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Danielle and Keeley are in desperate need of a teacher. Someone who can not only teach all of the children, but specifically one, Utah Blake. As a deaf tiger shifter, neither Keeley or Danielle have the skills needed to help the teen. And, since his father left to help Rapier find his mate, Utah has grown more introverted by the day.

Mark Hill, teacher by day, author Orion Davis by night, knows he's the man for the job. After inviting both Danielle and Keeley to a local book convention, he realizes maybe he should have told them the truth up front. He too is deaf. But, a blast from the past might just change everything for Mark. 

Can Mark convince Danielle and Keeley he's the solution to their problem or will his lie of omission force them to reconsider? 


Apache County Shifters, Book 2.5


TL Reeve & Michele Ryan


Twisted E Publishing, LLC



Apache County Shifters, Book 2.5

Copyright © 2018 by TL Reeve & Michele Ryan

Edited by Kat Lively

First E-book Publication: October 2018, SMASHWORDS EDITION

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Danielle snuggled against Caden’s chest as she tried to gather her breath. Today marked the second week of their freedom from fear. More specifically, her fear. There was no more Simon or Hazel. No more Raymond or Marjorie and Caden had begun to create a bond with his daughter, Sage Abbott. Kalkin and Caden were also getting back on the right track. She’d seen how much it hurt Kalkin to not have his brother close by. Like Keeley and she, they were each other’s teethers. When one unraveled, they both did. In the last few months, she’d watched as thread by thread, Kalkin and Caden reformed their bond, this time stronger and tighter than before.

She’d also spent the last two weeks truly falling in love with her mate, deeper than she thought imaginable. Caden nuzzled her temple and sighed. Moments before, they’d both found their release after she’d woke early, which appeared to be her new normal. Danielle had gotten out of bed so not to disturb Caden then stood by the window, overlooking the vast desert. The deep blues and purples slowly gave way to pinks and orange along the horizon. Though Window Rock wouldn’t be waking for a few more hours, she still had things to do. She supposed it’d been why she was awake that morning.

Mrs. Martin reminded Danielle and Keeley they would have to spend some time with her in the next few days. The Strawberry Festival plans needed to be sorted and tightened up before the town began setting up for the occasion. It also meant people from all over would be invading their town like they'd done the year before.

But, it’d been more she realized now, laying in Caden’s arms. Two and a half weeks ago, Rapier and Osirus left Window Rock for Colorado Springs, Colorado. It also left them with a dilemma—a boy named Utah. He was Osirus’ son. O, as Rapier called him, left his boy in Caden and Danielle’s care. The sixteen-year-old kept to himself, but he carried a wealth of cold, harsh secrets.

“I want you to have fun today.” Caden pressed a kiss to her forehead. “The kids, Utah, and I will be just fine.”

“I know,” Danielle whispered. “Just be gentle with him.”

It surprised her when Osirus informed her, Utah was deaf. She’d never met another shifter who had a malady such as his. As far as she knew, none of them could have human conditions, however, the boy who slept in Aiden’s room, did. He hid himself a lot too. Didn’t particularly fit in with any of the orphans, nor, Danielle noticed, had he tried. It broke her heart.

“We will. I promise, pumpkin.” He squeezed her hand. “Might as well get up. I’m sure Aiden will be looking for a cookie and Nicolas will want his bottle.”

She nodded. “Yeah.” She kissed his chest.

Caden hadn’t been wrong. By the time she showered and dressed, Nicolas was crying, Aiden was trying to soothe his brother while Caden changed Nicolas’ diaper. Danielle checked on Utah, who continued to sleep, curled up, hugging his pillow. He looked nothing like the teenager he was. While she prepared Aiden’s breakfast, she made Nicolas a bottle. Their routine became a seamless movement between the two of them.

A few minutes later, Utah joined them. He crept into the kitchen, his shoulders were rounded. His gaze stayed on the floor in front of his feet. He reminded her of Nico, only Utah had a good four inches on the boy and about a hundred pounds. The kid was solid, muscular. She figured it had to do with the fact he worked with Rapier and his father. Good morning Miss Danielle, may I join you for breakfast.

