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Father’s Choice: A Story of True Love


By Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2018 Hiranya Borah

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Sometimes facts may be more interesting, more humorous and much more mysterious than fictions. This eBook is based on a real story of a person whose daughter was introduced to me in a party. It was really an unbelievable story.

As the story was told to me by a known person, I have changed the names of the characters to protect their privacy. Further, since the story is based on hearsay only, I cannot certify the veracity of the truth in it. Therefore, if any of the characters or situations of the book resembles with someone known to you, it may be mere coincidence only. Therefore, kindly treat this story as a fictitious one only.

Though the book is based on facts, it is heavily spiced up to provide you some fodder to have a relook at the social ethos and personal relations.

I am yet to know ‘what is love’ and therefore I have never tried to define ‘what is love’ in any of my books. But I want to share my experience with my readers that I have come across in my journey of love three basic different types of love when there is emotional bonding exists or starts an emotional bonding between two adults having no other social relations till then.

The first one is free from any sexual desire where sacrifice is the only key word either for both the parties or for one of the parties involved in the emotional bonding. The second one is an expression of love by surrendering both body and soul to each other by both the parties involved. The third one is surrendering his / her body and soul to a person knowing fully well that the other person is only interested in her/ his body only.

Most of the famous love stories are based on the first category of emotional bonding. However, I prefer to write about the second and third types of bonding, though I have personally experienced all the three types of emotional bonding in my life. In my first novel, ‘Guilt: Gift of Winter Spring’ I wrote about the true love of second type of emotional bonding between Aroon Barua and his first wife Dorothy and Ramala’s love for Aroon Barua falls under third category.

This book is based on true love between the two protagonists, Aroon Barua and Amrita whose emotional bonding is revolved around surrendering of everything to each other.

Before writing the book, I had to virtually travel with Aroon for at least two months, taking off from all social media to meet the beautiful girl whom Aroon loves more than himself. In my virtual world, she stays in a remote non-descript small town of Assam. He wanted to marry the young girl. He wanted to propose her on his very first meeting itself; but he had lot of hesitation in his mind. She was only 25 and he was a widower at 54 at that time. He had a brilliant working son of 28. His first doubt was, whether she would accept his proposal and even if she would accept his proposal, what society will think about him? What will be the opinions of his son and other relatives?

Luckily his proposal was accepted by his lady love, as she also fell in love with him on her very first meeting with him at the district circuit house of her own city.

His son was overjoyed to hear that his father is going to marry again after eleven years of his mother’s demise. The father of the young lady was definitely not happy to have a son in law of his equal age. Her stepmother was extremely happy; readers may be interested to know why she accepted the proposal so gleefully. Kanak, the closest friend of Aroon told him to damn care for his relatives and society who never bothered how he had brought up his son in the last eleven years after the death of his wife.

The problem of Amrita, the lady love of Aroon was far from over, as some new challenges have emerged from some unexpected corner.

Though the central theme of the book is true love of a young girl towards a man, double of her age, the book has some kid stories, ghost stories and travelogues dovetailed with the main stories to attract young readers and the readers who love ghost stories. Human relations, selfishness etc. are also depicted in the book. All these stories are tried to be merged seamlessly as a part of the main story.

Another aspect of human psychology has also been embedded into the book. All the aspects of life like, human relation, love, age are controlled by our minds or hearts (in literary world) and by brains (in scientific world). In this book, once Amrita thought, Vinay the son of her husband from his first wife, as her own son, she always treated him as her own son despite of the fact that he was older than her. Similarly, once Aroon fell in love with Amrita, he could leave behind all his vices as those had never been his integral part of his life. Similarly, for all the three, Aroon, Amrita and Vinay age was only three numbers; nothing else.

Hope my readers will love, Amrita, the leading lady of the story and shed few drops of tears for her at the end of the book.

The lady, Miss Upasana, featuring on the cover page has nothing to with the story on true love of Amrita for Aroon Barua. The names of the cities are real, historical references are taken from different books (authenticity is not certified) and kid stories are taken from different sources, but amalgamated to present contexts in my own language. Moral of the kid stories are derived by me from my own understanding and in my own perspectives only.

I am thankful to Upasana for giving her photograph to be used on the cover page of the book. Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family members for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story as an ebook along with my other eBooks.


Chapter I: Early Years of Aroon

The protagonist of the story, Aroon was born to a teachers’ family six and a half decades ago, unexpectedly and somewhat in an unwanted way. He was born after the tragedy of a still born boy and ecstasy of a live birth of a baby-boy to his ailing mother, Namita. Therefore, he was not the child who honoured his parents to attain the coveted status of ‘parents’. His parents were not as happy as they were at the time of his elder brother’s birth nor at the birth of his only sister, seven years younger than him, naturally.

Aroon’s father, Kamala Kanta Barua retired as a head master of a high school and his mother was a Head Mistress of a different school from the Day-1 of her appointment at the tender age of 19. She retired from the same post after serving 39 years without any promotion. Aroon’s family happened to be one of the richest, one of the most powerful and one of the most educated family of that locality. They used to have a huge residential building along with huge land property as seen by Aroon from his childhood days. Accumulation of property over the years help the Barua family to propel to the top ten rich people of the locality covering nearly fifty odd villages before Aroon passed out from his high school.

