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Romance Books For Adults

4 Steamy Romance Stories


Brooke Kinsley

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"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."-dr. seuss

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Too Curious Series by Brooke Kinsley

Insta Love by Brooke Kinsley

Boss MePlease by Brooke Kinsley

Sex Prescribed by Brooke Kinsley

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Too Curious

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Brooke Kinsley

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All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses per law

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."-dr. seuss


Sometimes a girl just wants to run wild…

I’m twenty-one and dying to leave home. Thankfully, the opportunity of a lifetime comes along when I’m accepted as an intern for the world’s most handsome and scandalous billionaire, Trevor Wylde.

“Don’t go! He’s a sex maniac, a womanizer!”

Everyone told me not to go but the warnings just made it even more exciting. I start work and he notices me straight away, inviting me to secret, sexy party where he shows me the time of my life. But is he hiding an insidious secret? And who is the mysterious Ophelia who’s hell bent on hating me? And what’s going on with the mysterious robes I find in Trevor’s bedroom?

I know I should stay away from him but I can’t! He drives me crazy like no other man has ever done. But I have a secret… Will it scare him away? Or will it turn him on even more?

Chapter One

My parents were arguing downstairs but that was nothing new. Their yelling, once a source of fear was now nothing more than background noise. I could hear my brother, Stephen down there amongst them making a sandwich, the sound of the rattling plates and cutlery punctuating their insults.

I lay on my bed with my eyes fixed on the ceiling, watching the way the sunlight danced across the cornicing. Outside there was the crunch of gravel, the sound of footsteps. I lifted myself up and peered over my headboard out the window. It was the mailman and he had a conspicuous brown envelope in his hand. I knew it was for me.

Racing downstairs I bumped into Stephen, pushed him out the way and flung open the door.

“You look pleased to see me!” the mailman smiled and thrust the letter in my hand.

“Don’t get used to it,” I shut the door in his face.

I had more important things on my mind than trivial formalities. Ripping open the envelope I slid the letter out into the palm of my hand. For a second I was too afraid to read it and lingered in the moment of not knowing the news.

“What’s that?” Stephen said with a full mouth.

I didn’t say anything.

“Are you not going to read it?”

“Shut up Stephen?”

He looked offended and glowered at me.

“It’s for the job at Wylde Enterprises, isn’t it?”

I nodded, took a deep breath.

“Okay…” I exhaled. “It’s now or never.”

Flipping it open the words hit me. I squealed. My parents went silent.

“What is it, honey?” Mom came rushing into the hall.

“I got it! The internship!”

She squeezed me tight while Stephen and my Dad exchanged a worried look.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” my Dad mumbled. “Congratulations.”

Chapter Two

“You know Trevor Wylde is a professional womanizer, don’t you?” Stephen was chewing on his crusts.

“A professional womanizer? Has he got qualifications in it or something? Did he get tenured in the illustrious field of womanizing?”

“Don’t be a smartass, Tammy. I’m just looking out for you. You’re interning for a guy who’s pretty much as famous for his sexual exploits as he is for his wealth.”

I didn’t look up from my suitcase, just kept placing my clothes inside as I readied myself to leave home.

“Why are you packing so soon anyway?” Stephen sat on the end of my bed. “You don’t even know where you’re living yet.”

“Accommodation comes with the job,” I explained. “A small apartment near Wylde Towers.”


“You’re just jealous.”

“A little,” he sighed. “You get to leave this small crappy town and move to New York. I’ll have to stay here with them,” he nodded his head down the stairs where Mom and Dad were yelling again.

“You can visit,” I promised.

A softness came over him as he slumped his shoulders.

“I’ll miss you,” he fiddled with the cuff of his sleeve. “Who else is going to cover my back when I’m drunk?”

We laughed.

“Seriously, as soon as you graduate high school this year you can stay with me.”

“Thanks,” he looked up from his sleeve. “I can’t wait to get outta here.”


It was time to say goodbye. With one hand around the handle of my suitcase and the other wiping away the tears, I hugged my Mom and Dad.

“We’ll miss you so much!” Mom cried. “Are you sure you’re ready to go?”

“For the last time, yes! I’ll be fine. I can’t wait.”

“You’ll be back for Christmas though won’t you?” Dad asked.


A horn beeped at the end of the drive. I looked out the window and saw the taxi that was taking me to the train station.

“I have to go,” I sniffed. “I’ll call you as soon as I get there.”

Once inside the cab, I let the tears fall. I was excited to be leaving home but I was terrified too. I’d miss my parents, even if they yelled all the time and I’d miss Stephen, even though he was a pest. The driver looked at me in the rearview mirror as he pulled away from the curb.

“To the station right?”

“Yeah,” I sniveled. “Can you put the radio on?”

“Sure,” he fiddled with a knob on the dashboard. “You look like you’re having a rough time.”

“Just an emotional day,” I said, my spirits lifting a little as the music began to play. “I’m finally leaving this dump of a town.”

He gave me a wry smile. I could see his eyes twinkling in the mirror as he smiled.

“Aaah… What I’d do to be young again… You first time away from home?”

“Yep,” I dabbed at my cheeks. “Moving to New York.”

“I don’t envy ya, kid,” he shook his head. “I lived there when I was young. It seemed glamorous at the time. It’s a nightmare though, I tell ya.”

“A nightmare?”

Yeah, it’s a cesspit of craziness.”

“Sounds exciting,” I smiled to myself. “I like the sound of being crazy.”

