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Dimensional Love

Alien Romance

Author: Robin Cavanaugh

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Dimensional Love


Julie Grows lives an average life as the local librarian, keeping her nose in her books. One day she is literally shaken off her feet and finds herself taking care of an alien prince who is causing her body and heart to react in ways they haven’t in a long time. With the prince comes unexpected danger.

Is it possible for Julie to form something more with this alien? Or is it just simple infatuation.

Chapter 1

Julie lived an average boring life surrounded by books that took her places she would never travel to. Rome was not an exotic place to live—it was a small town in the upper parts of Georgia. The only thing remotely exciting that happened there was the nudist colony, and they generally kept away from normal civilization. Julie always toyed with the idea of going there, seeing what being naked was all about, but instead she kept to the books in the library she worked at that hardly anyone in the town ever used. There was one other employee, an older lady, Ethel, who was kind but rather lazy. Julie at the age of twenty-six spent most of her time talking to the novels that were at least capable of keeping her mind turning even though none of the places they talked about she would ever see beyond her imagination.

It was a small town where people talked, but no one had much to say about Julie other then she could be cute if she ever got her nose out of a book. It had been two years since a boy had actually asked her on a date, and when she had nothing exciting to talk about except for her passion for Jane Austen, he had dropped her off at her one-bedroom apartment and never called back. Julie was beginning to accept that the only companionship she would ever have was going to be in form of her calico cat named Cleopatra—not so much after the historical figure but after her favorite character from Shakespeare’s play. Julie liked to pretend she was that Cleopatra sometimes, manipulating men to go to war for her. But she was fond of outstanding daydreams.

Julie looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She had her brown hair pulled up into a tight bun on the top of her head. Her complexion was pale though there were a few specks of freckles across her nose. She wore little make-up because there was never anyone to impress. There was nothing about her that was remarkably striking other than perhaps the dress she wore today that looked like something a 1950s housewife might wear except for the cat prints all over it. Yes, that was Julie, not tall or attractive enough to be a model, and too boring for anyone to find worthwhile. She was the definition of crazy cat lady—and it didn’t bother her, much, anymore. This was the life she would live, but later on tonight when she soaked in her tub, she could voyage to another galaxy that was much more exciting than Rome, Georgia and its one nudist colony.

Once she left the bathroom, she was surrounded by what felt like a home. There was a small stack of books that needed to be put away. So she made her way through the endless halls of the dusty library. Julie was great at letting her mind wander, and some days she thought that maybe she could play the part of Belle in Beauty & The Beast. Julie would just have to work on her lack of talent in singing.

It wasn’t like a scary beast was going to come knocking on the library door and beg her for her hand in marriage. Not that she believed anymore that she was the marrying type. Twenty-six and given up on any hope of love. Her parents told her it was because she was too picky. But what was wrong with having high standards? She needed someone to sweep her off her feet that could take her on an adventure every day. Julie needed a Beast, who didn’t mind cats—she definitely wouldn’t be with a man who didn’t like cats.

As she was putting the last book in her basket on the shelf War & Peace by Tolstoy, an earthquake began to rock the shelves of the library. Julie moved just in time as two shelves collapsed against each other creating a cave that all her books rained down from. She found herself on her bottom, on the floor as the tremors stopped as soon as they came. Her heart was pounding and she called out for Ethel but heard no response. Was the old woman hurt in the back room? After a few minutes of sitting, waiting to make sure the worst was over, Julie pulled herself to stand, arms and knees shaking as she looked at the books that very well could have been her death. A part of her wanted to cry as she looked around the rest of library. Other shelves had toppled over and all the books were out of order. It was going to take days to clean it up. There was a double despair—on one hand she had to clean this mess, but on the other hand no one would even come in to try and find a book to read.

“I’m just so tired of always being alone, useless and alone,” she told the shelves. Julie swallowed back the despair and jumped a couple of times on the ground to make sure it wouldn’t move, then tried to move the shelves up right. They wouldn’t budge. She was going to need help.

“Ethel!” she called again. Still no response, Julie made her way towards the front of the library, gingerly stepping over books when a cold hand wrapped itself around her ankle. Julie fell down and screamed.

Chapter 2

The hand belonged to a man or at least someone man-shaped because he looked like no male she had ever seen. He let out a groan and let go of her ankle so that she could scurry away—as far away as the bookshelves would allow her to flee. It looked like he had crawled through the front door and the useless metal detector they had in case anyone wanted to come in and rob the library of its books. No one else was around—no one was there to see what she was seeing. Julie didn’t believe what she was seeing.

The man wasn’t human, or at least no human she had ever laid her eyes on. Long silver hair fell around his collapsed form—a form that was tall, taller than most men, but lengthy instead of bulky. He wore a royal purple suit—defiantly not the fashion of today’s world—with tears throughout it. The way he was lying on his side didn’t allow her to see the face. Injured, that was the only thing she could really get her mind to wrap around. This not-quite-human was injured and bleeding silver all over the carpeted floor that, she had to admit, was in need of a cleaning. He let out a groan and raised his head up to look at her, the face was angular with a masculine chin but the features were almost feminine. His eyes were wide slits of pure black, but if she stared closely enough she felt like the entire universe lay inside them, small swirling star systems. His lips were thin, a pale blue, his overall skin color was white. Not the white they labeled people, but the white of a clean sheet of paper ready to be print or a cloud on a sunny day. He opened his mouth trying to say something, but she couldn’t understand. Julie crept a bit closer and that was when she realized there was a large gash on his side, and on his arms. He was bleeding so quickly out of the wounds that Julie knew they needed pressure placed against them to stop the flow. She had nothing but books and they wouldn’t stop the bleeding.

