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Kiki Woods

FMF Menage Shape Shifter Romance

Author: Haren Watson

© Copyright 2016 by Haren Watson

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Table of Contents

KIKI Woods


When billionaire Abe McKenna hires Jim Cooper and ‘Buzz’ Lattier to track down an unknown creature, the pair have little idea of what awaits then in the deep woods, a hundred miles from any town.

But McKenna knows the forest contains at least one prized specimen that he is determined to recapture—a shifter capable of killing a full-grown grizzly.

Little does he realize that he has sent the hunters into the clutches of not one, but two shifter women, both of whom are determined to avoid capture at all costs.

But will their unique need to mate regularly with humans leave them vulnerable? Will Jim and Buzz give in to the women’s demands, or will they resist and fulfill their mission to capture the pair and return them to McKenna unharmed?

Shifting Wood is a tale of untamed lust among the creatures of the deep forest, and those who live in the twilight between the world of humans and animals.

Chapter 1

“I tell you, whatever took down that bear is gonna be B.I.G.” Shut up you damn fool, Buzz thought as he winced. The radio was too loud. He wished he’d remembered to bring an ear piece. He’d have switched the radio off already, but Jim insisted on staying in contact. Fat lot of good it would do if either of them stumbled on the bear-killer. Neither of them could help the other over the air.

The waterfall was close now, and they were approaching it from different angles, hoping to catch the beast unawares. They’d been told the bear had been drinking when it had died, its throat torn out by viciously sharp claws.

“Easy now…” he whispered to himself. His heart was hammering against his ribs. He hadn’t been this nervous since he’d confronted a cougar six months back. The dart gun was too light, he decided. He ached for the reassuring weight of his rifle. But this was a ‘catch-and-study,’ expedition, and someone was paying big bucks for evidence of the bear-killer. Plus, the beast was to be tagged, so its movement could be tracked, like all the remaining wild animals in this state. Big Brother had extended its scope to the wild, Buzz thought. Poor critters.

“I can see it,” Jim’s crackling voice was quieter this time. Finally, he’d learnt some stealth.

“What? The beast?” Buzz asked. Had they lucked out already?

“The waterfall.”

Shit… “Check the wind direction.”

“It’s in my face, don’t panic,” Jim whispered.

“At least the forecast was right. See anything?”

“Only water… and spray. Wait. Shit!”

Over to his right, a bird exploded into the air, screeching alarm. Great. Well done, Jim. Buzz could hear the waterfall now. He had to be close.

“Wait, I see something. In the water.”

“What’s it look like?” Buzz asked, keeping his voice low.

“It’s pale, swimming… it just dived… wait one… lost sight…”

“Keep watching.”

“It’s there. It’s back!” Jim’s voice was high, excited.

Buzz rolled his eyes. “What’cha got, Jim?”

“It’s… a girl.”

Buzz frowned at his radio. A what? “Jim, we’re a hundred miles from civilization. Quit shitting me.”

“It’s a fucking girl, Buzz. And she’s naked.”

“I gotta see this.” Buzz hurried forward, compromising between stealth and noise. The trees parted ahead of him, opening out as the trail ended in a sudden drop to the pool below. He dropped onto all fours, pulling out his scope. The expanse of the pool lay below him, shallow at the edges, but darkening in the center.

Must be deep. A pale sliver wriggled far below, diving into the darkness, to resurface ten yards away, throwing back her blond hair and pushing the water from her eyes.

“Well, fuck me…” He reached for the radio. “Jim, you were right. I can see her.”

There was no answer.

“Jim? Can you hear me?”


“Quit screwing around, buddy. Where are you?”

“In the land of Nod,” a soft voice said behind him. Startled, Jim barely turned in time to see the branch descend onto his skull.

Chapter 2

“We didn’t need two of them,” a woman whispered. Jim screwed up his eyes, fighting against the headache that threatened to blast his head apart. What the hell was happening?

“What if one of them’s a dud?” another woman asked. “We could let the wrong one go, and be no further forward.”

“You can’t assume they’re all going to be the same, Evie. One bad experience doesn’t—”

“He was dirty,” the one called Evie snapped. “Diseased.”

“And we spotted it before it was too late.”

“We almost missed it,” Evie reminded her. “I almost got infected.”

“Well, you didn’t. As long as we choose carefully—”

“We’re not choosing them, Dawn. They keep coming to us!”

“I know, but—”

“We go to a lot of trouble to keep out of sight. Why do they keep coming back?”

“You killing that bear might have something to do with it. The humans notice stuff like that.”

“We’re a hundred miles from anywhere. Who cares about one old bear?”

“The bear had a collar, which means they know where it is.”

“Not possible,” Evie muttered. Her voice faded away. She was clearly stressed, Jim thought. But their discussion about choosing who to keep and who to let go concerned him deeply. And their claim to have killed a six-hundred-pound bear? Bullshit!

“They found us,” Dawn reminded her. “They were probably hoping to find out what happened to the bear… isn’t that right, James Angus Cooper?”

Jim reacted immediately. As the women had talked, he’d been able to build up a picture of the cave they were in, which way the waterfall was, and how many steps it would take to reach freedom—all with his eyes closed. His ability to map his surroundings had served him well in situations of total darkness, and now it would get him away from these crazy women. He’d already tested for restraints, and was amazed to find they hadn’t tied him in any way. More fool them. Even zip-tied, no-one could stop an ex-Marine when he decided it was time to leave.

He leapt to his feet, roaring as loud as a grizzly—and promptly knocked himself unconscious on the low cave roof. The women cringed as Jim crumpled into a stunned heap.

“Ouch,” Dawn breathed.

“That’s gonna hurt,” Evie added.

“So…” Dawn swung the dart gun to point at Buzz. “Do you need a health and safety lecture on low ceilings, or are you going to be sensible?”

“How did you know I was awake?” Buzz asked, lifting his head to peer at them. With the cave mouth at their backs, he could discern little more than their silhouettes.

“Your breathing picked up about seven minutes ago, right after numb-nuts over there. You’ve been listening to us ever since.”

Buzz made a face of approval. “You ladies are good. How are your tracking skills?”

The women exchanged glances. “We get by,” Evie supplied cryptically.

“What did you use to bring down the bear?”

“Adrenaline,” both women chorused, then laughed.

“Funny,” Buzz grumbled.

