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Going Full Circle

Menage MFM Military and Football Romance

Author: Zelda Clemens

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Table of Contents



Going Full Circle


Shirley has a mad crash on a football player, Andre, but when she finally manages to get to him, she finds him with her childhood crush and realizes that they even know each other. She seduces both of them and they all find themselves over at Andre’s place after a party.

Little does she know that the football player and the naval officer, Nate, have more plans for her than she had imagined.

Chapter 1

“Don’t tell me that you are going to the game after work?” Amanda asked Shirley as they shut down their computers.

“Yes I am, and I think that you too should come and see what it’s like out there. There are so many hot men that you can choose from, just as long as you don’t choose my Andre,” Shirley said to her workmate and best friend. “What do you plan to do all afternoon anyway, and it is a Saturday?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really have anything to do and so I think I might as well tag along with you so that I can see this guy that you are so obsessed about,” Amanda replied.

“Now that’s my girl, I hope that you will finally understand why I am so obsessed with football,” Shirley said, pleased that she would have company today, since she usually went alone and at times it could get quite boring.

Shirley Baine had been attending football games faithfully for a couple of months, and the main reason was because she had a very mad crush on the one of the rookies, Andre Walters. He was a tall handsome blonde with broad shoulders. From the physique of his body, she had pictured in her mind how he looked a million times. He had the sort of body that every girl dreamed of, and to top it off, he was also the best player for the Rockets, the leading NFL team of the season. She knew that he might never even set his eyes on her, but at least she could dream about him after watching him play. She had ventured many times to the locker rooms, but the security detail there was usually too strong to penetrate and she had given up.

“I think I'll just do it out of curiosity because I don’t really understand how you could have a crush on a guy that does not even know you exist. You are a very sexy woman and maybe it is about time that you thought of getting yourself a boyfriend that you can actually get,” Amanda said as they began making their way out of the office.

“I don’t think that you will ever understand what I feel, and hey, stop talking as if I will never get him, because now more than ever, you have given me the drive to gun for him,” Shirley said adamantly as Amanda laughed.

“You are a crazy woman, Shirley, but even then, I still love you,” Amanda said as they got out of the building, standing on a pavement to wait for a cab.

“Well, if you are my best friend then I suppose that you, too, are crazy,” Shirley said, waving a cab to a stop before they both got in.

Shirley was, as usual, dressed in her sexiest clothes. She had on a pair of skin tight jeans that showed off her shapely figure, and a T-shirt that covered her down to her waist. She was wearing sneakers and sun glasses, and she had her handbag with her. Her friend, Amanda on the other hand, was wearing a sexy dress that hugged her body, showing off her assets, and it came down to midway down her thighs. She had on a pair of heels that made her butt stand out in a good way.

Both of the women were in their early twenties, and they had met when they began working together at a law firm, where they both happened to be budding lawyers. They had instantly clicked and bonded, becoming the best of friends within no time. They shared the same interests in most things, including their type of men.

“Think we should grab a bite before we get to the stadium?” Amanda asked.

“No, there won't be need for that because there are several food courts there,” Shirley could already feel the excitement of the game starting to overwhelm her.

“So, how did you create such an interest in football, anyway?” Amanda asked as Shirley tucked a loose blonde lock behind her ear.

“Danny, my brother, he was a football fanatic when we were in school. Being my only sibling, I always went with him to games or to watch him when he was playing,” Shirley said, remembering the good old days.

“You don’t say,” Amanda said, her eyes widening slyly. “Then that means that he must have one of those awesome looking bodies. When are you going to introduce me to him?”

“Shirley, what has gotten into your head, he is my brother and it would feel very awkward if he started dating my best friend,” Shirley said, punching her best friend playfully in the side.

They went the rest of the way in silence with Shirley thinking about her dream man. Andre was the only other man that she had such a mad crush on other than her childhood crush, Nate Brinks. Nate had been a few grades ahead of her in school and had been a friend of her brother’s. Whenever she saw him, she would feel her blood boiling within, something within her stirring.

When they had gone to high school, Nate had become even more handsome and all the girls in school seemed to have a crush on him. He probably did not take notice of Shirley because her body took long to develop. Her breasts did not grow as quickly as the other girls, and her figure also did not pan out as quickly as she would have liked. As soon as he had graduated from high school, he had joined military school and she had not seen him for quite some time now.

To get her thoughts off him, she had put her sights on Andre even though they had never met. If she could get her brother Danny to introduce them, she would never look back again.

“You know what,” she said to Amanda, “I just got an idea.”

“Okay, what is your crazy idea this time,” Amanda asked.

“What if I call Danny and ask him to come to the game, since he is around. That way, he could introduce me to Andre-”

“While you introduce me to him. I think that is the brightest thing that you have thought of in your life,” Amanda brightened up.

Before Amanda could finish talking, Shirley had whipped out her cell phone and was dialing her brothers number.

“Hey sis,” he said lazily on the other side of the line.

“Hi Danny. What are you doing? I was thinking that maybe you would like to join my best friend and me at today’s football game,” she said, her heart pounding hard.

