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The Succubus Librarian: A Magic Means Short by Damon Rain The Succubus Librarian: A Magic Means Short by May 25, 2018 11,110 words Read a sample
Nella, a young succubus just trying to make her way through university sets her eye on Patrick, a fellow student with a wealthy family. Sadly, she can't use her powers to fill him with desire for her, so she's stuck doing it the old fashioned way! Thankfully, someone who has had her eye on Nella for a while is eager to help, but only after they have their fun.
The Adventures of Ken Spaulding Mother Nature's Snow Globe by Michael Damm The Adventures of Ken Spaulding Mother Nature's Snow Globe by May 24, 2018 8,960 words Read a sample
The second installment of The Adventures of Ken Spaulding. Mother Nature's Snow Globe finds Ken caught in a winter storm with only a semi as a guide. Join him as he follows a semi on the closed Interstate and rides his 65 Volkswagon Beetle home to see his girlfriend.
No Moment is The Same. by Von Kambro No Moment is The Same. by May 24, 2018 1,780 words Read a sample
After her relationship ends, a woman tries to understand her boyfriend's cryptic statement.
Burned by Fire by Lila Kane Burned by Fire by May 24, 2018 67,020 words Read a sample
A witch who’s just discovered her powers. A vampire and werewolf both after her. And a spell that could tear apart a whole town.
The Power Given to the Oppressed by I May End Soon The Power Given to the Oppressed by May 24, 2018 16,010 words Read a sample
One of the reasons why someone may suffer oppression is weakness. He is weak to resist or defend himself from the oppression exerted upon him by the oppressor. But there is something about the oppressed which some people may not know until now. Whenever someone suffers oppression, there is a quality that is automatically identified with him...
The Final Assignment SAMPLE by Kaydee Field The Final Assignment SAMPLE by May 23, 2018 1,800 words Read a sample
When Kayla's boss at a tabloid is upset about her upcoming vacation he send her on a final assignment to uncover a scandal at a local hotel. What Kayla finds in unexpected and leads her down a steamy path she never imagined. Can she finish her assignment and move on or will she become part of the scandal she was meant to uncover? Explicit Content. Sample.
Underground Spirit by Foxglove Lee Underground Spirit by May 23, 2018 15,680 words Read a sample
“Transgender Psychic Fights for Ghost Rights!” When a local tabloid gets its grubby paws on Whitney’s story, she doesn’t know what to do. Is she trans? Sure, and a lawyer to boot. But is she also psychic? Not really. Except that the ghost of a girl who died in a gruesome escalator accident has been following her around town... Queer Ghost Stories are standalone tales that can be read in any order!
Seducing the Straight Cowboy: Part 1 by Lucas Loveless Seducing the Straight Cowboy: Part 1 by May 23, 2018 2,850 words Read a sample
On a hot summer afternoon, a young farm boy finds himself getting exactly what he wants, a scorching hot encounter with a hot-as-hell cowboy.
The Cocky Cockswain of Cock-A-Hoop Manor by William Shakeshaft The Cocky Cockswain of Cock-A-Hoop Manor by May 23, 2018 8,490 words Read a sample
This is a compilation put together by like minded writers who love romance, and hate the idea that any one person can control or possess a word. This is meant as a response to such people. It is not meant to make fun of any part of the genre, with the exception of the aforementioned people.
Tashni's fairytale by Tanya Onika David Tashni's fairytale by May 23, 2018 1,510 words Sample 20%
Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight of recognition.
Love Lost by Lady Lilium Love Lost by May 22, 2018 67,770 words Read a sample
Softcore/slice of life yaoi
The Duchess of His Heart by Rosie Zweet The Duchess of His Heart by May 22, 2018 5,010 words Read a sample
Lady Madeline is bent on revenge. He is the Duke of her dream. He is almost hers. Well, almost. Now is time for him to pay his sin… But much to her dismay, the blasted duke is awake, waiting for her… suddenly, the game of revenge turns into a much more pleasurable game…
Haunted: Chapter I by R. Kitt Haunted: Chapter I by May 21, 2018 4,200 words Read a sample
Urban legends, they are meant to scare the children, to make a great, cryptic story for around the campfire, but what if they’re real? Meet Blitz: a girl with a dark past, a girl with a story to tell. Meet Hayden: a guy with his own dark past, a guy in a band, a guy who gets twisted up with Blitz... in more ways than one!
The Night by Liah Wilder The Night by May 21, 2018 12,230 words Read a sample
Autumn wants to have fun. Marcus wants Autumn. Will Marcus get what he wants this time? THE NIGHT is a short story in the Royal Wedding hot contemporary romance series. If you enjoy a good scandal, sexy characters and hard to resist situations, you'll love the new series by Liah Wilder. Pick up THE NIGHT now to start reading this new exciting series!