Aroon inherited the legacy of having education and opulence in his blood from his forefathers. Aroon’s grandfather from his paternal side, Damodar Pandit was one of the four school teachers of that locality appointed by the British Government, much before independence of India. Damodar Pandit started his career as a school teacher just after the advent of twentieth century, precisely in 1913.

Aroon’s mother Namita was the eldest granddaughter of a self- made land lord, Prabhu Mahajan who started his career as an orphan of a humble farmer family of a locality situated about fifty KMs away from his father’s place. Prabhu Mahajan was known not only for his opulence, but also for his benevolence for the travellers for whom he had constructed a huge building as rest house, much bigger than his own residential building. He used to provide both lodging and fooding facilities, free of cost, to the travellers who used to undertake journeys by waterways of Brahmaputra to travel far flung areas of the state of Assam and the adjoining states, like Bengal of British India.

However, Prabhu Mahajan was also known as a miser of his era, as propagated by his detractors of that particular area. Unfortunately, Aroon’s grandfather, Kanshiram was neither as energetic nor as charismatic and visionary as his father, Prabhu Mahajan. But he was a pious man, whose integrity had never been doubted by anyone known to him.

His mother, Namita had the distinction of being the first girl student to clear her matriculation in a locality of few hundred villages known as Pub-Bharali area of erstwhile Darrang district of middle Assam. Now this district has been trifurcated into three districts. Even after death of his parents few decades ago, people use to recall them as learned persons of the area. His mother Namita is still known as the pioneer of girls’ education in that vast area prior to independence of India.

Despite of all good things about the lineage of Aroon Barua, according to his own version, Aroon Barua had an exceptionally bad relation with his father, Kamala Kanta Barua because of his father’s ill-treatment towards him when he was very young. Aroon kept in his mind every humiliation and ill-treatment meted out by his father till today.

Therefore, once he stood on his own feet in all respect, he ignored his father like a non-entity in his life. Father of Aroon Barua understood, why his second son, Aroon did not include his father, in any decision making process of his life. Sometimes, Aroon also felt bad about his indifference attitude towards his father. But the cold war between his father, Kamala Kanta Barua and Aroon ended only after the death of his father. Sometimes, Aroon feels extremely sorry about his relation with his father.

Probably, his father, Kamala Kanta Barua, being a teacher of a high school should not have said to Aroon again and again even before he reached class IV, that he was an unwanted child to the couple. He gave a very common example what most of the villagers of Assam are aware of, in those days. If one buys one pone (eighty in numbers) areca nuts, he get ek araa (four in numbers) absolutely free of cost.

‘My second son was given by the Almighty free of any efforts/ cost/ prayers from our side.’ His second sentence was most damaging to the young Aroon, ‘That is why he was born stupid, is a stupid and always will be a stupid.’

Still those words echoed in the ears of Aroon Barua whenever he recalls his father in a closed room in the absence of any human being.

With a fragile post natal health, his mother could not take as much care as she used to take care of his elder brother one year three months’ ago. Despite of being an underweight child at birth, Aroon was probably a very few of the luckiest surviving children of rural India, who could survive even after suffering almost all types of killer diseases, a child can have before attaining one’s adulthood.

Before crossing his five year barrier, he had decisive victories against small pox, pneumonia and whooping cough.

He was born in his mother’s ancestral home with an underweight body and therefore, rightly one of his maternal uncle told him that he was looking like a small squirrel without any flesh in his tiny body at the time his birth. It was a clear case of mal-nutrition of an Indian baby.

On the 21st day of his life, he had to face his first battle of survival as he had suffered acute case of pneumonia. Unfortunately, on that day his great grandmother was also preparing for her final journey from this world. So entire family was busy with the preparation for a grand farewell for the elderly lady. None in the family of his maternal home had the time to see the ailing boy of 21 days. Everyone was busy with their assigned work for the grand farewell of the eldest lady of the undivided family of his maternal side.

His mother had to plead everyone around her to call a doctor to examine her ailing son. Finally, one of her seven brothers called a doctor, and luckily for Aroon, the doctor was able to save Aroon’s life with his outdated medical treatment. Probably on that day itself, Aroon had promised to himself, he has to give a good fight for his survival at each and every level. He had to defy all the odds in his life. He started a journey, which no new born would have liked to start, a journey on a path full of thorns (torture, both physically and mentally).

Then, he suffered from whooping cough for a year or so. He cannot remember and nobody did care to tell him when he started to suffer from the disease, how long he had actually suffered and how he had come out from the pangs of that deadly disease. Probably it is for his luck or for his indomitable spirit, he was able to beat the disease.

However, when he suffered from small pox, he faintly remembered that his parents used to carry him on their laps and on their shoulders for few days. In those days, in their village, it was thought that only privileged and blessed one would suffer with the following three diseases, small pox, chicken pox and measles, and of course, if and only if, they would be able to survive.

In Assam, these three diseases are referred as Bar Aai (Strongest and eldest mother-small pox), Maju Aai (middle and moderately strong mother-chicken pox) and Saru Aai (youngest mother-measles) considering their power to kill the victims suffering from these three diseases. No medicine was allowed to take whenever someone was suffering from any of the diseases mentioned above. Only puja of mother goddess had to be performed and only ladies were invited to perform the puja.

