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Dark Hunger (The Brethren Series Book 2) by Sara Reinke Dark Hunger (The Brethren Series Book 2) by Nov. 23, 2018 102,270 words Read a sample
Tessa Noble is a vampire who will do anything to reach her twin brother in New Orleans--even if it means traveling with Rene Morin, a ruthless, brooding, yet startlingly sexy vampire,
We All Fall to Ashes by Max Sparrow We All Fall to Ashes by Nov. 22, 2018 5,750 words Sample 10%
The world becomes a different place. A person is valued only by success. Love shows weakness and the people are controlled by their government and society is shallow.
The Thieves and the Child They Orphaned by Albert Oon The Thieves and the Child They Orphaned by Nov. 21, 2018 7,130 words Read a sample
A couple known as the "Good" Thieves is a notorious duo that steals from the greedy and gives to the just. On one heist, they happen to accidentally kill a boy's parents. Because the boy is blameless, God forces the thieves into one body and to take care of the boy. They must learn to live as a family while learning to let go of their past career or let their self-righteous cause be their doom.
The Distance between Us-Book 1 by Nicola Mills The Distance between Us-Book 1 by Nov. 19, 2018 9,740 words Read a sample
This series is a beautiful contemporary romance that describes a secret love affair between best friends, one of whom is engaged to be married. This is a romance series that will have you on your toes not knowing what will come next. You will be entertained from books 1 to 5. You will not want to miss a thing. Join in on the journey that will shape their lives forever.
Dark World by Sharique Abia Dark World by Nov. 19, 2018 1,170 words Read a sample
It is a love story of a Israeli boy who met a Syrian girl on Facebook and fell in love with her. When the airstrike was in its swing in Syria and he didn't get her reply for a period of time he left his home to find her in her country and reached there. In the devastated town found no trace of her but a memento watch........
Dark Thirst by Sara Reinke Dark Thirst by Nov. 19, 2018 96,550 words Read a sample
When Brandon Noble and Angelina Jones first met, he was an awkward teenager harboring a crush on his tutor's sister. Five years later, Angelina is a streetwise cop who's sure she's seen it all, until Brandon comes back into her life--lean, handsome, possessing a strange, powerful allure. . .and a terrifying secret.
Dysfunctional Family by Nambayo Sibetta Dysfunctional Family by Nov. 19, 2018 42,930 words Read a sample
A few years ago, two ladies were in labour on the same day, one of them bore twins while the other only had one child, Unfortunately, the one with only one child lost her baby and the nurse secretly gave her one of the twins. The kids never knew anything until in their twenties.
Blood Born by Jodie Rose Blood Born by Nov. 19, 2018 36,630 words Read a sample
Follow Scarlett, the daughter of Jax and Millie from the Keepers of the City series, in her adult years as she returns home to Scotland by force.
Craving-First Thirst by Claudy Conn Craving-First Thirst by Nov. 19, 2018 51,240 words Read a sample
Bobbie Skye is a powerful witch hired to free a vampire from a curse. Will she--or die trying?
Captive (Lace Underground Trilogy #1) by Tess Oliver Captive (Lace Underground Trilogy #1) by Nov. 18, 2018 57,480 words
Heartbreak led me there. I had a mission but it didn't take long for my grasp on reality to come loose. As the tethers to my past were torn away I found myself inextricably bound to him, to the twisted monster. Kane Freestone's secret world was like the ultimate mix of good and evil. They called him the mad genius, and he was just that. I hated him as much as I couldn't live without him.
A Girl Like Me by A. E. Chance A Girl Like Me by Nov. 18, 2018 2,890 words Read a sample
"A Girl Like Me" is a short collection of flash fiction pieces constructed during A.E. Chance’s time at Full Sail University. The stories are a simple glimpse into the author’s young life including her first kiss, losing her mother, and keeping her fan-fiction alive.
Whenever I'm With You by Winfield Ly Whenever I'm With You by Nov. 18, 2018 7,250 words Read a sample
Mimi has been best friends with Airi since childhood, who they have always supported one another with everything. After a setback, Mimi felt disappointed and unsure of herself. She feels grateful with the support coming from people important to her. This story explores a snippet of her personal growth.
