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Philamazan: The Last Princess


By Hiranya Borah

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The fictional story revolves around the protagonist of the story, Philamazan is the last princess of a royal family of a non-descript tribal community of a small province of India situated at the North Eastern part of the country. It is reiterated that it is a fictional story and never tried to demean the sentiments of any community or any group of persons. Any similarity with the character is mere coincidence only. Readers should read the story as a pure fictional story of a princess in a timeless period.

The girl who inspires me to write this fictitious story is also a ‘Philamazan’ who was born to a royal family of Ukhrul district of Manipur, a small province of India situated at the North Eastern part of the country.

I met this lovely girl of 23 a few months’ back when I was on an official tour to Agartala. As an ordinary Indian, I was fascinated to know about her after knowing that she is a princess. Her name means the last princess. Inquisitively, I asked her, why she is the last princess and why her daughter will not be a princess. She explained me in few words like this, ‘A king can marry a number of wives and he may have children from all the wives. But only eldest son of the first wife will be the king after death of his father. The children of other wives will be also prince and princess of the clan. However, descendants of those princes and princesses will ceased to be the prince and princess after the next one generation. The youngest among the princess will be named as Philamazan, the last princess.’

So my protagonist of this book, a fictional character, is one of those Philamazans who is no way related to the Philamazan whom I met at Agartala.

I am thankful to Philamazan for giving her consent to use her name and photograph for the book.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family members for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story as an ebook along with my other eBooks.


Chapter I: The Dream Girl

Kanak is not a lady killer. But he is a lady lover without having prowess laced with any killing venom. Therefore some ladies love him as a venom-less snake without any killing power, only emitting sounds from mouth and back. Therefore, many husbands of many beautiful wives also tolerate his peacock dancing around their wives and had never tried to break his bones into pieces.

In one of the official tours to a North Eastern States, Kanak met a lovely lady of 30 a few months’ back. She was extremely beautiful with a straight slim body with a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her colour was exactly same as that of a piece of Amul butter with an appeal to any male of above ten ‘touch me-touch me’, only with tenderness. Even at the age of 55, he could not resist the temptation to flirt with the young lady officer.

The Mission Director introduced the beautiful young lady officer, ‘She is Philamazan. However, you can call her as Phila. She is working as the Sub-Divisional Officer, Tadubi Subdivision of Senapati District.’

During the tea break, Kanak approached the young lady officer and started chit chatting with her. Every lady has a very strong sixth sense. Philamazan also understood why the old hack was hovering around her. Normally, she snubbed all the sniffing dogs, particularly old ones who are waging their tails as the most obedient slaves waiting for an order from his master. But for the first time, for an unknown reason, she liked the pestering of the old man around her. She observed the old man minutely. Unlike some other senior officers from the Central Government, he was not a miser in laughing. His laugh or smile had some infectious positive energy which she could not ignore. She felt, this sniffing old dog might have the power to sniff beyond the body odour of a lady. After her separation with her boyfriend, that was the first time, she felt the presence of a male in her proximity, might be temporarily, hopefully.

‘Why you have joined civil service, you should have been in the film industry!’ The old man flirted with the young officer.

‘Ha, ha. I am fine with my job. In any case, your film industry never welcomes any lady having a mongoloid cut.’ With a killing smile the lady replied.

‘I am not joking. You have everything to become an actress or a model. Now a days, models from North East are doing very well in modelling industry.’ With a serious note, Kanak told the young lady officer.

Kanak’s comment for the first time flushed Philamazan. For the next few seconds, she could react to his comments. At that moment another, pestering old animal commented, ‘Sir, you perhaps do not know, she is a princess!’

‘Oh, is it? I am very fortunate to meet a beautiful young princess in you today. You are the second princess whom I have talked face to face. I am really lucky to have an opportunity to talk to a princess again. But the princess whom I had met earlier was not that tall, though colour of that lady was also very good. She does not fit into my imagination of a beautiful princess, but fortunately you are perfectly fit into my canvass of imagination of a beautiful princess.’ Philamazan did not find any artificial flavour in Kanak’s statement.

Had she been drifted towards Kanak emotionally? ‘How that can be? I am hardly 30 and the old fellow must be more than fifty.’ Philamazan thought for a moment.

Again the meeting started and they had to stop their conversations for the time being.

During lunch break, shameless Kanak (who was too senior to sit with a young junior officer) sat with the young lady and started his conversation once again.

‘Your name is interesting. Are you not a Christian?’ Kanak asked.

‘Yes, my name is different and uncommon though I am a Christian. My name is a name, it is also a surname and most importantly, it is a title also. A king can marry a number of wives and he may have children from all the wives. But only eldest son of the first wife will be the king after the death of his father. The children of other wives will be also prince and princess of the clan. However, descendants of those princes and princesses will ceased to be the prince and princess after the next one generation. The youngest among the princess will be named as Philamazan, the last princess.’ She concluded.

