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I Need To Find A Boyfriend Fast! by Mario V. Farina I Need To Find A Boyfriend Fast! by Dec. 26, 2018 1,920 words Read a sample
I worked at Ajax Products as an accountant. Mr. Pruitt was owner of the company. There came a time when he was divorced by his wife and selected me to be his new bride. Fearing I would lose my job by refusing, I told him I already had a boyfriend which was not true. He demanded I prove this. This story tells how I was able to do so.
Extra Innings by Jess Bryant & Maren Lee Extra Innings by
& Dec. 26, 2018
18,300 words Read a sample
When Deacon Callahan asked his wife Lily to marry him when they were eighteen years old, he only wanted three things: Lily by his side forever, a career in professional baseball and a family. Now at twenty-eight, he’s a veteran in the league. He and Lily are married, but they haven’t been able to conceive and the stress has put a strain on their marriage that’s making it crumble. Can they save it?
The man with short toes by Eama The man with short toes by Dec. 26, 2018 210 words Read a sample
A very short story describe the desperate and impossible love
Him for the Holidays: A Short Story Part 1 by William Tate Him for the Holidays: A Short Story Part 1 by Dec. 26, 2018 4,820 words Read a sample
A love that spans centuries, violent passion, and undeniable, forbidden attraction. When lovers are forced to hide their involvement with each other in a house full of guests for the holidays, will the distance make their hearts grow fonder or rip them apart forever?
The Pig of Providence - The Year of the Forgotten Secrets by Ophelia Sikes The Pig of Providence - The Year of the Forgotten Secrets by Dec. 24, 2018 7,940 words Read a sample
Short Story / 8000 words Detective Amber Dunne hates Christmas. The holiday brings back unhappy memories. She just wants to get through her shift on the gritty streets of Providence, maybe grab up some criminals, and get to bed. But when local thugs try to destroy Meiying's herbal shop, Amber's mood takes a turn for the worse ... * * *
The Billionaire's Proposal by Olivia Saxton The Billionaire's Proposal by Dec. 24, 2018 108,270 words Read a sample
Yvonne Moore has worked for Mr. Michelson for ten years. He was a good boss and he had never expressed interest in the efficient assistant with dark framed glasses who always wore her hair in a bun. So when her billionaire boss asked her to marry him, she laughed her head off– until she realized he was serious.
(Un)bound by Robyn Banc (Un)bound by Dec. 23, 2018 2,540 words Read a sample
When I first spotted him, I knew I had to have him. I would wrap him in my love, in my affection. But one thing continues to elude me... What was his name again? A short story
The Christmas Sweater by Kassanna The Christmas Sweater by Dec. 23, 2018 14,570 words Read a sample
Best friends...Better lovers...Maybe... Scotland Reeves has known Macrina Welsh since childhood. Macrina Welsh isn't about to ruin a great friendship by letting love take hold. Things are about to change with a little help from Mrs. Claus, and an ugly sweater. Christmas will never be the same.
Merry Christmas Scott & Kip: A Game Changer Epilogue by Rachelle Reid Merry Christmas Scott & Kip: A Game Changer Epilogue by Dec. 21, 2018 6,420 words
A short, festive epilogue to Game Changer, by Rachel Reid. Game Changer is a m/m hockey romance, published by Carina Press in October, 2018.
Merry Christmas Scott & Kip: A Game Changer Epilogue by Rachelle Reid Merry Christmas Scott & Kip: A Game Changer Epilogue by Dec. 21, 2018 6,420 words
A short, festive epilogue to Game Changer, by Rachel Reid. Game Changer is a m/m hockey romance, published by Carina Press in October, 2018.
A Tiny House on Wheels by Enni Tuomisalo A Tiny House on Wheels by Dec. 21, 2018 78,210 words Sample 20%
Having hit 36, Nina is going to start afresh: Quit her stressful job, move to the country and live in a tiny house on wheels, mortgage free. And of course, eat all organic to preserve her declining fertility AND find the right guy to start a family with. Easy peasy. But the life in the middle of the bush is not quite what she expected. Nor is her hot neighbour Jay.
2036 - Part One (Chinese Edition) by Martin Chu Shui 2036 - Part One (Chinese Edition) by Dec. 21, 2018 1,310 words Read a sample
2036 (Part One) by Martin Chu Shui 2036 (Part One) by Dec. 21, 2018 31,920 words Read a sample
On the brink of the sixth mass extinction, resulting from anthropogenic climate change, could artificial consciousness be the answer to preserving human consciousness—the apex of 4.5 billion years of evolution—in a universe without humans? Will Olivia be able to find out why Toby so resembles her boyfriend who died five years earlier? How will the world deal with the imminent global wipe-out?
