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Abduct by Margaret Chatwin Abduct by April 08, 2017 6617 words Sample 20%
Abducted? Ashley enters the bar with friends, makes a trip to the ladies room, and that's the last thing she remembers. She wakes to the clicking sound of a camera, and a man on the other side of the lens.
Rusalka: A Supernatural Czech Fairy Tale by Odelia Floris Rusalka: A Supernatural Czech Fairy Tale by April 07, 2017 11032 words Read a sample
Based on Antonin Dvorak's opera Rusalka, which in turn was inspired by traditional Czech fairytales, this novelette tells of the water nymph Rusalka and her love for a human prince. A haunting supernatural love story suitable for readers of all ages.
Martina's Memories by All Authors Publishing House Martina's Memories by April 07, 2017 5934 words Sample 10%
Years pass far too fast. This is something that Martina Foxworthy knows all too well. Sitting in her favorite chair, in her favorite place, Martina recollects her life's journey.
Депрессант by Ник Тремор Депрессант by April 07, 2017 27211 words Read a sample
Данвер — это оборотная сторона американской жизни. Это — американская глубинка, где нет надежды ни для любви, ни для мечтателей. Это — темная, неприметная реальность, с которой вынужден мириться семнадцатилетний Курт, безвозвратно влюбленный в девушку из кафе. Насколько его хватит и на что он готов пойти ради того, чтобы осуществить мечту всей своей жизни?..
The Two Companions by Rondori Gozaimashita The Two Companions by April 07, 2017 25270 words Sample 20%
An ongoing homage and sequel to The TV series “Firefly” and the movie “Serenity” which uses the surviving characters and is set in the Science fiction 'verse' created by Joss Weaton. Illustrated (censored) Erotic novel about people striving to survive on the ragged edge between high-tech controlling corporate worlds and raw frontier planets.
Baby Be Mine by Rosie Praks Baby Be Mine by April 07, 2017 84447 words Read a sample
The hilarious love story of a billionaire playboy and an innocent woman.
From The Journals of a Whore by M.N Cruise From The Journals of a Whore by April 06, 2017 2728 words Read a sample
It is a story about a whore who shares her unusual encounters with a strange man she thought she loves. and a man who is hiding a secret that could ruin her life forever.
Heartbroken by David Manoa Heartbroken by April 06, 2017 25707 words Read a sample
I was content in my life when I had all I ever wanted. My beautiful wife, Candice. My five year old daughter India. A home to live out our lives. But there were secrets Candice kept that unfolded that left me heartbroken. My name is Nico Joel and this is my struggle. Contains content for mature audiences
Tomorrow or Never by Maria Martin Tomorrow or Never by April 05, 2017 269836 words Sample 15%
1930s Italy was an oppressive society for women. Vitessa, a young woman from the poverty-stricken south refuses to let the evils of tradition, prejudice and Fascism crush her dream of a better life. Will the arrival of a political exile from the affluent north change her destiny? Will a desperate deception be a help or a hindrance? Can she succeed as Mussolini leads the country towards war?
An Unusual Love Affair by Hiranya Borah An Unusual Love Affair by April 05, 2017 2187 words Read a sample
Situations may change drastically within a span of few years. Human relations are also changing over time. It happened to Manish’s family with few twists and turns. However, final U-turn of relation between Manish and his wife, Priya is the icing on the cake.
Watch Over Me by Jenny Lee Dawson Watch Over Me by April 05, 2017 31449 words Read a sample
Brenda Carson was left by her husband, Leon, for giving birth to a girl with Down Syndrome. After seven years of struggling to provide all by herself, a handsome and charming man enters her life under life-threatening circumstances. Hope of love and happiness awakens in both her and the gentle stranger. But then Leon returns and claims his daughter. Will their love survive the unexpected events?
