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Room Service

Chapter 1

God I am fucking broke,I yelled to no-one in particular.

My state of affairs lately had gotten rather bleak, which was quite apparent from the wrappers laying around the room. Specifically, they were all wrappers from the dollar menu since I was currently trying to live off of just a couple of dollars a day in food.

It was depressing but on a pure calorie for calorie basis there was nothing quite as cheap as the fast food restaurants. With just a couple of dollars I was able to muster a thousand calories a day which at the grocery store, despite my best efforts, had proven far more difficult.

I had tried a depressing array of methods to stretch the food budget from noodles to peanut butter and jelly but nothing packed quite the economically efficient punch of the local burger joint. Now I had no idea what this was doing to my health but I was just going to have to worry about that later.

The bitch of it was that all of this sacrifice was because of him. Its all because of that stupid no-good mother-fucker that I somehow blindly fell for.

Why the hell had I blown all my money trying to save his ass? He was a small-prick guitar player of a band that wasnt even all that good.

Somehow the asshole had swept me off of my feet. I got caught up in the romance of it. It all seemed so perfect at the time and for some reason his mountain of debt and horrible habits with money didnt set off any red flags.

I was nothing special. I came from a pretty fucked up household as a kid and moved out as soon as I could. My battling parents provided a particularly toxic environment which did nothing but help toughen me up. From the first day on my own after leaving their house I took responsibility for my life. I worked my ass off to provide for myself because I knew that no-one else would.

I never went to college and I didnt have any connections. Pure grit scored me that first job and determination built up my savings. I was in a really good place went that train-wreck of a man crashed into my life.

Somehow he convinced me that it was my own idea to pay off his debts. I then worked my ass off to allow him to live rent free while he pursued his musical dreams. All of this while he fed the fantasy in my head of him taking me away from my decidedly difficult and grinding blue-collar life.

He was going to pay me back ten-fold. He was going to give me a life a luxury. It would all be worth it in the end.

What a sucker. What a chump. I am such a fucking idiot.

Amazingly an opportunity eventually did come their way and they were offered the chance to go on the road and open for a pretty popular up-and-coming band.

He didnt even have the decency to lie to me. He just packed up his shit and left.

I had served my purpose. He had gotten his free-ride.

I swore to myself that I would never, ever, be anyones free ride ever again!

Chapter 2

“I’m so sorry Lucy but I have to let you go.

The words hung in the air as I tried to process what I was hearing.

No. It cant be. It can’t.

Its nothing personal Lucy, youre great. Its just that the restaurant hasnt been doing so well for the past couple of years and its getting to the point where I am having trouble paying the bills.

But Andy…,” I replied without knowing how to end the sentence.

To be honest, I will probably be out of business soon enough and we will all be looking for jobs. In the meantime I have to try and cut expenses and you were the last one hired so you have the lowest seniority. Its only fair.

It was hard to argue with sweet simple Andy. I loved him and he had been good to me. Although I felt like I was a better worker than some of the others in the restaurant, none of them were bad and no-one deserved to be let go. I couldnt argue with his seniority logic. However, given my current circumstances I didnt have the luxury of being agreeable.

Andy, I understand, I really do. But…um…can you keep me on just a little while longer? Just while I look for a new job? Please?

I was begging at this point and I hated the sound of my own voice. This was not like me. I was the strong independent girl who made it all on my own and now I was reduced to begging for a handout.

The truth of the matter was that the job market around us sucked for a girl like me and I barely had two pennies to rub together. I wasnt sure if I would starve first or be kicked out onto the streets.

My mind drifted as I considered that maybe before I starved I would have just enough time to hunt down that guitar playing limp-dick pussy and cut off his

I am sorry Lucy, I really am. I wish that I could help but I have to think about my family and the families of all the other employees. Every extra day that I keep you on means we are that much closer to shutting our doors for good. I am truly sorry.

My entire body slumped as my eyes drifted from his down to the floor. I was done fighting. After losing all my money, the man I thought I was in love with, my family, and now my jobI was justdone.

If there is anything else I can do Lucy please let me know. If you need a reference or anything I will tell them that you are one of the greatest hardest working women I have ever met.

Andy hugged me and I let him. I hated what he was doing but I had no hatred for the man. He had been nothing but good to me over the years. Eventually, as the tears started to gather in the corners of my eyes, I pulled away from his embrace.

Is it ok if I go ahead and close out my tables before I go?

Of course it is Lucy,Andy responded with a pained tone in his voice. I could tell that he wanted to take it all back and that he would if he could. Instead, Andy reached up and wiped away some wetness from his own eyes before returning to the kitchen.

I spent the next twenty minutes making sure that all of my customers had their food and settling the checks when they were done. There was always an interesting mix of people in Andys diner. Today I had a family that looked like they had gotten dressed up in their Sunday best for something. I had a young hopeful couple flirting away while another couple in their seventies sat silently in the booth behind them, holding each others hands without a word needing to be said.