Thank you Allah - Patience by Khaleel Jooste Thank you Allah - Patience by Dec. 21, 2018 35,400 words Read a sample
Bismillah Here is the second book in the Thank you Allah series. We meet two of the main characters, Kimberly Amber-Jane & Sean. Though all characters are special, these two are really the crux of the Thank you Allah series. Thank you for reading and may the Lord bless you abundantly. May He grant you nearness to Him & His Beloved. Your friend Salaam Khaleel #HappyBirthday #BlessedHoliday
Secrets and Lies by Z.L Arkadie Secrets and Lies by Dec. 20, 2018 58,220 words Read a sample
A missing person sparks a budding romance between two lawyers while they're forced to work together to uncover familial deceptions and murderous schemes. Passion ignites, and mystery abounds as this pulse-pounding tale of whodunit keeps you guessing until the very end.
Alma Tuya by Haden Hudson Alma Tuya by Dec. 18, 2018 23,680 words Read a sample
Después de que Selena se mud a Nueva Orleans, comienza a tener sueños eróticos de un hombre que no puede ver pero que desea desesperadamente. Eric camina la tierra como una aparición. Cuando Selena alquila el apartamento en el que reside, su atracción por ella anula todo lo y se entrega a la tentación de tocarla. La forma en que ella responde a sus caricias envía a alturas mas allá del cielo.
Escape by P X Duke Escape by Dec. 18, 2018 41,000 words Read a sample
Jim Nash takes his crew on a well-deserved vacation and ends up knee-deep in trouble when, trapped in a blizzard, he is forced to delay their trip to a ski lodge in the Colorado mountains. When the Interstate is closed, another couple is waylaid in the small town in what at first glance appears to be a bullet-riddled car. Are they on the wrong side of the law, or innocent victims?
Notorious in a Kilt (FREE PREVIEW) by Anna Durand Notorious in a Kilt (FREE PREVIEW) by Dec. 18, 2018 16,650 words Read a sample
** This preview contains the first five chapters ** In college, Rae Everhart had her future mapped out — until one night of forbidden passion with her much-older professor cost her everything. Iain MacTaggart abandoned Rae, never knowing he'd given her a daughter. Thirteen years later, he storms back into her life. His easy smile tempts her, but his sensual seduction may be her undoing.
Rectify (Reborn Book 3.5) by S. L. Stacy Rectify (Reborn Book 3.5) by Dec. 18, 2018 26,790 words Sample 15%
Apate, goddess of trickery, sets out to right past wrongs, but her redemption could cost her the only love she's ever known.
Soul Life (Soul Series - book 4) by Annie Nadine Soul Life (Soul Series - book 4) by Dec. 17, 2018 110,070 words Read a sample
We’re brought into a whole other world no one could have ever guessed was out there. A supernatural world that Baden and Annie had been bound for from the very beginning.
Vampire's Curse (Blood Oath #1) by Matilda King Vampire's Curse (Blood Oath #1) by Dec. 17, 2018 14,390 words Read a sample
Agnes sees things that shouldn't exist and these memories trace all the way back to her childhood. However, her time is running out. The Blood King has risen from the grave once more. After centuries of being kept underground, he is ready to ascend to the throne, re-establish his empire and find his elusive wife. This time, there will be no one to save her - not even herself.
The Outcast  (Dork vs Geek ) by Andre' Mwansa The Outcast (Dork vs Geek ) by Dec. 16, 2018 6,030 words Read a sample
Two people. Same school. Totally living different lives. Both single. Both outcast. One hates her father for running away with a stripper and has anxiety issues while the other hates his father for re-marrying too soon after his mom died. The two meet at a party and their whole perspective of life changes.
Holiday Sampler by J.L. Campbell Holiday Sampler by Dec. 15, 2018 44,900 words
The holidays are a time for fun and excitement, so revel in the season by downloading a copy of this Holiday Sampler. Anya’s Wish celebrates the holidays in Jamaican fashion as one woman finds romance just in time for the holidays. Note - this story is a complete novella. Whet your taste buds with these tales of strong men and independent women, plus precocious children and cuddly pets.