The Incredible Sexual Life of Sarah Blake by Dan Whitesnow The Incredible Sexual Life of Sarah Blake by April 05, 2017 15128 words Read a sample
After dropping out of college to pursue a career as an actress, Sarah Blake arrive California with a hundred dollars in her pocket, hoping to become the next Julia Roberts. She goes from one agent to the next seeking representation, but soon, she will come to realize Hollywood is far different from the beautiful imaginations of her mind. Is her dream of becoming a star suddenly fading away...
Fallen Angel: Dawn of Reckoning (Blood Bound Origins) by J.L. Myers Fallen Angel: Dawn of Reckoning (Blood Bound Origins) by April 05, 2017 16226 words Read a sample
Lucifer was struck from Heaven and banished to Earth to live as a mortal…but he'll never be fully human, and he'll surrender his rage against the one who shunned him. God's precious humans will pay with their humanity. Despite the horrendous crimes Lucifer commits, archangel Gabriel refuses to lose faith in him. Now others want to use her against him…but will she be his downfall or his savior?
A Timed Wager - The Lost Trinkets Series Book One by Sherrie Lea Morgan A Timed Wager - The Lost Trinkets Series Book One by April 04, 2017 22008 words Read a sample
Can Shannon sidestep the police and the town gossips to return items from her newly found box of trinkets to their rightful owners, fall in love, and keep her talent a secret?
The Primrose Path by TkN The Primrose Path by April 03, 2017 16318 words Read a sample
A brief exploration of the sinful act of an extramarital affair. Morals will be questioned. Repercussions will be faced. A marriage of seven years falls apart as Dr. Nathaniel Faraday unwittingly falls in love with his witty and skillful resident, Dr. Eliza Robbins. Matters of the heart and the mind will battle, leaving neither unscathed. The primrose path of dalliance bespeaks… calamity.
Bohdan-The Vampire Ripper by Geoff Lynch Bohdan-The Vampire Ripper by April 01, 2017 100723 words Read a sample
Cara, a prison nurse falls in love with Bohdan Malco, the most famous prisoner at the maximum security facility where she works. After a hundred years of imprisonment, Bohdan finds a way to escape from the hell he has been under when a sick groupie nurse decides to set him free and make him hers.
Rock Con Roll (free preview) by Sage Ardman Rock Con Roll (free preview) by April 01, 2017 40411 words Read a sample
A suspenseful romance novel about deceit, love, and celebrity.
What Will Annoy Me About You If We Wed? by Mario V. Farina What Will Annoy Me About You If We Wed? by March 31, 2017 920 words Read a sample
Jeannie and Ted were having a chat about their upcoming marriage. Jeannie asked, "What will annoy me about you if we wed?" Ted was surprised, but he did admit to faults like splashing water on the floor, making a mess while cooking, and being all thumbs in making repairs. They got on the topic of sports. What Ted said caused Jeannine to make a crucial decision. This story tells what it was.
हैरान प्यार by Nuria Garcia Arteaga हैरान प्यार by March 31, 2017 1465 words Read a sample
After a night of passion, the main character of the story looses her dream man. Is love just an illusion? Is love a way to escape solitude? The reader might find answers in the story. The prologue and epilogue are poems from famous Indian lady poets presented by the author. The back ground music is a mix of Indian sounds used in trance lounge music.
What's Left of Me by Amanda Maxlyn What's Left of Me by March 31, 2017 36404 words Read a sample
Tragedy found me when I was seventeen. Love found me when I was twenty-one. My name is Aundrea McCall, and this is my journey.
The Rose Garden by Chantal Pretorius The Rose Garden by March 31, 2017 6090 words Sample 20%
Gareth Nicholson walks through his beautiful rose garden. The natural smell of flower aroma drifts in the air around him. Moreover, trees blossoms with brownish colours. He looks up at the atmosphere.