During those days of suffering, there was only one silver lining for the patient, he/ she can order for anything to eat and she/ he cannot be scolded for any of his / her acts due the strong belief in the rural villages of Assam that mother goddess resides within the patient for 21 days. Therefore, during those days, his father also could not dare to scold or humiliate him for any acts of him. Despite of repeated advices from the uneducated villagers, his mother did not put him on banana leaves to sleep. All along she carried him on her laps and shoulders risking her own life as all of us know that these diseases are extremely contagious and fatality rate for those suffering from small pox was as high as nighty percent. Luckily for the humankind, the disease has been eradicated from the world in 1975 by WHO with lot of efforts. The last patient who died due to small pox was a Bangladeshi citizen.

Aroon became a veteran fighter of battle for his life against measles, chicken pox, mums and a few rounds of influenzas before he attains the age of 20. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Aroon was suffering from asthma also for few years before attaining his teen age.

At the age of 10, he was suffering from measles and nothing memorable had happened during that period except a forced rest for 21 days without facing any scolding and humiliation from anyone.

Similarly, when he was suffering from chicken pox, nothing memorable had happened to him and his family members.

But when he suffered from asthma due to his own fault (Aroon put more than hundred buckets of water on his head just to show his elder brother that he was able to count correctly more than hundred before the deadline of two days set by his father to learn the counting up to hundred), he saw how his mother had to suffer for him. Not only she could not sleep properly at night for two and a half odd years but also she ran one Ayurveda doctor to another Homeopathic doctor to collect medicines for Aroon. Finally, Aroon recovered fully from asthma after two and a half years, thanks to the indomitable spirit of his mother.

During that period also, his father had beaten him several times for disturbing his sleep during the night. Kamala Kanta’s advice to Aroon during those days still echoes in his ears till today, ‘Pray to God to get relief from the disease. Do not disturb others at night in their sleep.’

In the early years of life, he understood one thing precisely, he has to fight for his survival all alone. Then he decided to be independent in decision making, never expect anything from others and dump all the emotions of life. Though that was a tough call for a boy of four-five years, he stood by his decision throughout his life, at least till he met Amrita at a ripe age of 54.

Chapter II: School Days of Aroon

Just before, annual examination of ninth standard, Aroon was suffering from mums. All, except his mother advised him to drop the examination as he would have been promoted to class X even without appearing in the annual examination as he happened to be the first boy of the class. But his mother told him, ‘if you ever loosen your grip from the first position, someone will take that position and you will have to appear in the final matriculation examination without the tag of being the first boy of the school.’

It is worth mentioning here that, Aroon had to fight an extremely grim battle to retain the first position in the class as he had to beat all the ‘so called extremely intelligent boys of his elder brother’s class according to his family members led by his own father’.

To elaborate the issue, let me say something on his ascendency to the top of the school. Aroon has the dubious distinction amongst his family members who was not allowed to appear in the scholarship examination (britwi pariksha, an examination for the intelligent students for getting state scholarship when he/she would pass out from class III to Class IV). Both his siblings and parents had appeared in that examination in the respective years as the best students from their respective classes spanning over more than three decades. His mother, the Principal of his school was in the helm of affairs to select the best student of her school to appear in that examination. However, on the advice of his father, who thought, his selection to the examination would be a big question mark on his mother’s integrity, Aroon was not sent for that examination. So he had to appear in the regular examination of class III in a different school, conducted by a board to be promoted to class IV. Luckily for him, he passed the examination with a first division. Even someone once told that in that examination, he was able to be one of the top ten students of the whole undivided Darrang district.

However, on the first day of his High school (at that time, in Assam, high school starts from class IV), the students were segregated into two groups, those who appeared in the scholarship examination and those who appeared for the regular examination. The students who appeared in the scholarship examination were taken to the room for the elite section and the rest of the students were taken to two different rooms earmarked for the ordinary students. Another public humiliation he had to consume which was unfortunately orchestrated by his own family members. Luckily for him, an examination for all the students, from both the categories, was held for allotting sections, where Aroon was able to stand first and was able to garner some prestige in the eyes of his teachers for him. But was it a restoration of prestige for him in the eyes of his own family members? Answer was a resounding ‘no’.

In the next three years as a norm, Aroon stood first in all the annual examinations. But that was not enough to shake off his dumb sticker in the eyes of his family members led by his own parents. His elder brother who was one class senior to him was not able break the barrier of third position in his four attempts from class IV to Class VII. But in the eyes of his parents and his relatives, his elder brother was still much more intelligent than Aroon, as his elder brother’s class was full of super intelligent boys whereas Aroon’s class was full of dumb boys. So he was considered as the first among a bunch of dumb boys of his class.

But every dog has a day. Aroon was also given an opportunity to hit back by the system itself. His batch was promoted directly from Class VI to Class VIII as a policy matter of Government of Assam to squeeze the number of classes in the high school from seven to six. So Aroon had given an opportunity to compete with the super intelligent boys of his elder brother’s class. The first examination for the combined class was held after nine months of amalgamation of two classes. His parents could not find any name of the super intelligent boys of his brother’s class before his name in the notice board of the school. The saga continued all along in his academic career.