Chapter Three

My suitcase was teetering on the edge of the overhead rack threatening to hurl itself onto my head. I was too short to push it any further and wobbled on tip toes as the train pulled away from the station.

“Here, let me help,” a voice came from behind me.

I saw strong arms push the case up onto the rack and as I turned around, I saw a handsome man, aged about forty in an immaculate suit. His diamond cufflinks gave off a sparkle that was as bright as his bleached teeth. He ran a hand through his salt and pepper streaked hair and smiled.

“Thanks!” I beamed.

“No bother. I hate seeing a damsel in distress.”

He walked away and took a seat a few rows in front of me but not before glancing over his shoulder to get one last look at my body. He was hot in a mature way, carried a type of confidence that younger guys seldom have. I watched from behind as he flipped open his briefcase. I squinted to see his left hand. There was no wedding band. A thought came into my head.

I looked up and down the carriage. Apart from an old woman at the end with her nose in a book, we were the only people on board and the ticket inspector was nowhere to be seen. I coughed. The man didn’t notice. I coughed again and he turned around, pleased to see me.

I knew I shouldn’t do it. There were cameras on the train and I could get caught but I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to have some fun. Opening my legs wide, I let them hang for a moment before crossing them back over. It was just enough time for him to see my panties.

His eyes widened and he looked around to see if anyone was watching. I could see his hand disappear between his legs and pull at something. He was adjusting the hardness in his pants.

“Do it again,” he whispered.

I let my knees fall apart but this time, I didn’t close them. Revealing the transparency of my panties, I leaned back in my seat and let him look at me fully. I grew wet quickly with the desire to be watched. A damp patch spread across my panties. I looked down and saw the man was blushing, his cheeks red and shiny. He grunted, made a peculiar sound as he tried to catch his breath then he turned round in his seat to face me. A large bulge protruded from his crotch.

“Can I show you myself too?”

His voice was curt and polite, a sign of his bourgeois status.

“I wanna see you,” I breathed. “I wanna see you touch yourself.”

He was stunned. He waited for a minute with his hand on his zipper before looking up and down the carriage once more.

“I’ve never done anything like this,” his face grew even redder.

“I have,” I smiled.

He unzipped his pants, took a deep breath then pulled out his cock. It was huge, bigger than I’d expected. And it was rock hard and solid, purple at the tip where it was engorged with blood.

“How old are you?” he asked.

It amused me that he hadn’t thought to ask until after he revealed himself to me.

Twenty-one,” I told the truth.

“Perfect,” he said as he gripped his fingers around his length.

He gritted his teeth as he touched himself. I could tell he was close to coming just by looking at me. I licked my lips as I watched his hand pump up and down, his eyes hungry and his breath coming out of him labored and heavy.

“Touch yourself,” he rasped.

“Wait,” I said. “I’ll do it when I’m ready.”

I wanted to do it. I was wet with the anticipation of rubbing my clitoris, but I held back. The pleasure was always sweeter when you had to wait for it. A noise came from the carriage behind. Looking over my shoulder I saw the ticket inspector move down the aisle. The train wasn’t busy so it wouldn’t be long until he reached us. Maybe he’d join in…

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the mysterious man in front of me, the man who I’d only spoken to once before he began to masturbate in my presence. I was enjoying the sexual power I held over him, the ability to turn on a complete stranger and get him to do whatever I wanted. With a deliberate slowness, I hooked a finger inside my panties and felt the wetness between my lips as I pulled my fragile underwear to the side. The man moved his hand faster, began to bite his lower lip as he reached orgasm.

“Touch yourself,” he ordered. “Do it, please.”

I shook my head, reveling in the act of teasing him.

“I’d give anything to see you touch yourself,” he groaned. “Anything at all.”

“I don’t want a single thing from you.”

I moved my hand, brushed my fingers up against my clitoris. It was divine, sheer forbidden luxury. A tidal wave of pleasure moved through me as the train rocked from side to side. I glanced out the window and saw corn fields roll by in a blur. Looking back to the man I saw his face beet red and twisted into a grimace. I showed him what he wanted. Rubbing furiously I built myself up into a frenzy, groaning and throwing my head back.

“Oh God!” I cried.

Behind us, there was the sound of the ticket man opening the carriage door followed by the jangling of the change in his pocket.


I rubbed harder, felt myself begin to come. My thighs began to tremble. I opened my eyes and saw the man grunting with his lips wet with spit. His body shuddered and he fell forward, a spurt of semen spraying the seat in front of him. I pushed against my clitoris one last time. My thighs shook as I came, a wet patch growing bigger on the seat beneath me.

“Tickets please!”

I closed my legs and sat up straight. The man zipped up his pants and straightened his tie, winking at me before he moved for his wallet. The ticket was clutched between my wet fingers as I passed it to the inspector. He gave me a strange look as he walked away, sensing that I was up to something. Then he looked at the old woman’s ticket, her head still in between the pages of her book, and meandered into the next carriage.

“That was close,” the man said as he dabbed the sweat on his brow.

I looked up at him but didn’t say a word. Instead, I reached for my phone and ignored him. His stare was searing into me, I could feel it on my body.

“Any chance I could see you again?” he asked.

Again, I didn’t respond. I’d got what I wanted from him.

“So that’s it then?”


“You’re a strange girl,” he said as he stood up. “This is my stop anyway.”

As the train pulled up to the platform, I watched him leave, his eyes not leaving me until he had disappeared into the crowd of commuters. More people came on board and the train began to fill up. I pushed my earphones in and cranked up the tunes. Living alone was going to be fun.