Julie removed her dress, looked at the various cats on it, took a deep breath and found a pair of scissors and started to cut. She cut long strips out of the lower part of her dress and moved to stop the bleeding on one of his arms, wrapping around the one that reached for it and tying it off. The man-creature watched her as she moved, applying pressure against the wound on the side. He let out a low hiss but kept still.

“This is going to need to be sewed shut,” she muttered to herself only faintly aware she was kneeling in front of a man like creature in nothing but heels, a bra, and a pair of blue panties.

“Human,” the man finally said. His voice in a language she could understand made her jump.

“Human and English,” he repeated, his voice was faint. There was so much pain on his expression.

“Y-yes, human, English, and my name is Julie,” she rattled off. “We need to get you to a hospital.”

“No, no human care, no human can find me,” he muttered, his eyes were closing and he began to faint. His lids fell closed and Julie was left with a decision on what she should do. No, if he was some otherworldly thing she couldn’t very well take him to a hospital. But where could she take him? Julie looked at the deserted parking lot to her old white Toyota Corolla and thanked the gods—or whatever was out there—for leather seats. For the most part she had stopped the silver blood from gushing, and went to the back to find clothes to wear. She found an old shirt that said ‘Support Your Local Library’ that they had tried to sell at a fundraiser and put it on. It came down to her knees but she was covered enough. Julie looked at the remains of her dress and scooped it up—maybe she could make a cute top out of it. Her hands were slick with silver blood, but if she stopped to think about it, she knew that she would begin to panic. Instead she kept her head in the mind space of keep going. Nothing ever exciting happened in this town, she should be happy that it was happening to her. That was her mantra that played in her head as she went back over to the body to figure out how to move it.

Julie rolled him over onto his back and took in the fine cut physique of the creature. So tall, lean muscle, she would appreciate it all later when she could find a way to stitch him up. There were sewing needles at her apartment along with a large tub—a must for a bookworm. Julie picked him up from behind and linked her arms underneath his, bringing his shoulder to her chest. She kicked off the heels and started to drag him out to the parking lot, towards her car. He was heavy, and dead weight at that. Adrenaline pumped through her blood and she was surprised at how quickly she got him outside and to the back seat of her car. Glad for click buttons, she unlocked her car. The hardest part was crawling in and pulling him through her back seat. She heard a few groans of protest but he was hurt enough that he was not going to run away, or help. His skin felt so cold but his blood was warm. She crawled backwards out the other door and walked around the car to bend his long legs into it so she could close it.

Julie ran barefoot to the library, Ethel had not come out but she realized it was because Ethel had apparently left early. She grabbed her pumps and remains of her dress before locking the door to the library. She was closing early for the day but it was unlikely anyone would notice. If they peeked inside and saw the shelves fallen over surely they could figure it out for themselves. Julie darted back to her car and opened the passenger door and slid inside. The man-creature lifted his head to look at her, look around at what they were in. Maybe he was a fairy of some sort, she had always believed in fairies—ever since she read Peter Pan.

“Where… where are you taking me?” the man asked her. The sound of his voice sent unexpected chills up her spine, there was something velvety to the tone.

“I’m taking you to my place where I can try to sew you up,” Julie said, surprised at how determined her voice was.

“No other English humans?”

“None,” Julie said as she began to carefully back out of the parking lot. The movement sent him back against the seat and he let out another moan that let her know she had hurt him.

“You just better like cats,” Julie said then began to drive home.

Chapter 3

The other-being was in and out of consciousness as Julie drove to her apartment. She drove carefully expecting to see more damage done by the earthquake but saw no evidence anything had happened. Her passenger was not much of talker—at least not in any language she had ever heard or understood. There was a steady almost sweet-song coming from him while he was awake. What was she going to do if he needed a blood transfusion? What if he died? Then what was going to happen? Julie’s thoughts were racing as she pulled into her parking spot in front of her apartment complex. Julie was finding many things to be grateful about, one of them being that her apartment was on the first floor. Cleopatra gazed out at her with mismatched eyes, one yellow and one blue, from the windowsill. Julie looked back behind her to see how her passenger was doing.

“Are you awake?” she asked.

“I am not sleeping,” he said, gazing up at her. He had moved to his back and was currently admiring the bandage wrap around his arm.

“Can you walk?” Julie asked.

“If I must, but I will start… human word for it, bleeding, I will start bleeding again,” he said.

Julie was just glad he had not bled out all over her backseat. She got out of the car and moved to help him out of the backseat. Hopefully no one saw—that would make people ask questions. There is Julie leading some stranger who looked like he should have been in a 80s rock band into her apartment. It would be the most excitement the town had since the nudists decided to go to Walmart three years ago. He leaned heavily on her, and it was an awkward lean, he was much taller than her and she was in heels. As soon as he stood, the wound broke open again and drops of silver followed their trail to her apartment where she fumbled with the door.

