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Fort Myers Beach.....its a small community but it seems like most the women here I know all have one issue, THEIR MEN! So to get our minds off of our dumbass husbands, nagging children an our bitch of in-laws, we meet up at this ice cream shop at mid evening, with perfect view of the sunset. We read mostly relationship books that we each vote unanimously to agree on, then every Wednesday night for 3 hours we get together, talk about the chapters an oh yeah....ICE CREAM! We were talking about the next book we were gonna read when I decided to change it up a bit....

"Ok you guys our next book we'll be reading will be My Sexless Marriage by Heather Spaulding...."

"Heather Spaulding? Isn't she the woman that was married to Michael Bloomberg an had that messy divorce?" Asked Dedra, a club member an my friend

"Yes! Which gives us some insight on how juicy this book will be! Okay ladies there's ice cream an finger food over there on that table so help yourselves!" I said as we were wrapping up the night

"I'm actually curious to read this book, honey I need to focus all my issues on something else!" Said Farrah another club member as she approached me

"Your Husband still fighting you in court huh?" I asked

"Yeah it's a shame.....look at this ring, you would think I had the perfect life as big as it is but tell me, why do men always mistreat good women? I still stay up at night thinking what I did wrong like, I raised his kids, I was there through his surgeries, I signed a prenup! 12 years just down the drain!" Farrah said

"Well I know this couple, kinda went through something similar but my goodness, the drama was intense!"

"Tell me what happened,"

"Well it's kind of a long story but it happened like this......."

The Wedding Day

February 19th, 2014

Today on this clear day, sunny skies an a slight ocean breeze, an on the beach there was a wedding going on, it's for Todd Greene an his beautiful fiancé Alecia Watson! The story goes like this.....7 years ago Todd was a upcoming tattoo artist who was working in this shop near Miami Beach when he saw this one girl come in an asked for a little basic rose tattoo on her arm. She smelled so good, her long brown hair an perfect shape an then her low cut shorts oh my gosh it almost made Todd almost loose concentration! Alecia goes up to pay for her tattoo an Todd is at the register, they talk for a bit an how Alecia was from Canada but moved to Florida literally like last week, then as Todd gives her the receipt he sneaks in his phone number on the bottom. Todd was on his way back to his apartment when he got a call, it was Alecia she actually called him back!

From then on they dated an got into each other, Alecia talked about how she moved down here to finish her masters degree in medical office management, Todd talked about how he wanted his own tattoo shop an one night he invited Alecia over to his place to show off his one thing led to another an she ended up showing him her goodies! After a year they moved in together an as tradition Todd decided to let Alecia meet his family. Now his mom passed away when he was 10 but his father, boy he was a tough cookie, Michael was a preacher who pretty much was still trying to accept Todd career as a tattoo artist (he thought defacing bodies was ungodly, but Todd didn't listen...)  but surprisingly he gravitated to Alecia...but Alecia's parents, the Watsons, were kinda skeptical of Todd. Alecia is a white girl from Canada an ain't a lot of black men here, so it took her parents a minute to get used to Todd (an ignore stereotypes) but eventually they liked him.

A year turned into 3 an Todd an Alecia's relationship went strong, it was kinda cute too! From Dairy Queen dates to the time they went to Myrtle Beach an Todd's trunks fell off as he came out the water (an he had no underwear on) there relationship never had a dull moment! Then on New Years Eve 2013, Todd invited Alecia to his family's New Years party an in front of all his cousins, uncles an grandparents, he proposed with a cute lil ring!

"I want to go into 2014 with you as my wife, will you marry me?" He asked

"Yesssss!" Alecia shouted as she kissed Todd while the backyard fireworks were blowing up outside an the clock struck midnight watching Dick Clark

Then we fast forward to today, all family from both sides an friends were at the wedding sitting on these white chairs on the sand while waiting for the bride an groom to come on out. Alecia was in her dressing room adjusting her gown with her mom an sister Megan in the room,

"God I hope you're making the right decision!" Said Megan

"Seriously! You're gonna say that shit like 5 minutes before I get married?" Uttered a bothered Alecia

"Now you girls settle down!  And Megan watch your language." Said Miss Watson

"Sorry Mom"

"But sweetie I was thinking too and....."

"Oh don't tell me you guys have doubts! I thought you guys liked Todd?" Alecia asked

"We do but......a tattoo artist, his religious zealot family, the fact he can't cook I mean honey I just hope the best for guys." Said Miss Watson

"Mom if you loved me like you say you do, you let me an Todd do this an trust he'll treat me right, can you that for me please?"


"Heyyyyy, oh my gosh Alecia girl, you look so cute in that dress!" Said Rodney, Alecia's gay best friend

"Hey Rodney! Um can you guys step out for a minute?"

"Ok but not too long honey everyone's waiting!" Said Miss Watson as she an Megan left the room

"I thought they NEVER leave! Can you believe the nerve of them askin if I'm doin the right thing right before I tie the knot! Ugh, why can't they see Todd is a good catch!"

"Babygirl they just hatin, besides Todd is cute an you cute an I just know y'all gonna have a cute ass life y'all perfect for each other! Hell at least your family showed up for your wedding, mines didn't care." Rodney said

"Rodney, what if they're right! What if I'm making the wrong choice?"

"Gurl don't let them negative birds ruin the happiest day of your life! Look in the mirror, look how snatched that waist is! Gurl you so pretty, I bet Todd is just as happy an stress free...