The second day he was with them, she formed a connection with him while he slept. She wasn’t sure it would work, or if he’d freak out when she did it. She broke her rules for him. She couldn’t stand to feel the suffering rolling off of him. She couldn’t handle his pain or his rejection. It burned her like it had done so many months ago when she tried to shut down on herself.

It surprised her when it worked. He didn’t use the telepathy link very much. Only when he needed something. Of course. Come have a seat, what would you like?

Anything, he replied. I’m not picky.

She smiled as she set about fixing him some eggs and bacon while she did the same for Caden. A knock on the sliding glass door drew her attention before it opened, and Keeley joined them. Her sister was finally losing the dark-tinged circles under her eyes. Ella and Colin were sleeping through the night, giving her sister a blissful six hours of uninterrupted sleep, as her sister reported a few days ago.

“Morning,” Keeley said. “You almost ready?”

“I am, just finishing everything for Utah and Caden.” She glanced over her shoulder at the boy, who still wouldn’t look at her.

“How’s it going with him?” Keeley wandered over to her. “Making any progress?”

Danielle grinned. “Yes.” We are. It's just taking some time. Right, Utah?

Utah’s gaze darted to Danielle’s. Yes, ma’am.

The boy really did have a big heart. Though he’d been in Window Rock almost a year, he was still adjusting to his new home and life with all of them. Until then, Danielle would give him the space he needed while also being there for him.

“Morning.” Caden placed his hand on Utah’s shoulder. “Breakfast almost ready? I think our boys are getting hungry.”

“Almost.” She pointed to the bottle she’d placed on the counter. “This should be perfect for Nic.”

Caden placed Aiden in his high chair so he could eat, then grabbed the bottle off the counter for Nicolas. “Thanks.” He gave her a quick kiss. “So, how’s the pain in the ass this morning?” He retrieved Nicolas from Utah’s arms.

Danielle also noticed, in the short time Utah had been there, he liked kids. Babies especially. She figured it had to do with the fact kids didn’t see his deafness as a weakness. They communicated in their own way. He and Aiden were slowly learning to converse. When Utah didn’t think he was being watched, he showed Aiden different signs. So far, he’d taught Aiden the signs for food, drink, animal, and play.

“If you mean your twin, he’s fine,” Keeley answered. “He said to bring everyone to the house when you were ready.”

Caden grunted. “We’ll be there.”

Danielle drove down their driveway and turned onto the main road. She wasn’t sure why they had to meet Mark, the teacher who was applying for the teaching position, at the small book convention happening at the Window Rock Hotel. Danielle had set out to find someone who could interact with Utah, and hopefully help the others to learn sign language as well. She wasn’t prepared for Mark to answer her ad so quickly, nor agree to a meeting that weekend.

Keeley called her a genius. She’d readily taken the compliment. But, Mark’s meeting place confused her. Keeley had never heard of the convention before. Her sister’s writing had taken a backseat to everything else they had going on, between the orphanage and Vigilante Security. However, her sister said these kinds of events were popular with writers and readers. She ended up showing Danielle photos from some of the places where the conventions took place.

It looked...interesting. Maybe fun.

“Do you miss it?” Danielle glanced at Keeley.


“All of it,” she said.

Keeley shrugged. “Not sure. I mean it’s different. I can be anyone when I write. I suppose it’s why I enjoyed it so much while we were on the run. It allowed me an escape. I guess one day I might go back to it.”

“I’m sure after being here, you’ll have several books to write,” Danielle teased.

“Don’t you know it.” She laughed. “So, what do you think of this teacher? Do you think he’ll fit in?”

Danielle didn’t know. She hoped he would. Finding someone to teach not only ASL but also help the kids in the orphanage, wouldn’t be easy. “He’s eager to get going.”

“But you’re not sure.” Leave it to Keeley to understand.

“No. I mean, isn’t it a little weird to want to meet at this book thing? I mean, sure it’s here in town, but why? He could have met us at the diner or done it online, something. It just has me curious, I suppose,” Danielle answered.