Tread by Rosi Phillips Tread by May 20, 2018 73,390 words Read a sample
Rai isn’t looking for love. A hookup with a hot Irishman? Absolutely! What she finds, though, is a Finnish techie with a penchant for cognac and curly-haired Arab girls. Leo isn’t what Rai wanted—not even close—but he is what she needs. Rai might try to write Leo off as a summer fling but her heart knows he’s forever.
Claimed: A Nectar for the Gods Short Story by Sophie Kisker Claimed: A Nectar for the Gods Short Story by May 20, 2018 20,860 words
Siridin is reeling from the death of his brother and banishment from the planet he's always called home. Keelie was pulled through a rift in space to satisfy the addiction of Anterrins to human women. When they meet, each sees the other as the source of their troubles, and the dominant ship's captain refuses to believe the nectar slave's stories of whispers in the night. Menage, HEA, spanking.
Blood Hunger by L.E. Wilson Blood Hunger by May 20, 2018 88,250 words
A vampire who doesn't believe in love. A witch who doesn't know her own power. Nikulas Kreek has been searching for his brother for seven long years. He finally has a new lead: a feisty witch named Emma Moss. And even better, Emma is hot. Like, model hot. Nik knows he should stay away from her, but the moment he tastes her, he knows he'll never be the same. Emma belongs to him, and only him.
Promises Broken by KA Stalter Promises Broken by May 19, 2018 12,600 words Read a sample
At fifteen, Briggs was forced to leave town and break a promise to his best friend. Nearly three years later, with Paige never far from his mind, he revisits his past and discovers she is no longer the kid he remembers. And his feelings for her are anything but friendly. This is a short story. A prologue for Briggs' and Paige's upcoming full length novel All My Mistakes
Felicity by J.S.R. Rayburn Felicity by May 19, 2018 1,490 words Read a sample
A married couple, who haven't touched each other in years, suddenly find themselves entangled in an intimate moment.
Assassin's Girl by Alice Bello Assassin's Girl by May 19, 2018 23,380 words Read a sample
Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to survive. Sometimes the wrong thing leads you to love…
All About Zane: Travis County Legal Book One by Avery J. Moon All About Zane: Travis County Legal Book One by May 19, 2018 59,980 words Read a sample
A broken hero An orphaned child And the lawman who could save them both Colin Shepard knew the exact second his twin sister Becca died. He was free-falling from a plane at the time. He cheated his death, but was left a very broken man. Two things kept him going through the pain: Keeping his promise to Becca and raising her son as his own, and bringing her killer to justice.
A Thread of Hope by Patrice Hannah A Thread of Hope by May 18, 2018 50,190 words Read a sample
When Breccan Ascalden stumbled upon Miss Angerona Sheridan, unexpected lust drew him to her. But there was something else about her that managed to keep his carnal intentions at bay; something far more divine...
Easy by Botime Pegi Easy by May 18, 2018 89,060 words Sample 20%
Easy - Dashuria nuk është gjithmonë e lehtë... Për Kimin Shoqen time më të ngushtë Shoqen e përjetshme Miken time të zemrës Motrën që nuk e pata kurrë... Asnjë nga këto përshkrime nuk arrin ta shprehë atë çfarë je për mua Faleminderit që ekziston Të dua, përjetë.
Hunting Death by April Cronin Hunting Death by May 18, 2018 95,380 words Read a sample
You can't outrun your destiny, and as Madison and Keith will soon realize, if you don't learn to control it yourself, someone else will do it for you! Join Madison on her path to self-discovery as she uncovers clues from the past that lead her right into a paranormal world she'd never dreamed possible.
Don't Stop Holding Me (Y.A Series Book 5) by Sarah Tork Don't Stop Holding Me (Y.A Series Book 5) by May 17, 2018 63,040 words Read a sample
Whether it had to do with her family life, her weight, her looks, or her confidence in general, seventeen-year-old Annabelle Simms believed the remedy to her anxiety was her boyfriend James. But being with him would soon turn out to be more difficult than she could have ever imagined. (Warning Contains Sexual Scenes)
More Than Everything by Delphie Gray More Than Everything by May 17, 2018 93,600 words Read a sample
Liv isn't looking for Mr Right or even Mr Right Now. Between the ghost of her ex and her lovelorn platonic friend, she's got enough to deal with. And her career’s finally getting somewhere. Then Liv meets Benedict and everything gets complicated. He’s intense, demanding and also the most passionate, amazing sex Liv's ever had. Can they make it or will the past keep getting in the way?
