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The Scarred Princess

Serena Myles

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There was once a story of a Princess so beautiful that those who looked upon her became bewitched. Men fought with their lives to win the hand of the elegant maiden, but she would have none of them. Unless she loved the man with all her heart she refused to marry.

Suitors would come on a daily basis trying to entice her with their gifts and promises. She saw the gifts are mere possessions and the promises empty. Then one day a Prince came with nothing for her but his word. That he would spend every minute of everyday trying to woo her and that he promised she would fall in love with him. This intrigued the Princess and she allowed the suitor to stay in the Palace and gave him week to see how he was going to make her fall in the love with him.

On the first day he brought her a single red rose.

“Do you think this will make me love you?” The Princess asked astonished.

The Prince laughed and shook his head. “No. Your love is worth more than that of a simple rose. The rose is merely a symbol of your beauty and like a rose how frail it is. Yet no matter what path the future takes you on, I will love you forever.”

The Princess blushed as the Prince put the rose in her hair then left.

On the second day the Prince brought her a vial of water.

The Princess frowned at it before asking again. “Do you think this will make me love you?”

“No.” The Prince said again. “This is to symbolise freedom and purity. I will never hold you captive, if you were to love me like I love you, you would be free like the rivers.”

“Purity?” The Princess breathed releasing the breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding.

“You would forever be pure because you would be mine.” The Prince caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

The third day came and the Princess sat by the fountain in the courtyard looking at her rose and vial of water. No man had ever presented her with such common objects, they brought her diamonds and jewels and items of expensive taste to show their financial standing. Yet looking at the simple rose and vial they had never seemed more precious to her than they did now.

The Princess gasped as a large peacock feather fell past her face and danced onto the ledge of the fountain. She turned to find the Prince sitting beside her.

Smiling she asked the same question she always asked. “Do you think this will make me love you?”

The Prince smiled now also and moved closer to her. “No. A feather will not earn your love. It is to show that even though the peacock has its feathers coloured in royal blue to show the females just how beautiful he is, he is just a bird. Just as you are a Princess and you have your gowns and your jewels to show this, underneath it all you are just a woman, but beauty does not last forever, and you are a woman I will love forever.” The Prince kissed her hand and left like he always done.

The Princess waited until he left the garden before picking up the feather and dancing around the gardens with it laughing. Against her own will she was beginning to fall for the prince.

On the fourth day the Prince did not appear at all. No gifts or messages had been sent, and the Princess went to look for him, but there was no sign. She went back to her room and looked at the gifts he had given her over the past three days. Seeing them without him made them feel so empty.

Two more days had passed and the Princess hadn’t seen or heard from her Prince. Believing he had left her she spent her time wondering the gardens alone. She carried the rose with her wherever she went and wore the vial on a necklace and had the peacock feather fashioned into a head piece which she wore at all times.


She turned to find the Prince standing across from her at the end of the garden. Lifting up her skirts she burst into a run until she was standing right in front of him. It was the first time she had really looked at the Prince. He was taller than her by at least a foot, and had dark hair with piercing blue eyes. He smiled and she felt the butterflies release in her stomach.

“Where have you been?”

“Giving you your second last gift.” The Prince replied taking note she had the other gifts with her.

The Princess frowned. “My second last gift? But I have not seen you in two days.”

The Prince nodded. “My second last gift was absence. Something you will never have to deal with again once you love me.”

The Princess felt her heart race as she reached up on her tiptoes to press a gentle kiss upon the Princes lips. Placing a finger on her lips and lowering her back to her feet he stopped her.

“No. You will not kiss me yet.”

Disappointment and despair flooded through her, she had never kissed a man before and she had never wanted to know what a kiss felt like as much as she did now.

“Until tomorrow, my Princess.”

The Prince left the Princess to her thoughts. At least he was still here. Since the first gift he had brought her she had been intrigued by this man and had been thinking carefully about her feelings towards him. Then in his absence she realised she couldn’t bare to be without him. She had decided he would be the one she chose.