The Holy Grail (Cash Cassidy Book 1) by K.T. Tomb The Holy Grail (Cash Cassidy Book 1) by Dec. 13, 2018 31,140 words Read a sample
When Cash Cassidy is asked to complete the research by a renowned historian—a man famous for his search for the Holy Grail—she can’t agree quickly enough. After all, life at her new home in Berkeley, California, has quickly become dull. Too dull for a bestselling adventure author who’s equally famous for her hands-on research...and for landing in hot water.
Joanna's Journey by Karen J Mossman Joanna's Journey by Dec. 08, 2018 69,390 words Sample 20%
Set in the 80s with a soundtrack of music and fashion, Joanna’s Journey travels a road where sometimes love is not enough.
Love Twist by Sham Kumar Monger Love Twist by Dec. 08, 2018 31,540 words Read a sample
Dawa, a protagonist, finds himself in the game of Twisted Love.
More Than Christmas by Lane Swift More Than Christmas by Dec. 08, 2018 41,130 words Read a sample
To win Dale Hepburn’s heart, Nick Harris must prove he’ll be around for more than Christmas.
The Adventurers (Alpha Adventures Book 1) by K.T. Tomb The Adventurers (Alpha Adventures Book 1) by Dec. 06, 2018 30,140 words Read a sample
They call themselves “The Adventurers,” a group of six extraordinary people who come together for one unforgettable seek the impossible. Funded by a billionaire heiress—and each possessing a unique skill set—the Adventurers will stop at nothing to find the mythical, the fantastical, the lost, and the forgotten.
El Boleto (El Amorío, Libro 1) by Aidèe Jaimes El Boleto (El Amorío, Libro 1) by Dec. 06, 2018 54,030 words Read a sample
El amorío de su esposo le gano un boleto dorado para una noche con quien sea, pero, ¿qué pasa cuando el hombre a que escoge quiere más que su cuerpo?
Taylor's Choice by Frank Perry Taylor's Choice by Dec. 06, 2018 88,640 words Read a sample
A young deputy sheriff in Louisiana must choose between two lovers. One is from New England, out of place in the south, and the other is his former childhood girlfriend, who reappears after ten years.
Loving the Midwife by Vincent Tremayne Loving the Midwife by Dec. 05, 2018 1,350 words Read a sample
A very short romance story. She is pregnant and has fallen in love with her midwife - who happens to be a man. What happens next?
The Ragged Angel (Sacred Thorns Book 1) by K.T. Tomb The Ragged Angel (Sacred Thorns Book 1) by Dec. 05, 2018 35,550 words Read a sample
As Thorn Industry's senior executive assistant, Aurora Aldridge has been privy to all the goings on in the company for years. Her boss, John Thorn, is an aging tycoon with three sons and is seriously considering retiring to his Florida mansion. But with Mr.Thorn's looming departure and a devastating scandal that rocks the company to its foundation, what does the future hold for Aurora?
Tame by Zoe Miller Tame by Dec. 04, 2018 5,160 words Sample 20%
Leona never loses a fight, especially not when the full moon's rising. But a young werewolf can't do it alone.
A Frosty Tail by Dawn Sister A Frosty Tail by Dec. 04, 2018 34,570 words Read a sample
When professional gardener, Liam Walton, falls and hits his head on his way home from work, he is rescued by a mysterious young man with ice-blue eyes, white blond hair and very cold hands.
Crisis at Christmas by Julie Bozza Crisis at Christmas by Dec. 02, 2018 3,080 words Read a sample
Oliver volunteers for Crisis at Christmas to help the homeless. The last thing he expects is that he'll meet someone.
Christmas in Wonderland by Helen J Perry Christmas in Wonderland by Dec. 01, 2018 8,770 words Read a sample
Franklin has never had a boyfriend, a lover, or even a kiss. He hasn't come out to anyone. All his Christmases come at once when he finds himself sharing a caravan with gorgeous Brett. A Christmas festive holiday short story produced as part of the Rainbow Advent Calendar 2018.  Contemporary gay new adult erotic romance.
Is Rex a Dog? by Kevin J Lenard Is Rex a Dog? by Dec. 01, 2018 19,840 words Read a sample
"Is Rex a Dog?" is a collection of short stories in which Rex (who lives in a tiny doghouse in his human's brain), helps his human navigate the treacherous waters of life and the mysteries of the fairer sex by relying on each other's species-specific instincts when the timing's right. WOOF!
Saving Grace by Michael Graeme Saving Grace by Dec. 01, 2018 103,430 words
When a beautiful young woman walks into Mike Garrat's bookshop, little does he know she's about to ruin his life, but since his life's not that great anyway maybe this isn't such a bad thing.
