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Interview with an Alien

BBW Alien and Football Romance

Author: Robin Cavanaugh

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Interview with an Alien


Gillian Johnson gets the ultimate sports interview. Running back Marcus London had agreed to an interview with her, and no ne else. She was the envy of sports reporters and drove out to his desert ranch nervous and excited to talk to the handsome football star.

The interview gets interrupted by an attack from the sky. Before she knows it Gillian, Marcus and his Butler, Kirkpatrick, are hiding in a bunker of extraordinary technology. She watches on a screen as the mansion and her car are completely destroyed. It was then that she discovered Marcus London’s big secret. He is an alien. As in from outer space sort of alien.

Gillian would have had an easier time dealing with the fact that the handsome man she desired was an alien, if they were not being attacked by other aliens. Soon she is transported to exotic locals on earth, one step ahead of the next attack!

Chapter 1 - The Big Chance

Gillian checked her reflection one last time before driving out for the interview. She felt she had to look both attractive as well as professional. She wore a blue pants suit with a white silk top underneath, highlighting her bust size without being obvious about it. It was her only tailored suit so it was made to fit her voluptuous size. She was a tall woman, five foot ten, with wide hips and large chest. Due to her height and other attributes, her chubby waist was not as noticeable and the suit helped, she thought.

Her blond hair was past her shoulders and she had it pinned up on the sides. A lot of journalists liked to tie it up or back completely but with her plump, heart-shaped face it looked better the way she had it. Her blue eyes were clear and bright and she used little make-up, glad she had a good complexion so she could get away with that. She hated make-up.

Satisfied, she gathered up her interview bag and went down to her car and began the drive out to the athlete’s ranch. She was still in shock she had been chosen for the job. Marcus London was the hottest running back in the NFL. Off season, he never did interviews and when he did, it was quick and fluff. She always put in for interviews with everybody, but her magazine was not Sports Illustrated. Athletes Monthly was a low key, more in-depth magazine and it was harder for them to get the big interviews. So when she got the call, she and her editor were over the moon.

Social media was going nuts, because he was not doing any other interviews. It was her big break and she intended to make the most of it. Out of all of the people who put in the request, she was picked and London’s manager had said she was his personal choice. No television networks or other magazines were getting a shot, just her, Gillian Johnson.

She pulled up to the ranch out in the middle of the desert and stopped at the gate. She rolled her window down and pressed the button on the gate box. The dry heat rolled into her air conditioned car. A green light blinked and the gate slowly opened for her. She drove her little Celica through the gates and followed the drive. Gillian took deep breaths to help her relax and not become too freaked out about the coming interview. It was hard because now she was on site and it was about to begin!

Gillian pulled up to the mansion where the steps went to the front door. She got out, grabbed her bag and as she did the front doors opened. A little man in a suit came out, smiled and waved, gesturing her up the steps. Even for early summer, it was hot out here in the Arizona desert, so going inside was a welcome idea. She shrugged her bag over her shoulder and went up the steps.

Welcome, Miss Johnson. I am glad you could make it. Marcus is a huge fan of your work and if I may say so, I am as well. My name is Lawrence Kirkpatrick. I handle all of Mr. London’s appointments,” he said, offering his hand. She shook hands and went inside the huge place with him. It was the perfect cool temperature. Not too hot and not too cold, like the fairy tale, just right.

“It is good to meet you, Mr. Kirkpatrick. It is nice of you to say,” she responded.

“It is only the truth, my dear. This way, please. Mr. London is out back,” he advised and led Gillian down a wide hallway that appeared to pass through the center of the mansion.

“If I may say so Miss, your article on the dangers of concussions in the NFL was the first of the kind. Mr. London was very encouraged by it and believes you are the person who first brought it to light and made it something that people will discuss. He looks forward to talking about it with you,” Mr. Kirkpatrick told her.

“As do I. I am glad he liked it. Most people do not remember that I wrote that. I have come to find it amusing,” she told him.

Gillian was being honest. When the discussion became more mainstream, the credit was given to other, male, journalists. It had taken her awhile to get past being ignored like that. As she had told Kirkpatrick, these days she just thought it was amusing. Even more amusing was the fact that she was the one who got the extended interview with the reclusive running back. The hallway opened up into a wide living room area. The back wall was all glass with French doors in the exact middle. Beyond the doors was a long, covered patio and Marcus London sitting at a glass table.

The football player got to his feet with a smile. Kirkpatrick opened the doors and waved her out graciously. Gillian strode confidently over and shook hands with the big man. Marcus London was six foot three. He wore jogging shorts and an open button up shirt. His muscular chest was well tanned as was his handsome face. As always he had his tinted glasses and trademark, black, headband. While shaking hands, she could feel a physical attraction. His maleness was a draw to her, like a magnet to her body’s senses that she had not expected. It quickly passed and she managed to control her blushing and stay focused.

“It is good to meet you, Miss Johnson. I have been a fan for years. Actually since your first article for your college paper, Sports Journal, about the fame of college ball. I could tell you had a good grasp of your craft and your knowledge of the topic was excellent. Thank you for agreeing to do the interview,” he told her. She was surprised. She was usually the one thanking the subject. As she did then.