‘Very interesting! I am glad to meet the second princess in my life. I have already told you that, the first one was a timid, with less than an average height and she was an ordinary looking lady. But in you, I have seen a real princess of my dream.’ Kanak commented.

‘You must have said the same sentence to the other princess also.’ Philamazan tried to puncture Kanak in his pursuit to buttress the young lady.

‘Do you want to know what I have said to her?’ Kanak wanted to stretch his flirt with the last princess.

‘If you like to do so.’ Philamazan encouraged his flirting with a lovely smile

‘I told her, I am honoured to meet you madam. Despite of your royal background, your simplicity and grace will floor any lesser mortal like me. I become a fan of you now onwards.’ Kanak told the beautiful princess what he had said to the princess whom he met earlier.

‘Sir, you are too senior both in age and official status. But if you permit, I want to comment on your personality.’ With an enticing smile, the young lady asked Kanak.

‘Yes, you are most welcome to give your honest comment without any reservation.’ Kanak knew that she would not give a very good comment on him. But he always takes the risk for those things to win over the heart of a lady.

‘You are a real bastard and quite capable to win over the heart of a lady of any age. How old the other princess was, by the way? How she had reacted to your comment, sir?’ The young princess again smiled.

‘She smiled and then kissed me on my forehead and blessed me to become successful in my life. Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to tell you that, when I met her for the first time, she was very young, hardly she was 80 and I was just 25 year old.’ Kanak told the young princess with a mischievous smile.

This time, the young princess could not stop herself from laughing and laughed loudly. After a minute or so, composing herself she said, ‘How your wife is tolerating you, sir? Or you become a dumb man before your wife?’

‘Are you married?’ Kanak countered.

‘Yes and no. I was emotionally and physically married to a man once; but not legally or socially. Now we are living separately. So in all practical purposes, I am single and ready to mingle with some one young and dashing.’ The princess snubbed the old man indicating that she was not impressed by the antics of the old man.

Probably, the young princess underestimated the old man’s predatory skills. Kanak took her comments in his stride and retorted back, ‘Being a princess, you know that no ordinary man can dare to attempt to steal the heart of a lady from a royal family. No ordinary person wants to sacrifice his life merely for a lady unless he feels without her, his life will be a lifeless body. So far I am concerned, I shall never try to woo a girl from any royal family because I think, even if she allows me to enter into her heart, I may not be comfortable with a lady from any royal family because of inherent difference between the two parties of outlook towards life. Therefore, even if, had I been young and dashing, I would have preferred to run away from you like an animal runs away from the menacing bush fire to save itself from the life threatening fire, despite of your extra-ordinary beauty.’ Kanak also snubbed the young lady indirectly saying that she was also not fit for his love despite of her beauty and youthfulness.

That infuriated the young princess and told the old man in clear terms, ‘What do you mean by different outlook of a member of royal family with a commoner?’

“A member from a royal family or from an aristocrat family, always wants to live in the past and always wants to taunt a self-made man as ‘novo-rich’ and look down upon as if he is not fit to stand before an aristocrat person as he does not know the etiquettes of an aristocrat family. On the other hand, a self-made man also laugh at a poor member of a royal family or from an aristocrat family as ‘worthless son/ daughter of a worthy father.’ Thus both the parties try to make fun of each other in their back. If a member from an ordinary background falls in love with a member of royal family, life of the lover will be made hell by other members of the royal family. However, no matter how much rich, an ordinary family normally welcomes a royal member because of the good will of the common people towards the royalty. But no intelligent male wants to spoil his life after an unwilling princess, at any age.” Kanak gave a long lecture on the outlook of the two sides again indirectly blaming the royal and aristocrat people for their arrogance without having any say on the present materialistic world.

The young princess wanted to rebut the old man but she could not find proper words to counter his claim. She had a feeling that he was advocating on behalf of her ex-boyfriend, a rich but a common man. ‘But this fellow never met my estranged boyfriend’ she thought for a while.

Seeing her mum, Kanak tried to sooth her ego, ‘I am sorry, if I have hurt you. Whatever I am saying, I am saying those from my own experience gained for living in the last fifty plus years on this beautiful world. I met many persons who have much better lineage than that of mine. But they have to come to me for their works and they are not tired of praising me in front. May be, they are abusing behind me for my humble background.’

The young princess realized the old man was not only good in flirting, but also widely experienced of real world. They did not discussed the issue further as by the time they had finished their lunch.

After lunch, Kanak gave his lecture on the subject matter of the meeting as the chief guest. As he started talking on the subject matter, the young princess realized why Kanak was holding such an important position in the Government. He mesmerised the whole audience with his eloquence and knowledge on the subject matter. Philamazan was able to see two different men in Kanak, one loveable flirting old man and another man, with vast knowledge on different topics, a personality which attracts any person of any age towards him.

After completion of the final session, many of the senior officers tried to impress Kanak and some offered to come to the hotel for further discussions. Kanak was looking for the princess, but she was nowhere to be seen. Kanak was hit by an unknown sadness. He told all the officers who wanted to come to the hotel that he was tired due to the long and tedious travel from Delhi to Imphal and therefore he would prefer to take rest in the hotel alone for the rest of the evening.

