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“Romantic Nonfiction”

Written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit

1) Romantically and Stereotypically Funny Story

2) Love At First Sight

3) I Love You

4) The Deepest Deep of the Heart is Where My Love Emits Joy Forever With You

“Romantically and Stereotypically Funny Story”

Written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit

There once was a boy and there once was a girl who lived a little farther away from where the boy resides, but the same could be said about the boy’s distance in domicile. Immediately they have taken a liking to each other, and remain close friends.

I believe that time will tell the fate of these two lovebirds.

I hope she believes the same.

Now these lovers were sitting around eating dinner, people streaming back and forth like freight trains trying to get to the next attraction, but they didn’t notice anyone but each other.

“What should I have for dinner?” asked she.

“Perhaps a doughnut for dessert?” asked he.

“What about that giant doughnut for breakfast?” asked she.

“Okay. Sounds legit.” he replied.

“So then it is agreed?” asked she.

“Indeed.” said he.

“Why did you decide to name this thing you’re writing as Romantically and Stereotypically Funny Story? What’s so funny about it?” asked she.

“I feel so much peace within your eyes, girl. You make me feel all kinds of ways funny.” said he.

“Is that rap?” asked she.

“No. I wrote that for you. I also wrote this for you too.” said he. “Babe you’re everything I hold dear, you’re my top priority even before me I value you.”

“Thank you.” said she.

“You’re welcome. You are the muse to my creations.” said he. “I think I’ve just stumbled upon the love of my life, the life of my love is in full bloom, but I’ve hidden my feelings in my mind’s storage room.”

“Thank you again.” said she.

They remain the best of friends, going places together alone is really the greatest joy to the boy, and he just wishes for more opportunities to just be close to the girl.

The End

“Love At First Sight”

Written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit

Love at first sight, alright / These days and nights are spent thinking of you/You are just the most beautiful lady love of my life/ Love at first sight.

The End

“I Love You”

Written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit

Let me give my love to someone who’s going to take it,

Let me give my heart to someone who’s not going to break it,

And I love you,

Yes I do,

I love you,

Even if the world ended today,

We’d still be befriended,

What else can I say?,

And I love you,

Yes I do,

I love you,

Yes I do,

Even if the sky fell on us all,

Only you and I would stand tall,

Because only love can conquer all,

And I love you,

Yes I do,

I love you,

Yes I do.

“The Deepest Deep of the Heart is Where My Love Emits Joy Forever With You”

Written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit

The deepest deep of the heart is where my love emits joy forever with you,

Love is forever with us I can feel it,

You’re the greatest joy I have to look forwards to a future with,

You can stand by my side while I’m trying to develop my full potential,

And we can live together one day as one super powerful emission of love to try and spread all over the Earth.

The End

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