Meanwhile in the other room, Todd was adjusting his tux an his father was there along with his friend since middle school Rod! An Todd was just as nervous....

"Damn Todd, you're sweating like pig in that tux an the AC is on full blast bro! Settle down! All that shaking an restlessness you gotta save all that energy for your wedding night!" Rod said

"I'm fine it's just that, I don't know all those girls I dated an I always broke up with them before we actually got serious an now I'm gettin married! Just a lot on my mind man!

"Want me to get you a bud light or something?

"There will be no drinking till after the ceremony Rod, I will not have my son stumble across the aisle! Said Michael

"Sorry pastor! Look imma be sittin out there, but make it quick Todd, I'm hungry!" Said Rod as he left

"You need better friends, but that's not an issue right now, right now you're about to leave your family an cleave to your wife!" Said Michael

"I kinda wish Mom was here ya know,"

"I do too son, it's been 17 years an I still miss her but I know she's up in heaven smiling down....but today son you're going to be starting a new life! A new beginning!" Said Michael

"I just hope I'm doing the right thing Dad.."

"Son, what does that verse say, he who findeth a wife, finds a good thing that alone should answer your question! Love is never wrong!"

"Alright......its time to marry my woman!" Said Todd as he was ready to walk down the aisle

As the Wedding music was playing, an Alecia started walking down with her father by her side, Alecia felt like the happiest woman alive! As soon as she went to the altar all her worries suddenly vanished! Then came Todd walking down, with a few tears flowing down his face, he never felt like this before an when him an Alecia were on that altar together they knew it was meant to be! Michael then came an being he's a preacher, he presided over the marriage. Todd exchanged some of his feelings, Alecia exchanged some of hers, an then the rings were put on....

"An by the by the power vested in me and the state of Florida, I now pronounce you my son Todd an Alecia, Husband an Wife, you may kiss your bride!

Then at that moment Todd an Alecia were officially married, neither one of them knew what would happen years down the line, but as they were in that limo kissing wildly, Todd knew that he made the right decision......

Four Years Later

March 2018

4 years......where did the time go! A lot has happened in that timeframe, after Todd an Alecia tied the knot they stayed in Todd's apartment for a while, but a brief battle with bed bugs made Alecia want to move! Alecia graduated a year after the wedding with her masters in medical office management an with a stroke of luck, got a job managing this dental office in Pembroke Pines...thanks to Rodney (who works at front desk) eavesdropping on the dentist conversation telling his partners he couldn't find a qualified office manager. Alecia went in an the dentist was instantly impressed, she took the job an within 2 years she was already turning the business around an making the dentist more money, which meant a HUGE pay raise! It was big enough that Alecia bought a new Lexus, a down payment on this nice house in Weston an decided to take a risk....investing into Todd's dream.

Now Todd wasn't that good with money.......his credit was shot an he was spending his money on art supplies, new computers an gaming stuff, an he wasnt making that much compared to Alecia so Alecia was skeptical but, Love makes you things you wouldn't normally do, so she took a risk an loaned him $50,000! Todd always wanted his own tattoo shop an after awhile of struggling it seemed he got it together! He found this cute place in Hollywood Beach, costing a smidge more over his planned budget but, after getting with his friend from high school who just happens to have a huge following on social media, Todd used that connection an his tattoo shop did well! Now as with all newlyweds the thought of children came up, Todd an Alecia thought about it but with Alecia dealing with well as her 14 hour a day schedule, conceiving was pretty much out the question! But it wasn't just them two in the house, Jon's apartment was caught up in a huge fire that destroyed 90% of the complex, an Jon was forced to stay with Todd an Alecia, it was a plus for Todd cause he gained a gaming buddy but, Alecia's patience was wearing thin as Jon don't really contribute around the house.

It was the next morning an Alecia was getting up at 5 am, she cleaned herself up, put on her pantsuit, got her Prada bag an went out to the office! Alecia life was hectic, sometimes she think while sitting in traffic on 595 if she did the right thing......her family tried to tell her to slow down or stay at home more but Alecia wouldn't budge! She finally got to the office an as she walked in, the first person she talks to is Rodney!

"Good morning girl, ooooh look at you in that pantsuit! GIVE US FIRST LADY REANLESS!"

"Rodney you are too much! But thank you!"

"Girl I know I'm nearsighted.....but is that a Prada bag?"

"Why yes, yes it is, since I heard some of these office people call me the devil in heels, I figure I get myself a Prada bag! So now the devil wears Prada!"

"Girl don't pay attention to them they just hating! Aint nothin like a strong businesswoman that puts some of these old prune men in their place!"

"I still got 20 minutes, Rodney come with me to my office we can talk in there..." Said Alecia as she went to her office

"Okay miss diva!" Said Rodney as he followed her

"Oh yeah girl this cane in earlier today....." Said Rodney as he gave her a gift bag

"Um what's the....oh I think I know who it is, it's William!"