“He caught me unawares,” Evie confessed. “He tried to jump me when I was sunbathing.”

“Sunbathing? Up in the mountains? Hah!”

Dawn smiled. “Evie likes to stretch out on a rock and soak up the sun, don’t you, girl?” She ruffled the other woman’s short, sandy hair affectionately.

“So are you two chicks an item?”

“An item?” Evie chortled. “With her?” She bent over and feigned a series of puking noises.

Dawn laughed. “She smells funny. I wouldn’t want to get too close.”

“Smells funny? Says you who smells of wet dog.”

“You see? We love each other really.”

“Speak for yourself. I’m only here ‘cause I got no place else to go.” Evie folded her arms tightly across her chest. Considering how high in the mountains they were, the women were dressed lightly, as if it was a summer’s day. The smaller, slighter Evie wore Daisy Dukes and a white bikini top, while the curvy, dark-haired Dawn had longer shorts, but only a vest top covering her body. Neither woman wore shoes. Buzz shivered. How could they not be cold?

“So what are we going to do with the boy genius?” Evie asked.

“We should turn him loose. Do the usual, let him go back to his family.” She turned to consider Buzz. “This one we keep for now.”

“People will be looking for us,” Buzz protested. “They’ll come looking, and they’ll find us. They’ll find you.”

“No-one will be looking for at least a week,” Dawn said. “You’re out in the wilds, and without this…” she held up a small black device. “…no-one will ever find you.”

“Hey!” His heart sank. How had they found his GPS?

“You belong to us, now. Muhahaha…” Evie waggled her fingers at him. He sighed, out of ideas for the moment. But the dark-haired one couldn’t keep the dart gun on him forever. Sooner or later, she’d lose concentration, or fall asleep, and then he’d be gone, with or without Jim. He wasn’t restrained, so there was no way the women could catch, or stop him. He weighed more than the two of them put together, and most of his weight was muscle.

“Okay, big guy,” Dawn said to the insensible Jim. She laid the gun aside and waved Evie over to where he lay. Buzz stared as both women turned their backs on him. He hadn’t expected them to fuck up so quickly. Cautiously, he rose to his feet, avoiding the low ceiling. Neither woman noticed. They were busy rolling Jim onto his back. Could he take them both down and help his friend? No, he decided. He’d be better off escaping, then he’d be able to bring back help, and cops to cuff up the women. If he was going to escape, now was the perfect time.

Chapter 3

Dawn bent over the unconscious Jim and pressed her ear to his chest. Buzz moved slowly, watching for loose stones on the cave floor. Ten steps would take him to the cave entrance. Once he started running, he would be unstoppable. The women ignored him as he moved. Evie was whispering something into Jim’s ear. Buzz didn’t care what she was up to, as long as they were focused on something other than him.

Five steps, four, three… Daylight fell upon him, warming his skin. He hadn’t realized how cold it had been in the cave. Two steps, one… He stepped outside, then slipped away and out of sight. Immediately, he started to clamber up the steep rocks surrounding the rock pool. He’d been carrying equipment when he’d laid down to spy on the bathing girl. Maybe he could find it. There was a hunting knife in the bag, which would be very useful, if not essential. Camouflage gear, too. He wondered if his buddies would consider him a pussy, running from two women. But Dawn had the gun, he reasoned. She’d have taken him down for sure.

After a minute of hard climbing, he reached the top of the slope and cast around for his bag. There! But when he reached it, he was irritated to find it empty. Those women had ripped him off! No knife, no food and only the sun to guide him home.

“Okay, so be it.” He set off, heading south at a run. Fucking crazy women! They’d have a hard time catching him now.

Chapter 4

“He’s getting away,” Evie said.

“He won’t get far. We need to fix this one first, then we can have some fun chasing Mister Ron Lattier.”

“Can’t we keep this one as well? For a few days at least.”

“You saw him., He’s wild. They’re very difficult to placate, Evie. Remember Al Johnstone?”

“Was he the one who tried to punch me?”

“The same.” Dawn smiled grimly.

“Who knew a guy could bleed so much?”

“Mister Lattier is still wild, but he’s going to be easier to reach.” She tapped her temple with a finger.

“So let’s get this over with. Tell Jim a few horror stories about this place and send him on his way.”

“Not this time. These guys followed the bear to this place. I don’t want any more visitors, so Jim here is going on a life-long expedition through the Rockies, determined to find his monster. He won’t rest until he tracks it down.”

Evie grinned. “Hunting forever? That would make such a great movie.”

“Maybe one day, they’ll make it. Now…” She leaned close to Jim’s ear and whispered soft commands into his mind, insisting he almost caught his beast, but it eluded him. He was to return to his camp, resupply and head west, then south, tracking the object of his desire, even if it took him all the way down the Andes.

“You will never rest,” she said. “Until you reach The Cape of Good Hope.”

“What will he do then?” Evie asked.

“Jim, you will realise the futility of your quest, and become a farmer. You will find peace by growing things in the soil.”

“I love the way you do that.”

“It’s my gift,” Dawn shrugged. “Same with yours.”

“When I was a kid, I thought everyone had a secret gift. I was so disappointed when I realized I was the only one.”

“Until you met me.”

“And Frances.”

“Yeah. I wonder what she’s doing now.”

“Probably having kittens,” Evie said. The pair laughed.

“Time to wake Jim up.”

“And go catch Buzz Lattier.”



Dawn pressed her lips to Jim’s, then slunk away into the deep shadows at the back of the cave, crouching beside Evie as Jim stirred. He glanced around the apparently empty cave, spotted his dart gun, and staggered toward it, crouched over in the low cave. Dawn patted the top of her head and grinned at Evie, who did her best to stifle a laugh.

“Who’s there?” Jim barked. Dawn rolled her eyes and shifted. A heartbeat later, Evie shifted too, hurling herself forward and filling the cave with terrifying noise.

Jim fled for his life, flailing and stumbling over rocks in an attempt to get clear of the snarling creatures. He scrambled up the steep slope faster than Buzz had, and raced through the forest, yelling up at his god to plead for protection. A single purpose filled his mind. He needed to restock and head for the Rocky Mountains, where he was certain he’d find the creature that killed the bear. And if he had to do it alone, he damn well would, even if it took him to the ends of the earth.