Bad Son by Jo Raven Bad Son by Nov. 18, 2018 18,610 words Read a sample
He’s our neighbors’ adopted son. He’s quiet, brooding, hot. We walk together down the street after school, And we talk. I want him a lot. But he thinks he’s bad luck, a bad son, And misunderstandings will tear us apart… *** This is a prequel to BAD WOLF—a short Novella ***
Reckless (Dangerous Desire Series Part 1) by Nicole R. Locker Reckless (Dangerous Desire Series Part 1) by Nov. 17, 2018 22,590 words Read a sample
Hot as the Dallas, summer heat - Perla Fae resists the advances of a sexy as hell, playboy billionaire to protect her heart from further devastation. It should be easy, coming fresh out of a painful breakup, starting a new job, and the calendar just days away from the tragic reminder of why she feels utterly alone in the world.
William and Juliet by John B. Joseph William and Juliet by Nov. 17, 2018 20,460 words Read a sample
General Willie, who had held trustfully to Julie’s promise, came back from the battlefront only to meet his trust betrayed.And because he couldn't bear the pains of her betrayal, he chose the path of war to recover Julie from the bosom of Mayor Bay. And in the course of his war of recovery and vengeance, the tragedy of love assumes its peak. And there the story begins. Read on.
Rêve éveillé by Morgane Pinon Rêve éveillé by Nov. 17, 2018 5,480 words Read a sample
Léa est une jeune fille qui s'ennuie. Les amis, les cours, la famille... Tout est trop banal pour être intéressant. Elle n'a qu'une seule passion : dormir ! Car lorsqu'elle plonge dans ses rêves, c'est pour vivre de belles aventures, tout en restant lucide. Une nuit, Léa rencontre dans son sommeil un beau jeune homme. Elle va devoir choisir entre sa réalité monotone ou ses rêves éveillés...
Spoons (Reignited) by Selina Ibarra Spoons (Reignited) by Nov. 16, 2018 3,630 words Read a sample
Spoons (Reignited): Love is never easy; it takes work, and it takes time.
All by BRUNA DE OLIVEIRA All by Nov. 16, 2018 80,120 words Read a sample
All by BRUNA DE OLIVEIRA All by Nov. 16, 2018 80,120 words Read a sample
Sweet Agony: A Ride With Harley Short Story 1 by Cassandra Parker Sweet Agony: A Ride With Harley Short Story 1 by Nov. 15, 2018 1,930 words Read a sample
Mari and Harley had a love most people only dream about. Come Ride With Harley and Mari to eternal love.
Deception and Despair Part II by Albert Oon Deception and Despair Part II by Nov. 15, 2018 9,930 words Read a sample
Thrills, chills, and kills are back! A group of high schoolers are in summer school when suddenly they are forced into a death game by a crazy couple and their mechanical pink kitty cat and two-headed snake. There can only be one survivor. One must kill a friend in secret then feign innocence to escape while the others die. And these kids thought summer school was the worst thing ever.
Cake with the King by maderr Cake with the King by Nov. 15, 2018 1,580 words Read a sample
A lonely king, an infatuated bodyguard, a slice of fancy cake. Note: This was a cute, short bit written on tumblr for fun, and published here for the convenience of readers.
Fighting the Dark by Kassidy Carter Fighting the Dark by Nov. 15, 2018 69,320 words Read a sample
Don't let the Dark win.
I Put a Spell On You: série Scrupulo by Laboralivros I Put a Spell On You: série Scrupulo by Nov. 14, 2018 16,730 words
Claudia Cazarotto é uma contadora que decide esquecer o turbulento passado em São Paulo e busca em Nova Iorque uma chance de recomeçar sua vida. Depois de dois anos sem um bom emprego, ela é finalmente contratada pela empresa de tecnologia e segurança Blue Velvet. Mas entrar nessa empresa e lidar com um dos sócios, Seth Cunnings, investigado por suspeita de envolvimento com a máfia ítalo-americana
The Way to Her Heart. by A.J Harper The Way to Her Heart. by Nov. 14, 2018 58,790 words Read a sample
Jason Cohen resembled the person from a run of the mill books; rich, well known, hot - the 'it' fellow, however as the young lady he had been finding out about for his entire life, enters his life, everything changes. . . .
About Last Night by Clare London About Last Night by Nov. 14, 2018 1,850 words Read a sample
Roger only popped out for breakfast supplies. Was that long enough for Allen to have second thoughts?
Anything For Love (The Hunter Brothers Book 1) by Lola St.Vil Anything For Love (The Hunter Brothers Book 1) by Nov. 14, 2018 82,360 words Read a sample
His name is Wyatt Hunter and he has a really big...heart.