She could not sleep that night lying in bed thinking of how they would spend their lives together. The Princess had already thought of how she wanted her wedding dress designed and how her hair would be fashioned. She had decided she would wear no jewels so her wedding ring would shine on her. He had said he would see tomorrow, and tomorrow would be his last gift.

Finally the morning came and she dressed herself not wishing to wait for her maids to come and attend to her, she had no time to spare this day. Once more she went into the garden where the Prince always seemed to find her and waited, most impatiently.

“The Princess is awake very early today.”

She loved how the sound of his voice was enough to make her feel like a child embarrassed. She turned to face him as he stood looking at her. “Today is your last day Prince. What is your final gift?”

The Prince smirked as he gestured to the fountain. “I had thought you would have found it by now.”

Puzzled the Princess leaned over the stone edge of the fountain and peered into the crystal water. Then she saw it. A diamond ring sparkling in the water being weighted down by another red rose. She reached for it but the Prince stopped her.

“Allow me.” He smiled reaching into the cold water and bringing out the rose the ring glided down its stem and lay upon his hand.

She wanted to grab it from him and jump and scream that she loved him and she would accept his proposal but that wouldn’t be very lady like, and he had been patient with her the past week, now it was her turn to be patient with him.

“A diamond for a diamond, a most precious jewel fit for a bride.” The Prince placed the ring upon her finger. “If I a bride is what you would be?”

The Princess began nodding ecstatically and hugged the Prince, finally placing that longed for kiss. It was sweet and gentle and most perfect.

The wedding was a grand event and the commoners were allowed to attend also. The suitors who had previously fought for the Princesses affections showed their anger by not coming or sending gifts. She did not care; she was full of happiness as she stood by the side of her Prince at the Alter as she listened to the vows that would make him her husband. Her father handed her the ceremonial knife and looking at her Prince she drew the blade over her hand causing a light stream of blood as he did the same. Clasping their hands together and allowing their blood to mix the priest said the final words that would bind them together for ever.

“By blood you are bonded in life and in death.”

Sealed with a kiss they were now man and wife.

The celebrations lasted days with the Prince and Princess often found wondering the gardens together or going out riding, anything they could do so they were alone together, but nothing lasts forever. Three suitors the Princess had refused had joined their armies together and were marching against her father’s kingdom.

Her father had called them into the thrown room to discuss the pending battle. “I want the both of you to leave the palace. Go in disguise and take two soldiers with you and head to the mountains in the north, when it is safe I will send for you.” Her father ordered.

“No, I do not wish to run and hide, I will stay and fight.” The Prince said. “I will not run from a war that I caused.”
Her heart sank. It was a coward’s choice to run, but one she was gladly willing to accept to ensure his safety. Now he had chosen to stay and she would not leave him. “I will stay with my husband.”

“Daughter, surely you know how serious this situation is. If the palace is breached you will not be safe.”

She knew all to well how dangerous this was but she had just gotten her husband and she refused to leave him. “This war is my fault also. I will stay and help where ever I can.”

Her father nodded but she could tell he was not happy with her decision. Being his only child he was very protective of his daughter but knew this was her decision to make and he would not be able to change her mind.

As she lay in her husband’s arms in bed later that night she thought of the days that were coming, the soldiers would soon be here and the battle would begin. They could lose; there was a high chance they would lose, three kingdoms armies brought together against just one. Where was the dignity in that?

“I was very proud of you today.”

She looked up into the eyes of her husband. “What were you proud off?” She had done nothing to be proud of.

“You chose to stay when you could have left. Not many women would have chosen that option.”

“In honesty I was hoping to leave, but only with you. If you stay so do I.”

He sighed. “This battle is going to be hard; they have more men than we have. Even with my army added to your father’s the odds are still against us.”

“We’ll face it together and that is all that matters.”