You might be thinking his parents finally agreed that Aroon was smarter and more intelligent than his brother. Nay, till their last breath, they did not agree to that. According to them, he could do better result than his elder brother, because Aroon used to study more hours than his elder brother.

Aroon did not contest their argument of his parents for the following reasons. They were correct in a sense as after doing many household works to help his mother at her kitchen before going to school, helping other family members in harvesting, during harvesting seasons and rearing of the cattle throughout the year, he had little time to play outside home or to visit his classmates, except study or doing the home works allotted in the school.

Contrary to that, his elder brother was a social animal visiting friends at different places and playing outside home with friends throughout the year. Normally, he used to study less because of his tiredness due to his n number of social visits to his friends’ places without any specific reasons.

I also fully agree to the version of Aroon’s parent, an intelligent boy, having very less time to study, how can do better result than the bookworm brother who was only helping their parents in cooking, harvesting and rearing of cattle and not going for any social visits and not playing outside home.

I have given you enough elaboration about the status of Aroon in his family despite of his better academic performance compared to his siblings. So now let me come to the original point of having mums during his annual examination from Class IX to Class X.

Aroon did not disappoint his mother. Despite of intolerable pain due to mums, he appeared in the examination and was able to retain his first position along with securing three highest marks in three subjects. No doubt, his mother was criticized by many of her friends to push Aroon to the world of competition for her own satisfaction. However, I always salute his mother who had indomitable spirit of achieving something like my own mother about whom I had written in details in my book, ‘My Mother Dashami Borah’.

In a nutshell, only I can say that, Aroon defeated all the diseases with mental and medical support of his mother and of course, with little bit of luck.

So, Aroon is here still alive to tell you a story of a teenaged boy, why he was looking for a life partner at a tender age, like his closest friend Kanak who also used to look for a girl to marry at the age only thirteen.

I have already written a book on Kanak separately, in a humorous way and was trying not to offend anyone’s sentiment in that book.

Chapter III: Career Building of Aroon

College days of Aroon was a topsy-turvy one, lest to say. He had a reasonably good result in HSLC examination, though he was not very happy with his result, but was good enough to get admission into the science stream in Cotton College, the best college of Assam in those days. In class twelve, he improved his result compared to HSLC and in B.Sc. (H) he could improve his final result further. In Masters from Delhi University he did a horrible result but in M. Phil he regained his lost ground to do a far better result than expected. And in the first attempt itself he was able to crack the UPSC examination. It is the academic career of Aroon Barua in a nutshell; nothing to be proud of, nor nothing to be ashamed of.

Like many other boys, Aroon had a life beyond his academics in his school, college and in the university. He had excelled in a lot of extra-curricular activities, including having love affairs with many girls, except one, mostly with junior girls. Details of his love affairs has been written in the next chapter. However, to know about Aroon, one has to peep into his life beyond his academic life.

From his school days, he took part in debating, extempore speech, recitation, acting, writing short stories and poems, boxing without having gloves, weight lifting, arm wrestling and playing football. In a sense, he was a jack of all trades but master of none. However, because of his extra-curricular activities, a few girls had shown some weakness towards him and with some of them he had been able to make some relation, lasting from one moth to few years. But unfortunately, his wife Sujata was neither in that category of girls who had some feelings for him nor was she in deeply in love with him even after eighteen years of her married life with him.

He was a natural leader for his peers and therefore he was elected as Secretary of the college magazine with a record margin of votes. During that period, the agitation against the illegal foreigners, basically those came from the erstwhile East Pakistan and independent Bangaladesh, had started. In this novel, about the agitation, nothing will be discussed in details. However, some of Aroon’s perspectives will be touched upon to understand the character of Aroon.

Aroon initially supported the agitation wholeheartedly. But as it progressed for years, he realised, the leaders, barring a few, were neither visionary nor they were honest in their support for the agitation. Because of the agitation, school and colleges were forced closed for almost one year and in the meantime most of the leaders sent their wards to outside Assam to pursue their higher studies un-interrupted.

Realizing that the ordinary students were cheated by the leaders for their own interest, Aroon started writing about reopening of schools in a newspaper which was opposing the agitation from the very beginning. The article was appreciated by many and a host of writers supported Aroon in his efforts to reopening of the schools. Politicians opposing the agitation bee-lined to recruit Aroon to their folds and pro-agitation leaders threatened his family members in his village, though he was never been threatened by anyone openly.

Finally schools and colleges were reopened and Aroon passed out from the college with flying colours. Then he not only left Assam and joined Delhi University for his higher studies, but also left his writings for nearly three decades.

Then again he started his writing career in a big way and established as a writer whose books were translated to many foreign languages though he remained as an obscure writer for most of the Assamese people.

However, at the later part of his career, he was known as a senior and powerful officer of Government of India.

Chapter IV: Love Affairs of Aroon

Anyone may ask me, why Aroon, like Kanak was also looking for a wife even before attaining the age of twenty. There were many reasons for that. Those directly related to him, I shall mention and I shall try to avoid any reference of those reasons where someone else was also involved.

The first reason for searching for a wife at a very tender age is, he thought a wife is the best friend with whom he would be able to confide every confidential issues of his life. She will be the most reliable person in his life.

