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My Neighbor Girl


Cliff Sibuyi

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To friend and Family

Thanks for your support and courage you give me strength to write this novel.

“If I start questioning my dreams then game over”

All characters in this book are Fictional And any resemblance to real persons, Living or dead, Is purely coincidental

Chapter one

“Carlin!” My mother shouted. She kept knocking on the door. I had a feeling that she won’t stop until I respond but for unknown reason I didn’t.

“Carlin!” She shouted again.

I yawn and it sounded like “Yeah!” as I respond.

“Carlin, wake up, you’ll get late.”

“Ok!” I wake sitting on the bed.

My head was spinning and my eyes were heavy. I pull the blanket to the side and take step on the floor searching for my sleeping shoes. I had to find my sleeping shoe, it was right beside the bed. I wear it and head to the window while stretching my arms.

I open the curtain to let the sunshine in my room. Then after I open my window allowing some fresh air inside. I don’t know why I raise my head and look ahead of me. It wasn’t something I unexpected. I stunned on my window and watch her wrapped her gown onto her naked body. I saw everything, her curtain was widely open. She smiled and wave at me while opening the window.

“your Carlin right?” she asked.

“um yes and you’re Langa?” I laughed trying to act cool. “are you going to school today?”

“Yes I already bath, what is left for me now is to wear uniform,” she said looking at me.

“Ok” I blurted. I didn’t know what to say. It was awkward moment for me.

“Ok,” She blurted in cough looking back inside. “I got go… see you at school,” she smiled waving a hand at me while closing a window.

“Ok,” I wave back at her with a smile. I stand stunned for couple of second before turning and walk to the door. I’d no idea what get over me even though is not my first time seeing her but I’ll still turn my head looking back. She’s my class mate and I never find her attractive when she’s in her uniform not now that I accidently peek at her. Usually we don’t speak much at school, we only wave each other hands.

I held the lock looking back again and her curtain was close but it was in my head. I couldn’t process everything in my head. I don’t know why? I kept looking back for more, maybe not, who knows? I felt so embarrass.

“Carlin, you’re getting late!” My mother shouted.

“Yes!” I snap out roughly opening the door and rush to bathroom. I took a quick shower and hurry to my room. I found my uniform prepared and ready for me. Mother had already put it on the bed.

I quickly wear it, after I close the curtain and carry my school bag, and rush to the kitchen. I didn’t even check the time but I was so sure of myself. I found my mother already prepare the food, there was no one in the kitchen wondering where is mother. I pull the chair backwards and sit down. I start digging in. I didn’t see mother behind me with brush. She started brushing my hair. She always treating me like a child something that I found it disturbing.

“Carlin, your hair is soft, do you want me to curl it for you?” she asked.

I gulp all the food in my mouth.

“No, you can brush it but don’t curl it, you know I hate spiky hair,” I said. I look at mom and it look like she fell in love with my hair. This is not the first time she’s playing with my hair.

“I love your hair Carlin. You know when I was at your age I wanted to be hairdresser…” she said. “I wanted to have a salon of my own… I couldn’t imagine myself here in the township being a nurse.”

“what happen?” I asked. I stop eating and stare at her with a side look to pay little more attention to her. I couldn’t turn my head while she’s playing with my hair.

“You can still have your salon, you have money mom,”

“It’s too late for me, if you were girl, I would’ve build it for you,” She laughed. “but still, I can still build one for you,”

“thanks but No,” I stood and carry my school bag. “you can stop now, Thanks mom,” I smile walk out of the house.

“Carlin!” She shouted. “where are you going?”

I paused at the gate trying to get her question. I don’t understand what is she meaning when she said where I’m going? Isn’t obvious? I turn and look at him and she prod her cheek with her finger.

“Mom,” I shouted.

“don’t you dare boy.”

“This is so embarrassing.”.

I could not believe even now that I’m 17 year grown boy she wants me to kiss her on the cheek. I smile though and kiss her cheek.

“Are you embarrass giving a kiss to your old woman,”

“Bye mom and thanks for your breakfast,” I said while wave my hand running outside.

“Be careful and take care of yourself,” She said. “And always remember! you’re my only egg.”


I heard the voice calling my name and couldn’t thinking of anyone but mom. “Mom, what is it now?” I thought to myself as I turn to look back.

“wait for me,” Langa shouted waving her hand.

My lips curved into a smile. I wave back with that unstoppable smile. I pause and glide to the side of the street. she starts running. It’s been two mouths, mom and I move to this town and I have two months attending same school and class but we never talk or go together to school until this morning.

“Hey let’s get going before we get late,” she wrapped her hand around my arm. We start walking. It was awkward moment for me I didn’t know where should I begin, is my first time speaking with a girl I just saw naked. I look at her and I was blushing, seeing her hot cheek flicking in front of me it made me blush even more, I feel like someone block my speech.

“I thought you already gone to school,” I said with a smile.

she looks down as we trudge together to school. “Nah, I’m a woman Carlin I suppose to do some house work before I go to school,”

“house work,” I laughed.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing,” I shake my head. “I couldn’t believe a beautiful girl like you do house work”

“what’s wrong for beautiful girl doing House work?”

“That’s too much, why don’t ask your mother to do it for you,” I asked.

She crossed her hands across her stomach. “She does help me in cooking but I had to clean the house,”

I don’t know anything about working. My mother never let me do anything. She always said I’m her only egg something I found it annoying especially now that I’m developing some crush on Langa. I didn’t say a word but shrugged.

Langa grab my hand tugging me to her. “Don’t you do house work at your home, Carlin?” she took one step forward toward me.