After reaching the hotel room, he changed his dress and ordered for a cup of tea. When within few seconds, he heard a knock at the door, he was surprised, ‘how quickly tea can be served on an order in this hotel!’

After opening the door, he was more surprised to see Philamazan was standing at his door. Kanak stammered, ‘Please come.’

After getting into the room the princess told the old man, ‘Sir, I came here to tender my apology to you.’

‘You have not done anything wrong with me, nor said something wrong to me. Therefore, there is no question of apologising by you to me. Then why you are apologising?’ She surprised Kanak further.

‘Sir, apparently I have not done anything which needs an apology from my side. But it is my inner voice which told me to submit my apology for what I have thought about you before I heard your address at the gathering.’ Her answer created more confusion in the minds of Kanak and looked fool before the young princess.

‘Will you not tell me to sit down, sir?’

‘Oh, I am sorry. Please take your seat.’ Kanak apologised.

‘Now, let me explain to you, sir. When during lunch time, we were discussing on love between a member from a royal family and a commoner, I thought you are a royal-hater and flirt-master only. I thought you are a senior officer only by accident. But after hearing your lecture for two hours, I understood your depth of knowledge and your eloquence which actually was able to sit everyone tied to their seats till you finished your lecture. Then I felt very bad about my own assessment about you and my inner voice dictated me to submit an unconditional apology to you.’ The princess explained her position.

In between tea was served and Kanak told the young lady, ‘Your first assessment was perfectly correct. I always like to flirt with a young lady. But I am seldom attracted to lady with whom I flirt. But somehow, I am attracted to you not because you are a princess but I felt you are an unhappy soul and my counselling will help you to come out of your unhappiness.’ Kanak paused for a moment. He also wanted to find out why he was interested to help her in pulling her out of her unhappiness.

‘My inner voice was correct. You are much more knowledgeable what even a few minutes ago I have assessed. Everyone who knows me thinks, I am a proud happy officer with a royal background. For the first time, I found a person who could find out that I am an unhappy soul who needs some help. Sir, you are correct. None wants to understand me. I am very lonely. I thought my boyfriend, who was two year senior to me in the class would understand me. Unfortunately, after enjoying my body thoroughly for more than two years, he dumped me like a crushed water bottle till I was selected for the state civil service. Now he wanted me back as his legal wife. My family also wants that I should go back to his life as a bonafide wife. But tell me, why should I go to him as his wife who dumped me for three years when I was an unemployed and he had a roaring business of supplying materials to the Government. Now I come to know that he is not even an honest businessman.’ Her voice was choked with emotion.

To be honest, Kanak had only one intention few minutes ago to catch the beautiful princess in his web of words to make some boring hours to some beautiful moments. But after hearing her anguish, he decided to help the princess to pull out of her unhappy life.

‘You forget that you are a princess for the time being. Then you forget that you are a girlfriend of another man. Then decide now itself that you are not going back to your ex-boyfriend again as his wife. Then you close your eyes for few minutes and after opening your eyes, tell me whether you are feeling happier or not.’ Kanak told the princess like a great motivator.

There was a deafening silence for few minutes in the room till she opened her eyes. Then she said, ‘Yes sir, I am feeling better and have a feeling of happiness now.’

Pointing towards the ring on her finger, Kanak asked, ‘Who has given that ring?’

‘My ex-boyfriend.’

‘Can you remove it and throw it away?’ Kanak asked.

She was hesitating. Kanak slowly removed the ring from her finger and said, ‘Now you are free from her ex-boyfriend forever in all respect.’

Philamazan kept mum for some time. Then Kanak asked her the most indecent question, ‘Can you sleep with me now?’

Again, she kept mum. He helped her to climb to the bed. ‘Are you ready?’

‘No sir, I am not ready for such a thing, but I am really shocked at your indecent proposal. I know many people can have sex with strangers also. But I am not mentally prepared for that. Further, I was not expecting such a proposal from you. I am really shocked.’ The princess was in a real shock to get such an indecent proposal from an elderly person whom a few minutes ago she started respecting for his knowledge and eloquence.

Kanak started laughing and said, ‘Neither, I want to have sex with you darling. I really want to help you in pulling out of your emotional problem. For your information, I can buy sex for Rs. 2000/- in Delhi and which I sometimes do also. So relax baby, and tell me your problem from the very beginning.’

It was a long story of a princess who was all along misunderstood by her friends, class mates and most importantly, the person whom she trusted as a life partner and as an all-weather friend.

In the meantime they had to take their dinner and finally she could finish her story at 2 AM only.

Rest of the night they were confined to the hotel room till 5 AM. During that three hours Kanak exposed himself to the young princess without any veil of hypocrisy. He told the princess that he is a man of split personalities. First man inside him, is a very docile, helpful and respectful for all the social relations. He always maintains highest degree of morality in respecting personal relations. For example, if he says to a young girl, ‘I consider you as my daughter’ he maintains his relation with that girl as his own daughter. Similarly, if he considers someone as his sister, he always maintains that.

