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A Royal Engagement by Emma Lea A Royal Engagement by June 10, 2018 81,550 words Read a sample
The Spare is now the Heir Alyssa isn’t sure she is cut out to be Queen, but she knows that she wants to do her father and brother proud, so she is willing to give it her best shot, even if it means going toe to toe with Parliament. And then there is the small matter of her needing to be married in order to fulfil her birthright and take her place as the Head of State.
Hotwife Training: Hidden Hotwife Desires - Prologue by Karly Violet Hotwife Training: Hidden Hotwife Desires - Prologue by June 10, 2018 7,250 words Read a sample
Prologue to Hotwife Training Camila and Xander each have a secret. A secret they share with each other, only they haven’t yet found out yet.
The Omega's Pledge by Colbie Dunbar The Omega's Pledge by June 09, 2018 5,310 words
An ancient prophesy threatens to tear Viscount Henry Caldwell and Lord Cuthbert ‘Cuddy’ Trenton apart. Cuddy is heavy with child and weary of Henry’s coddling while the viscount fears for his mate, the baby and their future. Just as the alpha and omega find their way back to one another, Queen Eleanor, who happens to be Cuddy’s sister, has concerns about her brother’s condition. But Her Majesty in
Royal Broken Dreams by Anastasia Slash Royal Broken Dreams by June 09, 2018 7,430 words Read a sample
A glimpse into Piper and Prince Liam’s Universe! Piper Mullins-an aspiring actress and talk show host is torn Prince Liam, the rebel tattooed brooding heir to the Throne is damaged. He sees no reason to be tied down Even though his royal bride awaits. Commitment in his world is a dirty word. Untouched Piper is torn between keeping her values And doing what her friends and her show requires of he
Home (In the Billionaire's Hands, Book 1) by Meghan Moore Home (In the Billionaire's Hands, Book 1) by June 08, 2018 23,270 words Read a sample
Lauren Matthews is working two jobs and sleeping on her friend Stacey’s sofa to pay off her debts. When Stacey begs her to cover her shift as a waitress at a gentlemen’s club, Lauren squeezes her curvy body into a bunny outfit but knows it’s a BAD IDEA! Before she serves her first drink, she’s hurried away to the private office of Drake Patterson, the club’s enigmatic billionaire owner.
His Midshipman by Stephanie Lake His Midshipman by June 08, 2018 13,280 words Read a sample
A chance encounter with a handsome midshipman leaves Viscount Randall Blair planning a future for two. Randall never knew how fast and hard love could hit until he found the right person: David. Can he convince the young sailor that they are perfect together?
The Secret of Mara by I May End Soon The Secret of Mara by June 07, 2018 19,550 words Read a sample
Kelvin and Mara met each other and they were going to marry each other. Before their marriage, Mara got pregnant. It was such a surprise for Kelvin for Mara to have gotten pregnant. And amazingly, it was such a surprise for Mara herself too. Why was it a surprise for both of them?
Golden Prince Diamond King by Gabbo de la Parra Golden Prince Diamond King by June 07, 2018 11,780 words Read a sample
A naughty prince used to getting his way. A King devoted to his people looking for an alliance. What could go wrong when these two headstrong men clash? This story comes from the NIGHTJAR universe (an ancient Greece/fantasy retell). Also a bonus story from another far away realm. Adults Only.
The Untouchables by Ariana Nex The Untouchables by June 07, 2018 65,260 words Read a sample
Griffin, morbidly obese, jobless and recently homeless is ready to end his life, only to be intercepted by Blanche. Blanche, more existing than living herself, hasn't been able to touch anyone in years due to what she believes to be karma. She offers Griffin to stay with her, far removed from society. The unique combination of togetherness and isolation unearths more than either of them imagined.
Mentre sento il tuo profumo by Serena Cappelli Mentre sento il tuo profumo by June 07, 2018 24,100 words Read a sample
Quattordici racconti, quattordici storie di donne legate tra loro da un filo invisibile. Donne in bilico, donne forti, donne ferite, donne felici. Donne che cadono e si rialzano. Donne che ridono e donne che piangono. Donne che imparano a non avere paura delle loro emozioni.
Sve moje ljubavi su tužne by Udruzenje Nezavisnih Pisaca Sve moje ljubavi su tužne by June 06, 2018 36,750 words Read a sample
Zbirka priča “Sve moje ljubavi su tužne” na jedan opušten, sentimentalan i povremeno šaljiv način, govori o godinama odrastanja i sazrevanja. Kroz nevine i naizgled naivne pričice provlače se suštinska pitanja o životu, ljudima i vremenu u kome živimo. Kako sazreva žensko biće, dok se simpatije, veze i razne ljubavi, kao stari film, odvijaju pred očima čitalaca...