“Julie, I apologize but…” he broke off, and suddenly he was dead weight upon her. It took the last of her strength to pull him into her kitchen area where she laid him flat on the floor. Cleopatra watched from the counters, moving back and forth, letting out a meow of protest. Julie pressed a hand to his forehead and it was like touching ice, she jerked back. Did he need a warm bath? She would worry about that after she stitched him up. Julie found a pair of kitchen shears and began cutting away his shirt. Underneath the blood she found a solid body, with strange black tribal tattoos up his chest that extended to both arms. There were little white specks in them as well, and she could have sworn she saw them swirl. Below his right ribcage is where something had slashed him, she couldn’t tell what but she knew it needed to be sewed shut.

Julie got off the floor, locked her apartment door and closed all the blinds, then went to find her sewing needles and black thread. There was alcohol she could use to sanitize the needles in the bathroom, but she had no idea if she was doing any of this correctly. He was still unconscious on the floor as she took in a deep breath, steadying shaky hands, and threaded the needle.

“Just like hemming jeans, Julie, just think of it like hemming jeans,” she said to herself.

It was nothing like hemming jeans. It was slippery and hard to pull the skin together so it would stay. Several times she dropped the needle as she worked, but her patient stayed unconscious the entire time. It was like sewing up an ice cube and it took her thirty minutes to finish. By the end of her crappy sew job she was covered in the silver blood, but she noted the other-being was breathing deeper, easier. The bleeding had stopped. She didn’t want to touch the cat-made bandage on the arm because it hadn’t shot out blood since she had done it. Julie was worried about how cold this creature felt and stood to go run a bath.

Her apartment was small, quaint, and filled with books. She didn’t own a TV, but from wall to wall were shelves lovingly filled with novels and small trinkets she found in the stores. Julie had decided to only fill her place with things that made her happy, so each item was special to her in some little way to her. There was a large brown couch in the center of her living room that faced a gas fireplace she turned on from time to time. On the other side of the living room were two doors, one that led to her bedroom and the other to her bathroom.

Julie began to run a warm bath, at the same time stripping from her own clothes so she could take a shower. She had a closed-in glass shower beside the tub. Today was not a bath day, today was a day to wash the silver blood that looked like she got in a fight with a can of spray paint and lost. She scrubbed herself clean and turned the water off. When she moved to open the door, she let out a scream falling backwards and nearly hitting her head if it were not for the hand that grabbed her. She locked gazes with the man, fairy man, werewolf man, unicorn maybe? She wasn’t sure, but she was very aware that right now she was naked and that he was definitely of the male gender. He, on the other hand, did not seem to notice and would have fit in well with the nudists.

“Julie, I startled you. We must make acquaintances, I am Sion, my name is Cyrus,” he began. Julie’s face was beaming red and as soon as she got a towel she wrapped it around her form, skirting away to not look at him. He stopped all he was saying, dropping his hand to the side and watching her with a confused look on his face.

“I am doing some human custom wrong,” he said. “I apologize. I awoke and you were gone, when I saw the water I thought it was time to bathe and maybe humans made acquaintances in the bath,” Cyrus said.

“N-n-no, not normally, no. Humans are rarely naked around each other, but… but the bath is for you. I am going to find clothes,” Julie kept her eyes down and skirted past him. She couldn’t deny there was a part of her that wanted to make acquaintances with him in the bathtub, but she chastised that side of her brain until it shut up. There were small silver droplets on her carpet from where he walked, and she could see his discarded clothes in a neat pile in her kitchen. Cleopatra was sniffing them.

“Does he smell safe?” she asked the cat. Cleopatra just stretched out her front paws and followed Julie into her room where she promptly claimed the queen size bed. Julie found a pair of jeans to wear along with tight fitting shirt of purple she felt made her look slender. Without thinking about it she started to put just a little make-up on and scolded herself when she was done.

“Stop all those thoughts from going through your head Julie Grows, it is not going to happen, and it is very unladylike to think that way,” she told her reflection.

“Is it normal for humans to talk themselves as well?” Cyrus said, standing at the door holding one of her red towels around his hips.

Julie flushed, suddenly liking unconscious Cyrus more than awake and semi-alert one.

Chapter 4

Cyrus kept his towel on, but he said he did it only because she seemed more flustered with it removed. He now sat on her couch, idly petting her cat. The bandage she created for him was still on and so was the badly stitched job. The only clue that Julie was picking up that he was getting better or healing was that the tattoos semi-dormant before were now definitely swirling quickly. She fixed food in the kitchen, nothing fancy just some chicken she had marinated and cut up some broccoli to steam. All Cyrus had really asked of her was for water, which he drank a lot of. He said he was Sion, not human, did that mean she had an actual alien sitting on her couch petting her cat?

“I hope you like chicken,” she said.

“If it is an edible substance I will appreciate it whether it is good or not,” he said.

Cleopatra jumped away from him and wound herself around Julie’s legs letting her know it was time to feed her. She stepped back from their meal and went to feed her. Cyrus moved slightly on the couch to take in the sight more.

“So this fur thing owns you then?” he asked.

“No, I own her. She’s a cat, my pet, don’t you have one?”