My eyes lingered on the sweet older couple. I wondered about their life. I wondered about the stories they could tell. I wondered if I might someday ever be able to find that same thing. Would I ever find someone who I could sit across from without a word said, feeling completely content?

Lucy, order up,Derek shouted from the kitchen. This plate was for my last official customer. The man whom I would be delivering it to definitely didnt seem like he belonged here. The dark haired man with the penetrating blue eyes looked to be wearing a suit that was worth more than I could make in five years. He was impeccably groomed but had a confident relaxed low-maintenance feel about him.

He looked like he would be just as at home modeling for a famous fashion line as he would running some multi-billion dollar company. People like him did brunch in fancy hotel restaurants, they didnt stop into diners like this. He seemed out of place but I couldnt complain about the view. He almost had me forgetting about the fact that my life had just completely exploded.

“Here ya go,” I said with a trembling voice. Is there anything else I can get for you?

I was having a hard time keeping it together and it was obvious that I had been crying.

Are you ok,the stranger asked with a look of true concern in his eyes.

Yes…um…wellno to be honest.

With little left to lose I found myself opening up to this complete stranger.

I just got fired actually. I just got fired right after my previous boyfriend ran off with all of my money so actually today is turning out to be a real shitty day.

My own words shocked me and I looked around to see if anyone was staring. Why was I telling this stranger about my problems? This sexy-model of a man had just stopped in for something to eat and now he had to listen to his waitress babble on about her fucked up life.

I decided to cut myself off and go hide in the back until all the tables had turned and I could leave.

Um sorry, I shouldnt have said that. I gotta go.

As I was turning to run away I could see him open his mouth in an attempt to say something. I didnt give him the chance and instead headed straight for the bathroom where I spent the next ten minutes crying.

When I finally emerged from my personal pity party I looked around the restaurant and saw that all of my tables were empty. I hadnt even brought the dapper man his check yet. Did that asshole dine-and-dash? Is that how he afforded such expensive suits. That cocksucking motherfuck

Before I could finish the though Andy walked up to me. It looked like you could use a moment so I went ahead and closed out your checks. There was onewellthere was one guy that left you a rather large tip.

I looked up from the floor into Andys eyes.

The man in the corner booth, he left this for you.

Andy handed me a huge wad of cash that made my eyes go wide. I couldnt help but start counting it and almost forgot to breathe when I realized that the sexy man in a suit had left me a $1000 tip on his $32 bill.

Is this real,I asked Andy.

Yes, this is real and it is yours. I love you Lucy and thank you for being such an excellent person to work with.

Andy pulled me back into his bear-like grip and gave me one last hug.

With my last shift over it was time to leave. I pushed the cash into my pocket and shuffled out of the restaurant, not sure exactly where I was heading. I must have walked for hours before finally heading home with sore burning feet.

My body collapsed onto the bed and I didnt even take the time to undress. I was exhausted, mentally and physically exhausted. I just didnt have the energy to even take off my shoes.

As my eyes slid shut I knew that I would need to spend the rest of the day on the internet looking for new work. I still had internet at my apartment for the moment so I may as well use it. That was another bill that I was not going to be able to pay after the mysterious mans money ran out. Soon I would need to lug my computer around town looking for free wifi, that is of course if I wasnt kicked out of my apartment first for not being able to pay my rent in which case wifi could end up being the least of my problems.

With that last wonderfully painful thought my eyes finally sealed shut and my brain closed down operations from complete and utter depletion.

I had nothing left. I needed to sleep.

Chapter 3

What was meant to be a nap turned into an entire day in bed. I was asleep for most of the time but when I did awake I could not summon the energy to confront the world that lay before me.

The next morning I did finally slid reluctantly out of my warm sheets and took a long hot shower. Today was going to be a long day.

I needed employment, like right now! Because of my former resident music shit-head I was left with no cushion to get me by while I looked for another job. Every day that ticked off the calendar was another bill that was not going to get paid.

After running through most of the hot water I eventually got out and dried off. It was now time to sit my butt in the chair at the computer and spend as many hours as it took to find someone, anyone, that would hire me.

The biggest problem these days was that it was hard to find a job for someone like me unless you knew somebody. Most of the openings online were for college graduates or for special skills that I didnt have. The other option was to drive around town and knock on doors but that could be a huge waste of both time and gas which of course meant moneywhich I didnt have.

I clicked through several of the traditional job sites spending hours getting more and more depressed. With each description I tried to fit my square peg into the round hole of their job description but in the end it seemed useless. There just wasnt anything that remotely fit my resumeand it would be a waste of my time and theirs for me to apply.

Eventually I found myself moving on from the traditional job boards and onto the more local online bulletin board that was more famous for selling your old shit and casual hookups then for finding a good job.

As I scanned through the job listings I at least started to see some that might consider a girl like me. I right clicked and sent each of the possible jobs to a new tab in my browser. None of these listings were anything I would normally look at but the fact is that I was desperate and not too proud to work hard at any job. I just needed to find something that could pay the bills and hopefully get me out of this financial pit that the asshole had left me in.