Secondly, she would and should love him. As it has already been mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, wrongly or rightly, Aroon had a feeling that he was an unwanted child of his parents. Therefore, after bestowing love to his elder brother and younger sister, no love remained in the hearts of his parents for him.

Thirdly, Aroon had always a feeling that he was always neglected by his parents. At least if he would have a wife, even if she would not love him, she would not be able to ignore him. By virtue of their social and religious relation, she would have an obligatory duty not to ignore him as and when her support would be felt necessary by Aroon.

Fourthly, both his siblings used to enjoy whenever he was scolded or humiliated by his father in front of them, with or without his fault (even due to fault of his brother or sister) and with or without reason. Aroon was hoping that, at least his wife would not enjoy those moments.

The fifth reason for looking for a wife was, whenever his father used to humiliate him publicly, none of his family members tried to defend him, Aroon was hoping that his wife would try to defend him. This was the only point, where his mom never helped him and she was convinced that Aroon was less intelligent and dumb compared to his elder brother, an argument which was always put forward by his father before everyone.

Sixth and most importantly, Aroon was a sex maniac who thought wife would be not only a good friend with whom he could confide everything, but also a girl with whom he would be able to have unlimited sex with the tacit permission from his parents and the society.

The first girl whom Aroon had selected as his future wife was a beautiful girl from Tezpur, Aroon’s erstwhile District HQs. He met her for five minutes at the side-lines of a marriage ceremony and he was convinced that she would be a very caring wife. He instantly selected the unknown girl as his future wife. He did not know, how old she was, what she was, whose daughter she was and from where she had come from. Aroon was fantasizing that girl for few days; but she vanished from his radar once he met another young girl as his future wife.

The second lady, whom Aroon had selected as his future wife was a beautiful part time teacher of his own school. She must be at her early twenties. She was soft spoken and extremely caring for the students whom she was teaching. However, she was not a teacher of Aroon, though she was a teacher in his school. As a student of rural India, Aroon was taught that a teacher (who actually teaches even a single word) is at par with his own mother. So it is clarified once again, she was a part time teacher of his school, but she was not his teacher. She worked for two months and left his school and she left her position of a future wife from his heart as well forever. Aroon was unhappy to realize that his second future wife also left him without a whimper.

However, his watershed moment came in a school function when he fell in love with another unknown girl. That was purportedly his first love for a girl. Her eyes were beautiful. As Aroon was not knowing about the girl, he could not sleep many nights asking himself who she might be. He asked himself many a times whether she will be his future wife.

Finally he came to know that she was the daughter of a school teacher like him and her name was Aparupa. Her financial condition was at par with Aroon’s family though her father was the only earning member of her family.

Aroon took long three years to propose her, as he came to know that the girl had some inclination towards another boy. Further, she was not a very caring young girl. Aroon realized after almost three years that he had to settle for a beautiful girl or for a caring girl. Otherwise he had to marry two girls, one is beautiful and another one is caring. However, Aparupa accepted his proposal and their love affairs continued for another four years.

But Aroon had a feeling all along, she could not be his wife. His sixth sense always warned him, ‘do not touch this girl, she would finish you either literally or physically’. Therefore, Aroon never touched the girl even though they were emotionally attached to each other for four long years. Aroon gives credit to that girl, for his academic success. But the inevitable happened and they broke after four years due to intolerable constant misbehaviour meted out by Aparupa’s family towards Aroon.

To his utter surprise, Aroon’s sixth sense came true in due course of time. The man who married that girl had to face lot of trouble in his life due to greediness of Aparupa and her family members. The poor husband had to go to jail for few months for some alleged corruption cases. Aroon had the last laugh.

No, I am not giving any clean chit to Aroon. Aroon was notoriously a sex maniac. Even when Aroon had a steady relation with that emotionally attached Aparupa, he had physical relation with at least three other girls with whom he had no emotional relation at all. Once broken with Aparupa, Aroon’s search for a wife got momentum once again. This time, he became little bit matured and therefore he looked for either a beautiful or a caring girl as his wife.

In the meantime, Aroon shifted his base to Delhi for his higher studies. Though Aroon had not severed his relation with Aparupa, he started to think to dump her finally. However, the cunning boy wanted to have another lover before dumping Aparupa. Initially that attempt was misfired. A local Brahmin Girl, Hema stole the heart of Aroon. She was a nice girl and Aroon misinterpreted her body language. As soon as he proposed her, she called her goon brother and a henchman to threaten Aroon. But Aroon managed to persuade the duo with his argument that there was some misunderstanding between them as both his English and Hindi were poor. After two days, Hema tendered her apology for her misunderstanding towards an innocent boy like him!

Aroon kept low profile for the next few months waiting for a real opportunity to strike Hema emotionally. Result of the first year of his master degree came handy and Hema fell to the charm of Aroon. But their love affairs had an abrupt end as Hema was married to an unknown boy by her parents which Hema did not dare to refuse. But on the last day of her final examination of the Master Degree, Hema put hundred kisses on Aroon’s face and promised him to meet him again after her marriage. Unfortunately or fortunately for Aroon, she did not keep her promise.

For the next few months, Aroon lived like a proverbial Devdas, till he gets another Jat girl from Haryana, Sunita. Sunita was not a very beautiful girl, but she was very caring young girl for Aroon. She almost on all the days used to take Aroon to the open ground of Delhi University to share her homemade food with him. Once when Aroon fell ill, she also nursed him till he recovered fully from his illness.