Chapter 5

Evie overtook Buzz less than ten minutes later. He skidded to a halt as the big cat blocked his path, hissing her warning to turn back. When he dived to the side, she was faster, blocking his route, and driving him back the way he’d come. Deep down, he knew there was no possibility of outrunning a leopard, but his instincts drove him headlong, crashing through brush, bouncing off tree trunks and stumbling over roots in an attempt to escape—or at least to stay alive for as long as possible.

He sensed the big cat right behind him, toying with his life before ending the chase with the slash of a claw. He didn’t dare risk a glance back. Every second was precious, every step vital. His breath wheezed in is throat as he pounded his legs desperately, praying for a miracle.

And when the steep slope above the pool beckoned, he threw himself headlong, slithering past rocks and trees, howling as thorns flayed his skin. The ice cold water shocked him hard, jabbing spears of ice deep into his muscles. He hung beneath the surface, motionless, as thousands of silver bubbles wriggled back to the surface. Somehow he’d survived. Somehow, the leopard had failed to catch him, which was impossible. What was also impossible was the cat’s presence in the mountains. A leopard had no business in this part of the world—unless it had escaped from somewhere.

He glanced up at the shimmering surface of the pool, knowing he ought to swim back towards the daylight, to where he would be able to breathe. But his muscles were unresponsive, and he had little inclination toward movement. After the insane chase through the forest, he was content to remain still, and sink slowly toward the bottom of the pool, however deep it turned out to be. He watched idly as the last of the bubbles wobbled past, heading where he ought to be heading. A small smile crept over his chilled face. He was content. He had no need to fight any more.

He’d found peace.

Chapter 6

“Where is he?” Evie snapped.

“Be still, he’ll be back up in a moment, you’ll see.”

“He’s been gone forever.” Evie pressed her hands to her face. “I killed him.”

Dawn chuckled. “He was running like the devil was on his back.”

“I shouldn’t have acted so fierce.”

“You needed to jolt his instincts, Evie. If you hadn’t, he might have tried to fight you, and that would have ended badly.”

“It did end badly.” She indicated the quieting surface of their pool. Barely a ripple stirred. Even the bubbles had ceased rising.

Dawn stroked her chin. “I guess we should see what’s keeping him.” She wasn’t overly concerned. The water was cool at the surface, and extremely cold further down. Such conditions kept drowning victims alive for much longer. She smiled as she remembered her former life, her human life, as a nurse.

“He’s dead,” Evie wailed. “He’s dead, and it’s all my fault.”

Dawn pushed down her shorts and peeled off her vest, both of which she’d only just put on following her shift. No sense in getting her clothes damp. Evie was still naked from her forest run.

“If he’s in trouble, it’ll take both of us to pull him out.”

“Come on, then.” As she waded into the chill water, she beckoned to Evie. The blond followed, biting her lip nervously. The moment the water reached her thighs, Dawn threw herself forward, and plunged in. Evie dived after her, fearful of what they would find in the depths.

Chapter 7

Buzz was easy to find. He hung motionless in the dim light, his arms extended to the sides. Dawn and Evie grabbed an arm each, and kicked their way back to the surface. When she was able to breathe, Evie fretted the entire way back to the nearby shore, despite Dawn’s assurances.

“He’s not moving, Dawn. He’s not even breathing!”

“He’ll be fine, you’ll see.” She tried to sound casual, but her concern was real. What if they couldn’t revive him? They would have squandered a perfectly healthy male because she’d been over-confident. Of course they could persuade him to return, she’d told Evie. Of course we can get him to stay with us.

The pair dragged him onto the narrow shingle at the edge of the pool, then rolled him onto his side. Dawn pressed down on his ribs. The instant the water trickled from his nose and mouth, he began to cough. His strong body shook heavily as he clawed his way back from the depths.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…” Evie moaned.

“Evie, relax. He’s going to be fine.” Dawn rocked Buzz gently to clear the water from his lungs, ready to give him a helping squeeze if he needed it. The whole event took her back to her midwifery training. She felt as if she’d helped deliver a two hundred fifty pound baby.

Finally, Buzz opened his eyes and lay on his side, coughing quietly and staring at the naked Evie.

“What… why?” he managed.

“You fell in the pool,” she explained, exchanging a glance with Dawn. “We pulled you out.” Dawn nodded.

“No clothes?”

Evie shrugged. “It’s tricky to dry stuff in this cold.”

“You’ll freeze.”

As Dawn dismissed his remark, she realized Buzz was shivering. “Come on, big guy. Let’s get you somewhere warm.” She winked at Evie.

“Warm?” Buzz struggled onto all fours. “Where’s warm? You don’t…” he coughed, “…even have a fire going.”

“We’ll go back to survival 102. Shared bodily warmth.”

He managed a weak smile and coughed again. “Could be a lot worse I guess. Two beautiful ladies, warming me up.” He managed to push himself onto all fours. More water trickled from his mouth.

“See,” Dawn said over his back. “Didn’t I say you were beautiful?”

“Still don’t believe you,” Evie muttered.

“You should,” Buzz assured her. Evie threw him a shy smile as his gaze ran over her body.

“You’re supposed to be ill,” she remarked.

“Sorry. Force of habit.”

The women helped him stand, then supported his large frame as they headed for the cave. Buzz felt his strength return, but he couldn’t stop the violent shivering. He was chilled to the core, which was a very dangerous way to be in the wilds. He needed warmth. Hell, he needed a fire.

“The gear… from my bag.”

“It’s safe,” Dawn assured him.

“Need matches… for fire.”

“Soon, big guy. Once we’ve stabilized you.”

“Need to eat.”

“We’ll organize food and drink soon. Let’s get you inside first.”

“I miss cooked food,” Evie murmured.

“Me too, but we don’t need it, do we?”

“But I miss the taste, the smell…”

“You ladies don’t cook your food?”

“Nope. Most of it goes down raw.”

“Raw? What do you both eat?”

“Later, big guy,” Dawn patted his back as they settled him into the cave. His head ached as he remembered the branch landing on his skull. Twice he’d sat in this cave now. The first time he’d been shanghaied, the second, he’d been chased.

“Hey, there’s a leopard loose in the forest!”

“A leopard?” Dawn laughed. “Are you sure?” She was grinning, but Buzz caught the quick glance in Evie’s direction. Nothing strange there, though. She was probably concerned for the younger woman’s safety.