"William, the rich white boy that works high up in corporate an grills us for our smoke breaks when we should be "serving the patients"....hell nah my ass stressed out, my man actin up! These Cubans can't read English I NEED A SMOKE! Matter fact imma go outside now...." Shouted Rodney as he went outside

Then Alecia looked inside the gift bag and saw the Chanel perfume, it was a rather extravagant gift but then she realized age was married and it wouldn't be right to bring it in Todd's face, but she was a little curious so she sprayed a bit on herself an hid the bottle in her desk....she really loved the smell. Meanwhile it was an off day for Todd an he was home playing on his xbox with Jon while they talked,

"Bro, im seriously kicking your ass in this game!" Said Jon as he was talking smack

"God, What's that nasty smell?" Asked a disgusted Todd as he smelled something from the kitchen

"I think it's the leftover tomatoes in the fridge!"

"Oh that's Alecia's crap, she's all health conscious now eating like a cow, eating salads an wheatgrass!"

"So that's what that green stuff is? You want me to throw it out...."

"Nah that's her junk leave it alone!"

"Well hey just as long she still gettin your sausage..... that's the only meat she needs!"

"We haven't had sex in like what 6 months!"

"SIX MONTHS! Bro how are you still functioning! Do you have a flesh light? Or you use good ol Vaseline?"

"Bro you so nasty! An why you think I play Xbox so much!"

"Oh no.....don't tell me you play those virtual sex games at 2 am in the morning!"

"I think I hear the garage......"

"Hey guys! I'm home!" Alecia shouted as she came in

"Hey babe!" Said Todd as he went over to kiss her

Todd was yearning for some alone time with his busy wife, it was like she was in her own world sometimes! Then Todd smelled Alecia neck an she had a real good perfume....

"Oh I see you guys gettin busy! Lemme take this burger an go upstairs.." Said Jon as he left

"Babe you smell good where you get that from?" Todd asked

"Rodney bought a lil something for me that's was your day?

"It was alright, me an Jon played around, whooped his ass in NBA 2k an other than that just chillin!"

"You think In all your chilling you find time to do the laundry!"

"Look sorry babe, how bout I make it up to you with a little lovin...." Said Todd as he started getting fresh with Alecia

"Look babe, I got files to look at for tomorrow an I'm not really in the mood okay, i just want some wine an go into the room." Said Alecia

Then as Alecia blew off Todd again, Todd was kinda pissed about it, it was like no matter what Alecia never wants to have sex! So Todd goes up to the office room where Alecia was at an wanted to know some things...

"Hey what you doin up here?" Alecia asked

"Just wanted to see my wife in action, do ever just like stop an take a break I mean you work so long it's like I gotta schedule time to see you!"

"Honey.....when we were married we were in debt, you had no money an I was the breadwinner for awhile! Now we have this big house, debt paid off, I bought a new car, Todd this job is not just a job it's my life! You may not care but I actually like working long hours I like being productive!"  

" you love me?" Todd asked

"Excuse me! Todd What kind of question is that! I'm here working my ass off, keeping things together an you think I don't love you!"

"You never spend time with me! I hadn't touched you down there in like a century, babe I wanna make love....make money some other time!"

"Is that all you men think about? VAGINA! If you want a gurl to just lay down an help you bust a nut I suggest you get a blowup doll! Now if you'll excuse me I got to get back to work!"

An just like that Todd was upset an he just closed the door leaving Alecia alone! It times like this he wondered too.......did he do the right thing?

Um, Who’s This?

Alecia came to work on a Friday morning, she felt bad about the way she told Todd off an avoided sex (again). Alecia felt at times Todd can be inconsiderate of her dreams, she worked hard to get where she's at an she never just wanted to be an "accessory" to her husband! But Alecia also knew marriage was a partnership an that Todd really wanted a baby.....even tho Alecia has a secret, a secret that could strain the marriage even more, a secret not even her mother or friends knows!

Alecia was in her office when she got a surprise was William! William was one of the head honchos of the dental group that oversees Alecia's branch an he's the one sending her gifts! Although Alecia was flattered by them (especially the Chanel perfume) she felt uneasy taking gifts from another man, but William was damn upgrade.....Todd might've been a prime rib, but William was fillet mignon!

"Hi William, what are you doing here?" Alecia asked

"Oh just came to stop by an see how our most profitable branch of the practice is doing! Do you have the financials?" William asked

"Oh yes right here....but William can we talk a little personal for a minute, what's with all the flattery?"

"Alecia, you are the top office manager out of 40 branches! An for 2 years in a row, an plus you are a rather beautiful woman...."

"Who is also very married. Look William, I..."

"I know I know, you feel a tad uncomfortable, and I apologize for that, that's against company policy,"

"I was gonna say I don't mind being friends, just know the boundaries."

Then as Alecia was talking to William, suddenly Todd came into the office! Todd was at his tattoo shop but he decided since it was slow to take an hour break an take Alecia out to lunch,

"Hey baby you want grab a bite?" Todd asked

"Todd darling, I um, didn't expect to see you here!" Alecia said a tad embarrassed

"Oh I didn't know I was disturbing something important....."

"Oh no man I'm William, I'm from corporate! Your wife is doing a fine job for our company! Listen Alecia I have to go but um....nice talking to you an I'll make sure to give these reports to corporate!"

"Thank you William!" Said Alecia as William left

Todd an Alecia go out to lunch to this restaurant an Alecia just had so many thoughts on her mind. She thought about William, right in front of Todd, an for a few seconds almost forgot she was married! She loved Todd with everything in her, even though he feels like lately he doesn't give a damn about her career an accomplishments! But in the middle of the meal Todd stopped an grabbed Alecia's hand, then looked into her eyes and smiled!