During two years of their association in M. Phil courses, Aroon seldom left any opportunity to embrace and kiss her. But she was also fearful about her parents to tell about her love affair with Aroon. Then again the inevitable happened, after completion of her M. Phil, she vanished to the thin air and she never appeared before Aroon. Till today, he does not know where Sunita is and how she is.

In his fourth year in Delhi, he cracked the UPSC in his first attempt and a number of proposals came from few families from Delhi and adjoining areas. One girl, Niharika again stole the heart of Aroon. She was a very beautiful, but a dumb girl. All the family members of her family were interested for her marriage with Aroon. But she had another boy in her life. She refused to buckle under pressure. That was the last misadventure of Aroon in Delhi.

Unfortunately, as informed by some of Aroon’s common acquaintances, married life of Hema and the last Delhi girl, Niharika did not come out to be a happy one. Hema lost her husband in a car accident few years after her marriage and the lover for whom Niharika did not accept the proposal of her family for Aroon as her probable husband, came out to be a real rascal. She became a victim of domestic violence and had to leave her husband’s home after three years of their marriage.

Then, one fine morning, Aroon asked to himself, why he was after a beautiful or after a caring girl. He can rather be a caring husband for any girl whoever is ready to marry him. He also realized he cannot be a handsome and smart man to steal the heart of a beautiful caring girl. Once he realized both the realities of his life, all of a sudden he became a very happy young man. He promised to himself, he would not be running after any girl to make the girl his wife in future.

In the meantime, he got a respectable job in a Multinational Company located at Guwahati. He worked there only for three months as he was already selected by UPSC for a Group-A Central Government job. During that small period of time, he got a proposal for marriage with a beautiful Assamese girl, Sujata from Guwahati. He did not take even a second to say yes to the proposal even without meeting Sujata. At that time he did not know even the background of the girl properly.

Despite of reservation form his family, particularly from his father, he married the beautiful (caring??) girl, Sujata within two months of their first meeting.

Within a month of their marriage, Aroon realized, having a beautiful wife is the most un-enviable position for a young man. But he pulled on his married life which is spiced up with taste of Bengali sweets, Punjabi salty nuts, Chilly of Tezpur (Mexico) and sourness of a lemon of Delhi.

In most of the Hindi films, end comes after a terrific climax of love affairs when the lover boy marries his lover girl. We all leave the halls with a satisfaction that the two love birds are able to start a new life of their own. Have we ever tried to peep into their lives after their marriage? Never, because the Director of the film never allows that.

Aroon was very happy to know that his wife was also equally interested in lovemaking than earning money. Perhaps, this is the most important bonding factors for Aroon and his wife for their long successful married life of eighteen years. Sometimes, Aroon thinks, because of this common quality they are able to pull their lives together for almost two decades despite of differences in their outlook in almost all the spheres of life.

Sometimes, he thinks because of his only son Vinay, they are able to stay together despite of wide differences between their mind-sets.

Many including I think, they constituted an ideal happy couple of modern time because we all (including Aroon and Sujata in the present context) are always adjustable in living with persons with diametrically opposite personalities with us.

However, only Aroon and Sujata, his wife of eighteen years, knew how much happy they were or how much they were compatible to each other.

Please do not try to peep into their life to know the real story behind their success as a couple of almost two decades. If you without following my advice, you try to peep into their conjugal life, I am sure you might have stumble upon some surprising stories in their life which cemented their life as one and only one.

However, I always salute Aroon, the sex maniac whom I know for the last five decades, for his determination of not remarrying anyone after the death of his wife Sujata for more than a decade ago when he was only 43. He was constantly pressurized by his parents and other relatives for marrying another lady of his choice at least for the first two years of his widowed life.

He thwarted every move by saying, ‘I cannot spoil the life of Vinay at any cost.’

After death of his parents, particularly after death of his mother, other relatives stopped taking any interest in Aroon’s life. Though he understood the indifference attitude of other relatives in his life is nothing but ‘no-love-no hate’ emotion for him and his son Vinay. However, he was relieved for not taking any interest in his life by his relatives after death of his parents. In due course of time, Aroon and Vinay had developed a bond which is much stronger than any bond between two ordinary father and son.

His personal sacrifices for the future of his only son Vinay, may be a story to be emulated by the young widowers.

Chapter V: Personality Clashes inside

I am sure all of you know about split personality. Aroon is also having three different persons inside him.

First one is a very docile, helpful and respectful for all the social relations. He always maintains highest degree of morality in respecting personal relations. For example, if he says to a young girl, ‘I consider you as my daughter’ he maintains his relation with that girl as his own daughter. Similarly, if he considers someone as his sister, he always maintains that.

Second one is very vindictive and he can wait for years after years to give them back everything he got from them with interest. He remembers all the humiliations got from others line by line, inch by inch and waits for the appropriate time to strike. One should not take his overtly friendly behaviour at face value, if he or she did a harm to him or humiliate him in public once in his lifetime. It has already been mentioned in one of the earlier chapters that he even did not spare his own father on that account.