Second man inside him is very vindictive one who can wait for years after years to give a person or group of persons back everything what he got from them along with interest. He remembers all the humiliations got from others, line by line, inch by inch and waits for the appropriate time to hit back. One should not take his overtly friendly behaviour at face value, if he or she did a harm to him or humiliate him in public once in his lifetime.

Third and most ugly person inside him is his fatal attraction to any lady for sex, if she does not fit into any category of the social relations, viz. mother, aunt, sister (including whom she declares as sister), daughters (including whom he declares as daughters), wives of his friends, brothers, cousins, subordinates and superiors in the office and ladies from the same services and their (all categories combined) children. That means, baring around 1500 ladies who are at the age group of 18 to 60 are seen by him as possible sex partners if any of them can be lured to a bed, though he is completely against any forced sex with anybody irrespective of age and vulnerability.

His relation with other males is normal. Except his own son he does not love any male in this world. He feels ‘awak’ even thinking about kissing an adult. But he had anal sex with few boys giving a small token money for their services like taking services from girls against payment when he was in his teens and in his early part of college days. In other words, he did every socially bad thing before attaining the age of twenty.

‘In which category of girls, I am coming in your mind?’ Philamazan demanded to know.

‘I always driven by the fragrance of a lady, whether she will be considered as my mother, sister, daughter or simply friends. So far you are concerned, I have not got any fragrance of a mother, sister, daughter or of a simply friend in you. So definitely, I consider you as a possible lover but again definitely not as a sex partner, at least for now. Probably, I started loving you which I personally think, it is not good for me. Because I can go up to any extent to win over the heart a lady whom I love. Once I love someone from my heart, I never go after her body but always want to do everything for her.’ He stopped there.

Philamazan believed the statement made by the old man unconditionally, though she did not know, why.

When early morning light drove away the darkness of the night, the mind of Philamazan had been free from all her confusion about her life, priorities of her life and most importantly her relation with her estranged boyfriend.

As Philamazan was leaving his room, Kanak told her, ‘Both of us know that nothing un-ethical took place in this room in the last 10 hours. But I am sure, all the hotel staff will look at both of us as if we had a night with full of sex and fun.’

‘Yes sir, you are right. We have a long way to go when our society will realize that two unrelated persons also can stay in a room for more than an hour discussing some important issues without a f—ing session. But I damn care what other thinks about me. I shall always consider you as my Guru, who has pulled me out of depression. I shall always remember you as the first person in my life who could read my eyes to understand my pain deep inside. Thanks once again for your help without any return.’ The princess said.

After two minutes, she departed from his room after giving him a bear hug and with a promise to meet Kanak whenever, he will have a visit to Imphal in future or she will visit Delhi.

Chapter II: Early Days of Philamazan

She was born to a farmer’s family but having royal lineage because of the fact that her mother was a princess borne from the third wife of the king of a clan of a particular tribe of Thoubal District of Manipur. As the king had four wives and from them he had eleven daughters all together along with only two sons, all the daughters could not be married to opulent families. Philamazan’s mother was one of them who was married to a marginal farmer. As her mother did not have an own brother (having only two stepbrothers), she did not get any financial help from her brothers after her marriage. In all practical purposes, the ‘princess’ title became a liability for her instead of an asset in the early part of her married life.

Luckily for Philamazan, she was the only girl child of her parents and as her three brothers were much older than her, she enjoyed her childhood without any constraints. The oldest brother of the princess was almost fifteen year older than her. He was an intelligent boy and was able to get a Government job after completion of his masters in Economics from the North Eastern Hill University situated at Shillong, Meghalaya. The other two brothers also settled in their life when Philamazan stepped into her college life, in DM College Imphal.

She was admitted in to a Christian Missionary school at the age of four like her elder brothers. The missionary school used to provide free education to the girl students. Therefore, sending Philamazan to a good English school did not bother her parents much on financial front. As after the birth of Philamazan, the economic condition of the family started improving and when she went to her high school, her eldest brother got his first job, her parents thought Philamazan was a lucky charm for the family.

Incidentally, Philamazan did not see any poverty that her family faced before her birth and when she got her sense, she saw her family as an upper middle class family with three-four earning family members. Initial years of poverty of the family was known to her only for repeated reference by her parents and by the eldest brother whenever she used to demand something unreasonable according to her parents.

Though her life was not like a princess of a North Indian Royal family, her opulence was noticeable among the farmer families of her locality. She was treated differently not only by her peers but also by the teachers of her school. She with her young eyes also noticed that for the same mistakes when other students were punished, she was only advised not to repeat the same mistake again by uttering, ‘Philamazan, you are not supposed to commit such type of silly mistakes. You are supposed to be followed by other common students of the class. Every action in your day to day life may be followed blindly by other students of your class. Therefore while doing anything, you think twice.’