“I know my big cats, lady. It was a leopard.”

“Maybe it escaped—from a private collection.” As Dawn spoke, her face became tight. Evie pressed her hands to her mouth and turned away. Buzz took the opportunity to admire her figure. Her tight waist and small cheeks drew his eye. Unlike Dawn, she hadn’t developed delicious, rounded curves, but he could imagine holding her waist as he pressed himself against her…

He shook his head clear of the fantasy to see Dawn quirking an eyebrow at him. He gazed at her, fighting to keep his eyes on her face, somehow managing not to stare at her full, heavy breasts.

“Evie, our friend needs help. He’s going to suffer if we don’t warm him up.”

“The fire?” Buzz asked.

“Soon. Once you stop shivering.” Dawn knelt beside him and tugged at his shirt, which was exposed by his open jacket.


“We can’t warm you if you’re soaking wet.”

“Okay, just the jacket.”

“And the shirt.”


“Shirt off, or you’ll freeze.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll take the shirt off.”

“And the pants.”


“Yes, everything.” She reached for the buttons on his shirt.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

“Don’t fret. I’ve seen it all before. Seen it and bed-bathed it.”

“You were a nurse?”

“Once upon a time.”

“What happened?”

“Long story. Now, get them off. Get everything off.” Her voice faded to a whisper as she helped Buzz reveal his hardened wildsman body. “Evie, get over here.”

“Maybe you’ve seen it all,” Buzz said in a low voice. “But is your young friend as worldly-wise?”

“She’ll be fine,” Dawn smiled, “trust me.” She tossed his pants aside, and watched in silence as he slipped off his cold and wet underwear. Small hands rested on her shoulders. Evie’s breathing was loud in her ear.

This was only the second time the pair had been together with a man. The first time, there had been no drowning involved, and the man had been much warmer as a result. Maybe they shouldn’t have scared Jim away so readily.

No matter, Dawn thought. Buzz would have to do, chilled or not.

Chapter 8

“What are you smiling about?” Buzz asked.

“I was thinking about the instructions on a nice bottle of wine, ‘Best served chilled.’ It seemed appropriate.” She took Buzz’s cold hand in hers.

“So I’m a bottle of wine?” He smiled from one side of his mouth.

“I could have said TV dinner.”

“I’ll settle for wine.”

Dawn lay beside him, pressing her naked body against his. One arm slid across his chest to pull him close. She crooked a leg and laid it across his thighs. He sighed as her body heat radiated through his skin, warming his chilled limbs. His eyes appraised Evie as she stepped over his feet, momentarily exposing the soft nest of fur between her legs. She lay down on his other side, and mirrored Dawn’s position, until the pair enveloped him in warmth and naked female flesh.

Dawn chuckled as his manhood swelled. “You must be feeling better if he’s come out to play.”

“Can you pass one of my socks over?” Buzz begged.

“No chance. It’s nice to know you’re enjoying our company.” She slipped her arm lower until his erection was touching her elbow.

“Please don’t tease,” he groaned.

“Who said I was teasing?” Her hand moved, shifting subtly across his chilled skin so he barely felt it. Her fingers curled around his hardening shaft, Evie brushed her soft lips against his, warming his face with her gentle breath.

“This can’t be happening. Any moment now, I’ll wake up and—”

“Hush.” Evie kissed him, pressing her mouth to his. Her lips parted and her small tongue explored gently. Buzz sighed and tried to relax into the fantasy he found himself in. Who knew he had such a wild imagination? Maybe he was still in the ice-cold pool, sinking to the bottom with his lungs awash. Yes, that was it, he decided. He’d died and risen to heaven.

“Why are you smiling?” Evie asked.

He raised a hand and caressed the back of her head. “Can’t a man smile in his final moments?”

“Why do you imagine these are your final moments?”

“Because this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. How can I go on living? Life will never get better than this.”

“Because this might happen to you more than once.” Evie’s hands slid around him and she kissed him with a hunger that left him breathless. And elsewhere, strong fingers and warm wetness enveloped his erection, sliding down with accompanying murmurs of female pleasure. A gentle tongue caressed him, swirling and stroking, assuring him that had indeed died and gone to a better place. A deep, satisfied sigh rumbled from his chest, quirking Evie’s soft, loving lips into a smile.

He dared to explore Dawn’s bare back, which was all he could reach, now that she had her head in his lap. He managed to find Evie’s small breast, and warmed his hand upon the softness. His fingers stroked the firmness of her nipple, stirring it to a rounded point.

“He’s ready for you.” Dawn’s voice reached him from a long way off, as if he’d dreamt her. Without breaking the kiss, Evie shifted, sliding her leg across his thighs until she straddled him. Her breasts pooled softly on his chest as she leaned forward. An unseen hand guided his erection, steering it across slippery skin that blazed with eager heat. He reached down to cup her small buttocks, squeezing and kneading them. Evie groaned into his mouth and her kisses grew more eager. Their tongues danced wetly, slipping across each other, swirling and flicking.

And then he was sliding into her, enjoying her sudden cry as heat enveloped him, heat that already stirred him toward the beginning of a climax. Evie trembled as she sank onto him, taking him deep until their bodies were pressed together. Dawn’s face appeared beside his, and kisses peppered his cheek. He turned toward her, and Evie dropped her head until her ear brushed the back of his neck. Her whimpers filled his ears as he pressed his mouth against Dawn’s.

Chapter 9

Evie started to ride him, and his earlier concerns about her innocence quickly faded. Her hands pressed down on his chest and her body lifted. Immediately, he missed the warmth of her breasts on his chest, but when Dawn’s fingers stroked his stiff nipples, he groaned and writhed. Too late, he realized neither he nor Evie were protected from each other. They were riding bareback, as it were.

But he shrugged away his concerns. He was living in a fantasy, not the real world. His head swum with delights, and his fantasy of enjoying two women at once was making his last moments count. What was there to worry about? Evie’s cries grew louder as she rode him, squeezing him with strong, unseen muscles as her slippery passage rubbed him to the point where he lost all control.

And so he climaxed, far sooner than he had since his teenage years, flooding Evie’s soft, yielding passage with liquid heat. She cried out and sank her teeth into his ear, shocking him, but not enough to halt the deep, squeezing pulses that overwhelmed him.