Chapter Four

He’s a professional womanizer, you know.

The words were stuck in my head as I walked up the stairs to the entrance to Wylde Towers. The building I would be working in was gargantuan. As I looked up to the top floor I saw it peak just below the clouds. It made me dizzy, but the whole of New York did. It was loud, busier than anything I’d ever experienced and full of a wide array of people I’d only ever seen on TV. It was a melting pot of every type of person you could imagine, from homeless people to Wall Street bankers. It was constantly moving, changing, glamorous and sleazy all in one. I couldn’t wait to be part of it.

My suitcase was heavy as I dragged it up the steps. I felt like I had a dead arm and stopped half way up, rubbing at my bicep.

“You need a hand there, young lady?”

A security guard came rushing out the entrance with a smile plastered on his face. He looked me up and down, liked what he saw and took my suitcase before I had the chance to answer.

“Thank you. The thing weighs a ton.”

“Yeah it’s not often we see people bring these to the office,” he said as he carried it to the main door.

“I’m starting work here, as an intern.”

I pulled the letter of acceptance from my purse and showed him it.

“It says I have to report to the head office to get the keys to my apartment.”

“Ah! Of course! Yes, let’s get you there straight away.”

We squashed ourselves into an elevator filled with men in suits and one woman in a pencil skirt that was so tight I could see the buttons on her garter belt push through the fabric. She gave me a dirty look, clearly didn’t like the competition.

I was beginning to wonder why the security guard was still with me, my suitcase still clutched in his hand as though he was afraid to lose it. Surely he could have just pointed me in the right direction and left me alone. I turned to face him and saw he was staring at my breasts. I rolled my eyes and covered them with my long, blonde hair. He met my gaze before glancing away embarrassed.

Showing me to the main desk, he gave me a little mock salute and laughed.

“Good luck! Hopefully be seeing you around.”

He disappeared back inside the elevator, waving to me as the doors closed.

“Weird… He’s never normally so happy,” the girl behind the desk said. “You must have been really nice to him.”

I handed over my letter.

“I’m nice to everyone,” I said.

She inspected the letter and typed my details into her computer.

“Okay… So you’ll be staying at the apartment complex on Windermere. Lucky you.”

“Do you stay there?”

“No,” she scoffed. “I mean, I wish I did. The boss lives there, in the penthouse on the top floor.”

“You mean Trevor Wylde?”

“I certainly do! If you’re lucky you might be invited to one of his legendary parties.”

She handed the letter back.

“Anyway, I’ll call you a cab to get you over there. You can spend today getting settled in before you start work tomorrow.”


The elevator dinged as it opened again. I was expecting to see more men in suits and I wasn’t disappointed, except these ones were different. They were younger, taller, more tanned, better looking and walked as though they thought of themselves as princes.

“Here he comes,” the girl behind the desk leaned forward. “The big boss and his cronies.”

Their polished brogues tapped along the polished, marble floor. They were laughing and joking, full of themselves and their own importance. Then I saw him, the man in the middle of the group. He was taller than the rest and broader too with wide set, muscular shoulders and a shock of jet black hair. He ran a hand through it turned to look in our direction. Our eyes met. My heart began to thump wildly as he looked at me, his eyes slowly scanning my entire body. One of his friends said something in his ear and they both chuckled. Then they were gone, pushing their way through the large mahogany double doors that protected the inner sanctum of the main office.

“That was Trevor Wylde?”

“Yup,” the girl grinned.

I turned to see her cheeks were rosy.

“I didn’t realize men like that existed, you know outside of Men’s Fitness Magazine.”

She wasn’t paying attention. Instead, she had her eyes fixed on the door he’d walked through.

“So is it true? That he’s a professional womanizer?”

She blinked as if awakening from a trance and turned to me.

“Pretty much, that’s one way of putting it, but I’ve never been so lucky. Anyway, here are your keys. Let me know if you have any problems.”


I clutched them in my hand, the keys to my future.

Chapter Five

I didn’t know what I was expecting. Definitely not an opulent penthouse but not quite a hovel, this place was sat in between the two. It was far too big for someone like me. If only I knew people I could invite over for a party.

The kitchen was huge, far too big for me to use. All I could do was oven bake French fries and make a salad. This was for someone who knew what they were doing. Moving into the bathroom I was ecstatic to see a large bath, a beautiful one with brass taps and a high back. It was far more luxurious than the one back home that came away from the wall when you lay in it.

As I unpacked my things I thought about the man on the train and the look of betrayal on his face when I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. It amused me. Of course, I felt cruel for a moment but there was something about owning that much power over a man that turned me on. The way I could make a stranger do something so forbidden aroused me far more than any man had done before. My panties were still wet from earlier, still soaking from when I’d come with my fingers buried deep within my pink lips. They grew wetter still when I thought about the way the man’s face was crumpled up, intense and desperate for the relief of orgasm as his hand moved up and down so fast his fingers became a blur.

My things were scattered across my bed and I lay on top of it all, spreading my legs and reaching my hands down to pull off my underwear. Below, I was swollen, needed to be taken. I pushed my hand inside my suitcase and felt for the long, metallic wand, the one that had brought me so much pleasure. Pulling out my vibrator, I felt its coldness in my hand, placed it into my mouth to warm it up and sucked on it hard. Then I plunged it deep inside me, my back arching as I pushed it all the way in.