Before attaining the teens, she realized she was different from the other people around her and she had the responsibility to lead common people with impeachable responsibility. She further realized that she has the additional responsibility for the weaker sections of the society.

Even in her early college days she was treated differently by most of the class mates. For many of the college students she became a fashion idol. To her credit, despite of all the attentions she got from the teachers and the students, she all along had been a good student in her studies. In her school, she used to top in the class and even in the college she was always counted among the best students of the college.

Leadership quality she had inherited from her grandfather and she was a very good orator in her college days. When she contested for the post of debating secretary, she was declared winner unopposed.

In short, she had a beautiful time in her school and college days. Most importantly, she never shied away from taking any responsibility thrust upon her, either by her peers or by her teachers or by her parents. She was always emphatic towards the poor and downtrodden people. She always considered herself as a warrior for the common causes of her fellow students in general, and in particularly for her girl classmates. She always wanted to something for the empowerment of the rural women.

Chapter III: Career Building of Philamazan

DM college of Imphal was one of the best colleges of the entire North East of India. Many senior officers of the Central Government are alumni of this prestigious College. When Kanak was a student in Cotton College, Guwahati, many students from this college used to join Cotton College for their degree courses after completing Pre-University courses in this college. Some students from this college joined Delhi University along with Kanak for their masters. Some of them are still in touch with Kanak.

Therefore, when Philamazan mentioned about her joining in this college for her pre-university classes, Kanak realized that her horizon must had been increased manifolds, once she had gone for college education.

The college days of Philamazan was full of romance and adventure (or misadventure). It is already mentioned that she was known as a studious and intelligent girl of the college along with good oratory skill and leadership quality. Many politicians, who keep hawkish eyes on the budding politicians in the college level tried to woo her to their folds. She promised everything an ideal politician should have in modern Indian politics. She was a princess, good in studies, good in talking, not having a habit of doing nonsense in public and above all, she was very daring in telling anyone on face, ‘a spade is a spade.’ What else quality one wants to be a successful politician in India?

But Philamazan had never wanted to join politics, rather she wanted to join Government as a civil servant to serve the people of the state from a close range without expecting any return. She observed from her early days, how her mother and aunts were suffering because of lack of education and financial independence. She wanted to empower the rural women through proper implementation of different Government schemes.

But she knew only intention will not be enough to get the coveted job of a civil servant. Therefore, from the starting of her college days, she started her preparation for civil service examination. Keeping in her mind to clear civil service, despite of a good score in science stream, she took honours in political science.

As already mentioned, she was a very studious student and her receptive power to learn something new, was praiseworthy for her peers and teachers alike.

Chapter IV: Love Affairs

David was a dashing young man from a rich business family of Imphal and naturally, he used throw parties for his friend from both the gender. Because of his financial superiority amongst the peers, all the male classmates either in his payroll or agreeable for his hegemony. S natural consequence, a number of young girls had eyes on him to hook him up as a boyfriend. Many of the girls were ready to surrender their bodies to the rich dashing David.

Philamazan was also impressed with David who was two year senior to her in class, though she was not awed by his opulence. Rather she was slowly started loving him from the core of her heart.

However, she was in a tenterhook, should she, being a princess, fall in love with a common person even though her mother was married to farmer due to compulsion of not finding a groom for her from any royal family. But for Philamazan, because of her extraordinary beauty and educational qualification, getting a groom from a Royal family was not a problem. In fact her parents already got two proposals from two royal families of neighbouring districts. But Philamazan was not interested in those proposals because of the educational qualifications of the suitors were not up to the mark. Philamazan’s family also did not want to force her to get marry a person who was less qualified compared to their daughter. After all, they also realized over the time that royal background itself does not guarantee opulence and happiness.

Like any other girl of 20, Philamazan also heard the voices of her heart and started to drift towards the charm of the young man, David. She started to love David and she wanted to be his life partner and expected reciprocation from him.

Unlike Philamazan, David was a shrewd young man in his early twenties and could read the mind of Philamazan and treated her as a high valued prey. Oblivious of the mind set of David, she surrendered her body and mind to the shrewd youth. David took her honesty for a ride and enjoyed her physically at slightest pretext.

As a fallout of many such physical encounters, Philamazan became pregnant to the horror of the young princess. To uphold the prestige of the family she had to undergo for an abortion. That shook her to the core. But still she was happy thinking that David’s love for her was true and honest.

After two years of romance along with many physical encounters with David, Philamazan decided to tie the nuptial knot with her beau. But, enjoying many times in those two years, David lost his interest in Philamazan who, on the other hand, always considered him as her life partner and a true friend of her.

In the meantime, David passed out from the college and started his own business of supplying goods and services to the Government Departments. Initially he started avoiding Philamazan and after six months, he finally dumped her by saying, ‘Though you are from a royal family, my father will not accept you as his daughter in law because of your poor family status in real terms.’

Philamazan was completely devastated at the break-up. She took at least one month to come into terms that she had to severe her relation with David forever. She took another two long months to back to her normal life and could concentrate in her studies.