Then I saw it.

House-keeping. Not exactly an exciting job title but the hourly pay listed was incredible. I blinked my eyes a few times just to make sure I was seeing things correctly. How the hell could a house-keeper make so much money per hour?

Well I didnt care if they had me cleaning up dead bodies at a crime scene. For what they were offering to pay I was willing to clean up just about anything and despite the current state of affairs in my apartment I was actually a normally very tidy person.

I clicked on the email provided and sent along my resume with the best possible letter I could put together explaining how exactly a recent waitress would make an excellent housekeeper.

After rereading what I had written probably twenty times I finally pressed send and crossed my fingers. As luck would have it, I didnt have to wait long.

A red notification bubble popped up just an hour later letting me know that there was an unread message. It was from a woman named Mrs. Stark. I had scored an interview and she wanted me to come by tomorrow if I was available. Little did she know just how available I was.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to focus on other job listings but always coming back to tomorrows interview.

How the hell do they pay so much money for that job?

I just couldnt figure it out. Was this whole thing some sort of scam. I mean the earnings were almost in-line with something I would have expected to make with a newly minted engineering degree. I just didn’t understand.

The thought also occurred to me that if that was on a public bulletin board and others could see the pay rate then there would probably be a line a mile long for interviews tomorrow. What were the odds that I could score something like that, especially without any direct experience?

Eventually my frazzled brain tired of the guessing games and urged me to sleep. I shut down the computer and slid back into the bed I had spent so much time in already. Tomorrow was going to be a big day and I needed some rest.

Chapter 4

What the hell?

I looked down at the phone in my hands again to check the address.

Yup, this was it. The job listing had not said exactly what kind of business the housekeeper was for but this was not what I had been expecting. When I think of housekeepers I think of hotels or the cars that drive around to peoples homes. From this looks of it, this was neither.

I was now parked in front of an old sprawling mansion that was located about forty-five minutes outside the city. The house, if it could be called that, was enormous and sat privately nestled in the middle of a gigantic wooded estate. I had no idea this part of town even existed before.

The driveway had been long and meandering and once I finally arrived a young good looking man met me at the car before it even rolled to a stop. I rolled down the window, feeling quite intimidated by my surroundings.

Good afternoon, you must be Lucy. Mrs. Stark is expecting you.

This was not exactly the welcome I had been anticipating for a housekeeper interview.

If you will leave your keys with me I will be happy to take care of your car for you. There is someone just inside the doorway who will show you were to go.

Um…ok,” I said timidly as I put the car into park and slowly slid out of the front seat. I looked back several times making sure that I had not forgotten anything, or more likely, that I had not left anything embarrassing out for the valet to find.

Steadying myself, I then proceeded to the large massive front doors of the building. I grabbed the handle and pulled expecting to meet the weighted resistance of massive solid core wooden doors but instead they were perfectly balanced in such way as to make them almost weightless. The door accelerated at quickly and I almost hit myself in the face as I pulled far too hard. Luckily I was able to react and stop the door before making a complete ass of myself.

Ok Lucy, just breath you idiot,I told myself as I walked through the doorway threshold and into the large ornate foyer of the well appointed mansion.

After closing the door a sound startled me and I yelped.

Hello Ms. Edwards. I hope that you had a pleasant drive in.

I spun around to see a slightly older woman with a kind look on her face and I couldnt help but blush in embarrassment at my less than graceful entrance.

Yes, thank you,were the only words I could seem to muster at the moment.

She smiled and motioned for me to sit down in a well-cushioned chair sitting just opposite of her reception desk. As the woman picked up the phone my eyes drifted around the room and I took in all the amazing art and decorations that surrounded me.

My eyes moved from one object to the next and it soon became apparent why they might pay so much for this job. The value of each item in this room is probably more than I would make in a lifetime and I would imagine that they want a housekeeping staff that is not going to break the priceless artifacts.

There was absolutely no way they were going to give this job to someone like me. I had exactly zero experience with anything like this. Quite frankly, as I looked around the room I wasnt sure that I wanted the job anymore. I couldnt imagine how nervous I would be day in and day out knowing that one clumsy act might destroy some million dollar piece of art.

Ok Ms. Edwards, Mrs. Stark is ready for you now.

My stomach dropped.

Fuck. I needed a job and this position paid so well. My gut started to tie in knots as the urge to run away from this scary looking mansion battled with the urge to earn enough to eat.

I took a couple of deep breaths before pushing myself up and off of the chair. The muscles in my legs flexed to propel me forward as my doubts fought to keep my feet firmly planted to the floor.

Fuck, come on Lucy. Pull yourself together. You are stronger than this,I said quietly inside my own head as I mustered the courage to let my legs take me down the hall and towards the dark mahogany door that the receptionist had pointed to.

One foot slowly swung in front of the other until finally I had arrived. I knocked before I had time to reconsider and after a three-second pause there was a response.

Come in…”

Chapter 5

I turned the door knob and pushed the heavy door forward. The office was beautiful and looked as if it might be the showpiece of some high-end interior decorator.