You Before Me by Ted Evans You Before Me by Nov. 14, 2018 18,100 words Read a sample
Book one is a sneak preview of the full-length novel about a playboy doctor with a bad reputation and his vulnerable patient.
The Mystery of Grange Drayton by Eliza Kerr The Mystery of Grange Drayton by Nov. 11, 2018 30,230 words Read a sample
Drayton is a small town with secrets. Lawyer James Crowe is desperate to get possession of Grange Drayton, and he tricks the owner into disinheriting his son Harold Drayton by accusing him of murdering his older brother’s son and heir. Lawyer Crowe intends to marry Dorothy Dalton, but she is engaged to Harold Drayton and is waiting for him to prove his innocence.
My Mother's Diary. by Von Kambro My Mother's Diary. by Nov. 10, 2018 3,550 words Read a sample
A diary that was kept by a woman during her marriage reveals the joys, pressures and temptation she encountered while being married. Her daughter discovers the diary while going through her mother's possessions after her death.
Dirty Sexy Bastard by Laurelin Paige Dirty Sexy Bastard by Nov. 10, 2018 8,970 words Read a sample
A free prequel to the bestselling Dirty Games Duet that includes the books Dirty Sexy Player and Dirty Sexy Games. This series continues the world begun in the Dirty Duet.
Lost in the Labyrinth by Lady T.L. Jennings Lost in the Labyrinth by Nov. 09, 2018 14,630 words Read a sample
Three sisters, two gentlemen, and one love story Mr Daniel Garrett leads a peaceful and simple life in a small village close to the Peak District where afternoon tea is always served at three o’clock. However, when Ashley Thornhill, a charming and rich gentleman, inherits Thornhill Manor, Daniel’s life is suddenly about to become a little bit more complicated...
Passion Project by M.W. Stevens Passion Project by Nov. 08, 2018 25,410 words Sample 10%
Nick Scoville is the lead singer of a somewhat popular local rock band named Out to Launch. After a terrible performance at a major festival causes the band to experience some growing pains, Nick takes solace by meeting an energetic fellow rock musician, Cathy Caulfield. They fall for each other quickly, but there is much more to their relationship than meets the eye, as Cathy has many of her own
Green Tea and Pink Apples by R. Cooper Green Tea and Pink Apples by Nov. 07, 2018 19,990 words Sample 10%
Matt has spent years creating a reputation for uselessness to keep his family from pushing him into the life they want for him. At a family party, Matt winds up with Santi, his childhood friend, and the one person who sees through his act. He's not sure what he is to Santi, but deep down, he knows what Santi is to him, and he is sick of pretending. Can he finally reach for what he wants?
Threaded by Giovanni Acevedo Threaded by Nov. 07, 2018 1,720 words Read a sample
Some believe we are connected to our soul mate by means of an invisible thread…but what happens when that thread becomes visible?
Tinsel Terrors (A Rom Com Short) by Mazy Morris Tinsel Terrors (A Rom Com Short) by Nov. 06, 2018 3,640 words Read a sample
Jenny Jorgenson—or Miss Jenny as she’s known to her Kindergarten students—couldn't be more ready for Christmas vacation. But before she can experience the joys of The Most Wonderful Season of All, she has to get 127 five-year-olds to remember their lines for the Kindergarten Christmas program and make sure no one knocks the scenery over—not that that’s what happened last year or anything.
Unwrapping by Clare London Unwrapping by Nov. 06, 2018 3,560 words Read a sample
Last Christmas Eve, Harry and Matt got together. Sort of. This Christmas Eve – and with the help of a Secret Santa gift – will they make it official? A free Christmas short romance.
Fetch by Mazy Morris Fetch by Nov. 05, 2018 13,470 words Read a sample
Cynthia is done with men. Fresh out of a disastrous relationship with her boss, she impulsively quits her job and opens up shop as a dog-walker. Dogs make much better company, anyway. What Cynthia doesn’t count on is her very first canine customer coming complete with a very persistent master determined to make Cynthia change her mind about giving up on true love. This sweet romantic comedy is p
Cupid Hates Me: A Rom Com Short by Mazy Morris Cupid Hates Me: A Rom Com Short by Nov. 05, 2018 5,550 words Read a sample
It’s Valentine’s day and best friends Charlene, Samantha, and Claire go out on the town in an attempt to forget that they are once again man-friendless on this most odious of manufactured holidays. What they don’t know is that their luck is about to change. This is a sweet romantic comedy short story.