Thanks to her indomitable spirits, she was able to shake off the memory of her relation with David after few months of the eventual break up as a nightmare. Finally she was able crack State Civil service examination in her very first attempt after three years of the break up with David.

Once she cleared the civil service and joined the Government, David surfaced before her again apologizing for his mistake in dumping her few years ago. Rightly so, this time Philamazan snubbed him. But the shameless youth was pestering the princess since then for fulfilling his vested interests.

To her dismay, her own family members also tried to persuade in favour of David, primarily because of his opulence.

Chapter V: Heart Break

Once Philamazan left his room, Kanak recapitulated the happenings of the last night. He was happy to realize that Philamazan believed him and stayed the whole night with him telling her own story and relieved of a nagging problem she was suffering for the last twenty odd years after gaining conscious as a princess. For the first time in his life, he stayed with a young lady who is not considered by Kanak as a mother, an aunt, a sister (including whom she declares as sister), daughters (including whom he declares as daughters), wives of his friends, brothers, cousins, subordinates and superiors in the office and ladies from the same services and their (all categories combined) children, in a hotel room for the whole night without any physical relation.

He again asked himself, ‘Do I start loving the young princess?’ His heart said, ‘Yes’, but head warned him, ‘Never do that.’

He tried to sleep for some time as he had to take his flight at 1 PM to go back to Delhi.

His escort officer knocked at the door at eight O’clock and told him, ‘Sir, we have to leave for the airport by 10 as there will be a procession by Mothers’ Association demanding removal of the Assam Rifles camp from the heart of the city.’

Kanak reached the airport much before the departure time. It is a very small airport and practically there is nothing to see in the airport. Sitting at the VIP lounge of the airport, he thought of calling Philamazan. But he desisted himself from doing so. But at that moment his phone rang showing an unknown number.

‘Hello sir, Phila this side.’

‘I thought to call you. But resisted my temptation to call you. Anyway, is it your second number?’

‘Yes sir, it is my second number which is known only to my family members.’ She replied.

‘But I am not your family member.’ The wily fox wanted to know something from the young princess.

‘Sir, you are becoming closer than my own family members within few hours of our first meeting. The family members could not understand my sorrow, despite of staying together for so many years; but you could understand my feelings within few hours, therefore I consider you even closer than any of my family members. Now I can confide everything with you.’ Probably, the young princess opened her heart for the old fellow.

‘But why you have believed me. I have already told you that I am not a good human being, at least for the ladies.’ Kanak wanted to know something more.

‘You have told every bad thing about you to me. But I found that you are an invaluable gem. You are truthful about yourself whereas I met every day some hypocrites who pretended to be honest and having all respect for a lady. But I found all of them dishonest and they do not have iota of respect for any lady. Further, I found an unrelated person in my life for the first time, who did not try to indulge sex, despite of being confined into a room for more than ten hours that too at the middle of night. To be truthful, at the dawn, I was mentally prepared to get a request from you for a physical relation and probably I would have acceded to your request. Anyway, next time is always the best time. However, I may disturb you over phone even for some petty matters. Hope you will not mind for that.’ The princess opened up all the gates fully for the old fellow to his astonishment and to his extreme delight.

‘You are welcome, my princess. Can I address you as my princess of heart?’ The old man asked the young lady.

‘I shall be honoured, sir.’ She gave another permission to enter into her heart.

After reaching Delhi, he first telephoned to the princess of his heart. Within a few weeks their interactions per day touched number ten and more.

When after one month his boss told Kanak to visit Imphal once again to see the progress of the mission in the state, he was overjoyed. He immediately sent his tour programme to his boss for his approval. He started dreaming of a fantastic night ahead of him. He conveyed his princess of heart the exact time of his arrival at Imphal just after booking his air ticket to Imphal.

As the plan started hovering over Imphal valley, as usual, Kanak became nostalgic. He first visited this historic city in 1988 when he was posted at Kohima and was looking after the works in Manipur along with works in Nagaland. At that time Kanak was a youth of 25 odd years. He travelled to Imphal from Kohima by a Manipur state transport bus. Though distance was only 145 KM, due to hilly road, compounded with bad road condition took nearly six hour to reach the city. In those days it was a buzzing city with narrow roads. Like any other Indian cities, the city was also full of dirt scattered all over. He stayed only for one night in the city on his first visit.

For the second time he visited when he was posted at Guwahati and looking after works in Assam, Arunachal, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and parts of Tripura. During his regime a field office was also opened at Terra Bazar, Imphal. During his tenure in Nagaland and Guwahati he got the opportunity to visit many remote villages of Manipur.

Again when he was posted at Staff Selection Commission, he visited Imphal to open one centre at Chura Chandpur, the second largest town of the state.

Both Imphal and Chura Chandpur are two historic city of Manipur. Manipur had been mentioned in Mahabharat and heroic of Babrubahan (son of Arjun and Chitrangada) is widely read stories of North East. Again Imphal came into limelight when INA occupied Imphal with the help of the Japanese soldiers. Similarly, King of Chura Chandpur were mentioned even in European history during World War I and World War II.