He arched and cried out, lifting Evie as he pressed his loins hard against her. She wailed into his ear, heating his neck. Her nails gathered the skin on his chest and stung him as her own climax squeezed her body. Whispered profanities hissed from the pair as they were wrung dry by shuddering spasms. Dawn muttered quiet encouragement to the younger woman as she whimpered and twitched, still impaled by her lover’s erection.

“Oh my god…” she whispered at last. She pushed loose hair back from her face as her face rose into view. A small trickle of blood stained her lips. Buzz pressed a hand to his stinging ear and stared at her in shock.

“Sorry, sorry,” she said. Her flattened hands tried to wipe away the livid and crescent-shaped scars from his chest. “I got carried away.”

“Do I still have an earlobe?”

“Let me see.” Dawn turned his head with her hand and inspected the damage. “You’ll be fine, big guy. She marked you as her own, that’s all.”

“And are you planning to bite the other one?” he asked. Evie wiped the blood from her lip and blinked at him. Her chest rose and fell as if they’d been coupling for more than the few minutes he’d managed.

He blew out a long breath and stroked Evie’s thighs. “I wanted to last longer for you, but you were so hot, I couldn’t hang on.” As he spoke, trickles of warm fluid dripped onto his thighs. “We didn’t use any protection. Will you be okay?”

“Relax, she’ll be fine.” Dawn smiled. “And so will I.”

Dawn patted Evie’s hip. “My turn, wildcat.” To Buzz’s surprise, Evie hissed at her friend, then reluctantly climbed off Buzz, scowling at Dawn. His erection landed on his belly with a wet slap. He waited for Dawn to climb aboard, but she lay on her back beside him and tugged his arm.

“None of that gentle loving for me. I like it rough.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah.” She grinned at him. “Really.”

He rolled onto all fours. Dawn let her knees fall to either side. He gazed at her dark bush, which was glistening with dampness. Maybe she’d been playing with herself as Evie had ridden him. He licked his lips as he tried to decide whether to eat her, or mount her.

“Plenty of time for that later, big guy.” She seized his arms in a surprisingly strong grip and urged him onto her.

“No foreplay?” He raised an eyebrow. Who could figure modern women?

“No foreplay,” she confirmed. “Just fuck me.”

Chapter 10

Dawn was wild.

Sure, Evie had bitten Buzz, but Dawn’s nails drew tracks across his back and dug into his arms, chest and buttocks. She’d quickly encouraged him into a hard, fast rhythm, which resulted in their bodies slamming together. Dawn howled and yelped as he plunged deep, rocking her hard with every impact. Her language was coarse and profuse, demanding he fuck her harder and deeper than he believed was possible. He tried to comply, but he was tiring quickly, his strength not yet restored after his near-drowning.

Nevertheless, he was able to stoke her to two orgasms before her tight inner muscles became too much for him and he squirted his semen into her, groaning long and loud as she clung to him, shaking and shuddering. His cock twitched and pulsed inside her heated. passage. Her body heat was incredible, he thought, even more than Evie’s. Little wonder the women didn’t seem to feel the cold.

And the repeated sex had done wonders for his core temperature, something to be recommended to any hypothermia victim, although the ethics of such treatment might be questioned. Buzz tried to get his breathing under control as he lay along Dawn’s body. There seemed to be no air in the cave, despite the open-plan nature of the place. His head spun and his lungs didn’t seem big enough to cope. He’d always considered himself to be fit—hell, he had to be fit to do his job—but the wind had most definitely been taken from his sails.

“Give yourself a minute,” Dawn said, rubbing his back. “You’ve been through a lot.”

“I don’t… understand… what’s wrong…” Buzz managed. “Got… no stamina. Not like… me… at all.”

“Hey, don’t worry. I asked a lot of you. I might have been a bit selfish.” She took his face in her hands and smiled up at him. “But I needed to get that out of my system. I’ll be less demanding next time.”

“Next time? Are you both trying to kill me?”

“Kill you? No. Drain you dry? Maybe.” She kissed him softly, then unwrapped her legs from his back. But he had little inclination to move. Her erection had flagged, but he was still swollen, and enjoying being inside her. And she seemed in no hurry to move. But when Evie began stroking his balls, he smiled.

“I could use a drink.”

“Me too. Evie? Would you, please?”

As Evie moved away, Buzz withdrew, and Dawn sighed deeply. She pressed a hand tightly against her bush, and watched as he climbed stiffly to his feet. When he glanced self-consciously at his clothes, she shook her head.

“Uh-uh. Still wet.”

“So I have to stay naked?”

“We don’t mind,” Evie said as she returned, dripping water from her cupped hands.

“No glasses here, huh?”

“No need,” Dawn said, then indicated the cave. “And we have no shelves to store then on. If we need to drink, we sip from the pool.”

“How quaint.” Buzz raised an eyebrow at Evie, who offered up her hands. He shook his head and lowered his face, drinking until her hands were empty.

“And now you can bring me some,” Dawn said. When he turned to her, she grinned at him, then nodded to her still-parted legs. “It’s the least a gentleman could do.”

“Of course.” Buzz smiled and headed for the cave entrance. Once outside, he still felt the need to scan the forest for watching eyes before he bent down and scooped up a double handful of cool water. What a crazy world, he thought. An hour ago he’d been drowning in these waters. Now he was collecting it for the woman he’d had sex with.

Chapter 11

Dawn was on her feet by the time he returned, although she had her feet crossed, as if she was still trying to hold in his semen. As she lapped at the water, it occurred to him that he’d been used, even though it had been a thrilling experience.

“Are you both trying to get pregnant?”

“Us?” Evie’s mirth was obvious. “Hell, no.” She made a face. “At least, not yet.”

“So why all the…” Buzz titled his head and looked pointedly at Dawn’s crotch.

“You wouldn’t believe us if we told you. But don’t worry about the pregnancy thing. That’s well under control.”

“Oh, you’re taking the pill?”

Dawn laughed as she wiped water from her lips. “Let’s say our methods are a little more… natural.”

“Ladies, you can’t leave it like that. If you’re not hoping I’ll give you a baby, then what?”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Okay, okay.”

“You can’t!” Evie hissed.

“Don’t panic. He’ll forget everything I’m going to say before he leaves, anyway.”

“I’ll never forget what happened here.”

“Don’t be so sure.”

“We have unique metabolisms,” Evie said.

