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An Armour of Light by Jiah Joseph An Armour of Light by July 18, 2018 6,260 words Read a sample
The beautiful priestess of a forest shrine tucked away in Imperial Japan attracts the attention of the evil Emperor. Who is the mysterious masked horseman who saves her from the Emperor's soldiers?
Her Best Friend's Keeper by Calle J. Brookes Her Best Friend's Keeper by July 16, 2018 88,390 words Read a sample
The case had remained unsolved—the killers were still out there. ​ And they knew who Gabby was. Where she lived. Who her friends were. They knew everything about her.
A Vergara Wedding (Novella): The Young Billionaires by Maricruz Rosales A Vergara Wedding (Novella): The Young Billionaires by July 15, 2018 23,340 words Read a sample
Five young Billionaires. They are the best of friends. They are used to getting what they want. They are arrogant as well as breathtakingly handsome and they love fiercely. Dylan Vergara: He belongs to one of the most affluent families in the country. This is his story.
Mountain Mist by Jiah Joseph Mountain Mist by July 15, 2018 9,450 words Read a sample
Gita encounters a mysterious stranger in the misty woods in a night of passion, but her desire wars with her responsibilities.
Calibrate by David Manoa Calibrate by July 14, 2018 18,620 words Read a sample
I kept a secret from the one I love. It was something I did to keep my job, but in reality, there were deep-rooted reasons why did it. But like all secrets, karma has a way of revealing it and I fought that battle to keep it that way. My name is Braith Deveraux and this is my story. Contains content for Mature Audiences.
My Hockey Romance - Phantom Assist by Julia Bevan My Hockey Romance - Phantom Assist by July 14, 2018 24,330 words Read a sample
A riveting sports romance story of forbidden love set in the world of professional hockey … "I know my brother wouldn’t approve, but I’m in love with Luke. What do I do?" - Josie Mills
More Than Words by Nick Kove More Than Words by July 14, 2018 20,940 words Read a sample
When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Or is it? I’m tired. Tired of being bullied, ignored, and tired of my dysfunctional parents. I clean out my locker, so no one else has to do it for me once I’m gone. But when someone knocks my books out of my hands, it sets off a motion of events that makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before.
گیسوی عشق - پیمان بهره مند - Gisooye Eshgh by A. Paymon Bahremand گیسوی عشق - پیمان بهره مند - Gisooye Eshgh by July 13, 2018 4,860 words Read a sample
این کتاب مجموعه ای ست از شعرهای عاشقانه. شعرهایی که از چشمه ی جوشان و دلنواز عشق سرچشمه گرفته اند... یا عشق میان عاشق و معشوق، یا عشق میان دو دوست و دو انسان، و یا عشق به زندگی و ذاتِ خوبی های جهان هستی. (A collection of love poems by A. Paymon Bahremand in Farsi / Persian)
Hope: Her Dark Past by Saurav Somani Hope: Her Dark Past by July 12, 2018 5,590 words Read a sample
Avantika has everything she has ever asked for - a loving husband to care for, an adorable child to dot on, a life full of hope...until one day she encounters a stranger and stumbles upon her dark past that threatens to shatter all her hopes once and for all...
Second Chance by C.L Michel Second Chance by July 12, 2018 24,730 words
One decision can define your entire future. But what if you could take it all back. Follow bad boy Kolton Brook as he gets a second chance to change everything. Starting with his ex-girlfriend Catherine Faith. But with fate and his brother Kade getting in his way, will Kolton ever get his Second Chance?
Una lágrima por noche by Abisai Rodriguez Una lágrima por noche by July 12, 2018 38,790 words Sample 30%
¿Recuerdas la primera vez que te enamoraste? Revive la historia de un amor juvenil, ferviente y absoluto, que perduró a pesar de los problemas, las traiciones y los pecados.
Scarred Souls by Nick Kove Scarred Souls by July 12, 2018 20,980 words
Can two scarred souls make each other whole? I’ve never given thoughts to any relationship with anyone. All I want is to start medical school and keep full focus on my education. At least, that’s what I used to want. Meeting Josh one rainy night changes everything.
The D'Silva Brothers by Penelope Greene The D'Silva Brothers by July 12, 2018 41,700 words Read a sample
The D'Silva Brothers is set in the small town of Willow Grove in West Virginia. It follows the lives of brothers Ethan and Marcus D'Silva and some of the residents of Willow Grove including Alison, the girl that Ethan fell in love with when he was just a boy.
More Than Life: A Hard Life by Nick Kove More Than Life: A Hard Life by July 12, 2018 7,840 words
Life sucks. I kissed Alex, shagged Nik, and decided to kill myself. All in the span of twenty-four hours.
