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The Moonlit Guardians

Werebear Shifter Threesome MFM Romance

Author: Ethel Venters

© Copyright 2016 by Ethel Venters

All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

The Moonlit Guardians


Two brothers, Andre and Paul, a pair of werebears, travel to the Alaskan wilderness so that Andre can better learn to control his transformation. The brothers live in Olympia, Washington, working as architects. Both brothers are surprised to find out that Andy, who is only half-werebear, inherited the transformative power.

Throughout the journey, Andre learns to control his power and starts to feel more at home in nature than he ever did at the office. Andy must decide if he wants to stay in the woods or go back to his life in Olympia. Paul tries to convince Andy to return home and runs into an old flame, a werewolf named Amelia. Amelia seduces both brothers, and Paul discovers it may have been a distraction so that her brother, Corion, could wage war on other werebears in North America. Will Paul and Andre stay with Amelia or join the werebears and attack the werewolves?

Chapter 1

Paul ran so hard that his lungs burned in his rib cage. As he ran, his body bent and creaked, transforming from his bear form on all fours back to a man on two long human legs. His brother, Andre, had bothered a den of wolves, and once again Paul was cleaning up one of his brother’s messes. Hopefully, it would be finished before sunset. Once the full moon was high in the sky, the pack would call to any of the werewolves close by, and he and Andre would never stand a chance.

He could see through the dense trees arched over the deserted highway that the sky was painted purple and orange. Night was coming, and they had no shelter. The two brothers beat the pavement, eating up mile after mile to escape the pack of wolves racing about six miles behind them.

“We lost them, right?” Andre gasped from behind him.

Paul could hear his brother’s footsteps fade. He had slowed down to a stop. Paul’s bare, tanned feet skid against the asphalt, and he leaned with his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

“Why did you mess with them anyway?” Paul spat out at his


Andre shook his long blonde hair, causing enormous drops of sweat to hit the ground.

“Answer me, Andy!” Paul said, shoving his brother backward.

“Sorry! I thought the white one was a werewolf. I was just curious, and wanted to see if she wanted to join me at the lake for some … star gazing,” Andre said, smiling.

“Well, she wasn’t. Clearly! How many times do I have to tell you—”

“I know. I know. When I look a werewolf in the eyes, there will be a crescent moon reflected back in one of the eyes. Well, to see that, I gotta get close, right? I was just getting a better look,” Andre said, pulling his long wavy hair into a high ponytail.

“The moon mark is only a wolfen sign. There are others were-creatures though. You should know this already, and you need a haircut,” Paul huffed, scanning the sky for the north star. He raked his hands through his black buzz-cut hair as the clouds shifted and groaned under the weight of the setting sun. The sky would soon be coated in an inky blackness, and they would have no shelter or food.

“Girls like long hair now, man. That wolf was into me before those other mutts showed up. God, I’m sorry. I could have sworn— anyway; that was a sweet spot back in the woods. Crap! All of our food was in there. What’s the plan now?” Andre asked, rubbing his hands together, after a slight shiver.

Paul rubbed his hands together too. Cold was settling on the road like a damp blanket. In their human form, the cold was much more noticeable. Fine goosebumps were already trailing across Paul’s broad shoulders. They were, after all, in Alaska for the salmon, and the discretion.

Paul loved salmon, and the sooner his brother’s transformation was better under control, the sooner they could return to their ruse of being architects in Olympia, Washington. They needed the cold, so they didn’t overheat during transformations. After his brother nearly disrupted an office Christmas party with his beady, black eyes and claws, Paul knew a winter sabbatical was needed.

He had to teach Andy how to control it. They were only half brothers, and after Andy had turned twenty-seven, he thought the gene skipped him. Apparently, it was just running a little late to the party.

“Hey Pauly, where did you go?” Andy asked, putting his sweaty hand on his brother’s shoulder, “You zoned off on me.”

“Nowhere,” Paul grunted, shrugging him off.