“Well, right now I am a little held up, but I know that there will be a party held for the players later on. Maybe we could hang out together then. Is your friend hot because I could really use a bang tonight?”

“Danny, you are such a nut. Anyway, we will see you at the party then. Remember, you are the one that is going to give us access,” she said to him.

“Sure, I'll see you guys then,” he said, hanging up the call.

“Well, what did he say, I heard you mentioning something about a party,” Amanda asked quickly.

“You will not believe this, we are going to party with the players tonight. Why don’t we go to the hair salon instead of the game? We will need to look our best,” Shirley said excitedly, tapping the cab driver and giving him new directions.

Chapter 2

Andre sat in the bar where the party was being held waiting for Nate to arrive. They had been friends a long time and Andre was glad that Nate was around to spend a couple of days in the city before heading back to his naval duties. He sipped on his beer as he thought about how the game had been. It seemed as if he was becoming better and better at the game and he was hoping that one of these days he was going to be picked as the MVP of the year. He was hoping to make the nominations when the time came.

“Andre, why don’t you come and join us on the floor, there are so many hot women out there who would die for a guy like you,” Steve, one of the other players on the team said to him, but he shook his head.

“Why don’t you go ahead, Steve, I'm just going to chill out here and look out for you,” he said to his friend, who quickly hobbled away to join most of the other players on the floor.

Andre had never shown an interest in the women that he often came across, and that was not because he was not interested in women, but rather because most of them were very boring to hang around and also fake in every way. They had artificial breasts, noses, eyelashes and God knows what else, and they simply did not impress him at all. Andre was after a natural woman who loved her body the way that it was made. In this day and age, that kind of woman had become like gold, very hard to find. He also loved adventurous women who were willing to try out things that the ordinary woman would not.

He was still trying to figure out women in his mind when he saw a familiar figure walking into the room. Nate seemed to have grown a lot more mature as compared to the last time that Andre had seen him when he had gone to visit him at Fort Harcourt the previous year. His hair was cut into a short military cut and his eyes were a seaweed green, slightly slanted as if he had some Oriental blood in him. Andre waved at him and Nate smiled as he began making his way towards his friend. Andre got up as Nate got to his table, and both men hugged like all time buddies.

“It is so good to see you, Nate,” Andre beamed at his friend as he waved him onto a chair opposite him at the table.

“And you too, bro. I thought that you would be married by now,” Nate said, as Andre waved to a waiter, who quickly brought Nate a beer. “I mean, look at all the hot women in here. I wish that you knew how dry it can get in the military. There sex is like treasure, and especially when you are deployed to God knows where. You should take full advantage of this.”

“I understand where you are coming from, and believe me, I would really like to indulge with the women, but look at all of them. All of their breasts look like implants, and then another thing. They might be pretty, but they are very boring. Look at the way that they are dancing, nothing interesting about that. You can tell how they are by their body behavior, and to me that suggests that they are a very boring lot. Which finally brings me to the conclusion that if they are this boring right now, what if while we are having sex, what if they are boring there too. In my opinion, around 90% would let you do all the work while she just lies there like a rag. And that my friend is the reason why I'm probably still single,” Andre said as Nate looked at him thoughtfully.

“Whoa, it looks like you have these women all pretty figured out, huh!” Andre said, taking a sip of his beer as he checked out the women around the room.

Most of them were dressed in very sexy outfits, but he had to agree that Andre was right about them. Most of them seemed plain boring, and they were probably here because of the free drinks and biting at the invitation of some of the players.

“I guess so,” Andre said as yet another flirt passed by their table shaking her hips from side to side, hoping that they would notice he.

“Well, what else is new around here. I haven’t been here since my folks moved west and even though it was once my home, I feel like a total stranger?” Nate said, leaning back as he relaxed.

“Nothing much really. Plenty of new faces in your old neighborhood. The place is actually pretty much relaxed and I wouldn’t complain,” Andre said, his eyes straying to the door as a pretty sight greeted him. “Mama mia, now talking of hot, check out the bombshell that has just walked into the club.”

Nate turned and both men looked at the entrance as two women walked into the club. One of them looked very familiar, but none of the men could quite place where they had seen her. Andre began to think that they were alone, just before he saw Danny walking into the room behind them, putting his hands around their waists as he escorted them to a vacant table. For the first time that day, Andre felt a certain heat passing through his body and going all the way to his crotch as his shaft shifted in his pants.

“Wait a minute, isn't that Danny?” Nate said, surprised to see his childhood best friend. “That was my classmate back in the day, and also my best friend when we were in school.”

“Yeah, that is Danny, but I can't quite figure out the hot chicks that he is with. What I can figure out is that they are by far the hottest chicks that I have seen in this city in recent years,” Andre said, swallowing hard.

