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A Springtide Meeting: A Regency Romance by Emily Murdoch A Springtide Meeting: A Regency Romance by Jan. 04, 2018 18,050 words Read a sample
Would you recognise love when you saw it? Cordelia Honeyfield has been sent to the seaside 'for her health' - and the last thing she wants is the meddling nonsense of a country doctor. Dr Timothy Walsingham is about to meet a new elderly patient - a Miss Honeyfield whose letters have had him in stitches. Can a chance meeting of mistaken identity lead to something more?
Christmas at the Wellands by Liz Jacobs Christmas at the Wellands by Jan. 04, 2018 24,250 words
A Christmas novella about friendship, love, loss, and family. Some CW inside.
Velvet Ivy: A Motorcycle Bad Boy Romance (The Nighthawks MC Book 1) by Bella Knight Velvet Ivy: A Motorcycle Bad Boy Romance (The Nighthawks MC Book 1) by Jan. 04, 2018 79,500 words
Maybe her crazy world will catch up with her, instead. It's hard to know for sure. So, what on earth will she dream for? And who else will come along for the ride? One thing's for sure, Velvet Ivy is going to rock the heart of Nevada. Ready, set... let's ride...
Tulipanes Negros by YIMMA Tulipanes Negros by Jan. 03, 2018 3,590 words
este libro se debe de leer con el corazón pues fue escrito con lagrimas.
The Apothecary's Wife by Sara Hammond The Apothecary's Wife by Jan. 03, 2018 67,100 words Sample 20%
It is 1810. Anne Blake's is now married to the apothecary,John Parker. The couple begin their new life together by journeying to America to study botanical specimens, but instead Anne finds she must once again start a new life in a new place with an unknown future.
Opposing Forces by Adrianne Kane Opposing Forces by Jan. 03, 2018 15,710 words Read a sample
A VAMPIRE PRINCESS MAKES THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE to protect her people, but that's not enough to please the demonic king. He wants so much more.
Leap, A Symbols of Love Novel by Dylan Allen Leap, A Symbols of Love Novel by Jan. 03, 2018 10,750 words
A short story in the Symbols of Love series by Dylan Allen
Red Marks the Child, The Ankhs (Book1) by Amira Awaad Red Marks the Child, The Ankhs (Book1) by Jan. 02, 2018 30,660 words Read a sample
He took everything from me – love, family, friends – even my name. You are human, but I am Hathor. Learn my name well. For I was once the most powerful Djinn in this realm of Earth. Start from the beginning. Lift the veil and turn back the sands of time
Three By Three by Tanya Chris Three By Three by Jan. 02, 2018 36,210 words Read a sample
There's more than one way to have a threesome. Three by Three features three very different threeways. Approximately 36,000 words. Features explicit sex, including male-female and male-male pairings.
Latent Love by Katrina Liss Latent Love by Jan. 02, 2018 9,240 words Read a sample
Short Fantasy Romance - contains adult subject matter. A client's party had suddenly got a lot more interesting for Carrie. Daniel was eye-popping handsome, rich and swoon-worthy and for some unfathomable reason he seemed to be highly interested in her. As their conversation progressed she found herself captivated and yet nervous, dying to find out more about this mysterious stranger....
Enchanted (Torn, Book 1) by M.D. Bowden Enchanted (Torn, Book 1) by Jan. 02, 2018 51,180 words Read a sample
Exeter is under vicious attack from a coven of vampires. With the city gripped in fear and the death toll rising, Ava is filled with a desire to put an end to the killing and is willing to risk her life, and her heart, to save the people of Exeter.
Elemental Claim by Miranda Grant Elemental Claim by Jan. 02, 2018 87,170 words Read a sample
For Rogan, the mission always came first...until Emma. He had kidnapped her believed she was her sister, a woman he would have no qualms with killing. He was ruthless, heartless, and frightening...but Emma's heart didn't care.
Sister Royal by Margaret S. Haycraft Sister Royal by Jan. 02, 2018 61,670 words Read a sample
Beryl Rosslyn Aylmer, known from childhood as Bride, is suffering from seizures. Her young brother, Bonny, calls in Dr. Gildredge who sees that the only way to keep control of Bride's radical treatment is to persuade her to marry him, and also stop young Bonny from seeing her. This story by favourite author Margaret S Haycraft is a very readable mix of romance and revenge.
The Sea View Cafe by Michael Graeme The Sea View Cafe by Jan. 01, 2018 212,460 words Read a sample
Fleeing a toxic marriage and a job that's killing him, Finn winds up in the forgotten English seaside town of Carrickbar. The country is in pre-BREXIT crisis, and America has gone mad. Things don't look good, least of all for him. But he's about to meet Hermione Watts, owner of the Sea View Cafe, a woman with an eye for suffering and a heart ever ready to heal. If anyone can fix things, she can.