“I said ‘sorry,' bro,” Andy said.

“And I’m saying, ‘okay.’ Look, I know this world is new to you, but we only have two weeks before this little vacation is over. No messing with the other shifters, or any other animals for that matter, I mean it. Just cause we can all shift doesn’t mean we’re all friends,” Paul said. He turned around quickly, sniffing the air.

“Why? Wait, what is it?” Andy said, sniffing the air.

“Run now, ask questions later,” Paul said, diving onto all fours. His muscles quickly ripped and tore, bulging on new thickened bones. His skin stretched on the new muscle and bone. He was back to being a large, menacing, black bear. His brother followed suit, joining him in his smaller brown bear form.

Chapter 2

The brothers, still in bear form, gnawed in silence on the salmon leaping violently in the stream. Paul had no idea how hungry he was until the pink and silver morsels leaped into his mouth. Andy was doing a lot better at catching them and finally had a rhythm going. Paul jerked his big, black hairy bear head back, swallowing the last mouthful of fish. His brother still hadn’t slowed down. His body was not used to the bear metabolism yet. If he over-ate and transformed back to his human form too soon, he would feel engorged and throw up.

Paul ran out of the water, collapsing on the bank. Everything around them was black, no light, no noise. Maybe they could sleep in the open in safety.

Paul stretched his front and hind legs, shook off the water and let his body collapse back into his thirty-year-old, muscular frame.

“Oh, that was delicious,” Paul said.

Andre was still munching away.

“Easy, brother. We aren’t going into hibernation,” Paul said, throwing a rock at Andre. Andre growled at him before snatching a large salmon out of the air.

“Suit yourself,” Paul said, laying on the bank.

Paul stared up at the stars. Orion’s belt was looking back down in the clear blackness. It was peaceful. A far cry from running from werewolves. His mind drifted, thinking about his mother, and his real father. He and Andre had the same mother, a black bear shape-shifter from England. When she met the man that would be Paul’s father, and later Andy’s father, that the shifter gene could be passed on. If it even was a gene. Legend was it was a curse, and so far both brothers had it. Andy’s father disappeared as soon as he found out the truth about Paul, and didn’t want to take a chance on Andy. After all, it’s hard to discipline a step-son who grows claws anytime you yell at him for breaking curfew.

“Ow! Shit, shit, shit!” Andre yelled, as his body morphed back to a man.

“I told you earlier. The food doesn’t go anywhere when you transform. Aim for the stream if you need to vomit. You have to eat slow, and eat less if you plan to switch back right away.”

Andy moaned, and his face looked pale with the strain on what should have been a sculpted six-pack stomach. It was now oddly distended, and Andy was wobbling on his feet.

“Maybe we should stay in bear form for the night,” Paul suggested, throwing his brother a shirt.

“No, man. I hate having to try and translate your growls. Still don’t understand everything yet.”

“You still can’t hear my thoughts?”

Andy shook his head, collapsing on the ground. His stomach looked like he was eight months pregnant.

“You have to focus. We share blood so you should be able to hear me. I can hear you. It’s how I knew you were in danger with the wolves back there.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. Everything else is too loud. I hear everything. Every cricket, every footstep, every splash of the salmon in the river. I dunno. Maybe I hear you, and you’re whispering compared to everything else.”

Paul thought for a moment: what would his mother do? His mother taught him everything; not that she had to say much. A lot of it was instinct. His body just jerked to life. He could turn every sense off and on whenever he wanted. This whole time Andy and Paul thought the gene skipped Andy, and now their mother was long gone. It was all up to Paul now to help his brother lead a normal life.

“You don’t have to take care of me, Pauly.”

Paul scoffed. “If you maim a client because they don’t like a sketch, we’re screwed. I like to come to the woods as a choice, a vacation. I don’t want to be forced to live out here, bro.”

“Why? I mean it’s so peaceful, and we’re so powerful out here.”