Eroi de Demult (Romanian Edition - ediția în limba română) by Anna Erishkigal Eroi de Demult (Romanian Edition - ediția în limba română) by March 30, 2017 16602 words Read a sample
Colonelul Mikhail Manniki'ili din Forțele Speciale Angelice se trezește rănit mortal în nava prăbușită. Cea care îl salvează are o putere misterioasă de a vindeca. Dar cine l-a doborât pe Mikhail? Și de ce? Ninsianna a avut întotdeauna o relație specială cu zeița. Descende dintr-o linie lungă de șamani și vindecători. Când fuge în deșert pentru a scăpa de căsătoria forțată cu fiul arogant al...
Maya (a tale of forbidden love) by M.N Cruise Maya (a tale of forbidden love) by March 30, 2017 2600 words Sample 20%
He is the leader of the Golden Kratos gang. She is a pixilated 17 years old Muslim girl. He is a criminal. She is virtuous. He is impure. She is pure. He is a womanizer. She is a virgin. They both are the match made in forbidden land.
Senovės didvyriai ( Lietuvių kalba - Lithuanian Edition) by Anna Erishkigal Senovės didvyriai ( Lietuvių kalba - Lithuanian Edition) by March 30, 2017 14816 words Read a sample
Angeliškųjų Specialiųjų pajėgų pulkininkas Mikhailas Mannuki‘ilis pabunda mirtinai sužeistas savo sudužusiame erdvėlaivyje. Moteris, kuri išgelbėjo jo gyvybę, turi neįprastą sugebėjimą gydyti. Bet, kas gi pašovė Mikhailą? Ir kodėl? Ninsiana visada palaikė ypatingus santykius su deive. Ji pati kilusi iš šamanų ir gydytojų giminės. Pabėgdama į dykumą ir besislėpdama nuo priverstinės santuokos su...
Inside Office 108 by Mike Bozart Inside Office 108 by March 30, 2017 1011 words Read a sample
On a rainy November night in an American city, an after-hours, extra-marital affair takes place in a college office. Will the paramours be discovered? What will happen to them in the future? Based on a real-life series of tragic events. Approx. 1,000 words. Another tale in the psecret psociety pshort pstory pseries. No Mr. Malloy in this one. Probable movie rating: PG-13.
Billionaires, Mobsters, Devils...Love & Evil In Palm Beach by Pamela Southwood Billionaires, Mobsters, Devils...Love & Evil In Palm Beach by March 27, 2017 94034 words Sample 20%
Find Rich Men, True Love, And Keep Your Soul? Meet The Hot Billionaires Of Palm Beach! After a few dating misadventures, a Palm Beach heiress encounters a devilish British tycoon and his mysterious country club cronies. Will she ever find unconditional love? Steamy romance, a hint of the supernatural, and unforgettable true to life characters. A fun, twisted, suspenseful adventure on every page!
Deleting History by Hanleigh Bradley Deleting History by March 26, 2017 41379 words Sample 20%
You know that saying; the past always comes back to haunt you, it's more true than you know. When History is exposed, you don't want to repeat it, you can't delete it, so what are you supposed to do?
Black Sea Deluge - A Flood Myth Short Story by Lisa Shea Black Sea Deluge - A Flood Myth Short Story by March 26, 2017 4080 words Read a sample
Historic Copper Age Exploration of the Traditional Noah Flood Story / 18 pages Ku-aya led a joyful life with her parents and her three younger brothers. Her days were spent tending to the fields of wheat, watching over the herd of sheep, and dancing along the banks of the salt-river which ran through the center of her beautiful sprawling village. Every dawn brought new blessings from the Sky Fath
In Anger Blooming by Tray Ellis In Anger Blooming by March 25, 2017 4602 words Read a sample
Hayden's hair-trigger temperament blows up spectacularly and he storms out of the house he shares with his boyfriend, Russ. To calm down he sets off for a hike on a nearby trail. Partway up Hayden meets another hiker, Griege, who seems like a friend, but who has a dark side. Griege has been waiting for Hayden and planning his revenge.
