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A Girl For Her Series Volume 2

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, business establishments, and events are the product of the authors' imagination or are used facetiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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Jana & Angel


Copyright ©2016 Amber M. Kestner

About The Book

Angel and Jana's relationship has been going perfectly since they have met. The bookstore cafe has a name now called Windsong with a spiritual feel to it.

Now that time has flown by for a year without making love and keeping promises to each other they are ready to move out of Rose County, Michigan head off to Cherokee County, Kansas which is where Jana grew up with her parent's.

Angel and Jana are now ready to take on a whole new path with adopting a child or two, settle for making love, engagement and much more but the question that has us all wondering, what is going on with Scarlett too?

I am not going to give away too much of the story since we are giving this a whole new look. Could Jana actually come out as a lesbian with her lover Angel or will it take to much on Jana to handle?

Let's get this ball rolling, shall we?

Chapter 1

Angel has begun making coffee for the morning in their apartment that they have settled in for a year now, she always watches out the window for birds that capture her eyes that amazes the beauty of them. Angel hasn't pushed Jana to make consensual love in the morning due to her still being a virgin and not knowing where it would go they have tempted many times to go pass the clothes but Jana gets too shy and runs away in shame of her body.

Angel has learned to let Jana prepare herself when she is ready they have watched some lesbian porn to make her a bit comfortable but it just makes her more nervous if Angel touches her a certain way, so the only thought as they are slowly packing away and moving to Kansas has Jana do it in their own home that they will have very soon.

Yes, it has been official they are leaving their bookstore cafe Windsong behind to Shauna Meigs the young lady who started their last fall has blossomed into manager a has decided to take over so Angel and Jana can move on, possibly have a new store in Kansas so their kids can see if they have kids, of course, that is still up in the air.

Jana came up behind Angel wrapping her arms around Angel saying,

"Good morning love."

Angel turned around looking at Jana with the deep love that she couldn't help even with the messy hair and pinkish cheeks she replied,

"Good morning darling, coffee is ready and we still got more packing to do before we leave, I have to pick up the truck today too, so it's going to be a long haul with everything."

Jana smiled with joy responding,

"Thank you, baby, either way, I can't wait to live near my parent's, oh my goodness they will love meeting you."

Angel drank a sip of her coffee than placed it on the counter as she replied,

"Sweetheart, I am not sure how your parents are going to handle us. Anyways, I am sure we will both make it, either way, you are my everything and I love you."

Jana kissed Angel as she responded,

"I love you too more than I have with anyone else. I just wish I knew who I was inside and out."

Angel placed her head against Jana's smiling replying,

"You're you and that's all that counts to me."

Jana released Angel as she went and got a cup from the cupboard and filled her some black coffee with sugar. Angel watched Jana smoothly move with every little thing she did and it made her heart flutter with joy seeing a beauty like her daily has made it all the better.

Jana sat down at the table sighing to herself in a lost thought about home and everything about it, she always called home when she could. It was like she just moved here two years ago or so and now she is moving back home in her heart it just felt different but good, she only got away from home because of Wallace who wanted to keep traveling the world.

As if on cue Angel was ready to finish packing and get a move on since they had nothing left here but the shop that she adored with everything inside her it was in good hands with sweet Shauna Meigs is a petite young lady with auburn hair, dark sea green eyes, pearl white skin, weighs about 92 to 95lbs and height about 5'5" or 5'6" she's a small little lady but is very good with the store she's only about 20-21 years old still learning life.

Shauna is known for her marketing skills, being a waitress, handle register and much more she is Jana made over. They have made Shauna like their little sister when they needed any help or anything it came in handy. Now that they were moving Shauna will be missed but never too far for a call.

Angel called for Jana again as Jana sighed placing her coffee cup in the sink cleaning it out along with the pot and everything as she stored it in the box then headed over to where Angel was which is in the small library room as she walked in Jana saw that Angel had almost all the books down with a greeting smile Angel said,

"There you are, sorry for taking your thoughts away babe but we have to get a move on before the afternoon heat gets worse and we still have a long drive to our new home in Kansas that is awaiting us."

Jana nodded as she helped moved the boxes to living room with Angel as they heaved as many as they could before Angel had to go for a walk a bit downtown to get a movers vehicle that they had to order online for too seems that this vacation spot for living has become a nightmare for both of them since it literally had nothing of excitement for them to do.

Jana grabbed all the boxes she could then she heard the truck pull up and that was when Angel jumped up for joy out of the truck then ran inside to Jana saying,

"Okay, I know this is going to take us a while but we will get it done baby, halfway through our day than we can settle into the truck for a while and all the fun we will have on the way."

Jana was just ready to go so they moved every bit of furniture, boxes, supplies from each room into the truck since they had nothing to go with to their new house. Just as they got the last box in the truck they both stopped and took a breath that was when they heard someone running toward them it was Shauna out of breath completely saying,

"You both packed already, wow! you two had a ton of stuff in that small apartment."

Jana and Angel laughed as Jana replied,

"It was mostly all Angel's with her books, dresser, and such, otherwise not really much more was to pack besides the coffee maker that we had our last brew this morning."

Shauna hugged them both with slow tears falling responding,

"I am going to miss you both, you two have taught me a lot with the store and it has been amazing."