“We have power of our own, back in the city. I’m a manager at the architectural firm now, and in a year or three, I might get an executive position—”

“Yea, yea, and a hairless wife and three fuzzy little cubs? Come on, man. It’s so lame,” Andy seemed to scream, his voice echoing over the lake, “Look at this wilderness! God, I wish I was around when you and mom lived out here.”

Paul frowned. Andy didn’t know what he was saying. Before moving to the United States, Paul and his mom roamed England with his dad until he was ten. Even today, Paul still had the English accent. The problem was that his dad transformed into a Eurasian Brown bear which had been extinct for over a thousand years. Hunters took his dad as a prize to prove they were not extinct before his dad could transform back. After that, he and his mom just ran and ran.

“Look, Mr. Mopey, I get it wasn’t all fun, but a desk job? With all of this strength. We could roam!”

“Yea, roam just like your dad,” Paul said, unthinkingly.

Andy went silent. Andy’s dad was a “treasure” his mom picked up while they were hiding in France. Paul knew his mom only married him to get them to the United States, to get them to safety. Andy knew it too, but neither liked to talk about it.

“I don’t know if I can go back, Pauly.”

“What? Of course you can. You can transform on command now. I can teach you the other stuff from home.”

“I think this is home for me, man. I mean out here, I’m free, wild! Naked! Ha!”

Paul shoved his brother and threw on his shirt. They had

clothes hidden around just in case they ran across people.

“Be serious, Andy. It’s not all fun, and games. There are hunters and other shape shifters. Like I said, we aren’t all friends.”

“I want to meet them. The other shifters, I mean.”

Paul cut a glare at Andy. “That’s not an option, Andre.”

“Why not? If I’m going to have the full bear experience, I want to know why we’re so segregated. I’m not going to hurt anybody.”

“They won't make that same promise. Look, the northern parts of every continent have creatures like us. We all need the cold, so we share. Our bodies get too hot from transforming. I told you this. We just stay out of each other’s way. It maintains order.”

Andy scoffed. “Are we at the top, then?”

Paul thought for a second. “I wouldn’t say so.”


“Because there aren’t that many werebears. It’s why no one really writes stories about us. Now the werewolves, there are thousands of them, millions maybe. They stick together and are ruthless about protecting each other, and their territories. They don’t share. Ever. So stay away from them.”

“Have you ever met one?”

“Yes—they helped the hunters kill my dad,” Paul said, balling up his fist.

“Wait, what? I thought—wait, how?”

“The hunters got to dad because we were fishing on wolf land. I was hungry, and we had been roaming for days. The hunters only got to dad because he was cornered. They outnumbered him and pushed him right into a hunting team. I hate werewolves.”

Andy didn’t say anything.

“That’s why you got really freaked out back there. You thought—you thought they were going to kill me?”

Paul started to speak, but something cut through the night sky: a long low howl. Paul jumped up and helped Andy to his feet.

“Crap,” Paul seethed.

“I thought this was fair ground,” Andy said, stretching out his limbs. He was ready to transform.

“It is. Humans live around here so no shifter can claim it. It’s too risky to live here because you can be seen. Don’t shift! Not until we have a plan. I can’t risk you not understanding me.”

“Well, speak faster,” Andy said, his eyes darting around.

The howl was coming from every direction. They were surrounded.

“Remember when I told you that pack of wolves were regular wolves?” Paul asked, climbing down to all fours.

“Yea? Why?”

“I lied. Run!”

Paul ripped out of his clothes, bulging sinewy muscle stretching in all direction. Andy joined him, and they took off in a full sprint into the forest.

Chapter 3

Paul jerked his black, hairy head left, signaling his brother deeper into the woods. Andre growled with understanding, climbed a broad redwood tree just off the beaten path, and Paul followed up, branch by branch. The tree groaned under the weight of two large bears, but it held them. The two waited, perched about forty feet off the ground.