Third and most ugly person inside him is his fatal attraction to any lady for sex, if she does not fit into any category of the social relations, viz. mother, aunt, sister (including whom she declares as sister), daughters (including whom he declares as daughters), wives of his friends, brothers, cousins, subordinates and superiors in the office and ladies from the same services and their (all categories combined) children. That means, baring around 1500 ladies who are at the age group of 18 to 60 are seen by him as possible sex partners if any of them can be lured to a bed, though he is completely against any forced sex with anybody irrespective of age and vulnerability.

I am sure, you will be interested to know about his relation with other males. In short, it is normal. Except his own son he does not love any male in this world. He now feels ‘awak’ even thinking about kissing an adult. But he cannot deny the fact that he had anal sex with few boys giving a small token money for their services like taking services from girls against payment when he was in his teens and in his early part of college days. In other words, he did every socially bad thing before attaining the age of twenty. But he stopped doing every bad thing after his marriage to Sujata till she died suddenly few years ago.

After death of Sujata, he occasionally took services of female professionals against payment. In most of the cases, he enjoyed ladies outside the country where prostitution is legal or semi legal.

In a nutshell, Aroon is a man to be relied upon as a friend and as a foe never to be underestimated. He is sex maniac with a difference; he never forces anybody to sleep with him and never ever tries to have sex with any lady with having any relation, whether socially, emotionally or officially. He is known for his helpful attitude and he can help at the cost of his own interest.

He takes hard drinks occasionally but can have sex with anybody at any time subject to the conditions stated earlier.

In more than one occasions, he refused to have sex with wives and sisters of his friends when they showed interest to have sex with him when he was young. Those ladies who showed interest to have sex with him confidentially, after rejection by him, said everyone that Aroon was not a good young man, who expected to have sexual favour from them taking advantage of his friendship with her husband/ brother.

Aroon did not try to defend his case, because he thought if he would defend his case, those ladies might have faced problems in their respective families.

In a single sentence, if Aroon has to be explained, he is a man of different colours.

Chapter VI: Vinay

Vinay is the only child of Aroon. It was not that intentionally Aroon Barua and his wife, Sujata decided to have only one child. But just after the birth of Vinay, Sujata had developed some complications in her ovary and which finally led to the removal of the ovary and that forced the couple restrict themselves to the one-child norm of China even being an Indian couple where Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is more than 4.5. In layman’s language, an average Indian mother has about 4.5 children.

Initially, the couple was extremely unhappy to have only one child, but later on, they came to the terms with the reality that God had decided to bless them with one child only. Aroon sometimes thought God had punished him by blessing him with only one child because he had sexual relation with many ladies before his marriage to Sujata. However, they bestowed all love to Vinay and whatever might be the situation, both were united to resolve any issue pertaining to the interest of Vinay.

Vinay had a lovely childhood and almost he had completed his lovely teen age with a fairy tale life until he lost his mother suddenly in a massive heart attack when he was barely sixteen.

Vinay had been a brilliant student throughout his career. He passed out from a reputed engineering college at the age of 21 with flying colours. Before, his result was out, he was offered a good job by an Indian MNC. However, he decided to go for his masters which he had completed in the next two years with another brilliant result. After his masters, he joined an American MNC which had picked him up from the campus itself. After his training in New York for a short period of six months, he was posted at Gurgaon as a Deputy Manager, Operation for the company.

After sudden death of Vinay’s mother eleven years ago, Aroon decided not to marry again thinking of Vinay’s future. At that time, Vinay was in class eleven only and he was completely devastated at his mother’s death. It was Aroon’s bold and affectionate counselling that helped Vinay to overcome his personal loss and was able to concentrate in his studies once again after a month or so.

After eleven years, Vinay being a Deputy Manager in a reputed software development company with a reasonably good package, Aroon thought Vinay should settle down properly. At that time, Aroon wanted Vinay should marry a good girl and expand his family tree so that void of his wife would fill with joy of grandchildren. However, according to Vinay, he had some other priorities in his life and therefore he was not at all interested to marry. One day, this ensued a heated exchange of arguments between the father and his son.

After the showdown, Vinay went out for a stroll for half an hour at the nearby park. When his head cooled down after half an hour, he felt bad at his own behaviour towards his father. He recalled how his father brought him up after his mother’s death forgoing all his physical and emotional comfort. Had he thought for his own comfort eleven years ago, Vinay’s life might have been in a hell. Thinking about those days, when he was in college, he became very sad for his father. Without his knowledge, few drops of tears rolled over his cheek.

After reaching home after one hour or so he reluctantly told his father to look for a suitable girl for him, if he really thought, that would solve the problem of loneliness for him. Aroon was all along waiting for his son’s nod, albeit with a reluctance, his son had given his consent to marry. Without losing time, he gave an advertisement in a leading newspaper for a suitable girl for his son.

But after six months, when his father confided about his proposed marriage with Amrita, Vinay was initially shocked. He all along thought his father was too old to think about his own remarriage and that is why he was insisting on Vinay’s marriage for the last one year.

‘Papa, hope you are not joking?’ Vinay exclaimed.

‘No, my child. I am serious about my marriage. I have decided to marry a young girl named, Amrita. I hope you will understand me.’ Aroon replied to his son’s exclaim.

Though he was shocked for few minutes at his father’s decision for a remarriage, Vinay became extremely happy within no time for his father who was now thinking about his own marriage along with Vinay’s marriage.