Jana and Angel hugged her in return as Angel replied,

"Just remember not every new hire is going to be what you need this is your store now not ours and you can change it around or keep it the way it is, we support you and are here for you."

Shauna giggled responding,

"I was going to rename it Midnight Cafe give it a simpler name than what we have now so that way I can work at night instead of during the day since I have college to still attend too and such."

Jana gave Shauna another hug replying,

"Just do your best and I am sure Windsong will be following us to Kansas."

Angel clapped her hands together responding,

"Alright ladies, I must get us on the road long ride ahead of us fourteen and a half hours is a long drive from here."

They all three gave each other hugs and peck kisses a went their way as Shauna let her tears fall as she saw Jana and Angel get in the truck headed south.

Chapter 2

After driving through the mid-afternoon into the night they had made it to Kansas just as exhaustion is catching up to them a bit they were determined to get to Cherokee County which would lead them to Roseland. Jana couldn't sleep or sit still the whole way there knowing that she was almost to her destination Angel kept smiling at her trying to calm Jana down some but she just wasn't able to contain the excitement.

Angel drove the last stretch into their new neighborhood as they saw their new house coming into view Jana literally was all over her seat in paces with excitement seeing the cute two story house with two bedrooms, two bath dollhouse that they have found online for a reasonable price. It is in need of some painting, flower beds along the house, a fence for the backyard for the cute dogs they have planned to adopt, and just many more plans to make the home look amazing.

Angel had just parked the truck in their new driveway as Jana jumped out the door and literally just grinned from ear to ear as she gave Angel a quick kiss on the cheek saying,

"I am going to my parent's house that is a few doors down to let them know we have arrived, oh my goodness this is exciting."

Angel just let Jana go to her parent's as she watched the love of her life beamed with excitement to be back in her home state even though Angel was with pure exhaustion and knew the truck had to be returned by that afternoon but she needed rest, so she went to the door unlocked it letting herself in as she sighed knowing that there is no air conditioning or anything yet since they just shut everything off at the apartment. As soon as she explored the house since all they saw were the picture's from the Realtor she wanted to admire the home in her own way, she heard Jana calling her.

Angel walked towards the front yard again seeing Jana with her parent's this made her sweat because they knew about her but nothing more. As she walked toward them Jana pulled her long a little faster as she reached them, she stopped mid-way from causing Jana to crash into them. Jana led the introduction turns out her mother Mary Johnson and her father Gabriel Johnson are very sweet and accepting.

They have given Angel a welcoming hug with kissing her cheeks after talking for a few Angel let out another frustrated sigh not meaning to in front of Jana's parents but they can see the struggle as Gabriel asked,

"What's the wrong Angel?"

Angel looked over at the truck then back at Gabriel replying,

"I have to have the truck back to the U-Haul by this afternoon and we still need rest an to

unpack everything, I am so exhausted from driving I can barely function."

Gabriel patted Angel on the back responding,

"Give me the keys, Maw, take the girls back to the house to let them rest, I am going to contact a few neighbors to help get the girls settled in. See you all in a few hours or so."

Angel handed over the keys to the truck and house as they went back with Mary to their house to rest for a while which Jana ended up staying up a little while longer catching up with her mom.


After sleeping several hours Angel woke up refreshed and ready to go as soon as she heard everyone in the kitchen talking Angel got dressed and headed downstairs to see that sure enough Jana and her parents were talking. Jana's parent's nodded to Jana to turn around as soon as she did Jana ran up to Angel giving her a hug and kiss on the lips than releasing saying,

"You look beautiful as ever with sleep finally. I haven't slept all day, I'm on super excitement mode today since we got here and dad got our house set up plus turned on everything in his name so we don't have to pay for much except renting and get our pets soon after we set the plants in the front yard a get the fence up which dad is helping with too."

Angel just smiled as she replied,

"Jana, baby, okay slow down, I need coffee and we will go over everything that needs to be done."

Jana was bouncy non-stop as she knew that if Jana didn't get sleep soon they would be having more trouble as Angel got her coffee she looked at Mr. and Mrs. Johnson with a smile as they looked at her with a smile too than said,

"Thank you for letting me catch some sleep it was much needed as for Jana I'm starting to wonder if she'll slow down from excitement."

Gabriel and Mary laughed as Mary placed her hand on Angel's squeezing it gently replying,

"She will before you know it, luckily your house is ready to go for the both of you. As a way to calm her down some warm tea and milk, it will settle her."

Angel nodded as she finished her coffee than placing it in the sink as she saw Jana ready to go by the door saying,

"Come on babe, let's go to our new home, I can't wait to see how daddy set us up."

Angel laughed as she responded,

"Yes, my dear, let's go home."

They walked out of Johnson's home hand in hand down the street to their new home seeing that it is nice to have Jana's parent's close wasn't a bad thing since Angel lost her grandma several years ago and she needed a support system rebuilt. As they got near the house Jana stopped Angel whispering,

"I know I promised us that we wouldn't make out in public and such but for some odd reason I have the urge too, I know neighbors are already onlookers with us here in their city it's just an urge to prove the world you are mine."