“You are welcome. I’m the one who should be thanking you, Marcus. I know you don’t do many interviews and I am glad to be here,” she told him honestly. He nodded and gestured to the table. Gillian sat and he poured her an iced tea and one for himself as she got out her notepad and voice recorder. She didn’t turn on the recorder or pick up her pad, not yet.

Gillian believed in taking a few minutes to speak with a subject to learn the flow and vocal tendencies so she had a better grasp of how they were saying something. She had found that it helped guide her questions and glean information she may not otherwise have known was there.

“Thank you for the tea. It is a beautiful home you have here Marcus. I must admit, I thought that out here, in the desert, was a strange place to want a house. Now that I’m here, I can see the attraction. The landscape is beautiful even with the sun's glare. You have managed to create a comfortable atmosphere in what some might call an uninhabitable space,” she told him. It was true. The covered porch kept the direct heat off of them and there was a breeze that came through, easing the heat just enough.

“Thank you, Gillian, may I call you Gillian?” She nodded and smiled. “I like open space. Unobstructed space you could say. When I was traveling through the desert some years ago, I knew it was where I would eventually settle. Even if I had not made it in the NFL, I would have ended up here somehow. It was inevitable,” he told her. She believed him. He was known as a person who got what he went after. Fortunately for her, so was she.

“Does it ever get lonely out here? It must be hard if you want to have a night out with your friends you have to travel so far to get there,” she said. Only realizing after the fact that asking if he got lonely, could be an awkward question to a single man from a single woman. She cursed herself inside for the mistake. She was better than that and wondered what was wrong with her. Suddenly the table shook for an instant and then stopped. Both of them looked around.

“Are there earthquakes in the desert?” She asked.

“Not here. That is very strange,” he said trailing off, looking across the porch to the sand and sagebrush. Gillian could see something approaching. She thought it was a bird and seemed to be moving fast. The table rocked and then the ground began trembling as it got closer very quickly.

“Shit, inside!” Marcus shouted, reaching to grab her hand and yanking her towards the door. Looking over her shoulder as they went she could see it was some kind of aircraft speeding towards them. In a brief instant, she could see a wave of something going into the ground below it and chunks of the earth were being kicked up. Gasping, she stumbled into the mansion and the door was shut and locked. Gillian faced the window, the craft roared closer and then screamed right overhead. The whole patio seemed to erupt from the ground and slammed against the glass. She cried out and jumped back, sure it would engulf them.

Chapter 2 - Alien Attack

“That will not hold against a second pass Marcus. I suggest you go to the bunker,” said the butler Kirkpatrick. Gillian was looking wildly around trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Why didn’t the window shatter?

“You’re right Marcus. I will meet you there,” he said taking Gillian by the hand.

“I am very sorry for this interruption. You are about to learn more than I wanted to reveal but circumstances have forced my hand. We must get to safety, come,” he said and tugged her after him. She might have resisted but the mansion shook again and she found herself running down the wide hallway with the football star. She heard something like a faint explosion and a cloud of dust rolled past them, engulfing them so that she could not see and began coughing.

“This way!” She heard Marcus shout and was towed behind him through a door, then down some stairs. She heard a hissing and a heavy locking sound. The violent crashes that had followed them stopped and the air seemed to clear. Gillian coughed and whipped the dust from her watering eyes.

“What the hell is going on?” She demanded. When she was scared, she got angry.

“You’re not going to believe me, let’s go in here first. It is a long story, well maybe not long, but hard to believe and you will want to sit down,” he told her and she followed him through an airlock type door. She had seen similar in labs. On the other side, there was a large room with big couches and amenities on one side and a bank of computer screens on the other. The door hissed closed and Marcus walked over to the computer, turning things on.

“Can I get you anything Miss Johnson?” He asked her casually.

“Yeah, what the hell is going on? You can answer that,” she said firmly. He turned his head to look at her a moment before gesturing to her. She moved over next to him and he pointed to the screen. She could see his mansion as if from a distance and then could see one of those strange, triangular crafts coming at the house. As it went overhead, she saw the house collapse and then to her horror, her car exploded where it had sat in front of the house. She gasped out.

“Damn it. Do you know how much that cost me?” she fumed.

“Tell me about it. My house is gone,” he said in the same frustrated vein.

“Who are those guys?” Gillian asked. She held her fear back with anger.

“Hm, those guys? Those are what you would call aliens,” he said looking at his computer screens. She realized then that she did not recognize the language of the words or the letters on the keyboard.

Aliens, she thought. The guy was nuts, she told herself, but she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that it was more than that. He turned to look at her and she realized his glasses were gone. His eyes sparkled and seemed to be whirling with purple flecks of light. She could not stop the question that came out of her.

“What are you?” She asked.

“I am an alien too,” he told her. She didn’t know what to say. She watched as he turned back to the computers and cursed under his breath. Frustrated with something, she saw him run his hand through his hair and pull his headband off. She was startled to see he had pointed ears. They were delicate and looked like a fantasy artist’s drawing of elf ears, beautiful, yet definitely not human. She watched as they twitched. He turned, noticed the direction of her gaze and sighed.