"You know I love you so much! I'm so lucky to have married you! You lent me money for my shop, you got us a nice house, you worked your ass off these past couple months an here I am constantly trying to be a distraction an asking for sex, but believe me when I say babe I love you.......I love you!" Said Todd as he was expressing his feelings towards Alecia

"I love you I thank you for understanding all the stuff I do, I just want to do well that's why I work long hours."

"Well babe trust me I understand! It took me awhile but I know what you're doing!

At that moment Todd an Alecia kissed, and Alecia was feeling the most appreciated in a long was reminiscent of the first real  date to Olive Garden. But she had a secret and she figured since they both in their feelings she would reveal it! But just as she was about to tell Todd, they were interrupted by a text from Jon...

"Oh shit really! Jon finally got a new place!"

"Oh that's great!"

"He wants me to come over an see it,"

"But were having lunch....."

"I know babe but this is like a major moment! An plus he needs help puttin furniture, setting up his bed you know."

"Go ahead babe, I got to get back to work anyways...."

Then Todd got up an left, Alecia was kinda sad, why do men jump up at the chance to hang with their buddies? Alecia couldn't get mad though, she was practically avoiding Todd with all her work an emotionally drifting to William, which she needed to stop.

Todd went to Jon's new apartment, it was really nice, a tad smaller than his last place but at least he had his own space again! Todd helped Jon moved around some things an get his apartment together an after 4 hours of working they both were kinda tired.

"Bro this is really nice! My boy finally got his own spot again!"

"Yes it feels so good! Cmon lets celebrate an go to a strip club!" Jon suggested

"Man im married!" Todd said

"Cmon it's not like Alecia will find out! Plus you know can't resist all that ass, those jiggly, plushy, smackable asses....."

"LETS GO!" Said Todd all excited

An Todd too his wedding ring off an put it in his pocket, now raised in church he knew that as a married man this was hella wrong, but Alecia was so cold to him in the bedroom, and as a man with needs Todd decided to "take a break" from being married an have some fun. They went to this club called Inferno an the girls were dancing, shaking an of course...stripping! Todd got a few bills to make it rain, all the ass in the club was distracting but one girl came to Todd an Jon's table...

"Hey, how y'all doin tonight?" She asked

"We feelin a lot better now," Said Todd

"You like what you see huh, it got a mind of its own....." the girl said as she started making her ass move

"Damn! Lemme give you a tip!" Said Todd as he put $80 in the girls very thin panty

"What's your name?" She asked  

"I'm Todd, damn, I mean you just....DAMM!"

"They call me jiggle, (laughs) but my real name is Amber

"Wow.....Amber you can, WOW!"

"His wife isn't giving him any that's why he so shocked to see ass!" Said Jon as he blurted out Todd's business

"It's a shame, cause you're really, really cute...." Amber said as she got closer to Todd with her breast practically in his face

Amber left an Todd was still staring at her behind, for a few minutes he almost forgot he was married! Todd an Jon stayed out till 3am an when Todd came home Alecia was asleep in the couch, knocked out from doing extra work! Todd put a blanket over her an quietly went into the room, the thought of that mesmerizing Amber was very much on his mind, but he had to remind himself he was married, an keep this strip Club outing to himself...

Next day Todd was at his tattoo shop an he wasn't busy really just on his phone when he had a customer with a familiar face....

"Hey I remember you, you're that guy from the club last night that gave me a juicy tip, is it Todd?" Amber asked

"Yeah! Ain't this funny! Um what you here for today I assume a tat?"

"Yeah I want another one on my left thigh, can I see your designs?" Amber asked

"Yeah......I made all these myself, years of drawing an art,"

"I like that angry green rose, yeah that's really hot!"

"Alright step right this way ma'am!"

Todd got his supplies together an Amber got on her belly an showed off her ass....again, the fact she was wearing tiny shorts wasn't helping either! Todd placed his hand on her thigh trying to find a good spot to start working but he every time he move his hand around her thigh he ended up grabbing her ass! Todd really was fighting the urge to cop a feel!

"Are you Alright back there, you got a lot to work with!"

"Um yeah it's perfect fat......I MEAN FINE, ITS PERFECTLY FINE!" Said an embarrassed Todd

After a few hours of tattooing, Todd was done with Amber an went to cash her out. Todd was really trying not to look at Amber but it was hard not to,

"I'm sorry if I'm acting strange or anything it's just that, workin with a lot back there, and up there too!" Said Todd

"You know it's okay I get it all the time, married men, single men, some girls here an there...."

"Oh wow you're bisexual?"

"Something like's my card, call me if you want."

"Um I'm married......"

"I know that it's just, I might want another tattoo from you cause you're dope an you did amazing on my thigh!"

"Hi babe, I think you're car just got out the shop you wanna come with me to who is this?" Asked Alecia as she walked into the shop

"This is a great customer, miss jiggle I MEAN.....(chuckles) miss Amber!" Said Todd embarrassed

"Hi I was just paying for my tattoo, he really did a good job on me! Thank you again Todd!" Said Amber she left

"Hey babe I'll be ready in a minute lemme get my wallet!" Said Todd

Alecia saw how blushed her husband was when miss thang with the oversized lumps walked out, but Alecia trusts her husband! He's just being like any other man when they see a scantily clad woman, Alecia just hopes her husband behaves himself.....or is he hiding something?