Angel placed a finger on Jana's lips whispering back,

"We've already kissed in public many times since we got together, you are wanting to make it official to the world even though you don't need to in any sort of way. Right now, I recommend getting you to bed to sleep, now which floor is our bedroom top or bottom?"

Jana lowered her head and whispered,

"We are on the top floor, our library is in the spare bedroom for now until we can make arrangements for the basement to be a library."

Angel guided Jana into the house closing the door behind them as she placed Jana in the upstairs bedroom watching as she changed into pajamas and getting comfortable as Jana spoke softly again,

"My sweet love, can I have some warm tea with milk? Mom always made that for me to relax my mind from excitement or whatever went on that day."

Angel kissed Jana's forehead replying,

"Of course, I will be right back."

As Angel went downstairs she made her way to the newly refurbished kitchen it was a soft baby pink with a tint of blue it stood out amazingly and so she brewed some tea up from the coffee pot than as soon as it was done she splashed a bit of milk into it than went back upstairs to their bedroom placing the warm tea by Jana as she saw that Jana had fallen fast asleep and she watched for a little while then headed downstairs to watch a movie on their television in peace until she fell asleep herself.

Chapter 3

Angel got into town in hopes of getting what she needed even though it took her about thirty- minutes to get to the location of Downtown Roseland since their home sits on the outskirts of downtown. She saw a lot of business that was empty that needed someone to own them but she knew right now her and Jana are going to have to get jobs before resetting up their bookstore and cafe again even though they have money now it is going to be gone quickly at this rate.

Angel found a local hardware store to get her fence and flowers than as soon as she was about to leave she ran into the last person she expected which was Scarlett. Scarlet's eyes lit up as she spoke,

"Oh my gosh, Angel! what are you doing in Kansas?"

Angel raised her eyebrows replying,

"I would be asking you the same thing since last I checked you were supposed to be in a mental ward."

Scarlett waved her hand off responding,

"Oh I trusted me for like a whole six months, so seriously what are you doing here? I mean hell last I checked you were still in Michigan with Jana by the way where is she? you two never leave without the other."

Angel just shook her head replying,

"I moved here because we needed a bigger place for the both of us. Jana is at home with a sprained ankle, she fell down the stairs this morning."

Scarlett hugged Angel with a big smile responding,

"I am very sorry about her ankle but also glad you two have made it for a year together and moved out here by the way I am needing your help in finding me a partner if possible and if you're not to busy?"

Angel knew Scarlett was trouble, to begin with, this is going to cause big issues with her and Jana so she replied,

"Sorry Scarlett, I can't do that, I mean we can be friends as long as you don't try to attack me again like you did in Michigan but otherwise no Jana needs me more than anything right now and we have a lot going on."

Scarlett sighed holding herself responding,

"I do want to apologize for attacking you, I'm so very sorry, I just missed you and wanted you back so badly than getting with Annisa because I abused her for not getting you back.I am such a mess anyway, I understand you got a life now and it is probably better now than where I'm at."

Angel was curious as to what Scarlett was getting at but she had to get home to Jana and not talk to her ex-girlfriend it would only make matters worse if anything. So, Angel politely walked around Scarlett than left the store as she heard Scarlett call for her but she kept walking faster to the truck without her fences and flowers knowing she can get them again another time.

As she got into the truck and put it in gear she dared not to look back at Scarlett that was the last thing she needed was to try and make a friendship with the worst ex in the world. On her way home, she thought of sweet Jana and how wonderful it'd be to be back in her arms safely holding one another.

Thankfully she looked back and didn't see Scarlett following her all the way home that would have caused her to hide at Jana's parent's place until she could safely walk back home but that wasn't the case as she drove for the thirty miles back home without even eating or getting supplies she felt worthless all because she just dropped everything to the side and left that was in her hand, she just had to get away from Scarlett.

As she arrived home Angel got into the house to see Jana in tears and wondering where her parents are at, it seemed quite odd that they left a woman unable to take care of herself to just leave so Angel sat on the couch beside Jana than held her for comfort saying,

"Where are your parent's sweetheart?"

Jana looked up wiping her tears replying,

"They left to go to work, they didn't give me my cell phone to contact you and yeah the talk to them was the worst. Did you eat and get what you needed?"

Angel shook her head no as she thought it was best not to bring up Scarlett replying,

"What did you tell your parent's exactly?"

Jana sighed looking away and hugging herself responding,

"That I was in love with you, I felt it was time to have children, and get our business to reopen downtown but it seems they don't support us as a couple just as friends only an if I came out lesbian with you then this is just going to get worse in their point of view."

Angel knew it was going to be difficult knowing that figuring out who she was is going to take it's toll as she replied,

"I don't mind us having children, I was just hoping you would have told me we were planning to have kids as soon as we got here. As for you're parents not supporting us or who you are is what they are going to have to deal with in time."

Jana nodded in agreement seeing that Angel is right as she responded,

"I should have told you but I knew we had a lot on our plate and now it just became even more full."

Angel kissed Jana on the forehead replying,

"It'll be okay, how is your ankle?"

Jana wiggled it around a bit as she sighed even more responding,

"It hurts, I need a bathroom, change out of these clothes and everything else, I do admit I have tried getting up on my own but it's hard."