Present Manipur state has 16 districts and all are very small compared to other districts of large states of India. One perception leads the creations of small districts that small administrative units are better for administration. Further, it gives opportunity of promotions also for the Government officials. But in the process, at present, some of the district HQs of Manipur may not be even municipality towns! But it is the wisdom of the leadership of the State on which Kanak does not have any comments to make.

Manipur is famous for its Loktak lake, situated at the original Bishnupur district. Floating houses in the lake itself are major tourists’ attraction. From the aeroplane, this magnificent lake gives a majestic panoramic view to the tourist all over the world. Actually, Imphal valley looks like a bowl filled with water with green contour of hills surrounding the water body. The state is also known for its beautiful hills surrounding Imphal valley.

So far people of Manipur is concerned, valley was originally occupied by Meities and Bishnupurias and hills were occupied by different tribes which includes, Naga, Kuki, Paite, Com etc. However, now Imphal city becomes a cosmopolitan city with people from all the communities not only from Manipur, but also from different parts of India.

Though Manipur’s total population is not even 0.5%, they produces at least 10% National level players in almost in all the fields of sports except cricket. They have some world class players and a good number of Olympians. However, the most dazzling star sportsperson of Manipur is Mary Com, popularly known as Magnificent Mary who won six world championship (which is a world record for 45 KG category of women boxing), one bronze medal (2012, 51 KG category), gold medals at Asian games, Commonwealth games and in many other championship since 2002 and she is still going strong.

Whenever, Kanak enters into the air space of Manipur, those memories and thinking trickle into his mind automatically.

After landing at Imphal airport, Kanak at first wanted to meet Philamazan and therefore he asked the protocol officer, ‘Do you know Philamazan, the young Manipur Civil Service Officer posted in Senapati District?’

‘Yes Sir. I knew her. She was an excellent officer.’ The protocol officer replied.

‘What do you mean by she was an excellent officer?’ Kanak was gripped with some unknown fear.

‘Today morning on her way to Imphal, she was killed in an ambush by the extremists. However, intelligence agency doubts about involvement of her estranged boyfriend in the killing.’ The protocol officer informed with a sad voice.

Kanak was about to faint to hear the news of the death of his sweet heart even before their second meeting. His whole world came down crumbling in front of him. The protocol officer perhaps surprised by his reaction to the news as he did not know about his emotional relation with the young lady officer.

In Imphal, news of ambush and death of an officer is not very uncommon. However, death of a lady officer always creates ripples amongst the people of the state. But reaction of a very senior Non-Manipuri Central Government officer for a young lady state officer surprised not only the protocol officer but also all the officers present there who came to the airport to receive Kanak.

On that day, news of Philamazan’s murder became the main story of the local news channel throughout the day. Kanak also came to know about the murder in minute details from different sources.

There was a threat perception about the young lady officer for her two pronged strategy in the subdivision where she was posted as a Sub-Divisional officer. She encouraged the local youths, both boys and girls, for sports activities and vocational training and on the other hand, she had been ruthless in taking actions against the extremists and local street smart goons. She took special initiatives to empower women of the area by spreading adult education programmes and providing vocational training to the housewives to stand on their own feet.

For her honesty and efficiency, she became more and more popular within the common people but became thorn in flesh for the anti-social elements within a very short time. Her popularity became an eyesore for her estranged contractor boyfriend. Therefore, police suspected him also for orchestrating the attack on her.

Due to threat perception, she was provided police protection. However, when she was under attack for the first and last time, little could do by the escorting police party. Few of the police personnel were injured by the first barrage of the attacking bullets. They could not give any real resistance to the attackers to protect the young officer.

On that particular morning she got up from her bed at around 4-30 AM and prepared for her journey to Imphal to meet her Guru cum lover, Kanak at the airport itself. Normally non-stop journey time from Senapati to Imphal is little more than three hours. But if one takes breakfast cum lunch at Kongpokpi, journey time will be more than four hours. Philamazan planned to take her breakfast along with her escort party at Kongpokpi. According to her maid, she was in a very jolly mood before her departure to Imphal.

As scheduled, they stopped at Kongpokpi and took their breakfast. When they were taking breakfast, two jeeps with few masked men arrived at the market. The shopkeepers anticipated something very bad was going to happen. They downed their shutters and they were peeping through the windows to see what was going to happen in the next few minutes.

As Philamazan stepped out of the small restaurant she was greeted with a barrage of bullets. Instinctively, she lied on the ground to avoid the bullets. The unexpected attack put the escort party into the back-foot. Out of the eight escort officials three got injured and rest ran for cover. The PSO of Philamazan was hit by bullet on his right hand and he was not in a position to fire his AK 47 hanging on his shoulder.

Philamazan was not a police officer and therefore she was not trained for a gunfight. But one of her friend who is a police officer taught her once how to use an AK 47 rifle during a camp held few months ago.