Сказка - ложь! by Алина Углицкая Сказка - ложь! by July 12, 2018 49,140 words Read a sample
Любите ли вы сказки? Я тоже любила, пока не попала в одну из них. И все здесь, вроде, по законам жанра: и влюбленный герцог имеется, и злая ведьма. Только сказка оказалась настоящим ужастиком, вместо красавца-герцога ночное чудовище, а моя жизнь не больше чем средство достижения цели для одной предприимчивой дамы. И вообще, попав в сказку – постарайся выжить!
Black Soul (The Forbidden Series 1) by Odessa G Black Black Soul (The Forbidden Series 1) by July 11, 2018 71,710 words Sample 20%
Half man, half angel, all soldier. Angelic assassin, Noah Kavanaugh's intense desire for Caroline Clark pushes the limits of his self-control and his loyalty to the divine law he upholds. A forbidden human, Caroline, is determined to find the cure for the mysterious Noah's illness, but is she prepared to sacrifice her heart, body, even her life to save them both?
Trapped by the Wolf by Juno Blake Trapped by the Wolf by July 11, 2018 21,210 words Read a sample
Lucy knows the rules. Don’t go out under the full moon. Never travel in the countryside without silver. But we all make mistakes sometimes… Trapped by the Wolf is a fast-paced, red-hot paranormal romance novella. Not for the faint of heart!
Deadly Vengeance, Book 1 in the Deadly Sight series by Ava Bradley Deadly Vengeance, Book 1 in the Deadly Sight series by July 11, 2018 30,860 words
In a city most flock to dreaming of being discovered, four siblings with unique abilities will go to any length to stay hidden.
A Woman's Complaint! by Mario V. Farina A Woman's Complaint! by July 10, 2018 1,900 words Read a sample
I had started a dating service called Prime Date Introductions. One of our clients called saying she wanted to talk to me. She came and told three horrible stories about the men she had met. She suggested I should select my candidates better when giving their names to clients. Listening to her stories, I realized her suggestion was a very good one. You'll be interested in what happened next.
The Rebel by gracefiction The Rebel by July 10, 2018 5,570 words Read a sample
She doesn't give a hoot! But maybe she should.
Snowfall by McKenna Dean Snowfall by July 10, 2018 11,450 words Read a sample
A small-town veterinarian and a movie star snowed in together in a mountain cabin. What could they possibly have in common?
Night by I. Rin Night by July 10, 2018 110,250 words Read a sample
This is a fantasy saga about love and adventures of a young beauty Angelica in the Kingdom of the Night...
Sleeping With the Enemy, Book 1 by Alexis Adaire Sleeping With the Enemy, Book 1 by July 09, 2018 25,890 words
Deskbound CIA technician Anna Mercer dreams of excitement. She gets it when she's recruited to a special division of the Agency where she must learn to use her wits AND her curves to complete high-level missions that involve being intimate with dangerous targets. Complicating matters is arrogant, sexy fellow spy Ryan Demarco. Then Anna's heart gets tangled up and things spin out of control.
It's Murder, My Son by Lauren Carr It's Murder, My Son by July 09, 2018 88,770 words Sample 15%
1st book in Mac Faraday Mysteries! Soon after Katrina Singleton moves to her lakefront home, a strange man begins stalking her. Three months after her murder, the investigation into her death has gone cold. Little does Mac Faraday know as he drives up to Spencer Manor that he is driving into a closed gate community hiding more suspicious deaths than his DC workload as a homicide detective.
Bela laž by Tina Palošević Bela laž by July 09, 2018 17,500 words Read a sample
Bela laž (A White Lie) is a lie that angels are using to help us people find our true purpose and meaning of our life. In this story a woman is determined to explain to the people and to the man she loves how not to get lost in all the messages we are getting on our path of finding true love. At the end she finds her man and is planing a family with him. She compares him to famous book characters.
Lily's Valentine by Don Wooldridge Lily's Valentine by July 09, 2018 13,700 words Read a sample
Kim Baker's father was in the hospital with a head and shoulder injury from his fall off the roof of the new addition he was building. Boldly promising to finish the addition for her dad, Kim Baker has to deal with Rusty Dye, the 'know-it-all" contractor across the street. She'd like to blow him off, but his cute little daughter Lily bonds with Kim, then becomes a devious little matchmaker.