My toes curled as my eye clenched shut. I imagined I was still on the train, the cornfields rolling by as the old woman far down the carriage read her book, oblivious to the sordid happenings in front of her. What would have happened if she merely looked up? Maybe she did…

The man with the crimson-tipped penis, his voice came out in animalistic grunts, guttural and low. He had moved his hips in a steady motion so his penis could meet his hand faster and all the time he had his eyes staring with laser focus into the treasure between my legs. Aside from my angelic face, it was the most powerful thing I owned.

“Oh God!”

I thrust the vibrator in harder, cranked up the dial to the maximum setting and felt it buzz against my g-spot. Writhing my body against it, I took in the smell of my new home, felt the excitement of the city mingle with my own arousal. Then I thought back to the train journey and the way the man’s body convulsed as he jutted forward in a jolt of ecstasy. I bit down on my lip as I orgasmed, my thighs trembling as I landed a hand over my face.

Then I was left breathless with nothing but the fading memory of my journey. Sitting up to clear my head, I looked down at my own stickiness between my thighs.

There was a knock on the door.

For a moment I’d thought I’d imagined it. Who would want to see me already? Then it came again, someone’s knuckles tapping a jaunty tune. Feeling a little suspicious, I took tentative steps out into the hall. There was the shuffling of footsteps outside as someone shifted from one foot to the other.

“Hello?” I called out.

“Hello there,” a masculine, low voice returned.

It was deep and gravelly but youthful too. I scurried up to the door and placed my eye to the peephole. My stomach lurched. It was him. Trevor Wylde.

“Hello?” I heard his voice again, booming and confident.

For a second I was too nervous to answer the door. Then I took a deep breath and clicked the lock open and stared up at the man who was head and shoulders taller than me. Then I realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear and the smell of sex was strong on my skin. My skirt, luckily, covered enough of me that hopefully, he wouldn’t notice.

“Hi,” I smiled.

“You’re the new intern aren’t you?”

“I certainly am!”

“I just wanted to drop in and say hi, make you feel welcome at our company.”

“That’s really nice of you. Do you welcome all of your employees this way?”

“Just the special ones,” he said as he put one foot inside the door.

I was close to him, could smell his cologne. The scent was as masculine as he was; earthen, strong and rich. He strode into the center of the living room and looked around.

“You need some more stuff in here,” he nodded. “It’s empty like a show home.”

“I think it’s gorgeous. It’s my first apartment so-“

“Your first place all to yourself?” he interrupted me. “You must be excited.”

“I am!”

He cocked his head to the side and looked me up and down, his eyes burning through my clothes.

“I think you’ll like it here,” he mused. “Is there anything you need?”

I shook my head.

“How about the bedroom? Do you like it?” he said with twinkling eyes.

Without warning, he walked through to my room where my things were flung arbitrarily across the bed and the floor. As I followed behind him I saw the silver vibrator on the bed, still dripping wet and shining. I know he saw it, I could see his face twitch as he smelled it, but he didn’t mention it. He turned around and smiled before walking back into the hallway.

“I think you’re going to have fun here,” he touched a hand to my shoulder.

It sent a shockwave of goose bumps down the side of my body as his warmth seared through my clothes. Then he pulled away and made for the door.

“I’ll drop in and see you again,” he said with his eyes between my legs. “Don’t have too much fun without me.”

And he was gone, his cocky gait carrying him down the hall to the elevator.

“Fuck,” I whispered to myself as I closed the door.

He took my breath away.

Chapter Six

I’d barely slept all night and had been kept up with the excitement of my first day at work. I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I couldn’t wait to be a proper adult, a person in the big city with a great job and all that came with it. On the other hand, I was terrified. I didn’t have much responsibility back home with my parents but here I was expected to keep up with all the city slickers. I’d spent most the night staring at the ceiling thinking over a hundred different ways I could screw things up.

Standing in front of the mirror, I put the finishing touches on my makeup and looked at myself from all angles. I was looking pretty awesome. I grabbed my keys and purse and headed for the door.


“Settled in well?” the voice came from behind me.

I spun around and saw the security guard, the one that was a little too keen to see me. He loitered his eyes somewhere around my midriff and patted down his scruffy, gray hair.

“Yeah, I’m doing great,” I turned on my heel.


Urgh… What was it with this guy? He really had a thing for me and it was starting to get annoying.

“You’re interning in Wylde’s office aren’t you?”

“Yep,” I smiled knowing I’d see the alpha male again soon.

“Be careful,” the security guard said as he darted his eyes around nervously. “You’re just his type.”

It was an odd thing to say and made me uneasy, not because it seemed like a serious warning but because the security guard looked as though he’d had this conversation before.

“I’ll be ok.”

I pursed my lips and gave him a sorry look before walking away.

“I mean it,” he called after me. “He’ll spit you up and chew you out like the rest of them. Women are like sport to him.”

I ignored him and stepped into the elevator.


Exiting on the top floor, I was immediately hit by the urgency that was sweeping through the room like a tornado. This was a place where business was serious, where people couldn’t make a mistake. It looked like a sea of suited savages. People were yelling into phones, there was paper being flung about and stacked up. There were stressed out looking men walking briskly with steaming coffees in their hands and faces wet with perspiration. It was a little like hell.

“Can I help you?”

An older woman with a clipboard stood in front of me with a fake smile and a scowl lining her forehead that betrayed her politeness.

“I’m starting here today and-“



“Right this way.”

She led me through a heavy set of double doors and down a corridor before almost pushing me into the last room on the left.

“This is where you’ll be spending most of your time. You’ll be filing the reports that come in here and photocopying them.”