Within three days the line of soldiers could be seen on the horizon of the kingdom. The army was large, almost surrounding the whole castle.

“This is your last chance daughter. Before they come any closer you can escape.”

He had been trying to convince her to leave but to no triumph. “I will stay father.”

“I do not know what they would do to you if you were captured.”

She could hear the fear in his words and she had thought them too, but she would not leave her Prince.

The next day the soldiers marched towards the castle, half her fathers army guarded outside the main gate waiting for the battle to commence. Archers lined the top of the castle walls and more soldiers waited in the court yard. The Princess stood in the thrown room with her father and husband and tried to drown out the sound of the soldier’s armour banging as they got closer and closer. Soon it would begin, this may be the last day any of them see and yet she was content to die today. She had married the man she loved.

“If the courtyard is breached I will join the men in battle.” The Prince spoke to her father.

“As will I.” Her father nodded.

“What will I do?” Fighting was not an option she knew that but she had to be able to do something.

“If the soldiers get in you must escape.” The Prince walked over to her and took her hands in his. “They would not respect you if you were to be captured and I could not bare the thought of that happening to you.”

“I have had two horses left at the servant’s entrance at the back of the palace. The soldiers won’t be attacking there; I want the both of you to get as far away from here as you can.”

“Father I will not run, I will not leave the two men I love most in the world to fight a war I helped start.”

The large door to the thrown room was thrown open and a messenger rushed in. “Your majesty a messenger delivered this.”

The King opened the message and read it. “They are demanding that we give over your husband for them to execute and then you chose one of them as a new husband.” He sighed.

“Never.” The Princess said instantly.

The King watched his daughter and smiled. She was a woman, but a woman who he had raised to have her own opinion and make her own decisions; she was more a man than most Lords he knew. “Sound the battle drums.” He ordered.

The messenger ran from the room and within moments the beat of the drums echoed through the Princesses heart. It was time.

The three of them left the thrown room to the balcony above the courtyard. Her father and Prince were already dressed in their armour with their weapons, ready for battle. Entering onto the balcony the Princess felt her legs weaken. What once was a green landscape was black with soldiers; no land could be seen if it even existed anymore.

“Be strong my love I am with you.” The Prince whispered into her ear.

Knowing he was next to her gave her the strength to stand proud and ready. She saw the three figures approaching lined in the middle of their men. These three men had destroyed the memory of her wedding and threatened the lives of her people, King and Prince. These men she would never forget or forgive even if their bodies became corpses forgotten in the mud on this day.

The three Princes raised their swords and their men did the same and began to smack them against their shields.

“So it begins.”

Just as her father said those words the soldiers attacked. The Princess watched as soldiers from both sides were cut down and slain her father waved his arm motioning for the archers to fire. Even with their arrows protruding from the enemy soldiers bodies they were still fighting, soon the court yard was breached. Her father drew his sword and looked at his daughter.

“I do not regret anything. I have seen you more alive and happy this past week than I have in your whole life.” Her father wiped the tear that fell down her cheek before kissing her on the head and turning to make his way into the battle.

She turned to her Prince and the sobs escaped her.

“Promise me you will take the horses your father has secured for you and leave.” He asked as he held her sobbing.

She could only shake her head.

“There is nothing left for you here my love. Escape will you still can.”

“I will never leave you. You promised I would never have to deal with your absence.”

“I regret I have to break that promise. You have made me a happy man.” With one last powerful kiss he left her.

She watched down on the battle as her father joined his men and began fighting for his Kingdom. Then her Prince joined. She couldn’t bear to watch them fight and see how close the enemies’ blades came to causing fatal wounds to her loved ones. She watched as soldiers from both sides fell. They were dying for something that did not even concern them, for three Princes jealousy because she could not love them. How could love cause so much death? She screamed as she saw a soldier slice her father across the abdomen. Her father placed his arm across the wound and struck the soldier dead with his sword before falling to the ground. She heard a soldier shout that the King had fallen and then a chorus of cheers came from the enemy soldiers. She fell to her knees against the cold stone balcony weeping as the cheers raided on. How could they be so joyful that a King had died? They weren’t here to kill a King they were here to punish her for not choosing one of their Princes.