My eyes darted from the wall art to the beautiful ornate rug before moving up and connecting with the smiling face of Mrs. Stark.

I froze. I suddenly felt way out of my depth. This place was way too classy for me. For fucks sake just a couple of days ago I was a waitress working for a second rate diner in the shitty end of town.

Hello Lucy, please come in.

Mrs. Stark’s voice shook me from my stupor and I finally snapped back to reality.

Um…yes…of course. Hi.

Strong start you fucking idiot,I scolded myself as I entered the room and shut the door behind me.

Please have a seat,she said in an extremely pleasant and disarming voice.

I proceeded to take the desk in front of her chair and tried as hard as I could to focus on not fidgeting.

So Lucy, tell me about yourself,she asked as she leaned back in her chair.

The atmosphere in the room seemed to instantly get less formal and I found myself feeling almost comfortable. Mrs. Stark let off an air of friendliness that was almost hard to describe. She was very disarming and her smile forced you to have one of your own when you looked at her.

I started going over my background in the most curated way possible. I skipped over the thief boyfriend, the financial hardships, the train wreck of a family, and the firing. I tried to highlight myself as a hard worker and evening tried to spin my firing as me looking for better opportunities. Mrs. Stark, in her very polite manner, was having none of it.

Lucy, my first impressions of you are good. I like you. However, there is one thing that I value above all othershonesty. I do my homework and know more about you than you probably realize.

I already spoke with your previous boss.

My heart skipped a beat as I realized I had just been caught in a lie. She had already talked to my boss? How, why? Dont they normally call references after the fact? I had just assumed for a job like housekeeping I didnt have to worry about providing references.

She continued, Now I know that you did not quit but that you were let go. I also know that your boss spoke very highly of you and your work ethic.

I sat silently and listened, not sure exactly where she was going.

He said you could always be trusted to not only get the work done but to always do it to the best of your ability. In fact, he sounded pretty torn up about letting you go and that speaks more to me than any spin you want to put on the situation.

I flushed, feeling guilty for the little white lies.

We are quite selective about who we hire here and I need to know that I can trust you. We have some very important clients and your discretion is paramount.

Discretion? What the hell was she talking about?

So, before we go any further why dont we start again. Lucy, why dont you tell me about yourself.

I paused for only a moment before letting the floodgates open. Mrs. Stark was so easy to talk to and one story led to another. Before long she knew more about my life than almost anyone ever had.

During my info-dump my eyes had drifted to the floor in shame. I still felt so stupid for letting a guy do that to me. I felt like an idiot for some of the other choices I had made along the way. Although I knew that I was a hard worker I was sure that anyone who worked as hard as I did and had half a brain should be miles ahead of where I was in life.

Lucy, look at me.

It was then that I realized I had been looking at the floor for the last several minutes and again felt like a moron.

My eyes slowly drifted upwards until they met hers and I saw that damned infectious smile still on her face.

Lucy, I am very impressed with the obstacles you have overcome. You sound exactly like the kind of girl we like to employ here.

I was shocked. This was officially turning into the weirdest interview I had ever heard of.

Now before we go any further, do you have any questions for me?

I couldnt believe it. I might actually get this job. All my troubles might actually be coming to an end. I did have a question for her but I was afraid to ask it. I begged myself not to.

Just be grateful and move on you idiot,I scolded myself.

But my curiosity got the better of me and Mrs. Starks disarming demeanor made it all too easy to be bold.

Um, yes…I…I have one question.

I pause for a moment thinking about how exactly to frame the question. Eventually I realized there was just no delicate way to ask it and so I just pulled the trigger.

Why are you paying so much money for a housekeeper?

Chapter 6

Mrs. Stark laughed and then responded, I was wondering when you might ask that.

Things then turned more serious as she pulled up her chair closer to the desk. I straightened up in response and braced for the serious news she looked ready to impart.

Well Lucy, we run a very particular kind of business here. Had you heard of us before the job listing?

“No,” I responded.

Exactly,she replied.

We provide a place of respite and fantasy fulfillment for a very well-heeled clientele.

Fantasy fulfillment,the words rolled off my tongue in a questioning tone?

Yes. Some of the most rich and powerful men in the world come here and we provide them with privacy, anonymity, and a staff of woman who provide them with a service they desperately require.

I thought that I understood what she was trying to say but I couldnt bring myself to believe it.

These men could have just about any woman in the world and those woman might even be willing to give into their particular kinks or desires but the man will always be left wondering if there is an ulterior motive.

Yup, this place is exactly what I thought. I was now sitting down for a job interview in some super high-end brothel.

These men need a safe place where they can explore a more vulnerable side of themselves with professionals that wont judge them and can keep a secret.

I now looked at Mrs. Stark in a whole new light. She looked to be in her forties or maybe fifties with blond hair, an excellent figure, and a powerful presence that seemed to make her ten feet tall. I had no doubt that she could stand toe-to-toe with any CEO and I was spellbound by the air of excellence that seemed to emanate from her.