“So this is your to do pile.”

She flicked her manicured fingers through a pile of papers that was at least two feet deep.

“As long as you keep your head down and get through the piles then you’ll do ok. We hate slackers here so don’t be lazy. If you’re asked to make coffee for someone, do it, and any other sundry errand that may arise. Got it?”

“Yes,” I said although I was completely overwhelmed.

“Okay… So I’ll leave you to it. Lunch is at one.”

She moved toward the door and away to a more important task.

“Just a moment,” I stopped her.

She turned back around looking annoyed but somehow still raised a smile that was even faker than the last.

“Trevor Wylde, he’ll be here won’t he?”

I felt silly for asking. I sounded like a desperate schoolgirl. Her smile turned to a frown and she glowered at me.

“He sometimes drops by but he’s not always here. He has more important things to attend to.”

She looked me up and down with a sneer.

“I’ll get started then,” I sat at my desk.

She left without another word. The door slammed hard beside me and I jumped. My desk was facing the wall. It was a subtle beige that had been created for the sole purpose of dampening your imagination. I’d only been sat down thirty seconds but I was already more bored than I’d ever been. I pulled a folder from the pile and began photocopying the pages. Words danced in front of my eyes, dull ones with forecasts of profit projections and graphs that made no sense to me.

“Oh my God,” I yawned. “This is lame.”

I looked at the clock. It was only five past nine. All there was to do was think and daydream, wish you were somewhere else. When I found out I’d be working here, I thought I’d be in a big office somewhere where people gathered around the watercooler to gossip about drunken antics and where office parties got a little raunchy after dark. I thought I’d be somewhere with large windows that gave a view of the city skyline and where you could watch the world go by. All I’d be doing in here was watching the dust gather and getting paper cuts. I already had one in the crease of my thumb. I sucked on it and felt the stinging subside.

The door opened and I looked up, my thumb still in my mouth and my eyes wide with surprise. An older man entered with thin, sporadic hair swept over his balding head and a puzzled look on his face.

“You must be the new intern.”

His voice was as thin as his hair, weak and shy. He didn’t look like the other guys in the office which may have been why he was hidden away in the back room with me.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “I’m Tammy.”

“Nice to meet you.”

He reached out a hand and I shook it. Somehow it was limp and slimy and when he wasn’t looking I wiped my palm down the side of my skirt.

“So how long have you been here?” I asked.

“Oh… Twenty years, give or take.”

“Twenty years! In this room?”

He laughed.

“Not quite. I’ve been moved back and forth across the department. At the moment I’m doing accounts so I’ve been sent here, for my sins. It’s sure nice to have some company for a change. I was starting to get cabin fever in here.”

He licked his lips. It made my shiver. I turned back to the pile of paper in front of me and still felt his eyes on me. Looking over my shoulder I saw his gaze stuck to my ass. Since I’d moved here I’d only spoken to three guys. Two of them were weirdos and one was a hot, billionaire alpha stallion. It would seem there was no one in between.

“You didn’t tell me your name,” I said.

“Oh,” he shook his head as if he was trying to remember it. “It’s Cecil.”


I thought he was joking and stared at him as I waited for him to reveal his real name. He didn’t.

“Cecil…” I said again. “That’s a really, erm, unusual name. Never met one before.”

Yes, it was my great-grandfather’s name. All the men in my family are called Cecil. I’m technically Cecil the fourth but I can’t really go around introducing myself to people like that. It would be weird you know. And anyway…”

He continued talking and I drifted off. He was quite possibly the most boring person I had ever met. He was so boring it was almost bizarre. I imagined if it was the nineteen fifties he’d have a peculiar job like a traveling bible salesman. I watched as he spoke without listening to a word he said. He was excited by his own existence, no matter how abysmal it was. I felt like I was talking to an older, plumper version of Norman Bates. Actually, he looked a bit like a serial killer. I bet he had people in his crawlspace.

“So that’s how I won the scrabble contest,” he finally finished his droning story.

“Awesome,” I nodded and turned back to my work.

I looked at the clock. It was quarter past nine.

Chapter Seven

There were tears streaming down my face from yawning. The room was stuffy and warm with the smell of moth balls and paper sticking to my clothes. I wanted to sleep and had to stop myself from lying on the desk and dozing off. The day was almost over but in the windowless vacuum, it felt as though I’d been there a week. The piles of paper kept growing no matter how many times I worked through them. It was endless… and boring.

Meanwhile, Cecil sat behind me, only looking up from his work to ogle my body. If it was anybody else I’d be worried, but he looked so unfit and blubbery that if he tried to touch me I could fight him off with my pinky, or run faster than a snail. Still, as I faced the wall, one hand on the photocopier and the other propping up my head, I could hear the way he ran his tongue over his parched lips, like a bug scurrying over sandpaper.

“How are you liking your first day, Tammy?”

“Erm… Yeah, it’s ok I guess.”

It was the most pleasant thing I could think of saying.

“So you’re in here every day then?” he asked with a little too much glee.

He rubbed his hands together and gave me a look that may have been his attempt at a seductive pose.

“Yeah… here every day.”

The thought was killing me.

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you. I have a hot date tonight so I better get going.”

“A hot date eh?”

“Yep,” he grinned sheepishly. “With my four cats and a rerun of the Gilmore Girls.”

Oh dear, I thought.

“Any chance of a hug before I leave?”

He outstretched his hands toward me.

“What?” I recoiled back in horror.