“I know you don’t believe in aliens and I would rather you got to hold that belief. Unfortunately, events have transpired to prove you wrong. So why don’t we…” he was interrupted as the bunker shook and rumbled. Kirkpatrick came rushing in from a door along the wall of computer screens.

“They are using the sonic disruptor on the complex Marcus. It will not remain stable, we will need to vacate shortly,” he advised and nodded politely to Gillian before turning around and calmly walking back out. The room began to shake even more and Gillian was really beginning to get scared. Nothing was making sense, yet the feeling of immense danger was very present in the room.

“Did he mean this place is going to collapse?” She asked and hated the shakiness of her voice.

“Yes, he does. Fortunately, we have several options to choose from,” Marcus told her while closing down his computer systems. When he was done, he looked at her for a long moment.

‘I am truly sorry about this Gillian; I will try and explain when we get to a place of safety. I will give you a real interview then, come on,” he finished, taking her hand and leading her through the door Kirkpatrick had come through. The way the rumbling of the ground was increasing, she did not feel like she had a choice but to follow.

This room was circular with five doors around the perimeter. Each was a different color. There was a green one straight across from where they now stood. A blue one to the right of it and a red one to the left. On either end to were two that had strange looking bolts on them plus what looked like palm locks from sci-fi movies. Marcus gestured to the three doors without the bolts.

“You can choose our destination Gillian. Any of these three should buy us some time to figure out what is going on and what to do. A little breathing room, you could say. Which of those three suits your fancy?” He asked as they both staggered slightly when the ground shook again.

She quickly pointed to the green door, mostly because it was straight ahead. He nodded and they went forward, stumbling over the shaking floor. He touched a panel, the door opened and then they fell through. Immediately the ground was no longer shaking and she could smell vegetation and moisture. Gillian spun around, letting go of Marcus’s hand in shock.

She was in a jungle. Thick, green leafy brush and trees were all around. She saw a brightly colored bird, several actually, in the branches. She could see through the door they had come through and watched it begin filling with smoke. The door shimmered and faded from sight and she was looking at jungle on the other side. She was shocked and amazed. Gillian turned to Marcus.

“Nice choice Gillian. Let’s get inside for now until we can determine if it is safe in this part of the world,” he said walking off towards a large hut with shuttered windows that was about twenty-five yards away. She stood a moment, watching him walk away and looking around at her surroundings.

“What the hell?” She whispered. She was scared again but for different reasons. She very much wanted to deny everything that she was seeing, but she knew that it would not be logical. She was experiencing this. This was not the Arizona desert she had been in minutes before and she knew of no modern technology that could have transported her here so quickly, but obviously something had.

Gillian believed her eyes and ears and they were telling her something beyond extraordinary had occurred to her. The humidity hit her as further proof of her instant change of location. Sweat ran down her spine and she wiped her forehead to keep it out of her eyes. Did that mean Marcus was telling the truth, was he an alien? She asked herself as he turned back and opened the door to the hut. Gillian knew many people who would just turn around and leave this bizarre and dangerous situation. She was not one of them. She was a journalist for a reason. She always had to know, so she followed him into the hut.

Chapter 3 - An Indian Jungle

The little hut was bigger than it looked from the outside. Like the previous place she had been this one had a section that looked like a comfortable living room with the opposite wall covered in computer screens. There was a hallway that led to the back of the house. Marcus went to the computers and she followed him there, wanting to see what there was to see. Everything was up and running and he pressed a few buttons and the views from all of them changed. Two of them looked like someplace cold and icy. Antarctic maybe, she wondered. Both of those looked like the house in Arizona, there were craters there. There was a cabin in a mountain area that looked peaceful, the place they were in and another on a beach somewhere. All of those seemed fine. She could see the remains of the Arizona place and it was completely wiped out.

“How is it, that something like that could happen and no one notice? We have satellites and other military devices that should detect an explosion of that sort,” she said. He looked at her and she noticed his eyes were whirling with green flecks of color now.

“Not this technology it wouldn’t. Not to sound too condescending, but earth’s technology is pretty minor compared to the rest of us. I was sent here to survey and it was one of the first things I noticed. It does make it easy for me to get around, you must admit,” he said with a slight smile.

“I would think looking so much like us would be a big asset too,” she told him. She did not like the reminder that she was dealing with someone from another planet. It went against everything she thought she had known, but the evidence was right in front of her and he could not bring herself to deny it. In the back of her mind, she wondered why that was.

“Well yeah, but between glasses, colored contacts as well as a headband, it is a juggling act. Not that I mind much since it works so well in that respect,” he answered watching her reactions the same way she had been watching his when they met.

“If you are a Surveyor, who did that?” She asked pointing to the crater in the desert. He glanced over and winced.

“I am not sure. It could be one of several groups. I can’t know until I can get some communications up and running that won’t be traced. Once that is done, I can find out and deal with it. Fortunately, this is one of the places I set aside specifically for safety. No one knows about it and it is the last place anyone of my people would go looking for me. We are safe here for at least a few days I would think,” he said looking back at her with a handsome smile. It was annoying to her that an alien was so damned good looking. Frustrated, she took off her jacket and slung it over the back of a chair. It was too damn hot, she thought to herself.

