Excerpt for I Want To Take Risk With You by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

As we glide through the forest and leap over logs,

he hold my hands with every hop and jog.

His deep warm voice echo through the wind,

each squeeze on my hands gives me a grin.

I want to take risk with you.

We stare patiently at the stars,

to see the Dipper peeks through Mars.

He breathe on my neck with a soft wet kiss.

And rest some water on the skin of my finger tips.

I want to take risk with you.

He leap into the falls, and swim to the bottom of the waters.

I scream in fright for I have not as yet his daughter.

In deep breath, I wait for his head to reach the surface.

As the waves flow in silence, I hang onto his necklace.

I want to take risk with you.

When neighbours are asleep we turn the music on,

and dance in the moonlight to our favourite song.

Skipping through the streets, around every pose that we see,

knock over every mailbox, and climb every tree.

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