A round of drinks was taken to their table and Nate seemed to be having the time of his life, and especially with one of the women, the brunette. The blonde was not quite as active as the brunette, but she was far much hotter and the one that had caught both Nate and Andre's attention. Both of them watched speechlessly as Danny flirted with the brunette, while the blonde seemed to urge them both on. The blonde then got up after some time and headed for the bathroom. She passed by their table on the way and looked at them both, a strange look coming onto her face, almost as if she was either shocked or surprised.

“I don’t know why she looks so darn familiar, but I just can't place my finger on where I might have seen her or who she might be,” Nate said, the scent of her perfume lingering in his nose as she disappeared around the corner.

“Now, that is the sort of woman that I was talking about. Did you just see that, she is hot and everything about her is natural,” Andre said, resisting the urge to get up and go after her.

“Well, one thing is for sure, I am going to ask Danny to introduce us, although he won't be too pleased since I just arrived back here and have not yet called him,” Nate said nervously as he took a sip of his beer.

It had been quite a while since he last had sex and that was probably why he was getting so jumpy just looking at all the women in the club, and most of all the blonde that had just gone to the washrooms. He wondered why she looked so familiar to him, probably someone that he had known as a child, or someone that had been behind him when they were still in school.

He felt his shaft shifting around in his pants and he had to adjust his pants. From the way that Andre looked, Nate could tell that he, too, was feeling the very same way, and it brought dirty thoughts to his mind. Since they were both admiring the same woman, maybe once Danny introduced them to her, they could both seduce her and go have a nice time with her. Just the thought made him start to become hard, a tent already building in his pants. They had shared women before and the experiences had been memorable. Nate remembered each and every experience when they had both been training for the navy, and many times he had wondered if it would ever happen again.

When they had finished training, Andre had resigned to take on a professional career as a football player, leaving Nate there alone. Nate had been posted offshore the first time, on a launcher, but now he was in naval intelligence, a spy that got information from other countries. He loved his job even though the only impediment was that sex could be hard to come by at times. He heard the sound of heels clicking and when he turned around to look, it was the blonde coming from the bathroom and this time she completely avoided looking at the table for some reason.

“Whoa, check out that ass, man, and the way that she is shaking it from side to side,” Andre said, looking at her as if he was undressing her with his eyes and already making love to her.

“And the figure is one to die for,” Nate added, noting the way that her body was well-sculptured under the tight short dress that she wore.

“Well, how about we pay a visit to their table and get introduced right away. That chick is just way too hot and someone else might snatch her up if we don’t. Danny only seems interested in the brunette, look at the way that they are holding their hands with their faces so close together,” Andre said, pushing his chair back and getting up as Nate did the same.

They walked over to the table occupied by the three, and Andre could feel a certain thrill, one that he had never felt before when approaching a potential woman. The blonde had him wrapped around her finger, and right now the only thing that he could think of was her.

“Danny boy, quite a while it has been,” Nate said to Danny as they both got to the table, and Danny seemed a little surprised to see him at first before he quickly got up and gave Nate a bear hug.

“Nate, when did you get back to town?” he asked, pulling away from Nate.

“A few hours ago. I actually meant to call you but I decided to do it in the morning. Look at you, it looks like you are doing great,” Nate said to Danny as Danny hugged Andre.

“Well, I guess that is what the regular workouts does to you at times, isn't that right Danny,” Andre laughed.

“You could say that again,” Danny said, before both Andre and Nate turned their attention to the two women that were seated there quietly, the blonde pretending to look at something in her cell phone.

“And who may these two sexy looking ladies be?” Andre asked, looking from the brunette to the blonde, who seemed to blush.

“Nate, don’t tell me that you can't remember my little sister, Shirley,” he said, waving his hand at Shirley, who looked at him shyly.

Nate looked at her in shock. She had totally transformed from the little girl that he had known when they were in school, blossoming into a woman that could drive the whole city wild. Nate remembered the way that she used to blush whenever she was around him, but he had never really paid any attention to her.

“Shirley? No way, you have grown so big, I can't even believe that I did not recognize you,” he said, walking over to her as she stood up to give him a hug.

“Yeah, I'm a woman now, Nate,” she said shyly as she pulled away from him.

Chapter 3

Shirley did not know what to think. She had been shocked to see the only two men that she had ever had mad crashes on sitting together when she had come with the intention of only being introduced to Andre. It had been a while since she had seen Nate, but looking at him now, he looked even more handsome than he had been when he had left. His body was well-toned, the sort of bodies that a woman would not mind running their hands over without getting tired.

“And this here is her best friend, Amanda, who I find very attractive and is probably the main reason that I am still here right now,” her brother said, waving at Amanda. “Ladies, if you don’t know them already, this is Andre, the football legend, and this is Nate, my best friend in my high school days.

Shirley found herself blushing when she caught Andre looking at her so intensely. From up close, he looked even more handsome than she was used to seeing him. His dark hair was combed back neatly and a baseball jacket hid his enormous physique. As his eyes lingered on her breasts, she felt her nipples harden, cursing that the dress she was wearing did not require a bra, which meant that both of the guys could see the way that her body was reacting.

“It is nice to meet you, Andre,” she said in a small voice that she did not recognize as she hugged him.