Sins of The Husband, Secrets Of The Wife

There's lots of things that keep a marriage intact but ones that are most important are trust an communication....two things both Todd an Alecia are slowly running out of! It almost seemed like they were telling their issues to everybody else except to each other. Alecia was on her lunch break when Rodney an Meecie, a dental assistant who worked there too, sat with her..

"Gurl you alright? You look like you bout to cry, what Todd do this time?" Rodney asked

"Hey Rodney, I just had something on my I know it's none of my business but Todd had this woman over at his shop an she barely had any clothes on, she had this oversized ass practically showing her cheeks to the world an I could tell Todd was intrigued the proof was sticking out his pants hard as a rock!" Said Alecia

"Hey y'all what I miss?" Said Meecie as she cane over

"Todd had a 10 dollar fix-a-flat booty hoe in his shop the other night!" Rodney Said

"Oh my god, gurl you need to lay it on him, give him that good sex, when was the last time y'all did it?" Meecie

"It's been a dry spell, like a few months, I mean I'm working 14 hour days, I got meetings an important phone calls when I get home...."

"Gurl it only takes like 25 minutes for a good sloppy! Use that lunch hour wisely!" Said Meecie

"25 minutes? Chile I can give good head in less than 5 an still have time for a few back shots an take a bubble bath, send him back to work happy!" Said Rodney

"Look Alecia this dry spell got his mind wandering already! You gotta keep him in check or he gon start stepping out! Cause I got news for you honey, these hoes love taking things that don't belong to em an these men are gullible as ever!" Said Meecie

"Didn't you give this man like 50 grand to open up that body defacement shop, girl you most definitely need to put your foot down!" Said Rodney

"But I don't want it to look like I run the marriage!" Said Alecia

"Baby, your money put the down payment on that house an that Lexus not to mention that business..seems to me you been wearing the pants, t-shirt an shoes in the relationship!" Said Meecie

"And the matching Prada bag!" Said Rodney

"So what should I do?" Alecia asked

"Go home, put on some Victoria secret, get him drunk an handle your business.....hell forget about that chick real quick!" Said Meecie

Alecia wasn't bout to let her marriage slip away! She got off work early, came home, took a shower an got sexy.....she put on this black see thru number with her heels, giving a Las Vegas showgirl tease! Then she got some vodka an spiked the Hawaiian Punch, she sent Todd a text telling him to come home quick it was urgent! Awhile later when Todd came home she was looking for Alecia, he didn't know what to expect!


"Up here!" She Shouted from the guest room

Todd when up to the guest room, the door was open but Alecia wasn't in there.....until the door closed behind him an Alecia popped out from behind surprising him! An Todd was shocked!!

"Baby, what you got on....."

"I wanted to try something different, you like it?" Alecia said as she got closer

"It's...its....I mean..."

"Shush, less talking more kissing!"

Then Alecia an Todd started making hot love, Todd was in heaven as Alecia was doing things to him that she hadn't done since the wedding night! Alecia laid down an received as Todd gave her all love an passion he been holding in for months!! They were in that room for at least a couple hours......

When they finished, Todd an Alecia were in each other's arms! It was like the wedding night,  Alecia felt like the fire between them was relit an the marriage might have a chance...

"Wasn't that something huh? Ooooh you really, oooooh I can't even put a sentence together!" Alecia said happily

"You know why it was so good, cause after what seemed like a century I get to touch you finally! Let's hope last night gives us a little Todd or a little Alecia, or hell Twins!"

"Oooh babe I gotta use the bathroom, and then how bout we drive to Key West or something,"

"I like that!" Said Todd as he kissed Alecia before she got up,

Alecia was in the bathroom when suddenly she got a call from her sister in Canada, Miss Watson was getting a lumpectomy, this really put all of Alecia's plans on hold

"Oh my god........that was Megyn, mom is having a lumpectomy babe they think she might have....I got to go pack!!" Said a worried Alecia

"Babe you need me to come with you?"

"No she just wants immediate family, sorry, but I would very much appreciate it if you held down the fort while I'm gone, it'll only be for the weekend!"

A few hours later Alecia was dressed, packed, an took a Uber to the airport where she got on the first flight to Toronto! Todd was a little upset but a lumpectomy is serious! So he decided to let it slide, besides after that explosion of passion earlier he couldn't be mad! Since the wifey was gone for a bit Todd decided to let Jon came over an they could have a boys night in! Jon an Todd drank beer an played Xbox till like 1 in the morning, and of course talk about Miss "Jiggle"

"So you tap that yet?" Jon asked

"Bro I ain't even into her like that!"

"Man stop lyin you know you was hella hard!"

"Well yeah but, after what Alecia did boyyyy, I ain't thinking bout no amber!"

" an Alecia, as in your wifey, the one who always curves you an always workin!"

"Yeah! Hey at least I got some, I actually ain't mad for waiting that long, cause the more it builds up, the more freaky I get, man I ate everything, EVERY-THING! I didn't leave nothin untouched or rubbed.....licked!"


"Like I Said man I ate everything! I mean she my wife, an she didn't mind, I mean she returned the favor an woooo, I shot up like a rocket!"

"Ok y'all are nasty nasty nasty! Man my head hurt...."

"Bro it's just sex!

"No I mean my head hurt, had a migraine all day! You got some pills?"