Maybe Now (Maybe Someday part two) by Colleen Hoover Maybe Now (Maybe Someday part two) by Nov. 30, 2018 99,380 words
Maybe Now is a follow-up to the NYT bestselling novel, Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
The Trillium Awakening by Hamish Keddie The Trillium Awakening by Nov. 29, 2018 106,600 words Read a sample
Priya discovers she has secret powers. One is healing and the other language acquisition. This is hides. Can't let her foster parents know. Can't reveal this to anyone including her supportive girlfriend Bell, of two years. Then bioweapons go off. The world is going crazy. Is Bell who she says she is? With a dark and mysterious past catching up with her, Priya must choose - live, love or die.
蜕变 by 曼臻 蜕变 by Nov. 29, 2018 540 words Read a sample
我尽量地把车子开得很慢。或许我一向来对速度没有追求,又或者我不想那么快结束今晚的约会。橙色的街灯一盏一盏的掠过,温柔的光洒在她发梢脸颊... 她就坐在我身旁,像是有点儿醉了,合上眼睛没有说话。收音机播着她手机里的歌曲,爱情歌舞电影《乐来越爱你》的主题曲...... 悠扬中有些惆怅,我开了300公里的路,就为了和她约会,吃顿饭。 “可以握着我的手吗?我有点冷。” 月光下,她的声音如此柔弱妩媚。
Dark Arsenal by Cynthia Sax Dark Arsenal by Nov. 29, 2018 19,440 words Read a sample
A cyborg warrior and a Rebel female’s first mission together might be their last. Arsenal considers himself to be a disposable cyborg. He drifts from assignment to assignment, forming no connections to anything or anyone. When the cyborg council requires a warrior for a high-risk mission, Arsenal volunteers. He believes no one will miss him if he dies. He doesn’t realize he’s one female’s fantasy.
Away From The Crowd by A.A Wray Away From The Crowd by Nov. 28, 2018 20,170 words Read a sample
Year, 1993. Four days before Halloween. David has just gotten Stacey Green to agree to go on three dates with him, but his best friend James is suffering trauma. Will David be able to get Stacey to fall for him in three days, as well as being there for his best friend? Or will everything fall apart at the Halloween Warehouse party where something is destined to change all involved.
Dating Destiny by Ellie Rose Hawkins Dating Destiny by Nov. 28, 2018 95,030 words Read a sample
Discover destiny's path to true love. When Nancy is betrayed in love, she gives up on romance, convinced she is not destined to find her soulmate. Then Nancy stumbles across Diana, a mysterious clairvoyant with an important message. But can Diana really see the future?
The Love Of Four Years by Kishan Jhunjhunwala The Love Of Four Years by Nov. 27, 2018 1,110 words Read a sample
A collection of poems of romance, heart break and moving on.
The Sadist by Ina Disguise The Sadist by Nov. 26, 2018 2,150 words Read a sample
The story of the Sadist and how he responded when he found the woman of his dreams....
Reading the Signs by Dale Cameron Lowry Reading the Signs by Nov. 26, 2018 5,270 words
The only thing Theo De Jong expects from his summer linguistics academy is more inspiration for his master’s thesis. Then he meets the American sign language expert Alfonso Grossman, and sparks fly. This romance is not sexually explicit.
Love and Silence by Ron McFarland Love and Silence by Nov. 24, 2018 22,210 words Sample 20%
Crafted and selected poems of Ron McFarland. Poems of love, joy, sorrow, and sadness. Colorful and soulful descriptions of places, events, and people.
Loving a Schizophrenic by Alyson Thicke Loving a Schizophrenic by Nov. 24, 2018 2,160 words Read a sample
This short romance provides a day in the life glimpse into the lives of a young married couple, one of whom has schizophrenia. Tom and Marta draw inspiration from each other's good qualities, approaching life with optimism, courage and creativity. Adult reading for sexual content.
¡Por el sake de Kano! by Albert Gamundi, Sr ¡Por el sake de Kano! by Nov. 23, 2018 50,860 words Read a sample
Kano Akiyama, un reputado docente, entra a trabajar en un conflictivo instituto. En su primera semana de trabajo, conoce a Alice Fointable, una chica de pelo rosa. Pronto, Kano deberá hacer frente a una lucha a tres bandas: Resolver sus sentimientos por Alice, mantener a raya sus turbias actividades clandestinas y mantener su plaza de profesor en un país y un centro educativo que desconoce.