Paul transformed back to his human form, panting. Andre was shaking on the branch next to him but didn’t transform. Paul hung his head. He knew the werewolf that caught Andre’s eye. He just didn’t want trouble for Andre.

“Can wolves climb trees?’ Andre asked, changing back.

“No, but they can hear. Be quiet,” Paul whispered. Andre muttered something under his breath but obeyed. Paul listened to the howl cut through the cold air. They were circling the wood, drawing nearer. They would just have to wait. Even through the chorus of howls, Paul could hear her: Amelia. He would know that howl anywhere. Another reason he hated wolves. Of course, her brother’s pack would roam here. The elks were primed for their hunting season. She would be with them, her own kind.

Paul and Amelia had a fling, a wild summer of roaming right before Paul got the job at the architectural firm. He was just wandering through Canada right after his mom died, and there she was, drinking naked at a stream. Of course, she transformed into a wolf and attacked him, but they made up in more ways than one.

That summer, he lost count of how many times he woke up naked, tangled up with her under the aurora lights. She said she was a lone wolf, that she had no pack. She looked at him with that crescent moon beaming back in her left eye and said she had no one but him, and he believed her. Every night in the snow, he told her body that it was not alone. Every night his lips found her lips, her breasts, her stomach, her womanhood.

She was the most delicious, sexy creature he had every seen. He would kiss her so hard at times he was sure he would devour her. Sometimes he would fuck her so hard he would transform, and have to shove her away so he didn’t kill her by accident. He made her howl, made her whimper. And she … well, she had that effect of bringing out both the man and the monster in him.

“Do I still have to be quiet?” Andre asked, whispering a little too loudly

“No,” Paul said.

“Why did you lie about the wolves?” Andre asked. “Because I wanted to avoid hiding in a tree in subzero weather,” Paul said, growling.

“Now what?”

“Now, we wait,” Paul said, sniffing the air. Something was wrong.

“Oh shit,” Andre groaned, “what now?”

“You smell that?” Paul asked.

Andre sniffed the air, and a sheepish grin spread across his face. “Hell yea. It smells like—”

“A woman,” said a warm, silky voice from the bottom of the tree.

Paul’s eyes jerked down, quickly adjusting to the darkness. It was her. Stark naked with wild, auburn hair cascading down two full breasts. She had a singular lock of white hair, almost hidden save for a gust of wind. Paul swallowed, studying her. He would know that smell anywhere. She always smelled of pine trees, and freshly fallen snow, an oaky goddess, one with the woods. And as usual, she hated clothes. She was much more wolf than woman in her mind, though now—she looked delicious.

“Won’t you come down Pauly, and have a drink at the stream with me?” she asked, leaning on the tree.

“You know her?” Andre demanded.

“Oh, yes. In the Biblical sense,” she answered from below. “You boys are safe. I led my brother and his idiots the other way. Should give us a moment to chat before it gets ugly.”

“What the hell, Pauly?” Andre asked.

Paul didn’t answer. He just transformed and darted down the tree with a growl. Andre followed, transforming quickly, muttering low growls asking for an explanation in his weak bearspeak. It was pointless since no matter what Paul said, he would barely understand.

Andre’s dialect was rough, and his sentences were backward, his inflections were wrong, and his tone mispronounced. Paul shook his head when he got to the bottom, ridding his mind of Andre’s gibberish.

“His bearspeak is dreadful,” Amelia said, leaning her cheek in for a kiss.

Paul stayed stiff. He wasn’t falling for it this time. He knew she only used him to get information on the werebears, to see how many were in the America Northwest, to see if they were a threat.

“Is anyone going to explain?” asked Andre, rising to his feet.

“There is nothing to explain,” Paul grunted, “We’re leaving. She can’t be trusted.”

Andre gave Amelia a once-over, and his male brain seemed to be finally registering what Paul feared: he realized that Amelia was hot. Beyond hot. She was curvy, and deeply tanned with large almond-shaped gray eyes that stood out prominently in her face. In human form, she looked more like a fairy than a wolf.