“So when can I go home?” she said to see his reaction. She was not ready to go anywhere until she learned more about what was going on.

“That could be difficult. I have specific transfer points, just a small handful. Everything else is regular earth transportation and I hate to tell you this, but we are in India at the moment. Far from any village, I am afraid. I did not ever expect to have company when or if I ever had to come here. Once I find out how things look I will find a way to get us closer to civilization and get you back home, I promise. I won’t strand you anywhere,” he said. Gillian actually saw worry in his eyes for the first time since the whole adventure started. He was concerned for her and for a brief moment that gave her a warm feeling deep inside.

“Okay then, we are stuck here for the time being. How long before you can get communications and find out what the hell is going on?” Gillian asked.

“I am not sure; I am waiting to hear from…” he stopped as Kirkpatrick came into the room with a rolling cart of food.

“It will be tomorrow morning. I set the programs to install but it will take until then for the system to be ready to go. I brought some food and drink for you both. I apologize Miss Johnson, but we do not have regular earth food in this safe house. I had the food design machines replicate American cuisine though and I think it is pretty close to what I was brought up on. I would be careful of the wine. It can sneak up on you,” he said with a kind smile. Gillian’s eyes widened.

“You are from here?” She asked surprised. He seemed to know too much to not be an alien.

“Oh yes. I am from Toledo Ohio. I learned my assistant trade and had a few pointers from an actual British butler. Mr. London had no idea that to do my job correctly I learn all I can about my boss, to better assist him. I think we were both surprised at how much I learned,” he said with a joking look in his eye as he glanced at Marcus. Marcus smiled and nodded.

“Very surprised, especially when he decided to stay on as my assistant. He is a life saver, though, as you have seen. I am lucky to have him. Have you heard anything interesting?” Marcus asked.

“Indeed Marcus. Social media is going haywire as usual. In this case, they actually have a reason. Some fans had been driving out to find your home and came upon a smoking crater not more than ten minutes ago. They Instagrammed the image and their shock was reported there and on twitter. Now, of course, theories abound and I believe the authorities are on their way to the ranch,” he said and bowed his way out. Gillian was not surprised at social media’s response but curious.

“How are you going to explain that away?” She asked the sports star. He shrugged, starting at his lunch.

“Not much I can do really. My agent and several others knew I was home so I guess I am out of the football game for good. Hopefully, you can convince everyone you had not arrived at the ranch yet and so avoided the explosion. I have no idea what they will blame it on, but I am quite hopeful you can avoid any fallout, my dear,” he told her. That had not occurred to her. Her stomach rumbled and she bent to her food, thinking and quieting her hunger.

If she couldn’t come up with a story, she would be considered dead, she did not want that. Her job and acquaintances would be going ape shit trying to figure out what happened to her. She would like to say friends, but she really did not have any, work acquaintances were about as close as she got. Her parents had passed a long time ago, so at least there was no family that would be put through the worry. No matter how short lived she meant the worry to be. She began feeling better as she ate. If it was not American food she couldn’t tell and was glad for the familiarity of something that tasted of beef stew. A sudden thought came to mind and she voiced it.

“Ok so how many innocents are going to be hurt in this confrontation do you think?” She asked. He was startled.

“None, we are not barbaric. As far as I can tell those were fringe ships. They have a problem with surveyors, thinking we contaminate local species. In some cases, they had become militant. That is what I think has happened. Like I said, I will not know for sure until I can safely communicate. If that is the case, then I am the only target and harming a human being would be absolutely repulsive to them. They believe they are protecting you from me.

“I would never have agreed with them before, but thinking about it… well, the world now has a mystery around a football player who got blown up. I have a human butler and a reporter who know what I am. Perhaps they are right and I have contaminated the population. It is something I will have to think hard about when I get you home and safe. As a surveyor, my one big mandate is to not harm any local sentient beings. I have been very sure about that.” He said. She could tell how sincere he was and believed him. It was a relief to her and she released some tension she had not known she had. She sipped her wine and then raised it as a toast.

“Well, however it works out I appreciate you keeping me safe. You didn’t have to take me with you when you went into hiding,” Gillian said. He clinked glasses and drank but shook his head.

“I did, though. Not only did my mandate demand it, I was serious when I said I was a fan of yours. You are a beautiful and talented woman and I could not leave you behind to die,” he said and Gillian was almost sure he blushed. She poured another glass to hide her surprise and her own attraction to him.

What the hell, she thought, an alien has the hots for me. She was sure of it and could feel a response within herself. She took a large sip of wine. She had privately admitted to herself, even before meeting the man, she had found him incredibly attractive. Most women did, she knew. He seemed to want to change the subject as much as she did because he turned to the computers and brought up the social media. They sipped their wine and looked over what was brewing in the twitter sphere.

Chapter 4 - Dangerous Liaison

No one on social media had a clue why the football star's home was now a smoking crater. Even the more fantastic explanations were nowhere near the truth. Not that Gillian would have expected them to be. Most people did not immediately go to an alien attack. There was talk of a terrorist attack but no one was buying that, not really. Why would terrorists blow up a football player?