The Night the Sky Went Dark by Jonathan Michael Erickson The Night the Sky Went Dark by May 15, 2018 15,920 words
The love story of Jason and Miravella and their life-long friendship within a politcally fractured space colony, cut off from contact with the rest of humanity.
Blood Frost: Ankarrah Chronicles Book One by J.D. Dexter Blood Frost: Ankarrah Chronicles Book One by May 15, 2018 102,030 words Read a sample
After being shot, Finley Tindol learns that in addition to being adopted, her birth mother is the cause for a genocide, and factions from two universes want to either kill her or exploit her. She just wants to live her life, fall in love with the man of her dreams, and eat some dang cake. Saving two worlds was never something she wanted, but it looks like she's going to have to do it anyways.
Forced by the boss by Julia Ban Forced by the boss by May 15, 2018 3,910 words Read a sample
Jinna couldn’t understand how just one week before her wedding, she was ordered by her monstrous boss, Demetrio Zarakis, to call it off. He gave her another option—go to jail for robbing his personal safe. Jinna thought there must be a misunderstanding because her merciless boss would never fake a robbery to stop her from marrying somebody else . . . or would he?
Dragon Pact: Blood Dragon #1 (Vampire Dragon Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn Dragon Pact: Blood Dragon #1 (Vampire Dragon Shifter Romance) by May 15, 2018 42,240 words Read a sample
Sarah Rennelle is a teacher who longs for nothing more than summer to return and her crazy roommate to find some sanity. Unfortunately, one wrong step into an alley and she becomes an eye-witness to a terrible crime. The episode leads her to a chance meeting with a handsome man who has his own terrible secret. Even with his mysterious demeanor she finds herself drawn to him.
Life is Just a Smile by Haidar Al-Kashri Life is Just a Smile by May 14, 2018 1,170 words Read a sample
Life is just a smile is a short story. If you feel that you are tired from life just look at the wheel chair person story in the story. I hope you like it
Iron Five - Dogs of War by Seon O. Stronghold Iron Five - Dogs of War by May 13, 2018 113,170 words Read a sample
I present to you the complete version of Iron Five (Book 1, published) & (Book 2, the newest installment) in one full novel. If you crave spaceports, docking & undocking from them, jumping to hyperspace, Mech (In this case, flying battle tanks/walking fighter jets) within a realistic-ish environment, this might actually be the book for you. Welcome to my Earthfront Universe, I hope you enjoy.
Chloe, Constance and Jane Austen by sassyfiction Chloe, Constance and Jane Austen by May 13, 2018 3,160 words Read a sample
Discover how Chloe and Constance, the two protagonists of I Don’t Really Need You, met each other. Once upon a time there was a book club whose readings ranged from Pride and Prejudice to Fifty Shades Of Grey...
If Lost, Please Return To by A.M. Valenza If Lost, Please Return To by May 12, 2018 13,310 words Read a sample
Niamh's rookery doesn't approve of Feliz. He's human, not selkie, and Niamh is always giving him her fur for safekeeping. It doesn't matter that Feliz has never tried to take or hide it, just that Niamh trusts him, a human, to guard it. Feliz doesn't mind the rookery's scorn so much, as long as he can be with Niamh. But then Niamh's cousin, Flannán, decides on a surprise visit to his home...
Her New Reign: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by L. A. Long Her New Reign: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by May 12, 2018 33,430 words Read a sample
Overachiever Mera thinks her entire life is planned, but she wakes up on her 18th birthday surrounded by three gorgeous immortals. A powerful witch. A flirty faerie. A shy reaper. When a dragon shifter joins the group, everything changes. Mera is their new queen in a world so dangerous she might not survive the 30 days needed to crown her or to fall in love with them.
The Adventures Of A Brown Bear: BOOK 1 by Macca G The Adventures Of A Brown Bear: BOOK 1 by May 11, 2018 4,580 words Read a sample
The Adventures Of A Brown Bear follows the dating life of Brown Bear (BB), a short, 30-something trying to meet someone in today's Tinder world. In Book 1 readers get to find out about BB’s experiences in the dating game having never really embraced it before.
Orion's Circle(Sirius Wolves 1) by Victoria Sue Orion's Circle(Sirius Wolves 1) by May 10, 2018 57,330 words Read a sample
Aden, a young were, has been his pack's omega ever since, at the age of fifteen, he didn't shift like everyone else. Caught, reviled, and tortured because of his empathic abilities, he knew on the night he was told to run as sport for the pack hunters that it would end in his death. Rescued by his three destined mates he discovered his role and that the fate of all humankind rests with him.