“You’re the wolf from the lake aren’t you?” Andy said, stepping closer, “I’m Andre by the way, but the big guy calls me Andy.”

“Guilty as charged. You might speak like a two-year-old werebadger, but you are as perceptive as you are handsome,” Amelia said, smiling wickedly at him.

“Enough, Amy!Why did you help me—us?” Paul asked.

“Old habits,” she said, shrugging, “And it feels good to be called Amy. No one’s called me that in ages.”

“Good grief, did you break his heart or something?” asked Andy, looking at Amy and then back to Paul. Paul clenched his jaw and then fist. His emotions were betraying him, and he could barely hide how furious he was.

“Quite the opposite. Andy was it?” she purred, looking at Andy.

Paul grabbed Amy’s arm and led her away from Andy. Andy yelled something at them, but Paul could barely hear. He was fighting the creak in his spine, the growl deep in his lungs telling him to transform and rip this woman apart.

Amy jerked out of his grasp, and stood defiantly, staring at Paul.

“What was that about?” she shrieked, her low sexy voice gone.

“So, you are still in there! This sex kitten bullshit is disgusting. Stop teasing my brother,” Paul said, pointing a finger at her.

She planted her hands on her full hips and stuck her tongue out at him.

“You used to like it when I role played,” she said, then bit her lip. Her voice was rich and bubbly now. “I just wanted a dramatic entrance. I could smell your scent on your brother. I knew you had to be nearby. I just wanted to see you. Is that a crime?”

“Just how close were you to Andy that you could smell me? Whatever, I don’t care. Just leave us alone. It’s hard enough, trying to teach him our ways.”

“You taught me just fine, back in the day. Had me almost convinced I could be both werebear, and werewolf.”

“We all make mistakes.”

“I never left you.”

“You never mentioned that everything I told you was going straight to your brother’s ears. Corion, your brother, is a hunter wolf! He kills every werecreature that he sees as a threat! So, technically, I never left you because I was never with the real you! I was with your brother’s pawn.”

Amy blanched, looking at him through watery gray eyes.

“Hey!” said Andy, running over, “Hate to break up the happy reunion, but we have company.”

“I know you hate me, Pauly, but let me help you. There is a cave not far away. Corion and his pups will never follow you into caves. He hates them, always has. Please trust me,” Amy said, collapsing on all fours and transforming into a large, powder-white wolf. The crescent moon in her eye glistened brightly against her fur, and Paul watched Andy gape at her.

“Let’s move!” Paul said, dropping on all fours.

Andy nodded, and the two brothers followed Amy deep into the forest. Paul shook his head to banish thoughts of ravaging her right there in the snow.

Chapter 4

“My brother has been gone for hours, Pauly. You can stop skulking about. Goodness, for someone who hates his animal side, you sure look like a big, old bear right now,” Amy said, huffing.

Paul heard Andy snicker as he stoked the fire in the cave.

“You tell him, Amy,” Andy said, popping some berries in his mouth. “I’ve been trying to tell him that I want to stay in the woods, but he won’t let me.”

“What! And why not? The woods are better than those human houses and their garbage everywhere,” Amy said.

“With all due respect, unlike some people, I have a good brother and, plus, I have his best interest at heart. The opportunities out there, with the humans—”

Amy held her hands up silencing Paul. She had her eyes pinched closed and shook her head like she was disappointed.

“Pauly, this is not about humans versus were-creatures. This is about you not wanting to face the beast beneath the man,” Amy said, walking towards him.

Paul swallowed, feeling a tightening in his throat, and in his jeans.

“There is nothing wrong with creatures like us. We don’t follow the same stupid, cookie-cutter rules that the humans do. Look at you, trying to be stiff in trousers, trying to control yourself and reign in your instincts,” Amy said, raising an eyebrow.