“Unique? How?”

“We only eat raw food, and… we… kind of…” Evie’s hands danced in the air as she struggled to explain.

“We gain nourishment from semen, okay?” Dawn supplied. “It feeds our particular needs.”

Buzz stared. “Say, what?

“It’s okay. We’re not Succubi. But we need semen, and making love once sustains us for more than a month.”

“Speak for yourself,” Evie muttered.

“We’re not out to kill you, or reduce you to a husk.”

“Or a sex slave.”

“But you… used me,” Buzz protested.

“And you hated it, right? Struggled to escape every second?”

“Okay, no. I didn’t, but…”

Dawn folded her arms and dropped a hip. “But? Two beautiful women want them to fuck you…”

“Hey, language,” Evie protested.

“…and you feel used?

Buzz laughed awkwardly and ran a hand through his hair. “No, I guess not. It was great. But the idea is a little…”

“Weird?” Dawn prompted.

“Peculiar?” Evie supplied.

“Unsettling,” Buzz decided.

“So you’d never do it again?” She pushed her tongue into her cheek and turned her gaze to his still-swollen cock.

“Am I likely to live through the experience?”

“You’ll probably gain a few more scars,” Dawn said.

“And lose some body fluid,” Evie added with a grin.

“But otherwise, you’ll come to no harm.”


Dawn pressed a hand to her heart. “We promise.”

“I only have one more question.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Which is?”

“What happened to Jim? What did you do to him?”

“We let him go back to the forest.”

“What, just like that? You let him walk out?”

“We might have told him to forget all about us,” Evie said, then pressed a finger to her lips. “Did we do that?”

“We did,” Dawn confirmed. “He has no memory of ever having met us.”

“You can do that?”

“It’s a painless procedure, and it keeps us safe.”


“So are you going to stay a little longer?”

“Yes. For sure. You can have me.” He threw out his hands, but Dawn and Evie turned their backs on him, folding their arms. “Hey, what did I say?”

“What do you think, Evie?” Dawn stage-whispered.

“I don’t know, Dawn. He’s so darn pushy.”

“I know. Always asking questions. Always making demands.”

“Do I have to be naked?” She rocked her head as she mimicked Buzz’s deep voice.

“Can I have a drink?” Dawn whined.

“Can I have a fire?” Evie growled—badly.

“Where’s my stuff?” Dawn deepened her voice.

“Hey, I never asked—”

“Why did you try to drown me?” Evie grumbled.

“What? That as an accident!” Buzz protested. “Wasn’t it?”

“Of course it was an accident, you big lunk!” Dawn turned and threw her arms around his waist.

“We didn’t mean it. We only wanted you to come back,” Evie added.

“You wanted me to come back? I was chased here by a half-crazed leopard.”

“I didn’t mean—” Evie began.

“Well, lucky for us that it did,” Dawn said quickly. “Otherwise we’d have never seen you again.”

“Hmm. Aren’t you ladies worried it might find you in here? It looked pretty fierce.”

“You really think so?” Evie asked with a smile.

“We’re not worried about a leopard,” Dawn said. “Everyone knows cats don’t like water.”

“That’s a fallacy,” Evie muttered. “Sometimes they—”

“Anyway, we’re not in any danger, not from the leopard.” Dawn lowered her voice. “It’s the wolves you have to watch out for.” She frowned as Evie snorted, then continued. “They roam around here at night. But they prefer to hunt their prey in the open.”

“Because the wet dog smell is too overpowering when they’re indoors,” Evie said.

Meaning they stay away from the cave.” Dawn’s voice was low and dangerous, but Evie ignored her glare.

“Because they might fall in the pool and actually come out smelling fresh.”

“If you’re trying to say something…” Dawn growled.

“Me?” Evie feigned innocence.

“Look, if you ladies want to fight about something, I’ll get busy and build us a fire.” He glanced around for tinder, but the cave was empty.

“We’re not fighting.” Evie fluttered her eyelashes as Dawn’s chest heaved. Buzz had wriggled out of her embrace and was creeping toward the cave entrance.

“Where are you going?” Evie asked.

“To get some wood.”

“Be careful the leopard doesn’t see you,” Dawn warned. “Her claws are vicious and sharp.”

Evie raised an eyebrow. “Better than being trampled by a clumsy forest dog. Their eyesight is so bad, they could walk right into you without noticing.”

“Ooo-kaaayyy…” Buzz muttered. He stepped out into the sunlight, feeling oddly vulnerable without his pants, but missing his boots in particular. Fortunately the ground was littered with twigs, which would be enough to start the fire. But they’d need branches to sustain even a small fire, in order to dry his clothes, and to cook with.

Chapter 12

As Buzz gathered kindling, he re-ran the dreamlike events of the past hour, during which he’d been chased by a big cat, drowned and then fucked twice.

Weird. And now the women were having a fight over something which made no sense to him. He didn’t want to see them come to blows, but his instincts told him he’d live longer if he let them settle things between themselves. Stepping between them was likely to be hazardous to his health.

“Sorry,” Evie said in a small voice. Her chin was on her chest as she calmed her racing heart.

“I’m sorry too. I should never have said—”

“It was my fault. I made the snarky ‘wet dog’ comment. I should never have—”

“Come here, you sweet thing.” The pair fell against each other and hugged tightly.

“Oh-oh,” Buzz said. “Bad moment? Do you two want to be alone?” He raised an eyebrow, making it clear he’d much rather watch whatever the naked pair were considering. But they ignored him, holding each other tightly.

“I’m sorry,” Evie said again. “I always get cranky right after sex.”

“Me too. I think it’s the rush.”

“And I was so desperate for a fix, I climbed right on top. I didn’t think you might—”

“It’s fine. I was first last time, remember?”

“Yeah. He was so shocked when you bent over and spread your cheeks.”

“Oh, don’t say it like that.” Dawn shuddered.

“Why not? It was hot stuff.”

Dawn pinched the top of her nose. “I think it’s the sudden release. It gets me a little crazy. I shouldn’t have been so touchy with you.”

“I was the same. I think I’m over it now.”

Dawn pulled back and gazed into Evie’s amber eyes. “So you don’t think I smell bad?”

Evie pretended to think about the question. “Not all the time.”

“Hey!” Dawn slapped Evie’s arm—lightly—as her friend laughed.

“Laughter is good,” Buzz said cautiously.