After the Storm by Jewelle Moore After the Storm by June 06, 2018 36,390 words Read a sample
Natalie Harding can’t believe that her absolutely gorgeous work colleague Stephano Romano is attracted to her. But after one unexpected, totally hot Friday evening encounter on her office desk of all places, she’s convinced that maybe he returns the feeling she’s harbored for him in the fifteen months they’ve worked together. Her euphoria doesn’t last for long.
The Dragon Tax: Dragonsbane Saga Book 1 by Madison Keller The Dragon Tax: Dragonsbane Saga Book 1 by June 05, 2018 24,790 words Read a sample
When the King of Thima hires Sybil Dragonsbane, the last thing she expects is to be collecting taxes. When a defenseless and handsome dragon begs her for help, Sybil discovers there is more to the tax than simple gold. Now wanted and on the run together, she must protect the dragon while untangling the truth. Worst of all, she may be falling in love.
The Failed Heist by D. Spencer The Failed Heist by June 05, 2018 2,780 words Read a sample
You love to hate Joffrey. There is no blatant sexuality here, this is a short tale about a crime gone wrong, and the fatal aftermath. You may know his name, and while it’s a hated one from a TV show, this jerk is almost likable. I wrote this for a friend who wanted to like a bad guy with a worse name, and this friend wanted to turned on by something taboo. I hope this works. And it’s free, so...
My Irresistible New Stepbrother: An Alpha Billionaire Taboo Romance by Laura Havemeyers My Irresistible New Stepbrother: An Alpha Billionaire Taboo Romance by June 05, 2018 20,520 words Read a sample
The night I moved into my new building, I f*cked my new neighbor. I didn’t mean to; I was a good girl. I’d spent the last few years alone and concentrating on my college degree but, when I ventured upstairs to complain about the noise, he was too gorgeous to resist and it was the best sex of my life. I didn’t even get his name. A week later, my mom calls from the other side of the country.
Sweet Revenge by Kristin Colli Sweet Revenge by June 05, 2018 27,580 words Read a sample
The story takes us to the year 1760 in England, where he lives a little nobleman Edward with his parents. One day he happens to witness the murder of their parents. The butler will help the boy to run away, to him the "shrouded man" in the mask didn't kill. A boy befriends a large landowner and hides him in to safety. When a boy becomes a real man – intends by all means to take revenge.
A Meaningful Dream by Il'ya Milyukov A Meaningful Dream by June 04, 2018 2,420 words Read a sample
You can see anything in a dream, especially when you're a guest.
By The Seat of Your Pants - A Blaze of Glory short story by Sheryl Nantus By The Seat of Your Pants - A Blaze of Glory short story by June 04, 2018 6,160 words Read a sample
In this short story prologue to Blaze of Glory, Jo finds herself in an interesting predicament when a planned fight goes awry - and not even Mike can guess what happens next.
Keep Your Enemy Close by Cleo Wodehouse Keep Your Enemy Close by June 03, 2018 108,220 words Read a sample
Weight and control-obsessed Ingrid has resolved to remain single. Jonas, psychologically damaged and obese due to a hormonal disease, feels he can no longer attract a partner. He blackmails Ingrid into helping him get back into the dating game, teaching her to let go of her control issues in return. Both discover that healing can happen in unconventional ways.
Tempered Hearts by David Manoa Tempered Hearts by June 02, 2018 18,430 words Read a sample
I went through life experiencing heartbreak. My journey to healing and redemption made me cross the paths of others who experienced the same. We were all tempered hearts, but our lives intertwined with a dangerous situation that changed us all forever. My name is Royce Husk and this is my story. Contains Content for Mature Audiences.
Anuradha by Hiranya Borah Anuradha by June 01, 2018 3,730 words Sample 20%
In this story, a lady who apparently very serious in her studies, used to love someone deeply. The man, with a lover-boy image even in his wildest imagination never thought that the serious looking young lady was in love with him for years together. Then what happens?
Three Murders, One Woman: Mystery in a Tiny Town by William Wresch Three Murders, One Woman: Mystery in a Tiny Town by May 31, 2018 86,970 words Read a sample
In this third book in the series, Jessica finds love with the president of a Swiss bottling company as they build a plant in her northern Wisconsin community. But when he dies in India, the bottling plant’s new managers damage the local water supply and hold her a virtual prisoner. As she struggles to rebuild her life, three of her former lovers are murdered and all signs point to her.