Angel helped Jana to the bathroom with going upstairs to get new clothes than bringing them back to the downstairs bathroom so that way it'd be easier on Jana getting in and out. Right now, she helped Jana shower an get comfortable for the evening as they agreed on watching "Loving Annabelle" a lesbian teacher/student movie. They even ate dinner in candlelight in their new living room which is light blue with new furniture a couch, a long coffee table in front of the television and new lamps that were a light pink hue to them, it made the living room very romantic.

Chapter 4

Several weeks went by since they got used to their new place, Jana's ankle healed and they got to go to the adoption agency together to meet their caseworker. Turns out the caseworker Natalie Lancaster is a tall redhead full of spitfire, with green eyes and white freckles on her skin that made her look gorgeous in the knee-length red dress that brought out her thin feature's.

Natalie was all for Jana and Angel to adopt unfortunately the news got worse as the paperwork went on for hours. They couldn't adopt children around the age's of 6-8 without siblings they wanted a kid or two but some had as many as six siblings or more it tore them apart. Because they didn't want to split any family up including kids with all they had and having that many would cause havoc.

So when they got back home Jana and Angel sat at home discussing if they should split kids up even if it is against their own wishes or not adopt until a lesser of children became available for them to have because they desperately wanted kids as much as pets but they couldn't do either at the moment.

Jana got called into work as soon as Angel sat down to have coffee with just writing in her notebook. Jana found work at a Wedding Cake Bakery called Sweet Designs Bakery which is in downtown so she had to always use the truck and she worked all hours of the day. As for Angel, she got to sit at home taking phone calls for advice columns in the paper that she did to keep busy since they only had one vehicle. It was called Morning Sun Newspaper she was kept extremely busy and missed working in her bookstore cafe Windsong back in Michigan this life had been a challenge when she used to be in a dead town.

They were still waiting for Natalie to get a hold of them on any children being available but it seems to be a lost hope for either one. So after about a six-month wait with working and what not they decided to drive to Kansas City an pick out two children that they thought would be perfect for them.

Jana was so excited she couldn't sit still to meet the children that are in foster care waiting to be taken home, she called off work just so they can get it done. They have done cleared the spare bedroom making it clear for the two kids to be welcomed and hoping they enjoy their new home with two moms.

Angel looked over at Jana saying,

"Baby, you have to calm down, we don't even know what these kids look like."

Jana couldn't contain herself as she replied,

"I know I just love kids so much and we have been waiting forever to meet and this would be amazing just to see what they look like."

Angel agreed to respond,

"I just hope these kids aren't going to rebel to bad on us since their parent's left them."

Jana knew that was a heartbreaking point for her but this was the opportunity to meet some amazing kids who might have the same interest as they do and might be able to carry on their bookstore cafe when they get it reopened in Roseland.

Natalie told them that she was meeting with them at one of the foster care center's right in downtown Kansas City since that is where most are located at the moment not very many outside of town. So when they arrived at Crittenton Children's Center, Jana and Angel couldn't wait any longer to get inside to see the kids but the lawyers and Natalie wouldn't let them see the kids yet as they had to file out custody for whichever children they took and knowing it was going to be battle if parent's got involved later.

Finally, they were done with paperwork as some chubby lady with black hair, dark reddish eyes, pure white skin and had worn all black named Stella Blackstone called for two kids Avery Bowman and Jonathan Bowman as they came through the door both kids looked shy an unresponsive. They took a seat across from Jana and Angel as both ladies tried to greet the two young ones but neither gave into greeting and held each other's hands tightly expecting the worse.

Avery was a little brunette child around 6 years old she had hazel eyes stood about 3'7" and weighed about 38lbs, Jonathan was also a brunette child looked to be about 8 or 9 years old with brown eyes stood a bit taller than his sister at 5'2" and about 46lbs. They were petite children for sure but very beautiful as Jana and Angel both said,

"We will take these two."

Natalie spoke first,

"Wouldn't you like to see the other children before just deciding on these two."

Angel and Jana looked at each other as Angel spoke,

"No ma'am we want these two, they are perfect."

Natalie nodded her head and Stella heaved a sigh of relief as if she was glad to get rid of them that was when Jana stood up saying,

"Stella, why did you just relieved a sigh?"

Stella looked around then whispered in Jana's ear,

"Because these two don't mind me and keep to themselves, hopefully, you two will have better luck."

Jana whispered back,

"Do I care to know their history or is that for us to find out?"

Stella looked at the children then back at Jana whispering in return,

"Best for you to find out because they don't talk to us, as far as we know they've been abandoned on the street."

Jana nodded as she told Angel in whispers the same thing and they both smiled at the children then Angel spoke up,

"Okay, Jonathan and Avery you are coming home with us to pack your clothes and such."

Jonathan held Avery's hand a little tight as he struggled to speak replying,

"Miss, how do we know you are taking us to a better home and not separating us?"

Angel walked over to the boy kneeling down on her knees as she looked at both innocent faces responding,

"Because I and my girlfriend believe in you two having happiness as well."

After that response, both kids left to get their things in and came back quickly with their stuff. That was the happiest moment Jana and Angel could live for is two wonderful children. They drove home discussing how the rules work and that they will be sharing a room temporarily until they can make room in the basement for Jonathan since he's the oldest and deserves his own room just like Avery will once they get situated.