We stood face to face, she turns her hands around me. I thought she wanted to give me a hug, I stunned and she start fixing my cuffs of my shirt while looking at my eyes. I was getting nervous. I try to move but I step on a rock, I lost balance and move forward. My lip collided with hers and I don’t know how but we both kissed. It was a quick thing as we both snap out of it.

“sorry,” She said and I said the something.

“I think we should go, we getting late,”

“Yeah,” She laughed moving her hands away around my neck.

I wondered if she finished fixing my cuffs because it’s was getting awkward. We walk to together but she could grab my arm like before.

“What do you do, if you’re not doing house work?”

“I love to help my mother in house work but she doesn’t allow me even to clean my room” I said.

“So, that was your room huh?”

I nodded looking at her indirectly but somehow I feel embarrass about it and why did I said that to her.

“Carlin, why you stare at me like that,” She asked.

“Um nothing…” I look down for a few moments. I kept myself busy with my bag band that was wrap on my shoulder.

“Isn’t about that thing we do earlier?” she asked.

“why are you saying that, it was a mistake right?”

“Yeah, it was mistake,” she laughed looking down.

We stopping at the school gate but I didn’t feel like stopping but I had no choice to stop.

“Let’s wait here and enjoy the sun, it cold in the class,” I walk over the poll of the gate and lean on it looking toward the sun.

“Do you stand here every day when you come to school?” I asked

Langa nodded while approaching me. she stood beside me, we both look toward the sun, she looked at the watch that wrap around her wrist and I squint on it.

“What time is it?” I asked

“eighteen minutes to seven, we only have two minutes to enjoy this warmth,” she said leaning her shoulder against my shoulder.

She held my hand and look at it. “Carlin, you skin is so soft” I bend my head to look at her brushing my hand with her thumb, and I pick her hand and did the same to her hand, it was little cold but soft.

“It’s your hand that is so soft,” I said.

“Really?” She asked and I nodded.

“Thanks,” She smiled.

Chapter two

Two minutes seems like a second. The siren rings for school time. I was enjoying the conversation. She put her hand around my arm and she tag me. We walk to class together. When we get inside the class everyone seems to mind his/her own business. Except one guy. Bongi, I don’t know much about him but I knew, he’s a senior in the class and he’s bully. He grabbed Langa pulling her toward him. He wrapped his hand around her waist. I didn’t even look at him or pay attention to him.

“Langa, I will see you after school,” I said and walk to my desk.

“hey, Spiky boy,” Khenso shouted and after he cracked joke for his friend to laugh. I didn’t give him that much of attention. I know he’s doing it to mock me like Bongi in front. Langa look at me and I pretend like I didn’t see anything.

“Bongi leave me alone,” Langa shouted try to push him away.

I felt like a loser in the class and I was a loser. The reason because I’m new student. I didn’t know anyone. Khenso is my desk mate, he came with the name spiky because my hair looked different and the reason because I’m colored. When I was about five-year-old. You would have thought that I’m white but as I grow, my skin gets dim and much darker, it applies to my hair, is short, soft and spiky. If I kept cutting it more normal hair will grow but My mother doesn’t allow me anymore. So, I had no choice but to keep it. Langa was sitting on the front, her head kept looking back at me. I look at her and she smile. I smile back looking back at the board.

Bongi came and smash his book on my desk. “hey silky boy, I forget to write my homework and I want you write it for me,” he said.

“Bongi, leave me alone?” I said

“If I don’t?” He leant his head toward me but I look down at the book. It was a hard cover book. I knew it was mathematics book. I lean on my chair and fold my arm cross my chest and look outside through the window. Bongi smash the table with his hand and I flinch in fear but no matter how much I fear I will never write his homework. I have finish the homework last night in my book but I will never give him the book to copy.

“if you won’t leave me alone then I will leave,” I took my Bag on my desk, I carry it behind me while standing.

I walk out the class and it was quiet outside. there was a tree in front of me and a rock to sit on but it was dirty with chalk. It will be a great place for me to sit but I had second thought and I decide to sit on the stoop.

I look around getting bored and I look below me there some rock and I get down from the stoop and I start collecting some little rocks putting it on the stoop. Then I climb on the stoop keeping myself busy throwing the rocks to the tree. I couldn’t think of anything but Lang,

My mind was so full of what this new relationship with Langa mean? will she be my girlfriend? I had already made it clear to her that it was mistake something I shouldn’t have said at the first place.

“I’m such a looser,” I said to the tree. I felt like the tree is listening to me and I didn’t expect any respond from it. I kept blaming myself while laugh to myself.

The math’s teacher, Mr M’lawudzi come and he find me sitting on the stoop throwing rocks at the tree. I didn’t see him. I was busy laughing at myself.

He taps me on my right shoulder. I look back and I found out it was him.

“young men, why are you sitting here alone?” he asked. “get inside the class.”

“uh m nothing.” I stand quickly get inside, I didn’t say anything but hurry to my desk.

Mr M’lawudzi stand on the doorjamb looking at me. I don’t know what he was thinking but he could sense that something is not right. He’s been watching me since I came here to school.

“What your name young men?” he asked


M’lawudzi look at the whole class. “class, what is wrong with Carlin why he always isolates himself, I understand he’s new but this is not normal, something is not right”

“It because were black,” Bongi shouted at the back. Anyone could tell by his gruff voice after all, he’s our senior in the class. It was quiet in the class. M’lawudzi fold his arm cross his chest.

“Bongi, I’ll deal with you later,” he said.

