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Anna Partridge in a Pear Tree by Stephanie Dagg Anna Partridge in a Pear Tree by Dec. 14, 2017 11,950 words Read a sample
Anna Partridge is house-sitting for family friends in a very cold cottage in the middle of snowy France. She’ll be there for a fortnight over Christmas. It’s all rather quiet and unexciting until, on Boxing Day, a pheasant gets tangled in the pear tree in the garden. Anna can’t possibly leave it there but her rescue attempt goes wrong, leaving her the stuck one.
Время Донкихотства by Maximiva Natali Время Донкихотства by Dec. 14, 2017 10,120 words Read a sample
Обняв Марию за плечи, Валентин нежно поцеловал её в солёные от слёз губы. Девушка резко отстранилась. Вырвавшись из державших её рук, она скрылась в ночной тьме. Парень усмехнулся: — Ну, хотя бы на это я имел право? — с вызовом бросил он в яркое небо. Только Валентин даже не догадывался, что был безмолвный свидетель этой короткой сцены. Стараясь не дышать, Катя стояла чуть в стороне.
Winter Lights in Loveland by K-lee Klein Winter Lights in Loveland by Dec. 14, 2017 11,770 words Read a sample
Miles can take or leave Christmas, and that goes double for his Loveland family's huge annual get-together. This year, for the first time, he has a boyfriend and the possibilities are making him a nervous and excited wreck. Being with Jeremy gives Miles courage and strength and he hopes this will be the year he finally catches the Loveland holiday spirit.
Бумеранг by Maximiva Natali Бумеранг by Dec. 14, 2017 22,700 words Read a sample
Дубравов успешный, влиятельный бизнесмен, негласный хозяин города. Его жизнь у многих вызывает зависть. Любящая красавица - жена, два сына. Только действительно ли всё так безупречно, какие тайны скрыты от окружающих... Что за ад — оскорбленная гордость. /Адам Мицкевич/
Answered Prayer by Jennifer Park Answered Prayer by Dec. 14, 2017 54,780 words Read a sample
Eun Seo, the activist daughter of the successful Pastor Lee Sang Chul, has a life that is full to bursting with blood drives, fundraising events, and visits to orphanages and old folks' homes. Surprisingly, Eun Seo finds herself an unwed mother-to-be. Eun Seo is determined that her mistake will not harm her father’s ministry. Her quest to protect her unborn child leads to unexpected results.
En la Oscuridad by Mary Orvay En la Oscuridad by Dec. 14, 2017 29,080 words Sample 15%
Una novela policiaca llena de emoción y suspense. Dónde se mezcla el amor y el dolor, el miedo y la desconfianza.
Annie's Turn by Debra Holt Annie's Turn by Dec. 13, 2017 15,860 words
Meet Annie, Trace, and Travis… the Cartwrights of Cartwright’s Crossing, Texas. In this prequel that introduces you to them, you’ll get a preview into their lives and what brought them to their own searches for happily-ever-after’s.
CisterWife by Jessica Mandella CisterWife by Dec. 13, 2017 30,040 words Read a sample
Music has only four genders: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. All four make sweet music together. I wish the world were like that. Gay men hit on me. I tell them I’m a TransDyke. They say I’m a phobic straight scamming on lesbians. Would a sister treat me like that? Only the one I love.
Ruffles and Lace by Guy Winters Ruffles and Lace by Dec. 13, 2017 13,100 words Read a sample
When someone in your life turns it upside down then suddenly they leave what do you do? Jodi finds himself wandering through life having made decisions in the past that force him to make painful compromises in the present until he meets Erica, a woman who becomes more than a partner but someone to truly love. Ruffles and Lace is a gender blending romance that explores a unique love.
Tease Me Prequel by Adele knight Tease Me Prequel by Dec. 13, 2017 10,230 words
Avril Miller doesn’t date, but when her best friend drags her to a local bar, a pair of seductive green eyes ignite a sudden fire in Avril’s veins. Will Avril break all her rules for one night? Or will she find the release she is seeking in an unexpected way?