"Yeah go into Alecia's cabinet an you see she got them good pills bro, like Percocet or something like that from her foot surgery, she never uses them but I been dippin....woo man!"

Then Jon went into the cabinet, Todd was on cloud nine, that sex really rejuvenated him, an he was expecting his "soldiers" to do their work an get Alecia pregnant.....but Jon came back with a bombshell!

"Bro you took the pills yet?"

"No but I think you should see these...."

"Man it's just perc it ain't gon kill you!"

"Todd I thought you said y'all was trying to have a baby?"

"Man what you talkin bout, as much as I spewed out we should a little Todd by Christmas!"

"Not while Alecia takin these....."

Then Todd went over to see what Jon was talking about, and he made an alarming discovery.....ALECIA WAS TAKING BIRTH CONTROL! And the date on the prescription bottle was 4 months ago!

"Man I didn't know......" Said Todd all hurt an confused

"I'm sorry bro, I guess I won't be an uncle!"

"An she kept it from me! Man I need a minute...." Said Todd as he walked away into his room

Meanwhile in Toronto, Alecia an Megan were in the family house, turns out the lump was benign, but mom needed to be on bed rest for a week, so Alecia decided to stay awhile. The Watsons have been very vocal from the beginning about Todd an how they were skeptical of Alecia marrying him, so Alecia knew she was in for a lot of judgement.

"So how are you an Todd getting along?" Megan asked

"We're good, you know we had some rough patches but I think after yesterday afternoon...we put that to bed! Matter fact if memory serves me correctly it was all over the bed, the floor, the walls!" Alecia said

"Alecia...(gasps) no you didn't!!! Megan said all shocked

"Well I mean you guys are married, you're supposed to have lots of relations!" Said mother Watson

"Well believe me it hasn't been the easiest thing, I'm succeeding in my career an keeping everything together financially and I think he's kinda upset," Said Alecia

"Oh sweetie, why you say that?" Mother Watson asked

"Todd gets upset when I tell him I'm working hard, he wants me to have his baby like I'm just not ready!" Alecia said

"Look honey you do not have to rush, it's your body, besides you just got this career why do want to add extra stress to yourself just to make him happy!" Megan said

"Sweetie I don't mean to be abrasive but....are you guys using condoms?" Mother Watson asked

"No, I'm taking birth control, don't worry mother it's not forever, you will get your grandchild, just not right now, like I just don't feel ready for a child, An another reason I'm not ready for a child is because.......I think Todd is having an affair, or is about to!" Alecia said

"Excuse me!! Alecia how we get from making love to having an affair?? Do you even know who she is!" Megan asked

"Todd had this woman in his tattoo shop late in the day, she was in little tiny shorts an her butt was practically busting out the seems! An I can tell he was attracted, his manhood went from a flat tire to a Goodyear blimp in like 60 seconds!  I don't know you guys, I just, I just don't trust him 100 percent! Like he's home alone now, I can't watch him like a toddler that's why my mind is going crazy! An then there's my issue..."

"What you mean your issue?" Megan questioned

"This man named William, he's a real big time man from corporate but, he sent me this Chanel perfume, an he we even went out for coffee a few times, I thought about you know....well you know, but..."

"Okay Alecia stop right there, honey, all this outside stuff is what will break your marriage up! You an Todd are almost 5 years in which is a considerable amount of time especially in today's world, but I'm telling you, you got to be devoted to HIM! Now if you think Todd is stepping out then you confront him, but trust your husband enough to know that he will never to that to you because without trust a marriage won't last! An you need to put an end to this William thing, darling you married Todd, he may not be perfect but YOU married him! The grass isn't always greener on the other side!" Said mother Watson as she gave advice to Alecia

Todd was home alone, when he got a text from Amber, she wanted a tattoo from him again. Todd was far away from the shop so he made the decision to do Ambers the house! Amber came over in her low cut clothes as usual, Todd was telling himself it was strictly business, but that ass was a distraction in his itself!

"You doin my tat in a tank top and sweatpants? You real chill today!" Amber said

"Yeah I didn't feel like goin all the way to the shop, plus I can do tats anywhere! So um where you want it this time?

"I was thinking under like my side boob right here, you know, something risqué!" Said Amber

Then Todd saw this particular location on her body, and boy he was flustered! This woman had a rack twice the size of Alecia's little Lima beans! When laid her down to do work he tried to shoot down every lustful thought, but then when he grabbed a bit of her breast to move it out the way......he couldn't resist anymore!

"Wow they're so supple and, firm and, so playful!" Todd admires

"Oh yeah I get that a lot, you should see them both tho I think I might need to get them lifted...."

Suddenly amber took off her very very small top an swung both breasts in Todd's face! Todd never seen full size breast like that before...and then Todd got closer, an he kissed under her breast, then he pretty much buried his face between them! Amber let out a moan, which made Todd even hornier, he took off his tank top an let Amber touch his chest, Amber licked it all the way up to his neck, kissing his nipple while she was up there! Todd then laid down on the floor while Amber climbed on top of him, then another kiss an another touch, led to sucking an then Todd went inside, an then BOOM! It was everywhere, all over the floor an his chest, Todd decided to let Amber stay over for the night!

The next morning, Todd got a text, it was ALECIA, she was on the flight back home an will be home in a few hours! Todd jumped up, and woke Amber up too as the fear settled in!

"Amber Hurry hurry get up! My wife is coming back home!" Todd Said

"Oh my god, um you got my number right?