He recalled how his father was preparing his breakfast, lunch and dinner for him and how his father was disallowing Vinay in going to the kitchen for any sort of cooking after the untimely death of his mother. He recalled, how his father disposed of all the proposals from the relatives for remarrying any lady considering the future of Vinay. In the meantime, Vinay had been settled financially and became matured enough to understand the loneliness of his father. He also could foresee the plight of his father once he would get married to a lady who might not be very compassionate to his father and his sacrifices. Vinay could foresee his father might be lonelier once he gets married and settled somewhere else due to his posting. Therefore, Vinay was more relieved than happy at the very news that his father was going to marry a lady of his choice. He whole heartedly supported to his father’s wish to remarry thinking about his own interest and father’s interest.

‘May I know whom you are going to marry? Do I know her?’ Vinay asked his father.

‘She is very young. She is only 25. Actually, this girl has been rejected by you for her educational background six months back. Her name is Amrita, as I have already mentioned.’ Aroon replied coolly.

When Vinay came to know that the girl whom his father was going to marry was the girl who had been rejected by him because of her arts background, Vinay was very much surprised and intrigued. Luckily for him, he was yet to meet her face to face even for once. Otherwise, it would have been a major embarrassment for both of them.

Another thought also gave Vinay a sleepless night on that day; ‘will his father be able to satisfy the physical need of a lady who is younger than even his own son? Will her love for his father will vanish once initial euphoria is over? Has she agreed for the marriage only because of his father’s property without any feeling from her heart? Once she will have a child, will she try to snatch his father from him permanently? So far property of his father is concerned, Vinay can sacrifice all the properties of his father for the happiness of his father. But emotional attachment? Can the young lady will be comfortable with Vinay?’

Many thoughts had disturbed Vinay on that night. However, in the next morning his veil of doubts evaporated and he had decided to support whole heartedly the remarriage of his father. He was eager to meet the young lady who had stolen the heart of his father and was rejected by him for her educational background.

He prepared himself mentally to treat his father’s young wife as his own mother like Debabrata (Bhisma) who always treated Satyavati as his own mother despite of the fact that Satyavati was much younger than Debabrata in age. (Debabrata and Satyavati are important characters of the epic Mahabharata).

Chapter VII: Sujata

Sujata was from a good family of Guwahati and having all modern etiquettes a good modern girl should possess. Aroon agreed to the marriage proposal brought by a relative of Sujata without a second thought even before meeting her for the first time. Aroon was not aware of the family details even after his ring ceremony was over.

However, Sujata’s father, Haliram Saikia was taking every details of Aroon from all possible sources before he met Aroon. That piece of information was passed on by Sujata one month after their marriage. Sujata, as a dutiful wife of Aroon described in details, when and how Haliram Saikia collected all the information about Aroon. After hearing detailed description Aroon remarked, ‘Your father must be a damn fool. Even after taking so much pain, he was not able to find out my past history.’

‘He is not a damn fool. Rather you are a damn fool. He had gathered all your past stories related to different ladies and discussed about your character in details with my mom. He was about to cancel our marriage. However, my mother rescued our marriage by saying that my father was also having some (not as many as like yours) relations with some girls before his marriage to my mother. But after marriage he could not dare to see another lady eye to eye without permission of my mother. My father kept mum for the next two months on that issue and our marriage took place.

Remember one thing always, I am also the elder daughter of that mother, who kept my father under her control for the last twenty six years.’ Sujata gave a threatening which Aroon could not ignore till her death over a decade ago.

What attracted Aroon towards Sujata on his very first meeting? Her soft spoken behaviour and her good physique. However, within a year he came to know that her soft spoken behaviour was nothing but a stage managed show by the mediator who was very much aware that Aroon likes only soft spoken girls. But Aroon never complained about her hard hitting tongue to the mediator, as he always think, daughters are angels and wives are devils, is the truth, none in the world can deny after having a married life more than one year.

What was the second point of his attraction? She maintained her physique for the next three years and after that Aroon was never able to find the demarcating lines of her waistline and her stomach. That is also a reality for most of the couples around the world. So Aroon had no complain about that also till her death.

Sujata, had also many strong opinions about her husband. She thought Aroon would be a very romantic person as he had lot of affairs before his marriage and he had sufficient money to purchase a car with his first year’s salary. Aroon found out to be a non-romantic honest person and Aroon took long ten years to purchase his first car. Therefore, Sujata was a frustrated lady on these two accounts.

No, if you think that they were an unhappy couple that was also not true. They were happy almost for the entire month unless some relatively opulent relatives or acquaintances visit them. I think, this is true for all of us in our married life.

Aroon and Sujata were on the same side when coming to the love making sessions. Both were over enthusiastic for those sessions. That might be the most important factor for bonding of the two lives as one. Further, so far interest of their son was concerned, it was the foremost for both of them. Both of them were ready to sacrifice anything for Vinay. Aroon proved that beyond doubt, when even after sudden death of Sujata, he remained alone for the next eleven years sacrificing all his physical desires, which was unexpected for those persons who knew him from his childhood. As it has already been mentioned in the earlier chapter that he was nothing short of a sex maniac all along before his marriage to Sujata.

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