A knock on the door saved me. It was the scowling woman from before. She looked as horrified as I did when she stumbled across Cecil flapping his arms open like a seal.

“Tammy,” she said officiously as she handed over an envelope. “You’ve been invited.”

“Invited to what?” I asked but she was already gone.

Cecil peered over my shoulder and looked down at the envelope.

“Lucky you! It’s your first day and you’re already in with the popular kids.”

Shut up, Cecil, I thought. I sliced open the top of the envelope with my fingernail and pulled out the card. Gilded in gold, I saw it was an invitation to a party… at Trevor Wylde’s apartment. There wasn’t much information.

10 pm, the Wylde Suite, top floor, Windermere, wear black.

My heart raced. Finally, I was going to be with some exciting people and far away from the letch beside me.

“Think you’re allowed a plus one?” Cecil asked.

“Er… No.”

He looked hurt and I felt bad.

“Your cats need you, Cecil. They’ll be expecting you,” I joked.

His face brightened up.

“You’re right. Those tuna cans won’t open themselves,” he smiled.

This guy was a freak show.

“Anyway, I better get ready for the party,” I grabbed my bag. “See you tomorrow.”

“Let me know how it goes!”

I closed the door on him.

Chapter Eight

I was hungry but I couldn’t eat because of the butterflies that were rampant in my stomach. I’d tried half a dozen black dresses on but I couldn’t decide which one was best. Was I to look classy and sophisticated with most of my skin hidden or was Wylde expecting a young party girl with a big cleavage to show off? After trying everything on one last time, I eventually settled on something sleek and stretchy. It reached my knees and rose up to my neck but still revealed what I had to offer. With one last slick of lip gloss, I was ready to go.

I rode up to the top floor in the elevator, checking my appearance in the mirrored walls. I had to look perfect if I wanted Wylde to notice me again. Something told me that he only lusted after the best. As I stepped out onto the top floor I could hear the music already. It sounded live, a string quartet playing a melancholy tune. It was going to be a fancier party than I expected. For a moment I hesitated, thought about turning around and hurrying back to my apartment. What if I looked stupid? Trashy? Out of my depth?

The door to Wylde’s penthouse was in front of me, sleek and unassuming but mysterious. As I approached, the music got louder. There was a tinkle of laughter from inside, the clinking of glasses. As I reached out a hand to knock on the door it opened as if by magic. A butler looked pleased to see me. He handed me a glass of champagne with a cherry bobbing in it.

“Welcome!” he gestured for me to enter. “I saw you on the intercom. If you were wondering how I knew you were there.”

“Oh, actually I did.”

“Let’s show you around.”

It wasn’t the sort of party I expected. In fact, it wasn’t much of a party at all. As I was shown into the lounge I was confronted with only six people; four men and two girls. A small orchestra entertained them from a vestibule to the side of the room.

“You made it!” Wylde stood up. “I was worried that you wouldn’t want to come.”

I was dumbfounded into silence. There was something so intimate about the occasion, personal and… expectant. As I sat amongst the group I could see they were all looking at me, their lips moist and their eyes hungry.

“She’s brilliant, Trevor,” one of the men said as he gulped on his scotch. “Where did you find her?”

“She’s interning with us,” he sat behind me, his presence looming up over my back.

“Lucky you,” an older gentleman to my left joined in, “She’s exquisite.”

He leaned down, resting his elbows on his knees and whispered in my ear.

“I think you’ll fit in very well here.”

I was going to move, was on the cusp of running away when I felt Wylde’s fingers on my head. He was stroking my hair, petting me as I sat on the floor between his legs. Tingles shot over my scalp. I sipped on my champagne to calm myself down but it only made my heart race faster and my head feel woozy.

Across from me, the two girls were sharing a seat, their legs tangled up in one another’s. The brunette was feeding the blonde strawberries, dipping them in a bowl of cream before placing them between the blonde’s lips. They giggled as the cream fell on the blonde’s chest, running between her breasts. The brunette leaned down and licked it from her lithe body.

The only thing that shocked me more than this spectacle was their dresses. Ornate and divine, they draped around the limbs of the stick thing girls like angel spun gossamer. Pearls adorned the blonde’s blue gown while the brunette’s dress was scattered in crystals. They looked like moving theater sets, their clothes like the night sky and the jewels the stars.

“Don’t worry about them,” the man to my right leaned down sensing my nervousness. “They’re just showing off. They like to get all the attention.”

“Yeah take it as a compliment,” Wylde whispered in my ear. “They’re just jealous because they have competition for once.”

His breath lingered on my neck, made me wet as soon as the moistness graced my skin. I pushed my sex into the floor as it began to throb.

“You’re beautiful,” Wylde tilted my head to the side, exposing my neck as though he was a vampire going in for the kill. “You’re perfect.”

He traced a finger over my jugular.

“She’s so pale, almost like porcelain,” another man said.

I was growing weary of them talking about me as though I wasn’t there but at the same time, there was a certain thrill that came from being desired. As I glanced across the room, my eyes made contact with a man sat on the arm of a velvet chair that was as decadent as it was large. He was slanted in his posture, a drunken yet sexual stance that thrust the bulge in his pants in my direction. I could see he was hard already, his eyes fixed on Wylde’s fingers as they caressed my neck.

“Since I saw you yesterday, I knew I wanted you.”

He grabbed the glass from my hand and took it away from me, placing it on the floor out of my reach. Then he bent down and kissed my neck, his lips were gentle but firm. I let out a gasp. He kissed his way lower and my nipples became erect, protruding through the sheer, flimsy fabric of my dress.