“sir,” Langa raise her hand, Mr M’lawudzi turn to Langa. “Bongi is been bullying Carlin, sometime force him to write his homework,”

“you better watch your tongue girl or I’ll make you swallow your words,” Bongi stood point Langa with his finger.

“I’m not scared of you Bongi,”

“you want to bet, Watch yourself,”

“Shut up both of you,” M’lawudzi shouted. “Bongi those threatening words could land you in jail, if anything happens to this girl,”

“like I care,” Bongi looked away and return to his sit.

“Bongi, if you didn’t want to learn, you should’ve stay at home,”

“I won’t, this school take something away from me, I won’t leave until I get it,”

“A path of revenge won’t get you anywhere, Bongi,” M’lawudzi sighs. He didn’t say any feather words. He turned to me. “Carlin, follow me, I want to talk to you.”

Mr M’lawudzi and I walk out of the class, he finds a private spot away from the class.

“son, don’t let that boy bother you, He’s dangerous, stay away from him.” He said. I couldn’t understand why would teachers get so scared of Bongi and what is it the school take away from Bongi? I didn’t ask but I was so curious to know myself.

“Ok,” I nodded.

“and you promise that I won’t find you sitting alone,”

“I can’t promise because I haven’t make friends except this girl, Langa,”

“the girl that stood up for you?” he asked. I nodded. “now, it all make sense, would you be ok, if you sit with him?”

I smile and nodded. he asked what I wanted to hear from him. I couldn’t believe this teacher would make things easy for me.

“that’s all?” He asked to be sure and I nodded. “and you promise me that I won’t see you alone,”

“I promise but you must first ask her if she want to sit with me or not,” I said.

“She’ll defiantly agree, I’m sure of it,” M’lawudzi smile. He held my hand and we return to class. He told me to go to my sit and I walk to my desk and sit-down.

M’lawudzi go to Langa desk to talk to her, I couldn’t hear their conversation but I could see looking back at me. I look down and whatever she said I accepted and today, the luck was no my side. Langa accepted to sit with me. She and Khenso switch places, her were not happy about it, I look at her face it seems she too was not happy about it, her smile in not real I know her smile. I slid further to the wall so I can create enough space for him. She sits down and Mr. M’lawudzi approach me.

“are you ok with it now?” He asked.

I nodded looking at Langa and she was trying even harder to forge her smile. She was not happy about it. I regretted my decision maybe I shouldn’t have suggested it and I won’t blame her if she get mad at me.

Mr M’lawudzi begin his lesson of teaching, he teaches mathematics but first he wanted to see the home work he gave us. He asked the class to take out the classwork book and put it on the desk. he took his red pen on the pocket of his shirt.

I grab my bag while watching her pick her mathematics book and she was sad. I didn’t say anything I take out my hardcover book and put it on the desk and slouch on the book while looking outside the window and She pitched my shoulder.

I wake and turn to her and she couldn’t say anything but smile, her face was cold.

I slid closer to her and lean on her ears. “are you ok siting with me?” I whispered.

she leant back in shock, she showed me her true color. She never gave me serous even if I blurted. she caught me peeking at her but she never got angry why now?

“No Carlin don’t think like that, I’m glad to sit beside you,”

“really?” I asked keeping my eyes on her face. she tries to pretend but it just getting cold.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Your cheeks are cold and you’re not even shining anymore?” I said. She held her cheeks and I laugh. she doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, smile while wave my hand at her.

“What do you mean?” she asked. I keep staring at her and her shirt cuffs were facing upwards. I stretch my hands and fix the cuffs on her neck while look at her face but she didn’t smile this time, her reaction was the same.

“I mean the smile since we met from home until now is not the same smile your giving me now,” I said.

“Carlin, stop messing with my head,” She chuckles. this time her cheek got hotter than before and it both stretch wider.

“and that’s a real smile I’m talking about,” I held her both cheeks and I pitch them

“you mean you know my real smile?” she asked. her mood changes completely when I told her about smile.

“yes I examine it when I first saw you at your room,” I blurted in cough. I give her a clue that I was peeking at her.

“Carlin, how many times have you peek at me?” She asked.

“Today when I wake up and I didn’t mean to, you caught me off guard. Your curtain was wide open. I just stunned there until you open the window.”

“you pervert,” She pinched me on my shoulder.

“I said I’m sorry,”

Langa lean closer to my ear. “then did you like what you see,” she asked.

I cringe. “Why not?”

“really?” She folds her arms cross her chest giving me that serous gaze.

“No I didn’t mean that way… uh-huh mean I did enjoy it but it wasn’t intentionally,” I said.

“you admit it again huh,” she asked.

“No, is reflex response, it was defiantly the work of reflexes.”

Chapter three

Langa stop talking and open mathematics book. Mr M’lawudzi behind us checking Nhlamulo’s book, so is not possible for us to continue with our conversation. We look at Mr M’lawudzi signing Nhlamulo’s book.

“Nhlamulo you must pull up your sock or you won’t pass,” He said.

Mr M’lawudzi head to Langa’s book. He looked at her work and he was not impressed.

“Langa, you too you need practice your algebra,”

Mr M’lawudzi pick my book and look at it. I did everything correct, last night when I said I was reading I was not bluffing. I like reading, my mom never allowed to sleep without reading something. She will always ask if is my homework finished? and I get addicted to it. I won’t sleep unless I read something.

“Carlin, your good, who teach you maths?” he asked while giving me the book.

“My mother,” I said.