“Understandable,” her sister said. “Maybe he was picking up books for some of the kids?”

Could be. Sounded like a plausible explanation. “Sure.” Danielle turned into the parking lot and found a spot. Once she was parked, they got out and headed for the door to the hotel. “Feels like we were just here.”

“What a night, right?”

Danielle nodded. “Totally.”

* * * *

Mark sat at the end of the row, next to him, his best friend—besides his brother—Sam. He should have told Danielle, the owner of the Window Rock Orphanage the truth about himself. He didn't want to get an automatic no. When he saw the ad last week online for an ASL teacher who wouldn't mind working with kids with abilities or shifters, he'd jumped at the idea. If they were in need of someone who used American Sign Language, it meant they had deaf kids there too. However, he didn't tell her he too was deaf.

Sam tapped his hand, and he glanced over at the moderator for the event. She stared back at him with an expectant look. Lost in his thoughts, he missed the question. He looked to his interpreter and signed, Can you repeat the question? While Sam answered out loud.

“Is it true you write all of your female characters after a long-lost love?” This time, he read her lips. The insightful and interesting question caught Mark a little off guard.

The answer, he began. Isn’t an easy one. I think we all have lost loves. But, to categorize all of my female protagonists as the same person over and over again, is preposterous.

Sam laughed. “He hasn’t had that many.”

Mark cut his gaze to the audience to gauge their reaction. When he saw them laughing, he grinned. He’s just jealous.

Says you, Sam answered.

After another round of questions, the Q&A session came to a close. He had a fifteen-minute break before he was supposed to meet everyone in the giant hall to sign books for those who attended today. He made the appointment with Danielle for after the book signing so they’d have more time to sit and talk. Mark snapped his fingers and Molly, his faithful K-9 companion, took her position by his side.

The wolf/husky hybrid had been trained from the time she’d been found on the side of the road, until three years ago when she was assigned to Mark. After a few weeks of her being with him, he went back to the agency who put him with Molly and requested a clause in their contract. When Molly’s companion time was up, and she retired, she’d live out her days with him no matter what. He couldn’t picture himself with another service dog after her either. Her sunny, yet sneaky disposition left him guessing as to what she’d do next.

She brightened his days after Jasper disappeared and since then appeared to stick closer to his side. Almost like a dutiful mother, she doted on him to the point she smothered him. From toys to lap cuddles, she’d been right there, soothing his broken heart. On the bad days, she remained stalwart in her obligations. She didn’t allow him to sluff off his duties. If the phone rang, she altered him. Someone at the door, she pulled him to it. Even if he tried to stay depressed, which in the beginning he had been, she pulled him out of his funk. She was more than a dog for the hearing impaired. She was truly his friend.

To pay her back for all those nights she spent curled up at his feet, and to acknowledge how much she meant to him, Mark wrote Molly into his Deadwood Shifters series. Since then, people recognized her everywhere they went. Russet and white, Molly stood out in a crowd, not because of her size, though massive in her own right, but because of her beautiful coat and stunning green eyes.

Several pictures of her floated around on social media posing with fans and receiving treats. Today she had a basket full of stuff in their hotel room waiting for her to dig into. He knew by the time the signing was over, she'd have more stuff than she could handle. A small hand touched his forearm and he looked down. A girl no more than ten or eleven peered up at him then cast a wary glance at Molly.

“Excuse me,” she said. “My mom said I should give this to Molly." She held up a rawhide bone, wrapped in a green polka-dot ribbon with Molly’s name on it.

Thank you, he signed. Did you pick out the ribbon? He held the bone out to his faithful companion and she greedily snatched it from him.

The little girl’s eyes grew round with excitement as Sam relayed his question to her. She nodded. “Yes, mom said it was her favorite color.”

It is. She loves it. Mark hugged the little girl then had Molly shake her hand.

The child skipped back to her mother who waited a few feet away. The little girl then turned and waved before she and her mother disappeared into the crowd exiting the area. Before the day was over, Mark figured he and Molly would have more treats than they’d both know what to do with.