String the Cranberries by Caroline Clemens String the Cranberries by Dec. 31, 2017 30,610 words Read a sample
Brandon and Leia meet out in Wyoming where he has begun work at a ranch. Brandon left his Midwest roots to learn a new trade, he didn't know he'd find love there, too. Fate plays with us and determines our destiny but for these two alike souls destiny persists.
Killing Time in Paradise - A Daisy Greenwood Novel by E.J. Bell Killing Time in Paradise - A Daisy Greenwood Novel by Dec. 30, 2017 46,600 words
Daisy Greenwood has abandoned city life for peace and quiet in rural Florida. Working an easy job wearing jungle boots and saving the Everglades, she stumbles into a web of ruthless land developers and batty locals. Saving herself, her friends and miles of virgin forest draws this fish-out-of-water into the deadly Florida backwoods where a fight for her life ensues.
Second Wind by Jennifer Park Second Wind by Dec. 29, 2017 47,170 words Read a sample
Su Wan, an idealist on a mission to make sure that quality rehab is available to all, meets her match in Tae Joon, an ornery, spoiled, rich kid who experiences short-term memory loss after a motorcycle accident. Strong personalities collide on the restoration journey.
The Girl in the Front of the Room by Mercedes Siler The Girl in the Front of the Room by Dec. 29, 2017 3,870 words Read a sample
River defines motherhood and femininity in this series of short stories.
New Year's Eve Desire by Tahira Iqbal New Year's Eve Desire by Dec. 29, 2017 10,570 words Read a sample
When Talia Garrington takes a waitress job for a swanky new year's eve party, she has no idea how much it will change her life. For the worst. When the ruthless billionaire, Matthew Stone, discovers just who Talia is and how her father just lost him millions in a botched deal...he decides to take revenge, not banking on the dark secrets that will come to the surface.
Demoniac Demoniac "Anonymous Behind Story" English Version by Dec. 28, 2017 7,840 words Sample 20%
Love is what make you angel. But love is what make you demon. So tell me what is love?
Off The Rebound by J.D. Nero Off The Rebound by Dec. 28, 2017 17,080 words Read a sample
After weeks of confusion and uncertainty a sticky situation between two lovers ends. That same weekend a new situation begins. Jay is on the rebound and catches what basically lands in his lap. Jay is intrigued by the new lady and her approach. A new journey begins with a woman who is determined to have Jay in her clutches before the week is out.
Sunsail by C.T. Devin Sunsail by Dec. 27, 2017 13,510 words Read a sample
Nika Lavrentiev has been working the asteroid belt and hiding from her past in the space corp when she is brought back into the fold to undertake a dangerous mission requiring her skills as a pilot. Her assignment: to fly the arrogant Dr Tai Reynolds into a star about to go supernova. Deep inside the star they find a wondrous and dangerous new reality, both outside the Sunsail and within.
Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Dec. 27, 2017 82,330 words Read a sample
Vampires. Margaritas. Mayhem. What's a girl to do when she's hidden away at the posh estate of sophisticated vampires and her ex-boyfriend wants to drive a stake through her heart? “A cross between Bridget Jones's Diary and Interview with the Vampire." —Latina Magazine "A phenomenal vampire series." —Romantic Times Cosmopolitan’s Top Ten Must-Read Books by Latino Authors Latinidad Chick Lit Book
Saving Grace by Beverley Oakley Saving Grace by Dec. 27, 2017 15,220 words
When London’s most beautiful and hard-hearted courtesan, Grace Fortune, learns her next assignment is to service the man she believes responsible for her ruin, she plots revenge. But the evening does not go as planned.
Dance with Shadows by Graham Wilson Dance with Shadows by Dec. 26, 2017 118,060 words Read a sample
The girl you love vanishes - you search and search. No trace is found. You see someone who looks so like her - she looks at you but does not know you, no recognition flickers. Is it a mirage, dream or desperate hope? She likes you. You ask and she comes with you. Her mind sees only sunlight. You see dark shadowed edges. Can you remake your life with a person who holds no memory of you?
A Memory of Love by Frank Hajek A Memory of Love by Dec. 24, 2017 20,060 words Read a sample
Barbara Collins had reached the pinicle of her profession, the most bankable, most sought after female lead of her era. Then she up and quit, disappearing from view until forty years later Gretchen Schneider has a chance to tell every reporter's most sought after story. What really happened to Ms. Collins? A novella.