Temptation by Tawanna Cain Temptation by July 08, 2018 12,680 words Read a sample
I had everything I always wanted. I great boyfriend, great career and even got into the school of my choice with my best friend. Things couldn’t have been better, until he walked back into my life. Now here I am sitting at this table, watching him watch me and wondering what it would be like to be in between his sheets. God will I be able to resist this temptation…
Attentat by Tommy Lennartzon Attentat by July 07, 2018 44,730 words Sample 20%
Den här romanen är ett drama med en hel del romantik. Jag började tänka på den här berättelsen efter alla terrordåd i mellan-östern och det blev en ung man från en liten stad i Småland och en ung kvinna från Östergötland som blev huvudpersonerna.
Coffee Shop (Chuski Mohhabbat Ki..) by Sharan Saini Coffee Shop (Chuski Mohhabbat Ki..) by July 05, 2018 6,290 words Read a sample
pustak "kophee shop" 4 kahaaniyon ka sangrah hai jo ek pyaar par aadhaarit hain. ham apane aas-paas ke kaee roopon mein pyaar pa sakate hain. isalie mainne yug se kuchh pyaar uthae aur ise kahaanee ke aakaar mein diya. mujhe aasha hai ki aap log is pustak ko padhana pasand karenge.
Handsome and the Yeti (Genderbent Fairytales Collection, Book 1) by KuroKoneko Kamen Handsome and the Yeti (Genderbent Fairytales Collection, Book 1) by July 05, 2018 87,200 words Read a sample
When handsome bookworm Bellamy "Belle" DeWinter winds up the prisoner of a yeti girl named Abigail Snow the last thing he expected was to develop a case of Stockholm Syndrome for her, and end up thinking a monster is 'cute'. Will Bellamy be able to unlock the power of the Philosopher's Stone in order to break Abigail's curse and defeat the evil sorcerer Agathon before it's too late?
Stranded by Charlotte Howard Stranded by July 05, 2018 11,580 words Sample 20%
After being stranded at the altar, Sara decides to go on the honeymoon alone. She takes a helicopter ride, with the delicious Kai as her pilot, eager to enjoy her time alone. But, when the helicopter crashes into the sea, and leaves them on an uninhabited island, Sara finds that Kai proves to be the perfect distraction. Maybe being stranded isn’t so bad after all.
Meeting Nihena by Ervin Agayan Meeting Nihena by July 05, 2018 73,950 words Sample 10%
Do you adore fascinating adventures, duels and intriguing love affairs? Then welcome to Agastan! It's not that easy to get into this country — it hovers in the air, high above the ground. Not to worry! Open the book and you will plunge deep into the amazing Agastan customs.
Mobsters, Spies, Millionaires...And The Girl From Palm Beach by Ashley Woods Mobsters, Spies, Millionaires...And The Girl From Palm Beach by July 04, 2018 107,000 words Read a sample
WHAT'S IT LIKE TO HAVE IT ALL, LOSE IT, AND FIND YOUR WAY BACK? Follow a young heiress as she wildly burns through her trust funds, gets corrupted on a Chicago chat line, and is then led on a dark foray into the deepest depths of survival. Her dance card now includes dangerous men who spice up her nights and keep her on the run! Edgy romance, fast-paced, dark, and suspenseful!
Final Hours (Love in Time Book 1) by Cate Dean Final Hours (Love in Time Book 1) by July 04, 2018 55,500 words Read a sample
Time brought them together - will it also tear them apart? Elizabeth Barritt fought hard to put her childhood behind her. Now she has the chance to move forward, to reach out for a new future.
Dead on Ice by Lauren Carr Dead on Ice by July 04, 2018 59,210 words Sample 15%
1st in Lovers in Crime Mysteries! Cameron Gates and Joshua Thornton are tasked with solving the murder of Cherry Pickens, a legendary porn star whose body turns up in an abandoned freezer. It doesn’t take long for their investigation to reveal that the risqué star’s roots were buried in their rural community. When this starlet came running home from the mob, it proved to be a fatal homecoming.
A Christmas Carol by T. J. Robertson A Christmas Carol by July 02, 2018 3,790 words Read a sample
What in his life is Tom Roberts, the protagonist, running away from? To his surprise, he discovers the culprit, whom he is fleeing, is he, himself.
Founder: Magic Means Book 1 by Damon Rain Founder: Magic Means Book 1 by July 01, 2018 64,630 words Read a sample
After the death of his father, Scott discovers that he is part of a legacy of magic, power and community. To understand this new world he needs the right master, so he sets his sights on the star of Occult Heavy Metal - Laura Light. A journey that leads him to answers about the hidden heart of an embattled city and his future begins. He and Old Town will never be the same.