So you asked about the pay. The fact is that you would be a housekeeper and you would be cleaning up some rather elaborate messes after the client sessions. But more importantly, you will be a professional and a secret-keeper which is why the pay level is set where it is.

My mind raced.

This job is not for everyone but I think for someone like you it might be a good fit. However, now that you know the full details I completely understand if you would like pass on the opportunity. Just know that if you accept you will be all-in. The secrets you keep will need to go to your grave with you. We take this vow very seriously.

Mrs. Stark now seemed to relax and leaned back in her chair.

While I give you a moment to think it over can I get you something to drink?

I tried to speak but the surge of nervous adrenaline had dried out my mouth and I had a difficult time forming the words.

I licked my lips and once the moisture had returned I finally responded, Um, yes, a water would be great.

Mrs. Stark smiled at me and then with a quick wink she pushed up from the chair and left me in her office to ponder the offer.

Prostitution, or was it an escort service? Was I really willing to cross this line? I wasnt even sure how I felt about it. I had always been pretty liberal in my views that people should be able to do whatever they want with their own bodies but now that I was actually hereand being offered a job in the industry I felt like I was somehow doing something wrong.

Panic started to rise inside me as I wrestled with the ethics of the situation. The more I thought about it the more I thought there was nothing wrong with what they were doing here but the fact of the matter was it was still illegal. Did that mean I would be a criminal? Would the police come kicking down the door and slap handcuffs on me?

I knew that Mrs. Stark would not be gone long and I needed to come to some sort of conclusion quickly. This was not the kind of job offer I could ask for days to think about. If I walked out that door I was sure that they would offer it to some other more eager girl who was not tied up in existential knots.

Fuck I really needed this money. It was such a great opportunity and I really liked Mrs. Stark.

I could hear footsteps growing louder in the hall as the sand began to run out on my decision hourglass.

The jiggle of the doorknob signaled her return and I knew that my time was up.

Mrs. Stark walked into the office and handed me a bottle of water.

So Lucy, what do you think? Would you like to join our little family?

I sat silently for a few seconds reconsidering the decision I had already made but there would be no changing it.

“I’m in.”

Chapter 7

It was explained to me as we walked through the halls of the mansion that our clients came from around the world to partake in our particular services. These were powerful men from many different walks of life and we were as likely to encounter a prince as we were a CEO.

The men knew the rules and the punishments that could be dealt to them if they stepped out of line. The fact of the matter was that each man that visited was powerful to destroy Mrs. Starks operation but they were not powerful enough to withstand the focused fury of all the other patrons. In the past when a man had dared to get out of line Mrs. Stark used the combined influence of the rest of her customers to destroy him.

It was actually quite amazing how much power this rather unassuming woman wielded. For this devotion she provided her clients with absolute privacy and a stable of girls that could fulfill almost any fantasy that her clients could dream up.

No one was judged here. Everyone had their desires and it was Mrs. Starks job to facilitate the fulfillment of those desires.

The staff was made up of reception, security, housekeeping, and room service”.

Room service was the coy term that was used to refer to the girls that did the real work. It was their job to learn their clients, to know their wants and needs, and when appropriate to submit to these men.

From what I could gather the girls were very well compensated for turning their bodies over to the paying clients. Sometimes the men wanted a girlfriend experience and to feel loved. Other times they wanted the things that they would not and could not ask their prim and proper wives for in the bedroom.

Then there were other times when the men needed something more. Having to restrain themselves in the rest of their lives some of these alpha men needed a releasean animalistic, primal release.

This is when the security became important. Although they were most often hidden out of sight behind closed doors, both the girls and their clients knew that security was always only seconds away.

There were panic buttons placed strategically throughout the room as well as a portable one carried by each girl. Mrs. Stark pointed out that these buttons had almost never been used in the history of her establishment because the men knew that they would be immediately banned and possibly worse.

However, since I would be cleaning these rooms I needed to know where the buttons were so I didnt accidentally push them and also so that I could properly conceal them after each cleaning.

As we walked through the facility I was introduced to various members of the staff. Everyone seemed incredibly kind and I couldnt help but smile. The nerves were draining from my body and the excitement of my new paycheck began to take hold. In addition, if I was being honest, there was something extra exciting about working a job for such a taboo employer.

As we passed several closed doors Mrs. Stark noticed me quietly leaning towards them and chuckled.

Yes there is some serious fucking going on behind those doors but you are not going to hear anything. All of our rooms are completely sound-proof.

I blushed a little at being caught snooping. Eventually, as we were heading down a long red-carpeted hallway a young girl appeared from around the corner and started walking towards us.

The girl could not have been any older than me and although beautiful, was not the bombshell knockout I had imaged. I had assumed that the richest and most powerful men in the world would desire nothing but supermodels but instead she had a very girl-next-door kind of vibe.

Her face lit up into a big smile as she approached.

Jessica, this is Lucy. She is going to be joining us.

Its great to meet you Lucy,Jessica said as I reached out my hand but she instead came in for a hug.

