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It’s Time.

I’m sitting here waiting for that moment.

That same moment I keep telling myself will happen. That moment when inspiration hits me to do the wrong thing, not the right thing. We all have it inside of us. Most of the time we don’t acknowledge it or simply forget that it’s there, but it is.

My problem isn’t that I want to act upon my desires, but my own guilt from not doing it.

It’s time.

It’s absolutely time.

I know she’s waiting.

Her eyes tell me something each time I look at her.

Her words are there. In the darkest reaches in her mind they seep out and tell me to do what she wants me to do without having to whisper in my ear or grab my hand and show me.

It’s time.

The excitement has overwhelmed us and no words are spoken.

We begin our destiny.

Never looking back at the path that lead us here.

Never looking forward to where it will take us.

We only know one thing.

It’s time.

Time to do the wrong thing.

We embrace one another with wicked delight. Our bodies collide with invisible scents that whip out minds into fervent tides of passion, our hearts beat wildly, speeding out of control and forcing our lungs to heave with excessive amounts of a wicked hormone that has outnumbered the safe and sobering Oxygen molecules and replaced it with a concoction whipped up by a dangerous bartender named Cupid.

Such a Devil.

Such is Cupid.

Love and lust injected with a marksman’s skill.

You never see the arrows coming, and you never feel them hit until after they penetrate your system, and override your basic instinct to follow the road of common sense. You begin to wander down a road of perdition and succumb to the inner beauty of diving into a pool of guiltless shame. The coolness the flushes your body and stokes the internal fire of your soul becomes an addiction that has only one cure.

You take the plunge, and dive into a pool of what you believe will become a pool of regret. You can feel yourself drown as you swim toward the edge, but there’s no rescue waiting, so you continue to swim in the waters that delight.

So the time that was right was indeed exactly that.

The time was right, but that time has passed.

And now, it’s time..

Time to flush our body and mind with the starkness of cold reality, and decide if the time was right or the decision we made was wrong.

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