take this to the bedroom. I really need to have that beautiful hard cock up inside me".

Having dried each other off Ellie leads George across to the bedroom by his still throbbing cock. "Lie on your back lover" Ellie instructs. As he does she is immediately on top of him gripping his cock and lowering herself onto it. He feels her wet pussy lips part and starts to swallow his cock. She slowly sinks further down until she has fully taken him inside herself and his balls are squashed up between them. She slowly begins to fuck him as he lies there looking alternatively and her beautiful smiling face and her perfect breasts gently wobbling as she bounces up and down. George reaches up to squeeze her breasts and pinches her nipples which cause her to begin to moan. As she gets closer to her climax she leans forward and pulls Georges head onto one of the breasts. He eagerly sucks the nipple into his mouth and begins to suck and nibble at it. Each time he takes a gentle bite Ellie moans and thrusts down harder onto his cock. George quickly gets the idea and bites a little harder each time until she screams loudly and he feels her muscles begin to grip his cock harder than he could have imagined or ever experienced. This sends him over the edge and he begins shooting his seed deep inside her whilst grabbing her by the hips and pushing in as hard as he possibly can. It feels like her pussy is gripping and pulling him in even deeper as she milks every drop out of him.

After what has to be the most intense and amazing orgasm of his life Ellie slowly lifts off him and with a very contented look on her face begins to clean his cock off with her mouth. Once she is satisfied it is clean she crawls up the bed and holding his cock they drift off to sleep.

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About The Author

Charlie Wish is a writer of romance and erotica novels. Charlie started writing late in life, having been a programmer and company director for more than a couple of decades.

Making a sudden decision to give up his rented house, sell everything, and move into a motorhome with his wife and two dogs, he found the joy and love of travelling. Preferring to be in mainland Europe for the majority of the time, without the distraction of the television, Charlie started to read. His long walks with his dogs provided time to think clearly and eventually started to have an idea for a book of his own. To his surprise, he found the writing and ideas just flowed quickly and easily. One book became two which became three and so on.

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Neither of them wants their regular chats to end, and Tom decides to carry on servicing her pool for free after work. Kelly grows very attached to the young, fit man in her life and hatches a plan to try and seduce him.

Due to an accident where she breaks her elbow and a few ribs, it looks like it's her plans of seduction are doomed to failure. Can Kelly turn things around in her injured state? Does Tom finally admit to her his feelings?

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Intern Humiliation

Samantha, the company ball buster, is forced to have an intern. Todd, a very fresh-faced young man, is unlucky enough to be on the top of the pile.

On his first day, he makes a mistake and has to suffer the punishment Samantha gives him of being stripped naked. Trouble is Todd’s obvious excitement gives him away, and he becomes Samantha’s new toy to humiliate in any way she can think of. It turns out that he is not the only one to suffer.

Unexpected Massage

Love found over a massage table

Two office colleagues who have wanted each other secretly for years finally discover they have feelings for each other while he tries to help her study for a masseuse exam.

Things get very steamy on the massage table, and the truth comes out about how they have felt about each other all this time.

Emma Finds A Sugar Daddy

She gets exactly what she wants

Eighteen-year-old Emma didn't want to grow up and was very unhappy. Suddenly finding herself on the streets after her stepfather threw her out she found solace in Tom who was willing to look after her.

Initially, Tom only had platonic feelings for Emma and just wanted to help the poor girl. Emma had other ideas and slowly seduced him.

Nude In France

A reluctant nudist teenager finds love and romance

Jenny and Jody who have been close friends since beginning primary school, fall out over the revelation that Jody fancies Jenny's brother, Tom.

Jenny tries to make Jody suffer by not telling her that their planned holiday to France is to a nudist resort. It all backfires on her when Tom helps a very embarrassed and innocent Jody through her first time at being naked in front of someone, and a romance develops very quickly.

The Cabin

Things turn hot as they fight the cold.

Five teenagers who have been close friends since their first year of secondary school take a trip to a cabin in the mountains just before Christmas.

Freak weather hits without warning and the five find themselves isolated many miles from any help with no chance of rescue until the storm passes.

Tragedy strikes the group and they are forced to cope with their situation mixed with emotions they have never had to deal with before. As their situation deteriorates they discover just how really close they are and ways to stay warm and survive until they can be rescued.

The Aphrodite Effect

A young old erotic romance.

Jack, a logistics manager, is forced into early retirement by his firm and is given a new lease of life with a substantial package allowing him to move to a Greek island where he ends up buying The Aphrodite, a tourist boat with a reputation for love and conceiving babies.

Sophie, a young lady who worked at Jack’s old firm, ends up on holiday with her three friends on the same island and books a trip on his boat unaware who owns it. Sophie is still a virgin and is waiting for Mr. Right before giving herself to him.

Sophie’s friends are not so innocent and seduce Jack in front of her, and she see’s a naked man for the first time in her life. Something happens inside Sophie and powerful feelings she had never felt before begin to surface.

She has to find out what they mean and persuades Jack to take her out on her own to watch the sunset. The Aphrodite works her magic on them, they fall deeply in love and Sophie losses her virginity to the much older man.

Will they stay together? Did The Aphrodite do more? Did she get pregnant?

2 Single Mums & A DILF

He doesn't stand a chance as they plan to share him.

Matt, a muscular, single dad, and ex-soldier attends his local mother & toddler group for the first time with his young son.

Two single mums, who are very taken with the six foot hunk of a man, move in on him quickly and the best friends plan on sharing him, putting plans into place to both seduce him and find out what he is hiding under his clothes.

Julie persuades him to try her breast milk and easily gets what she wants.

Alison seduces him with a dessert served on her naked body.

Matt soon catches on to what they are doing and makes his own plans to get his revenge.

All goes to exactly to plan, and everyone enjoys the results

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