“But you feed and water her, and she seems to believe the house is hers, how does that make her a pet? And no, she is the first cat I have seen,” Cyrus replied.

“I rescued her from a shelter when she was a kitten, and they do say that cats own people not the other way around,” Julie said thoughtfully. Cleopatra purred at her dinner.

Julie brought the food and more water to the small table she had in front of the couch. Cyrus gingerly picked up the plate and used the fork to pick at the chicken. Before Julie had gotten two bites in, his food was already gone.

“Thank you, this will help with the healing,” he said. Then he touched her messy stitch mark and the bandage.

“These will help as well.”

“What are you?” Julie asked.

“I am Sion, a Prince of Sion, I told you this when you fell in the shower,” he said. Julie didn’t want to be reminded of falling in the shower.

“I’ve never heard of a Sion, or a Prince,” she flushed. She had a nearly-naked Prince over at her dusty little apartment.

“It is a side dimension from your world, it is like we co-exist but we cannot see each other. My brother was trying to kill me for the throne, as is custom, so I jumped through a portal and landed at your library. I am in your debt for saving me. I was for certain going to bleed out,” he said. He held her gaze when he talked to her. When he was done she remembered how to breathe again, even coughed before settling on her food.

“You always kill for the throne?” Julie asked.

“Or marry, but neither of us has found love, and with father sick we had to fight,” Cyrus said. He leaned back against her couch looking troubled. Julie sat on the floor watching him, finishing half her food before offering him the rest, which he took with grace.

“But if you or he found love, you would not have to kill each other?” Julie asked.

“Perhaps, though my brother wants the throne badly, and I have not seen the one who has made me fall in love,” Cyrus said, she could feel an echo of sorrow to his words. “No, Kraekel will not stop until I am dead, or I kill him, but I will wait till I am healed.”

He suddenly stood up and walked around to her, careful to hold the towel in place. Cyrus bent down across from her and she could feel his cool breath on her face, he was bending forward and Julie skirted back.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she asked, now to her feet.

“I was going to kiss you as thanks,” Cyrus said, once again looking confused. “On Sion we kiss to show we are grateful, and since the things you have all around here with words some have two humans kissing, I thought it was much the same.”

Julie turned red, he was going to kiss her then. She was not opposed to the idea but it was not right to kiss a half-naked alien prince, she couldn’t tell herself why, but it just wouldn’t be. Even though her heart was beating fast and her stomach was clenching trying to stop the butterflies from hatching from their cocoons. She hadn’t felt this way since college when she thought she had been in love, but Eric was just an infatuation. He had quickly left her after they had sex a dozen times for a newer model that wasn’t as tried out—at least that was what she had gathered from the ‘we are over’ text message she got from him.

“On Earth we normally kiss on the second date,” she said.

“Date?” Cyrus inquired.

“Date, it is when two people go out together. To a movie or a restaurant. They talk and if they like each other by the end of the second one they kiss. Though I’m probably talking a bit old-fashioned as humans will kiss when they have had a lot of alcohol as well, and some men will force women to kiss when they don’t want to,” Julie stopped herself. Cyrus was staring at again, with his strange stillness as if he were drinking in her words.

“So a kiss, for Earth, is complicated,” he finally said.

Julie nodded her head.

“We do not have dates in Sion, but we do kiss freely. We fall in love with our mate at first sight,” he said frankly.

“We don’t believe in love at first sight here,” Julie said, fidgeting with the rug.

“A pity,” Cyrus said, keeping his gaze on her a moment longer before looking back to her cat. She let out a sigh of relief. It was pleasantly uncomfortable to be stared at by Cyrus.

“What can I do to thank you for your help?” He asked.

“Well, um, there was an earthquake where I worked. All the shelves fell over and all the books tumbled to the floor, you could help me put those away,” she said.

“Earthquake? No, that was me jumping through the portal. These books you say are important to you? I will help you clean up my mess.” He paused, took a sip of water and then caught her gaze again. “And Julie, I know you mentioned movies but I do not know what these things are, could we call this a date?”

Chapter 5

Julie’s mind went into a million directions at once. No one had asked her on a date in two years, and it would be an alien from another planet who wanted to go on one with her.

“Do all humans spend so much time in their heads?” Cyrus asked.

“Oh, no, maybe. I just haven’t been asked on a date in a long time,” Julie confessed.

“Then we shall go on one,” Cyrus decided standing up then falling back down onto the couch.

“After I heal,” he said. The towel was falling off again and as much as Julie wanted to see what was beneath, she adverted her gaze. He fixed himself and closed his eyes.

“Yes, rest would be good. And you need human clothes and maybe a pair of sunglasses. We need to do something to you so you look more human,” Julie said standing to her feet. It wasn’t that late, she could run to the store and find something that would fit him. Long sleeves, jeans, she would pick up a number of things for him to try on.

“Will the cat let me rest on her couch?” Cyrus asked.

“Why don’t you go rest on my bed,” Julie said. “She might curl up on you.”

Cyrus nodded, and holding tightly to his towel, he started towards her bedroom. It allowed her to admire his backside. He had to be at least six foot two inches she hoped she could find something to fit him. It wasn’t like she was hurting on money it was just her and Cleopatra. The library paid well for as little use it got.