Mr. Hollywood, Book 1 by Lacey Weatherford Mr. Hollywood, Book 1 by Dec. 23, 2017 32,280 words Read a sample
Hollywood A-list hotshot, Zane McCartney, is careering out of control. Trying to get over the love of his life, he buries his pain in parties and substance abuse. The wild lifestyle catches up with him as a studio threatens to fire him if he doesn't agree to rehab. Zane has zero interest in going, until he discovers his long lost love is now working at the facility. Can he win her back?
Coffee With Lincoln by tptNow Coffee With Lincoln by Dec. 23, 2017
Ride along with Jack and his companions as they seek the truth once and for all.
Choose Me by Donya Lynne Choose Me by Dec. 23, 2017 59,620 words Read a sample
Well-endowed Greyson James meets pleasure-seeking Katherine Clayton. She thinks he’s a temporary summer fling. He wants something more permanent. Will what they’ve found in each other be enough for happily ever after? Or will one passionate summer be all they share?
Romance en tinta: Antología (Varias escritoras mexicanas e internacionales) by Yunnuen Gonzalez Romance en tinta: Antología (Varias escritoras mexicanas e internacionales) by Dec. 22, 2017 48,830 words Read a sample
Diez relatos románticos de varias escritoras mexicanas e internacionales que te harán vivir las diferentes formas en las que se puede amar.
Torn Between the Game and Love by Courtney Monya Torn Between the Game and Love by Dec. 22, 2017 40,830 words Read a sample
Monique moves to Houston in hopes of new beginnings. When she finds herself in the trunk of a moving vehicle, she is left to think of what could have led her to that very moment. With so many hidden secrets, who can she trust?
A French Kiss by Crystal Dawn A French Kiss by Dec. 21, 2017 40,050 words Read a sample
Trent had spent too many years in France with the wrong woman. He wanted to make the right choice this time, but he was gun shy. When he and Jazel are recruited by Damon to work undercover, he’ll get to know her well enough to make a final decision.
Dream Wife by Mario V. Farina Dream Wife by Dec. 21, 2017 2,020 words Read a sample
I was in a dream. Estelle told me she loved me. She was beautiful and I fell in love with her. It seemed that I could only meet with her in dreams. Neither she nor I could accept that idea. There was also the question of whether she truly loved me or was her love merely in my imagination. These were problems that needed solving. This story gives more details of this uncanny love situation.
Höhlengeflüster by Giulietta Mazzini Höhlengeflüster by Dec. 21, 2017 5,450 words
Vier Kurzgeschichten voll elektrisierender Lust und prickelnder Leidenschaft. Ob in ein kuscheliges Versteck zwischen den Dünen oder hoch hinauf über die Wolken, in eine verruchte Bar oder auf den heimischen Balkon - wir entführen Sie auf eine sinnliche Reise, auf der Sie Ihre Fantasie ergründen und in die ganz besondere, stilvolle Erotik der Liebeshöhle Berlin eintauchen werden.
Dreaming Victoria by Grace Kagni Dreaming Victoria by Dec. 21, 2017 69,940 words Read a sample
Victoria Beckett’s world is turned upside down when she is sent to work for the owner of the London Publishing House. When she meets Charles Dowling, he reminds her of Mr. Darcy from the Jane Austen novel. He is the most arrogant and annoying person she has ever met and yet she must work with him. This is a modern romantic story with a twist taking the heroine back to the 1700s.
Corazón de Mar by María Acosta Corazón de Mar by Dec. 21, 2017 71,510 words Read a sample
Remi Delaney debe viajar de Francia a América para casarse, pero por el camino es secuestrado por piratas. Aloys Van Bartel es el médico a bordo del Liberté. Será puesto al cargo del nuevo rehén, cuya fuerza de voluntad e innata curiosidad le resultarán irresistibles. Conforme el tiempo pasa, los sentimientos surgen entre ambos hombres.
Edge of Time by Melissa Lynne Blue Edge of Time by Dec. 20, 2017 81,180 words Read a sample
Jilted by her fiancé, Marissa is done with men until fate steps in and she finds that Craig Langston may be more man than she can resist. Marissa, a successful woman of the 21st century, finds herself on a collision course with destiny when she's thrown nearly 150 years into the past, and finds that Confederate Officer, Dr. Craig Langston, may be more man than she can resist.
The Heights of Perdition (Book 1 of the Divine Space Pirates) by C. S. Johnson The Heights of Perdition (Book 1 of the Divine Space Pirates) by Dec. 20, 2017 87,060 words Read a sample
Aerie St. Cloud is determined to earn her father's love, her family unit's acceptance, and her nation's respect, but her plans quickly fall apart when she realizes she is falling in love with the one man who wants to destroy them all.