Chapter 5

As they all four got home Angel realized she was wrong they didn't have a second bed in the spare bedroom so she looked over at Jonathan saying,

"Sweetie, I hope you don't mind being on the couch until we get your room downstairs ready? It won't take us long to remove the books and everything that we have down there it is already practically a room just without a bed an no closet or bathroom."

Jonathan shrugged replying,

"It's no worries, Miss, I can manage on the couch."

Angel knelt down to Jonathan responding,

"You can call me Angel and she is Jana, we are pleased that you treat us well for being new to us, the young man that is true gentlemen like."

Avery came storming down the hall racing to Jonathan saying,

"Bubba, come look at my room it is a pretty purple my favorite color."

Jonathan smiled replied,

"Okay, little sis I'll come to look."

They both went off to the purple room as Avery called it and Jana looked at Angel saying,

"Well they are full of energy, Avery especially."

Angel smiled replying,

"That she is and he is going to be one tough cookie just like you."

They both laughed as Avery and Jonathan came out to see what was funny. Jonathan walked over to Jana saying,

" is huge."

Avery nodded in response,

"Yes, it is. Oh, I am 6 by the way so this is going to be cool growing up here."

Jonathan nudged his sister whispering something to her as he replied also,

"I am 9, our parent's wanted us close in age not sure as to why I liked being the only child but Avery is special to me as a sister."

Angel and Jana smiled as they hugged them both then Angel replied,

"We are just happy to have you both as our children and in time you can call us mom or momma or whatever you choose we will be happy."

Jana agreed that she saw both kids yawn after a very long day knowing they needed to be cleaned and rested up as Jana spoke,

"I can give Avery a bath if Jonathan can manage to get his own shower before we put them to bed also brush their teeth, thankfully we fed them on the way back home."

Angel helped Jonathan get ready for his shower adjusting the shower just right for him as she heard Jana and Avery giggling an carrying on for bath time. Jonathan tapped on Angel's shoulder saying,

"I am a little embarrassed but can you help me get out of my pants the last place really tightened them and I can't get out of them on my own."

Angel nodded feeling a little shy as she helped him out that was when she went to the kitchen grabbing a pair of scissors to release the pants from the young boy seeing as she felt that she could cry seeing the red marks all over his waistline from the strangle he had. After that, she took the scissors back to the kitchen and left Jonathan to cleaning himself off an getting ready for bed.

Angel heard Jana call for her as she went to Avery's bedroom seeing that the little girl was already tucked into bed then Jana pulled her over whispering,

"Time to start doing hugs and kisses goodnight for our new little angel's."

Angel agreed as she gave Avery a kiss on the forehead an hugged her then whispering,

"Sweet dreams little darling."

Then Jana did the same as they both left the room with the door cracked open then heard little Avery start to breathe at a good pace with small snores every now and then.

Angel and Jana headed to the living room to wait on Jonathan to come down the stairs but he never came as they went upstairs to their room and into the bathroom to see Jonathan crying saying,

"I am sorry Jana and Angel, none of these clothes fit mean I'm too embarrassed to come out of the bathroom, do you have anything I can wear?"

Angel looked at Jana as Jana replied,

"No sweetheart, we don't have any boy clothes for you, what is your size? And I'll go to my parent's a few doors down to see if my dad has any spare clothes until we go to the store tomorrow."

Jonathan had Jana kneel down to his level as he whispered his sizes to her that was when she whispered to Angel it and nodded, Angel, sat with Jonathan until Jana returned with some overnight clothes thankfully it didn't take her long to get any from her father since the little boy was freezing just sitting there with a towel wrapped around him.

They let Jonathan get dressed as they went back downstairs to wait for him as they heard him come down the stairs Angel and Jana got up from the couch to give him his space to lay down and as he did, he looked at them both saying,

"Thank you for taking me and my sister in, we have had a rough road including with many other foster parent's. Avery always ended up abused even from our own parent's and our parent's tried to get me high on drugs with them when I was her age an I wouldn't have it, that was when my dad killed my mom and almost killed us too if it weren't for someone calling the law we would have never survived. My dad had found a gun in my mom's drawer and used it on her then himself. We have recovered from those days but as it is me and Avery are going to be a handful some days due to being scared though we mean no harm. Anyways, thank you again."

Angel and Jana sobbed a bit then kissed Jonathan on the head and hugged him for comfort knowing he trusted them. Angel and Jana headed to their room just sitting quietly without saying a word as to how they adopted kids who could have been killed by even a single parent including being high on drugs this was the worst case they both have heard and they haven't even made a dent into the kids of who they are beside Avery loving purple and adoring her big brother, Jonathan is just a young boy trying to care for his sister when others wouldn't.

As the evening went on they could hear small whimpers from Jonathan that was when Angel took lead and went downstairs to wake Jonathan up as she did he hugged her and cried then released himself that was when Jana could hear Jonathan explaining the nightmare of everything that he went through as a young child. He settled down with some warm milk and went right to sleep then not long after Jana and Angel were too exhausted to handle themselves an went to bed.