Marcus seemed touched by the worry and grief over his home being blown up. He decided to switch to other things on the computer, less depressing she guessed. Gillian began feeling the wine by the third glass and did not have another. She was, like most reporters, usually able to hold her own, drinking. Kirkpatrick had warned her though, and she took it seriously. She was getting a good buzz after only three glasses. Marcus offered to show her the spare room she would be using. She agreed.

Gillian followed him down the hallway that went further back than she would have suspected. They passed several doors until they came to the back of the building and he opened a door on the right side. It was a cozy little bedroom with a large bed and an attached bathroom.

“Knowing Kirkpatrick he used the replicator to stock the closet with clothing for your use. He is an excellent Butler,” Marcus told her with a chuckle. Gillian looked in the closet and sure enough, there was a nice collection of clothing. They all looked her size and style. She decided to not ask how he did that. It was appreciated, though.

She turned back to Marcus and stumbled into him. He caught her and she steadied herself with her hands on his chest. Touching his muscular body sent a thrill through her body that did not fade. That, and standing so close to him had a sudden and surprising effect on her body. She was immediately incredibly horny and due to the effects of the wine (so she told herself) she was not inclined to pass up the opportunity she saw in his eyes. After everything that had happened so far, she believed she deserved a break and he had an offer in his every move. She licked her lips and tossed her hair back. His smile was enticing and he leaned down towards her moist lips. She met them, wrapping her arms around his body with an urgency she had never felt or given into before. It opened a freeing feeling within her that was amazing as their tongues entangled and his hands were in her hair.

As they kissed, she moved them closer to the bed. When they were standing next to it, her hands went to the waistband of his shorts and his went to her slacks. She felt like a high school student in a frenzy of new lust like she had never experienced it before. Yet she had and her experience led her hands on their own dance over him. She had both of her palms on his butt and held him tight while kissing his neck and them his amazing chest. The fact that he was an alien did not enter her brain, only that she desired him and he desired her. Nothing else mattered right then.

They turned in place and essentially fell onto the bed. He helped her out of her blouse and bra, exposing her luscious chest for his examination. His hands explored as did his lips and as they closed around a nipple, she moaned arching her back into it. The fire within was burning brighter and stronger. She could feel his desire matching hers and even that sent her inner flames higher. She gasped when his hand went between her thighs, teasing the wet opening of her desires. The flutter of his fingers matched the movement of his tongue over her breasts and she squealed in a deep explosion of pleasure. He moaned as if he felt it too. She reached between his thighs and found his manhood growing with her touch.

“Oh Marcus, oh…ah… I am ready…for…you ah yes…yes!” She gasped out.

“Oh Gillian, I have admired you…from afar…for so…long…I can’t help it, oh yes…here I come!” He said in a breathless growl of lust and passion.

Gillian stretched, wanting him so badly that she cried out when he lifted his hips above her deepest place of passion. His words matched the strong feelings that flowed from him to her so when he entered her desire it was like a completion of all of their lusts. She could feel his growing shaft go deep, deep into her innermost places with an urgency that was as surprising to her as her own desire. She welcomed it, holding him to her as their hips moved in the wonderful dance that caused a rush of feelings both physical and emotional within her.

She felt wrapped in a closeness she had never felt with anyone before. As her pleasure increased, she could feel a long hidden desire for a connection with someone who cared as much as she could feel he did. Her whole body felt filled with love and lust she would never have felt possible and they both howled their pleasure in a repeated orgasm that shook them both. As his desire drained within her, she felt like she had reached a place of completion that would not be possible with anyone else. When he rolled off of her, she buried her face in his shoulder. Murmuring her joy at what they had just experienced together.

“I don’t know…I don’t know what to say, beautiful Gillian. I had hoped, for so long, hoped…but you match me in ways I could never have anticipated. Whatever happens to us from here on you have given me a gift I will never take for granted or forget,” Marcuse told her to her surprise. She felt her eyes moisten as they lay together and against her will she felt herself drifting off into a slumber that was just as fulfilling as their sexual collision had been. Her last thought was a question: what had she just done?

Chapter 5 - A New Reality

Gillian awoke the next morning having slept through the evening and night through without a break. She felt more refreshed than ever before and tried to make sense of things when she showered and got dressed. She felt like she was a different person and was not sure why. What was equally strange was she did not mind the changes.

She did not know how, but she had felt Marcus’s feelings for her throughout their time together. She knew that he felt the same as she always did about him. She had always felt a desire for him from a distance but had told herself it was the same as every other woman on the planet. She had been wrong and was sure about that now. She had no idea what their relationship was but she knew about him now in a way she could never have learned from an interview. His passion and compassion for earth was enormous and vibrated through her as they filled themselves with each other. Gillian was not a very romantic person but knew she had experienced a romance that few could boast. She was looking forward to seeing where it led but knew she had to focus on the situation before she could grasp the new reality of her life. No matter what happened, her life would never be the same.

Gillian dressed for the climate in a white one piece bathing suit with red jogging shorts and a loose red blouse she tied at the waist. She then tied her hair in a ponytail and went out to find Marcus. She had a few questions. As she left her room, she saw Kirkpatrick coming down the hall. He smiled when he saw her.