The Billionaire Stepbrother by Emma Lea The Billionaire Stepbrother by May 31, 2018 85,500 words Read a sample
Bailey Sheppard has loved Nick Heart for as long as she could remember until he told her he was getting married. So she hatched a plan to stop the wedding and steal the groom. And then she met Hunter...Nick's stepbrother. Now she has feelings for Hunter that won’t be denied, but what does that mean for her future with Nick?
Turning My Man Out! by Meghan Moore Turning My Man Out! by May 30, 2018 7,360 words Read a sample
When Vanity discovers quite by chance that her man Calvin might be susceptible to a little anal play, she sets about conquering him. And it's not long before she's graduated from pushing her slim fingers into him to strapping on something substantially larger and giving him its full length. Now my billionaire stepbrother is intent on making my life impossible!
What Do You Know? by Ina Disguise What Do You Know? by May 30, 2018 1,920 words Read a sample
Richard, a celebrity interviewer of politicians, is surprised by what he finds when he goes to buy a newspaper. His intoxication leads to personal change.
Finding Autumn by William Murphy Finding Autumn by May 30, 2018 72,660 words Read a sample
A philosophical novel about the complex relationship that that Religion, Politics and Science have within our understanding of humanity and our ability to cope with decisions that we make. This novel bridges the gaps in these thought process's to try and show how a balanced approach to each leads to greater happiness.
Jaed: The Cyborgs Reborn Series, Book 4 by T.J. Quinn Jaed: The Cyborgs Reborn Series, Book 4 by May 29, 2018 15,790 words Read a sample
Jaed Tossed out of a Taucet’s vessel, Jaed found himself wounded and under the protection of a human female. She had found him on the snow, right after a big storm hit her small farm. She took care of him, giving him the needed time for his nanocybots to heal him and put him back on his feet. Certain the army would come for him as soon as the storm faded away, he didn’t try to escape, at least, no
June's Double Rainbow by Cheryl Holloway June's Double Rainbow by May 29, 2018 8,120 words Read a sample
Her fiancé breaks off the engagement. June is stunned, then, she is determined to move on and meets a new love—in Paris. Can their love survive on different continents?
The Surprise by I May End Soon The Surprise by May 28, 2018 12,670 words Read a sample
What was it about Linda that her boyfriend Arnold did not know? What was it about Arnold that his girlfriend Linda did not know. Were they going to surprise each other with it or they wanted to hide it from each other for life? And if they both eventually know what the other party had been hiding, what was going to happen to their relationship? Another one from I May End Soon.
The Cost of Living by Kristin Colli The Cost of Living by May 28, 2018 20,140 words Read a sample
Sam Evans is a young talented man who excels at soccer and is dating a delightful girl who means very much to him. However, one day his life takes a turn when he ends up in a wheelchair due to an injury. On top of that, clues reveal that perhaps it wasn't just an accident.
The Rekindling (The Romance Stories, Book 1) by Stellan Galt The Rekindling (The Romance Stories, Book 1) by May 26, 2018 30,850 words Read a sample
After retiring from a profession that he dedicated his entire life to and effectively distancing himself from the woman he loves, Nathan moves away in hopes of mending his broken heart and leaving behind the memories that haunt him.
The Adventures of Ken Spaulding Mother Nature's Snow Globe by Michael Damm The Adventures of Ken Spaulding Mother Nature's Snow Globe by May 24, 2018 8,960 words Read a sample
The second installment of The Adventures of Ken Spaulding. Mother Nature's Snow Globe finds Ken caught in a winter storm with only a semi as a guide. Join him as he follows a semi on the closed Interstate and rides his 65 Volkswagon Beetle home to see his girlfriend.
No Moment is The Same. by Von Kambro No Moment is The Same. by May 24, 2018 1,780 words Read a sample
After her relationship ends, a woman tries to understand her boyfriend's cryptic statement.
Burned by Fire by Lila Kane Burned by Fire by May 24, 2018 67,020 words Read a sample
A witch who’s just discovered her powers. A vampire and werewolf both after her. And a spell that could tear apart a whole town.
The Power Given to the Oppressed by I May End Soon The Power Given to the Oppressed by May 24, 2018 16,010 words Read a sample
One of the reasons why someone may suffer oppression is weakness. He is weak to resist or defend himself from the oppression exerted upon him by the oppressor. But there is something about the oppressed which some people may not know until now. Whenever someone suffers oppression, there is a quality that is automatically identified with him...
The Final Assignment SAMPLE by Kaydee Field The Final Assignment SAMPLE by May 23, 2018 1,800 words Read a sample
When Kayla's boss at a tabloid is upset about her upcoming vacation he send her on a final assignment to uncover a scandal at a local hotel. What Kayla finds in unexpected and leads her down a steamy path she never imagined. Can she finish her assignment and move on or will she become part of the scandal she was meant to uncover? Explicit Content. Sample.