“Thank you again, Julie,” he said, staring back at her from the doorway. “Not many would show this kindness to a stranger, especially one that is not from this planet.”

She shivered, she wished his voice didn’t do that to her. Julie nodded her head and grabbed her purse to head out the door. On the way to the store, she called Ethel and explained that the library was shut down because of a small Earthquake and not to worry about coming in the next day. Ethel thanked her. After all, she was an old woman with a bad back and all. That meant Julie would have the day alone, with Cyrus, organizing books. To her it felt like the perfect date and she couldn’t stop from smiling as she browsed through the local department store trying to find clothes that would fit Cyrus.

Julie decided on three pairs of jeans and three long-sleeved button up shirts—one a dark purple, one black, and a grey one, along with a package of boxers. He was going to have to go looking cyber-punk if he was to fit in. The cash register looked over the clothing and gave Julie a suspicious look.

“Got a new boyfriend Ms. Librarian?” the clerk asked.

“No,” Julie said quickly her cheeks flushing. “Just a friend in town, his um… his bags didn’t make it on the plane so I offered to get him some clothes.”

“Friend, huh?” the clerk rang up the clothes. No secrets in this town. Oh well, she would be the center of dinner conversations tonight. As long as her parents didn’t come knocking on her door, she was fine with that.

Once she had the clothes, she went back to her apartment. The kitchen light was still on, her bedroom door slightly open. Cyrus lay beneath the blankets curled on his side Cleopatra was comfortably curled in his long hair. The towel was folded at the end of the bed letting her know there was nothing but sheets covering his form. Julie left the clothes at the end of the bed, quietly grabbed her pillow and an extra blanket to sleep on the couch. He didn’t stir. It was like he was in a healing cocoon. There was a light purple glow around his form. She snuck back out into the living room, turned off all the lights, and it didn’t take her long to fall asleep herself.

Chapter 6

Julie awoke in her own bed startled. She sat straight up and smelled food being cooked in her kitchen. Her clock on the side said it was 7 a.m. so not too late in the day. Cyrus was nowhere to be seen but she could hear him talking in the kitchen.

“I don’t understand your language, though it seems quite complex,” he was talking to Cleopatra who was winding her legs around his as he cooked eggs. Cyrus wore only a pair of jeans that hugged his hips better than she imagined they would and had put the purple shirt on without buttoning it. His tattoos were swirling as he concentrated on an open cookbook in front of him.

“She’s asking for food,” Julie said, moving to get Cleopatra her breakfast.

“Ah, do all humans speak cat?” he inquired, going back to scrambling eggs. She smelled bacon he was cooking in the oven. There was buttered toast already.

“I don’t really speak cat, we just have a connection,” Julie said scratching the top of Cleopatra’s head.

“I think I would like a cat,” Cyrus said and he smiled at her. “You slept on the couch, it was not my intention to kick you from your bed. When I awoke, I moved you then cleaned up, and now I will make a human breakfast to share. Does that suit you?”

Julie looked around and her apartment was clean, not a spot of alien blood on the floor or dust. On the kitchen counter she could see he read through several cookbooks along with instruction manuals on how to use the equipment she had.

“It does, thank you,” she took a seat at the table. He laid a plate of food in front of her before making one for himself. His steps were far livelier than she expected a man—Alien—who had nearly bled out to bed.

“When did you wake up?”

“Your clock read 2 a.m. I had much time to myself but I must ask your help again on getting these stitches out,” he turned to his side and she could see the skin had healed over her messy needle work. It was going to take scissors then some tweezers for them to be pulled out.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it would do that!”

“Do not fret, it was needed, you just do not have the proper thread from my world,” Cyrus said. He sat across from her and they ate their breakfast, Julie catching glimpses of his chest with each movement he made. She really needed to get her mind out of the gutter this was a prince across from her. Julie did not think herself anywhere worthy of a prince. He would come to his senses about this whole date thing once he realized how boring she was with her books.

When they finished, Cyrus removed the shirt, Julie knew she stared too long, and then went to fetch scissors and tweezers to pull the string out. Cyrus lay down on the couch and she got close again to that icy skin.

“I’m sorry if it hurts,” Julie said.

“Don’t be,” Cyrus replied and relaxed his body almost feline like—watching her. Julie put a hand to his stomach, it was hard, the skin was still cold but there was a strange undertone of warmth to it. She cut at the first stitch and began to pull it through. There were little holes of silver left behind but he did not complain once. Against his tattoo was swirling and she could see a purple glow around the holes.

“Touch, Julie, you’re curious and I give you my permission to touch,” Cyrus said.

Julie placed her hand over the healing skin, and it felt like someone was gently kissing every paper cut she had ever gotten. Cleaning away any past pain she had from her books. It was warm, and his skin contrasted with coolness.

“May I touch your skin?” Cyrus inquired. Julie razed her gaze to him and nodded her head.

Cyrus slipped a hand over her cheek, brushing his knuckles across her chin and running a hand over her shoulder. Her shirt had fallen slightly to the side and he toyed at the bra strap but left it alone. His touch was like Jack Frost blowing a seductive kiss across her skin, it was unreal, so soft and gentle. Julie felt herself wanting more, wondering what his kiss must feel like.