He held her for a little too long, massaging the back of her neck, and she felt a zing going all the way to the heated spot in between her thighs. The scent of his aftershave mingling with his scent made her feel dizzy with desire, and she had to pull away from him quickly or else she might never have let him go.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Andre said, taking her hand and pecking the back of the hand.

As she looked into his eyes, she was not sure if that was desire that she saw in them. Feeling as if her legs would buckle, Shirley sat down quickly as Andre hugged Amanda. She felt as if she was in an awkward position with both of the men that she had madly fallen in love with here, and so she put her concentration on the wine in front of her, draining it and flagging the waiter for a refill.

“Well, why don’t you guys keep my sister company while I take this lovely lady to the dance floor for a spin,” Danny said, reaching for Amanda's hand and leading her off to the dance floor as she wound her hand around his waist.

“I have an idea, why don’t we join them on the dance floor,” Shirley said, flushing down her wine and getting up. “I'm going to dance with the both of you.”

“Are you sure that you can handle two strong men like us?” Nate joked as they began making their way to the dance floor.

“Believe me, I can handle the both of you in more ways than one,” she said, the wine making her tongue a lot more fluid and giving her more confidence.

“Whoa, looks like Danny left us with a firecracker here,” Andre said excitedly, slapping her butt as they got to the dance floor and sending a pleasant feeling of arousal to her very core.

Nate pulled her into his arms as soon as they were on the floor, while Andre moved in from behind, both men sandwiching her little frame as they began dancing. Shirley was feeling so turned on, she could barely think.

“Where did you disappear to?” she said to Nate, although she knew perfectly well where he had gone.

“I went to the navy. That is actually where I met Andre here, only that he quit to concentrate on football as soon as the training was over,” Nate said into her ear, his low voice vibrating through her all the way to her already throbbing clit. “You have really changed, I can't believe that you are now this sexy, you know.”

“Yeah, Nate and I noticed you the moment that you walked through that door,” Andre added as he ground himself against her, and she was sure that she could feel his dick hardening and pressing against her butt crack.

“Andre, what are you doing?” she asked, feeling even more aroused as she now felt his full rock hard cock pressed into her butt.

“Why, do you like it?” he said into her ear, pressing himself into her back even harder as his dick became even harder.

Shirley was going crazy, and even more so when she realized that Nate's dick was also rock hard and he was rubbing it against her belly.

“You guys are beginning to drive me crazy,” she moaned softly.

“I thought that you said you could handle us in more than one way, don’t tell me that you are beginning to have second thoughts,” Nate said, as she looked up at his lips.

Her lips parted slightly when she saw his head moving in on hers, their lips touching lightly at first. Their lips then locked tightly together as they began kissing deeply, his tongue playing over hers erotically. Behind her, she felt Andre's hand moving around to her front side, pushing under her short dress and moving upwards towards her crotch. Shirley had not worn any underwear since she did not want the edges to leave a trace on her dress, and she felt vulnerable as she felt his hand going further up. Instinctively, she parted her thighs slightly, and she felt his finger pushing into her labia.

“Oh,” she moaned into Nate's mouth as pleasure rippled through her being.

Andre began rubbing his finger in circular motions over her throbbing clit, bringing her pleasure that she had only ever dreamed of. Shirley, on the other hand, pushed her hand in between Nate and herself, pushing it into his pants through the waist. She pushed into his boxers, touching the cock that she had dreamed of for such a long time and finally given up. It was thick and long as she wrapped her fingers around it, beginning to jerk it up and down. Nate groaned into her mouth, rubbing his shaft against her hand hard as she jerked it. Shirley pushed her thumb over the tip of the cock and touched the precum that had already pooled there, spreading it over the smooth head of the cock.

She felt Andre beginning to push his finger deeper and deeper into her love slit. His finger was thick and rough and it felt good against the walls of her pussy. As the finger was inserted deep inside her, Andre hooked the finger as he pulled it out. She felt as if she was going mad when she felt it brushing over the most sensitive spot within her sex, her G-spot, and she couldn’t hold back her moan. Andre began finger fucking her in that motion while she jerked Nate's dick, and it was then that she remembered that her brother might see her with two men touching her in erotic ways. She tore her lips away from Nate's.

“Let us go somewhere private,” she could barely breathe as the words tumbled out of her mouth.

“Now, I think that is the brightest thing that I have heard in a long time. We could go over to my place since I live alone, what do you guys say,” Andre asked, pulling his finger out of her slit and licking it as she turned around to look at him.

“Yeah, that sounds like the perfect place because right now I feel like fucking this little body of yours until you scream my name,” Nate said, adjusting his pants as they began making their way out of the dance floor.

Danny and Amanda were nowhere to be seen as Shirley picked up her handbag and they were on their way. It was a good thing that she and Amanda had taken a cab to the venue because it would have been tricky with Andre having come with his car. He slipped into the driver’s seat while she got into the back seat. She knew that Nate was up to something when instead of getting into the passenger seat in the front, he joined her in the back. The truck soon pulled out of the parking lot and Shirley got this intense need to taste Nate. It was something that she had dreamed of doing since she was a naive teenager.