“I want what’s best for my brother. There is nothing wrong with that,” Paul said, not sure if he believed it. The two minds in his skull often raged against each other. One said to get a job, and pay bills, and get a mortgage and raise a family. And the other was wild, mad, like electricity flashing telling him to run, to hunt, to climb, to be free.

“Look, bro,” Andy said, cutting in, “I know you want the best for me, but I’m gonna be honest, that job sucks ass. I’ve been feeling like a caged animal, no pun intended, and now I know why. I was meant to be out here! I just—I just don’t think the human rules apply to me. And I hate pants. I hate clothes! Always have,” Andy said, ripping off his pants, and the shredded scraps that remained of his t-shirt.

Amy looked at him approvingly, and Paul couldn’t help notice his brother looked a little swollen below the waist.

“What about you, Pauly? I remember a time when you weren’t so keen on clothes either, hmm?” Amy said, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

She and Andy stood side by side watching him, each with their arms folded, waiting for Paul to make a move.

Paul hung his head, wincing, and slowly pulled off his shirt.

“Whoohoo!” Amy hooted, “still as sexy as I remember.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Andy said, “Besides I’m way better in the sack than him.”

“Oh?” Amy said, biting her lip.

“Don’t even think about it,” Paul said, his nose flaring.

“Why not? I mean you clearly don’t know a good thing when you see it,” Andy says, squaring up to his brother.

“You don’t even know her!” Paul said, shoving his brother backward.

Amy growled loudly and shoved them apart.

“Enough! No one owns me,” she said, her eyes glowing like she was about to transform.

Paul relaxed his shoulders, and Andy nodded an apology.

“You know what? This is such a typical human move. You don’t see the big picture,” Amy said, looking off at some spot in the cave.

“What do you mean?” asked Andy.

“Do you know what I saw, back at my brother’s camp? Before we started chasing you I mean?” Amy asked, seeming to ignore Andy’s question.

“What?” Paul asked, shrugging.

Amy paused and looked at Paul like she had the world’s most precious secret on the tip of her tongue.

“Two wolves,” she said, “Two wolves fucking, right by the campsite. No one flinched. You know why? Because we are animals, and we wolves accept that. And you know what else? Two other wolves joined them, trading off like it was nothing, right in the snow. They didn’t just trade each other in the wolf bodies either. They kept up doggie style, in the open, even when they were on two legs.”

Paul exhaled, not realizing he was holding his breath. He couldn’t help looking at Andy, who was fully erect. Paul felt embarrassed for him, but Andy didn’t seem to care.

“Take your pants off, Pauly,” Amy said, walking closer to Andy.

“What?” Paul said, his voice hoarse.

Amy stared at him, and outstretched her hands, grabbing Andy’s dick. Paul seethed, but he didn’t move. She kept stroking it with her fingers, and Andy moaned in reply. She jerked on it now, slowly, and kissed Andy. Paul watched her pink tongue lick his lips, and saw Andy’s hands slide down the length of her curvy spine, settling on her round ass.

“Stop it, Amy,” Paul warned. His mouth warned, but he was swelling in his trousers. Something about the rhythm of them touching was angering him, and also making him hard at the same time. His pants felt uncomfortable, and he wished he could take them off. No, he wished he could trade places with Andy. Just for old time’s sake.

“We are animals, Pauly,” Amy said, pulling her tongue out of Andy’s mouth, “I remember when you were an animal.”

Andy turned Amy around, so her back was to him. What was his little brother doing? Amy grabbed Andy’s hands and put them right on top of her pussy. He smiled up at his brother and then started kissing Amy’s neck. Amy guided his hands until he had two fingers inside her, stroking her. First slow, then faster. Her juices were glistening in the dim campfire light on his finger.

“Ah!” she cried out, and it seemed she would collapse. Andy jerked himself off with his free hand, coming all over Amy’s back and legs with a low growl.

“Come join us, Pauly,” Amy said almost as a whisper.

Paul didn’t know what came over him. He ripped off his jeans in one sweeping motion, and Andy stepped back.

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