“Your heart rate has increased,” Cyrus said sounding concerned.

“And now you’re blushing, am I doing something wrong?” he drew his hand back and sat up.

“Oh no, I just, I just liked it,” Julie said, her voice coming out a squeak.

“And that embarrasses you?”

Julie nodded her head.

“You are very intriguing Julie, but I believe that is one of the things I like about you. Shall we go to our date?”

He began to button up the shirt and Julie tried not to stare. He was not looking at her so it must be okay. Since Cyrus claimed it as a date, she decided to wear a wide skirt that came down just past her knees but was high wasted and had pockets. It was a dark green so she wore a low cut white shirt to compliment it. Her hair usually trapped in a bun she let fall down around her shoulders. Just a little bit of make-up was added and she stared at herself wondering if she could really be someone attractive enough for a Prince. Or maybe he was trying to figure out humanity and all it had to offer Julie was the guide. She steeled her heart towards the later, because there was no way things could go further than one date. He had a brother to kill.

Still, his eyes seemed to eat her alive when she walked out of her bedroom. There was something in them she wasn’t expecting, there was wanting in that gaze, but he suddenly busied himself with tying his long hair up into a bun on the top of his head. Maybe that look was just her imagination, but she felt a deep tug hoping it wasn’t.

The drive to the library was filled with his curious questions on how the car worked, where the music came from, and what he was seeing outside.

“Is your world completely different from this?” Julie asked.

“We have buildings but we shape them different, and what you call trees we have but they are different colors. The sky as well, it is not as blue, the sun is not as harsh. We have three moons, we mostly do things during the dark hours,” Cyrus said.

“Do you have books?” Julie asked.

“We do, but I do not believe any in human English,” Cyrus said.

“Does everyone on your planet know human English?” Julie inquired.

“No, only royals are required to learn languages of other dimensions because we can go between worlds. I am pleased to have landed here, I was not sure where I would go when I jumped.”

They pulled up to the parking lot of the library and got out of the car. Cyrus was wearing the sunglasses but he informed her he did not like them. They were a just in case. Julie didn’t believe contacts could hide the solar systems in his eyes nor fit.

“Are you staying long?” Julie asked.

Cyrus stilled at the question, he took Julie’s hand suddenly and kissed her knuckles. Shivers ran through her cells, all the way down. He wore the sunglasses so she couldn’t see his eyes though tried.

“I will stay until you need me no more, I do not wish to distress your life.”

Then he let go and there was an ache in her for him to still hold her hand. Instead she opened the library to see the mess. Her heart sank at all the fallen shelves but Cyrus walked towards two that had collided together and raising his hands to either side the two shelves stood straight. This was going to go much faster then she expected it to go. Cyrus moved to right every shelf that had toppled over but the books were still on the floor. Julie went to picking them up and organizing, starting with fiction. Cyrus was soon beside her. She told him the order they were to go in and he simply did as asked.

They worked closely together. Cyrus would occasionally brush his hand across her, at first he apologized, but after she said that it was okay he did it more frequently. He moved her hair behind her shoulder once, and found a reason to stretch over her to put a book in a high spot over her head, trapping her against the shelves. He pressed his body against hers and she could feel his need there. They were in the nonfiction section. He slowly brought his hand down to cradle the side of her cheek. Julie was trapped, but she knew at any time she could push him away and he would go.

“Can we call this second date if we count breakfast as one?” he whispered against her lips. “My control is losing, Julie, I’m not sure what you are doing to me, but just one kiss. If you don’t like it I will do no more.”

Julie gave the faintest of nods and his lips were on hers and he pressed her body tight against his. It almost hurt, but he poured his want down her throat. His lips were cold but his tongue was like fire and it danced around her mouth, exploring each crevice, igniting a passion inside her she didn’t know existed. Julie found herself kissing him back, battling his tongue. His hands were slipping through her hair, bunching it up as if he could draw her closer. All reason was slipping out of her mind for why they should not kiss, why she should not touch.

“Julie,” he pulled back from her and stared. They were both frozen, battling with their own passions. He slipped a hand across her bare shoulder and she shivered.

“Are you doing this out of curiosity?” Julie asked.


“Am I… will I just be a human play thing?”

“You are afraid that if we do more than kiss I will harm you,” he said slowly.

“Yes.” It was best to be blunt. But she wanted him, all of him. She had never wanted someone so badly. Even if it was just one night, part of her brain said, but she knew she couldn’t do that.

“On my honor I will not harm you, make you a plaything, I am yours until you send me away,” he said. Then he kissed her again and reason went out of her mind.

Somehow they found themselves on the floor, still clothed, he was kissing her neck, down her shoulders. He was touching all the skin that was bare. It felt like snowflakes that melted when his tongue touched them, she let out a moan of pleasure and he went down her leg that was bare, then up her other, never further as if the clothing were a barrier for him.