Wylde gripped my jaw with his hand and pulled me toward him. I had no choice but to let his lips touch mine. They tasted sweet like alcohol. I placed my hands around his neck and pulled him closer.

My body reacted to him immediately, growing soft and eager inside his arms. His hand caressed my lower back, his warmth sinking into my dress. Then he pulled away and looked me up and down.

“Just what I wanted,” he bit his lower lip.

He gave his friends a wry smile, looking at them out the corner of his eyes before giving them a conspiratorial wink.

“Go right ahead, pal,” the older man beside me slapped Wylde on the back.

My stomach began to flutter. Was I expected to have sex right there, in that room with an audience? As I turned around I saw everyone in the room looking at me, waiting for me to do something. I looked up to Wylde with helpless eyes, hoping he’d tell me what to do.

“You’ve never been to one of these parties before, have you?”

I shook my head.

“I thought as much,” he stroked the side of my face. “That’s why I wanted you here. You’ve no idea how hard it is to find a new girl with your qualities.”

“Impossible to find new meat!” one of his friends chimed in.

Wylde glared at him.

“Your manners, Clive, mind them.”

There was a giggle from behind me. The girls were whispering into each other’s ears, their hair falling luxuriously over their bodies. When they sensed my eyes on them they stared at me then looked at one another before giggling once again. I’d never felt more self-conscious in my life but still, between my legs was the steady flow of liquid passion. I turned my attention back to Wylde as his hands stroked me lovingly. His fingers were on my neck, massaging in little circular motions.

“How about we get out of here?” he whispered in my ear.

His hot voice on my skin left me breathless, made my heart beat a little faster, made the insides my of thighs stickier. I parted my lips to speak but found that nothing came out except a nervous croak. He found my anxiety amusing and wrapped a hand around my wrist like a cuff.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s get you away from these weirdos.”

His friends scoffed and laughed and I felt my cheeks burn. What was wrong with me? I loved an audience, didn’t I? Being watched turned me on, didn’t it? I could put my finger on the feeling in my gut. There was something so menacing about the girls, something so predatory about the men in the suits, their erections bulging casually as they sipped scotch and talked to one another. Then it dawned on me. Control. For once it wasn’t me who had it.

Wylde linked his hand in mine and pulled me gently away from the lounge. His apartment was cavernous, a great big open planned museum filled with artifacts I didn’t understand and priceless art that looks almost grotesque. As we left the others, I could see behind the kitchen lay a wall that partitioned the living area from the more private parts. I guessed it was where the bedrooms lay. We ambled down a hallway, my heels sinking into the deep, thick carpet as we walked. Beside me, Wylde stood tall, so tall that even in my stilettos I just reached his shoulders. He looked down at me and smiled, the cleft in his chin emphasized by the overhead lights.

“Almost there,” he placed a hand on my back. “We’re just going in here.”

He pushed open a black door. I was immediately hit by the smell of incense, sandalwood if I wasn’t mistaken. It gave the room a musky odor, one that seemed wild and earthy. Then I saw it, the bed. It was covered in soft, plush fabric in all varieties of red. A few steps from it was the balcony. The doors were wide open, the breeze blowing in the soft, lace curtains.

“Come see the view,” he said with his fingers still around my wrist. “It’s beautiful.”

The air was chilled as we stepped out, blowing my hair around my face like a scarf. I’d never been good with heights and vertigo was always so eager to set in if I so much as glanced over the edge of a bridge. As I felt the champagne go to my head, the ground beneath me seemed to sway. I stumbled in my heels and grabbed the railing. My hair tumbled over the side and down the building. It was so far down I couldn’t see the sidewalk, just blackness with a few orange lights punctuating the abyss. Taking a deep breath, I looked up across the city skyline. Far away lights in distant skyscrapers lit the sky like synthetic stars. It was beautiful, with every light in every window telling a different story. I wondered how many girls were teetering in their heels on the edge of a penthouse on the brink of having the time of their life. I guessed not that many.

“It’s remarkable,” he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and looked down. “But I guess you’re not that into heights eh?”

I gulped and shook my head.

“I didn’t think you’d be afraid of anything,” he said with half his face framed by the moonlight.

“I’m afraid of lots of things,” I turned toward the bedroom. “I just don’t tell anyone.”

I stepped back inside, welcoming the firmness of the ground against my feet and the warmth of the indoors. He followed behind and closed the doors.

“I’m very fond of this room,” his voice suddenly became quite serious.

He opened the doors of the drinks cabinet and perused the shelves of expensive spirits. It seemed so normal to him that for a moment I didn’t question why someone would have such a decadent thing in their bedroom. Yet as I looked around I realized this wasn’t his bedroom. There were no personal touches, no trinkets or photos. This was a room just for guests like me. I looked to the bed and wondered how many girls had lay amongst the red sheets.

“Yes, really fond of this room,” he reiterated.

In the subtle glow of the single lamp, his features appeared softer, almost boyish. Then he stood up straight and his regal face returned, all chiseled cheekbones and a strong nose. He looked like a Greek hero, one that I’d read about in books as a child. As I looked at this thick arms and broad chest I wondered if he was capable of slaying a Minotaur.

“Absinthe?” he asked.

“Absinthe?” I repeated.

I hadn’t tried it before. It wasn’t something the local kids in my tiny hometown drank on the streets at the weekends. I looked at the tumbler of toxic looking green liquid in his hand and squinted. In the dim light of the bedroom it somehow didn’t look real. He took a step closer and placed the glass in my hand.