Chapter 6

Jana and Angel slept until Avery got them up saying she was hungry and Jonathan in the doorway agreeing. They both sent the kids out as they kissed each other good morning then went to get changed for the day and started bustling around keeping up with the two of them, Jana called the Bakery again explaining she won't be in for at least a week until their kids got used to them which they understood and Angel called the newspaper stating the same thing even though they didn't particularly like it but the job had to be on hold for now.

Jana made smiley pancakes with fruits for eyes and chocolate syrup for a smile it made both kids happy along with some orange juice as she left them to eat knowing Jonathan could handle his little sister for a bit.

Jana pulled Angel behind the stairs whispering,

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm in the mood and I want you so bad, is it possible when the kids go to bed tonight we can ummm....make love."

Angel couldn't believe her ears that Jana finally wanted to go all the way as she whispered back,

"Of course sweetheart, as long as you are sure with yourself on this because I know this is all new to you."

Jana kissed Angel with passion slipping Angel's hand down her pants and panties to feel the wetness then released her hand whispering,

"I am pretty damn sure, we have been together a year and it has been the best yet even with two kids you haven't even seen another woman since then."

been your plan all along is to make me a living nightmare away from the love of my life."

Angel licked her fingers tasting Jana's sweet juices then nodded in agreement whispering back,

"You do have that correct baby it has been the best year with you and I haven't even needed another chick in my life to make me happy."

Angel finished licking her fingers as she went to the bathroom in the hallway and cleaned her hands even though she can't wait until tonight Jana was finally willing to make love to her and it sent thrills to her spine an more.

As the day went on the kids had fun swimming in the pool that Jana got for them in the backyard along with a swing set thankfully Angel mowed the lawn before it got to much later for the kids to play even though it took most the day to build the pool and swing set but they managed by mid-evening by the time the sun went down Jana and Angel called the kids inside to get cleaned up an ready for bed which gave Angel relief to finally get a little alone time with Jana before she got too exhausted even though they still had to work on getting Jonathan's room ready very soon since he can't be sleeping on the couch forever.

Angel waited for Jonathan to finish his shower as she knew she still had to tuck both kids into bed, Jana did buy Jonathan all new clothes and night clothes for comfort thankfully. Though school starts back up very soon they aren't sure how to get the kids prepared or even how to get them into the new school system in Kansas but they are figuring it out as they go with each passing day. Jonathan finally finished his shower and Avery was already in bed just waiting on Angel as she got the kids their love, she rushed upstairs to shower and get all ready for Jana then as soon as she thought of sweet Jana, the door opens and she climbs into the shower with Angel.

Jana kisses Angel with passion not able to hold herself back any more she wanted her badly and can taste it on her lips. She nibbled Angel's lip with her teeth making Angel purr against her as their bodies fleshed against one another as Angel placed her thigh in between Jana's as they both moaned in motion feeling one another in the hot steamy shower. Jana turned Angel around pushing her against the wall as she lowered herself to licking,nibbling and tasting each breast savoring every taste of them in her mouth as she made them pop to as she bit them a little than as Jana felt comfortable she lowered herself kissing Angel's stomach and working her way to the sweet pussy that awaits making herself feel the wetness surrounding her as she opened Angel's legs more that was when she dove in taking in every inch of Angel's sweet tender clit feeling it within her tongue making it each movement that she did with Angel's hips and hearing her moan lightly trying not to wake the children as Jana kept licking Angel was doubling over as she held on to Jana's hair begging her to keep going that was when Angel let out a silent scream as she held her tongue than Jana licked up every inch feeling herself proud for pleasuring sweet Angel. Jana stood up as she kissed Angel one more time than whispered,

"Wow, I never knew you could taste so sweet, you will be doing me after your shower. I am going to get out of here."

Angel was in a giggle fit as she saw Jana get out of the shower with her sexy ass showing firmly from where Angel left marks. Angel finished up with her shower quickly cleaning off as she rushed to dried off to see that Jana was still naked in their bed and she checked the door sure enough it was locked.

Angel walked over to Jana saying,

"Well don't you look good for round two."

Jana giggled replying,

"Only for you, now come give me some love."

Angel dropped the towel on the floor as she made her way over to Jana she couldn't control her urges anymore she needed Jana, she kissed Jana with passion just like she did in the shower and as she slipped her thighs between Jana again they started moving in motion with one another that sent them in another orgasm then Angel made her way down kissing Jana's beautiful breasts than worked her way lower as she kissed her stomach than all the way down as she spread Jana's legs then dove into her eating inside as deeply as possible making Jana squirm and screech between the sheets wanting Angel to keep going then Angel slipped two fingers inside making it even more thrilling for Jana as she moved them in and out just like her tongue it was making Jana flow beautifully that she was on edge Angel slipped her fingers out then dove back in again eating until Jana exploded which felt amazing on Angel's lips including the juices from earlier, Angel was in heaven with the taste of sweet peaches. Angel sat up as she kissed Jana one last time and then laid beside her saying,

"Well that was amazing first time with you, I can't wait to make love to you more often."

Jana took a deep breath then replied,

"I agree it has so far been amazing and not sure when we will have time to do it again but my goodness this was such a relief finally."

Angel held Jana then kissed her cheek whispering,

"We better get showered one more time then get to bed and unlock our door because little miss Avery is up by dawn it seems."