Alien Bride: An Alien Mates Adventure SFR (Taron Invasion Series) by A.J. Daniels Alien Bride: An Alien Mates Adventure SFR (Taron Invasion Series) by Dec. 13, 2017 37,650 words Read a sample
Nick Captured by aliens, one Navy Seal earns his Trident by fighting the big blue freaks every step of the way back to Earth. Watching them conquer one planet after another, and enslaving the inhabitants sparks a white hot fury deep in his gut. Vowing to take them down at any cost, he formulates a plan. It may not be a particularly good one, but it’s the best of very limited options. Spending year
2017 Christmas Coda by Lucy Monroe 2017 Christmas Coda by Dec. 12, 2017 42,520 words Read a sample
This is *not* an anthology of novellas, or even short stories. It is a gift to the readers who get so caught up in the characters’ lives, they can’t help wondering, “Did they have a boy or a girl? Are they still happy ten years, fifteen years, twenty years on?”
You for Christmas (A M/M Short Story) by Valerie Ullmer You for Christmas (A M/M Short Story) by Dec. 12, 2017 17,130 words
Parker Hunt and Jonah Lee have been best friends for years. Both have been hiding a secret from the other. Will this Christmas season bring what they both have wished for?
Naked Truths - An erotic romance series by Karen Botha Naked Truths - An erotic romance series by Dec. 12, 2017 86,090 words
He’s a grieving widower, the perfect boyfriend, & prime suspect...When Giles shows up in Lucy's life sparks fly but Paula is unsure about her best friend's perfect man, or of how his wife died. She uncovers the truth by examining a scandalous lodger, a jealous brother and a protective mother-in-law. Lucy Lucy is torn between her best friend and dark new love. Will she follow her head or her heart?
My Husband, Take Him With My Blessing, Please! by Mario V. Farina My Husband, Take Him With My Blessing, Please! by Dec. 11, 2017 2,400 words Read a sample
My name is Wilma. I was working at Apex and met Tom Duncan in the company's cafeteria while having lunch. We enjoyed each other's company and began seeing each other a great deal. One day, we agreed to each taking a half day of vacation so we could get to know each other better. We had dinner, then he took me to his home. There he made an indecent proposal. This story tells how I reacted.
Waiting to Heal by Phillip N Hancock, Sr Waiting to Heal by Dec. 11, 2017 41,400 words Read a sample
The unaccepted suicide conclusion by the police, on her husbands death, forces a widow to obtain outside help. Her quest was two fold. She wanted to restore her husbands good name, which would validate his life insurance policy, and she wanted to bring those responsible for his death to justice.
Forbidden Fruit: The Virgin's Guardian Book 1 by Annalise Wells Forbidden Fruit: The Virgin's Guardian Book 1 by Dec. 10, 2017 81,070 words
I was called on to protect her from the bad guys – but who will protect her from me? It's true, I'm the hired bodyguard... but I might have to show her who’s really in charge. Ultimately, she’s a forbidden fruit; letting my guard down could mean losing to the mafia – so I’ll have to stay centered and treat this like another fight I won't lose.
Manic Monday: The Billionaires Temptations by Annalise Wells Manic Monday: The Billionaires Temptations by Dec. 10, 2017 60,090 words
The name is simple, but what New York’s premiere private adult club has on the menu far outweighs the billion-dollar a year exclusive menu. Tina’s Place is the place to be—the place that caters to ALL your needs and feeds your every desire. Find out what happens when anonymous trysts lead to true love between a high-priced wording girl and a very married billionaire!
The Clever Miss Jancy by Margaret S. Haycraft The Clever Miss Jancy by Dec. 10, 2017 48,900 words Read a sample
Miss Orabel Jancy is indeed clever, and she knows it. She is the author of several scientific books. When Orabel was born, a deathbed promise was made with a friend that Orabel and the friend's son should be given the opportunity to marry. Orabel only learns of the arrangement when she is grown up and the friend's son is already on his way from India -- to propose to her!