My mother is so educated and independent woman. I never get it how did she met with my father. woman who are educated and independent they think before they do things because I feel like an illegitimate child who don’t know about his father.

Mr M’lawudzi realize it, I can tell by looking at his face. He didn’t ask anything but smile and then move to the next desk. I lean on Langa’s book and it seem like she is not getting a glimpse of it. I take out a pen and paper from my bag.

“You know, my mother once told me, everything has rules and law and that’s what keeps the world in balance even a simplest game in card has rules and without rules and law they’ll be nothing but chaos, and rules and law it also applies in maths, all you need to do is to understand what you should add and what you shouldn’t add,” I said. “in algebra you cannot add or subtract X squared and X, that’s just breaking the rules but the rules allow us to multiply or dived, then you must find a way to multiply or dived both without breaking rules and that’s by finding what’s common between the two. Langa can you tell me what’s common between the two?” I asked.

“X” She replied.

“X, then you write your X and open the bracket and start dividing it all by your X,” I said while wrote it down explain to her step by step. she was a fast learner. She understood everything I taught her and even solve one of the equation without my help.

“Wow, Carlin, your good,” She laugh. “Is your mother who taught you this?”

“why not? I’m her only egg,” I laugh alone.

“What’s that?” She asked. Langa didn’t understand the joke but I guess that soon she will.

I shrugged, “uh, it’s nothing really,”

Langa chuckles leaning close to my ear. She put her hand around my arm.

“Teach me more?” she whispered.

“ok,” I held the pen and start show her more algebra. I show her factorize and solving equation using the quadratic formula and she quickly mastered all the method.

“I think we should stop here, tomorrow is other day, I will show you how to solve simultaneous equation,” I said.

“What’s wrong if you show me now?”

“You need to go and practice the one I show you or you’ll forget all of it if I keep putting more in your brain,”

She smiled punching me on my chest. “How about I came to your place at night so you can teach me,” she said.

“huh?” my eyes widen. I didn’t hear her clear, in fact I heard her. I had to be sure but she couldn’t repeat it. So I didn’t wait for her to have a second thought of changing her mind.

“Of course you can, if your mother will not be angry,” I said.

“She won’t and I want to introduce myself to your mother,” she said. “Does she speak Zulu or Xhosa?”

“what do you mean by that?” I asked. “and Yes, she speaks all the language Xhosa, Zulu, any south African language she can speak,” I said.

I didn’t understand. Langa don’t know my mother or she thought that my mother is rich beautiful woman driving expensive car.

“wow, she must be a rich woman?” she smiled.

“just like I thought, Langa you mean you don’t know my mother?” I asked.

“No,” She shook her head.

I didn’t understand my mother sometime she speaks with Langa’s mother and how come she don’t know her.

“I never saw your mother, the only one I saw is Sister Mary, your housemaid.”

“huh?” I cringe leaning back with shock. I never heard that a person could be housemaid and the nurse at the same time. all this two months staying with my mother, people thought that mother is my housemaid. Yeah, I agree, she do everything for me and she always wear like house maid when she doing house work but she’s not my house maid.

“Langa, Mary is not a housemaid, she’s my mother. there is no mystery rich woman. I’m colored living a normal life like you. When you see My mother do house work and do everything for me that’s because I’m her only child. She doesn’t allow me to do anything in the house but the fact is she is not my house maid.”

“really, your sister Mary’s son?” Langa looked stunned, she could believe my words.

“your son of sister Mary?” Nhlamulo asked behind me and I nodded. “No way, Sister Mary is still young to have a grown child like you,” said Nhlamulo.

Lang hold me by cheek and look my face like she is searching for resemblance. “l can see the resemblance now, your handsome.”

“Langa, your embarrassing me,” I whispered. “wait until after school, I’ll answer your question,”

“Okay, you better be prepared, because I got lot of questions” she said.

Mr. M’lawudzi finish grading the book. Langa and I both shift to the board and listen to what Mr. M’lawudzi said but usually the things he saying is kind of absurd to me. he was scolding the class but I don’t feel like I’m involve on it after he finish. He didn’t teach any lesson. He walks out the class. The school day seemed to drag. I was just bored and lonely. I mean you can’t sit with a girl that we usually met today, there is no twenty-four hours even half of it has not even pass and expect us to chat something that will keep me busy not mentioning that she had friends. However, my head still couldn’t process when I heard Langa and Nhlamulo saying that my mother is my maid. I didn’t see it coming. The hours pass and the siren for school out rings and I was slouching on my desk sleeping.

Chapter four


"Carlin." Langa shook me awake. I raise my head and gaze at her. "wake up... The school is out," she said.

“it seems everyone had already gone home,” I gasp while rub my eyes to see clearly. "How long have I been sleeping?"

"very long... You even lost two periods."

“tell me your kidding.” I said. She didn’t say anything but smile and shrugged her shoulders.

"Why didn't you wake me then?" I asked.

"I’m kidding, no teacher came in for the last two periods and besides, I would have wake you,"

“Don’t ever scare me like that,”

“I’m sorry,” she laughed. “let’s go home,” she grinned giving me her hand.

I held her hand, it was soft and cold. I stole her glance and she couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t say anything but smile and nod in response. we walk out the class holding each other hand. We didn’t even alter each other a single world until I heard her slightly laugh.

“What’s up?” I asked. “what are you laughing at?”

“Nothing,” she said. “you know what’s funny, it crazy of me to thought sister Marry is your maid,”

“you should’ve asked when we come together to school.”

“I couldn’t, we are both strangers to each other?” she said.