Jana nodded as they helped each other out of bed and got their shower it was a relief to make love that it was destined to happen especially being with one another for so long an it made them fall in love even more an Jana is realizing that she doesn't need to be with a man to be happy a woman is just as good too.

Chapter 7

After several long weeks Jonathan got his room, both kids are enjoying school with their new teacher's and friend's that they have made. Angel snuck off a few times leaving Jana with the kids as she went ring shopping which excited her more to find something that would melt Jana again with officially engagement then within a year or so get married. It would make her and their angel's happy for sure. Jonathan and Avery have started calling them both mom's or momma depending on who they spoke with either way it made them both happy a long with seeing that the kids have warmed up to them.

Angel did find out their birthday's one is coming up very shortly August 24th that is Avery's and Jonathan's is June 15th. That made her happy to see that their birthday's were in Summer month's which meant more fun in the sun not unless in school of course fact being Avery's.

Avery is a well behaved 6 year old that loves to color,paint,play with dolls,go outside, and all around fun little girl. Jonathan is more advanced he loves to draw anime from like Dragon Ball Z,Pokemon and such anything that thrills him, he does love riding his bike in the evening when Avery is in bed, go to his buddies houses over night,gaming is his specialty especially since they got him a Nintendo DS to play personally with headphones, and he is a great kid all around.

Jana and Angel loved the kids an what they did to make them happy. Angel told the kids in private that she was going to engage Jana without her knowing so they had to keep a secret.

The day went on searching for that perfect ring that would make Jana in heaven when she came across a unique jewelry shop downtown that read Bud Benelli Jewelry Store it had all the latest rings inside and she wanted to find one that fit Jana's personality too. So she walked around each glass case seeking the one would be right when a gentlemen came up saying,

"Hello Miss, Can I help you find something?"

Angel looked up scanning the gentleman seeing that he wore a suit and tie that he had his hair styled with gel, it made her squirm a bit but she just kept calm replying,

"Yes, I am looking for a ring for my partner I plan on proposing to her soon."

The gentlemen backed away a bit then stabled himself against the counter responding,

"So you are the lesbian's in this town that has everyone curious and parading around with two kids."

Angel lifted her head from looking at the rings then stood up firmly replying,

"Yes we are, your point um...John?"

John stood still against the glass giving Angel a pissed off look responding,

"Just leave my store Miss, you have no business being in here."

Angel just shrugged and walked to the next jeweler she could find after that prick gave her a go around for being with a woman and so called "lesbian" with being Jana seriously...what happen to no label's an being ourselves.

As she kept walking she found a jeweler that had rainbow rings in it that seem to catch her eyes and should symbols of two women and love it made her happy to see them but they were wedding rings not engagement so she moved to the next section that had even more beautiful rings that were single placed which meant engagement rings so she saw a lady come up saying,

"Welcome to Love Is Define, how may I help you today?"

Angel felt very welcome by this woman as she lifted her head to take a peek the woman was dressed in a rainbow shirt and tie with black slacks an black shoes, she had light make up on and beautiful blonde bob cut that stood her out as a lesbian but she wasn't to rude as she told the woman,

"Yes, I am looking for a engagement ring for my girlfriend?"

The woman smiled responding,

"I am Grace by the way, I am sure I can find something just hold on, what is your girlfriend like?"

Angel went into day dream replying,

"She loves our kids,loves flowers,has the most beautiful soft skin a woman could touch, her lips are soft against mine, her eyes shimmer when we look at each other, she is just amazing."

Grace came back with a gorgeous blue sapphire stone in the center of the heart it was a small heart but just enough to make it stand out and with white stones around the heart it was perfect in every way imaginable just as close to the promise ring she gave last year. Angel held the ring close to her looking at the stainless steal and every little detail as she replied,

"Grace this is perfect, how can you figure from what little detail I gave to that ring?"

Grace winked responding,

"Because she sounds like the woman I would want to be with. Let's go purchase this so you can get ready to propose soon at least I hope you are very soon."

Angel gave her a wink in return replying,

"Very soon actually by next week is the estimate since we will be two years together at that point, this year has flown by so quickly in our lives."

Grace patted her hand responding,

"Well it must be the best to have you come in and order this for her. I hope you will bring her in next time for the wedding ring sets along with your kids."

Angel smiled replying,

"I will for sure, thank you for helping me."

Grace nodded watching Angel walk away as she knew that, that woman won't be back any time soon to buy something else.

Angel walked back happily to the truck as soon as she reached it she saw markings all over it spewing get out of town,no gays allowed,hated for life and it just got worse as Angel texted Jana saying that she'll be home soon that she had to clean the truck again due to hatred. Angel got to the car wash and cleaned the truck all the way around in tears feeling the hurt from other people getting to her.

Chapter 8

Angel finished cleaning the truck as she headed home to go see Jana and the kids, she needed to see her family badly after a bad day from ignorant people. That was when she came up with a plan to surprise Jana when she pulled into a liquor store to look at what she could find that would be proper for the engagement while the kids slept. As she wondered around Angel found white wine that would taste good from Sutter Homes.