Obvious Deception ~ Reviving Anew and Much Stronger by Olya Amanova Obvious Deception ~ Reviving Anew and Much Stronger by Dec. 09, 2017 18,100 words Read a sample
Betrayal may transform you into a miserable version of yourself. There are people that come into our life not for us to change THEM, but to help US to change. Some experience left you with no will to leave and believe, drained your inner and outer world–in the end you may be a winner with the first place in the game of life. And now you know how to arise from nothingness and create from emptiness.
Traveling with Fate ~ Emotional Death Can Bring Renewed Life in a Profound Disguise by Olya Amanova Traveling with Fate ~ Emotional Death Can Bring Renewed Life in a Profound Disguise by Dec. 09, 2017 31,460 words Read a sample
Canvas of our life is a masterpiece.  It is perfected with every person and experience. People craft our personality with their influence on our thinking and feeling. Often we do not realize that the loss in one aspect of life may lead to a gain in another. Like a deaf person learns to listen through his hands we can find true love by wounding our heart with sharp sword of a deadly loss.
A Drop of Rain ~ Love in a Blind Disguise by Olya Amanova A Drop of Rain ~ Love in a Blind Disguise by Dec. 08, 2017 4,260 words Read a sample
One may encounter a treasure and not even know that at the time. The realization may come too late. And the rest of one’s life will be spend in search of the lost and abandoned.
To Live Again (The Living Series, Volume 1) by Melody Dawn To Live Again (The Living Series, Volume 1) by Dec. 08, 2017 101,320 words Read a sample
An incident in Chloe's past leaves her broken and unable to move on. Until she meets Jayson Reece; he's determined to fix her and make her love him in the process. Will she learn to live again or lose a fairy tale romance in the making?
The Unsealed Heart by Susann Oriel The Unsealed Heart by Dec. 07, 2017 46,220 words
Miri Jamieson, dreams of opening her own art studio and gallery in her home town. So when the right building comes up for sale, she puts in a bid to buy the place. Except she misses out to sexy newcomer Nick Brannagh. Miri sets out to buy the place from him, but her innocence soon has her in his hotel suite. When she learns he has lied to her, she is devastated. Can she ever trust him again?
Scorched by Kathryn Kelly Scorched by Dec. 07, 2017 3,650 words Read a sample
Spend an evening on stage and in the bedroom with Sloane and Georgie Mason in this three-thousand-word short. NOTE Contains SPOILERS from Inferno and Incendiary
Home in Time (Book III in the Christmas Village Trilogy) by Lisa Pendergrass Home in Time (Book III in the Christmas Village Trilogy) by Dec. 05, 2017 26,670 words Read a sample
The Final Chapter in the Christmas Village Trilogy tells us what happened to Josh and Kellany's commitment-phobe foster-daughter Florrie. Orphaned before her 11th Birthday, Florrie found something to look forward to in Snowy Pines, but life's drama pulled her away. Now the Magic of Snowy Pines has pulled her back and she has the chance to make things right with her family and the boy she loves.
The Sleeping Mime: a Love Story by Cuthbert Clark Hemingnot The Sleeping Mime: a Love Story by Dec. 05, 2017 5,280 words Read a sample
A dead wife. A missing cat. A mysterious mime. A plaid-clad lad. A woman with a cat-eared headband. And love.These are the makings of one of the greatest love stories ever told.
Screwed Up by Amy Sparks Screwed Up by Dec. 05, 2017 29,500 words Read a sample
Death. It's an amazing word if you think of it. Death. Most people think death is some crazy, scary thing, but for me? It's not. A word like that thrills my life, and I want to learn more about it. You might think that I'm some crazy, psychopath that's depressed. Yeah, well I'm not. Or maybe I am. Who knows. But hey, it's the thought that counts. Oh, by the way, my name is Genesis.
Sigo Respirando by Chary Ca Sigo Respirando by Dec. 05, 2017 7,390 words Read a sample
Un relato tierno, que te hará sentir el amor en estado puro. Siente la Navidad y las mariposas a tu alrededor.