“Good morning Miss Johnson. I hope you were able to get rested after yesterday’s excitement,” he said politely.

“I did Kirkpatrick. You can call my Gillian if you want. Did you have a good night?” She asked.

“Yes I did, thank you. Marcus is setting up communications right now and there is breakfast waiting as well. I did want to inform you about a few things you may have already noticed about Marcus. His people are very empathic. They keep it blocked most of the time but I believe he opened up to you last night,” he said. Gillian raised her brows.

“What do you mean empathic?” She asked.

“He...they, pick up people’s feelings and desires. Due to this, they broadcast their own and those can be felt by people from earth like us. Like I said, he keeps those feeling blocked. Even in championship games, he is able to make sure his drive and desires are not felt. I would guess, however, that he was unable to do so during his time with you. I hope he was not too overpowering. He tends to broadcast loudly when he does and it can be startling,” the Butler finished. Gillian realized that explained many things about the previous evening.

“That makes sense Kirkpatrick. I was not startled at all, though I did not understand how I knew what I did about him. The startling thing is I accepted them as easily as I have,” she told the man.

“I would suspect it is because you believe in the truth. You could feel the truth of his feelings and so accepted them. We are all wired differently, Gillian. It seems you are built in such a way that makes you a good match for our friend. This is good I think, for you both. I am sure he would be glad to see you so why don’t you go get something to eat,” he finished and Gillian agreed.

“Thank you, Kirkpatrick. You are a kindness, as always. Talk to you later,” she said and he nodded as she went off down the hall. She could smell the odor of fresh baked bread and was that bacon? She wondered to herself, she did like her bacon.

She walked in on a conversation in progress. Gillian went over to the food cart and made a few bacon sandwiches and got some coffee. She remembered it wasn’t really bacon or even bread, but since it tasted the same she could ignore that right then.

“Look, you are the ones that put local residents in danger. Not only was my butler present during your attack, so was a woman who had no idea about me beyond my earthly profession. So in essence, you have blown my cover and came very close to killing a local. You can rest assured my report on that has already been sent back to my base. The council will make sure Earth First is heavily censored. If you are still determined to destroy me, that too will result in further problems for you and your group. What is more, you know this so why are you doing this? You are creating more problems on earth than I ever have,” he said. Marcuse saw her and gave her a wry smile. He pointed at the computer and rolled his eyes.

“You may believe so surveyor, but you are wrong. If our actions keep the Space Federation from contacting earth, we have succeeded. You own reports show they are an unstable people that would bring chaos to the galaxy,” Gillian could feel the shock that came off of Marcus when he heard that.

“What are you talking about? I have never said anything of the kind. Sure they have their problems but over time they will overcome those and make a good addition to the community,” Marcus told the voice passionately.

“You are not looking at your own evidence properly. We however are and as I said, if your destruction brings about the end of all contact with earth we will be pleased,” said the voice coming out of the computer.

“Even if it means the end of you own organization. Come on, are you that short sighted?” Marcuse returned.

“It is not shortsightedness surveyor. It is long sited and our demise will not matter if we succeed. You cannot hide from us forever so your time is limited. Enjoy this planet you have adopted because you have little time left,” There was a beep following his statement.

“Shit, he signed off, dumb ass,” Marcus muttered. Gillian licked her lips nervously. She did not like what she had heard. Marcus did not seem at all fazed by it.

“Are they going to be able to destroy you?” she asked. She was unable to keep the tremor out of her voice. She could feel he was startled at her words.

“Not at all,” he said with confidence getting up and coming over to her. He put an arm around her comfortably.

No, they can’t. I did send out a report to my people immediately so they will be taking action soon, I am sure. We may want to go to another location before lunch. However, Earth First will be able to trace the communications, it will just take them awhile,” he assured her.

“What did he mean by the earth being a danger to the rest of the galaxy?” She had to ask. That part of the conversation had unnerved her as much as the idea that Marcus could be destroyed. Marcus was embarrassed.

“They are a pessimist bunch. Where your people are is no different than many different people in the galaxy at this stage of development. Slavery, bigotry and detrimental treatment of your heroes are normal for most species. Don’t worry, my people report to the council directly so it will not impede any progress earth may make in the future. I have a feeling I will be recalled. Of course, I was planning on retiring anyway so it is not a big surprise,” he said. Gillian felt a shiver at his words. Retire? She wondered.

“Retire? You are going to retire?” She asked.

“Yes, that was the main reason for the interview. I was going to retire and hopefully get to know you, my dear. After what had happened, there would be no way I could return now anyway. Everyone believes I am dead at this point. At least everyone on earth does,” he told her. She was touched that she was the one he wanted to finish his career talking too. After the night they had spent, she understood, but felt sad anyway.

“What about us, Marcus?” she asked, managing to keep her voice calm. He saw right through that, however.

“We can continue together, I believe. Whether here or someplace else we will have to decide. Although right now is not the best time to make those decisions. We will have to bug out from here soon and try and stay ahead of them until my backup shows up. Then, my darling, we can decide what we want to do then, how is that?” He asked reasonably. She had to agree.