“yeah but we both kissed,”

“come on, that was a mistake right?” she laughs. I didn’t laugh or response. We both stop gazing at each other.

“it was a mistake right?” she asked

“I didn’t say anything but lean my head forward, my lips meet with hers, this time I kissed her.

“Carlin” She lean her head back looking down. I couldn’t tell her reaction but she let my hand go.

“I think, I should go home alone,” She run off

“Langa,” I called. She didn’t listen to me. I was left alone in the middle of nowhere.

I walked home alone with a mind full of what will happened between me and Langa. Is she going to sit with me the next day in school? Actually, I don’t know.

“Damn it, I messed up” I thought.

I got home and found Mother waiting for me. She was standing at the gate wearing her nurse uniform. I knew that today she works nightshift and I will be alone with this home. mother don’t usually work nightshift until tomorrow morning. if she’s working nightshift? is either starts at 3pm to 10 pm that’s her night shift, the reason is because she can’t leave me alone with this house.

“what took you so long?” she asked while checking the time on her watch wrap around her wrist.

“I didn’t know you’re going to work at this time.” I said but I wasn’t feeling well. My mother notices it.

“you don’t look ok, Carlin,” she said. “what’s the matter?”

“uh, it’s nothing. I’m fine,” I smile. “and I’m sorry for keep you waiting,”

“you don’t need to apologize. I still have 30 minutes.” She throws me the keys of the house. “and if you need food check them inside the microwave.”

“Ok” I walk inside putting my bag in the kitchen table and hurry to my room.


“Yes, Ma,” I responded. She didn’t even give me the time to change the uniform.

“come and take your bag to your room.”

“Ok,” I sigh while heading to the kitchen to pick school bag on the table.

“Carlene, please can you check if there is a bread on the bread bean?” she asked.

“Mom, I haven’t reach my room yet,” I said.

“Carlin, I’m in hurry?”

“Why don’t she go to work already,” I thought. I carry my school bag head to the bread bean and there was no bread only two slice of bread.

“no there is no breads only two slice remain,” I said. I didn’t want to hear her answer. I rash to my room. I throw my school bag on the bed.


“Yes, Ma” I said returning to the kitchen. I wonder what she wants me to do now.

“Go to tuck shop and buy a bread. today I will be home late,” She said while take out a purse out of her little bag.

“but mom can’t you wait until I change the uniform?”

“no there is no time Carlin. go and buy the bread before the tuck-shop closes. You can change the uniform when you come back”

“please, I’m tired,”

“Carlin, I have no time for you, if you don’t go and buy bread tomorrow you’ll go to school with empty stomach,” she took out 10 rand and give to me then walk out. I never heard from her again.

I went back to my room. I was exhausted plus the sun is hot outside. I thought about what mother said. If the tuck shop closes. I’ll go to school with an empty stomach. I didn’t change the uniform because I knew that if I try to change or lay on the bed. I will fell asleep and before I realize it that I fell asleep, it will be too late.

My head shifted looking outside through window hoping I will see her, so I could apologize. I heavily sigh with hopeless thought walking out the room.

I didn’t want to think or find something that will make me forget about the bread. I lock the house heading to tuck shop.


“that voice must be…” My head slightly shifted while putting my keys to my pocket. My eyes grow wider when I realized it was Langa. She sat under the mango tree. I wasn’t expecting her on the mango tree, well I expected her locking herself in her room.

she weaving her hand at me but I didn’t have that much energy to wave back not after what she did.

I walking out from home. My face shifted away from her and I felt the way her eyes run on me. I can tell that she was gaze at me when I pass by the streets. I was even nervous to squint at her. we both have unfinished business.

“Where you going,” she asked.

I turn pointing down the heel with my finger. “to tuck shop?”

“you look wobbly and bored,” she laughs like nothing happened between of us.

“Can I walk you to tuck-shop?” she asked.

“You can if you’re not busy.”

She stood stretching her hand. I thought she will make me wait. she didn’t have any second thought or going inside the house to pick something. she just got off on her comfortable chair and come to me as if she was waiting for me to come out. My eye run down to her feet. she was wearing a jean and a navy-blue shirt probably a school uniform.

“I check for you in your room, you aren’t there?”

“oh! I was busy with something,” I look away.

“isn’t that something has a name?”

“Langa, you left me alone there and now you pretend like nothing happened,”

“Look, Carlin, it’s still a bit to take in,” she said. “but I’m sorry, I couldn’t have walk out in you,”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“yeah,” She nodded. “but we not talking at the moment,”

“can you tell me his name,”

“Carlin Please,” she said. “please don’t make me,”

“Langa please, I need to know his name?”

“it’s Bongi,” Langa couldn’t look at me but look away.

“Bongi,” I shouted. “that senior, tell me what are you seeing there,”

“shut up, you don’t know anything about Bongi, your just new here, Bongi wasn’t like that, if it wasn’t for that…” Langa suddenly kept quiet. She didn’t talk any feather.

“Langa, what happened to Bongi?” I asked.

“is none of your business,” she said. The tear gushed out from her eyes. “I think, I should go home,” Langa left me again and run back to her home.

Chapter five

I went to tuck shop alone with full of mind what happened to Bongi. What is it, the previous principle took from her. While I was returning home. Langa and Bongi were standing together at the side of the road holding each other’s hand. I didn’t say anything or try to look at them. I walk pass them but my head couldn’t stop looking back. I saw them kissing each other.