Dawn smiled and released Evie. “We’re good now. Eh?”

“We’re good,” she replied. “You old dog.” Evie smirked.

Dawn gaped at her friend, then relaxed. “Well, I hope you’re ‘feline’ better.”

“I’m sorry I hounded you so much.”

“Did the cat have your tongue?”

“Ladies?” Buzz dared. They both turned to him with eyebrows raised. “Sorry to interrupt… whatever that was, but do you think I could have my matches back? The ones from my gear bag?”

“A good woodsman could make a fire by rubbing two fingers together, surely?”

Buzz considered her words. “I could. But it would take ten minutes less if I used a match.”

Dawn nodded. “Sure. Your stuff is at the back of the cave.”

“Oh.” Buzz peered into the inky blackness. “How far back does this thing go?”

“About a hundred yards?” Evie guessed. Dawn nodded.

“Great.” Buzz began his quest, walking slowly with his arms outstretched. “I’m gonna die again…”

“You forgot,” Evie whispered to her friend. “Humans don’t see well in the dark.”

“I didn’t forget.”

“You old dog!”

“You already said that one.”

“Uh… he might hit his head on the woof?”

“Major groan.”

Evie shrugged. “It’s all I got left.”

“Ow!” Buzz cried from the darkness. The women cringed, guilty grins stretching their faces.

“Think of it as a new adventure,” Dawn called.

“I had plenty already,” he replied. “Enough for one day.”

“I’m gonna have to get them, aren’t I?” Dawn sighed.

“It’s for the best,” Evie agreed.

“I’m coming,” Dawn called.

“It’s okay, I can manage—ow!”

“Stop where you are,” Dawn cautioned. ”You’re going to fall into the damn chasm.”

“What chasm?” Buzz cried. Evie stifled a laugh as her friend headed off to rescue their captured woodsman. He was fun, she decided, and would have made a good companion. It was such a pity they had to release him back into the wild, and such a shame they had to wipe his memory. But Dawn was right, they couldn’t allow the world to know their secret, or the pair of them would end up back in cages as curiosities to be poked, prodded and studied. No way in hell was she going back to that miserable life.

Chapter 13

A deep rumble echoed through the cave. Evie peered into the darkness, wishing she had the eyesight of a cat. What were they up to? Another rumble echoed from the walls. Was Dawn giving Buzz a blow-job? A surge of jealousy rippled through her, but she fought it down, wishing she didn’t turn tetchy every time she had sex. Whatever the pair were doing, she would have her chance. They’d have to keep Buzz here overnight, and release him in the morning, for his own safety.

The next rumble was louder, and much closer. She stiffened at the sound. It hadn’t come from the darkness at all. It was behind her.

“Evie? An unseen Dawn called. “Is that you making—oh my god!”

It was bad, then.

Evie dared to look over her shoulder. Ten yards behind her defenseless, naked ass stood a grizzly bear, still on all fours, but with her teeth bared. Possibly the companion of the large male she’d encountered a few days ago, the grizzly must have been three or four times her weight.


“Matches, matches!” Buzz yelled. “We need fire! And where’s the dart gun?”

“Too late for fire…” Evie whispered to herself. “And Jim took the gun.” If she was outdoors, as a human, she might be able to outrun the grizzly, but trapped in a cave? There was nowhere to run.

“You have to shift!” Dawn yelled.

“I can’t do this alone. This will take both of us,” Evie called back, not taking her eyes off the approaching bear. “And our secret will be out.”

“Better out than dead.” Her voice fell into a growl.

“Secret? Dead? What the fuck?” Buzz yelled.

“Okay, Mrs Grizzly,” Evie said softly. “You need to turn around and go back to the forest.” Moving slowly, she turned her naked body to face the approaching bear. Behind her, Buzz cried out his disbelief. Evie extended her hands and the bear’s huge nose sniffed the air. But instead of acknowledging the scent of a fellow wild creature, her lips curled back and she bellowed out her anger at the small, pale creature standing in her way.

“You know what I did to your mate, don’t you?” It had crushed Evie’s heart to kill the big male, but he had appeared out of nowhere and practically fallen over her. She’d reacted instinctively, ending the creature’s life in a second.

“I don’t want to hurt you too, but you can’t stay here.” Evie’s form blurred, and she melted downward, reforming on all fours as a sleek, lithe leopard. The bear’s shock was obvious. She stiffened, staring at the big cat. But she didn’t back away, growling deeply at the interloper.

And then the wolf appeared alongside the leopard, teeth bared. The bear considered her position, then backed away slowly, still growling. The unlikely pair remained steadfast, defending their territory. Only once the grizzly had left the cave and fled into the forest, did they relax.

Buzz watched, stunned to the core as the gray wolf and the sleek leopard melted back into the naked women he’d coupled with earlier. Both lay prone on the cave floor, laughing with relief. Dawn rolled onto her back, her hands pressed to her face as the tension poured from her body. Evie lay on her front, her legs apart, and her face turned toward her friend. If the situation hadn’t been so bizarre, Buzz might have found the sight a turn-on. But his head was reeling with the evidence he still didn’t want to believe.

Chapter 14

Eventually, the women’s laughter died away, and Dawn sat upright, watching Buzz with careful eyes.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that, Buzz.”

“Yeah, we were becoming fond of you,” Evie added.

“Say what?”

“Do we always have to do this to them?” Evie asked.

“It’ll be quick and almost painless,” Dawn said. “He won’t feel much.”

“Such a shame.” Evie rose to her feet. “Okay, let’s get it over with.”

“Hey, now!” Buzz backed away, his hands spread defensively. “Stay back.”

“Don’t fight us, Buzz. It’ll only distress you.”

“Lie back and accept it, like a good boy.”

“Oh, shit…” Buzz waved his feet as he backed into the darkness, hoping to locate his bag, and the knife inside. It was his only chance. Without a weapon, the women could tear him to pieces in seconds.

“We have to do this,” Dawn said. “Please don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

“Do we have to?” Evie asked.

“We can’t have him blabbing our secret to the world.”

“I wouldn’t,” Buzz cried. “I promise.”

“Hmm. You say that now. But the first chance you get—”

“It’s the only way to be sure,” Dawn agreed.

“But there has to be another way.”

“How could we sleep at night, knowing you and your buddies might come back with nets?”