The Emperor's Daughter by J.R. McGinnity The Emperor's Daughter by Dec. 05, 2017 43,230 words Read a sample
As a palace concubine, Lakshmi lives a life of luxury. But her life is not as simple as it seems--her placement in the palace as a concubine is a facade; and when the future of a loved one is threatened, Lakshmi must choose between protecting one that she loves or fulfilling her duty to guard the emperor.
A Demonworld Solstice by Severine Wolfe A Demonworld Solstice by Dec. 04, 2017 24,320 words Read a sample
It’s NOT Christmas! Cassie is tasked by a curious pantheon to create a Winter holiday. The witch in her loves celebrating at the Solstice, but the humans keep calling it Christmas, when it’s really not. Even if you can give gifts… if you want. And, there is feasting and merriment and a time to reflect until the Spring Equinox arrives. But, it’s not Christmas. It’s really not.
Wishful Romance Volume 1 by Kait Nolan Wishful Romance Volume 1 by Dec. 03, 2017 220,750 words
Wishful is a southern romance series written for anyone looking for love in a small town. If you loved Hart of Dixie and miss the residents of Bluebell, you just might fall in love with Wishful. It's a town where everybody knows your name and hope springs eternal! This volume contains Books 1-3
The Heart of Time by Legend Brook The Heart of Time by Dec. 02, 2017 550 words Read a sample
The Heart of Time is a "gateway" short story into the universe of Amser. It opens the stage, so to speak, for the novella "Fin" and later it's sequel, "Amser". Part romance, part adventure, Fin, Amser, and this short story bring on a whole new light to the meaning of time. Please forgive the puns. FIN, this short story's sequel, will be available for FREE on Amazon Dec. 3- Dec. 5th!
El Secuestrador de Divorciadas by Fermín Deliz El Secuestrador de Divorciadas by Dec. 02, 2017 50,770 words Sample 20%
Es una historia que trata sobre la separación de una pareja de esposos, donde el hombre decide irse de la casa para no volver. Luego de la ruptura él se dedica a secuestrar a mujeres apetecibles para hacerles el amor y seleccionar a una de ellas para que sea su nueva esposa. Su mujer, en cambio, todavía muy enamorada, hará todo lo posible para reconquistarlo, haciéndose asistir de una psicóloga.
Haunted Holly by Kathleen Dienne Haunted Holly by Dec. 01, 2017 9,820 words Read a sample
Do ghosts care if you don't believe they exist? Holly is in for a hot time this winter's night with a tall, dark, handsome stranger who only wants to protect her from all the things that haunt her.
Arrogant Bastard by Winter Renshaw Arrogant Bastard by Dec. 01, 2017 63,990 words
When rebellious and troubled Jensen Mackey is shipped off to live with his estranged mother, he finds himself faced with his biggest temptation yet ... in the form of the one person he can't have.
Vampire Brotherhood: Prequel by A.J. Daniels Vampire Brotherhood: Prequel by Nov. 30, 2017 14,860 words Read a sample
Short Introduction to the Dark Worlds Series Read 10,000 words of epic world building! Squeaky and Alex are just two out of thousands of aliens who ended up on earth after the Alien Wars. One is a vampire prime who landed on his feet, was awarded war honors and earned a place in human society. His wealthy, privileged life is turned upside down when he’s abducted in broad daylight. Squeaky was not
Live by Light by David Manoa Live by Light by Nov. 30, 2017 17,890 words Read a sample
On the brink of retiring as a detective. I got shunted knee deep into my last drug operation with Constable Johnny Sluiters. Events from that night intertwined with my personal life that I uncovered secrets that changed my life forever. My name is Max Paratai, and this is my story. Contains content for mature audiences.