Seducing the Straight Cowboy: Part 1 by Lucas Loveless Seducing the Straight Cowboy: Part 1 by May 23, 2018 2,850 words Read a sample
On a hot summer afternoon, a young farm boy finds himself getting exactly what he wants, a scorching hot encounter with a hot-as-hell cowboy.
The Cocky Cockswain of Cock-A-Hoop Manor by William Shakeshaft The Cocky Cockswain of Cock-A-Hoop Manor by May 23, 2018 8,490 words Read a sample
This is a compilation put together by like minded writers who love romance, and hate the idea that any one person can control or possess a word. This is meant as a response to such people. It is not meant to make fun of any part of the genre, with the exception of the aforementioned people.
Tashni's fairytale by Tanya Onika David Tashni's fairytale by May 23, 2018 1,510 words Sample 20%
Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight of recognition.
Love Lost by Lady Lilium Love Lost by May 22, 2018 67,770 words Read a sample
Softcore/slice of life yaoi
The Duchess of His Heart by Rosie Zweet The Duchess of His Heart by May 22, 2018 5,010 words Read a sample
Lady Madeline is bent on revenge. He is the Duke of her dream. He is almost hers. Well, almost. Now is time for him to pay his sin… But much to her dismay, the blasted duke is awake, waiting for her… suddenly, the game of revenge turns into a much more pleasurable game…
Haunted: Chapter I by R. Kitt Haunted: Chapter I by May 21, 2018 4,200 words Read a sample
Urban legends, they are meant to scare the children, to make a great, cryptic story for around the campfire, but what if they’re real? Meet Blitz: a girl with a dark past, a girl with a story to tell. Meet Hayden: a guy with his own dark past, a guy in a band, a guy who gets twisted up with Blitz... in more ways than one!
Uff Yeh Ladki by Shabana Mukhtar Uff Yeh Ladki by May 21, 2018 18,710 words Sample 30%
Haniya is a happy-go-lucky and impetuous girl. What happens when people start to tag her as such? This is light-hearted, breezy short novel, that focuses on general prejudice and judgmental behavior towards people based on preconceived notions.
Tread by Rosi Phillips Tread by May 20, 2018 73,390 words Read a sample
Rai isn’t looking for love. A hookup with a hot Irishman? Absolutely! What she finds, though, is a Finnish techie with a penchant for cognac and curly-haired Arab girls. Leo isn’t what Rai wanted—not even close—but he is what she needs. Rai might try to write Leo off as a summer fling but her heart knows he’s forever.
Claimed: A Nectar for the Gods Short Story by Sophie Kisker Claimed: A Nectar for the Gods Short Story by May 20, 2018 20,860 words
Siridin is reeling from the death of his brother and banishment from the planet he's always called home. Keelie was pulled through a rift in space to satisfy the addiction of Anterrins to human women. When they meet, each sees the other as the source of their troubles, and the dominant ship's captain refuses to believe the nectar slave's stories of whispers in the night. Menage, HEA, spanking.
Blood Hunger by L.E. Wilson Blood Hunger by May 20, 2018 88,250 words
A vampire who doesn't believe in love. A witch who doesn't know her own power. Nikulas Kreek has been searching for his brother for seven long years. He finally has a new lead: a feisty witch named Emma Moss. And even better, Emma is hot. Like, model hot. Nik knows he should stay away from her, but the moment he tastes her, he knows he'll never be the same. Emma belongs to him, and only him.
Promises Broken by KA Stalter Promises Broken by May 19, 2018 12,600 words Read a sample
At fifteen, Briggs was forced to leave town and break a promise to his best friend. Nearly three years later, with Paige never far from his mind, he revisits his past and discovers she is no longer the kid he remembers. And his feelings for her are anything but friendly. This is a short story. A prologue for Briggs' and Paige's upcoming full length novel All My Mistakes
Felicity by J.S.R. Rayburn Felicity by May 19, 2018 1,490 words Read a sample
A married couple, who haven't touched each other in years, suddenly find themselves entangled in an intimate moment.
Assassin's Girl by Alice Bello Assassin's Girl by May 19, 2018 23,380 words Read a sample
Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to survive. Sometimes the wrong thing leads you to love…
All About Zane: Travis County Legal Book One by Avery J. Moon All About Zane: Travis County Legal Book One by May 19, 2018 59,980 words Read a sample
A broken hero An orphaned child And the lawman who could save them both Colin Shepard knew the exact second his twin sister Becca died. He was free-falling from a plane at the time. He cheated his death, but was left a very broken man. Two things kept him going through the pain: Keeping his promise to Becca and raising her son as his own, and bringing her killer to justice.