Sorcha in Snowflakes by Kate Bigel Sorcha in Snowflakes by May 09, 2018 27,940 words
A magical Holiday tale of true love, deeply romantic, short and sweet. Alexander Macklin bought a painting at a low point in his life — a self-portrait of a woman standing in the forest with snow falling, but he never met the artist. A beautiful painter, Sorcha Rosenbloom, draws a mysterious man in her sketchbook before going out to celebrate the holidays.
901 by Christopher L. Coffee 901 by May 09, 2018 330 words Read a sample
In an unpoetic world, there is no need of the poet to attempt description of his poem
When She Won't Wake by Laurel Black When She Won't Wake by May 08, 2018 1,550 words Read a sample
A nameless woman had once pledged to love her husband. Even after death, she refuses to leave his side. Even when his body is desecrated throughout the town. Even when they all look down on her, whether it be her marriage or how she supports both herself and him. Even when she no longer has the strength to say goodbye.
Disarray by J. Cal Disarray by May 08, 2018 44,040 words Sample 30%
When Mia Collins discovers how to trigger back the memories she'd lost, she finds it strange that her past does not match her current life. When Mia experiences a trigger so intense that she has a seizure, she learns that any further triggers could cause permanent damage to her brain. On the edge of her doubts, will she risk her mental stability to find out the truth about her past?
His For A Week: Bought by Em Brown His For A Week: Bought by May 08, 2018 35,950 words
An undercover journalist sells herself for a week to expose the darker elements of the Scarlet Auction, but when billionaire Benjamin Lee shows up, it’s not just her scoop that’s on the line…
A Dog in the Manger Part One by Victoria Wallin A Dog in the Manger Part One by May 07, 2018 7,970 words Read a sample
Trish inherits a dog from her dead aunt and she doesn't know anything about dogs, but she'll be damned if she's going to let her goody two shoes cousin Jules sweep in and save the day again, like she always did. The decision of taking the dog on is going to change Trish's life in many unexpected ways. A new novella series that contains dogs, busy lifestyles, funny moments and a splash of romance!
The Secret of Ashton Manor House by Eliza Kerr The Secret of Ashton Manor House by May 06, 2018 43,480 words Read a sample
It was a wild, cold night. The wind caught up the dry dead leaves and whirled them round the walls of the house, and along the deserted garden walks. Thus begins the story of Marjorie Mowbray, Miss Maria Macnab, and Mr. Absalom Marsh, "soap and candle-maker to the Queen," editor of a paper called Cleanliness, and "the greatest and most religious man in the town of Market Hawley."
Light Life Orange by Yoo Light Life Orange by May 05, 2018 22,940 words Read a sample
Passing through Jet's chakras. Follow his journey here.
Bitter (A Wicked Grove Tale) by Alexia Purdy Bitter (A Wicked Grove Tale) by May 04, 2018 13,160 words Read a sample
Welcome to Wicked Grove, where magic runs wild. Hayden didn't plan on being contaminated during a routine extermination of a rogue wolf pack. He didn't count on it changing everything he believed ties humans and supernaturals together.
Chitra by Ram Sai Nag Chitra by May 04, 2018 5,410 words Sample 20%
CHITRA – A SHORT STORY Chitra wakes up and finds a tattoo on her back written as 'Ram.' There is no person in her life with the name, Ram. She is totally clueless about the tattoo. Will Ram enter into her life? Is that tattoo just a figment of her imagination?
Stranger at the Hell Gate: A Paranormal Romance Novella by Ash Krafton Stranger at the Hell Gate: A Paranormal Romance Novella by May 04, 2018 21,340 words Read a sample
An angel seeks out the only man who can prevent an impending apocalypse...but how can a man born of Hell be a vital part of Heaven's mission?
One Angry Town: A Tiny Town Fights Over Water by William Wresch One Angry Town: A Tiny Town Fights Over Water by May 03, 2018 91,340 words Read a sample
When a Swiss company builds a water bottling plant in northern Wisconsin, it appears to be a great opportunity. It will bring dozens of jobs to an area that has been losing jobs for decades. But a group of local women wonder what impact large scale pumping will have on the local water supply. Their concerns put them in opposition to most of the town.
Infinite Summer by S. M. Shuford Infinite Summer by May 02, 2018 950 words Sample 35%
Infinite Summer is a love that peaks and dies like the sun’s warmth. Mystical and melancholic, these haiku express the deep agony of love and memories lost to the golden enchantments of midsummer, and broken by the decay of winter thereafter.