The Venus School by Golden Angel The Venus School by July 01, 2018 85,550 words Read a sample
Want to expand your horizons? Learn about pleasing yourself and your partners? Explore some desires you've kept hidden from your partner? The Venus School of Sex is the place for you.
Unwelcomed Greeting:  A Riverton Crossing Novel by Savannah Maris Unwelcomed Greeting: A Riverton Crossing Novel by July 01, 2018 80,470 words
This second chance, suspenseful romance takes the reader on a ride that will leave them wanting more. It's based in the small, rural South Carolina town where the men are hot, the women are sexy, and the town is corrupt. Follow Mitchell Riverton and Makayla Gregory as they find out who is threatening their town, and see if they can find their way back to each other.
Looking for Ginseng: by B. S. Todd Looking for Ginseng: by June 30, 2018 117,880 words Read a sample
Small town gossip travels fast, some would say, but Jesse would have to disagree. Stumbling over a well-guarded town secret, she and her best friend, Lori, are determined to uncover the mystery that remains unmentioned and buried over the years.
Soulmates by Rashi Dubey Soulmates by June 30, 2018 2,140 words Read a sample
Soulmates are not always two people who are partners-in-relationship. A soulmate is a person whom we come across by chance and that person immediately completes the jigsaw puzzle of our lives and suddenly we feel complete. This short story 'Soulmates' is about two such people, Niyati and Arjun. Note: This is a short story of about 2000 words only.
A Dry White Affair by Oliver T Spedding A Dry White Affair by June 29, 2018 62,200 words Read a sample
A young woman's fight to keep her father's vineyard after he is murdered although she has very little experience of vinivication.
Antique Mirror by D.F. Jones Antique Mirror by June 29, 2018 8,080 words Read a sample
Victoria is a budding artist that an old farm to renovate for her home and art gallery. Days after moving in, she notices shadows from an antique mirror left by the previous owners. One evening, an apparition of a man appears in the mirror. Curious, Victoria touches the mirror and Jonathan pulls her one hundred years in the past. Cursed, waiting on All Hallow's Eve for a chance to escape.
Destiny's Glance A Second Chance Prequel by Alexa Lynch Destiny's Glance A Second Chance Prequel by June 29, 2018 16,510 words Read a sample
Liz’s glimpse of Oscar consists of seconds, but his impression stays in her thoughts long after the fateful evening. She fantasizes all summer about the kind of man who reminds her how love is supposed to feel. Hopefully, you fell in love with Liz, Oscar, and the Buckeye Bar patrons, in Behind The Bar Billionaire. Back up to the beginning with a second chance prequel, Destiny’s Glance.
Love Letters From Heaven by Mario V. Farina Love Letters From Heaven by June 28, 2018 1,440 words Read a sample
Someone had been sending my wife, Laura, love letters. We had been married seven years. She was worried and thought it might have been I who had been playing a joke on her, but I hadn't. The handwriting looked very much like that of my sister. She told me she was not the writer, but gave me advice that I readily accepted and this changed everything. This story gives details of what happened.
The Truth About Familiars by Michele Hauf The Truth About Familiars by June 27, 2018 11,600 words Read a sample
Caratacus Bane, member of the secret hermetic order, The Cadre, was perfectly happy traveling the world in search of the elusive night hound. Until a familiar stumbled across his path and purred her way into his heart.
An Unexpected Family (Orphan Train Romance Series, Book 1) by Zoe Matthews An Unexpected Family (Orphan Train Romance Series, Book 1) by June 27, 2018 24,280 words Read a sample
A group of orphans arrive on an orphan train to a small town in Texas. Craig Parker has wanted to marry Amanda for over a year and they both want to adopt a child. Can they work together in order to keep a brother and sister in touch with each other or should they form a new family?
Abby's Secret by CW Johnson Abby's Secret by June 26, 2018 54,120 words Read a sample
The trouble with comunicating with strangers on social media: You can never be certain who you're conversing with.
Second Contact by Christine Taylor Rees Second Contact by June 26, 2018 108,100 words Read a sample
Manhattan is in turmoil due to the unexpected crash landing of an alien space ship in Central Park. Should Zhaan, an exile from Guyara, jeopardise his secret life in Montana with his beloved Alice and their hybrid child to help the panicked Humans? Which threat is worse, discovery or Alice's anger? Can he help save the Earth which is now his only home? Book two of the 'Resident Alien' series
Dr. Vampire's Fertility Clinic (Dr. Vampire #1) by Revel Flint Dr. Vampire's Fertility Clinic (Dr. Vampire #1) by June 25, 2018 5,190 words Sample 40%
His wife needs him to get it up, but he’s more drawn to their mysteriously attractive male doctor…