As she pulled away her eyes scanned me up and down and then she said, Damn, you are going to be in high demand. Those boys are going to eat you up.

A look of shock spread across my face.

Oh no, actually Lucy is not room service. She will be joining us on the housekeeping staff,Mrs. Stark said correcting Jessicas assumptions.

Jessica looked me up and down again and then looked back at Mrs. Stark.

Well ok, but I think that is a serious misallocation of resources.

I now blushed uncontrollably. I wasnt sure whether to be horrified or flattered but if I was being honest it was much more of the latter.

It was great to meet you Lucy. See you around.

Jessica then passed us and proceeded down the hall with a prideful swagger I couldnt help but be jealous of.

Mrs. Stark and I continued the tour including all of my duty areas. She told me that I could start tomorrow and that I would shadow a girl named Kelsey for the first day to get my bearings.

As we approached the front-door of the mansion the doors swung open and I found my car already parked at the bottom of the stairs with the valet holding my car door open. I had absolutely no idea how Mrs. Stark had signaled my exit but it was obvious that this business ran like a well-oiled machine.

Lucy, it has been a pleasure meeting you. Now go home, relax, and get a good nights sleep.

I shook her hand and exited the house, descending down the stairs to my car.

Congratulations,the valet said as I slid into the drivers seat and he shut my door. How the heck did he already know?

I pulled away from the house and down the drive. Eventually when I reached the street I took a right and proceeded about a mile down the road until pulling off on the grassy shoulder.

After the car was in park I put on my hazard lights, closed my eyes, and took several deep breaths. The day had been a complete whirlwind and I had not yet processed everything that had happened.

I still wrestled with the taboo nature of the job I had just accepted but as I sat there in the car I realized that it didnt matter. I had no family I had to explain myself to. I really liked all the people that I was going to be working with. Most importantly, my financial future was about to have more security than I had dared hope.

This was a good decision. This was the right decision.

I stayed parked for a few more minutes as the butterflies in my stomach settled. Once I felt calm and collected I clicked off the hazard lights and proceeded to pull back onto the road. It was time to go home.

Chapter 8

The next day rolled around and I was actually able to sleep in for the first time in a long time. Although I was told that the work hours could vary, generally my shift would be later in the day.

This new schedule would normally be difficult as I was used to being an early riser but after the events of the past week I was physically and mentally exhausted so sleeping-in ended up not being a problem whatsoever.

I was told that my uniform would be waiting for me when I arrived so I spent some time standing in my closet debating what the hell to wear. I knew that I would be changing before going on shift but I wasnt sure if that meant I could show up in casual clothes or if I should dress up to look a little more professional.

Images of the beautiful mansion and million dollar table trinkets danced through my head and I decided to error on the side of dressing up too much. This place just didnt seem like the kind of job you could show up in your street clothes to. Plus, I wasnt sure when or if I might run into guests while on my way to change and I didnt want to embarrass Mrs. Stark or risk losing my lucrative new gig.

I ended up selecting the nicest blouse I had in the closet without a stain on it and a black skirt that I hadnt worn in an eternity. Hopefully this would be appropriate but I made a mental note to ask Kelsey what the protocol was for future reference. I was sure that before the day was over I would end up having a lot of questions for her but I also decided that I was going to do my best to keep my mouth shut and pay attention for most of my first shift.

I knew that my nerves may get the better of me and that if I started asking questions I might not stop. I wanted so badly to make a good impression for my first shift. Last night I had started to have dreams about the money and all the things I was going to be able to do now that I finally had a respectable paycheck.

There was going to be no more worrying about getting a second or third job. I was going to be able to replenish the savings that the asshole took before the year was even out if I lived frugally. Hell, if I was smart I might even learn how to invest this shit and turn a little money into a lot more so that I could finally buy my financial freedom.

I had read online all about a community of like minded people that were able to live a frugal life style and stash away a large percentage of their paycheck into stock index funds. These were mostly people of modest means that never even made that much money but by saving half of their paycheck and investing it every year they were able to grow their net-worth into the millions by the time they were in their forties and retire.

I had always been jealous and mad at myself that I hadnt been able to follow in their footsteps. I felt like I lived a severely modest lifestyle and yet I was always living paycheck to paycheck, never having even a penny left over to invest. It had taking me many years and tons of hard work to save up the little I had before mister guitar dip-shit blew it all.

But nownow I could see the light. The paycheck this job offered was a lot more than I had made before, even when I was working two jobs. As long as I was smart and didnt start spending it on stupid things I should be able to save and invest just like all those stories I had read about on those internet forums. I could still secure my financial independence and never have to worry about working to cover the bills again.

The idea of taking a job because I enjoyed it and not because I had to seemed like a pipe-dream. Yet now I was within sight of that goal. It would take lots of hard work and many years living below my means while saving money like never before but I finally felt like it was all possible. I finally felt like my uneducatedblue-collar ass could reach for the brass ring. I vowed that once I got it I would make damn sure that no-one could ever take it away from me.