I got home, I was tired and sad. The picture of seeing Langa kissing Bongi couldn’t go out of my head. I thought to myself that is better to accepted and move on with it. I put the bread in the bread bin shut the door locked. I head to the sit room to turn on the TV but I couldn’t concentrate. I turn off the TV and head to my room and lay on the bed. after some time, it gets darker outside. I climbed off the bed and start to close windows. I check mom’s room if the window were closed and return to my room to close the window.

I got to my room but it was hot, so decided to only close one window and left another window open. I lay on the bed, heat broken. I couldn’t sleep.


I heard Langa’s voice calling me from her room. I don’t understand what she wants from me. I head to the window to check what does she want? I open the curtain.

“Why don’t you close the window? don’t you afraid of mosquitoes?” she said avoiding the topic. I don’t know what is she trying to achieve. So, I decided to go along with it maybe it will make me feel better.

“it hot inside, I need some fresh air.”

“Did I wake you?” she grinned.

“It doesn’t matter, is ok.” I said.

“I won’t come tonight, we will meet tomorrow at school,” she said.

“Ok,” I give her a thump up

She shrugged, “Do want us to chat and get some fresh air?”

“If you’re ok with it,”

“Carlin, I’m sorry again, for walking out on you.”

“Is ok, don’t worry about it”

“we still friend right?” She asked

“of cause,” I nodded

“Ok, then, see you later” she closed the window and the curtain.

I return to bed. it was dark in the room so I turn on the light. I was bored since mother will come back until around ten o’clock. I pick up my cell phone to check the time. it’s still was pass seven. the night is still young. I sit on the bed staring up at the roof. I felt so relief after talking to Langa and it makes me want to fist on. I climbed off the bed and head to kitchen to check something to eat. it was boring and quiet. This is the first time my mother works night shift since we move to this town.

I open the microwave and I found my dish already prepared. I took the dish heading to the sit room. I turn on the TV. is the least I can think of right now even though I know that there is nothing interest me by this time. I keep changing the channel back and forth. I flinch when I heard something, someone was knocking on the door. I didn’t hear it because of the TV. I turn off the volume and it was someone knocking on the door.

“who is it?” I asked.

“it’s me Langa,”

“What is she doing here?” I thought

I look at myself and the plate of food. I turn off the TV heading straight to the kitchen. I put the food on the microwave, I put those foods because I didn’t want her to see it and for some reason I don’t know why? but something tells me that if she sees me eating, it will be awkward for both of us. I don’t want anybody to know how much I eat. I get nervous to eat food in front of someone. it doesn’t felt so good.

“Carlene, are you there?”

“Yes, I’m right here,” I open the door.

She stood in front me with her arms fold across her stomach giving me that beautiful smile.

“Hey,” She wave at me. “I’ve change my mind, can I come in,” she grinned shifting her eyes down.

I chuckle while my eyes run from her legs to her head. she was wearing purple tune skirt with pick blouse. The arm that fold across her stomach, she was holding book and by the look of it, it was mathematics book.

“Hey…” I want to say something but I was picking my words very careful. “what’s brings you here?” I asked.

“for you to teach me math.”

“but you said you will not come today.”

she chuckles “Yeah about that, I change my mind or did I disturb you?”

“uh No is just surprised to me” I shrugged my both shoulder with a smile.

“shall I come in now?” she asked

“Yeah of cause, sorry about that,” I chuckle moving out of the way.

she gazed at me passing me by, my eyes shifted to her cleavage. it was huge. the way she held the book. she cupped her breast against her chest. The firm of it mount out from her blouse. I was stunned for a moment as she gets inside waiting for me to close the door but I was standing there staring at her.

“are you coming?”

“Yes, just take this aisle and turn left, you will see a sitting room, make yourself at home,” I said.

“Ok,” she chuckles.

She wanted to say something but she didn’t instead she head to the sit room. I lock the door and rash to sitting room.

“did your mother know you’re here,” I asked while head to the TV.

“Yes, I told her that I come her to study,” She said. “I hope, sister Marry won’t get mad when she found me here.”

“No, she won’t” I said. “beside she won’t return home until ten o’clock,”

“are you not scared staying here alone?”

“Not I’m not, I can stay here alone.” I return to the couch and sit beside her. She laughs without saying anything.

“what change your mind?” I asked.

“I’m bored, Bongi doesn’t want to hang with me, so I thought if I come here to learn Math”

“you come to me when your boyfriends don’t want to hang with you?” I asked.

“Carlin, don’t start,” She said. “if I’m not welcome, I’ll go,”

“I didn’t mean to offend, I was just asking as a joke,” I said. “Langa, I won’t force you to love me but I want you know that I love you and your always welcome here,”

“did you mean that?” she asked.

“I don’t know, who knows,” I shrugged. “maybe not, only action can answer that question,”

“No, I need to hear it from your mouth, action later,” She said.

“yes,” I nodded. “I mean every word I said,”

“I don’t know Carlin,” she held both of my hands. “I love you and I love Bongi too, I don’t know which one should I choose”

“I understand,” I said.

“Really?” she smiled.

“why not?” I nodded.

“Carlin, you so kind and understanding,” she said. “thank you,”

“No problem” I said

“Ok then,” she nodded. “shall we begin?”

“why not?”

Chapter six

“what do you want to teach me?” she asked. “oh, I forget, you said you’ll show me how to solve simultaneous equation.”

“yes but before moving, forward, I need to see you how far you understand factorization,” I smiled picking up a pen and give it to her.

“do you want me to write?”

“try to solve this one?” I said. “You can solve it right?”

“No, not really.” She said “I’ve try to practice it lately and I don’t think I can,”

“If you did practice, you can’t be that bad.” I said. “try to solve this one and let me see where your struggling.”