“Makes sense, I never did understand characters in movies who decide to make serious life choices seconds before the shooting starts. As if there wasn’t a better time for that,” she said rolling her eyes. He laughed and she joined him.

They both finished eating and then they went and tried the blue transfer door. It led to another hut only this one was on an isolated beach somewhere in Africa. It was one of the most beautiful places she had ever been. They ended up playing in the water and having a great time together as the communications net was set up for this location. They had to keep everything separate so it would slow down tracing by the earth first group. As they played, she also interviewed him.

Marcus had come to earth and looked for a means of employment as well as a way to learn about us. He had decided on going to school. Faking the paperwork to make it happen had been easy for his computer systems. As he learned about earth through the humanities programs, he had excelled at football and followed his college time up by going pro in the game. That allowed him the obvious funds to travel during the off season and learn even more about earth. His logic made sense.

“Although I have to say, I considered just finding a good rock band to join. Travel the world and really experience things,” he said with a laugh. She joined him but knew he was serious.

Marcus had also spent considerable time and money in supporting many charities, helping those he considered less fortunate and most in need. His passion showed in everything it did and it was merely a confirmation of what she already had found out about him. He was a man… alien… who had a heart of gold.

“So how can I understand you, Marcus? I can see on the computers that you have a completely different language?” She asked.

“Translator, they are one of the greatest inventions in the last two thousand years,” he held up the small geometric pendant he always wore. It was something he was known for, reportedly wearing it under his jersey during games. Now she knew why.

“I believe that our languages are similar enough that you could learn it as I did yours,” he answered and offered her a beer with lunch.

“Thank you. Actually, talking about similarities, how is it that two species look so closely related?” she asked. She had so many questions she knew she would never get through them all anytime soon.

“That is due to the same gravity and energy requirements of the individual species. My home planet is not exactly like earth, but it is close enough to the things that allow a species to grow that we do look like we could be offshoot species even though we are not. There are many humanoid races and most of them have no connection at all,” he told her and they dug into the lunch that Kirkpatrick had served them.

Chapter 6 - Another Assault

They had eaten and were sitting around a campfire on the beach. Gillian had never done that before and found it to be as fun as she would have thought. Marcus had heard from his people and they said they were getting close and trying to locate the Earth First people. Due to this, they were both quite surprised when they were embracing, beginning to enjoy each other’s company as they had the night before, when an alarm sounded from the hut and Kirkpatrick was yelling something about proximity alerts. Gillian felt like cold water had been dumped on her hot desires as Marcus took her hand and hey ran up the beach to the hut. Kirkpatrick was on the porch.

“Enemy is about twenty miles out and searching. I don’t know how they could have discovered us but they have, you need to transfer now,” he said. Marcus shook his head.

“It is too late damnit! As close as they are, the transfer will be noticed and possibly tracked. We need to go on foot and hope home base will find us soon. Shit, come on,” he said to both Gillian and Kirkpatrick.

“How did they find us Marcus?” Gillian asked as they ran through the hut to the back door that led into the jungle.

“I don’t know. We have everything set to passive. They shouldn’t have been able to discover anything until at least tomorrow morning. This is very frustrating,” he commented, sounding highly annoyed. Gillian was bordering on fear, remembering the destruction of his house and the place in India. The grabbed a pack off of the back door and ran out into the jungle. They had barely cleared the area when she heard a whine of what she guessed were engines from the other direction. They all hunkered down in the brush as they heard the whining change pitch with a whooshing sound. Kirkpatrick looked confused.

“They are landing,” Marcus told them. “They may be trying to find us instead of destroying us outright,” he whispered.

“That or since they can’t get us by bombing from overhead, they want to find us and make sure when they shoot us,” Kirkpatrick pointed out.

Gillian felt a coldness enter her with his words; she threw up a wall of sarcasm.

“Thanks, man. I am glad you are here to keep the mood light, jeez,” she said. He looked embarrassed and Marcus laughed softly, throwing her a look. Gillian felt a little bad but ran with the other two to keep ahead of the Earth First people.

“We should have some time. They will want to search the base completely before moving on,” Kirkpatrick said hopefully. Gillian reached out and squeezed his shoulder in appreciation of the change in tone.

“That is the hope. Unless they have enough people to split formations,” Marcus said and Gillian sighed. Great, if it is not one of them scaring her it is the other. Marcus obviously felt her fear.

“Sorry, I really do think we have some time so I wouldn’t worry too much,” he said.

“I would!” She heard an unfamiliar voice as they ran into a clearing. There were five aliens standing with large weapons pointed at them. Gillian felt a sudden wish that Surveyors were equipped with weapons. Marcus had explained that no surveyors had any weapons, beyond their own strength, since they were on peaceful missions. Gillian groaned and Marcus stepped up between her, Kirkpatrick and the Earth First squad.

“So you are going to kill two sentient earthlings? How can you justify your existence as a group promoting the best for all?” He asked with a rumbling fury in his voice. Only then could she feel the pure rage he must have been suppressing. She trembled to hear it, even though she knew it was in his friend’s defense.

“Hard decisions are sometimes necessary Surveyor. If the regrettable deaths of two earth people guarantee that Earth is closed down for future exploration then it will be worth it,” The leader said.