The conversation in my head finally came to a halt as I pulled up to the valet at the my new place of employment. I thought it was amazing that even after taking the job they still treated me like some rich high-flying guest. What other housekeepers do you know that were greeted with valet service when they arrive at work to clean up other peoples…messes!

Chapter 9

Good morning Lucy,the receptionist said in a cheerful voice as I walked through the doorway for the second time.

My mind raced for a name and suddenly I realized that I had rudely forgotten to ask her. This super nice cheerful woman knew my name and I had absolutely no idea who she was other than the pleasant woman who sat behind the desk in the foyer.

“Hi,” I responded meekly as I debated what to say next.

My impulse was to pretend that I knew her name and to proceed from here on out using tricks of grammar to disguise the fact that I was an inconsiderate bitch.

Luckily my senses got the better of me and I realized that if I was going to be working here for the long term I really needed to learn her name and not be too proud to admit the things that I did not know.

“Hi,” I said again awkwardly.

She looked back up from the papers on her desk.

I am really sorry but I dont know if I ever got your name yesterday. I was so nervous about the interview I am afraid I forgot to ask.

The nameless lady smiled at my awkwardness.

Oh dont worry honey. It’s ok. My name is Bonnie.”

The knots in my stomach began to subside.

If you need anything at all please feel free to ask me,Bonnie said to me in a bit of a whisper.

I know this place can be a little intimidating but dont you worry. Everyone that works here is great and Mrs. Starkwell Mrs. Stark is just absolutely one of a kind.

Her smile forced me to relax and I couldnt help but smile back.

Well then I do have a question for you,I said as she leaned in closer, looking eager to help.

Where can I find my uniform and change? In all the excitement yesterday I dont remember if Mrs. Stark told me where to go.

Bonnie chuckled a little and responded, Of course honey. If you take that hallway over there and head down to the third door on your left there is a changing room which should have everything ready for you. Good luck on your first day.

Thanks,I said as I followed her directions and wandered down the hall until I reached the third door. I pushed it open and was immediately hit by the scent of lavender. There was an ante-room and another door to open which then led into the actual changing room.

The room itself reminded me of what locker rooms looked like in the fancy country clubs that I had seen in movies. The only difference was that this room definitely seemed to have a feminine touch. The lighting was also a little dimmer providing an almost romantic mood to the place.

I proceeded in a few more steps, past the sinks, and towards what looked like the sectioned off area with fancy wooden lockers. Just as I turned the corner around the first set of lockers I heard the door to the changing room swing open and the voices of two other woman echoed against the walls.

The nerves returned as my stomach tied itself into knots. I wasnt sure why the other women made me nervous but somehow knowing what they were here to do or just as likely, what they had already done made the situation very unusual and I wasnt quite sure how to act.

The voices continued closer until eventually they turned the corner as well and I could see that one of the two woman was Jessica.

My body allowed me to unclench my teeth and relax just a little bit.

Hey Lucy,Jessica said as she proceeded to jog towards me and then sweep me up into a hug.

Hows it going?

I couldnt help but answer honestly.

Well, to be honest, I am actually feeling a bit nervous.

Jessicas face showed a brief look of concern before breaking back into a smile. She used her hand to simulate wiping away any concerns I might have and then gave me a wink.

Dont worry Lucy, youre going to do great. Although I do apologize in advance for the mess.

Both her and the other girl burst out into laughter and I couldnt help but chuckle a little myself. I had thought about what exactly cleaning up at a place like this might be like and needless to say it was a little overwhelming. Having these girls make light of it helped relieved some of the tension that anticipation had brought.

We try to keep it clean but some of those damn boys and their fantasies are downright disgusting.

Another laugh shared.

By the way Lucy this is Melissa.

I reached out my hand to introduce myself to the unknown red-head. Just as before this girl also ignored my hand and swept me up into her arms. It was becoming very obvious to me that everyone who worked here was more like family than coworkers. As she squeezed me tightly I reveled in the intimate touch and couldnt help but smile. I knew that I was going to like it here.

Melissa eventually let go with a squeeze of my arm.

Well I dont want to make you late for your first day,Melissa said also giving me a sly wink.

Your name should be on one of the lockers in here.

She turned around scanning the ornate nameplates that adorned each storage cubby.

There you are,Jessica said first as she found my name.

I followed her pointing finger and saw the beautiful etched golden name plate with my name on it. I was impressed. I had just accepted this job the other day. How the hell had they found time to do this already? Also, I had to admit that the treatment I was receiving so far was much classier than anything I had expected to receive as a housekeeper.

We are going to go take showers. Did you need anything before we go,Jessica asked with earnest kind eyes?

“No…I dont think so,I responded in a somewhat timid voice.

Well ok then. Well see you later,Jessica said as the two of them turned and walked away towards the hidden shower section of the locker room. I pulled open the door to my locker and saw a beautiful neatly pressed uniform hanging on the hook.