“You asked for it,” She shrugged her shoulders and taking the pen and put the paper on the table.

“if I’m doing it wrong, please don’t judge me or yell at me,” She start writing. I gave her some time and concentrate on the TV. After few minutes she give me the paper.

“I’m done,”

I took the paper and look at it. She looked at the expression on my face and her lips shrugged.

“Is wrong isn’t it.” She asked. “I can tell by your expression,”

“Langa, stop doubting yourself, you did everything correct but you still have trouble with signs, when a number crossed an equal sign, it changes its sign, so the negative three here is supposed to be positive,”

“so, I did it correctly huh?”

“yeah, only the steps, you would have wrong the answer. You need to keep practicing your signs.”

“Ok, so can we move to simultaneous equation?” She asked.

“Of cause,” I took the paper and I start showing her step by step the way mother showed me. After hour later, she did grab it but it was pointless if she still struggles with signs.

“Langa, let’s take a break and have something to drink at least,” I stood and walk to the kitchen to make some juice. I poured two special patch and both sat on the same couch enjoying the cold drink.

“Carlin, have you ever been with a girl?” she asked.

“Uh no,” I said. “since my childhood, I’ve always been indoors, my mother couldn’t allow me to go outside.”

“and your father.” She asked.

“I don’t know him,” I said. “sometimes, I wonder if I have a father,”

She laughed and take sip on her juice. I never hear her say a word again until she finished her juiced.

“Can we proceed with our lesson then,” she moved to the table and put the glass on the table.

“Ok,” I nodded. I didn’t finish my juice. I put mine also in the table and proceed with the lesson. She was forcing it. She couldn’t concentrate. I stop putting the paper and the pen down.

“Langa, is enough for the night, we both tired,” I said.

“I guess I should go home then. I see you tomorrow the same night,”

“Ok, let’s go, I’ll walk you out,” I said.

She thanked me for the lesson. The smile was a little different, this time I saw something in her eyes that had been missing before. I walk her home.

“don’t sleep tomorrow, I haven’t done with you” She said.

“I won’t” I said.


“I promise,” I smile.

“Ok, then see you tomorrow at school.

The next day in school, I couldn’t help thinking about Langa. I felt jealous during lunch when I see her with Bongi. Sometimes during the free period, I could see them holding each other and kissing on my desk. The school day seemed to drag by and after the last bell. I ran home to mother because she had to go to work. I didn’t wait for Langa probably she walked home with her boyfriend.

The night lesson came, we both didn’t exchange more than a few words the entire time and I could see her progress.

“I guess, we should call it a day then,” She laughed.

“Yeah,” I laughed also.

“walk me out then,”

I walk her home and She was looking at me with a smile, and there was that new look in her eyes that made me wonder.

The next day, the night lesson came and She came and knock on the door. She found me busy washing dishes.

“You always seem to come around when I just finish the food.” I slightly laughed. She helped me sorting out the kitchen.

“where should I put this plates?” She asked.

“Up there,” I point up to the cabinet and went outside to throw the trash.

When I came in, she was standing in front of a cabinet with her toes putting some plate on one of the top shelves. I went over to try to give her a hand and when I touched her. she lost her balance and fell against me.

I grabbed her around her chest and I got a big handful of her breast.

“sorry,” I said.

“Is ok,” she said.

We both quickly recovered and she thanked me for catching her but when she looked at me, the smile was gone and it was replaced with something more like lust. After putting away all the dishes back to cabinet. We both went into the sitting room and she picked up where we left off.

“I think now I mastered the signs.” She said and proceeded with solving the equation and she solve it correctly.

I give her another equation and had her do it again while guiding her on the signs.

“That’s excellent,” I said.

“Excellent!” She said. “did I do it correctly?” she asked.

I nodded and she was so happy. “Now give me other, this time I want to solve it without your assistance,”

“ok,” I give her other equation to solve then I sat back and watch her write. After few minutes later. She was done. She gives me the paper and I looked at it. She did everything correct without my assistance,

“I couldn’t find the common factor, so I use the quadratic formula,” she said. “isn’t correct?”

. “is correct but thirty-six has a factor, Nine and four can give us thirteen if we sum it up.” I wrote it down myself. “but still is correct, if you have use your calculator well, you’ll have find it.”

“and who fault is that, you’re the one who give equation that have huge numbers” She said.

“I didn’t say your wrong, you got it right?’

“Really?” Langa slightly laughs. I looked at her lips and he want to suck it so badly but I was terrified and scared. The silence took over, Langa shut her eyes, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by, I took a deep breath lean in close to her, gentle pressing my lips against hers. Langa gone with it. we began kissing each other, both my hands reach to her but She strike by guilty.

“Wait,” She grab my hand leaning away from the kiss. “This is wrong? We shouldn’t be doing this?”

“I’m Sorry, Langa but I really love you,” I murmured.

“Carlin, I’m still in love with Bongi, if someone found out, I could put you in danger,”

“Then, I won’t tell anyone,” I lean in, and we both carry on with kisses. We both want it so badly but Langa just couldn’t shake the guilty she having.

“Please, let’s not do it?” she murmured. She wanted to stop, her body couldn’t let her stop. She could feel my hand overwhelm her body.

She already on edge with lust since the moment I catches her when she was about to fall, my hands already overwhelm her and she went wild.