Highland Desire by Erinn Ellender Quinn Highland Desire by Dec. 20, 2017 9,910 words Read a sample
In 1602 Scotland, a young widow traveling alone with her three-year-old daughter finds herself indebted to her clan's enemy after he saves her child. A steamy historical Highland romance novelette, written for Ages 18+.
A Flirtation With Fishnet Stockings by Benjamin Ians A Flirtation With Fishnet Stockings by Dec. 19, 2017 1,650 words
What would you do if you found a packet of fishnet stockings in your partner’s car? Stockings that you don’t wear and are not your size? Surprise, disbelief, anger; all these emotions rush to the surface. A short story – flash fiction – by Benjamin Ians examines a thread of suspicion.
Encruzilhados by Antero Ribeiro Encruzilhados by Dec. 19, 2017 17,340 words Read a sample
“Um tiro ecoa sobrepondo-se a todos os outros, o baque surdo de uma bala atingindo o alvo faz-se sentir, de olhos arregalados o valoroso capitão cai por terra”. Guerra, traição, amor e ódio num fresco da atualidade portuguesa e moçambicana.
Swallowed by Mercedes Siler Swallowed by Dec. 18, 2017 3,160 words Read a sample
Taylor invites River to a bar to watch his band play. But bars have never really been her scene. Warming up with Taylor in the hotel down the street might be a better plan.
Back To The Start by Ryan Armstrong Back To The Start by Dec. 18, 2017 40,850 words
THIS IS THE UNCLASSIC LOVE STORY OF JAX AND ALI. ALI’S DEAD. Jax's passionate love and unyielding commitment for her goes on, as he pursues her wherever that leads - through time, and between earthly and heavenly realms.
The Reluctant Bodyguard by Suzy C. Dickens The Reluctant Bodyguard by Dec. 18, 2017 31,820 words
Brad doesn't want to keep his reason for staying with California girl Saffron over the holidays a secret, but if will keep her safe, he will. He'll even sing in the choir and eat health food.
Dance of Shadows by Graham Wilson Dance of Shadows by Dec. 17, 2017 118,030 words Read a sample
The girl you love vanishes - you search and search. No trace is found. You see someone who looks so like her - she looks at you but does not know you, no recognition flickers. Is it a mirage, dream or desperate hope? She likes you. You ask and she comes with you. Her mind sees only sunlight. You see dark shadowed edges. Can you remake your life with a person who holds no memory of you?
A Christmas Romance at the Two Cats Café by Glynis Smy A Christmas Romance at the Two Cats Café by Dec. 16, 2017 4,010 words Read a sample
Daniel Chandler gave up his life to look after his mother. She deprived him of love, took advantage of his kind nature, and used emotional blackmail as her weapon of choice. When he visited The Two Cats Café, Daniel Chandler met the woman of his dreams in the form of the proprietor, Sara. Would Daniel find the courage to make her his longed for gift for Christmas?
Why Am I Sad?: A Collection of Short Stories by Karen Blake Why Am I Sad?: A Collection of Short Stories by Dec. 16, 2017 3,160 words Read a sample
WHY AM I SAD?: A collection of short stories is a collection of Flash Fiction and short stories that all have one thing in common and that is there not any "happy endings".
The Gate by A. L. Lester The Gate by Dec. 15, 2017 8,190 words Sample 100%
Matty comes home to the family farm from the trenches in 1918 to find his brother dying of an unknown illness that the local doctor thinks is cancer. Matty is convinced it’s connected to the mysterious books his brother has left strewn around the house. With the help of his friend and would-be lover, Rob, Matty needs to work out what killed his brother and prevent it hurting anyone else.
The Christmas Curse by Ruby Moone The Christmas Curse by Dec. 15, 2017 7,100 words Sample 100%
Christmas1806, Jared Templeton finds himself adopted by a stray dog as he walks home each night. He’s surprised to find talking to the beast is easy. He confides not only secrets about his work, but the biggest secret about himself, safe in the knowledge that his companion will never betray him. But at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, things are not quite what they seem ...
A Redhead at the Pushkin by John Francis Kinsella A Redhead at the Pushkin by Dec. 15, 2017 140,560 words Read a sample
John Francis, a reputed though no longer very young Irish professor of economics, acting as an advisor to a City of London bank, meets a much younger woman in Moscow. Ekaterina Tuomanova, an expert in contemporary art at an internationally respected auction house in Moscow, lives with Alena, her six-year-old daughter.