Beautiful Dreamer by Mario V. Farina Beautiful Dreamer by Nov. 04, 2018 1,320 words Read a sample
I had a dream of Patricia, my wife, who had died twenty years earlier. She had been the only woman I had ever loved and I missed her greatly. As I dreamed, I heard the lovely strains of the song, "Beautiful Dreamer," by Stephen Foster. What did this music have to do with my dream? This story tells about its huge effect in my life.
Young and Foolish by T. J. Robertson Young and Foolish by Nov. 04, 2018 8,620 words Read a sample
When the Haggertys' marriage falters, Jimmy's rugged good looks, sense of humor, and way with words captivate Angie Johnson, their baby sitter. So much so her sympathies lie with him rather than with Etta, his wife, whom she considers to be aloof, angry, and spiteful. The more she gets to know him, however, the more doubts she has about his character.
The Fishmonger’s Daughter by Alex Shishin The Fishmonger’s Daughter by Nov. 02, 2018 4,240 words Read a sample
Set in the maritime Japanese city of Akashi, this stoty concerns a superficially westernized arts supply shopkeeper who lives in the vicinity of the famous Uonotana Fish Market. After is longtherm married lover leaves him, he drawn to the Japanese authenticity of the fish market. And to a fishmonger's beautiful daufghter.
A Gift Of Love by J. Grandison A Gift Of Love by Oct. 30, 2018 14,080 words Read a sample
Creek Hollis is a single father raising his young son in the small town he, himself, was raised in. Lake is the center of his world. Creek not once, but twice received news no parent ever wants to hear. His little boy needs a donor. One is found and so this brings Kelly Marshall into their lives.
Awkward Annie by J. Grandison Awkward Annie by Oct. 30, 2018 6,870 words Read a sample
*******Was part of an Anthology for Autism awareness********* It's a short Story Annie isn't awkward she's on the spectrum and the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
Flesh by Sky Corgan Flesh by Oct. 30, 2018 40,510 words Read a sample
Looking to explore the lifestyle for the first time? Want to experiment without having to commit to a Dominant? Then come to Flesh. Flesh is the perfect entryway to all things kink related. Come find out what the lifestyle is all about in a safe, controlled environment. We'll tailor your scene to your needs.
Mendax, o ladrão de histórias by Fbpublicacoes18 Mendax, o ladrão de histórias by Oct. 30, 2018 30,840 words Read a sample
Esplêndido Mendax é um escritor best-seller, cujas histórias encantam os jovens. Já foi chamado de “Jorge Amado da Literatura Infantojuvenil” e de “JK Rowling da Bahia”. Mas quem é ele ninguém sabe exatamente. Pelo menos até Guto, Naia e Diacuí — três leitores de Mendax que se descobriram transformados em personagens do misterioso autor — juntarem forças para resolver o mistério de sua identidade.
Amar é uma conexão discada by Fbpublicacoes18 Amar é uma conexão discada by Oct. 30, 2018 16,720 words Read a sample
Este livro conta a historia de um romance de dois jovens no no inicio da era da Internet.
The Alpha's Birthday Gift (Dog Hills Pack #1.5) by Meg Bawden The Alpha's Birthday Gift (Dog Hills Pack #1.5) by Oct. 30, 2018 18,940 words
Happily mated for four years, Colby Thorne and Remy Lovell have almost everything going for them. Almost. They’ve been trying to expand their family for the last three years and found nothing but failure and disappointment at every turn. Reaching their breaking point, the couple are too defeated to keep trying. It comes out of nowhere when Remy finds out that he’s finally fallen pregnant.
From Hatred to Love by Albert Oon From Hatred to Love by Oct. 29, 2018 6,680 words Read a sample
James and Julia secretly hate each other in their hearts and because of this, God forces them to inhabit the same body until they learn to love one another. The two are almost complete opposites. He makes friends, she keeps to herself. He doesn't try to help people, she makes it her career. He gives people the benefit of the doubt, she stereotypes them. Will they ever learn to love each other?
The Scottish Fetish by Vidal D'costa The Scottish Fetish by Oct. 29, 2018 17,140 words Read a sample
Join Ina Parker AKA Bespectacled groupie, an amateur rock journalist as she delves into the mind o' the talented (albeit damaged) rock star, Luke 'Scottish fetish' McDonald and traces his journey from a small town guy to a troubled rock legend.