She launched her torso over the balcony looking for her husband. She spotted him amongst what was left of her father’s soldiers. Other than a wound on his head he seemed to be fine.

“Get to the horse and go!”

The Princess shook her head. She had already lost her father; she would have nothing left to live for if she lost her husband. She had no reason to run.

The Princess continued to watch the battle as more and more of her fathers soldiers were killed until there was only her Prince and a handful of men that remained who were surrounded by the other soldiers. The three Princes entered the courtyard and dismounted. Walking up to the Prince and the remaining soldiers they drew their blades and killed what defence was left and then turned their three blades onto the Prince. Watching through tear drowning eyes the Princess watched as the Prince locked eyes with her, she knew he was secretly begging for her to run and save herself but she refused. Whispering she loved him his eyes widened in pain as the three Princes drove their swords through him. Her screaming sobs echoed through the air as one of the Princes sent soldiers to come and collect her. She heard the doors open as they arrived and lifted her roughly to be taken back to the three men that had just ended her happiness.

The Princes threw her around to one another each hitting her and bruising her body. They called to each other what they preferred about her.

“I love the colour of her hair, gold like the summer sun.” One laughed as he held her against him before tossing her on to another.

“I love her appearance, the way she dresses and styles herself.” She felt him press his lips to her neck and greedily kiss her skin before throwing her away again.

Another pair of rough arms caught her and she winced at the pain they caused against her skin. “No it’s her beauty that is the true prize here, her soft, smooth skin.” He laughed running his hands across her body.

“Which of us will get to marry her?” One asked.

“I should be allowed to marry her since I have the most soldiers left from the battle.”

“No. I should be the one to marry as I am the richest.”

“How about we settle this like men. We fight and the winner gets to marry her.”

The three men agreed.

“Lock her in the Church, and then she will be ready for the winner.”

Laughing one Prince dragged her all the way to the church, she cried in pain as her wrist twisted and cracked in his hand causing it to bruise and bleed.

She was thrown to the floor in front of the Alter.

“When there is only one of us, you will have anew husband.” One of the Princes laughed before walking out with the other two.

Even after they had killed her husband and father they couldn’t stop. Now they were going to fight each other to the death to marry her.

The Princess pulled her torn clothes to over herself cover her and crawled towards the Alter. Her father and Prince were dead and she was to be wife to another. Using the Alter to pull herself up she saw the blade she had used days ago to join herself in marriage to her love. The Princes wanted her for her beauty so her beauty she would give them.

Taking the blade in her bruised hand and using what was left of her strength to stand, she thought of the Prince that commented on her hair and slowly she brought the blade up to her hair and began cutting it, she ignored the pain it cause and the parts that began to bleed. Once it was all gone and she was left with just uneven gold lumps of hair she thought of the next Prince and what he had said about her appearance. She looked at her dress that was already torn and dirty but taking the blade she began cutting what was left of it until it fell away from her body. The third and final Prince said he loved her smooth skin. Would he like it now? Dragging the blade across her skin she made cuts all over her body and face. She was nothing of her previous self now. She didn’t have beautiful hair or nice gowns or soft smooth skin. Now what would the Princes think. What would they do now they had fought and won a war for this monster? She thought of what her Prince had said. Just as you are a Princess and you have your gowns and your jewels to show this, underneath it all you are just a woman, but beauty does not last forever, and you are a woman I will love forever.

She wanted no one but him, and in death she would join him. Let the Princes brag about their scarred corpse of a wife. Making two final cuts along her wrist she let the last of her life drain from her. Closing her eyes she thought of her love and now nothing could come between them again.

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