Lunch? Mark asked, standing.

Sam nodded. Starved. Let’s eat.

The hotel had a small eatery inside. The chances of their lunch being interrupted had been great, but he didn't want to leave, just in case, they couldn't get back to the hotel in time for the scheduled signings. As they stepped out of the conference room, he glanced up. A woman waved her hand frantically in his direction. He’d been trying to avoid her. Her name was Constance, and she messaged him on Facebook last week and happily announced she’d be at this event to see him. Her name fit her disposition to a T. Because she was constantly trying to get his attention.

She wore a black cowboy hat, trench coat, which didn’t fit for the season at all, and an I ♥ Orion T-shirt—handmade of course—tucked into a pair of painted on cowboy cut jeans. She reminded him of Annie Wilkes, from Stephen King’s Misery. Sometimes, he half expected her to break out a sledgehammer and duct tape. And, today, he made the mistake of making eye contact with her. Shit.

Is that her? Sam elbowed him. She’s nuts.

He chuckled. Yes.

She’s coming this way.

Yep, Mark answered.

"Oh my God!" Excitement and mirth, filled her brown eyes, along with a bit of batshit cray-cray. "Isn't it so weird how we keep meeting like this?"

Somedays, like today, he wished he couldn't read lips. If people only knew how much concentration it took, and how tired it made him afterward …it's why he demanded only the best interpreters. He grinned at her and nodded. Hi Constance. I’m glad you could make it. This is Sam. My friend.

Interpreter. Sam added.

“Won’t need him," she said while signing slowly. "I've been practicing."

Of course, she had.

Great! Well, it’s good seeing you here. Don’t forget to join me for the book signing. He took a step toward the restaurant.

“Wait!” She held up her hands. “I thought we could have lunch together, you know, catch up?”

When pig fly. He glanced down at Molly who gave him the saddest eyes he’d ever seen. If he thought she’d bail him out of this predicament, he was dead wrong. Well, I’d love to but… His attention was drawn away from the woman in front of him, to two women who’d entered the hotel. He recognized Danielle immediately and sent a silent thank you up to whatever divine being existed.

The news about Danielle and Keeley had plastered everywhere. They were on the run for several years trying to get away from the Psychic Bounty Hunters, a division of the US Government used to help study those who might have psychic abilities. According to the information, Senator Winters and the judiciary committee were still uncovering, the organization had been torturing and killing psychic humans for years. The two biggest offenders of it, Simon Geithner and his wife, Hazel Geithner.

The shorter of the two women, with long curly wheat-blonde hair, stepped in front of him. “Oh wow. You’re Orion Davis. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is, Keeley and this is my sister, Danielle.”

He gave her his full attention while catching what she said out of the corner of his eye as Sam signed for him. It’s good to meet you.

“Whoa, you’re deaf.” Keeley looked over her shoulder at her sister. “Wicked.”

It’s good to meet you.

The other woman, Danielle, continued to stare at him. Her preternatural gaze unnerved him. Her tense presence along with, what he’d considered, appraisal of the room, intrigued him. She seemed hyperaware of everything going on around them. He wondered if maybe when she explained the children had abilities so did she and if she did, what kind?

"Incoming,” Danielle said, lifting her chin slightly.

Constance. Mark closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Sorry. Excuse me.

He didn’t want to have this conversation with his ‘number one fan,’ but it seemed no matter what he did, she always showed up. Always asked the same thing and always tried to get in on his life. Not happening. He scratched Molly's head as he stepped away from the group. They followed him. Their companionship bolstered him. As he stopped in front of the woman he was quickly considered a stalker, her eyes darted toward everyone.

I’m sorry Constance. I must take leave. Hope you understand.

Her mouth opened and closed a few times before she nodded. "I understand. We have the whole weekend. Have a good afternoon." Without a backward glance, she trudged off with her shoulders back and her head held high.

Mark turned to Keeley and Danielle and sagged. Thank you. That woman. I didn’t expect you early. You caught me off guard.