Hidden Spring: A Novella by Liz Adair Hidden Spring: A Novella by March 25, 2017 16350 words Read a sample
Susannah Brown, a young widow in 1890's Arizona Territory, is trying to survive. Will she accept the help of the silent, brooding stranger who arrives on her doorstep?
Mistresses of Insanity by Brandy N Combs Mistresses of Insanity by March 25, 2017 3565 words Read a sample
Mistresses of Insanity is a collection flash fiction stories each dealing with true love, murder, delusions, rape, and how these emotions can drive someone to the brink of insanity. The characters are from different walks of life. This collection has different genres but it's mostly gothic romance or gothic fantasy.
Brett and Sandy by Jean MacIntyre Brett and Sandy by March 25, 2017 1635 words Read a sample
This short story has been written at the request of a reader, who wanted to know what happened with these two minor characters in my novel ‘The Marvelous Mistake’.
ПЛЕННИК НОЧИ by Maximiva Natali ПЛЕННИК НОЧИ by March 24, 2017 4511 words Read a sample
Умирая, мать попросила Катрин, разыскать семью отца. Но городок в который прибыла девушка в панике. Что так напугало жителей? Сможет ли Катрин развеять суеверные мифы, и действительно ли это мифы?!
The Sheikh's Purchased Bride by Holly Rayner The Sheikh's Purchased Bride by March 24, 2017 57727 words Read a sample
Amie Shaw is a struggling actress, desperate for her one big break. After a chance meeting with a tall, dark, and mysterious man, she’s offered the role of a lifetime: the chance to portray a role in a luxurious Middle-Eastern country, and the outrageous sum of $500,000 for doing so. It seems irresistible, but Amie doesn’t yet know what she’s getting herself into…
A Weekend in Brussels by John Francis Kinsella A Weekend in Brussels by March 24, 2017 33741 words Read a sample
It’s summer 1966 in London. Pat Wolfe, a recently married twenty six year old, is launched on his career in a City of London engineering firm. His conventional life changes when he meets Elsa, a Finnish exchange student. Pat breaks with the conformity of the world he lives in, a trap he realises leads to a mind numbing in the rut existence.
The Unfaithful Wife by Mayumi Cruz The Unfaithful Wife by March 23, 2017 3245 words Read a sample
A guilt-ridden wife writes a touching letter to her husband.
High Class and Horny by Lola Smith High Class and Horny by March 23, 2017 7948 words Read a sample
Following the purchase of some very exotic lingerie, Lila unleashes her hidden hooker, a high class one of course. Jake is ready and willing to play the part of her exclusive client, despite knowing Lila's extensive range of services come at a high price. He hands over his hard earned cash for a night of unbridled lust with his very own high-class hooker.
Second Time You by S.G. Lovell Second Time You by March 23, 2017 69031 words Read a sample
A second chance romance about a pole dancing wallflower and her university crush turned boss.
Le Questionnaire (Francais) by Icy Rivers Le Questionnaire (Francais) by March 22, 2017 1698 words Read a sample
Si un gars au Collège n'a pas eu une date en mois, peut-être dans plus d'un an, et son compagnon de chambre voit plus d'une fille par semaine, peut-être que le gars a besoin de bons conseils.
Dinner For Two: A Thriller Short Story by Mayumi Cruz Dinner For Two: A Thriller Short Story by March 22, 2017 4554 words Read a sample
A hearty, delicious dinner prepared, cooked and served with lethal love.