The uniform was a bit different than the usual outfits Id seen on modern housekeepers. This looked a bit more formal, and rather sexy at the same time. It is what I would picture some fancy french maid in an old romance movie wearing. This outfit was as much decoration as it was practical. Although, as I thought about the house, the girls, and everything else in it the entire operation was as much decoration as it was practical use.

I was just slipping on the last of the outfit when I heard the door to the locker room swing open again and someone else walked in. The footsteps drew closer until finally a pretty woman that looked to be in her early thirties rounded the corner and entered the changing area.

Hi, you must be Lucy,the woman said as she approached.

My name is Kelsey,she said extending the first handshake I had received since starting employment here.

Looks like you are going to be with me today. Are you ready?

I looked into the locker and didnt see anything else to put on. I looked down at the rather elaborate uniform and just prayed that I had put everything on correctly. To the best of my knowledge everything seemed to be in the right place and I hadnt missed any buttons or straps.

Umyes, I think so.

Great,Kelsey responded. Because we have a room ready for cleaning and this particular guy likes it dirty so it will be a good introduction for you.

My eyes went wide as the reality of the situation hit me. I knew, or at least thought I knew what they were doing behind those closed sound-proof doors and now I was about to go walk into the after-effects of it.

Its not that I was a prude by any means. Somehow the idea of cleaning up the sex of a man I had never even met and another womans wetness took things to another level.

Kelsey turned and proceeded out of the dressing room and I quickly followed. We walked up a hidden staircase in the back of the property and then headed down the hall with absolutely nothing in our hands.

Do we need to get some new sheets or cleaning supplies,I asked, breaking my own rule to keep my mouth shut.

Nope. Every room is stocked with extra linens and all the cleaning supplies we could need. It makes everything a lot easier and classier if we dont have to wheel a cart down the hall everywhere we go. Mrs. Stark likes to keep a certain illusion going on.

We proceed past two more doors before finally stopping in front of a door with a gold name plate and the number 4 on it.

Do you see this right here,Kelsey said to me as she pointed to a small light on the door. This light right here lets us know if the room is vacant. With the soundproofing that Mrs. Stark put in there is no point in knocking on the door because we would not be able to hear them answer.

If the light is white it indicates that the room is vacant and needs to be cleaned. If the light is red that means that it is occupied and when we are done with the room we will change the light to green which means that it is ready for use again.

The tiny light that she was pointing to was barely visible unless you knew exactly where to look. I doubted any of the clients had ever even noticed. The whole thing seemed like a pretty good system and I was glad that there was some idiot proof way to prevent me from walking in on some rich dude getting his ass spanked.

Kelsey turned the knob and opened the door. My nose knew immediately what that room had been used for.

Chapter 10

We walked through the scent of lust and found a room that had been well used.

The sheets on the bed were all twisted into knots and multiple wet spots were visible across the bed.

Well it looks like Gina had a good time.

Kelsey’s words took me aback. I hadnt considered the possibility that the woman might actually enjoy the appointment as well. In my experience men had always been mostly concerned with their own orgasm and I figured that some rich guy shelling out a bunch of cash wouldnt much care if the girl was taken care of.

I had so many questions but forced myself to just keep my mouth shut and ears open. It was time to listen and learn, there would be plenty of time for questions later.

There were pops of bright color spread across the otherwise neutrally painted room. As I looked closer it became obvious that these splashes of color indicated a sex toy that had been used.

There were several vibrators, a ball gag, a whipping crop, and what looked to be a large black strap-on.

Obviously my look of astonishment was quite visible as I heard Kelsey start laughing at my expense.

Yup, it looks like Richard was here.

I looked across the array of toys and back up at Kelsey.

How do you know that,I asked?

He has a real thing for that big black dildo. I think he is the only client that can take something that big.

My mouth fell open.

You meanthat was used on…him?”

Kelsey laughed again. Yup, although I am not sure whether it is pleasure or pain he is after with that one. Maybe both.

I tried to act normal but I was coming to realize that this job was going to be anything but normal. Kelsey walked over to the corner of the room and unlocked a doorknob that led into a closet. Inside the closet were the linens and cleaning supplies we would need.

Kelsey pulled out a box from the shelf and held it towards me.

Here, these are disposable gloves. Although all the clients have to regularly test clean to come here I figured you might not want Gina and Richards cum all over you hands.

She winked and I pulled out two clear disposable gloves. Kelsey then returned to the closet and pulled out a basket from the bottom shelf. The basket had a cover around it that hide anything inside from view. She took the basket and handed it to me.

Here, use this to gather up all the toys. We have a special steam-cleaning machine downstairs that we use to sanitize all of these.

I took the basket and opened the top to find nothing inside. I then set about gathering the bright-colored toys and pilling them in. There had to be at least ten different gadgets that they had used during the course of theiractivities. Lastly I picked up the huge black strap-on and put it on top of the rest of the toys.

My mind couldnt help but wander as I placed this huge silicon dick into the basket. I wondered what it would be like to use that on a guy. I started to imagine wearing it, sliding it into a man, feeling the power of thrusting into someone.

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