“Is this what you did to Jim? Did you tell me you’d wiped his brain, but really you tore him to pieces?”

“Why would we lie?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because you forgot to tell me you’re wild animals?

“We’re not wild, not really.” Dawn glanced at her friend. “Except maybe when you’re fucking me. I can scratch and claw you.”

“And I do bite,” Evie added.

“So couldn’t you make me forget, and not tear me apart?”

Dawn stopped. “Why would we want to tear you apart?”

Evie shuddered. “Ew. Imagine the mess it’d make.”

“So you’re not planning to kill me?” He remained still as the women flanked him.

Dawn trailed her fingers across his hard chest. “I was planning to jump you again, and then maybe let Evie have sticky seconds before we wipe your memory and set you free.”

“Hey, why do I have to get sticky seconds?”

“Because you had him first, remember?”

“Oh, right. I guess that’s fair.”

“Ladies, please… if you’re not going to kill me, can you please explain what I just saw?”

“You saw what you saw,” Evie said. “Two uniquely talented women saved your tight ass…” She slapped a hand to his butt and squeezed hard. “…from being eaten by a bear.” His muscle was so hard, it didn’t give way.

“Uniquely talented?” Buzz echoed, his voice tight.

“Have you ever met anyone like us?”

“No, never.”

“Then we’re unique in your experience, right?”

“But… you… fucking… shape-shifted!

“We did.”

“Into a leopard? And a wolf? How does that even happen?”

Dawn shrugged. “It happens. And more than you think.”

“But I never heard of such a thing.”

“Not even in fiction?”

“Of course in fiction.”

“And doesn’t fiction have its roots in fact?”

“Roots?” He pondered the word. “That would imply there are more of you, and that you’ve been around for a long time.”

“There are,” Evie confirmed.

“We have,” Dawn added.

“Holy shit.”

“So are you going to be a good boy and make love to us again?”

“Please, I need to get this straight…”

“It feels plenty straight to me.” Dawn squeezed his semi-swollen cock.

“I need to know I’m not in some crazy dream.”

“Has it been such a bad dream so far?” Dawn’s other hand stroked his balls.

“Uh… no?”

“Then stop worrying.”

“But have you always been able to… to…”

“To shift?”


“Only since puberty. The shifter gene kicks in then. Otherwise there would be kids running around in the form of wild animals.”

“Kinda hard to keep a secret when that happens,” Evie added.

“Of course. But why are you living in a cave?”

“Because this is where we escaped to.”

“Escaped from where?”

“Remember when I said the leopard had escaped from a private collection?”

Buzz caught on fast. “You were in a cage?”

Evie nodded. “For as long as I can remember. I never knew my mother.”

“And you?” Buzz glanced at Dawn.

“I was in there too, for about eight years, trapped in the same collection.”

“But you escaped.”


“Were there others?”

“Hundreds. But we were the only ones to get out. We’ve been hunted since then.”

“We thought you and Jim were coming for us.”

“No, we were looking for a bear-killer.”

“And who hired you?”

“Abe McKenna, the billionaire.”

“He’s the one who collected us.”

Buzz staggered. “He kept you both prisoner?”

“All my life,” Evie said. “And eight years of Dawn’s.”

“But that’s…”



“Yes. You said there were others?”

“Hundreds. Maybe even a thousand. But we never met more than a dozen.”

“We have to do something.”


“Yes, we. Both of you, and me. With help.”

“And do what, exactly?”

“Tell the world what McKenna is doing.”

“So our fellow inmates can be moved from a cage into a lab?”

“No, of course not. They would be taken care of.”

“I’m sure they would.” Dawn patted his arm.

“You don’t believe me?”

“Well, let’s just say… No, I don’t. When the true nature of his collection is uncovered, scientists—geneticists—will take so much blood from our friends, they’ll shrivel into raisins.”

“It won’t be like that.”

“Won’t it?”

“There’s got to be a way.”

“There is,” Evie finally spoke. “We bust them out.”

Dawn pressed her hands into her hips. “Evie, you saw the security. An army couldn’t get in there.”

“Maybe they wouldn’t notice just the three of us.”

“Or maybe we’d end up back in a cage again. Or worse, in a breeding pen.”

“Let me help,” Buzz pleaded. “I’ll think of something.”

“I’d already thought of something.” She squeezed his uninterested cock. “But the moment seems to have passed.”

“Sorry, but I’m angry at the thought of McKenna keeping hundreds of people prisoner. Zoos are bad enough, but when the cages are filled with people like you…”

“It makes your blood boil?” She squeezed him again, hopeful.

“Let me get a fire going first. Let me dry my clothes, and maybe eat.”

Dawn sighed. “Heat, clothing and food. What kind of priority list is that, compared to fucking?”

“Language!” Evie chided.

“You enjoy it too, so don’t start.”

Evie poked out her tongue at the pouting Dawn.

“Ladies…” Buzz muttered. “There’s no rush. I’ll stay another day. Maybe two. I want to help your friends.”

“It’s hopeless. It took us years to bust out, and it was only because someone got careless.”

“Let me think about it. In the meantime, can you please switch on the lights so I can find my stuff.”

“Okay,” Dawn conceded. “You get your stuff, but not the knife.”

“What happens if the bear comes back?”

“Don’t worry, big guy. We’ll take good care of you. Won’t we, Evie?”

“We promise.”

Chapter 15

Darkness was falling and Buzz had everything he wanted. Flanked by two beautiful women, he carved off another slice of roasted deer and split it between the pair. They tore into the hot meat without preamble, sighing with happiness.

“I’ve never tasted anything so good,” Evie moaned.

“Better than eating it raw,” Dawn agreed.

“How is it that you never had cooked meat before?”

“We ate whatever we caught,” Evie explained. “And we ate it in our shifted forms.”

“We’d no need for fire. We don’t feel the cold like you do.” She indicated his dried clothes, which he was now wearing.

“And I can see better in the dark than any animal,” Evie boasted.

“Apart from a wolf,” Dawn corrected.

“I can see better than any old wolf!”

“But not this wolf.”

“Still better.” Evie poked out her tongue again.

“Ladies, please…”

“She started it.”

“Did not.”

“Okay!” Buzz shouted. “Maybe one day we can put it to the test. In the meantime, you’re both better than I am at seeing in the dark, okay? Plus I could never have chased down this deer.”

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