I don’t really know what happened at that moment but the next thing I knew we both had our arms around one another, kissing each other. The first few seconds were very passionate and spontaneous but that soon led to gentle more loving kisses. Without saying a word. we started to take each other’s clothes off. A few minutes later both of us were naked, admiring each other’s bodies without saying a word. Everything about her was perfect. Her breasts were about the size of my fist with no sag at all and nipples about the size of a gold ten cent that thin out about a quarter of an inch.

She had a thin waist and beautiful legs. I looked down and noticed that beautiful body and I had a stirred like I’d never had before. We both kissed and our lounges moved in and out of each other’s mouths. She slid off the couch kneeling in front of me looking me in the eyes.

“Carlin, this is wrong?” she said.

“do you want to stop now?” I asked. “I promise that I won’t tell anyone,”



She lowered her body and our body collide. She moved up and down taking in more thrust. My hands wrapped around her and she too did cling on to my body by wrapping her hands around my neck making sure to keep the motion going until both us reach the climax. We couldn’t let go of each other, our arms were wrapped around each other with gentle more loving kisses. After few minutes of our romance. She manages to laugh.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“uh, nothing,” she said. “I think you should walk me home now,”

“Home?” I said. “but it’s early, can’t you stay a little,”

“Tomorrow is another day,” She said.


“I promise,” she smiled. “Tomorrow, you can have me all you want,”

We both started dressing after I walk her home, at the gate, we stop as she gave me a good bye kissed.

Chapter seven

The next day, I wake up early in the morning. I was over the roof with enjoy. My mind full of what happened last night between me and Langa. This is a new relationship. She’s my girlfriend now.

She had already made it clear to me that I could have her body all to myself, her words stuck on my brain. Thinking about it, just put a smile on my face.

I wanted to shout to the whole world how enjoy last night with a Langa. It was the best night ever. I don’t know whether it was a dream or not but it doesn’t matter.

I get off the bed run to open the curtain. My lips stretch with a smile when I saw her. She was busy raking. I didn’t say anything. I don’t feel like calling her. It makes me kinder happy staring at her and my mind getting over it.

“Carlin,” Mom shouted.

My mind was somewhere else warm. I didn’t hear her.

I don’t know how many times mother call my name until she decided to come to my room. I got startled when I saw her beside me.

“Mom,” I shouted. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“So, it is her huh?” She laughed.

She caught me and I had nothing to say but asked. “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to understand everything” she said giving me a smile. “you didn’t even hear me when I called you?”

“Mom, is not what you think,” I muttered.

“Carlene, I’m not a child” she turned to me and fold her arms across her chest. “Do you love her?”

I couldn’t say it but nod my head in agreement. I couldn’t look at mother. My head shift down. To my surprise, she held my head and laugh.

“Carlene, if you love her, is not a sin, you maybe my only egg but I’ve to accept that your growing up and there is nothing I can do to stop you from chasing woman.”

“I sense but coming,” I said.

“But let me give you an advice, chasing woman it will send you to an early grave my boy.”

I was disappointed. She ruined my excitement. Isn’t something I was expecting from her.

“but I love her,” I said.

“Carlene, your 17 years now, what your feeling is not love,” she said. “you just after something and you will get it my son, after getting what you want she will fall pregnant and you will run away,”

Mom ruined my day. My mind wasn’t filled that excitement but with scary thought. I have sex with Langa without protection and what if she gets pregnant? What should I do? These answered questions rush to my mind.

“Mom, you just ruined my day,” I said.

“I didn’t ruin your day, I told you the truth,” She said. “Carlene, I don’t like when chase girls at your school and I can’t not stop you but mark my words, if you get one girl pregnant, you have to take responsibility understand?” she said it like it was warning.

“Mom,” I shouted.

“Stop saying Mom, you’re doing grade 11, next year you will be doing grade 12. you won’t able to go to higher education, you have to go and find a job.”

“but, but….”

“There is no but Carlene, I’m still young to be a grandmother,” she said. “beside I’m a nurse, I saw many teenage pregnant at the clinics and I heard it with it.” She sighs, she walked to my bed and sit down.

“Carlin, come and sit here,” she said. I walk to my bed and sit beside her.

“I’m not scolding you,” She held my head. “Carlin, I taught you many good things in life but I never taught you anything about sex because I thought your still young,” she laughed. “Of cause, I don’t know why I became so blind. Time move so fast and this is the right time for me to teach you about sex. Have you slept with any girl without protection for the past two months?”

“Mom,” I shouted.

“Stop saying mom and answer me,”

“No,” I lied and look away.

“Are you sure?” She asked. “Carlin look at me, I’m not going to yell,”

“Yes, I’m sure,” I lied. I couldn’t speak the truth. I didn’t even look at her face.

“Good,” she said. “always use protection when you have sex, using protection prevent you from getting HIV and other diseases like STI and harpies. There is this rumor that say HIV got by people who have bad luck, that’s a myth, HIV can get you if you don’t use condom and the worst thing, a girl gets pregnant. Do you get what I’m saying?”

I nodded, “So, if let say I slept with a girl without protection, what should I do?”

“first, the girl must take contraceptive pill called morning after pill within five days after having unprotected sex. Second you both need to get tested,”

“That’s easy?” I said.

“That’s my boy,” she smiles pitching my cheek. “now, the water is ready, go take a shower, you’re getting late for school.”

“Ok, give me minutes, I need to do something first,”

“you want to talk to her right?” she said. “you cannot lie to me. I can see it on your face.” Mother stood. “you can go ahead but don’t take too long and always remember…”

“I’m your only egg,” We both laughed, after She kissed me on the cheek and walk out of my room.

I rush to the window and open the curtain and Langa was still busy raking. I wave my hand and smile. She waved back with a smile.

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