“Julie, I want much more,” he said with strain to his voice. Julie sat up and in a movement that surprised her she ripped open his shirt. Buttons flew everywhere and it made him laugh. Julie was frozen for a moment but he was back to kissing her and removing her shirt with a lot more care then she had offered his. With new skin exposed he started to kiss along her breasts, still held in by the bra, teasing her nipples through the cloth with his warm tongue. She unsnapped the bra from the back and he delicately took it off then removed his shirt. He hugged her to his chest and she felt cocooned in safety, he kissed her neck, sucking lightly on it. Julie moaned as her arms wrapped around him, tugging him even closer to her. She could feel his need rising in his jeans, he had not bothered with boxers, and she couldn’t help but stare. She was actually going to have sex with an alien, it was like one of her storybook romances come to life.

“I want all of you, Julie, we, my kind, know another by touch. It has been draining me not to touch you, can I know all of you?”

“Yes,” Julie breathed out. He laid her back down on the floor and began to kiss her now bare breasts. Cyrus flicked a tongue over her nipple, bringing it to life as his other hand massaged her other breast. It was such an odd exhilarating feeling of hot and cold mixed together. He was gentle. When his tongue went to the other nipple he started to undo the zipper of her skirt, scooting it lower down her hips then off. His kisses followed, he ran his tongue around her bellybutton. Julie was trying to hold still but the blood was flowing lower. He kissed around her panties, then down her inner thighs. Fire and ice trailing up her legs, so close to her sex. His finger moved to tease the hem of her panties, slowly pulling them down. He slipped a finger between her lips and power seemed to surge into her clit. Cyrus moaned himself as he circled it with his finger before his mouth latched onto it and sucked.

Julie couldn’t help but cry out as ecstasy surged through her. Cyrus ripped the panties off and lay down so he could explore her lower lips further with his tongue. It was like what he did when he kissed her but more aggressive, he slipped his tongue inside her, finding her wet and began to lap up the wetness.

“You taste delicious, Julie,” he said. She blushed and he went back to his assault, inserting two fingers inside her until he found her G-spot which he took care to rub while his tongue did figure eights around her clit. She could feel the orgasm growing in her, her legs began to tremble and she found her hips moving to meet his face. The invitation made him go faster and Julie cried out his name when the orgasm hit her. He held her there, drinking her in, allowing his motions to slow before lifting his gaze to look at her. The look in his endless eyes was of pure affection. He leaned forward and kissed her again, she could taste herself on his tongue and feel his need pressing against her exposed sex trying to escape his jeans.

“I will not get your pregnant,” he said. “You are safe with me.”

She felt safe; Julie felt like this was where she was supposed to be. In the non-fiction section of her empty library. Cyrus stood to remove the jeans and she saw the length of him, the girth, for the most part it looked like a normal human penis except just as white as him.

“I will try not to hurt you,” he said as he lay on top of her, barely pushing himself inside her tight walls. It was an unreal feeling, it didn’t hurt, it felt like his skin was trying to massage every pleasure muscle she had down there. The further he went the better it felt until he reached the end of her and let himself rest there for a while, breathing heavily. He was using so much control over her. Julie grabbed his face and turned it to kiss her, let their mouth meld together as he began to slowly move in and out of her.

She lost all control over her body, it moving to meet his thrusts. Julie wanted him sheathed inside her forever, and let out small pleas when he would pull out. He began to pick a faster rhythm and her legs wound around his hips.

“Julie,” he whispered her name, it sounded like a song beneath her skin. Lovely, each note, punctuated by each thrust of his hips. He was going faster and she didn’t realize she was crying out his name until the orgasm hit her again and filled her up with his seed. His seed was fire inside her but it didn’t burn, it felt good.

It felt right.

Chapter 7

They cleaned each other off as best they could in the tiny bathroom. Cyrus could not keep from touching her and Julie did not mind it. He would press his lips to whatever exposed skin was there before pulling back and trying to dress himself now with a ripped shirt.

“You’re an addiction, Julie,” he said. She felt much the same about him and was feeling braver with moving forward to kiss him.

“No, no we have to stop. We need food and the library needs to be cleaned up,” Julie said. Cyrus sighed but stepped away from her. He began moving at a much quicker speed then she could follow putting all the fallen books away. Julie just sat down and watched him work. Her body feeling more satisfied then it ever had.

When he was done, he scooped her up and held her against his bare chest, walking towards the door. Julie thought it would take all day to clean up the library but he was apparently using the books as a way to seduce her. She was okay with that as he carried her out to the car and put her in the driver’s seat as if she were a princess.

“I did not hurt you?” He asked once he was buckled in.

“No, it was… beyond what I had ever dreamed sex to be.”

He smiled at that. He kept a hand on her leg as she drove, tugging up the hem of her skirt. Julie had to tell him to stop because she needed to concentrate on driving.

“My apologies, I just, I want to concentrate on you.” The way he said it made things contract in her lower area.

They got to the apartment and he had her in his arms again, almost running to where the bedroom was. Julie laughed and he kissed her, throwing her on the bed and tugging off his shirt when suddenly the bed began to shake. The walls began to shake and they could hear the books falling over. Cleopatra let out a hiss and was suddenly on the bed with them. Cyrus stood very still and stepped away from Julie who was trying to sit up herself.

He walked out of the bedroom and she followed him, shocked to see what she supposed was another Sion. This one was shaved bald, had the same eyes as Cyrus, and was much bulkier. He wore a suit of red and in his hand a long blade that she had never seen before. It was black and worked like the tattoos did, in fact it seemed like this Sion’s tattoos were fueling the blade as if it were just an extra appendage with a handle.