He was a tall alien, about Marcuse’s size without his bulk. They all wore red jumpsuits and boots but he stood in the center and had a strange badge on his chest. It looked like one of the letters she had seen as part of their alphabet. She assumed he was the leader anyway.

“So you are more concerned with your own agenda and not the lives you say you do. Interesting, you can call it a hard decision but I find most of those are nothing more than people trying to justify their actions. I imagine not your entire group is behind this raid you are leading,” Marcuse said. Gillian did not like how the Earth First guys were tightening their grip on their weapons.

She felt her chest tighten and tears come to her eyes. She felt she was about to die and realized death was a thing to be feared. Her usual defenses against fear were not applicable in this case. She could do nothing except stand there and wait. She trembled and Kirkpatrick moved closer to her side. She felt a comfort knowing he was there and Marcus was doing his best to defend her. She saw Marcus tense, as if he was about to do something drastic. She could actually feel his determination when there was roaring sound and her hair was whipped around by a sudden wind. She crouched with Kirkpatrick and Marcus turned and put his arms around them both as a voice on a loudspeaker boomed.

“Everyone hold positions! This is Fleet command! All earth First operatives throw down your weapons or we will act with extreme prejudice!” The booming voice said. The wind continued to howl and Marcus muttered curses, holding her tight in his protective arms. Some of his determination seeped into her and she lost her tears and her anger and strength came back to her as the wind finally calmed down. They looked up and saw the Earth First people on the ground with their hands over their heads. Light began building around the five people, forming a dome over their position.

“Well it’s about time,” Marcus said looking up. Gillian could not see anyone but he was answered.

“We wanted to wait until they stated their intentions. It will make it easier for a conviction. Earth First will lose all credibility over this incident and cease to be a problem. I don’t know what you were worried about Marcus. We had it under control,” This time it was Gillian who cursed softly under her breath.

They could have told them that! She pushed her hair out of her face. It had completely escaped the tie and she tried to twist it at the nape of her neck. Marcus glanced at her with a wink, her anxiety begin to ease and she grinned. Looking over at Kirkpatrick she saw that he wasn’t even ruffled. How did he do it, she wondered?

Then she heard a laugh. It was a maniacal thing that made her turn back to the Earth First prisoners. One of them was standing under the glimmering dome that covered them. He had a small piece of machinery in his hands and it was beginning to glow.

“Under control do you? You are no match for true determination and conviction,” the leader shouted and began laughing as the device he held began making a strange rumbling sound. Marcus turned to them with panic in his eyes and shoved both Gillian and his butler back the way they had originally come.

“Run! Run!” Shouted and they did. Gillian did not know what that device was but she ran as fast as she could. They had maybe made it halfway back towards the hut when there was an explosion behind her that felt like she was hit in the back with a hot club. She felt herself lift off the ground and fly through the air. She heard herself scream as her shoulder slammed into a tree and blackness took her.

As Gillian came to, she could hear a conversation. She felt pain through her right side, especially her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw she was lying in the bushes. She had leaves tangled in her hair and felt like she had been beaten up. She got to her feet. Her right shoulder was howling pain but she somehow managed to push that aside. Pain just means I am still alive, she told herself grimly. She moved as quietly to the sound of the voices. One of them was a weary-sounding Marcus.

“So kill me then. You have already killed what I love, why let me live? Get it over with, murderer,” he said. Peering through the bushes, she could see Marcus looking about how she felt. Barely keeping his feet and seeming like he had given up on hope. She could not see Kirkpatrick anywhere.

The big Earth First guy was not far from where she was and she felt herself crouch. She had a picture in her mind at how she would finish this. Gillian had no idea if it would work, but she had nothing else and she refused to just give up. She was ashamed at how she had just stood and waited to be shot earlier. Not this time, she told herself viciously.

As she thought it she saw Marcus seem to frown and then his lips twitched. She did not know if he had sensed her or not but she couldn’t wait for the bad guy to know she was there. Without thinking, she burst through the bushes bending low with her good shoulder leading the way, just like she had seen Marcus taking opposing team members down. She connected below the guy’s rear, hitting him with her full weight. It drove him to his knees and he went face first into the dirt.

Her shoulder screamed at her and she rolled to the side gasping and crying out in her pain. She forced herself to remain conscious and saw Marcus pick up the weapon the Earth First leader had held and pointed it down at him.

“If you move I will kill you and not think twice about it. You killed your own people and almost killed a representative of earth. You deserve to die,” he snarled, panting. He glanced over at Gillian and she gave him a weak smile through her pain. He nodded but she could see his concern as he looked back at the now prisoner. When re-enforcements arrived, Gillian let herself go, and everything faded to black again.

Gillian stood on the sand as the sun came up. She was still exhausted, despite the sleep she had got. Her right shoulder was in a mechanical brace that healed the longer she wore it. The rest of her felt bruised but not as bad as she might have been. Marcus was talking to several of his people down by the water where a submersible craft was parked. Kirkpatrick limped up next to her. His leg was in a brace like hers.

“Do you know what you are going to do Gillian?” He asked quietly.

“I don’t know. I know what I want to do but… it is a big decision,” she answered. “Do you?” She returned.

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