After she paid for the wine, she went quickly to a flower shop to find blue daffodil that Jana loved so much it was her favorite flower to see blossom in a white vase. She paid for the flowers and headed home to see Jana as she was anxious to engage her that evening, she wanted to hold off but knew that she had to get it done now or she'd hate herself for not doing it sooner.

When Angel arrived at home she could see that she had to sneak the flowers and wine inside without Jana knowing so it doesn't spoil the surprise since she had to do it in the backyard to get a table set and such that was when she had a idea to go put the flowers and wine through the back stashing in a plant to keep them cold until she got a cooler from their kitchen.

Angel did just that then walked inside like nothing is going on as she kissed Jana then called her kids to her bedroom before Jana climbed the steps as the plan went Jonathan and Avery distracted Jana until everything was set up then to head to bed after guiding Jana to the backyard for the surprise engagement.

After having the kids distract Jana with anything they could come up with Angel got to work setting the surrounding with flowers,candle light and chilling the wine in a bucket as she could see Avery peeking out the window to see the progress. Angel grabbed the ladder and set the streamers they had around the yard then rushing inside to grab her small boombox that holds Cd's and grabbed her Cd's then hurried outside to get that set up on a chair with extension cord to keep the music playing that was when she realized their wasn't much bright light to show the area that was when she found Christmas lights in the attic then getting back on the ladder setting them up around the square she made with the streamers.

Angel gave Avery the thumbs up as she quickly put a blind fold on Jana then her and Jonathan left her in the kitchen until Angel was ready to get her, her nerves were already on set from earlier but she stayed calm as much as she could, she decided it was time to bring Jana outside so she went inside the house to the kitchen and heard Jonathan reading Avery a book to get her to sleep. Angel stood Jana up whispering,

"I hope you are ready for you're surprise my love?"

Jana relaxed then whispered back,

"You know I hate surprises but it must be important to have our children distract me this evening especially way after their bed time."

Angel had a sly smirk on her face knowing the kids did a good job as she whispered,

"I am slowly guiding you to the backyard so listen to me as I guide you babe."

Angel slowly guided Jana to the backyard as they went through their back door then Angel sat Jana down by the table removing her blindfold as Jana gasped saying,

"Sweetheart, oh my goodness this is beautiful and you got us white wine for what occasion may I ask?"

That was when Angel brought out a small black box getting down on one knee in front of Jana reciting the words she has prepared for them both saying,

"Jana,my one true best friend,love,mother to our children and more, I want to know out of all the love in my heart if you would be my wife?"

Jana had tears well up in her eyes as she replied,

"Angel, YES,YES,YES!!! I will be your wife."

Angel placed the ring on Jana's left finger then stood up to hug and kiss her with passion even more than they thought could happen. Angel called out Jonathan and Avery that was when Jana showed them the ring they hugged both their mom's with excitement then went back inside to go back to bed to know celebrating comes tomorrow with them.

After they tucked their children into bed, Angel and Jana went to enjoy some slow dancing together then drank a bit of wine as Angel shut down everything and they went inside to go to bed to make love until their bodies couldn't anymore.


Jana woke up to see a beautiful ring on her hand couldn't believe her and Angel are engaged now she just had to figure out if she could tell her parent's that they are engaged and is finally feeling able to come out as a lesbian since she got with Angel, she never could see herself with a man again and thankfully she didn't lose her virginity to one.

Jana kissed Angel on the cheek than got up to get her morning started since she had to be at work though it wasn't Windsong it was a wonderful wedding bakery that she enjoyed selling massive wedding cakes for people to enjoy. They did agree that Angel would be the stay at home mom until the kids got a little older even though they are in school and take a bus back an forth to save her the time to get to work on time, Jana couldn't be happier with the way life worked out.

Jana got Angel up so she could take care of Jonathan and Angel before sending them off to school but Angel stopped her mid-way saying,

"I wish you could take off for one more day but I know are budget is in need of help and I can't wait to show your parent's that we are engaged an glad you never left when it got complicated, I was so afraid you would."

Jana knew Angel was hiding something but never pushed her to reveal since it doesn't do any good to get the detail out of Angel when she wasn't ready so she replied,

"I am glad to and can't wait to reveal that I am lesbian since you mean everything to me and showed me it's okay to be with a woman."

Angel smiled responding,

"As long as you are comfortable with who you are, I am happy you feel that way, as I am glad to go from bisexual to lesbian myself since I never really liked men that way just as friends."

Jana kissed Angel softly as she sighed then releasing the kiss replying,

"I am just happy to be with you."

Angel winked responding,

"As I am too."

They walked downstairs hand in hand they kissed one more time as Jana left to work and the kids giggled Avery ran over to Angel with a hug saying,

"So does that we will get you both's last name when you get married or would we be stuck as Bowman because of our parent's?"

Angel knew Avery was full of questions as she replied,

"I am not sure sweetheart, I mean me and mom haven't discussed it yet."

Avery slid down from the hug and had tears come out of her eyes responding,

"We love you and want to be officially your kids with your last names."

Angel wiped Avery's tears replying,

"Me and mom will talk about it tonight princess don't worry, you are still are kids and we love you both too."

Avery nodded as she went back to eat her breakfast before the bus arrived that was when Jonathan and Avery kissed her goodbye for the day then she was all alone.

Chapter 9

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