The other yelled something at Cyrus in the language she could not understand. The language sounded like singing from Cyrus but like nails on a chalkboard from this one.

“Kraekel,” Cyrus said.

Fear jumped into Julie’s heart as she stood there behind Cyrus. Cleopatra jumped out in front of both of them and hissed at the stranger. Kraekel movements were faster than Julie’s eyes could follow but he kicked Cleopatra into a shelf that had not fallen. She heard a loud thud, a crunch, and her cat lay on the ground completely still. Julie began to collapse to the floor as tears welled up in her eyes. She wanted to crawl to her cat but Cyrus kept her from doing so.

Suddenly he pulled a similar blade from his chest and yelled out in the same language, moving to be sure to keep Julie safe. Kraekel slashed at him and he jumped back, his feet no longer touching the ground completely. What felt like reason was pouring through his lips but there was rage there as well. Julie could feel his rage pouring over her skin and it was suffocating.

Kraekel was laughing, pointing a sword towards Julie, then switched his tongue so that she could hear him.

“When you’re dead I will destroy her, I’ll be sure to take all the pleasure you have given her away, I will be sure that no one remembers anything of you but terror,” Kraekel said then lunged at Cyrus again.

Julies apartment was small and she saw all her books being slashed in half. Cyrus met some of Kraekel’s blows. He looked once to see that Julie was sobbing and Kraekel’s blade caught him against his arm and he stumbled. Kraekel began to move towards her and Cyrus seemed to fly at him, his sword stabbing through the other’s shoulder before coming back. It was not a finishing blow, it only made Kraekel’s attention go back to Cyrus. Their swords met and power blasted around them. Julie had to duck down because she felt the scoring heat. It burned her exposed flesh like a really bad sunburn.

Cyrus began to fight with more rage, which the other laughed at. They were evenly matched Kraekel kicked Cyrus in the face and he stumbled back, he went forward to shove his blade into where Julie assumed Cyrus’ heart was only to have his head cleanly swiped off by Cyrus’ blade. It flew and sat on her couch with a nasty scowl on it, staring blankly at her. Julie couldn’t move, she was frozen in fear. She wanted to throw-up. Cyrus walked over to her and she inched away, he dropped the sword and fell to the ground.

“I swore I would never cause you pain, but I have, I am now king and will leave. Just give me the order Julie, and I will be out of your life forever.”

Chapter 8

Julie couldn’t keep in her sobs, she couldn’t even think straight. She went to her cat that lay dead on a pile of destroyed books. Cleopatra was stiff in her arms but she hugged her close. Cyrus stayed head bowed unmoving waiting for her to speak. The cat had been her whole life—the only thing that made her happy in this stupid town and now she was gone. Nothing was there. She had tried to protect them as best she could but was nothing compared to an alien prince who had wreaked havoc on her tiny apartment. Her world had just collapsed and she rocked back and forth with the cat.

“Make the pain stop, Cyrus,” she sobbed. “Just make all this pain stop.”

He stood up from his crouched position and the blade disappeared. Cyrus took her up in his arms, taking the cat away from her and taking her back to her bedroom. She felt the healing cocoon embrace her singed skin and she looked up to his face which was equally pained.

“Let me share it,” he said. He bent down and kissed her slowly, something happened and it felt like he was sucking the emotions from her. They were still there, they still hurt, but suddenly she saw tears streaming down his cheeks. He hugged her to him then and rocked her back and forth.

“Oh Julie, I’ve destroyed your entire life,” he said. He started to kiss her skin then. With each kiss it was like he was drawing some of the pain away, not all of it, but it was numbing it. It was helping her think, but she didn’t want to think she wanted to feel—to feel anything but the agony of losing everything.

He undressed her before undressing himself. She didn’t have time to think before he slammed into her sex, there was no foreplay. It hurt but it hurt in a nice way. It distracted her from everything else. He picked her up off the bed and pinned her back against the wall, kissing her, thrusting up into her. Making the pain a pleasurable thing. He was all fire, there to burn away the damage. Julie scratched at his back as she let out her cries, each one punctuated by a well-placed thrust. He sheathed himself deeper inside her this way and she held on. Cyrus bit her neck and she let out a gasp as he fed on her pain, pumping her full of pleasure until they were both spent. He shot up into her and collapsed with her on the bed.

Cyrus pulled out of her and stroked her hair, calming her. She didn’t have tears anymore. The pain was still there but it was not like she was drowning in it, he had taken much of that into himself and she could see the tears still streaming from his eyes.

“I have nothing, Cyrus,” she whispered rolling onto her back to look up at him.

“You can have me,” he said bending down to kiss the trail marks of tears that had fallen on her cheeks. “I can’t bring Cleopatra back; I can’t fix your books or wipe my brother’s memory from this place. But I can take you away from it.”


“To Sion, where we have little sun, and I will teach you the language, but I don’t want to lose you Julie. I don’t want to be the cause of anymore pain, I want to make up for that pain, but we both know I can’t stay here.”

It was too much for her to think of, to many emotions rocking her body at the same time. Leave Earth for another place? But he was right; all that she loved had been destroyed in the battle. She had nothing but Cyrus who had taken her pain into himself so she could breathe again.

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