Philamazan snatched the AK 47 from her PSO and with the preliminary knowledge of using an AK 47 learnt from her police friend, she started firing the AK 47 rifle to the utter surprise of the attackers and the onlookers alike.

Eye witness said, from her lying position, she roared like a wounded tigress, ‘Do you think I shall be a sitting duck? You can destroy me, you can kill me but you cannot force me to cow down before you rascals. I am the Philamazan, the last princess.’

Actually the attackers did not expect a fight back from the lady civil service officer and therefore she was able to hit two of them fatally before they understood the gravity of the situation of facing a wounded tigress. But in the next moment, she was hit by a bullet in her chest perfectly aimed by the leader of the attacking group. Even after the hit, she was able to shoot another two rounds of her rifle injuring another two attackers, proving beyond doubt that she was ‘the Philamazan, the last princess’ standing tall before the enemy front.

It was short and decisive encounter where the lady officer lost her life but not before killing two of his attackers. The attackers fled from the scene with two dead bodies of their comrades and two of their injured colleagues. Philamazan was taken to the nearest hospital by the escort party and she was declared brought dead.

Kanak paid his last respect, along with other senior State Government officers, to the princess by laying a garland on her dead body which was kept before the assembly building for offering the last respect by the common public to the brave lady officer. All the politicians and senior officers were surprised to see the unprecedented long queues of common people to pay the last respect to the slain young officer. Most of the ladies in the queue are seen sobbing as if they lost one of their own daughters.

Kanak returned to Delhi with a broken heart on the next day with a promise to visit Manipur on this day once again after one year to pay his respect to the departed princess of his heart.

Chapter VI: Glowing Tribute

Three months after the death of the princess, Kanak was visited by an officer from Imphal. The first question Kanak asked the officer was whether the culprits who killed the princess were held or not.

‘Yes, sir. Police arrested her ex-boyfriend who was the kingpin of the murder. As you might be knowing that she became unpopular among the local anti-socials and her ex-boyfriend took advantage of that prevailing situation. He planned her murder as if it was a crime committed by the extremists. When some newspapers pointed their fingers to the extremist groups, they clarified that they were not coward to kill a local lady officer in cold blood. In the meantime, police examined the movements of the extreme groups and found nothing suspicious about their movements. Therefore, they zeroed down their suspicion on her ex-boyfriend only and after preliminary interrogation he was arrested. After few hours of intense interrogation, he revealed the modus-operendi of the crime and all involved in the murder were arrested by the police within a week’s time.’ The officer gave the necessary information in a concise manner.

Before Kanak reacted, the officer with some hesitation asked, ‘Sir, will you mind if I tell you the real reason for her killing?’

‘Please go ahead.’ Kanak gave permission to tell the real reason for her killing.

‘You might have known that David, the ex-boyfriend of Philamazan, dumped her when she was unemployed. But after her selection to the state civil service, he wanted her back as his wife or girlfriend. But that time, she refused to come back to his life. But still he was hoping that she will come back one day. But when he was told by Philamazan herself, that she was willing to be your wife or even she would prefer to be a kept of you rather than to be a wife of David, he lost all his hope and became furious. Three days prior to your visit, he hatched a plan to kill both of you. But he thought subsequently, his revenge will be more effective if only one of you are killed. However, he thought killing of you will make Philamazan more aggressive and he will also have to face some reprisals and therefore he decided to kill Philamazan at the very first instance.’

As a normal human being, Kanak thanked God for change of David’s mind at the last moment not to kill both of them or kill him alone. However, his sadness had not been reduced for losing the princess of his last heart.

The officer further informed him that, even at her death, she made herself bigger than the life size of a lady for her entire community. Within a short time, she became a folklore not only amongst her own clan but also for the entire tribal community of the state for her bravery in fighting back the coward antisocial sent by her estranged lover. Her efforts to empower the rural women and initiatives for self-sufficiency of the local youths made her a demigoddess among the villagers of the Senapati district.

Within a month’s time, a life size statue was built at the entrance of the Senapati district with public donation, where it is enshrined: She is Philamazan, the last princess standing tall for preserving dignity of women and downtrodden of the society. She is the real princess of the people of Senapati District.

Similar statue was also erected at the entrance of Thoubal District, her home district.

However, the most important message on the plaque attached to the pedestal of the small bronze statue of Philamazan erected by the traders association of the Konkpokpi echoes the sentiment of the common people of the area.

It says, ‘This the place where a ferocious tigress sacrificed her life for the downtrodden people of the state while fighting with few cowards. We hang our heads in shame because we did not help her when she needed our help in her lone battle with the enemies of the mankind. We salute her as the only princess of the hearts for the common people. She will always live in our hearts as the only Philamazan, the last princess, standing tall among all of us like the Amazons.’

A proposal was mooted in the assembly to honour her by placing a portrait of the princess of hearts at the Assembly hall and announcing a bravery award for the lady cadets of the state in her name. Whether, the proposal is actually accepted by the Government or not, it does not matter for the common people as public at large has already accepted her as the princess of their hearts, with or without any recognition from the Government.

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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