She moved her hand over his crotch, touching his dick and rubbing it for a while as she leaned over and kissed him deeply in the mouth. She went ahead and unzipped his pants, pushing her hand into his pants and pulling his boxers down over his erection, wrapping her fingers around the thickness of the shaft, she pulled it out of the pants and pulled her lips away from Nate's. Moving back a little, she leaned over him, her mouth going straight for his cock. She wrapped her lips around the pecker, tasting it as the scent of his maleness went straight to her head.

The musky taste from the cock felt good in her mouth as she sucked on the tip of the cock, urging more precum to come out of the slit. She then wrapped her lips around the head and began taking the cock deeper into her mouth, her head bobbed up and down as she sucked more and more of the love rod into her mouth. It felt thick and uncomfortable against her jaw, but she was determined to do what she had dreamed of for such a long time. Nate groaned, bringing his hands down to her head and pressing it harder onto his dick.

“Oh no, don’t tell me that you guys are doing it back there,” Andre complained. “Do you want us to have an accident or something, because now I can barely concentrate on the road?”

“Just-just d-drive, Andre,” Nate said haltingly as she felt the tip of his dick slipping into her throat.

Shirley had never taken a dick so deep in her mouth, she suddenly felt as if she could not breath. She gagged on the manhood as she tried to take it deeper. She tried to pull her mouth off the dick, but Andre held it firmly there. She felt his dick stiffening in her mouth, just before she felt his hot load of cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed every drop of cum that shot into her mouth, not allowing even a drop to escape. Nate groaned loudly and they felt the vehicle swerving as Andre nearly bashed into another car. When he was done cumming, he finally let go of her head and she pulled her mouth off the cock, licking it up and down the sides before tucking it back into his pants and zipping them up.

“Wow, I have never met a woman that gives a blowjob as well as that,” Nate said as she leaned back in the seat.

“I told you that I could handle you perfectly in more than one way, and there is a lot more where that came from,” she said, leaning over to kiss him so that she could give him a taste of his cum.

Chapter 4

Andre pulled Shirley into his arms the moment that they entered the house, kissing her deeply in the mouth. He could taste the residue of Nate's cum in her mouth, and as usual, it only served to get him even more turned on. Shirley wasted no time in beginning to unbutton his shirt as they kissed, pulling it off and letting it drop down onto the carpet. She then ran her fingers over the outlines of his chest muscles, rubbing her nails over his nipples pleasantly. She then tore her mouth away from his lips.

“I always wondered what you looked like without your shirt, so much muscle,” she said, leaning her head downwards and sucking one of his nipples into her mouth.

Andre groaned when he felt Shirley biting his nipple softly, with just the right amount of pressure to send a message directly to his dick. She then took the attention to his other nipple, also giving it the same kind of pleasure. Andre could not remember feeling so horny in his life before, he felt as if his dick was going to explode. She then pulled her head away from his nipple and crouched in front of him, beginning to unbuckle his belt. Pulling it loose, she went ahead and pulled his pants open, letting them drop down to his ankles.

“Holy shit, you are even bigger than Nate,” she marveled as she hooked her fingers into his underwear and pulled it down over his dick.

She tugged his boxers all the way down and then as he kicked them off his ankles, she stood up and swiftly pulled off her dress. The thing that aroused him even more about Shirley was the fact that she walked so confidently even when she did not have any underwear on. At the club, he had almost come when he had realized that she did not have any underwear as he was touching her. She stood there naked regarding him and he couldn’t help but notice just how shapely her body was. He had been so engrossed with her, he had not even noticed that Nate had also undressed and had his fingers around his dick, jerking it up and down.

“Okay guys, how are we going to do this, who wants to go first, because to say the truth, I'm feeling way too horny for any more foreplay,” Shirley asked, sliding her finger through her love slit and bringing it out wet and shiny.

“I will go first,” Nate said, before Andre could find his voice.

“I was hoping for that because I want to have this larger cock inside me last,” Shirley said, pushing Andre backwards towards the couch and making him sit down on it.

She then bent forward, her head going for his crotch, with her ass in the air behind her. She wrapped her fingers around his dick, her lips circling his manhood as she began sucking on it. She sucked on it so well, Andre felt as if he was going to come before he even fucked her. He had to hold himself back with all of his will power as she took his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth, her teeth grazing over the walls of his manhood.

Nate moved behind her, and Andre watched as he parted her thighs a little wider. He then ran a finger through the slit and brought it to his mouth, licking off the wetness that had come from the pussy. He then stood upright and moved right behind her. With one hand on her hip and the other one holding his dick, Nate eased the tip of his cock into her love slit. Andre felt Shirley moaning onto his shaft as Nate drove his manhood into her vagina, slamming it in hard.