Impatience - A Sophisticated BDsM Short - Jo's Manhattan Diaries Book 1 by Gwenna Craig Dover Impatience - A Sophisticated BDsM Short - Jo's Manhattan Diaries Book 1 by March 21, 2017 4230 words Read a sample
Jo is a girl like you. A girl just like your friends, like a thousand other girls in the city. Jo works in an office. She has dinner and drinks with friends. But she can't deny her urge to be dominated. She never felt satisfied and any man she dealt with seemed like a boy to her. No one seemed good enough and her impatience was starting to get to her -- until she met David. Unashamed, Jo giv
A Igreja by Batuta Ribeiro A Igreja by March 21, 2017 2455 words Sample 20%
Devaneios sobre a religião, a vida e a sociedade. Devaneios sobre o dízimo, as aparências e o conceito de céu e inferno.
Pequenos contos loucos by Batuta Ribeiro Pequenos contos loucos by March 21, 2017 2516 words Read a sample
O que seria do mundo sem os loucos, os psicóticos e os sociopatas? Pessoas que não sentem nada. Pessoas vazias e sem piedade.
Hat-trick of Failures by Hiranya Borah Hat-trick of Failures by March 21, 2017 1896 words Read a sample
If you fail once, comfort yourself as, failure is the pillar of success. If you fail twice, comfort yourself, it happens sometimes. If you fail consecutively three times, kick your butt from behind. Oh, you cannot do that by yourself. Then you ask your girlfriend to do that favour. But in this story, that is the problem. He failed consecutively three times to win over a girlfriend.
Learning to Live by Brenda Kennedy Learning to Live by March 21, 2017 59714 words Read a sample
Can Nichole learn to trust a man again? Is she even capable of love and intimacy? Is Luke patient enough to give her the time and the space she needs? Or will her past ruin any chance of her future with him? But when a ghost from her past appears from the dead, Nichole is faced with an unthinkable reality. She can do one of two things: stay and fight, or run and hide.
A Forbidden Issue by Hiranya Borah A Forbidden Issue by March 20, 2017 2210 words Read a sample
Manish was able to muster courage to discuss his traumatic experiences with his own wife that too on the very first day of their marriage. What was the reaction of his wife? Finishing her statement of wisdom, she embraced her husband, which was reciprocated by her husband with full intensity. Next morning, Sunita got up from the bed as a fully satisfied wife of a truly male husband!
Miranda Jones, Book 4. Aftermath by B C Austen Miranda Jones, Book 4. Aftermath by March 19, 2017 84383 words Read a sample
Miranda's new life is ready to begin, but why has Joel drawn away from her? She reluctantly lets him go in search of new stimuli, but it's left her confused. Peter, her first love wont let this opportunity go by. He vows to win her back. Will Joel return in time to prevent an affair? And what of the demon that is haunting Clover's house. Who will survive?
The Beginning: Emmalyn's Journey by Prisca Martin The Beginning: Emmalyn's Journey by March 18, 2017 11740 words Read a sample
Emmalyn is married to an abusive husband. He has controlled her life and everything within her life. As she tries to find herself again, she finds herself submitting to her wants and needs when Carlos comes to find her. This is a short story and is Book 0.5 of the Finding Change Series. It begins the story of Favors and Freedom, Book 1 of the Finding Change Series. Has Sexual Content. 18+
The Reluctant Fool: The Tainted Series by T.L. Tate The Reluctant Fool: The Tainted Series by March 18, 2017 31929 words Read a sample
Book 2 follows the events of The Reluctant Scoundrel. Lance and Jen have fallen back into their routines with one major change—Jessa. Last time, Jessa forced Lance into an extramarital affair. Now Jessa was coming to stay with them and Lance needs to find a way to ensure he won't succumb to her treachery again. However, Jessa has more than a few plans up her sleeves in order to make him hers.
The Prince and The Player by Tia Louise The Prince and The Player by March 17, 2017 85414 words Read a sample
"The best edge-of-my-seat book I've read in months! Zee and Cal are my new favorite couple. Intrigue. Secrets. And a strong heroine. Who could ask for more?" -Ilsa Madden-Mills, Wall Street Journal bestselling author A sexy con artist. A playboy prince. A job gone terribly wrong. Let the games begin...