My Zombie Christmas by T. Strange My Zombie Christmas by Nov. 29, 2017 3,110 words Read a sample
In this excerpt from My Zombie Boyfriend, necromancer Edward Grey and Undead Canadian Kit Ward spend their first Christmas together. Exchanging gifts ranging from odd to adorable and having dinner with Edward's parents, they learn about life, love and the naming of cats.
Eternal Earth: A Hound Series Novel by Layla Omorose Eternal Earth: A Hound Series Novel by Nov. 29, 2017 100,200 words Read a sample
His desire for her was an obsession he couldn't control. For over a year, Adien, the Trinity Hound of Earth. has watched Harmony Sonders from a distance. Silently protecting her from his enemies and those who sought to harm her...including himself. One look from her is enough to have him longing for the one thing he never wanted but the only thing he needed.
Happy At Last by Jeanette Muscella Happy At Last by Nov. 29, 2017 112,740 words Sample 20%
Jeremy Miller and Joan Randall both have issues that they bring to their relationship. Can two wounded souls find the courage to love again or will circumstances beyond their control tear them apart?
We Found Somewhere by Heather Grant We Found Somewhere by Nov. 29, 2017 106,250 words Sample 15%
When Abigail exploded at a snobby customer at the coffee shop she worked at, she lost her job and became famous as video of the incident went viral. She was certain her dreams of becoming an actress were over... Until she got a call. Now she's cast in an actual movie, and thrust into a love triangle with two of the hottest actors in town. Does she have what it takes to prove herself in La La Land?
Abduction 2140 by T.J. Quinn Abduction 2140 by Nov. 29, 2017 13,370 words Read a sample
Extinction is a cruel and very real possibility, As the Zuvrakian alien warrior race is running out of time. Lord Asgar and his crew have searched the galaxies far and wide looking for an answer ti their world'a fast decreasing population. After another failed attempt at finding mates, Asgar figures he has nothing to loose when they come upon the auction that the Slythonians are having.
Falling in Love Again by T. J. Robertson Falling in Love Again by Nov. 27, 2017 9,210 words Read a sample
Late at night a policeman comes upon a car, idling on a deserted Cape Cod beach and sees a young woman inside, slumped over the steering wheel. Because the tailpipe is blocked, he fears she is suicidal. When he shatters the window, she wakes up and denies any suicide attempt. After a heated exchange of words they go their separate ways. Their kismet, however, is to meet again.
I am Gone by Nathaniel Christian IV I am Gone by Nov. 27, 2017 2,190 words Read a sample
Fed up by her husband's abuse, an anonymous woman pens a sorrowful "goodbye" letter before emancipating herself along with the couple's two young children.
1 Night by Bethany Lopez 1 Night by Nov. 26, 2017 10,580 words
1 Night is a prequel to 8 Weeks, which is book 1 in the Time for Love Series.
The Meet Up by Lawal Salami The Meet Up by Nov. 26, 2017 4,840 words Read a sample
So when you are asked, "Can we meet?" What goes through your mind? Do you really want to meet up? And with the way Lagos is these days, what if you happened to meet something else? Enjoy.
Honey by Isabelle Corners Honey by Nov. 26, 2017 20,230 words Read a sample
Alana's life is about to be turned upside with a whirlwind romance with a billionaire and her son kidnapped.
Knowing Zip by Cynthia Sax Knowing Zip by Nov. 25, 2017 12,830 words Read a sample
Abducted by the cyborg warrior of her dreams. Zip is the last of his friends to find his female, the one being meant for him. He isn’t certain she exists until he hears her voice over a transmission. A self-proclaimed systems deity, he researches his curvy little human and discovers she dreams of being abducted by a big, strong warrior. Zip plans to make his female’s fantasies come true.
Bethânia, meu amor (Amostra) by Priscila Passoni Bethânia, meu amor (Amostra) by Nov. 25, 2017 27,920 words
Uma nova cidade. Uma nova escola. Novos amigos. Um amor antigo e uma nova paixão... Tudo parecia normal na vida daquela jovem bailarina, até que uma grande tragédia mudou a sua vida. Uma ficção que vai mexer com suas emoções.