“Try it,” he urged. “I think you’ll like it.

I wasn’t sure but took a sip anyway. The first thing I noticed was the numbing of my top lip. It tingled, felt as though I was getting lip injections. Then the sour tang of the liquor hit my palette and danced on my tongue. I grimaced and swallowed it down.

“Oh my God!”

My face must have been a picture as it shriveled up in shock. He laughed, a kind and playful snigger as he amused himself with my discomfort.

“The stuff’s deadly,” he said.

He knocked back his own shot like an expert.

“Did you know it literally comes from the old Greek word for undrinkable?”


“Yep!” he slammed his empty glass down. “The old, green fairy will take you to places you could only imagine. Did you also know it can cause hallucinations?”

“I did not.”

I was starting to get worried now. He was beginning to ramble, starting to wander off on a tangent. Not that it made him any less attractive. If anything it made him sexier, stranger, more mysterious.

“It was a favorite amongst most Bohemians, the artistic rebels, and Libertines. You know…,” he ran a hand through his hair and sat on the end of his bed. “I always thought that if I were alive a hundred years ago I would have definitely lived in Paris, Montmartre definitely and been at the center of all the hedonistic parties. Hey… You could have been dancing in the Moulin Rouge!”

“I love that movie!”

His face dropped, his eyebrows furrowing together.

“Anyway… Do you like it?”

I wanted to tell him I did. I so desperately didn’t want to disappoint him and seem cheap. The girls out there in the lounge, they probably drank absinthe daily, had probably even been to Paris and valued everything he talked about. They probably had smashed avocado on toast with goji berries for breakfast washed it down with organic wheatgrass juice. I, on the other hand, had been raised on a diet of cheeseburgers and strawberry milkshake. I’d gone out partying and drank beer at keg parties. I didn’t know anything about Paris. As much as I wanted to say I loved the stinking green liquid in my hand, all I could say was:

“I hate it.”

There was a sweeping look of disappointment before he raised a smile.

“You’re too young for it, maybe.”

He took the glass from my hand.

“And you’re too delicate, too pure. Is that it? You’re too innocent for such a strong and poisonous libation?”

“That must be it,” I took a step closer to him.

Now I was in arm’s reach of him and he took his chance, reaching out his hands and pulling me to him by my thighs.

“Let’s get better acquainted, shall we?”

Chapter Nine

He pressed his lips to my stomach, the fabric of my dress bunching up around his lips. His hands slid up my thighs, up and up until they were running over my hips, then further up until they were pressing into my waist. I gasped as his fingers dug into my ribs. He was grinning wickedly, the flash of his white teeth glistening in the lamp light.

“You are so perfect and tiny,” he whispered. “I want all of you.”

Without warning, he tore at my clothes. I screamed, pulled away but it was too late, my dress fell to the ground in tatters, a halo around my ankles. I was now exposed to his power, to his muscular hands that were still on me, touching caressing every inch of skin. He leaned down and kissed my shoulder as he tickled my back. I whimpered and wriggled in his arms and he laughed before hooking a finger inside my bra strap.

“Since I first saw you I wanted to know how your pert breasts would taste.”

The straps dropped to my elbows. Leaning around into a hug, he unclipped my bra and let it fall. My nipples stood up to attention, hard and desperate to be sucked on. He pinched one between his thumb and index fingers and pressed hard. It stung and I cried out, not sure whether I wanted to slap him or feel him tug at me harder.

“That’s it,” he softly muttered. “Your voice is like music when you’re pained.”

I clenched my eyes closed as he pinched harder. When I thought I could no longer stand it, he let go. My nipple was raw and purple, engorged with blood and highly sensitive.

“I am sorry,” he said with a touch of mockery. “Let me kiss it better.”

He nuzzled the sore skin, ran his tongue over my bumpy areola and moaned hungrily as he tasted me.


He kissed the space between my breasts and swept my hair behind my back

“So perfect.”

He kissed lower.

“Your skin is like silk.”

He kissed even lower then he dropped to his knees, my sex lingering in front of his mouth.

“I would do anything to see your face when you come.”

My panties were soaked through with my juices. He pulled them to the side and loitered an inch away from me, his breath hot on my clitoris.

“I think you’re more than ready,” he said as he breathed in my scent. “Yes… More than ready for me.”

He pushed out his tentative tongue, brushing the soft skin of my lips. It felt divine, an explosion of heat and pleasure, a tidal wave of euphoria. My legs trembled slightly but he grabbed them, his nails pressing hard into my thighs.

“You like that?” he took a breath.

“Oh fuck yeah.”

He didn’t move, just taunted with his lips perilously close to me.

“Say please.”

I looked back down at him.

“I said say please.”


“Please, Mr. Wylde, make me come,” he insisted.

“Please,” I sobbed. “Mr. Wylde, make me come!”

Our eyes connected for a second then he struck, latching his mouth to my clitoris and sucking. His chin became wet as though he was sucking on the ripest, juiciest fruit. I screamed, shook, convulsed violently and lost my balance. The orgasm ripped through me as my pussy shuddered in his mouth and never, not once, did he take his eyes off my face.

Even after I came, when my body was almost too sensitive to be touched, he kept sucking, harder and harder until my eyes rolled back in my head and I cried and shrieked at him and felt as though I was leaving my body. It amused him, I could see it in his eyes with the power he held over my body. When I could no longer stand, he pulled away and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. I noticed the front of his shirt was wet. He dabbed at it with his fingers and gazed at me.

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