Danielle narrowed her blue eyes. “Wait, you’re our interview?”

Sam stepped forward. “I’ll be assisting Mark today. I’m his interpreter.”

Mark smiled, feeling more than a little guilty now for not telling them. Surprise. Molly snuffled his palm as if reminding him she was there too. This is Molly, my companion. Is she going to be a problem?

Danielle shook her head. “No. Not even.” She smiled. “Sorry, I guess we should start over. Would you like to join us for lunch?”

Mark nodded. We were going to grab something too.

“He didn’t tell you about me, did he?” Sam asked, joining them.

“No,” Danielle said. “We didn’t even know he was an author, to be honest.”

Mark’s cheeks heated. Shit, he really fucked this up. It’d been five years since the last time he’d seen his brother or had any kind of contact with him. Of course, he told Mark he’d been happy, but it would be a while before he could come home. He also told Mark to find his happiness too. So, he told Sam what his plans were, and if the guy wanted to come with him, he could. If not, Mark and Molly were moving to Sedona to start over.

Sam came with him.

When they arrived in Sedona, he found a job at a school for blind and deaf students. He loved them dearly, however, Mark needed more. When this job came up, he had to have it. Now, he regretted lying to Danielle and Keeley, even though technically he hadn't. Sorry. I should have told you the truth. I thought face to face would be better.

Danielle waved him off. “Don’t worry.”

They sat down at a table away from others and ordered when the waitress appeared. It made it easier for him to concentrate and Sam to interpret for them. Mark took a moment to gauge both women. They were opposites for sure, and he had a feeling Keeley wore the pants in their sisterhood. Although, if the articles he read were true, Danielle was more dangerous than her sister.

Are you saying I still have a chance for the job? He finally asked after once they began to eat. The whole time he thought they’d tell him no. Or worse, they’d leave before he had the chance to explain why he never told anyone about being deaf until he met them.

“Come on, bro. They’d be stupid not to take you,” Sam said while signing.

Keeley cocked a brow. “Oh?”

Sorry, he sticks his foot in his mouth a lot.

Sam waved him off. “Says you. Look, he should have told you he was deaf too. But, he didn’t. However, between the two of us, I am sure we can help you. It sounds like you could use it.”

Sam was blowing smoke up their ass. He didn’t know a damn thing about the job. Mark had barely told him about it. Now, you’re being pushy.

Danielle held her hand up. “We have a unique case. His name is Utah and he’s deaf.”

Didn’t seem so unique to Mark. Well, you’re in luck. I’m deaf.”

Sam laughed. “Smooth man.”

Thank you.

Keeley covered her mouth as her shoulder shook. “I can see why you get along so well.”

He’s annoying.

“He drinks from the carton.”

“There is more to Utah,” Danielle said, drawing him back to the conversation. “He’s a tiger.”

Mark blinked. Come again?

“I thought shifters didn’t have human maladies,” Sam added.

“Neither did we,” Keeley stated. “Until we met Utah.”

What happened? Curiosity got the better of Mark. It was rude of him to ask such questions, but the idea of a shifter having faults caught him off guard.

“He won’t tell us,” Danielle said. “It’s why we need help.”


“Trying.” Danielle tucked her bottom lip between her teeth. “We’re barely up and running, but we have the funding to hire everyone we need on a year to year basis.”

Mark took a minute to think about what Danielle told him. And you want me to work with Utah and see if I can help him?

“Oh, no. Not at all. We are going to hire someone to help the kids with their issues,” Keeley answered. “We need someone to teach us sign language and someone who can help with Utah’s schooling.”

Mark blinked. Really?

Danielle inclined her chin. "Yes. We all have to learn to communicate with Utah. If we can all learn sign language now, it'll make it easier for us to get to know him."

He sensed there was more, but he wouldn’t push. Bad enough he already lied to them. When would I start?

“Monday,” Keeley said. “We can provide you with a place to stay until you can get settled if need be.”

Sam glanced at him. “You do know this is a package deal, right? Wherever Mark goes, I go and so does Molly.”