Nate held her by the hips as he began driving his shaft in and out of her slit. The lust within him was threatening to kill him and this was the only way that he could get rid of it. He drove his shaft into her slit in long deep strokes, pushing it all the way in and then pulling out until just the head was inside her. He could tell that she was enjoying herself from the way that she was moving her hips from side to side. She felt even better than she looked, and although he did not want any emotional ties with her, this was one of the sexual experiences that he was never going to forget.

Getting an idea of how to make her feel even better, he parted her butt cheeks and looked down at her butt hole. He licked his finger and then took it to her butt hole, easing the tip inside her. He felt her trembling with pleasure as he fucked her and fingered her at the same time, driving his finger into her butt hole slowly and stopping after every inch to let her butt hole get used to the new intrusion.

He fucked her hard and fast, driving the finger deeper and deeper into her butt hole until he could feel it brushing against his dick through the thin membrane that separated the two hole. The heat in his balls was explosive and he knew that he was going to cum even harder than he had when he had shot his load in her mouth earlier in the car. And then suddenly, he felt it. It came suddenly and with an intense heat. He felt as if his balls were on fire as his cum went shooting through his love rod and into her vagina. It was as if his climax triggered her off because she pulled her mouth off Andre's dick and screamed out loudly.

“Oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumminnggg!” she screamed, her pussy contracting over his dick as it flooded with her climax.

Nate had never felt a woman coming so intensely in his life before. He humped her even harder, wanting to heighten the pleasure of her experience. She moaned over and over as he felt her pussy quaking over his dick, suspecting that she had probably cum more than once. When they were done, he finally pulled his dick out of her pussy and then slumped onto the couch beside Andre exhausted. He leaned back against the seat and closed his eyes, still unable to believe that he could cum with such an intensity.

“Alright, from what I can see, it is as if you finished him off completely and now it is my turn, but I would like it to be in the bedroom,” Andre said, lifting her off the ground and carrying her out of the room. “He will join us later once he has recovered.”

She put her hand around his neck as he easily carried her up the stairs and down the corridor to his bedroom.

Chapter 5

That had been the best fuck that Shirley had ever gotten, and it was almost unbelievable that she still had yet another cock to go, a dick that was much bigger and thicker. As Andre carried her up the stairs to his bedroom, she felt a sort of connection with him. She could not understand what it was, but somehow, he felt special and she wanted to give him the best of herself before Nate came upstairs. He kicked the door open and carried her to the bed, placing her on her lying on her back.

He then moved to the bottom side of the bed and parted her thighs, studying her private parts and making her feel a little nervous. She could feel Nate's cum still pouring out of her love slit and she wondered if Andre was going to eat her pussy when it had another man’s cum.

“It looks like he filled you up pretty good,” he said, pushing a finger into her slit.

“And I can't wait for you to do the same,” she said, winking at him and crossing her fingers for him to lick and eat her cunt.

“You shouldn’t worry about me because I am going to fill you up in a way that you have never been filled before. The moment that I saw you tonight, I knew that you were the one that I had been waiting for all my life,” he said, getting onto the bed next to her and taking one of her breasts into his hand, beginning to massage it.

“If I am the one that you have been waiting for all your life, as you claim, then why did you share me with your friend?” she asked him, moaning softly as he bit one of her nipples with just the right amount of pressure to send a zing all the way to her clit, which had already started throbbing with anticipation.

“Because something told me that you had known him from before, and you had wanted him then. In order for you to get over him, I knew that I had to share you with Nate,” Andre said, moving his lips over hers and kissing her deeply in the mouth.

His lips felt soft and firm against hers as she eased her tongue into his mouth, tasting him and exploring his mouth. From the way that he was treating her, Shirley could tell that Andre was a true love maker who took his time to please a woman, and that made him admire him even more. Nate had just been there to take care of his lust and nothing more. As they kissed, Andre played around with her nipples, pinching them softly and turning them around in semi circles until she moaned into his mouth.

She then felt his hand moving off her breasts and beginning to move over her belly in a downward journey. She parted her thighs a little wider when she felt his hand on her crotch and she squirmed with pleasure when he took a hold of her clit and pinched it softly. The sensations that she felt in her body were indescribable. Shirley moaned as he began playing around with her nipple, taking his time to pleasure her and heat her up again. Within no time, she was already dying to feel him inside her, filling her pussy in ways that it had never been filled before. She tore her lips away from his.

“Eat me, Andre, I have wanted to be your meal for such a long time, and now that I have you, I would like you to do whatever it is that you want with me,” she said without thinking, taking her hands to his head and pushing him downwards towards her crotch.

She parted her thighs even wider as she made him get in between her legs, pushing his head down to her hot spot. She felt his tongue pushing deep into her vagina, flicking over the walls as he licked away at the cum residue that was still lodged inside her. He pushed his tongue deep inside her vagina, licking her until she was dry, before he pulled it out and sucked her clit into his mouth, nibbling the tip and driving her crazy with pleasure. Finally, Shirley could not take it any longer. She knew that she would come any time soon, and she wanted to come with Andre deep inside her, fucking her like she was the queen of his life. She pushed his head away from her crotch.

“That is enough, Andre, I want you to fuck me, make me yours forever. Fuck me like I am your slut,” she pleaded with him as she pushed him onto his back.

