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Hearth of the Rose

By Nelly Starfields

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2019 Nelly Starfields

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Hearth of the Rose

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Hearth of the Rose

Far far away, beyond our galaxy, there was a kingdom. People of our land were calling it Emotia. It was a country full of wonders and possibilities. The tale I’m going to tell you today tells one of these wonders and stayed covered in the nebula of history.

A millennium ago, there lived a royal couple reigning over Emotia. Queen Venus the Enchantress and King Hephaestus the Wolf. There also was their only child, a beauty of a thousand diamonds, Princess Lovelonia.

Amiable she was, yet, the heart of an empty glass. She wandered one place to another: To find someone to be together. All had she was reverence, but no acquaintance. It shuddered her heart that she couldn’t find a hearth, inside everyone. Destined was she to see a parade of masquerade, and there was no friend of a serenade.

Her home was a prosperous ocean, but there was no emotion. She had material goods everybody wanted, yet, she was so daunted. Stuck was she in a sublime tower; below a solid drowning shower of the court manner. Each night sobbed she to break free under a willow, which was her usual slumber pillow. Her chains seemed unbreakable.

So, fled she one day, to somewhere she might find a hope ray. She kept running to find serenity. All of a sudden, there was a clarity. Something glowed among the trees; it was rosy as her cheeks and was clear like her desire.

She approached the gleam and blinded by the pink sheen. Then, she touched the light and regained her sight. A sort of crystal it was, a legendary one. The stone of agape it was and remained unseen to eyes and hearts are darkened with hatred.

Queen Venus was weeping for Lovelonia whom the King was seeking for days. Yet, there was no trace. Venus’s tears embroidered a lace with a drained face.

After a long mourning, the horns of joy were heard and announced good news. Venus and Hephaestus joined into “phews.” Lovelonia had returned at last. They thanked the Almighty for letting go bitter past. The family found themselves in a warm, safe embrace.

Venus noticed the crystal in her hand. Into her room, Lovelonia was instantly sent. Hephaestus and the court were really perplexed.

“Cannot a mother stay alone with her daughter? Why do you smother?” cried she.

“My enchantress,” replied the King. “We don’t smother, but worry that we know you were sorry.”

“Indeed, I was and still am, but let me be. Now, if thee let me, as a mother I shall do my duty.”

King shook his head with concern; however, allowed her to go. Soon, understood he, it was a matter between ladies. Queen entered her room, caressed her hair, redressed her and ornamented with rubies and pearls to make her fair.

“Tell me, my dear,” spoke she calmly. “Why did you flee and leave poor me in misery?”

“Neither papa nor you or everyone care about me! I was pinned down inside thine ivory dungeon. I eloped to find glee.”

Queen gasped at her words. It jabbed her soul like dozens of swords. She sighed and examined her with the most mustered compassionate look.

“Lovelonia, my only one! You know it well that we shall rule and conquer the contentment of our subjects; this includes you too dear.”

Lovelonia remained silent until her eyes filled with diamonds. The first drop fell onto the crystal, and again it glimmered. Again, gasped Venus.

“Explain me, princess, where did you find that crystal?” inquired Venus.

“In the misty willow of Emotia ma’am. It was shining just like now.” responded the Princess.

“Okay, my dear. Closely listen what shall I say and do it. Excavate the crystal beneath the Mother Earth. I assure you will find what you search; just believe in that.”

Lovelonia exactly did what her mother said. She buried the crystal under the earth. Each and every day she returned and in tears prayed for the company she yearned. Her grief even saddened the Mother Earth. The soil begged the Almighty for a flower raising shower. God answered this call and sent a fertile rainfall to create a flower no one ever saw. Lovelonia came back, gazed in awe. It was from the stone she buried. Then to express her mother she hurried.

She bumped into someone, dropped her crown. It was a shepherd; he frowned. Anteras was his name with his skills he was in fame. Lovelonia studied him closely. He had the handsomeness of a prince but clothes of a peasant.

“My deepest apologies your highness,” said he, extending his hand instantly. “Are you alright?”

Lovelonia grabbed his hand, not letting it go. Suddenly a blow was heard, and wind of petals surrounded them swiftly. They were in an astonishing haze with their never-ending gaze. Another new flower bloomed between them with the same crystal inside. They called both the plant and the stone rose. It was the cause the love between them arose.

Lovelonia took the stone and brought Anteras along. Soon, the whole kingdom enjoyed a wedding and watched happily their settling.

Hear me whoever witnessing this tale! Love and faith of nothing to compare! Even if the world of yours in darkness, find the light inside you and keep seeking what you wish. After all, it is you who can change your fate.

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