Danielle smiled. “We’d need you too and Molly is a welcomed addition to the pack. I’m sure she’ll go nuts on the full moon.”

“Full moon?” Again, Sam looked at me.

“Oh, when all the shifters go for runs and generally cause chaos,” Danielle replied.

“Look.” Keeley reached across the table and touched my hand. A bolt of warmth shot up his arm. he’d never experienced anything like it before. Ah, much better. Thank you, Danielle.

You’re welcome, Danielle answered, in his head.

What did you do? He couldn’t believe it.

I made a neuro-connection to you, Danielle replied. I did it with Utah as an experiment to see if it would work. We’re all three connected now. I hope this makes it easier to talk to us.

Weird. People will stare.

Let them, Keeley said. We’re used to it.

I’m sure, Mark answered. I really should have told you about myself. I don’t know why I lied.

You didn’t though. Warmth and acceptance filled him. The crazy sensation enveloped him like a heavy blanket, leaving him feeling secure. You did what you thought was right for you in this circumstance. We understand.

Sam nudged him. “Almost time to go back.”

Right. Shit. If you would like to stay for the rest of the afternoon, you’re more than welcome. I have to get back to the conference room to sign books.

“We’d like that,” Keeley said. “Besides, I have a few friends in the room.”

"Welcome to the team, Mark, and Sam," Danielle said. "I'm thinking this is going to be a pretty great start to an interesting partnership."


They stood. Mark started for the exit of the eatery when he stopped then took a step back. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted someone he knew. Someone he hadn’t seen in five years, Jasper. His heart started to beat again. Sounded stupid since his heart had to beat for him to live, but he’d missed his brother so desperately, he couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing him again. Before he could say anything, Jasper wrapped him in the biggest hug. All of the anger and sorrow washed away momentarily.

He planned several conversations he’d have with his brother over the last five years. Like; what the fuck, man. Or, why did you ghost on me? But, at that moment it didn't matter. A few seconds later a shorter man and one the size of a brick shit house joined them. They were as different as night and day. The bigger of the two men stood about five inches taller than the man standing next to Jasper. He had a wicked scar Mark could barely make out on his shoulder and the guy had short black hair. The man’s violet-blue eyes surprised Mark when the guy turned his gaze on him. The shorter of the two men, had beautifully tanned skin, amber colored eyes, and a gentle smile.

“Well hell,” Jasper said.

What is going on here? What are you doing here? Who is he? Them? Why did you leave me? Instead of giving his brother a chance to speak, Mark hit him with rapid fired questions.

Jasper hugged him again then began. I live here with Max and Kole. This is Max. Jasper pointed to the large imposing man beside him. And this is Kole. He tugged the shorter man into his side. Whoa. Wait a minute. His brother pointed to Danielle and Keeley. How do you know the Alpha’s mate and her sister?

Job interview. They need help. Mark shrugged. I need to go. Meet me later? Dinner? If he were honest with himself, he didn’t want to deal with this right now. Even though he played it cool—er as cool as he could, and he didn’t feel any anger toward his brother, he just plain felt empty. His brother had a life of his own now and for whatever reason cut off communication with him. Now, with Jasper coming back, Mark couldn’t fall into their old routine, like Jasper hadn’t hurt him. He looked to Keeley and Danielle who kept to themselves. If they thought any of this was weird, they sure didn’t say anything.

Okay, Jasper signed. But, we have someone we wanted you to meet. Her name is Ginger and she’s different. “Kalkin might have our ass too. It involves the Quincy pack.

Danielle and Keeley’s gaze darted to his brother. “What did you say?”

Jasper repeated himself. She could use your help too, Danielle. If you’re willing.

“Always,” Danielle answered. “Whatever I can do to help.”

Keeley shooed Mark back to the conference room and used the link she and Danielle created with him at lunch. Don’t worry, you’ve got the job. We’ll help your brother out while you’re signing autographs. We’ll talk about the job details later.

Thanks. He let out a sigh of relief. What a day right?

She laughed. You haven’t seen anything yet.

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