"Yeah yeah yeah now get dressed an I will do your tattoo at the shop!"

Amber then put on her clothes an heels and left the house! Todd got some napkins to clean up the "evidence" off the floor! Then he put some new clothes on an positioned himself on the couch watching TV till the door opened, it was Alecia! Todd came an greeted her, then took her bags upstairs, Alecia went to sit in the couch, but Todd went into the bathroom, ashamed at himself for what he did! But he can only hide the affair for so long, and he didn't know it now but it was about to blow up in his face!

I Thought You Loved Me

It's amazing how feeble minded some men are.....all it takes is a woman in skimpy clothes and oversized (fake) breasts/booty and he forgets about the wife he's supposed to be devoted to. You would think when a man gets married he stop fooling around knowing the consequences an heartbreak that'll follow, but men don't care, most of them just want sex, an when the wife doesn't do her part in the bedroom like she use to, men start to wander.

That's exactly what Todd was doing, he thought things were all good with him an Alecia until Jon found those birth control pills! Todd loves his wife but lately he feels like Alecia just cares about herself with her career an all, an then Amber came along.....Todd was over at her place so many times he was sexin more than working! Then he come home at damn near midnight an since Alecia was working so much he thought she never suspect, let alone care. One night Alecia got home earlier than usual and decided to make a dinner for Todd, she set up the wine, got out the table cloths and waited for Todd to come home, when Todd came through the door he was kinda surprised...

"Baby, you got off work early or something?"

"Yeah it wasn't that busy an I decided to make something for my husband, I know I don't do it often but a nice dinner, just us, is what I think we need!" Alecia said

"Um yeah it's looks good..." Said Todd

Todd was kinda caught off guard because tonight he invited Amber over, an hoping Alecia would still be at work or something! He now was uneasy an had to think of something..,

"Babe you haven't touched your food, it's your favorite, KFC chicken," Alecia said all concerned

"No just, stuff on my mind that's all,"

Suddenly Todd's phone went off, it was Amber, saying she was on her way!! Todd then texted back an lied to Alecia saying it was Jon, that Jon was on his way to take him out to a late movie...

"Todd you have to leave now?"

"Yeah babe the movie starts in like 45 minutes but I'll be back before midnight! Love you babe...."

Todd kissed Alecia an she was kinda confused as she believes the fib Todd made up! Todd put on his shoes an went outside, an suddenly Amber pulled up!

"Hey Todd, WOW I cant believe we'll have this big house all to our-"

"Lets go!! My wife is inside she might be lookin out the window!"

"So now what?"

"How bout we go to the beach open up the sunroof to let the moonlight in as I dive into your ocean...." Said Todd as he kissed Ambers neck

Amber then drove off, they went to Hollywood Beach an found a nice secret spot, under the trees, no cops, an nice lil view of the night sky. Then Todd got it started an buried his face between Ambers breast, Amber was enjoying every minute of the fondling as Todd then worked his hands down her pants, getting her ready! Amber ripped off Todd's shirt, Todd took off his shorts, an then Todd made the seat recline real low as Amber got on top an rode him, making Todd tremble as he orgasmed!

Meanwhile back at the house, Alecia called Rodney over since she was alone, and they had a long talk...

"Gurl thank you for inviting me over! There's two things I like to do, one night stands, and drinking wine with my homegirls!  Why you so down an out?" Rodney asked

"At least you get some action, Todd's been coming home real real late, and when he gets home he don't want to anything! An tonight I come home early an buy all this food an he skips out an hangs with Jon....and you know I don't cook!" Said Alecia

"He ain't touchin you, coming in late, always hangin with his homeboy...gurl! Either he's a crackhead or he's gay!"

"No he can't be!! I knows he's not gay!! He can't possibly be gay! Please tell me they're only playing Xbox!!"

"Todd might be playin with Jon but it ain't no Xbox honey! They probably like that movie Moonlight sittin in the car grabbing each other's...."


"Gurl I say confront him, if he aint then no need to worry, but if he reveals he likes to go both ways like a 2 way street, be gentle, understanding,  then get a damn blood test!

Todd soon came home, the car sex (both rounds) with Amber really drained his energy and he was tired, but before he went to bed he was confronted by Alecia, thinking he was caught!

"Oh hey guys, woooo that was quite a movie!" Todd lied

"You seem real happy Todd, I bet it was a wild night with Jon," Said Rodney with his subliminal message

"Yeah it was somethin!"

"Well I know the feeling, after all....boys do it better than girls," Said Rodney as he left the house

"What's he talkin bout?"

"Todd, baby, please tell me the the truth...."

"About what?" Todd asked nervously

"You know I love you but......are you bisexual?"

"HUH! Alecia how you even come up with that ughhh! I don't get down like that hell no!"

"Well it's just that you be with Jon more than me lately comin home late, and the time I am here you out with your homies or whatever so I was just wondering, it's like I barely see you anymore!" Said Alecia

"Honey look, believe me  I'm not messin with any men, I would never do that!"

"Well since you here now, how bout we you know on the couch," Said Alecia

"Nah babe I'm not up to it, listen imma go to bed....."

Then Todd went upstairs, knowing he was almost caught! Alecia was perplexed, usually men don't turn down sex, but Alecia didn't want to get into Todd's space an she left him alone. I mean men aren't always horny right? If Todd doesn't feel like it he doesn't feel like it, right? Or what if......All these scenarios were popping into her head, so Alecia decided to do the wifely thing an trust Todd, besides Todd wouldn't cheat on her, right?