His dick was rock hard and she could see the way that he, too, was aching to be inside her. She climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. She took a hold of his dick as she lowered herself onto him, guiding it into her pussy. Shirley moaned as he filled her. She felt his dick brushing over every inch of her walls as she lowered herself further onto him. Never in her life had she been with a penis of this size, and she had to admit that although it could look a bit overwhelming, it was the most pleasurable thing when used the right way.

Andre reached for her breasts, squeezing then as she put her hands against his shoulders and began riding him. She rode him hard and fast, cowgirl style. He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on it and nibbling on the tip, enhancing the pleasure that she was feeling.

“Oh, oh, oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me,” she moaned over and over, each time taking his rock hard pecker deeper and deeper into her love slit.

And then she felt it coming like a storm. A knot formed in her belly just as she felt the heat within her becoming explosive. She felt as if she had died and gone to heaven, since the pleasure that she felt was beyond real. She leaned backwards, resting her hands on his thighs and enhancing the contact of his member with her vagina. It was then that she felt yet another orgasm starting to build. This time it was not as intense as the one that she’d just experienced, but yes, it was coming. Andre held her by the hips and drove his dick in and out of her cunt, amazing Shirley because he had not even cum yet, and yet he had been just as needy as she had been. She knew that he was probably doing it for her pleasure.

As she leaned forward on him, he somehow turned them over, and before she knew it, he was the one on top of her. His dick was still lodged deep inside her as he hooked his hands at the back of her legs and pulled them upwards, pinning them at her sides. He began penetrating her deeply, this time in total control of the game. He locked his lips onto hers, silencing her moans with a hungry passionate kiss as he fucked her hard and fast. Her orgasm continued to build, and this time she realized that it was going to be even more explosive than the first one that she had experienced with him.

Their crotches clapped together loudly, the sloshing sound of the juices in her pussy making the scene even more erotic. Their sweat blended together against their bodies, and the whole room smelled of sex. All this added to the pleasure that his delicious shaft was giving her were enough to make her surrender. She moaned out loudly, her voice ringing throughout the whole house as his climax took over her world. Pleasure filled her in ways that she had never known existed and as if that was not enough, she felt Andre driving his shaft as deep into her as it could go. She then felt the shaft stiffening within her, more pleasure overwhelming her as she felt his huge load of cum shooting into her vagina. She gripped the dick as tightly as she could with her pussy muscles, milking the shaft of every drop of cum that it could offer her. When they were done climaxing, Shirley slipped off Andre and laid on the bed next to them. She closed her eyes, her body more satisfied than it had ever been before. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought she heard Nate coming into the room, lying on her other side.

Chapter 6

“Well, guys, I think that this has been the best vacation that I have ever been on, and it is all because of you, Shirley,” Nate said as he put his clothes into his bag, packing to head off to the next station where he was being deployed to.

“And thank you too, I think that you made me realize that I am actually in love with this friend of yours,” Shirley said, kissing Andre on the cheek as she felt the love between them flowing.

“I just hope that you will take good care of him, because if I hear otherwise, I'm going to come guns blazing. And as for you, Andre, treat her like the sensual lady that she is, and if you don’t, I just might steal her from you,” Nate said to Andre, who looked at him and nodded.

“Hey, don’t you worry about my wife to be, I know how I am going to take good care of her,” Andre said, although he still couldn’t believe that he had just found the love of his life in the strangest of circumstances.

They had spent the last five days in the house, rarely wearing any clothes, and the only time that they had left the house was in the afternoons when they went to watch Andre practicing for the next game. Andre had discovered that he had these special feelings for Shirley, feelings that he had not believed could come to someone so suddenly, since he had believed that he had to have at least known a woman for quite some time before he actually even thought of marriage. He loved the way that she was not your ordinary woman. She took on two men without a second thought, and she loved football. She was not after him because he was the football team captain, but because she genuinely loved him. He felt as if his life was now full circle, the only step left to go and tie the knot.

“Alright then, I'll take your words for it. How about we go downstairs for a drink before I leave,” Nate said, genuinely happy for Andre and Shirley even though he knew that now there might never be any more threesomes once they got married.

“Yeah, today I don’t have any practice and so a drink right now would not hurt,” Andre said, agreeing with Nate as the three of them made their way out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

The men brought out a six pack of beer from the fridge, while Shirley preferred wine, and they all sat in the living room talking. Nate could not believe that he was actually beginning to feel horny despite the fact that they’d had some wild sex all week, and a naughty idea began to form in his mind. Just the thought of it made his dick begin to get hard in his pants. Shirley looked over at him and her eyes widened when she saw the erection in his pants.

“Don’t tell me that you would like one last romp before you leave,” she said excitedly, settling on the couch next to him, her hand going to his crotch and beginning to massage the erection within.

“Well, the thing is that I am going away for a very long time and by the time I come back you two will already be married, which will mean that there will be no more threesomes,” he groaned, draining his beer and setting the bottle on the table before leaning back on the couch to enjoy what the sensually sexy woman was doing to him.