The next day Todd was at his tattoo shop, when he wasn't busy he was texting back an forth with Amber, talking all dirty to each other, Todd was surprised how open minded an freaky Amber was, something Alecia could never do! Alecia was pretty conservative in the bed, she just gets naked an lay there while Todd does all the "work"! Jon came into the store an saw Todd looking at this explicit video Amber sent,

"Bro, who is that!"

"Damn man, can't just sneak up on folks like that!"

"Wait, is that Amber from the strip club, and is she playing wit her....."

"Yeah bro, it's so pink an delicious! And so soft too, it just slides in like butter!"

"Brooo, you tapped that! Ohhhh Todd a playa playa!"

"Yeah she came to the house to get a tattoo, she said she wanted it near her boob, and I felt on it, after that I tapped it, smashed it, licked it.....and she a freak too bruh, she took a lollipop, stuck it in there an rubbed it around and, let's just say it got real messy after that!"

"Oh god......I need a minute! Ok I need more than a minute! Todd you know you're married right,"

"Look, I know it ain't right what I'm doing but Alecia ain't, she ain't givin it to me no more, she gettin a lil too selfish, all those hours at work, she no fun anymore and oh yeah she's takin birth control knowing damn well I want kids, look just promise you won't say nothin!"

"Yeah man my lips sealed I won't say a word! But how long you gonna keep this up?"

"Man I ain't gon lie, I kinda feel guilty bout what I'm doin, but....when she shows me this all my guilt goes away!" Said Todd as he showed Jon the video of Amber on his phone


"Listen Bro I'm having a lil party at the house we watching the game, Rodney coming, Alecia friends from work coming, imma bring some of my bros, bring your own booze too!"

"Yeah Yeah Yeah I'll be there!" Said Jon as he walked out the door, while Todd went back to watching Amber on his phone

That night was the house party was starting, most of Todd an Alecia's friends were mingling with each other, drinking an laughing, everyone was drinking modestly except for Jon! Jon was just guzzling down the liquor there was barely any left for the other guests! Todd suddenly got a text from Amber and she couldn’t pick a more worse time to send Todd nudes! Intoxicated Jon was lurking behind Todd an saw the photos, he started snickering as Todd was trying to hide the phone under a pillow! Soon everybody gathered around to toast, Todd officially made $100,000 in revenue for his store, meaning he made a profit! They gathered round the table for some cake when the liquor caused Jon to say the craziest things....

"I just, I just want to say something.....Todd, you are a wonderful friend, bro i'm so proud of you from the store to helping me out when my apartment burned up, boy you is on FIRE (incoherent laughing)" said a drunk Jon

"Um thanks bro..."

"An another a real playa, MY BOY! (laughing) I bet them lil cupcakes remind you of Ambers huh...."

And suddenly, Jon reveal to EVERYONE that Todd was having an affair, much to everyone's shock! But Jon was just getting started....

"He meant to say Alecia, them cakes remind me of your babe all decilous an plump and whatnot.....bro you need to put that shit down you drunk" said Todd as he tried to save face

"BRO, thats like not what you told me YOU SENT IT TO ME EARLIER LOOK! See SEEE, you said this is what good pussy looks like RIGHT HERE! And she so flexible, in the car, in the gym, on her damn balcony Alecia could NEVER do this with her boring ass, and mannnn i'm slick as hell gettin that quick nut at the house, Alecia dont even care anyways!" said Jon as revealed those texts Todd sent

Alecia was heartbroken, Todd was embarrassed, and everyone else at the party was flabbergasted! Todd tried to shut up Jon but Jon still kept talking....airing out dirty laundry!


"Mannnn I'm ALRIGHT! (chuckling) Bro all i'm sayin is with all this smashing I hope you used that rubber! AYE, GIVE AMBER SOME OF ALECIA'S BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!!

Alecia was MORTIFIED! Jon just said all that in front of everybody! Her lil secret was out in the open as well! The atmosphere inside was tense, and everybody was silent for a while. Jon tried to stumble out to the door when suddenly, JON PUNCHES HIM IN FACE AN STARTS TO FIGHT HIM! Everybody tried to break them up, Jon was quite a fighter too fending off Todd, there shuffle was knocking down pictures an breaking bottles!! But the mess in the house was pale in comparison to the mess Todd was about to be in...




Then everybody, including Jon left the house! It was just Alecia an Todd.......Todd took his shirt off an tried to brush off the fight like it never even happened, but Alecia was heartbroken, confused an pissed!

"Man can't believe his bitch ass tried to fight me in my house, babe i'm..look i'm sorry"



"I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME? (crying) I tried to be the perfect wife, I tried to make you happy....."

"Yeah make me happy, by taking birth control behind my back KNOWIN DAMN WELL I WANTED KIDS! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!"


"Alecia look I dont hate you, can we just..."


"Lecia baby please"


Alecia ran upstairs crying then she slammed the door! Todd really held his head in shame, he couldn't believe this was happening! Todd was so mad an sad he went to a hotel across town, and called Amber to come over! Amber saw Todd crying an sad, then as Amber tried to comfort him, suddenly Todd kissed her, undressed her an they had sex that's clear who Todd really wanted.

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