“You naughty little thing, you are getting used to having too much sex and that is not good at all because when you are out there you might end up turning on your fellow soldiers, if you know what I mean,” she said to him, winking as she wrapped her fingers around his dick through the material of his pants.

“Well, if it does get to that, then I just might have to hang my boots and look for some other way to make a living,” he laughed nervously.

Andre watched everything with interest. He could see just how horny his best friend was, and he could also tell that his fiancée was also starting to feel horny as she massaged that dick. The result of that was his own cock beginning to harden in his pants. He knew that by now Shirley was supposed to be his alone, but the sight of her massaging another man’s cock happened to be one of the most erotically arousing things that he had ever seen.

“Alright then, soldier, why don’t you let me see what I can do about this swelling in your pants,” Shirley said, leaning over and kissing Nate deep in the mouth.

As Andre watched the scene, he felt as if his dick was going to explode with desire. He felt his balls starting to get a burning sensation within but he did not touch himself. He just sat there silently watching. As Shirley and Nate kissed, Shirley began unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it open and running her fingers over Nate's flesh. From the way that Nate was shaking, Andre could imagine just how horny he was feeling, and he felt sorry that the guy had to go back to the nave when there was so much fun here.

Shirley began working Nate's pants open and it was not long before she pulled his raging erection out of his pants. She pulled her lips away from Nate's and looked down at his erection, a naughty smile curving on her face as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began jerking it. She leaned down towards the dick and Andre watched with interest as she first licked the tip of the dick before her lips covered the head as she began sucking on it. Without taking her mouth off the dick, Shirley got off the couch and stood with her butt in the air, bent forwards as she sucked on Andre's dick.

The sight was too much for Andre, and especially since Shirley was wearing a very short dress without any underwear. He could see her pussy lips peeping at him and from the glistening fluid in between them, he could tell that she was already wet. He quickly removed his clothes and then went over to them, crouching behind Shirley. He dipped a finger into her honey pot, pulling it out a moment later and then bringing it to his mouth to taste her honey pot. Loving the taste, he pushed his head in between her thighs, pushing his tongue into her pussy to begin licking it up and down the inner length of the lips. He played it around on the clit for a while, and he heard her moaning onto the dick that was in her mouth.

Andre then stood up and pulled her dress up her hips. Taking a hold of his dick, he eased it into her love nest, beginning to fuck her with just the head. From the way that she was wiggling her waist from side to side, Andre could tell that she was dying for him to slam the whole pecker inside her. He began pushing deeper and deeper into her with each stroke, making her breathing become heavier as pleasure washed through her body. Her pussy fit perfectly around his dick, almost like a fit made in heaven and he couldn’t help but groan when he felt the way that it held him pleasurably. The wetness in her vagina also worked to enhance the pleasure and he could feel it right to the very nerve endings of his toes.

“Wait, I have a better idea,” Shirley said, pulling her mouth off the cock as she pulled away from Andre, making him wonder what she was up to. “I want the two of you to fuck me at the same time.”

“What? Are you sure that you are going to be able to take it, and besides, it could get pretty uncomfortable,” Andre asked, his voice full of concern.

“Yes, it is something that I have always wondered how it would feel. Now that I have the opportunity, I might as well be the judge as to whether I will like it or not,” she said, unzipping her dress and pulling it off her body swiftly to leave her standing there naked.

Chapter 7

Shirley was filled with tension and anxiety, but it was something that she had always thought of, although had never imagined happening to herself. She wanted to feel one cock in her butt hole, and the other one in her pussy. She had a feeling that it was going to be a mind blowing experience for everyone, and she knew just how she wanted it done.”

“You are both going to fuck me, Nate in my butt because I don’t think that Andre's dick would fit in there,” she said nervously as Nate got undressed.

“So, how is this going to work, I mean, it would feel very awkward in a standing position?” Nate asked.

“Just the same thing that I was wondering,” Andre said as Shirley smiled at the two naïve men.

“Don’t you worry, I might be new to all of this, but I think that I just might have an idea of how it will be done. Andre, you lie down on the carpet and I'll get on top of you, and then Nate can get on top of me. Nate will however have to put his willy in my pussy so that it can get some lube first,” she said, walking over to Nate and putting her hands around his neck.

Hooking her fingers together behind his neck, Shirley hoisted herself up onto him and wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her by the hips and she could feel the tip of his dick poking her entrance. She began lowering herself slowly onto the dick, letting it slide into her vagina. He drove himself into her, groaning with pleasure as she began riding him. As she rode him, she could feel the heat within her beginning to heighten, and it was not long before she climaxed hard on Nate's dick. Her love juices flooded into her pussy, flowing over the cock, and she fused her lips tightly over his, savoring the impact of the orgasm. As it ebbed away, she got off him, letting herself down. She pushed Andre down onto his back and then climbed on top of him, straddling him. She guided his dick into her still soaking cunt and then leaned forward, lying on top of him as he began driving himself in and out of her love slit.

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